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WILLIS S. GOODENOUGH Denham Springs, LA (225) 243-5792 wg1d294e@westpost.

net Objectives Versatile, accomplished leader offering 15+ years' experience leading organizati onal development and human resources initiatives that support strategic business results and link human assets to business outcomes. Critical thinker who operat es as a key global business partner and provides strong leadership to the organi zation and executive team. Adept at identifying, advocating, and executing cost control initiatives. Proactive leader who brings credibility to the function thr ough personal integrity, leadership, accountability and professional expertise. Highlights and Skills Visionary and performance-focused professional; characterized as a natural leade r skilled in driving initiatives to build organizational infrastructure in estab lished or turnaround business teams and collaborating with the business leaders to deliver measurable results. Recognized for exceeding recruitment objectives b y leading high-growth organizations to attract and retain top talent. Able to re locate. * Organizational- Organizational change, staffing/performance management, compen sation and benefits, leadership and employee development, and successful employe e involvement. * Management - Proactive labor and employee relations, hands on leader with "wal king the floor" philosophy to build proactive relationships, accountability and results driven, visible support for operating/support teams and mentoring leader ship to assure organizational and personal goals are attainable. * Technical- Lean Manufacturing (5-S, TPM, High Performance Work Systems, Center lining), MS Office Suite, HRIS systems (PeopleSoft, ADP, HR Online), Developing /managing budgets, and Training experience (ADDIE, SMART). Experience Renew paper - St. Francisville, LA 2009 - 5/2010 (Company went bankrupt and was sold at auction) HR Director Brought to St. Francisville to reorganize the site leadership team to assure the y were working as business partners, environmental stewards and safety advocates . Primary achievements: Facility Start Up * Recruit/hire for all positions while keeping the facility non-union. * Designed the facility as a "team/self directed" work force. * Restructured the HR department to support the facility as a Business Partner. * Develop a world class leadership development process for site leaders. * Utilized the State of LA for free incumbent skills training. Renegotiated new insurance policies and rates providing a $1.1 million savings a nnually. Restructured wages/salaries/shift schedules to save the company $3.1 million ann ual savings. Short term success: * Developed/delivered an effective data communication process for operations. o The process gathers and delivers data between operating shifts and decision ma kers make sound business decisions based on current and accurate data/trends.

* Redesigned/delivered an effective performance management process and tools. o Trained all leadership to understand the importance of setting expectations, t raining/coaching to the expectations, follow up to the expectations and path for ward based on the information gathered and implemented a safety accountability p rocess focusing on zero tolerance for willful safety infractions.

Verso Paper (formerly International Papers/Champion Papers) Bucksport ME June 2008 to Sept 2009 (Left Company due to major decline in business and future personal growth opportunities) HR Manager Primary responsibilities: * Manages all labor for a 760 employee pulp and paper facility in Bucksport, ME. o Four Unions (USW, OPEIU, IBEW, IAM) with five locals. o Grievances have reduced from an average of 150-160 per year to 40 per year due to much improved communication and training leadership on issue resolution. * Supports Management lead team in day to day activities. o Facilitates group through issue resolution. o Drives all non-operational cost savings events for the facility. * Reduced Workers Compensation costs and lost days by 54% in the fist five month s of 2009 compared to the first five months of 2008 ($210,000.00). * Assesses and drives OD initiatives in all departments of the facility. o Led the process to determine and deliver "self direction" in the Finishing/Shi pping department including assessing leadership capabilities and delivering lead ership training. o Potential of 200K cost savings associated with training and a decrease of over time projected in 2010. * Assessed, develop and delivered Co-Op program using attrition and succession p lanning projection information. o Projected to meet our goals of four Co-Ops per year at each facility. * Implemented a Centerlining project to assure gathered information is available , communicated and audited for continuous improvement. * Facilitates/Participates on corporate MWS (Maintenance Work Systems) Steering Committee. * Assessed and delivered new "Front Line" leadership process to assure leadershi p has written and clear expectations. o Safety and housekeeping efforts have improved with involvement of front line l eadership improving from 32% involvement to 89% and gaining. o Resulted in being certified FDA approved on our #1 machine allowing us to proc ess food grade materials expanding our potential business by 160 tons in Q1 of 2 009. GAF Materials Corp. Building Products - Savannah, GA Nov 2006 to May 2008 (Left Company due to major decline in business and future p ersonal growth opportunities) HR Manager HR Manager for 125 employee Unionized asphalt roofing supply facility as well as two additional facilities in Massachusetts with a total of 105 employees, 16 No n-Union. Responsible for sustaining results for HR, Staff and Production departm ents with two direct reports. * Developed "Centerlining" processes to ensure a strong source of communications between production and maintenance shifts improving operating consistency and e fficiency for the facility. The first month of "Centerlining" showed improved ra tes (4%) and increased measurable production uptime (6%) due to running consiste ntly to production targets.

* Improved plant compliance with company wide H.R. processes such as hiring/sele ction and orientation policies & practices, facility rules & regulations, attend ance policies, union contracts & grievance procedures, reporting metrics, worker s compensation and major improvement of site relationship with new Occupational Clinic. * Developed strong two way communication channels with local union to reduce gri evances by 80%, eliminate previously scheduled arbitrations and improve Union le adership involvement working proactively on issues. * Coached current leadership to a culture of professionalism, accountability, em ployee involvement/employee coaching, safety, and disciplined housekeeping in th e facility. Participation in leadersh8ip training increased to 100% resulting in an 80% decrease in grievances and a decrease in OSHA Incident rate from 4.48 to .79 in 2007 and 2008. * Developed an employee training/learning database for "one stop shopping" for f acility supervisors reducing administrative time and improving administrative co nsistency. * Developed EHS Management system data base for easy access that is now used as the Corporate "Best Practice". * Reduced Salary turnover from 16% down to 4.7% by focusing on recruits as custo mers and improving recruiting/relocation initiatives. * Facilitated Corporate Best Practice Team to update and develop the Corporate P erformance Management program. Produced 44% improvement of participation. * Developed/Implemented phase 1 of TPM/Maintenance Reliability program reducing unscheduled maintenance downtime by 6% in the second quarter. Harley-Davidson Motor Company Split time between Milwaukee and Tomahawk WI 2005 to 2006 (1 year position) OD/HR Consultant Assess and make recommendations to build a strong business partnership between H uman Resources and Operations. Co-Led corporate initiatives in the following Bes t Practices: * Change Management - Implementing Change Management process to senior leadershi p for purposes of gaining understanding of needed business changes prior to the "Burning Platform". * Business Partnership Development - Incorporating Human Resources and Organizat ional Development as strategic business partners being involved in Organizationa l business needs during its induction. * Employee Retention and Recruitment efforts - Assessed the issue of an increasi ng turnover of the salaried workforce and made recommendations to improve the re cruiting, career development and retention of these employees. Sappi Fine Paper North America (Formerly SD Warren) - Muskegon, MI Sept 2000 to Aug 2005 (Left company due to major layoffs, plant is now closed) HR - OD Manager with focus on Employee/Labor Relations and Organizational Excell ence Managed OD/HR for a 630 employee unionized pulp and paper facility with f ive direct reports. * Provided expertise and leadership to identify, design and manage initiatives f or improve organizational effectiveness. This position was also responsible for supporting the corporate talent management strategy with emphasis on succession planning, talent management and the identification of high potential employees. * Facilitated two labor negotiations. * Managed the development and implementation of High Performance Work Systems wo rking with Union Bargaining Committee as a business partner. Decreased labor cos ts by1.2 million in 2004. * Co-Chair of Corporate Best Practice Circle. * Developed PSS (Performance Support System) for the facility consisting of a We b Based Cognitive Learning System including developing and implementation of a P

ulp and Paper Science program Muskegon Community College and Western Michigan Un iversity reducing training costs by 11% after the first year and improving equip ment efficiencies. * Reduced training costs in 2004 by $63,000 on the pilot asset and improving upt ime and yield by 1.3%. * Manage and track continuous improvement efforts reducing fixed costs by $1.1 m illion in 2003, $800,000 in 2004. * Developed and streamlined hourly recruiting by utilizing local employment agen cies for testing and pre screening reducing recruiting costs by $79,000 in 2004. * Managed the development and training of all salary employees with a new perfor mance support process increasing the participation from 31% to 100% compliance i n 2003, and 2004. Georgia Pacific Corp (formerly Fort James Corp.) - Camas, WA May 1986 to Oct 2000 (Left company due to major decline in business and future p ersonal growth opportunities) Training Coordinator 1994 to 2000 * This position co-managed 1600+ employees and was directly responsible for redu cing annual training costs for the facility by 60% ($400,000) by 1999. o Directly supervised up to eight Subject Matter Experts and Designated Trainers for curriculum development and "On the Job training". * Worked with Human Resources as a Labor relations representative reducing griev ances by 40% in 1997 by implementing steward training including stressing import ance of employee communication and accountability. * Assisted in developing a New Hire orientation process with Human Resources red ucing New Hire injuries by 100% in 1997. * Designed a mill wide training program, which included assessing, designing, de livering, and auditing skills training which improved maintenance downtime by 3% and improved operations uptime by 4% by 1999. * Led a team that designed and implemented a state certified apprenticeship prog ram with the Washington State Apprenticeship Council requiring all craftspeople to qualify by Washington State standards. Journeyman Mechanic 1991 to 1994 * Journeyman Machinist/Millwright (challenged/passed certification test). * Worked as Training Coordinator/Maintenance Supervisor/Planner four out of ever y twelve months with a focus on employee performance and safety. Papermaker 1986 to 1991 * Papermaker on specialty paper machines working as Back Tender, Winder Operator and Stock Prep. * Responsible for new employee training. * Worked as Training Coordinator four out of every twelve months in 1990 and 199 1 focusing on employee performance and safety. Education Lower Columbia College - Longview, WA Graduated: 1986 AAS, Industrial Engineering University of Phoenix - Portland, OR and Grand Rapids, MI Graduated: June 2001 with a 3.70 GPA BSBM, Bachelor of Science in Business Management American Intercontinental University - Chicago, IL. Graduated: July 2004 with a 3.88 GPA MEd, Masters Degree in Education

Discipline in Adult Education and Curriculum Design Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI Certified: June 2005 Certified Human Resources Professional