Cool’s Cost

In our current social structure the breeding out of compassion, lethality, self control, and intelligence is inevitable. Society’s rules have inadvertently halted evolution and the resulting -hopefully- unintentional quasi-eugenic effect will have one drastically hideous draw back unless the focus of mate selection is altered, or transhumanist ideals are adopted obviating mate selection as a factor in species adaptation altogether; the breeding out of intelligence. In the hierarchy of traits related to human mate selection; wealth, beauty, and ‘cool’ have been placed above intelligence. Mate selection is the process that is supposed to reward the fit -that is those most likely to survive- with offspring while denying the unfit offspring for the net result of making the species more likely to survive. Mate selection, it must be noted, can only directly influence the survival rate gap between birth and procreation. Long term benefits of this system are purely bonus, hence the massive number of extinct species. Only directed, individually centered, transhumanist evolution has even a prayer of truly advancing our long term goal with any certainty. But until then there are some things we can do that will aid our survival. Over the past two hundred thousand years humans -and our precursorsselected a mate because of properties that had a real, tangible, practical value in their respective settings, physical durability, and fertility being chief among them. Then came intelligence which changed things, because now maybe a smaller less fertile mate was quick witted enough to get around or simply kill a physically larger or more fertile, yet slow witted, competitor. But now fashion, and culture in general, has blurred how mates are selected by preventing a clear vision of each other and their evolutionary value. The fact that you can’t see intelligence, only some of its product, doesn’t help matters much. Now we cannot see each other in terms of mate selection because clothing and culture allow us to hide who we really are, and what we are -and are not- really capable of. Picture the thousands of archetypes of human around today, goths, jocks, thugs, punks, geeks, musicians, rednecks, and so on. Thousands of combinations of clothing and speech pattern suddenly introduced as middlemen between human and human. This accumulation of tools for deception is causing a drop in the genetic average intelligence level of the human gene pool. Women are getting ‘cuter’, men are losing self control -with regard to both sex and greed- and both are getting

dumber at the top. While at the bottom, people are becoming more fecund, ugly, brutal, and oblivious. Genius for its own sake is being left out completely. We are witnessing a species division. The one basis that a mate was supposed to be selected on, actually fitness -not just physical with the emergence of intellect- is now forever hidden behind worlds of fashion and social order. Now it’s not about a mate being ‘fit’ physically, emotionally, or otherwise, it’s about them being ‘cool’. Or put another way, simply appearing fit. The illusion of fitness is replacing fitness, and the most serious problem with that should be obvious. Granted those of extreme intelligence sometimes do very well in human society, but other times it can be crippling. High intelligence people many times commit suicide because of their social exclusion at a time when they begin to discover the truly deep existential problems. The foundation of human society is a core of individuals who -surviving this emotional minefield- see past the arbitrary and focus on objective practical need. The spread of ‘cool’ along with monogamy, and stringent safety measures, will slow humanity’s production of cell biologists, physicists, mathematicians, ecologists and so on. Think about it, who wants to go to school for 20 years and get zero sex for being a ‘geek’, end up with a 30K a year job packed with stress when one can sit at home, trash their brain and DNA with drugs, focus on being cool, get laid all the time and take a shot at being a multi millionaire as per rock stars? This is why they sell more guitars to out of pawn shops then they do books on chemistry. Luckily the ultra fit among the human population is currently capable of supporting the teaming masses of cool-stupid, some have even managed to make economic use of them like so much cattle -Hot Topic, Britney Spears, Bush, etc-. The fit are also creating a technological substrate for us to imprint upon that may well obviate biological evolution entirely. But these ultra fit don’t breed very much and what’s worse, their offspring often culturally interbreed, thus limiting the sorts of cross discipline advancements that keep us at the top of the food chain. The doctors marry doctors, scientists marry scientists, and so on. This effect, forced by the exponential expansion of the cool-stupid population -which excludes all others or at least denies them breeding rights thanks to monogamy- will cause the very system -that allows the cool to thrive- to collapse as the ones that really keep society together will interbreed until they themselves are stupid, or are denied mates entirely. And as the diversity of their pool shrinks, -since smart couples often have only one child- and homogeneity marches on, stagnation and eventual oblivion is the result. The days of genius are numbered. Intelligence, which originally evolved as a way around having to spend food energy on physical power, has been gutted of its tactical value by law and social

order. The original order was based on permanently removing a competitor, thus preventing them from breeding. That has now been prevented for the most part. The goal of this lethality has been reduced to rank centered wounding instead of killing, antler bashing, in effect. Note the ubiquitous occurrence of a young large males fighting over one female or their own rank, which typically only matters because of a female’s unwillingness to share, or allow sharing. And vice versa. This presents an obvious problem since now it’s back to being a brute that can help one get a mate, not intelligence, since intelligence in this context at best could be used to fake being cool-stupid. The emotional consequence of which is a whole other paper, and a waste of resources, specifically the mind of the genius. One of the fighters will get the mate, but what about the smaller yet more intelligent -not to mention kinder and calmer- person in the same social circle? He -or she, women do occasionally fight over men- now is not even in the running to breed because intelligence evolved to work around strength by killing it, not beating it up in some primitive ritual. Martial arts I am told is a partial solution to the problem but it still requires a level of physical skill that, and what I would call an unhealthy focus on the body. Time learning aikido could better be spent, learning medicine for example. And if it became a social structure, where martial arts skill was the norm, then again raw size would become an advantage. A small intelligent human could kill two much larger and more violent humans given time and planning thus acquiring at least a shot at the mate but then he or she would be punished by society. Conversely, society will punish those fighting to a much lesser extent, if at all, since murder is worse from its perspective than assault as it deprives the hive of a malleable worker, which geniuses rarely are. Especially if that fighting is contained to one rank. Hoods beating up hoods gets a whole different reaction than hoods beating up yuppies. But again, whole other essay. The stinging paradox created by this situation should be obvious now, it is that the stupid breed faster than the intelligent, and intelligence is what allows our population to continue breeding. Well past the 6. 6 billion mark as of this writing. The intelligent have created a non-stressed environment, an alternative to the harsh stressed setting which gave birth to intelligence in the first place. And the stupid are breeding so fast from within this relative utopia that they may just choke the life out of it, like a virus thriving off the mechanism of cell it does not realize will soon explode from the pressure. As the intelligent tackle the logistical problems associated with the care and feeding of 6.6 billion morons, those same morons seek ever more effective ways of annihilating the intelligent and consuming their resources. On top of all this, society is breeding out self control as well, along with intelligence. The majority of contemporary women for example now lose their virginity before the age where they can legally have sex. As a result of lack of

control on both sides, -this is not a gender issue- the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the planet. The reason is plain. The law, -being ruled by the stupid due to democracy- by placing a legal limit on when a mate is fit for breeding has yet again ruled out the advantages of an evolutionary effect and created a whole new barrier set for mate selection that incidentally only applies to those intelligent enough not to challenge it. In nature, being able to breed earlier and earlier with shorter and shorter gestation periods is an advantage, just look at roaches, mice, rabbits, and ants. But that’s a also whole other essay. The point at hand is that by placing this external and arbitrary limit on when sex can occur, well beyond the time when most humans are physically capable of breeding, -thanks in America to RBGH- they have made the field ripe for mass production of unintelligent criminals. Only the stupid are willing to risk going to prison as a pedophile or forever being marked as a sex offender for a one night with a beautiful fully developed and functional 15 year old. Thus the intelligent -and ethical- ones don’t even make the attempt on girls unless they are of legal consenting age. By the time they make it to a mate, odds are she has already been in a long term relationship with some pedophile -sleeping with a 15 year old in our society makes you a pedophile by definition- for over a year, or they’ve had a string of idiots, which is actually worse as it allows them to think that this behavior is normal. How many American girls do you know lost their virginity at 15? You’ve probably heard of some who had “relationships” with their first for years after, and now, of those, how many are treated like second class citizens because they have no idea how a good man should treat them because an evil one caught them so young? This effect permanently damages the women and their descendants in question because now her idea of what a “man” is and what a ‘relationship’ should be is reduced to a series of sexual encounters and thuggish yet ‘cool’ behaviors. This naiveté, I must add, is preyed upon by the church. They convince young girls that their only value is to marry a man, do as he says, and pop out children. The men in this equation being of loose morals, work hard to be a part of these organizations to impress and acquire a mate. The church arranges an encounter, and now the worker gets a sex doll, begins producing future customers for the church, and the whole unit pays 10%. It’s a pretty sweet deal for everyone, except the species, and that it’s all based on lies. The women is reduced to a household appliance, the man is reduced to an indentured servant for the church, and the

children will be dropped into the very same meat grinder that produced their parents, either out of resentment, ignorance, fear, or simple habit. These flaws are intrinsic to western society’s current, monogamous, sexually tense, structure. And without reinventing it from the ground up this particular problem will never go away. Society in its current form is doomed because of the short-sightedness of the ‘cool’. And the greed of religion, government, and corporations, each of which profit from this situation, in their own way at the expense of the people.

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