Cryptarianism is my answer to religion. It is an evidence free summation of my philosophy and ethic, an answer to the question asked, “Well ok, what would you suggest?”. We are Cryptarians, that is, we stand in service of the hidden force which drives existence. We support technology and its application to better humanity itself, not just its toys and environment, in order to allow humanity to outstrip what it is, and transcend it’s limitations. So long as no harm is done, where is the harm? We seek to expand our faculties to better understand what can only be called God which inhabits the space left behind when logic is done with the universe. The answer to the question, what enforces physical law? That entity or force which is by definition unexplainable. That void which we know by implication of reality’s existence, cannot truly be void. That which enforces the physical constants. To this end we need knowledge and technology, and support it’s unrestricted development and acquisition as the will of that force. Technology is merely a part of the same system and rules on which you and I down to our quarks are built. We want greater memory, more time, greater patience, greater vision, and above all, understanding. The study of the universe’s laws, is the study of God. Science and religion need not fight, they ask different questions about the same thing. Religion asks why, and science asks how, and never is the same answer given for both question when asked about the same thing. Our symbol is a chain on a chain, or a ring within a ring, to signify the supporting order, the underlying constant that supports all constants. Our faith judges no sins but harm, willful ignorance, or the infliction of suffering. We know from observation and reasoning that pleasure is not a zero sum game. We know that if we work together, pleasure and continued life need not cost another either life or pleasure. We know the true measure of advancement for a species is its independence. As of this writing it is clear that we are zygotes as we require an entire biosphere to support our form of life. This must be corrected. We must exit our egg, and explore the world.

We must study, understand, and above all share. Not only share what we learn in an easily explicable way. But share all that we can comfortable share. We must adapt our species via memory augmentation, should the answers surpass our ability to explain and learn, so that all may understand. So that one day humanity might advance beyond its current pathologically limited state. We are against arbitrary rules, or rules which are manmade and have no real reason. Authority is not required, the physical constants and the ethics they imply are the only real authority. The tenets of the Cryptarian faith are fairly obvious, if one opens up to the messages of the world. This list is far from complete, and is intended to give you a feel for the idea and there is no special qualification needed to add to it beyond being sentient and rational. Debate is holy, to refuse it is to sacrifice your humanity. • Happiness through knowledge and continued existence for all forms of life, is reality’s and therefore God’s goal. Ignorance causes pain, and through ignorance, pain perpetuates itself. The alternative is discovery. The most sublime forms of happiness are without cost to another. Our mind in its current form was a necessary evil, a security blanket which allowed us to exist through our primordial infancy. In time we will find that there is only one humanity, and soon, the happiness of that one will be our goal. Reality is generous, as it allows us to continue. Reality is just, as the rules don’t ever change for anyone. We cannot own each other, not our children not our mates, no one. Pain is our enemy. Sensation is not. A law for one should be a law for all. Division is the first step towards oppression, we are all a single sentient species, so there is no need to divide us.

• •

• • • • • •

Everyone has a right to ask, and it is the duty of those who know to answer intelligibly. To define freedom is to invite loop holes through which tyranny may squeeze. A just government hands it’s people those tools needed to destroy it, and has nothing to fear from reasonable people, if it, itself, is reasonable. Knowledge is power and ironically it is the easiest thing to share. Don’t mystify science, the job of science is to know and teach, not just disciples, but everyone. You have a human right to your claims, but we have a right to ask questions and demand evidence. The Singularity should be embraced.

• •

Science answers the questions of how things happen. Religion tries to answer why. The question answered by Cryptarianism is hidden, it is a sixth interrogative, a blend of how and why. They both alone miss the point. They are weak without each other. Some people know this. Evidence of this knowledge is scattered throughout human society, from Einstein, to scientology to Christian science, to Dawkins, to myself. We see that each side has part of the answer, and lament their mutual exclusion. Science becomes faith, faith becomes science, and as they war, we all lose. Clearly reality exists. Clearly there are rules to it. Some rules, are made up, such as those concerning how many mates a person may have or what one may eat. Others, are constant, such as the speed of light in a given medium, or the second law. The Cryptarian faith stands in reverence and service to whatever being or principal that supports the second type of rule. Something keeps electrons reacting as they do, something causes gravity to pull, something causes mass, and space and time to interact in a certain consistent way. That thing is the only thing which can be called a God that can logically exist. We grant that other than personal interpretation it is beyond comprehension, it is beyond understanding, it is beyond experimentation, no one knows it’s mind, and therefore no one is it messenger, it doesn't need one. Reality is its message.

There is but one path. It doesn’t try to do anything, it already did it. And it is worthy of our reverence, not our fear. I stand as a willful retainer to it, whether or not it knows of me, or can know at all. I serve it’s obvious ‘will’, and that will is expressed as the physical constants and their logical conclusions. I seek to make all happy, and to preserve the enhancement of happiness and survival. It clearly wants us to grow beyond what we are, hence evolution and ascension myths. Many get the message but lose the meaning. It wants us to tinker with everything, hence the rules not changing at random, coupled with unrelenting curiosity and the obvious advantages of being knowledgeable. It does not want us to spend eternity in the maze, for if it did the walls would shift, it wants us to find the center. I, like thousands of others, have dedicated my life to drawing a map of what I’ve seen. And the more I learn the more I love.

The First Three
1. Do nothing to subvert the spirit of these laws, which embody the right to contentment and the defense of harmless freedom. 2. Do nothing that nonconsensually harms another feeling being, unless it is in service of the first law. 3. Do nothing to infringe upon the privacy, happiness, or actions, of any human unless it is in the service of the first two laws. The above are obviously modeled after Asimov’s three laws of robotics. The rest are policy suggestions for our governments, should the wish to become a benevolent force for humanity and in so doing survive the rise of technology which can should me choose it, be used to obviate government entirely.

4. Allow informed consensus of all interested and effected people, determined as accurately
and openly as feasibility will allow, to judge the meaning, implication, and methods of enforcement for all law. 5. Do nothing to codify rights, Assume a person has a right to do what they are doing until proven that those actions are harmful to another. 6. Do nothing that inhibits sedition, or takes from the people tools needed to remove their chosen form of government -if any-, should it grow too powerful or too distant from the needs of its people. 7. Do nothing to infringe upon the study of our world, or the accessibility of information gleaned from, or pertaining to, that study so long as that study does not violate The First Three. 8. Do nothing to distinguish politically in any official way between human beings. Race, gender, income, class, etc mean nothing. We are all human, our actions, preferences, intentions, and abilities alone define us as individuals. 9. Do nothing to inhibit the demand for rational defense of any position, policy, or opinion. 10. Make no law that grants anything but a sentient being the standing of a human.

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