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Foreword by Mary Davies Head of Industry, Edinburgh International Film Festival Film UK Features Film UK Shorts Index — Feature Films Index — Short Films 3

Head of Industry: Mary Davies Film UK & Industry Co~ordinator: Lynne Stanford Film UK Assistant & Videotheque Manager: Morven Reid Film UK & Industry Assistants: Sharon Grogans, Alison Arnott

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In the Film UK Guide to British Film we have aimed to include details of all British fiction feature and short films completed between June 2008 and May 2009. (Not included are animation, experimental and documentary films.) Each listing includes contact information for the film’s producer, international sales agent and UK distributor, where available. The listings cover more than 130 feature films and around 307 shorts. We apologise if any eligible films have not made it into the Guide. The films and credits in the Guide are those submitted by producers, sales agents and distributors, and credits are not contractual. The Film UK Guide to British Film is made available to all Industry delegates at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009. A pdf version of the Guide can be downloaded from the Film UK website at The Film Festival Videotheque stocks video copies of as many of the films in the Film UK Guide as we are able to obtain. The Videotheque is open daily during the Festival. We are happy to pass on enquiries about films to the appropriate contact.

denotes that a film is showing in the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 programme.


Welcome to the 2009 Film UK Guide to British Film
This is the fifteenth edition of the Guide to British Film, the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s annual directory of fiction features and shorts completed in the UK during the previous year. Based on extensive research of British film production, the Guide is an essential handbook for film professionals and anyone interested in filmmaking in the UK. Editions of the Guide for each year from 2001 can be downloaded from the EIFF website at EIFF supports and promotes British filmmaking throughout the Festival, showcasing new British films in the Festival programme and presenting panels and discussions related to British cinema for both the public and the industry, as well as offering industry professionals the opportunity to catch up with British films from this year’s Guide in the Videotheque, which will be fully digital for the first time in 2009. Last year the Guide covered ten months instead of the usual twelve because of the Festival’s move from August to June. The shorter period meant that overall numbers were lower, but the relative proportions of features and shorts were stable. This year, however, features are down (135) and shorts (307) have held steady. This annual snapshot of the current state of the film industry in the UK suggests that production at feature level has been affected by the credit crunch along with other industries, while resourceful filmmakers have continued to find ways to fund short films, with a real increase in the quality of short films being produced. Their budgets are higher, whether financed privately or through schemes, and many talented actors and production companies have been involved. There is evidence that some feature production has been delayed, so 2010 could be a bumper year for features. The 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival enters its second year in its new position in the global film festival calendar, with the move widely regarded as a success. With a commitment to technology in the digital age and to making connections between filmmakers and the business of film, and between culture and commerce, innovation and industry, the Film Festival is a networking centre for the film community. The longest continuously running film festival in the world and now the only show in town in Edinburgh in June, the Festival is firmly established as a place to discover new talent, both international and British. We are grateful to the British Council for their continuing co-operation with us in compiling the Guide.

Mary Davies Head of Industry

Ginnie Atkinson Managing Director, EIFF


Feature Films

Bespectacled cardigan-wearer Stevie (guitar, vocals) endures a job he despises and can’t get a girlfriend, but at least he has music. With his mate Neil (drums), he’s been kicking about in bands for a while, but it is not until the pair team up with Billy Dixon (guitar), a more experienced hand with drive and ambition, and Billy’s cute pal Emily (bass) that the possibility they might be on to something good suggests itself. With a demo to tout, Stevie beats a welltrodden path to record company doors, but finds he has to manage the tensions developing within the band while keeping his own aspirations in check. Director: Giles Borg 2008. 16mm. 85 min Production Company: Carson Films, 56B Minister Road, Kilburn, London, NW2 3RE, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7431 6536 email: web: International Sales: Moviehouse Entertainment, 11 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7836 5536 email: Producer: Simon Kearney Screenwriter: Giles Borg Editor: Kevin Austin Director of Photography: Mike Eley Production Designer: Richard Campling Sound: Jamie Gambell Music: Remy Felix-Vas Cast: Ian Bonar, Lyndsey Marshal, Kieran Bew, Mathew Baynton Budget: £300,000 Funding: Private Territories: All available except Middle East

31 North 62 East
A psychological thriller about how an elite SAS unit’s position is revealed by the British Prime Minister, to ensure an arms deal goes ahead and to secure his re-election. Director: Tristan Loraine 2009. HD Cam SR. 99 min Production Company: Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd, Milestone House, 86 Hurst Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2DT, England, UK email: UK Distributor: DFT Enterprises Ltd, Southwater Business Resource Centre, Beeson House, 26 Lintot Square, Southwater, Horsham, RH13 9LA, England, UK tel: +44 (0)140 373 4550, fax: +44 (0)140 373 3150 email: web: Producer: Tristan Loraine Screenwriter: Leofwine Loraine, Tristan Loraine Editor: Tristan Loraine Director of Photography: Sue Gibson Production Designer: Eileen Kelly Sound: Laura Fairbanks Music: Paul Garbutt, David Leo Kemp Cast: John Rhys-Davies, Marina Sirtis, Heather Peace, Craig Fairbrass, Mimi Ferrer Budget: $3.1 million Co-production: Jordan Funding: Private Territories: All available

Act of God
Ex-detective Frank O’Connor has been found guilty of planting evidence and police corruption. With his life and career now at rock bottom, the only source of light in his world comes from his teenage daughter, more precious than ever after receiving a heart transplant. In the meantime, rich and successful heart surgeon Benjamin Cisco is viewing a large exclusive house up for sale. Showing him around the property is Richard Short — young, cocky — at first sight a fairly typical estate agent. That is, until he strays into questioning the ethics of Benjamin’s line of work — the act of making life and death choices between patients. He soon apologises for the imposition — but Richard is not who he says he is. It doesn’t take long for the mask to slip and, before he knows what’s happening, Benjamin finds himself tied to a chair in the cellar, confronted by a gun and the most difficult choice he will ever have to make in his life. Frank, meanwhile, hides a secret shared with Benjamin — a life and death decision he made for his daughter — and one for which Richard, at any price, is determined to exact his own special style of revenge. Director: Sean Faughnan 2009. HD. 70 min International Sales: High Point Films, Suite 16, Deane House Studios, Greenwood Place, London, NW5 1LB, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7424 6870, fax: +44 (0)20 7485 3281 email: web: Producer: Nick O’Hagan, James Youngs, Paris Leonti Executive Producer: Sean Faughnan Screenwriter: Sean Faughnan Editor: Ben Putland Director of Photography: Milton Kam, Øystein Lundstrøm Production Designer: Will Field Sound: Keith Tunney Music: Richard Chester Cast: David Suchet, Max Brown, Jenny Agutter, Adrian Dunbar Territories: All available except Finland, French-speaking Africa, Israel, Middle East, Netherlands, Pan Africa

com International Sales: Odyssey Entertainment Ltd. Nick Hornby Screenwriter: Nick Hornby Editor: Barney Pilling Director of Photography: John de Borman Production Designer: Andrew McAlpine Sound: Glenn Freemantle Music: Paul Englishby Cast: Carey Mulligan. Gia Avan. hacks. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7907 3773. Alan Producer: Sarmed Mirza Screenwriter: Shahid Nadeem Editor: Sarmed Mirza Director of Photography: Mr Dee Production Designer: Rinku Sound: Animal Audio Music: Chandra Shekhar Cast: Asim Bukhari. England. 10A James Street. England. Liverpool. 2 Langley web: www. Douglas E Hansen. 53 Greek Street. 20 Verwood Drive. sophisticated friend and business partner Danny and his beautiful but vacuous girlfriend Helen. 90 min Production Company: Embrace Productions Ltd. W1D 3DR. Jamie Laurenson. He charms her conservative parents. Between cops. Kai. Wendy Japhet. and an ancient way of life is knocked off its axis by one small boy’s act of grace. 103 min Production Company: Stepping Stone Films. G42 8JN. Peter Sarsgaard. Max Kinnings Editor: Jaynie Walkin Director of Photography: Louis Melvey Production Designer: Russell Elams Sound: Mark Atkinson Music: George Dixon Cast: Leo Gregory. The son. the Malik family discover that all was not well with their son and their world descends into siege and nightmare. W1W 6XX. When a young Dezzie befriends UK Distributor: E1 Entertainment UK. Dominic Cooper. Producer: Alan Field Executive Producer: Bob Cullen Screenwriter: Marc International Sales: Centre Films Media Sales Ltd. But just as their long-held dream of Jenny getting into Oxford University seems within reach. UK fax: +44 (0)870 286 3476 email: info@steppingstonefilmsltd. fax: +44 (0)20 7907 3777 web: www. 100 min Production Company: Finola Dwyer Productions/Wildgaze Films. But this is a firm with a difference: Dezzie. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7520 5610. a Chinese boy who has recently arrived from Hong Kong. Will Alan be the making or the undoing of Jenny? Director: Lone Scherfig 2008. another life tempts her. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7820 9090. Jamil Jarral. WC2E 8BT. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 7055. SW8 1TJ. London. mullahs and militants. Jody Latham. fax: +44 (0)20 7587 1752 email: kwalwin@centrefilmsales. They become firm and loyal friends until Yasin is taken away suddenly by his godfather. more liberated decade to come. 120 New Cavendish Street. London. is to be a triad member and run the family business in Manchester. the only white man to do so this side of the Atlantic.Feature Films 5 Kerry Brown Act of Grace In a secret world a family’s code of honour is under threat. Jennifer Lim. Bryan Larkin Funding: Self-funded Territories: All available An Education The story of a teenage girl’s coming-of-age set in early sixties London. the police burst into a Glaswegian Asian household. David Yip. fax: +44 (0)20 7734 4250 email: bennet@finoladwyerproductions. Yet not everybody is an enemy. post-war fifties and the glamorous.steppingstonefilmsltd. Director: Noreen Kershaw 2008. David M Thompson. Mini DV. Amanda Posey Executive Producer: James D Stern. Endgame Entertainment Territories: All sold . Croxteth. Jack and Marjorie. Ten years pass until Yasin returns and offers Dezzie an enviable position at his side within the family firm. smoky clubs and foreign trips. England. Director: Shahid Nadeem 2008. Producer: Finola Dwyer. has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism. UK email: alanfield01@hotmail. Jenny stands on the brink of becoming a woman: a brilliantly witty and attractive 17 year-old whose suburban life is about to be blown apart by the rather unsuitable 30-something Alan. little does he know his life will take an unexpected turn that ultimately shapes his future. Andrew Schofield Funding: Private Territories: All available An Act of Terror One summer’s evening. 33 Daisy Street. London. A whirlpool of domestic and international politics down which the viewers follow the Malik family into their night of darkness. fax: +44 (0)20 7520 5611 email: sales@odysseyentertainment. Glasgow. Alfred Molina. London. a city caught between the England. whisks her off to art auctions. Strathclyde. Scotland. He introduces her to an exciting new world of chic dinners with his charismatic. HD.e1entertainmentuk. England. Rosamund Pike Funding: BBC Films. Ali’s sister Rukhsana refuses to comply with an arranged marriage and neighbours send bricks through the windows.

1-3 St Peter’s Street. Director: Sam Mendes 2009. N1 8JD. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Mari-Jo Winkler Screenwriter: Dave Eggers. International Sales: Leopard International. Buckinghamshire. Little Hemingford. might Burt and Verona best put down roots to raise their impending bundle of joy? The couple embarks on an ambitious itinerary to visit friends and family. Director: Richard Laxton 2008. ß 2008 AB SvenskFilmindustri.leopardrama. He grows up to become an educated young man and a skilled swordsman. knowing that the strain of the flight could kill him. fax: +44 (0)20 7907 3777 web: www. 128 min Production Company: AMC Productions. SE-169 86 Stockholm. Poland. Quentin Crisp accepts an invitation to America. the love of his life. they have to learn how to confront evil and overcome physical hardship. CIS.e1entertainmentuk. Korea. SL2 3LZ. Vendela Vida Editor: Sarah Flack Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras Production Designer: Jess Gonchor Music: Alex Murdoch Cast: John Krasinski. Cecilia is imprisoned in a convent and Arn is sent away as a Knight Templar to the Holy Land. Peter Saraf Executive Producer: Pippa Harris. Their painful separation causes their faith in God and his goodness to waver — though not their faith in each other and their confidence that they will one day be reunited. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7907 3773. They both have to fight to survive. Finland. USA Arn the Knight Templar The film about Arn and Cecilia is set in Sweden as well as the Middle East. Film iVast.sfinternational. Jan Marnell. Maya Rudolph. Turkey. SF Norge AS. All Rights Reserved. Away We Go Longtime (and now 30-something) couple Burt and Verona are going to have a baby. Telepool GMBH. 74 min Production Company: Leopardrama Ltd. But when Quentin publicly announces that AIDS is ‘a fad’ his show is cancelled and Phillip loses appetite for their friendship. Leif Molin. The show takes its UK Distributor. and to evaluate cities. It is a tale of war and intrigue. Vietnam . England.leopardinternational. fax: +44 (0)20 7704 3301 web: www. England. becomes the toast of society with his off-Broadway show and strikes up a friendship with magazine editor Phillip Steele. England. Norway. Finland.6 Feature Films An Englishman in New York Shocked at the idea of returning to anonymity after the celebrated broadcast of the The Naked Civil Servant. TV4 AB. He gets an agent. Young gay artist Patrick Angus can see no wrong in Quentin and absorbs all his barbed witticisms about the impossibility of homosexual love. Sofia Helin. ¨ Juonifilmı Tjubang AS. German-speaking where war is raging between Christians and Muslims. In seventies New York everyone’s on show. Simon Callow. Dagsljus Film ´y. and among whom of those closest to So where. Joey Attawia Screenwriter: Brian Fillis Editor: Peter H Oliver Director of Photography: Yaron Orbach Production Designer: Elizabeth Mickle Sound: Tim Elder Music: Paul Englishby Cast: John Hurt. Iceland. Norway. Beaconsfield Road. and offers a rich gallery of brave knights. 35mm. 1-3 St Peter’s Street. The pregnancy progresses smoothly. but a cruel and jealous world forces them apart. Equipment AB. Finland. N1 8JD. But Quentin is disturbed by Patrick’s self-destruction. England. UK Territories: All available except China. Cynthia Nixon Territories: All available except Australia. Europa Sound Production. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7704 3300. Molinare Ltd. Denmark. Farnham Common. based on the novels by Jan Guillou. Allison Janney Co-production: USA Director: Peter Flinth 2008. 97 min UK Distributor: E1 Entertainment UK. Quentin is tiring but accepts a tour in the UK. Before leaving the US. Alistair McLean Clark Screenwriter: Hans Gunnarson Editor: Søren B Ebbe. Greece. fax: +44 (0)20 7704 3301 web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7704 International Sales: AB SvenskFilmindustri. Arn Magnusson is born in 1150 on Arnas farm in West Gothia in the western part of Sweden.amcpictures. To top it all he’s officially welcomed for being ‘unique’. Vincent Perez Co-production: Denmark. irrepressible Quentin ensures the artist’s work is recognised before he dies. Thailand. friendship and web: www. Sweden. fax: +46 868 023 783 email: international@sf. Producer: Amanda Jenks Executive Producer: Susie Field. 16mm. Sweden. 35mm. but six months in. 120 New Cavendish Street. Germany. UK tel: +44 (0)175 364 6280 email: films@amcpictures. In the nineties a much older Quentin begins performing with the radical Penny Arcade. London. powerful queens and treacherous kings. the pair is put off and put out by the cavalierly delivered news from Burt’s parents Jerry and Gloria that the eccentric elder Farlanders are moving out of Colorado — thereby eliminating the expectant couple’s main reason for living there. web: www. Denis O’Hare. When Arn returns home he has to fight for his love and what has become his life’s mission: to unite Sweden into one Kingdom. Marc Turtletaub. He meets Cecilia. Jeff Daniels. Quentin is in his element. Middle East. Portugal. London. but also an unforgettable love story. Eastern Europe. Stellan ¨ Skarsgard. James Burstall. Morten Højbjerg Director of Photography: Eric Kress Production Designer: Anna Asp Sound: Carl Edstrom ¨ Music: Tuomas Kantelinen Cast: Joakim Natterqvist. Quentin makes a final appearance at a gay bar in Florida where his words find a new audience. W1W 6XX. Sweden tel: +46 868 035 00. Sheba Productions Ltd. Brazil. When Patrick reveals that he has contracted HIV. Denmark’s Radio AS. Producer: Edward Producer: Waldemar Bergendahl. France.

000 Funding: Private Territories: All available . has fallen victim to a Producer: Oliver Harrison Screenwriter: Oliver Harrison Editor: Oliver Harrison Director of Photography: David Rafique Production Designer: Oliver Harrison Sound: Paul Cameron Music: Oliver Harrison Cast: Julian Bleach. who helps Jane find the courage and strength to stand up for herself and be the person she really is. HD. He controls Jane’s every move and is deeply possessive and jealous over her. Wirral. the nature of male longings and their need to belong. Marco Rossi Budget: £100. Jim Conway. music or writing — beauty has become an ugly word! The poets are the last line of resistance — beauty’s last hope. Catherine Olding. fate. A saviour comes in the form of Lisa. Ray Yorke. Liam Boyle. to find herself and some new friends. W1F 9EH. Director: Oliver Harrison 2009. Steve Fox. HD. CH62 1AA. sinister fairytale. England. has taken control of power. London.redunionfilms. Multimedia House. 6 Cornwall Court. Unfortunately things are never quite that easy. UK Bad Company web: www. CF11 6PP. because you never quite know who to trust or what their real motives are. Steve Smith. a new love interest and mysterious goings on in the house during the night what they seem? Is she really alone or is she still mixing in bad company? Director: Jason King 2009. abusive and tyrannical relationship with David. 7 Montague Gardens. New Ferry. 90 min Production Company: Sparkler Producer: Samantha Price. Emma Hill Budget: £200. Studio 1. Hywel George Executive Producer: Linda McCarthy. David’s love for Jane has become twisted. Wales. a best friend from the past. Stephen Graham Budget: £1 million Funding: Private equity Territories: All available except Ireland. art. they fall headlong into a volatile friendship that each of them aches for but neither can control. the Holy Exaltation. 94 min Production Company: OliverHarrison. As Lisa plans a trip to New Zealand the empty house provides an opportunity for Jane to escape. In this ‘other England’ a fanatical sect. HD. Will Strange. troubled by the death of her parents as a teenager. sexy and funny. Howard Klein Screenwriter: Kevin Sampson Editor: Mark Elliott Director of Photography: Curtis Lee Mitchell Production Designer: Mark Tanner Sound: Richard Davey Music: David A Hughes Cast: Nicky Bell. W3 9PT.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available Badinage A dark. leading to Jane losing her true identity. Cardiff. a poetically beautiful fantasy. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7287 1900 Producer: David A Hughes Executive Producer: Kevin Sampson. 105 min Production Company: Red Union Films. Ceri Murphy. London. Richard Adlam Screenwriter: Jason King Editor: Martin Wrench Director of Photography: Jaime Feliu Production Designer: Dave Paul Music: Chris Young Cast: Sonya Sier. England. Awaydays is a blade-sharp rites-of-passage that buzzes with the post-punk energy of its late-seventies Liverpool setting. 51 New Chester Director: Pat Holden 2008. England. George Vaughan Williams. UK email: International Sales: Simon Crowe Films International. 3 Lower James Street.Feature Films 7 Awaydays When Carty meets Elvis at a Bunnymen gig. UK tel: +44 (0)151 203 5815 email: info@redunionfilms. Mem UK email: studio@oliverharrison. Are the advances of the ex. examining identity. Violent. new rules forbid any form of free thinking.

Northern Ireland Screen Territories: All available except UK . London. London. 79 Wardour Street. 159 Wardour Street. Neve Mcintosh Budget: £210. John Maxwell Screenwriter: Steve Lewis. Rory. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 8602 email: frank@swipefilms. W1F 8WH. Jimmy International Sales: Swipe Films. Screen East The Be All and End All At 15 years old you would do anything for your best mate. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 6500. Will Patton Budget: $7 million Co-production: USA Funding: Oahu Productions. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7708 3434. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 4544.swipefilms. So when Ziggy’s life-long friend Robbie is diagnosed with a fatal heart Producer: Helen L Alexander Executive Producer: David Game Screenwriter: Maeve Murphy Editor: Agnieszka Liggett Director of Photography: Mattias Nyberg Production Designer: Duncan Howell Sound: Richard Kondal Music: Neel Dhorajiwala. takes Sheamy under his wing and introduces him to his flatmate Katie. London. fax: +44 (0)20 7851 6506 email: london@contentfilm. 21C Mornington Crescent. Immediately the attraction is undeniable between Sheamy and Katie. Director: Bruce Webb International Sales: ContentFilm International. HD. Connor Mcintyre. However.contentfilm. Charlotte Walls.000 Funding: Private. England. Wanda Watumull. Marc Forby Executive Producer: Jeffrey KD Au. Hugh Sachs Budget: £320.matadorpictures.000 Funding: Private equity Territories: All available Beyond the Fire The story of Sheamy. 19 Heddon Street. Director: Maeve Murphy 2009.8 Feature Films Barbarian Princess Set on the islands of Hawaii and based on a true Producer: Nigel Thomas. 13A Iliffe web: www.murphy@virgin. After an unsuccessful search Sheamy reaches out to the only other person he knows in London. s16mm. Leilani Forby. Scot Williams. Shaun Evans. W1B 4BG. Roy J Tijoe. 35mm. Josh Bolt. Barry Pepper. 99 min Production Company: Whatever Pictures web: www. Ricardo S Galindez. fax: +44 (0)20 7708 3434 email: bruce@whateverpictures. Tony Owen Editor: Joe Wilby Director of Photography: Zillah Bowes Production Designer: Tine Jespersen Music: Richard Lannoy Cast: Eugene Byrne.whateverpictures. Katie is a warm hearted woman with her own emotional scars. England. UK email: maeve. he has just one favour to ask: don’t let me die a virgin. a gentle Irish ex-priest who arrives in London to find his old family friend and mentor Father web: web: www. Laurie Hayward Screenwriter: Marc Forby Editor: Beverley Mills Director of Photography: Gabriel Beristain Production Designer: Steven Lawrence Sound: Tony Dawe Music: Stephen Warbeck Cast: Q’orianka Kilcher. Director: Marc Forby 2008. Chris O’Neill Cast: Cara Seymour. England. Liza Tarbuck. Lauri Apelian. England. Their intense romance is short-lived and begins to collapse when the past comes back to haunt them. NW1 Producer: Bruce Webb. SE17 3QA. fax: +44 (0)20 7734 7794 email: admin@matadorpictures. 103 min Production Company: Matador Pictures. 78 min Production Company: Playing With Fire. London. England. W1D 6QB. London. Barbarian Princess is a romance about an unlikely heroine and her unwavering fight to defend the independence of her people. a talented musician and band member. Rory.

Luc Chaudhary. Rhys Ifans. they have never done anything like this before. Andrew Curtis Screenwriter: Neil Warhurst Editor: Rob Miller Director of Photography: Stuart Biddlecombe Cast: Rhys Thomas. On The Hour John. 88 min 20 sec Production Company: Shooting Pictures. as head of a brutal London gang poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal. No one said saving the planet would be easy. Carl has been sent by his jet-set mother to find some direction in life by visiting his godfather Quentin. pirate stations have come to the attention of an establishment that’s out for blood against the drug takers.nbcuni. TW10 6QH. He’s faithfully backed up by his co-broadcasters Dave. fax: +44 (0)20 7290 0751 email: info@hanwayfilms. They are led by The Count: big. W1D 1BS. lawbreakers and bottom-bashing fornicators of a once great nation. 129 min Production Company: Working Title Films. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7378 7988 International Sales: HanWay Films. NW11 7TJ. Vincent Regan. Quentin is the boss of Radio Rock. Mark Benton. 35mm. Midnight Mark. Hilary Bevan Jones Screenwriter: Richard Curtis Editor: Emma Hickox Director of Photography: Danny Cohen Production Designer: Mark Tildesley Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman. a pirate radio station in the middle of the North Sea. American. London. International Sales: Universal Pictures International UK. London. Director: Richard Curtis 2009. Robert Fucilla. Alexander Skarsgard Funding: Shooting Pictures. However. Stephen Mangan. Oxford House. England. W1D 1BS. England. pirate radio becomes public enemy number W1T 1UH. 788-790 Finchley Road. Steven Berkoff The Boat That Rocked Recently expelled from school.cineprodpic. Wee Small Hours Bob. Bill Nighy. brash. However. 76 Oxford Street. Kenneth Branagh .uk web: www. and totally in love with the music. 17 Onslow Rd. In an era when the stuffy corridors of power stifle anything approaching youthful exuberance. Director: Nic Auerbach 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7307 web: www. London.hanwayfilms. Jack Iandoli Executive Producer: Robert Fucilla Screenwriter: Tim Cunningham Editor: Jeremy Nicholls Director of Photography: Shane Daly Production Designer: Tim Dickel Music: James Radford Cast: Leo Gregory. Polite Storm Territories: All available The Big I Am A cruel twist of fate catapults small time crook Mickey Skinner into the big league. 76 Oxford Street. Eric Fellner. Thick Producer: David L Williams. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7307 3000 web: Producer: Tim Bevan. Michael Madsen. England. London. England. a god of the airwaves.workingtitlefilms. Rosie Cavaliero. 35mm.Feature Films 9 Beyond the Pole A documentary film crew follows the first carbon neutral organic vegetarian expedition ever to attempt the North Pole. 24 Hanway Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7290 0750. Unfortunately. Simon. but does it have to be this hard? Director: David L Williams 2009. Producer: Robert Fucilla. 110 min Production Company: Cinematic Productions. and Angus ‘The Nut’ Nutsford. Nick Frost. populated by an eclectic crew of rock ‘n’ roll DJs. UK email: rfucilla@fandfglobal. fax: +44 (0)20 3071 346 web: www.

com web: www. 60-66 Wardour Street. Kate Ogborn Screenwriter: Julie Rutterford Editor: Kristina Hetherington Director of Photography: David Katznelson Production Designer: John Ellis Sound: Boom Post Production Music: Srdjan Kurpjel. London. Alan Cumming. Film Agency for Wales. Adelphi International Sales: The Works International. Paul Whiting. Robbie snatches his son and goes on the run. and a slightly sinister Salford. England. some of whom are willing to use any means necessary to achieve their ambitions. Charlotte Rampling. W1W 8QJ.theworkslimited. London. When all their stories collide. An 83 year-old man returns to Germany for a long planned journey of atonement. 90 min Production Company: Autonomous Ltd. Portland House. UK email: info@borisfilms. Director: Duncan Ward 2009. he unleashes all his powers of persuasion to encourage its owners. 5 Sudeley Place. When a well known art dealer becomes aware of a priceless painting. Screen South Territories: All available Boogie Woogie Set against the backdrop of contemporary London.. These include a talented and ambitious video artist who creates a ‘Self Portrait’ that includes her explicit exploits with her lovers. National House. W1F 0TA. When Ross. Meanwhile. M3 6EN. Stacey Murray Executive Producer: Chris Wright. Pauline Burt.madeupnorthproductions. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7494 3645. his useless. HD. However.10 Feature Films Bomber A bittersweet comedy about love. fax: +44 (0)20 7612 0091 email: joy. son agrees to drive him there. Charlene McKenna. Friendships and marriage all hang in the balance. Benjamin Producer: Paul Cotter. England. the situation becomes complicated. Northwest Vision and Media. when his assistant leaks this information to her wealthy lover. Boogie Woogie is a tongue-in-cheek look at the international art scene. Marios Takoushis Cast: Ian Hart. 35mm. Paul Cotter Screenwriter: Paul Cotter Editor: Matt Maddox Director of Photography: Rick Siegel Production Designer: Alex Ward Sound: Zach Seivers Music: Stephen Coates Cast: Shane Taylor. an ageing couple. to part with their prized theworksmediagroup. private investors Territories: All available except UK . a wellmeaning but out-of-his-depth curator. 80 min Production Company: Made Up North Productions. Instead I got a son . the results are deliciously depraved and extreme. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 1080.wong@theworksmediagroup. Eileen Nicholas Co-production: USA Funding: Boris Films. 4th Floor. Heather Graham Territories: All available except UK A Boy Called Dad ‘All I ever wanted was a dad. BN2 1HF. fax: +44 (0)20 7612 1081 email: sales. International Media Centre. Great Portland Street. Sudeley House. England. fax: +44 (0)161 834 3537 email: info@madeupnorthproductions. Abandoned by his own dad Joe. Director: Brian Percival 2009. fax: +44 (0)20 7444 3650 International Sales: The Works International.theworkslimited.borisfilms. a nightmare family road trip ensues. 84 min Production Company: Boris Films. ambition and power prevail and where success and failure rest on a knife-edge. The Crescent. in which web: web: www. we observe the artists and curators all desperately vying for the attention of the dealers and they are each forced to face up to the past and what it really means to be a web: www. Brighton. W1W 8QJ. Great Portland Street. England. Portland House. As Joe joins the search for Robbie. London. Danny Huston. 4th Floor. Director: Paul Cotter 2009. England. Producer: Cat Villiers Screenwriter: Danny Moynihan Editor: Kant Pan Director of Photography: John Mathieson Production Designer: Caroline Greville-Morris Cast: Gillian Anderson.. Steve Evets Funding: EM Producer: Michael Knowles. East Sussex. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 1080. Kyle Ward. UK tel: +44 (0)161 834 3537. family and dropping bombs on Germany.’ A Boy Called Dad tells the story of Robbie — a 14 year-old boy who has just become a father. Christopher Moll. Maureen Ryan Executive Producer: Frances Arnold. Suzanne Alizart.

England. Kent ´ House. HD. Fanny Brawne. fax: +44 (0)20 7306 8044 email: info@protagonistpictures. Paul Martin. Only Keats’ illness proves insurmountable. Str8jacket Creations. 14-17 Market Place. This unlikely pair start at odds. 85 min Production Company: Porcelain Films International Sales: Protagonist Pictures. Bailey becomes self-destructive — resorting to violence and severing all ties of friendship and love.Feature Films 11 Breathe Carroll Bailey is buckling under the weight of financial pressure. Faced with a relationship lost amongst affluence and drug fuelled parties Bailey must accept his own limitations and confront the demons of his past. EM Media . 35mm. an outspoken student of web: Producer: Gina Lyons Screenwriter: Nicholas Winter Editor: Nicholas Winter Director of Photography: Nicholas Winter Sound: Jeet Thakrar Music: Greg Harwood Cast: Ricci Harnett. James Lance. 30 of which have been spent in solitary confinement. Amanda Burton Funding: Vertigo Films. 35mm. fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: www. James Richardson.vertigofilms.protagonistpictures. Intensely and helplessly absorbed in each other.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available Bright Star London 1818. It is the illness of Keats’ younger brother that draws them together. 77 Fortess Road. she unimpressed by literature in general. the relationship has an unstoppable momentum. London. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7428 7555. Together they ride a wave of romantic obsession that deepens as their troubles mount. Mowill Street. Matt King. Zara Dawson. SW9 0EP. Keats is touched by Fanny’s efforts to help and agrees to teach her poetry. Director: Nicolas Winding Refn 2008. Director: Jane Campion 2009. Ben Whishaw. Kayleigh Garnett Budget: £120. Kerry Fox Co-production: Australia. 92 min Production Company: Vertigo Films. and his own ambitions and desires. SW1P 1DE. London. he thinking her a stylish minx. fax: +44 (0)20 7485 9713 email: mail@vertigofilms. Things have changed.porcelainfilm. Danny Hansford Executive Producer: Allan Niblo. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151. Aramid Producer: Rupert Preston. Great Titchfield Street. Kate Ogborn. family responsibilities. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7306 web: www. Simon Fawcett. Thor Sigurjonsson Screenwriter: Brock Norman Brock. the young lovers are swept into powerful new sensations. Peterson has subsequently been behind bars for 34 years. By the time Fanny’s alarmed mother and Keats’ best friend Brown realise their attachment. Nick Love. After endless parties. France. 119 min International Sales: Pathe Productions. London. 11 Francis Street. Nicolas Winding Refn Editor: Matt Newman Director of Photography: Larry Smith Production Designer: Adrian Smith Sound: Tim Barker Music: Lol Hammond Cast: Tom Hardy. A secret love affair begins between 23 year-old English poet John Keats and the girl next door. W1W 8AR. Paul Schneider. Caroline Hewitt Executive Producer: David M Thompson Screenwriter: Jane Campion Editor: Alexandre de Franceschi Director of Photography: Greig Fraser Cast: Abbie web: www. 22 Aigburth Mansions. UK email: indywinter@hotmail. Lee Otway. England. too many deadend jobs and family arguments. USA Bronson In 1974 a misguided 19 year-old named Michael Peterson decided he wanted to make a name for himself and so. Rob Producer: Jan Chapman. NW5 1AG. Swiftly apprehended and originally sentenced to seven years in jail.pathe. ‘I have the feeling as if I were dissolving’. Keats writes to her. Not everyone is sympathetic to his sudden reappearance and there are others who will stop at nothing to make Bailey’s life a living hell. with a homemade sawn-off shotgun and a head full of dreams he attempted to rob a Post Office. Director: Nicholas Winter 2009. London. Suzanne Alizart. After a self-imposed exile Bailey returns to London to apologise.

SW1Y 6HB. 5A Sandys Row. Noel web: www. which the villagers want to save from closure by putting on a star-led charity performance. Optimum Releasing. Screen Yorkshire. 50 Marshall Street. W1F 9BQ. England. John Ross. Nick Newman Editor: Mark Thornton Director of Photography: Ashley Rowe Production Designer: Melanie Allen Sound: Tony Currie Music: Christian Henson Cast: Burt Reynolds. 99 rue de la UK Distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors Ltd. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7321 5057. HD. fax: +44 (0)20 7930 9399 email: emmah@entertainment-film. Danielle Boucher Budget: £172. EM Media.385 million Funding: CinemaNX. 96 min Production Company: Trademark Films Ltd. web: www. Jost Corrieri. UK Distributor: Optimum WC2E 8BT. 10A James Street. Middle East. 101 min Production Company: Warp X. England. presales Territories: All available except Australia. UK The Burial Three brothers and a coffin on a crazy road trip back to the river that defines their lives. Hugo Heppell. Wild Bunch Territories: All available except Greece. UK tel: +44 (0)114 221 Julian Barratt Budget: £1. W1F 7EY.optimumreleasing. He is convinced by his incompetent agent to accept a prestigious invitation to star in the British theatre playing King Lear at Stratford but he finds the Stratford in question is Stratford St John. England.000 Funding: Private Producer: Mary Burke. 108-110 Jermyn Street. UK Film Council. David Mills Editor: Marie Soderpalm Director of Photography: Carlos Catalan Production Designer: Eden Honeydew Cast: Pascal Larderet. Stephen’s flat becomes the springboard for an extraordinary odyssey through lands made up of snapshots and souvenir replica landmarks within his imagination. First Floor. England. Global Producer: David Mills Screenwriter: Danielle web: www. BMS Film Finance. 35mm. Ian Hislop. Suzanne Alizart. and when he finds his mind hurtling back to the disastrous trek around Europe he undertook with his friend Bunny a catalogue of adventures unfold. France tel: +33 1 53 01 50 32.wildbunch. New Zealand. Bunny and the Bull is a touching and beautiful journey to the end of the room. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 2700 email: jessica@optimumreleasing. Director: Andy Cadiff 2008. Paternoster Row. Eagle House. Director: Paul King International Sales: Wild Bunch. Derek Jacobi Budget: $4. 91 min Production Company: Jack and Jill Films. UK Bunny and the Bull Bunny and the Bull is a comedy road movie set entirely in a flat. Stephen Turnbull hasn’t been outside in months. Veronica ´ Echegui. LipSync Productions. London. a sleepy Suffolk village. 75004 International Sales: Odyssey Entertainment Ltd. London. Babouche. fax: +33 1 53 01 50 49 web: www. fax: +44 (0)114 221 0484 email: info@warpx. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7520 5610. Molinare post production equity investment . Robin Gutch Executive Producer: Peter Carlton.entertainmentfilms. Director: David Mills. Samantha Bond. Danielle Boucher 2008. fax: +44 (0)20 7520 5611 email: sales@odysseyentertainment. and the theatre is an old barn. Imelda Staunton. England. E1 Producer: David Parfitt Screenwriter: Jonathan Gershfield. S1 2BX. 36 Marshall Street. The Workstation. London.12 Feature Films A Bunch of Amateurs Ageing Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele is desperate to reinvigorate his waning career.2 million Funding: Film4. HD. Alain Bourderon. Will Clarke. Simon Farnaby. Vincent Maraval Screenwriter: Paul King Editor: Mark Everson Director of Photography: John Sorapure Production Designer: Gary Williamson Sound: Tim Barker Music: Ralfe Band Cast: Edward Hogg. UK tel: +44 (0)164 263 4476 email: info@jackandjillfilms. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7478 5167 email: mail@trademarkfilms. Mark Herbert. London.

northstarproductions. The diaries reveal a long forgotten secret involving Steve’s grandfather and a large quantity of hidden gold. UK tel: +44 (0)151 286 2050 email: write@northstarproductions.Feature Films 13 Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero Ben Gerick is a rising star for a major corporate law firm. PO Box 20. John Thomson. UK tel: +44 (0)113 265 0881 email: contact@wotr. Kathy Bates. W1W 8AR. Cheri is the story of the ´ love affair between the beautiful retired courtesan Lea and Cheri. John Henshaw. As the inevitable moment of parting approaches. Kent ´ Funding: Private investment Cheri ´ Set in the luxurious demi-monde of pre-First World War Andras Hamori. England.I. By day he wears smart business suits. 70 Robson Street. Liverpool. a divorcee with an addiction to the Discovery Producer: KD Barker Executive Producer: James Ritchie Screenwriter: KD Barker Editor: KD Barker Director of Photography: JC Cheung Production Designer: Dan Holloway Sound: Effectsland Music: Khieng Ly Cast: Nathan Lubbock-Smith. London. and Elvis who is . he’s just Elvis. 14-17 Market Place. Anfield. too late. L5 Producer: Tony web: www. John McArdle. Marie Laure. the son of her old ´ ´ colleague and rival Mme Peloux.pathe. a middle-aged spinster with a razor sharp sarcastic wit. HD. Steve is informed that he has been left a wooden chest full of old diaries in the will of a complete stranger. if a little strange. Director: KD Barker 2008. well.. Tracey Seaward Screenwriter: Christopher Hampton Editor: Lucia Zucchetti Director of Photography: Darius Khondji Production Designer: Alan MacDonald Music: Alexandre Desplat Cast: Michelle Pfeiffer. Director: Jim Doyle 2008. fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: www. Felicity Jones. Neil Fitzmaurice Screenwriter: Neil Fitzmaurice Editor: Charlene Lilburn Director of Photography: Rupert Whiteman Production Designer: Collin Taylor Sound: John Hughes Music: Gary O’Donnell Cast: Neil Fitzmaurice. 92 min International Sales: Pathe Productions. Director: Stephen Frears 2009. 98 min Production Company: Water On The Rock Ltd. Steve’s Oh and there’s Frank the junkyard dog — he’s got a sexual appetite matched only by Hugh Hefner! Together they spend their days trying to make a living in a business that belongs to a different time. Kitty. daughter of ´ ´ another rich courtesan. Steve Parr works in the family business ‘Scrap and Salvage’ in a yard owned by his father Les. England. but after six years Mme Peloux has secretly arranged a marriage between Cheri and Edmee. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151. 104 min Production Company: North Star Productions. Dominic Carter Budget: £700. Rupert Friend. HD. LS8 2ZZ. Laura Martin Funding: Private Territories: All available Charlie Noades R. but the roots of their life of ease and pleasure reach deeper than even they imagine and they begin to understand. that of Catalina — a superhero transvestite. his best friend and a self appointed gigolo. but at home he takes on a new persona . Can he unlock the secrets and find the missing gold? He’d better do something quickly because what he doesn’t know is that the clock is ticking for everyone at Parr’s ‘Scrap and Salvage’. how much they mean to one Producer: Bill Kenwright. George McCluskey. Lea has educated the spoilt and callow boy in ´ the ways of love.. surrounded by a loyal. 35mm. England. Iben Hjejle Co-production: Germany . Great Titchfield Street. Sonny. Lea and Cheri try to come to ´ ´ terms with their imminent separation. Mick. Leeds. On returning from a routine job.. band of workmates.

Jeremy Producer: Clive Barker. #822. these two best friends soon become worst enemies. 77 Fortess web: www.8 million Funding: Cinema One. Newbridge Film Capital. HD. Brian Kirk Executive Producer: Simon Bosanquet. Director: Lisa Barros D’Sa. Stephen Campbell Moore. Yet when the stunning Michelle moves to town unexpectedly. USA tel: +1 818 762 6999. Twickenham. UK International Sales: The Little Film Company. London. the line between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred and finally collapse. Sophie Ward. and what should be a relaxing vacation for two families coming together to celebrate the holidays ends up as a desperate fight for survival. Kimberley Nixon. London.protagonistpictures. Peter Bevan. Allan Niblo Screenwriter: Tom Shankland Editor: Tim Murrell Director of Photography: Nanu Segal Production Designer: Suzie Davies Cast: Eva Birthistle. London. Glenn Leyburn 2009. Director: Tom Shankland 2008. W1F 8WH. fax: +44 (0)20 7734 7794 email: admin@matadorpictures. 82 min Production Company: Generator Entertainment. as one by one the children mysteriously fall ill and turn against their parents. Director: John Harrison 2008. Studio City. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 4544. Suite 600. Adrian Politowski. Los Angeles. Michelle seductively encourages a dirty competition for her heart. CA 90069. England. Clive Russell.vertigofilms. 12930 Ventura Boulevard. NW5 1AG. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7428 7555. The Big Room Studios. Paul Blair Budget: £3. Rachel Shelley Clive Barker’s Book of Blood Paranormal researcher Mary Florescu’s investigations lead her to Simon McNeal. Scottish Screen . USA tel: +1 310 550 9100. As their erotic relationship Producer: Mark Huffam.essential-ent. James Flynn Screenwriter: Daragh Carville Editor: Nick Emerson Director of Photography: Damian Elliott Production Designer: David Craig Sound: Ken Galvin Music: David Holmes. 159 Wardour Street. drugs. Jorge Saralegui. Nadia Khamlichi. 11 Francis Street.thelittlefilmcompany. sex and a deadly end to the competition. Karl Richards. fax: +1 818 301 2186 email: info@thelittlefilmcompany. Michael Casey. Joe Daley. 97 min Production Company: Matador Pictures. Stephen Hilton Cast: Rupert web: www. TW1 2AW. Motion Investment Group. with horrifying consequences. Lauri Apelian Executive Producer: Anthony Diblasi. Richard Reiner Screenwriter: John Harrison. Carole web: www. What was supposed to have been a relaxing vacation transforms into a wild ride of drinking. fax: +1 310 550 9101 email: info@essential-ent. a college student who appears to be channelling messages from the dead. James Nesbitt Territories: All available The Children New Years Eve. Twickenham Film web: International Sales: Essential Entertainment. With a resistance to boredom. 16mm. Darin Silverman Editor: Harry B Miller III Director of Photography: Philip Robertson Production Designer: Andy Harris Sound: Paul Weir Music: Guy Farley Cast: Jonas Armstrong. web: www. Jeremy Sheffield.14 Feature Films Cherrybomb Best friends Luke and Malachy are finally ready to enjoy their Producer: James Richardson. England.matadorpictures. fax: +44 (0)20 7306 8044 email: International Sales: Protagonist Pictures. Nigel Thomas. fax: +44 (0)20 7485 9713 email: mail@vertigofilms. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7306 5155. Micky MacPherson. CA 91604. 84 min Production Company: Vertigo Films. Robert Sheehan. SW1P 1DE. 9000 Sunset Boulevard. England.

Ged has to rely on his street instincts as he fights for survival. fax: +44 (0)20 8492 6301 web: www. 20 Soho Square. Portugal. fax: +44 (0)20 7494 8291 email: info@eyelineentertainment. England. England. This is not the grey-bearded old man that most people imagine when they think of Darwin. Jane plays increasingly sadistic games until their relationship breaks down and it becomes clear that Jane intends to kill Sir Paul. 71 Portland Place. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8144 2994. London. Director: Adrian Vitoria 2008. Facing betrayal on several fronts. W1T 1UH. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7580 5166. strange things happen around the house and he becomes increasingly dependent on his new assistant. Jennifer Connelly. husband and friend whose mental and physical health gradually buckles under the weight of guilt and grief for a lost child. Tom Conti. Simon MacCorkindale Territories: All available Creation Darwin’s great. but the plot carries further savage twists before it reaches its International Sales: Foundation Films tel: +44 (0)20 3039 3459 email: mail@foundationfilms. Jeremy Northam. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7290 0751 web: www. Nicholas Napier-Bell. UK Distributor: Icon Film Distribution. His housekeeper is diverted International Sales: HanWay Films. Paul grasps this too late to save himself. and with his biggest heist ever UK Distributor: Atlantic Film Producer: Ian Brady.atlanticfilmdistributors. Romain Schroeder Screenwriter: Gilbert Adair Editor: Adrian Murray Director of Photography: Ricardo Aronovich Production Designer: Keith Slote Music: Stephen Mark Barchan Cast: Darryl Hannah. But gradually we come aware that Jane has another agenda. Adrian Vitoria Editor: Justinian Buckley Director of Photography: Mark Hamilton Production Designer: Vanessa Hawkins Sound: Zane Hayward Music: James Edward Barker Cast: Scot Williams. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 0400. England. 47 Poland Street. But when a recent heist goes wrong and a notorious drugs baron is brutally butchered. Canada. Stephen Salter Screenwriter: Ian Brady. HD. prompting rival firms to the brink of a gang war. his adored ten year-old daughter who leads him out of darkness and helps him reconnect with his wife and family. Ultimately it is the ghost of Annie. Production Company: Eyeline Entertainment. W1F 7NB. vibrant father. Scandinavia.momentumpictures. Benedict Cumberbatch Territories: All available except Australia.iconmovies. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8492 6300. Director: Raoul Ruiz 2009. Darwin finds himself caught in a struggle between faith and fax: +44 (0)20 7383 0404 web: www. WC1N 3DR. book The Origin of Species depicts nature as a battleground. intelligent. London. The Darwin we meet in Creation is a young. Only then is he able to create the book that changed the world. W1F 8WY. Director: Jon Amiel 2009.hanwayfilms. Ged’s world is thrown into chaos. 24 Hanway Street. London. England. Greece. UK The Crew After a decade of meticulously planned heists. Miriam Margolyes. Toby Producer: Jeremy Thomas Screenwriter: John Collee Editor: Melanie Oliver Director of Photography: Jess Hall Production Designer: Laurence Dorman Sound: John Midgley Cast: Paul Bettany. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7290 0750. Producer: Tom Kinninmont. including from those closest to him. Incrementally Sir Paul’s familiar surroundings are altered. 35mm. North web: www. England. Stephen Graham Territories: All available except Benelux. Duncan NapierBell. W1D 3QW. Rory McCann. W1B 1QT. Tom Reeve. still controversial. respected crime boss Ged Brennan has learned never to take unnecessary risks. unruffled by her employer’s abrupt eccentricities. UK UK Distributor: Momentum 179 Wardour Street. In Creation the battleground is a man’s heart. Kenny Doughty. London. Torn between his love for his deeply religious wife and his own growing belief in a world where God has no place. Spain . 117 min Production Company: Syndicate Films. love and truth.Feature Films 15 A Closed Book Jane appears to be ideal: London. London. 12 Great James Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7580 0997 email: info@atlanticfilmdistributors. HD.

com web: www. Suzanne Alizart. Instead she feels a strange empathy for Robert and invites him into her home.000 Funding: Scottish Screen. 35mm. James Gilbert. Malte Grunert. Caroline Dhavernas. EM Media. 101 min Production Company: Mact Productions. Michael Wood. 3015 Main Street. USA tel: +1 310 279 International Sales: Myriad Pictures. who love it and keep coming back for more. Santa Monica. But things take a turn for the worse when the venue for the reunion is revealed to be a care home. As events Producer: Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre. Nottingham. UK tel: +44 (0)141 244 0056 email: info@synchronicityfilms. the night before the biggest gig of Joey’s life. Director: Justin Molotnikov 2009. Karen threatens to cut his access to Amy. Malcolm Shields. Broadway Media Centre.16 Feature Films Cry of the Owl Robert. and the guest of honour their former maths teacher Mr Meldrick. Stephen Ujlaki Screenwriter: Jamie Thraves Editor: David Charap Director of Photography: Luc Montpellier Production Designer: Matthew Davies Sound: Nigel Holland Music: Jeff Danna Cast: Paddy Considine. Julia Sereny. Kirk D’Amico. Frank only wants one thing in return — for Joey to accompany him on a school reunion. Jennifer Kawaja. Suite 400. England. UK tel: +44 (0)115 840 0043 email: web: www. Robert discovers he is the number one suspect in a murder case that is slowly beginning to look like the ultimate set-up. He is abusive on stage to his public. England. Germany Funding: BBC Films. Scotland. Julia Stiles. Movie Central Corus Crying With Laughter Joey Frisk is a hedonistic stand-up comedian on the verge of a big break or a big breakdown. Ewan Angus Screenwriter: Justin Molotnikov Editor: Gary Scott Director of Photography: Martin Radich Production Designer: Mike McLoughlin Music: Lorne Balfe Cast: Stephen McCole. CA 90405. superstition and fear that explores the dark side of the heart. But when Jenny catches Robert in the act. Director: Jamie Thraves 2008. he is king and his fans hang on his every word. NG1 Production Company: Wellington Films. 93 min Production Company: Synchronicity Films Ltd. Laura Keenan Budget: £500. 27 Rue de Fleurus. Jo Hartley. 35mm. But when the fight leaves Greg unconscious and fax: +1 310 279 4001 email: info@myriadpictures.contentfilm. Joey finds himself embarking on a bad trip down memory lane . Ontario Media Development Corporation. 14-18 Broad Street. Astral Media. The Harold Greenburg Fund. Bryan Oates Director of Photography: Simon Kossoff Production Designer: Padraig O’Neill Music: David Julyan Cast: Samantha Morton. In his regular venue. Director: Aisling Walsh 2008. London. Producer: Tristan Orpen Lynch.. W1B 4BG. Eva Birthistle Budget: £2 million .com web: www. Immediately suspicious of Robert. Steven Mackintosh. which has dire consequences when her boyfriend Greg finds out.. BBC Scotland Territories: All available except UK TV The Daisy Chain A supernatural thriller of obsession.myriadpictures. Sytze Van Der Laan Executive Producer: David M Producer: Claire Mundell. Arnold Pinnock Co-production: He finds respite from his problems by secretly watching the normal domestic life of a woman he doesn’t know through her kitchen window. 75006 Paris.synchronicityfilms. G2 2ND. 91 min International Sales: ContentFilm International. leaves the big city and his ex-wife for the tranquility of a small town. fax: +44 (0)20 7851 6506 email: london@contentfilm. she doesn’t call the police. now riddled with dementia. Rachel Robey. When Joey becomes homeless after being arrested for an apparent assault on his landlord. The Bullpit. Jamie Carmichael. Dominic Wright Executive Producer: Graham Begg. 19 Heddon Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 6500. France tel: +33 1 45 49 10 10. He parties his gig money away and his expartner Karen is at her wits’ end — he owes her a ton of maintenance for their young daughter Amy. 18 Westminster Terrace. fax: +33 1 45 49 30 60 email: mact@mactprod. Alastair Clark Executive Producer: Robbie Allen. Robert is drawn into a relationship with With fortuitous timing an old school friend Frank comes into Joey’s life and wants to help. a troubled young man. Andrew Neil. Greg makes it his mission to destroy him. Jamie Laurenson. Linda James Screenwriter: Lauren MacKenzie Editor: Chris Gill.

Mondo Ghulam Screenwriter: Eddie Harrison Editor: Joe Speirs Director of Photography: Andrew Begg Production Designer: Rebecca Dover Sound: Travis Reeves Music: Mondo Ghulam. Edinburgh. Taking the Leeds job without Taylor by his Production Company: Left Bank Pictures. Jim Broadbent. W1W web: www. would lead to an unheralded examination of Clough’s belligerence and brilliance over 44 Producer: Kris R Bird Screenwriter: Kerry Anne Mullaney. he finds that the true enemy isn’t the virus. Director: Marc de Launay 2009. London. HD. Director: Kerry Anne Mullaney 2009. Tom Carter. The Damned United tells the confrontational and darkly humorous story of Brian Clough’s doomed 44-day tenure as manager of the reigning champions of English football. fax: +44 (0)20 7533 1105 email: Producer: Marc de Launay. fax: +44 (0)141 225 3682 email: marc@mandragora. London. a man bereaved. 97 min Production Company: Sony Pictures Releasing. clings desperately on to the hope of a life in the outside world. Ted Mitchell Executive Producer: Tom Kelly. regional grant Territories: All available .co. Sharon Osdin. Colm Meaney Funding: BBC Films. England. Boll AG Branch Office. has survived alone for months. Kris R Bird Editor: Kerry Anne Mullaney Director of Photography: Kris R Bird Production Designer: Tom Morrison Sound: Anne Knox Music: David Wilson. Callum Warren Brooker Budget: less than £100. Daniel. Alton Milne. 79 min Production Company: Mandragora Productions. Vanya Eadie. as a mother and daughter’s trip to an isolated community turns into a nightmare. Hugo Heppell. but something much closer to 4 Granton Peter Morgan Screenwriter: Peter Morgan Editor: Melanie Oliver Director of Photography: Ben Smithard Production Designer: Eve Stewart Music: Robert Lane Cast: Michael Sheen. DVD distribution deal Territories: All available except UK DVD The Dead Outside In the stark aftermath of a neurological pandemic. Mark Geddes. Producer: Andy Harries Executive Producer: Christine Langan. UK tel: +44 (0)141 222 2261. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7533 1111. Vivienne Harvey. Previously managed by his bitter rival Don Revie. fax: +44 (0)20 7533 1165 web: www. 25 Golden Square. Imogen Waterfront House. Columbia Pictures. Screen Yorkshire Dark Nature Dark Nature revolves around a family holiday gone wrong. two strangers come together on an isolated Scottish farm. Scotland. International Sales: Boll AG.Feature Films 17 The Damned United Set in sixties and seventies England. a 16 year-old survivor with a dark past. G3 7NG. 86 min Production Company: Mothcatcher Films. England. Questioning his own sanity in the face of the maddened and distant cries of the suffering. 33 Foley Brian McCormick. UK tel: +44 (0)131 516 4725 email: info@mothcatcher. fax: +49 972 1541 1511 email: info@boll.sonypictures. Director: Tom Hooper 2009. This is that story. 24 Sandyford Place. Germany tel: +49 972 154 1150. 35mm. who had achieved astonishing success as manager of Hartlepool and Derby County building teams in his own vision with trusty lieutenant Peter Taylor. Leeds United.mothcatcher.000 Funding: South West Scotland Screen Commission. The story of The Damned United. web: www. Mandragora Productions. HD. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7533 1093.leftbankpictures. Leeds was perceived by many to represent a new aggressive and cynical style of football — an anathema to the principled yet flamboyant Brian Clough. Schweinfurter Strasse 82. Felix Erskine Cast: Sandra Louise Douglas. EH5 1HE. John Brown Cast: Niall G Fulton. Timothy Spall. with a changing room full of what in his mind were still Don’s boys. W1F 9LU. and on the back of their most successful period ever as a football club. Robin Morris Funding: Private. Europe House. 97493 Bergrheinfeld.

UK tel: +44 (0)20 8492 6300. W1F 0UW. But is she carer. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 9130 email: info@atlanticfilmgroup. England. Sarah is incoherent and half-wild with fear. J Blakeson Editor: Jon Harris Director of Photography: Sam McCurdy Production Designer: Simon Bowles Music: David Julyan Cast: Shauna MacDonald. James McCarthy. Natalie Mendoza Desire Writer Ralph sits alone at the top of his London house. Richard Mitchell Director of Photography: Alex Ryle Production Designer: Fiona Howe Sound: Robin Fellows. Charlie Weisfeld Music: Fiona Howe. 100 min Production Company: Atlantic Film Productions. Bryan Brown Co-production: New Zealand Territories: All available except Australia. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151. fax: +44 (0)20 8492 6301 web: www. Canada. Nene ´ ´ embarks on a passionate relationship with both husband and wife that leads all three into areas of emotional and creative transgression. unable to complete the screenplay that will rescue his reputation and his family. But when the pair visit an eccentric Indian they start a strange journey that eventually allows the old man to find his heart. UK Distributor: Icon Film Distribution. Ivana MacKinnon Screenwriter: James Watkins. where upper lips are always stiff and men from the Colonies are not entirely to be trusted. UK. 14-17 Market Place. Who is using whom? Who is writing the film called Desire? And where will it end? Director: Gareth Jones 2009. 52 Avenue Gardens. HD. London.iconmovies. Art Malik. Great Titchfield Street. W1W 8AR. Tella Kpomahou. 35mm. Daisy Smith. Scandinavia.pathe. England. 90 min Production Company: Celador Films. Screen International Sales: Pathe Productions. Sceptical about her account of events and convinced Sarah’s psychosis hides far darker secrets. WC2E 9LG. With a deadline looming. 91 min Production Company: Scenario Films Ltd. Director: Toa Fraser 2008. England. Fisk Senior has little time or affection for his son. emasculated by the success of his soap-star wife Phoebe. Distraught. WC1N 3DR. Peter O’Toole. 12 Great James Street. lover or thief? As Ralph succumbs to his desire. fax: +44 (0)20 7845 6980 web: www. Sam Neill. Sheriff Vaines forces her back into the caves to help locate the rest of the group. Adam Slynn Funding: Private Territories: All available . 123 Wardour Street. RED. Kent ´ House. injured and covered in the blood of her missing companions. Oumou Sangare Cast: Oscar Pearce. Director: Jon Harris 2009. Christian Colson. North Finchley. Mathew Metcalfe Screenwriter: Alan Sharp Editor: Chris Plummer Director of Photography: Leon Narbey Production Designer: Andrew McAlpine Music: Don McGlashan Cast: Jeremy Northam. USA The Descent: Part 2 Sarah emerges alone from a cave system following an expedition with her five friends in the Appalachian mountains. 39 Long Acre. W3 8HB. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8992 Producer: Neil Marshall. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7845 6800. he invites student au pair Nene from Paris to look after the ´ ´ children. London. London.18 Feature Films Dean Spanley In Edwardian England. fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: www. England. fax: +44 (0)20 8752 1926 email: fmhowe@ukonline. Covent Garden. crippled by agoraphobia. New Producer: Fiona Howe Screenwriter: Gareth Jones Editor: Tony Sebastian Producer: Alan Harris.

co. Tim Smith.momentumpictures. 112 min Production Company. Scorz-Ayz-Ee. Paul Brett. Struggling with their own women troubles. New London House. England. Dorian returns 25 years later. fax: +44 (0)20 7383 0404 web: www. Pip Torrens Budget: £10 million Territories: All available except Australia. International Sales: Ealing Studios. James Yorkston.Feature Films 19 Doghouse Vince is handling his divorce Producer: Mike Loveday Executive Producer: Mike Diamond. Ealing Green. Olivia Coleman. UK . Lee Ingleby. Italy. New Zealand. He’s depressed. Scandinavia. Colin Firth. Director: Shane Meadows 2009. England. Clayhill. Canada. they drag him off for an ultimate lads’ drinking weekend in the country. Director: Oliver Parker 2009. Arriving in the village of Moodley where the women outnumber the men three to web: www. Richard Graham. Gravenhurst. Toby Producer: Mark Herbert Executive Producer: Steve Beckett. Will Dorian get one last chance for love and redemption and more importantly. has taken on an evil and disturbing air. London. 90 min Production Company: Carnaby International. Rebecca Hall. Xavier Marchand Screenwriter: Toby Finlay Editor: Guy Bensley Director of Photography: Roger Pratt Production Designer: John Beard Sound: Max Hoskins Music: Charlie Mole Cast: Ben Barnes. UK Distributor: Momentum Pictures. Kev Briggs Devised by: Paddy Considine. Bellowhead Cast: Paddy Considine. Gone to pieces. A failed drummer. 172 Drury Lane. South Producer: Barnaby Thompson Executive Producer: James Spring. S1 2BX. Germany. HD. England. fax: +44 (0)114 221 0484 email: info@warpx. Noel Clarke. Shane Meadows Editor: Richard Graham Director of Photography: Dean Rogers. Dorian’s wild adventures continue. Stephen Graham. His fear and paranoia grow as rumours of his past misdeeds circulate. homicidal zombirds with a thirst for male flesh! Director: Jake West 2009. Henry’s friend. London. Sheffield. The Workstation. Gavin Clark. Christina Cole Le Donk 15 years ago Donk seemed to have it all. 20 Soho web: www. Spain. will he escape with his life? Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde. Fiona Shaw. Scorz-Ayz-Ee. while his own beautiful face goes unmarked by his deeds. Seamus O’Neil Dorian Gray When a strikingly beautiful but naı young ¨ve Dorian arrives in Victorian London he is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic Henry Wotton. But his mates aren’t giving up on Charles Miller Smith. Shane Meadows Production Designer: Alex Collins Music: Greg Hall. Andrew Loveday. Portugal. UK tel: +44 (0)114 221 0337. England. James Holland. Rachel Hurd Wood. To the surprise of his old friends. Greece. 35mm. RED. Ben Chaplin. which is now locked away in the attic. Terry Loveday. 74 min Production Company: Warp Simon Fawcett. WC2B 5QR. having found pleasure but never happiness and he’s haunted by the monstrous painting in the attic. Romania. fax: +44 (0)20 8758 8576 email: info@ealingstudios. Donk earns his living as a roadie and he is about to set off for his next gig. London. Paternoster Row. but soon he notices that his portrait. W1D 3QW. Forced by his own evil actions to flee the country. who introduces Dorian to the hedonistic pleasures of the city. society artist Basil Hallward. UK tel: +44 (0)800 022 3345 email: info@carnabyinternational. Middle East. W5 5EP. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8567 6655.warpx. but now his life is shit. Bill Murray. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 0400. the boys find themselves holidaying in a village overrun by psychotic.ealingstudios. He is taking UK rapper Scorz-Ayz-Ee with him on a road trip that he hopes will change their lives forever. Terry Stone Screenwriter: Dan Schaffer Editor: Jake West Director of Photography: Ali Asad Production Designer: Matthew Button Music: Richard Wells Cast: Danny Dyer. he looks exactly the same but he’s jaded. paints a portrait of Dorian to capture the full power of his youthful beauty and when it’s unveiled Dorian makes a flippant pledge: he would give anything to stay as he is in the picture — even his soul.

and make his son a movie star. Alfie vows to make the film himself.essential-ent. When things don’t go as planned a chance meeting with Lucy. Just as Stephen and Cheryl realize they have partnered with a madman. Nana Asomani-Poku Screenwriter: Nana Asomani-Poku. Since he was a boy. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 4544. a dead end job and a girlfriend who is pregnant. Nana Asomani-Poku 2008. He needs celebrity cameos in Ealing Comedy because if stars Producer: Clive web: www. 26 York Street. 93 min Production Company: Matador Pictures. When a leading publisher hears of Mike’s own comic book and offers him the chance of a meeting. HD. London. But they have no idea that their partner Quaid witnessed his parents being murdered by an axe-wielding lunatic and wants to make others experience his own personal horror. Every week the family dutifully takes Alfie’s mother. But for once going to church pays off. Katie Mabbett Sound: Roland Heap Music: Raiomond Mirza Cast: Kulvinder Ghir. But when Alfie asks they say no. W1F 8WH. Suite 600. Joe web: www. 83 min International Sales: Aspect Film Ltd. He has no money. Director: Neville Raschid 2008. Staten Eliot. Leena Dhingra. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8998 3591 email: neville_pippafilms@yahoo. Richard Reiner. Paul Producer: Joseph Warley. 8 Hillcroft Crescent. to church. USA tel: +1 310 550 9100. fax: +1 310 550 9101 email: info@essential-ent. Atul Kapur.aspectfilm. Micky Macpherson Screenwriter: Anthony Diblasi Editor: Celia Haining Director of Photography: Sam McCurdy Production Designer: Chris Lowe Sound: Glenn Freemantle Music: Theo Green Cast: Jackson Rathbone. This is the sport he wants to play. And every week they endure her constant criticism.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available except Middle East Dread Stephen and Cheryl are college students making a documentary about what people dread in life. Los web: International Sales: Essential Entertainment.20 Feature Films Drawn Mike Green is lost. Mike has been in love with comic books and the escape they offer. without a thought Mike grabs what he can and heads for London. Jorge Saralegui. fax: +44 (0)20 7734 7794 email: admin@matadorpictures. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7625 7796 email: hugh@aspectfilm. After He tries telling Dad but Alfie is distracted. England. Motion Investment Group. Hanne Steen. England. Shaun Evans. England. Newbridge Film Capital. learning more about fear and dread than any human mind can stand. the dreaded Grandimort.9 million Funding: Cinema Three. British Asian accountant turned film producer. celebrities love charity. Sagarika Raschid Executive Producer: Keith Hayley. so he has to come up with a plan.matadorpictures. Nigel Thomas. Sasha Waddell. 159 Wardour Street. Laura Donnelly Budget: £2. it’s about an accountant turned film producer called Alfie Singh and his real son Paul will play his son in the film. Charlotte Walls Executive Producer: Karl Richards. Jacqueline Worth. CA 90069.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available except UK . Jaideep Puri. Danesh Varma Screenwriter: Jon Croker Editor: Alex Morgan Director of Photography: Glenn Warrillow Production Designer: Katie Stevens. HDV. has a great idea for a film. they also find themselves subjects of the hideous experiment they brought to life. Director: Anthony Diblasi 2009. a waitress haunted by her past. The three set out to document people revealing their life’s most terrifying moments. 88 min Production Company: Ealing Comedy Ltd. Alistair McGowan Budget: £180. Pepper Post Ealing Comedy Alfie Singh. Called Ealing Comedy. Director: Joseph Warley. Keith Ducklin Budget: £20. Paul has just started secondary school. Nadia Khamlichi. W1U 6PZ. Jeremy Burdek. Turned down by all the financiers. causing all three to become vulnerable as they reveal their fears in front of the camera. Ealing. Joseph Warley Editor: Andi Meek Director of Photography: David Miller Sound: Paul Sheeky Music: Paul Sheeky Cast: Staten Eliot. 9000 Sunset Boulevard. He watches rugby training and falls in love. But Quaid quickly grows bored with mere interviews and decides to take the study to a much more visceral Producer: Neville Raschid. Alfie realizes how he can get his cameos: by staging a fake charity gala he can lure unwitting celebrities and so raise his funding for the film. W5 25Q. opens his eyes to the beauty of possibility and shows him that not everything is already drawn. Peter Bevan. Katie Costick. London. London. a film gets distributed. Adrian Politowski.

independentfilmcompany. UK tel: +44 (0)870 164 7474 email: info@targetentertainmentgroup. Luke Producer: Barnaby Thompson. Target Entertainment Group. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 9029 web: www. Finland. Belgium. through volatile discussions. WC2E 7PB. Ireland. Soon enough. London. England. 101 min Production Company: Daybreak Pictures. 97 min International Sales: Independent Film Company. London. Against all the odds. Dominic Stevens Director of Photography: David Odd Production Designer: Chris Roope Music: Martin Phipps Cast: William Hurt. First they suspect the question may be hidden in their papers like a security marker in a credit card. England. 2nd Floor. 97 min Production Company: Ealing Studios. 32 Tavistock Street. 35mm. Under constant threat and fearful of their lives. W2 2EA. Gareth Unwin Screenwriter: Stuart Hazeldine. Spain.Feature Films 21 Easy Virtue The twenties have roared. United Arab Emirates. Mrs Whittaker’s manipulation starts to work on John and Larita feels their love is in danger of slipping away but she won’t give up without a fight. only to find they’re completely blank. the candidates begin to uncover each other’s backgrounds. Ben Barnes Territories: All available except Larita tries to fit in but fails to tiptoe through the minefield laid by her mother-in-law. But light. WC2E 8BT. the clock steadily descends towards zero. UK. England. The candidates turn over their papers. Jonny Lee Miller. setbacks and breakthroughs. Kent ´ House.pathe. James D Stern Screenwriter: Stephan Elliot. Mark Strong. Mrs Whittaker. He starts the clock and leaves. Based on the play by Noel Coward. the courage of the unsung heroes at the crucial British talks begins to show results.ealingstudios. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151.daybreakpictures. Italy. the candidates figure out they’re permitted to talk to each other. While Nelson Mandela’s tense negotiations at Pollsmoor Prison and later in the heavily bugged warden’s villa at Victor Verster Prison prove fruitful. 14-17 Market Place. and each candidate must decide how far they are willing to go to secure the ultimate job. Tensions rise. fax: +44 (0)20 8758 8576 email: info@ealingstudios. He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified: don’t talk to him or the armed guard by the door. Netherlands. A battle of wits ensues and sparks soon fly. and they marry impetuously. Adar Beck . his mother. fax: +44 (0)20 7258 6888 email: info@daybreakpictures. Brazil. web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7520 5610. falls madly in love with Larita. Norway. Entering a windowless room. a sexy and glamorous American woman. W6 8JA. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8567 6655. USA Endgame In 1985 South Africa burns as the vile Apartheid regime crumbles. 10A James Street. Producer: Stuart Hazeldine. Masterpiece Exam Eight candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation. the thirties have yet to swing. But will they live to see the peace they are striving so hard for? Director: Pete Travis 2008. and they figure out ways to change their environment to expose the hidden words. Producer: Hal Vogel. fax: +44 (0)20 7520 5611 email: sales@odysseyentertainment. UK Distributor: Pathe Productions. W5 5EP. Greece. London. In the months leading up to this historic moment. Director: Stuart Hazeldine 2009. liquids and other plans all come to naught. W1W web: www. Kristin Scott Thomas. Israel. a young Englishman. Elsinore House. web: www. Nathalie Cox. Joseph Abrams. After the confusion subsides. fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: www. Thabo Mbeki. don’t leave the room. prejudices and hidden agendas. England. Colin Firth. a group of men hold secret talks to bring about peace and democracy to the nation. and they agree to co-operate in order to figure out the question: then they can compete to answer International Sales: Odyssey Entertainment Ltd. London. Russia. London. Simon Garrity Editor: Mark Talbot-Butler Director of Photography: Tim Wooster Production Designer: Patrick Bill Music: Stephen Barton Cast: Colin Salmon. Great Titchfield Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7258 6700. David Aukin Screenwriter: Paula Milne Editor: Clive Barrett. and key Afrikaner representatives meet in a manor house in South East England. an invigilator gives them 80 minutes to answer one simple question. Sheridan Jobbins Editor: Sue Blainey Director of Photography: Martin Kenzie Production Designer: John Beard Sound: Simon Gershon Music: Marius De Vries Cast: Jessica Biel. 35mm. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7257 8734. Ealing Green. the secret talks in Britain achieve a precious arena of frail trust between the two archenemies. 86-88 Edgware International Sales: Target Entertainment Group. Before long. has an instant allergic reaction to her new 77 Fulham Palace Road. don’t spoil their papers. London. Garfield House. 35mm. Portugal. Chiwetel Ejiofor. Director: Stephan Elliot 2008. John Whittaker. Derek Jacobi Funding: Channel 4. Jimi Mistri. England. a gathering of ANC ‘terrorists’ led by the future president of South Africa. However when they return to his family home.

com International Sales: Handmade Films International. Now out of control vigilante-style. HD. Director: Ash Mahmood. descends into madness and his grip on reality begins to slip. England.futurefilmgroup. W1B 4BG. London. England. 39B Sinclair Road. abhorrent and cruel Kino that Akeem blames for the death. Joanne Gale. Naeem Mahmood. He sets out to expunge the memory of his friend’s painful past and embarks on a crusade to bring down the gang and destroy their reign of terror. Over the course of four years.. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7518 8230 email: info@futurefilmgroup. having drawn Max into a game and subjected him to a sustained torment of bullying recorded on mobile phone. Shawn Williamson. Haunted by Max’s death and constantly reminded of his involvement. trying to pin the blame on him. England. Ash Mahmood. The Barons. England. Kari Skogland Screenwriter: Kari Skogland Editor: Jim Munro Director of Photography: Jonathan Freeman Production Designer: Eve Stewart Sound: Anke Bakker. It is an unlikely assortment of bullies led by the narcissistic. London. Roy 35mm. fax: +44 (0)20 7851 6506 email: london@contentfilm. 38 Albemarle Street. Paul Trijbits Screenwriter: Andrea Arnold Editor: Nicolas Chaudeurge Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan Music: Liz Gallacher Cast: Michael International Sales: ContentFilm International. London. until his betrayal and subsequent discovery. 35mm. 120 min Production Company: Kasander (Andrea Untitled) Ltd. Prince’s Trust Territories: All available . and equipped with a mobile phone he uses for surveillance of the gang.3 million Co-production: Canada Funding: Future Films. Director: Andrea Arnold 2009. Stephen Heyges. Michael Grandison Funding: Mediabox. with violent consequences. W14 0NS.contentfilm. Kris Fenske Music: Ben Mink Cast: Ben Kingsley.. Grove Media. London. Rebecca Griffiths. Milano. Katie Jarvis. Who’s to blame? A dark tale of suicide. Ash Mahmood. London. 76 Dean Producer: Helena Thompson. WC2B 5LR. W1D web: www. Acme. Midnight Suite. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5242 email: info@artificial-eye. 117 min Production Company: Future Films. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8607 8760. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7518 8230. Kevin Zegers Budget: £6. fax: +44 (0)20 8607 8889 email: info@kasanderfilm. Naeem Mahmood 2008. Kierston Wareing. Akeem is a troubled teenager grappling with the loss of his best friend Max through suicide. 19 Heddon web: www. Harry Treadaway Flashmob Max is dead. web: www. TW1 2AX. Even after the death Kino continues in his attempts to manipulate Akeem. Jonathan Jules Screenwriter: Helena Thompson. St Margarets. Naeem Mahmood Editor: Ash Mahmood Director of Photography: Adriatik Ragipi Cast: Zephryn Taitte. Brightlight Films. he becomes less engaged with personal interactions and more fixated on documenting them. web: Producer: Kees Kasander Executive Producer: David M Thompson. UK Fish Tank 15 year-old Mia’s life is turned on its head when her mum brings home a new boyfriend. Northern Ireland Screen. W1S 4JG. 55 min Production Company: Transient Film UK Distributor: Artificial Eye. UK email: info@tfe. Brightlight Films. Telefilm Territories: All available except Canada. Director: Kari Skogland 2008. Jim UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 6500. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7438 9541.artificial-eye. Twickenham. Twickenham Film Studios. Liam McDonnell. it was estimated that McGartland was responsible for saving the lives of up to 50 men.22 Feature Films Fifty Dead Men Walking Fifty Dead Men Walking is an action thriller about a secret agent working undercover for British security services in Northern Ireland in the late nineteen eighties. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7518 8231 Producer: Peter La Terriere. revenge and . 20-22 Stukeley Street.

But Johnny’s dream turns into a nightmare. Forget Me Not follows Will and Eve as they journey through London. Lance Roehrig 2009. Poland. he is a monster in search of lost emotions. Director: Julian Fellowes 2009. Wales Creative IP Fund. is torn between his heart and his head. Panicking. United Arab Emirates. W5 5EP. Genevieve O’Reilly. his heart pulls him in an unexpected direction as Eve offers Will an opportunity to rediscover love and Producer: Liz Trubridge. all Johnny does is sleep — except between midnight and 2am when Radio Rockabilly is on air. onearmed Memphis cop Annie McKenzie is drafted in to investigate. Tolly is sent to stay with his estranged grandmother in their ancestral home. England. London.qsfilms. London. Portugal.smith@ealingstudios. WC14 2DA. W5 5EP. 100 min Production Company: Quicksilver Producer: Rebecca Long Screenwriter: Mark Underwood Director of Photography: Shane Daly Production Designer: Katy Tuxford Music: Michael J McEvoy Cast: Tobias Menzies.Feature Films 23 Flick In Producer: Rik Hall Executive Producer: Pippa Cross Screenwriter: David Howard Editor: Madoc Roberts Director of Photography: Chris Seager Production Designer: Phil Roberson Sound: Phil Edward Music: Richard Hawley Cast: Hugh O’Conor. England. the girl of his dreams. Johnny’s back — alive and web: www. As dawn turns to light and the sun rises over the web: www. Will is caught off guard by the instant spark between them and the release of dormant emotions. 29 Barnes High Street. After rescuing her from a drunken customer at closing time. shy and stuttering Teddy Boy Johnny Taylor wanted one thing — to dance with Sally.weiner@ealingstudios. HDSR. Claridge House.ealingstudios. SW13 9LW. Driving through the night in his spectral motorcar. Alex Etel. Beaten by Sally’s boyfriend Creeper he finds himself at the centre of a murder on the dance floor. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8567 6655. Reanimated by the music. Based on Lucy M Boston’s novel The Chimneys of Green Knowe. an independent and freespirited individual. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7297 9474 email: qsfilms@yahoo. Ealing Green. fax: +44 (0)20 8758 8576 email: naomi. England. 40 years later. Michelle Ryan Funding: Film Agency for Wales. 92 min Production Company: Ealing Studios. however. 95 min Production Company: Monster Films Ltd. can Will find the courage to reveal the truth? Director: Alexander Holt. Despite Ma’s best efforts. HD. Liz Smith. fax: +44 (0)20 8282 1600 email: info@monsterfilms. Paul Kingsley. Pauline Collins Budget: £5 million Territories: All available except Australia. Carice Van Houten. Gemma Jones Budget: £1 million Funding: Quicksilver Films Territories: All available From Time to Time With World War II finally coming to an end and his father still missing in action. Following a series of strange murders. 5 Southampton Place. Johnny flees the scene only for his car to veer into the river. a pirate radio station playing the sounds of the fifties awakens Johnny from the dead. Julian Fellowes Screenwriter: Julian Fellowes Editor: John Wilson Director of Photography: Alan Almond Production Designer: Luciana Arrighi Sound: Zane Hayward Music: lan Eshkeri Cast: Maggie Smith. Barcud Derwen Forget Me Not Will is a talented singer-songwriter who is struggling to cope with a tragic secret. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8567 6655. London. London. Bartender Eve enters into his life when he is at his lowest ebb. 35mm. Timothy Spall. She soon realises that even though they said rock ’n’ roll was dead. Ealing Green. England. not knowing what the night holds or what the next day will bring. Will. sending him to a watery grave. he drives the streets searching for Sally and looking to avenge his death. Faye Dunaway. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8282 1684. There he must solve an age-old mystery that will safeguard their future and reunite the family. Mark Benton. The modern world looks like it did in the fifties through his eyes and memory sees him return home to his Ma. Director: David Howard 2008. afraid of opening up his life to someone new as he knows what the full consequences will International Sales: Ealing Studios International. fax: +44 (0)20 8758 8576 email: Ukraine . Eve. reminds Will of how he used to be. Captivated.

He keeps them alive. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7861 8000.jingafilms. Sean Keller. But they don’t want to be bothered with her. 129 min Production Company: Talkback Thames. UK Film Council. USA tel: +1 323 848 2945.talkbackthames. Director: Stephen Poliakoff 2009. After her. Director: Dario Argento 2009. 90 min Production Company: Jinga Films. a tangled web of dark secrets begins to unfurl. Eddie Redmayne Funding: BBC Films. Screen East. she takes her concern to the local UK Distributor: Momentum Pictures. As war breaks out Anne discovers the truth and escapes to London to try to confirm her suspicions. HD. who are keen to uphold and preserve their very traditional English way of life. 35mm. fax: +44 (0)20 7861 8001 email: emma. England.hannibalpictures. Anne’s seemingly perfect life begins to dramatically unravel when she stumbles across secret recordings of the anti-appeasement movement. a gorgeous fashion model. Dario Argento Editor: Roberto Silvi Director of Photography: Frederico Fasano Production Designer: Davide Bassan Music: Marco Werba Cast: Adrien web: www. Quickfire Films Territories: All available except UK Gnaw In this dark tongue-in-cheek British horror. Stuart Hillaker Music: Adrian Johnston Cast: Romola Garai. London. attractive flight attendant in Torino to spend time with Celine. 20-21 Newman Street. six friends take a holiday in the heart of the English countryside which turns into a culinary nightmare when they discover that their hosts are a sadistic family of cannibals. Bill Nighy.theworkslimited. The eldest sibling Anne is a budding young actress who is head-over-heels in love with Foreign Office official Lawrence. 92 min International Sales: Hannibal Pictures. Max Waller Editor: Mark Towns Director of Photography: Tom Jenkins Production Designer: Tony Noble Sound: Andy Walker Music: Mark Hill Cast: Hiram Bleetman. And he’s clever. but she is caught and imprisoned and only then does she finally begin to discover the true extent to which she has been betrayed. he now hunts beautiful women to torture and to kill. Whilst she tries to uncover the origin of these recordings. fax: +44 (0)20 7612 0091 email: carl. set on turning their guests into their next meal! It’s nice to have your friends for dinner. The details of the case remind him of a strange killer he’s been hunting. only going after tourists. Luis De Val Screenwriter: Jim Agnew. Claudio Argento. he has Celine. 4th web: www. W1F 7DB. W1T 1PG.momentumpictures. 8265 Sunset Boulevard. Patricia Eberle. England. Portland House. culminating in the mysterious death of a dear friend. Director: Gregory Mandry 2008. He’s efficient. CA 90046. When Celine doesn’t arrive for their planned meeting. W1D Producer: Richard Rionda Del Castro. fax: +44 (0)20 7494 9492 web: www. mentally and physically abusing them. London. W1W 8QJ.nichols@momentumpictures. West Hollywood. Martin Pope Executive Producer: Lorraine Heggessey.lewis@talkbackthames. USA Glorious 39 Glorious 39 is set between present-day London and the idyllic Norfolk countryside in the lead up to the Second World War. the story is centred on the formidable Keyes family. His latest victim is an Asian exchange student. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7388 1100. an eccentric detective who doesn’t fit in with the department.clifton@theworksmediagroup. Rafael Primorac. Scorned and rejected in the orphanage where he was raised as a child. Jane Wright Screenwriter: Stephen Poliakoff Editor: Jason Krasucki Director of Photography: Danny Cohen Production Designer: Mark Leese Sound: Chris web: www. and always has his next victim ready to torture. Julie Great Portland Street. Then he kills them and discards their Producer: Rob Weston. her sister. At a time of uncertainty and high tension. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7287 0050. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 web: www. sending her instead to the basement of Inspector Enzo Avolfi. women who won’t find an advocate in the police department. Julia Vandoorne. Elsa Pataky Budget: $14 million Co-production: Italy. David Milner. Suite International Sales: The Works International. Simon Sharp Screenwriter: Michael Bell. Emmanuelle Seigner. North America. Nigel Croft Adams Budget: $1 million Funding: Private Territories: All available except Germany. Rachel Mitchem. Hong Kong. because he himself is not beautiful. 20 Soho Square. until he grows bored.24 Feature Films Giallo Yellow chooses his victims based on their beauty. Producer: Barney Reisz. Linda is a smart. 22 Carnaby Street. fax: +1 323 848 2946 email: contactus@hannibalpictures. Thailand . Adrien Brody Executive Producer: Oscar Generale. fax: +44 (0)20 7383 0404 email: sam. David Tennant. Sara Dylan. London. England.

38 Mount Pleasant.000 Funding: Private .000 Funding: Independent Territories: All available Greek Pete Pete arrives in London with the hope of increasing his business as an escort. He wants a flat in central London. faith and love can still triumph over fear and violence in the strangest of ways. through a range of foster placements. Kai has a harder time sharing his boyfriend with clients. White Winds. England. Shocked from her dark intent. perhaps a nomination at the ‘World Escort Awards’ in Los Angeles could be more than just a vague dream. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7837 1118. a decent laptop and some good promotional photos to help with trade. a fellow escort on the scene. UK email: firststepmanagement@btconnect. UK email: elmbournefilms@me. Gracie’s fighting spirit and will to live return with a passion. SW10 0JD. Producer: Jane Alexander Foster Screenwriter: Jane Alexander Foster Editor: Clive de Souza Director of Photography: Serge Teulon Sound: Tim Harrison Music: Tandis Jenhudson Cast: Lexi Strauss. Darren Darnborough. The girls are captured. Connor Byrne. 97 min Production Company: Oopic Films Ltd. 3am. Keeki Producer: Keith Gorman. Suite 12.oopicfilms. fax: +44 (0)20 7434 4179 email: mail@parkentertainment. a surreal. Tim Kemp Editor: Andy Kemp Director of Photography: Steve Organ Production Designer: Tracey Adkins Music: Neil Martin Cast: Pauline McLynn. Director: Andrew Haigh 2009. But the men have decided her fate. fax: +44 (0)20 7837 3049 International Sales: Rendezvous Pictures email: p. Director: Jane Alexander Foster 2009. as Ellie tells her own ill fated tale. Gabriel Pac Budget: £60. Although the men congratulate themselves on Ellie’s capture. If he works hard and becomes the best escort that he can be. Panther House. Ellie runs onto the bridge in desperate fear for her life. HD. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7351 5105 email: janecreates@23-films. 3 Hobury Street. WC1X 0AN. SY5 7ER. England. Gracie thinks they are safe. 54 Broadwick Street. London. While Pete can easily separate his job from his love life. His plans get complicated when he meets London boy Kai. a fantasy for those willing to pay. and starts a UK Distributor: Peccadillo Pictures. Both are searching for very different things in web: www. 167 Latchmere Road. London. Ellie asks Gracie to tell her story. which is told in flashback. 16mm. 72 min Production Company: Elmbourne Films. Long Gardens. dramatic thriller set against a darkly gothic view of London. taken to an old boat and locked up.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available except UK Hell’s Pavement Hell’s Pavement follows five years in the life of a young girl as she struggles against an onslaught of good intentions. Shrewsbury. HD. Diveen Henry. 3rd Floor. She falls into a nightmarish sleep and thinks of escape. SW11 2JZ. With Ellie’s support. Not only is the money better in the big city. She attempts to jump. 6am. Gracie was not part of the plan.parkentertainment. But the men after Ellie don’t give up. Aurelie Ambuard. Shropshire. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7434 4176. From her first encounter with the social care system. Gracie grabs Ellie and they escape into the lonely back streets. West Brompton.tasca@rendezvouspictures. always up for it and always horny. Christopher Coy Screenwriter: Keith Gorman. Then. Too frightened to sleep. to a haunting climax. W1F 7AH. England. Paul Lockwood Budget: £ Producer: Andrew Haigh Screenwriter: Andrew Haigh Editor: Andrew Haigh Director of Photography: Andrew Haigh Music: James Edward Barker Cast: Peter Pittaros Budget: £20. Gracie climbs the railings on Waterloo Bridge. Gracie has a web: www. 76 min Production Company: 23 Films Ltd.Feature Films 25 Gracie 2am. Gracie is a fable. Unit 11. about how even in our brutal modern world. there are more opportunities to be had and Pete has goals and ambitions. A man chases her. London. International Sales: Park Entertainment Ltd. Gracie reveals the tragic events that led her to want to end her life. Director: Andy Kemp 2009.

com Producer: Tim Bevan. the Oz team finds itself at the epicentre of the sixties movement. and when teenage schoolkids are invited to edit Oz as a stunt. Danny Huston. fame and International Sales: Intandem Films. London. fax: +44 (0)20 7736 2210 email: info@poissonrougepictures. Britain is emerging from the drabness of the post-war fifties and a political and sexual revolution is underway. fax: +44 (0)20 3071 346 web: www. The age of free love and flower power comes into full bloom. liberal intellectuals. designers. 110 min Production Company: Number 9 Films. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7736 2200. London. When Martin adds his artistic genius to the mix. Eric Fellner. a fugitive after the storm.number9films. W1D 1BS. UK email: info@number9films. edgy and bloodied — introduces himself as Dave John. Director: Robert Weide 2008. A game in which there can only be one Phil Campbell Budget: £100. Elizabeth Karlsen Editor: David Freeman Director of Photography: Oliver Stapleton Production Designer: John Beard Cast: Simon Pegg. Max Minghella. Gillian Anderson. in the midst of a conversation with Sandra’s portrait. hustlers and fabulous freaks. Director: Marek Losey Producer: Stephen Woolley. Kirsten Dunst. England. poignant and often funny. It doesn’t last. Ambitious and determined to be at the heart of the changing times. W1D 4NS. HD. the two men discover that they have a good deal in common. Jeff Bridges Funding: Film4. they compete to outwit each other in a deadly game of cat and mouse.000 Funding: Poisson Rouge Pictures Territories: All available except Turkey.intandemfilms. surrounded by rock musicians. On the other side of the world in Sydney. W1D Producer: Christopher Granier-Deferre. tea and personal exchanges which are web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7307 When a youthful Felix Dennis joins the team to sell advertising space in the magazine. But as the two men begin to form a close bond news of a police manhunt sets them both on edge. a satirical and subversive magazine from their university days. Megan Fox. it is a success and for the next couple of years. With girlfriend Louise Ferrier. Roy watches and waits. After a tense introduction.26 Feature Films Kerry Brown The Hide Roy Tunt sequesters himself away in a timbered bird hide on a remote stretch of marsh awaiting a visit from the elusive Sociable Plover — a very rare sighting indeed. Australia. Oz soon becomes the handbook for the counterculture. Linton House. flask of Bovril and a framed photograph of his ex-wife for company. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7268 3716 email: International Sales: Screen Opus. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7851 3830 email: info@intandemfilms. artists. counterculture journalist Richard Neville and artist Martin Sharp decide that they want to be part of swinging London. the magazine is web: www. Liza Chasin Screenwriter: William Nicholson Editor: Sim Evans Director of Photography: Michael Seresin Production Designer: JP Kelly Music: Dario Marianelli Cast: Cillian Murphy. London. W1D 1BS. SW6 3PA. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7307 3000 web: www. Nicky Kentish Barnes Executive Producer: Debra Hayward. 22 Soho Square. As the threatening power-play between the two men escalates. UK Cable Hippie Hippie Shake In 1966.workingtitlefilms. he assembles a team of journalists. 1 Ranelagh Gardens. and so when Young is offered a job at the ultra conservative New York based Sharps magazine it’s something of a shock! It seems Sharps’ editor Clayton Harding is amused by Young’s disruption of a postBAFTA party with a pig posing as Babe. London. the hide door blows open and a bedraggled stranger — unshaven. 35mm. John Schwab Screenwriter: Tim Whitnall Editor: Colin Sumsion Director of Photography: George Richmond Production Designer: Nick Palmer Sound: Dean Humphries Music: Debbie Wiseman Cast: Alex Macqueen. London. London. Production Company: Working Title Films. England. W1T 3PH. 24 Wells Street. driving their fragile relationship to a tragic conclusion. Hurlingham Studios. Emma Booth How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Sidney Young is a disillusioned intellectual who both adores and despises the world of celebrity. Thus begins Sidney’s descent into success — his gradual move from loser to confidante of starlet Sophie Maes — and a love affair with colleague Alison Olsen that will either make him or break International Sales: Universal Pictures International UK.nbcuni. His alternative magazine Post Modern Review pokes fun at the media obsessed stars and bucks trends. England. Richard re-launches Oz. 18 Soho Square. Oxford House. Sienna Miller. 35mm. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 3800. 76 Oxford Street. Director: Beeban Kidron 2008. Richard and Louise’s relationship becomes complicated in a world of free love. the British Establishment takes particular offence. UK Film Council . Suddenly. sharing sandwiches. England. Armed with a packed lunch. England. 76 Oxford Street. 84 min Production Company: Poisson Rouge Pictures.

HD. convinced that he can rescue Lorna. Aramid Inner Calm After a tragic accident John begins an obsessive crusade to bring his comatose sister back to the waking web: www. If Simon can get in with the right DC people. star-crossed lovers Lorna and Dave search for one another to find the happiness they once knew in HD. against the only opponent who can never be beaten. England. Gina McKee. 11 Francis Street. 50 Marshall Street. 35mm. Dennis Evans Screenwriter: Becky Preston Editor: Libi Bowles Director of Photography: Adam Etherington Production Designer: Rhiannon Producer: Christine Cheung Executive Producer: Nic Evans. Francis House. Philippe Lauliac. web: www. 90 min Production Company: Tread Softly Productions. London. Simon Fawcett Screenwriter: Jesse Armstrong. Director: Olivier Cohen 2009.Feature Films 27 In The Loop The US President and UK Prime Minister suddenly fancy a war. Simon Merrells. SW3 9AF. and if they can both stop the PM’s chief strategist Malcolm Tucker rigging the vote at the UN. England. UK email: christinecheung@treadsoftlyfilms. NW2 6AL. UK UK Distributor: Optimum Releasing. W1F 0HX.. Mimi Kennedy Funding: BBC Films. Peter Capaldi. Abbie Lister Cast: Tom Hollander. 35B Sneyd Road. if his entourage of one can sleep with the right intern. who they never liked anyway and who’s back home dealing with voters with blocked drains and a man who’s angry about a collapsing wall. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7306 5155. In his sleep he walks the afterlife where she is trapped and soon finds himself playing a game for her soul. they can always sack their advisor Judy. In the secluded house where she is staying. Sophie Lovell Anderson. she feels that she is being watched by ‘invisible eyes’. London. England.protagonistpictures.optimumreleasing. Simon Foster. John will stop at nothing. fax: +44 (0)20 7306 8044 email: info@protagonistpictures. Armando Iannucci. But it’ll be quick this time. Promise! The US General Miller doesn’t think so and the British Secretary of State for International Development. Victoria Smith Sound: Juliet Plumptre Cast: Phillip James. SW1P 1DE. Olivia Chappell Territories: All available Invisible Eyes Gaby. a game that can’t be won. London. well. he suddenly has a lot of friends in Washington International Sales: Protagonist Pictures. is scared of now becoming invisible to the world. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 2700. Director: Becky Preston 2009. James Gandolfini. as he spirals deeper into this dark Producer: Kevin Loader. Simon Blackwell. even when he finds himself back at the site of the accident once more. David M Thompson. if they don’t . Ross Armstrong Co-production: France Territories: All available . His flatmate Kate struggles to deal with his increasingly irrational behaviour. In the afterlife. they can halt the war. London.treadsoftlyfilms. W1F 9BQ. Adam Tandy Executive Producer: Christine Langan. fax: +44 (0)20 7534 2701 email: info@optimumreleasing. UK Film Council. 2-3 Duck Lane. UK email: lizrosilio@hidefilms. Jean-Guy Veran Music: Damien Salancon Cast: Pia Mechler. PO Box 63708. At the heart of this dark parallel world Death taunts and seduces them with their deepest desires. England. But with all odds against them the lovers realise that nothing is what it seems and that they are running out of time. agrees with him. Billy Sneddon Director of Photography: Jamie Cairney Production Designer: Cristina Casali Sound: Tim Alban Music: Becky web: www. With everything to play for. Mark Tintner. Producer: Liz Rosilio Screenwriter: Olivier Cohen Editor: David Laurence Director of Photography: Darran Bragg Production Designer: Gaelle Lindingre Sound: Jamie Gambell. Paula Jalfon. But after Simon accidentally backs military action on prime-time TV. whose brilliant career as a supermodel has come to an end. 107 min Production Company: HiDe Films Ltd. Orlando Seale. Michael Mears. Director: Armando Iannucci 2009. 106 min Production Company: Loop Film Productions. England. Tony Roche Editor: Anthony Boys..

Hameed Sheikh Editor: Alastair Reid Director of Photography: Russell Nabb Sound: Neil Haggerty Music: Mark Adair Cast: Shaun Dooley. an ex-British army bomb disposal expert.28 Feature Films Kandahar Break Kandahar. BBC Films . 2 Whitfield Street. 81 min Production Company: Starstruck Films Ltd email: andy@spongefilms. Liverpool Culture Company. 1999. who instigates a manhunt to find and kill the infidel. Rasheed Naz Budget: £300.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available Katalin Varga Banished by her husband and her village. A team of British mine clearance engineers is working for the Taliban government in the scorching deserts of Southern Afghanistan. England. Bolton. Melinda Producer: Andy Stebbing Executive Producer: Christopher Moll. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7438 Sales & Marketing: Missing In Action Films. s16mm. Oana Giurgiu. Fuelled by their fantasy of meeting him. BL6 6EE. England. DVC Pro HD. but during his journey he is ambushed by a force of rebel guerrillas. Tibor Palffy. UK Producer: David Whitney. HD. 84 min UK Distributor: Artificial Eye. 20-22 Stukeley Street.miafilms. falls foul of corrupt local police chief Ashiq Khan. Amidst the draconian laws of this extremist regime one of the team. Sebastian Marina ´ KICKS Nicole and Jasmine are two teenagers who bond over a mutual obsession for Premiership footballer Lee Cassidy. 94 min Production Company: Millhouse Films Ltd. Horwich. Director: David Whitney 2009. c/o Flat 1. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5242 email: info@artificial-eye.artificial-eye. through hostile terrain. Lisa Marie Russo Screenwriter: Leigh Campbell Editor: Kant Pan Director of Photography: Eduard Grau Production Designer: Grant Armstrong Cast: Kerrie Hayes. The hunt leads her to a web: www. Jamie Doyle Funding: Northwest Vision and Media: Digital Departures. she prayed 11 years England. WC2B 5LR. Katalin Varga is left with no other choice than to set out on a quest to find the real father of her son. London. Richard Lee. Katalin travels through the Carpathians where she decides to reopen a sinister chapter from her past and take Producer: Tudor Giurgiu. Peter Strickland Screenwriter: Peter Strickland Editor: Matyaf Fekete ´ ´ Director of Photography: Mark Gyori ´ ˜ Sound: Gyorgy Kovacf. web: www. W1T 2RB. Nichola Burley. who agree to help him flee the vengeful Taliban. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 2895 email: info@miafilms. 10 Panton Street. they track him down and before they know it their dream has become a nightmare. Richard must escape on foot across the border into nearby Pakistan. Lancashire. she would never set foot in again. Geof Cox Cast: Hilda Peter. Dean Taking Orban with ´ ´ her under another pretence. Now embroiled in a deadly game of intrigue and betrayal. Director: Peter Strickland 2008. Norbert ´ ´ Tanko. Director: Lindy Heymann 2008. Zoltan Karaszek ¨ ´ ´ Music: Steven Stapleton. Orban. clearing the vast minefields after decades of conflict. enemies of the government.

Director: Anthony Hickox Producer: Pippa Cross. Joan Plowright Budget: $10 million Funding: Private Land Gold Women Nazir Ali Khan is a 45 year-old professor at the University of Birmingham whose greatest love in life is his 17 year-old daughter Saira. Emma is convinced that the key to unlocking Parkside’s secret lies deep in the woods. Anthony Hickox Screenwriter: Robin Squire. but in the terrifying present. s35mm.Feature Films 29 Kin Frank’s life in London is uncomplicated. 95 min International Sales: Seven Arts Pictures. England. A game of pool. Falkirk. Director: Brian Welsh 2008. They discover how different they are from each other and this heartbreaking discovery leads to a sense of betrayal and ultimate tragedy. Nicola Marsland. Nazir and Saira seem. Emma gives up a successful career on Wall Street to return to England and give her six year-old son a new life. however. She starts to act less and less rationally. A vibrant teenager. England. Renu Brindle Budget: $1. Janette Day. Middlesex. HA3 0AN. Emma finds out that she is pregnant again. Fee Combe. FK1 5NE.1 million Co-production: India Funding: Private . W1J 7SG. Brian Welsh Director of Photography: Jean-Louis Schuller Production Designer: Louise Mathews Sound: Linda Brenon Music: Gary Sanctuary Cast: Dominic Kinniard. 98 min Production Company: A Richer Lens Ltd. and the once ‘in control’ Emma turns into a paranoid shadow of her former self. 38 Hertford Street. care. She has to discover that the truth of Parkside Lodge rests not in its past or Producer: Vivek Agrawal Screenwriter: Avantika Hari Editor: Shyam Salgaonkar Director of Photography: David Rom Production Designer: Emilia Carrere Music: Amar Mohile Cast: Narinder Samra. a pint and spending time with his care worker Sally are the extent of his wants. A patriarch devoted to his family.7artspictures. HD. UK tel: +44 (0)20 3006 8222. Hugh Bonneville. Steven Hays. 35mm. Nazir has always made decisions pertaining to the lives of each of his family members. Emma’s dream of a perfect life starts turning into a nightmare. Fee Combe Executive Producer: Peter Graham. Shelagh Millar. Frank’s life takes a dramatic turn though when a phone-call from his estranged sister forces him back home to face a life he had long forgotten. Neelam Parmar. Kin is a film about family. 80 min Production Company: A10 Films. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8907 1132 email: avantika@aricherlens. Everything seems to be Producer: Laura Rees. Nazir considers it his responsibility to figure out her future. to be on different paths. Ali Zahoor. 126 High Station Road. and the distance that can grow between those who should be closest. Saira has great ambitions for herself and she’s sure her father will support everything she does. When she is left alone. Jean Boht. Despite her pleas for help. Scotland. Estelle Rogers Executive Producer: Nik Powell Screenwriter: Brian Welsh Editor: Andrea Cuadrado. Harrow. 99 Kenton Road. fax: +44 (0)20 3006 8220 web: www. But soon. UK email: brianwelsh@live. Hassani Shapi. Now that his daughter is about to finish school.500 Funding: National Film and Television School Territories: All available Knife Edge Blissfully happy in her new marriage. her husband grows more and more distant. Anthony Hickox Editor: Andy Jadavji Director of Photography: Daniel Bronks Production Designer: Phil Robertson Sound: Paddy Owen Music: Guy Farley Cast: Natalie Press. Emma begins feeling uneasy. Matthieu Boujenah. London. Kellie Batchelor Budget: £12. the house seems to be speaking to her in strange voices. Mikael Svartdahl. After moving into an impressive mansion outside London. Director: Avantika Hari 2009. Alarmed by a series of strange and terrifying happenings.

James McAvoy. Tolstoy. AV Pictures .uk web: www. This stranger. HD. W1T 2DF. DFFF. UK Lesbian Vampire Killers Two friends decide to escape their problems and head to the country for a weekend of debauchery. Jayanto Chattopadyahay. He has his own mission that brought him Production Company: Egoli Tossell Film Halle GmbH. but what he wants is information. and take revenge. Birger Clausen Cast: Tariq Anam. CA 91604. FFA. London. 20 Arthur Road. 35mm. MDM.zephyrfilms. 130 Baker Street.30 Feature Films The Last Station The Last Station is a love story set during the last year of the life and turbulent marriage of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and his wife. England. W1D 3QW. Valentin. seductive and ruthless. the conflict between husband and wife grows to breaking point. Jens Meurer. He’ll take their money. Breakthru Films Territories: All available except Italy. 20-22 Stukeley Street. soon finds himself caught up in the midst of a bitter and feuding fax: +44 (0)20 7255 3777 email: info@zephyrfilms. 33 Percy Street. Ministry of Culture in Russia The Last Thakur A mysterious young man dressed as a private guard and armed with a rifle arrives in the town of Doulathpur. 81 min Production Company: Ivanorite Ltd. Judy Producer: Steve Clarke Hall Screenwriter: Paul Hupfield. WC2B International Sales: The Little Film Company.artificial-eye. Caparo House. Philip Knatchbull. DREFA. who has been reclaiming all land on which loans are unpaid. Stewart Williams Editor: James Herbert Director of Photography: David Higgs Production Designer: Keith Maxwell Sound: Bernard O’Reilly Music: Debbie Wiseman Cast: James Corden. Kala and his gun become a vital asset that each side must have. Paul Giamatti. Things don’t quite go according to plan and they find themselves stuck in a village where all of the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. fax: +44 (0)20 7700 3088 Producer: Atif Ghani. Sadik Ahmed Editor: Hugh Williams Director of Photography: Sadik Ahmed Production Designer: Byron Broadbent Sound: Kieron Teather Music: Kishon Khan. 3rd Floor. W1U 6LN. England. The Chairman. London.momentumpictures. USA tel: +1 818 762 6999. fax: +44 (0)20 7580 4445 email: mail@breakthrufilms. London. Director: Michael Hoffman 2009. 12930 Ventura Boulevard. Rahman Milon Budget: £250. Christopher Plummer. fax: +44 (0)20 7383 0404 web: www. Andrei Konchalovsky. finds himself increasingly at odds with Sofya. the local Hindu International Sales: AV Pictures Ltd. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7438 9586. 3rd Floor. England. N7 6DR. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7255 3555. Newman Street. England. Tanveer Hassan. London. Paul McGann.000 Co-production: Bangladesh Funding: Artificial Eye. Director: Sadik Ahmed 2008. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7580 3688. whose love for the beautiful and feisty Masha is set against the old love of Tolstoy and Sofya. Marktplatz 7. Germany tel: +49 345 209 Producer: Chris Curling. UK Distributor: Artificial Eye. having rejected his title and embraced an ascetic life style. Switzerland. More4. the Countess Sofya. Robbie Little Screenwriter: Michael Hoffman Editor: Patricia Rommel Director of Photography: Sebastian Edschmid Production Designer: Patrizia von Brandenstein Sound: Martin Trevis Music: Sergey Yevtushenko Cast: Helen Mirren. Kala. MyAnna Buring Funding: Momentum London. The whole affair is witnessed by Tolstoy’s new secretary. Halle/Saale. the man who raped his mother. purports to represent and defend his people. c/o Breakthru Films Ltd. Kala begins to bargain with them. Bonnie Arnold Executive Producer: Phil Robertson. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7700 web: www. Director: Phil Claydon 2008. 86 min UK Distributor: Momentum Pictures. fax: +44 (0)20 7224 5149 email: Kerry Condon Budget: Nik Powell Screenwriter: Heather Taylor. W1T 1PN. England. As his devoted disciple Vladimir Chertkov urges him to sign a new will leaving the rights to his work to the Russian people rather than his family. fax: +1 818 301 2186 email: but one man stands in his way — Thakur. Tamsin Lyons Executive Producer: Daniel Chamier.5 million Co-production: Germany Funding: Commerzbank. fax: +49 345 209 9712 email: contact@egolitossell. D06108. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7317 0140. 20 Soho Square. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5242 email: web: www. As the night unfolds the boys have to put all of their fears (and dreams!) behind them in order to rise to the challenge of becoming Lesbian Vampire Killers. 35mm. Rubel Ahmed. to find his father. 107 min Production Company: Zephyr Films. MBB. #822. Broke and hungry.egolitossell. Mathew Horne. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 International Sales: Meridiana web: www. Studio City.

co. 99 rue de la Verrerie. Panama. Zoe Galeron. Italy. fax: +44 (0)20 7033 9383 email: mail@thebureau. Colombia. UK tel: +44 (0)162 526 1279 email: christopherl@conceptpictures. greed and revenge collide on one summer’s evening. Director: Rachib Bourchareb 2009. Spain . Portugal. UK. Life. North Finchley. 2nd Floor. England. Honduras. Manchester. Chris Leonard Screenwriter: Joe O’Byrne Editor: David Dubois Director of Photography: Jonathan Harris Production Designer: Clyve Bonelle Sound: Tracy International Sales: Elle Driver. The Bureau Territories: All available except Argentina. say. Eric continues to sink. London. 915 High Road. they decide to start a journey together in search of the two 75008 Paris.’ Director: Ken Loach 2009. fax: +44 (0)20 7439 4196 email: eimhear@sixteenfilms.wildbunch. both humble people living ordinary lives. France. Joe O’ Olivier Walczak Music: Amand Amar Cast: Brenda Blethyn. The International Media Centre. they will give each other the strength to continue the search and maintain the faith.sixteenfilms. W1F 82B. Benelux. 35mm. the actions of one have consequences for but it is Eric’s own secret that drives him to the brink. Eric Cantona. ACSE. Peru. Ecuador. France tel: +33 1 53 01 50 32. The web: www. Mexico. laughter. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 web: www. M3 6EN. France. Donna Henry. Romania. and the cement mixer in the front garden don’t even if it means stealing from the weak.Feature Films 31 London River London 2005: the story of Ousmane and Mrs Sommers. will never throw a six. Producer: Rebecca O’Brien Executive Producer: Eric Cantona. fax: +44 (0)20 8492 6301 email: zak@iconfilmdistribution. Stephanie Bishop Co-production: Belgium. London. 90 min UK Production Company: The Bureau. Sotigui UK Distributor: Icon Film Distribution. London. France tel: +33 1 56 43 67 35. In the next two hours the desperate residents will find their lives defined by the boundaries of luck and fate. Chile. Salvador. As the Chinese. John Henshaw. Uruguay Lookin’ for Lucky Any estate. He has a son — she has a daughter — they both are students in London. Paraguay. Brazil. Pain. Director: Chris Leonard 2008. fax: +33 1 45 61 45 04 email: adeline@elledriver. EC2A 4NU. England. France3. France Funding: ARTE. England. Adelphi House. Can he face Lily. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7033 0555. On 7 July 2005. ‘He who is afraid to throw the dice. In desperate times it takes a spliff and a special friend from strange parts to challenge a lost postman to make that journey into the most perilous territory of all — the past. Solar House. On the Paradise Heights Estate. Scandinavia. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8492 the woman he once loved 30 years ago? Despite outrageous efforts and misplaced goodwill from his football fan mates. without any news of their dear children. Shoreditch. Producer: Jean Brehat ´ Screenwriter: Rachid Producer: Joe O’Byrne Executive Producer: Jonathan Harris. 116 min Production Company: Sixteen 18 Phipp Street. James Foster Territories: All available Looking for Eric Postman Eric’s life is slipping through his own fingers .eu web: www. The PCA Region. Costa Rica.thebureau. DV Cam. ´ Roschdy Zem. International Sales: Wild Bunch.iconmovies. Putting aside their cultural differences. 66 Rue de Miromesnil. 75004 Paris. Olivier Lorelle Editor: Yannck Kergoat Director of Photography: Jerome Almeras ´ˆ ´ Production Designer: Jean-Marc Tran Tan Ba Sound: Franck web: www. Spain. King of the Heights. fax: +33 1 53 01 50 49 email: ssimonutti@wildbunch. his wild stepsons. as other tales from the estate of sex.lookinforlucky. England. And although they come from different religious backgrounds — Ousmane is Muslim and Mrs Sommers is Christian — they will share the same hope in finding their children alive. and one Frenchman. Vincent Maraval Screenwriter: Paul Laverty Editor: Jonathan Morris Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd Production Designer: Fergus Clegg Sound: Ray Beckett Music: George Fenton Cast: Steve Evets. he in France. WC1N 3DR. Greg Kelly. Carve a slice right through it and this is what you’ll see. will stop at nothing to get the money he needs. she in the Channel Islands. Paseal Caucheteux. 187 Wardour Street. tears. Moses. His chaotic family.. 95 min Production Company: Concept Pictures. Sami Bouajila Co-production: Algeria. Ben Gordon Music: Ryan Alex Farmery Cast: Clyve web: www. Israel. Italy.

WC2H 8LS. Knowing nothing of its dark and mystical past. Donna D’Errico. Director: Mary McGuckian web: www. Jeff Abberley Executive Producer: Douglas E Producer: Bex Hopkins. London. Lupescu’s henchmen catch up with them. CA 91423. 90 min Production Company: Max Productions. Geraldine Chaplin. taking Loredana and the Luger. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 6166 email: info@moxiemakers. Fulham. Rashmi lives at home with her mother. Mark Foligno. 90 min Production Company: Moxie Makers. Leena Dhingra The Making of Plus One with Kate. 49 Mablethorpe Road. E1 Entertainment . Years later in modern day Bucharest. Atul is a sitcom writer who despises the work that everybody else loves. Director: Jeff Burr Producer: Mary McGuckian. who has dreamed of unleashing the evil bestowed on the gun through media technology to restore fascism and begin the rising of the Fourth Reich. Long awaiting its re-emergence is Damian Lupescu. Christine Alderson Executive Producer: Sheryl Crown. Eve Gabereau.32 Feature Films Luger of the Black Sun In 1940 General Lupescu of the Romanian Iron Guard has a spell from the ancient legend of the ‘Zmeu’ placed upon a golden Luger handgun — a gift to him from Himmler of the SS. Martin Katz.sodapictures. Mihealia Sinca Budget: £1 million Territories: All available Mad. Sad & Bad Mad. 90 min Production Company: Pembridge Pictures tel: +33 4 93 76 62 61 email: info@pembridgepictures. Sherman Oaks. 11 Denmark Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7377 1406 email: info@sodapictures. Jordi Molia Budget: $3 million Co-production: Canada Funding: US Bank (Canada Branch). England. Scion Films. Ian Wright. 14320 Ventura Boulevard. Escaping with Axel into the country. Loredana Anescu finds the gun among her dying grandfather’s International Sales: New Films International. Richard Lynch. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7836 5536 email: info@moviehouseent. Axel is urged to follow Lupescu to destroy it. International Sales: Moviehouse Entertainment.newfilmsint. Nesim Hason Screenwriter: Mary McGuckian. descendant of the General and owner of Archangel International Media. On learning the legend of the Luger. #619. Cate and Producer: Gary Douglas Executive Producer: Andrew Stear Screenwriter: Elaine Thompson. Ed Fletcher. London. putting an end to his bigoted UK Distributor: Soda Pictures. England. Mark Vennis. Gary Philips. leaving Axel for dead. the Story of a Hollywood Nobody Set during the Cannes Film Festival. HD. London. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 5625 email: gary@lugerthemovie. Sad & Bad is a 30-something comedy about an endearingly dysfunctional family and group of friends whose personal lives are continuously messed up by their own selfish needs and neuroses. cast Editor: Mathew Booth Director of Photography: Mark Wolf Production Designer: Anna Lynch Robinson Sound: Malcolm Hirst. Kitty Cepraga. Director: Avie Luthra 2009. SW6 6AQ. Loredana unwittingly shows the Luger to Irishman Axel O’Rourke. Endgame Entertainment. WC2H 8LS. And Hardeep is a psychiatrist who can diagnose everyone’s problems but his web: www. England. Laurie Hayward. John Thomson Music: Mary McGuckian Cast: Lothaire Bluteau. Michael Eklund. E1 web: www.pembridgepictures. England. USA tel: +1 818 501 2720 email: info@newfilmsint. Evil never ends. California. 11 Denmark Street. Zubin Varla. Nitin Ganatra. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7377 1407. The Making of Plus One pokes more than a little fun at the celebrity obsession fuelling the modern day film industry in the far from glamorous reality that is independent feature filmmaking. Gary Douglas Editor: Rogdan Albu Director of Photography: Viorei Sergovic Production Designer: Radu Corciova Sound: Ian Richardson Music: Marias Baras Cast: Gary Douglas. Lupescu learns that Loredana has found the Luger and goes after her to reclaim it. Steve Milne. HD. craving a life of her own but dreading all that goes with it. Deepak Sikka Screenwriter: Avie Luthra Editor: Liz Roe Director of Photography: Stuart Biddlecombe Production Designer: Katie MacGregor Music: Mat Davidson Cast: Meera Syal. a nightclub owner who runs a cigarette smuggling operation from Bucharest to London. Andrea Riseborough. 17 Blossom Street. 35mm.

Thailand . A daughter. Sony.nbcuni. 38 Albemarle Street. 89 min Production Company: Mark Williams Films. Paul Kaye Funding: Future Films. Dritan Biba Budget: $28 million Co-production: Spain Funding: Private Territories: All sold except China.handmadefilms. 76 Dean Street. Mark Producer: Andres Vicente Gomez ´ ´ Screenwriter: Menno Meyjes Editor: Sylvie Landra Director of Photography: Robert D Yeoman Production Designer: Salvador Parra Music: Gabriel Yared Cast: Adrien Brody. Pierce Brosnan. 90 min International Sales: Handmade Films International. Lupe Sino is a beautiful woman with a dark past. A man in love with death. set amongst the crime ganglands of England. Tom Hanks. 108 min International Sales: Universal Pictures International UK. Sherezade. Latin America. Penelope Cruz. This is their passionate love story. Bjorn Ulvaeus. Amanda Seyfried Co-production: Germany. Nacho ´ Aldeguer. 35mm. Taiwan. Stellan Skarsgard. Producer: Albert Martinez Martin. fax: +44 (0)20 7009 6602 email: info@futurefilmgroup. Mark Williams Screenwriter: Jayson Rothwell Editor: Justin Krish Director of Photography: Christopher Ross Production Designer: Lisa Marie Hall Sound: Rod Berling Music: Christian Ejde Henson Cast: Danny Dyer.Feature Films 33 Malice in Wonderland A contemporary interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Japan. Matt King. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7009 6600. 35mm. Rita ¨ Wilson Screenwriter: Catherine Johnson Editor: Lesley Walker Director of Photography: Haris Zambarloukos Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic Music: Benny Andersson Cast: Meryl Streep. W1D 1BS. W1S 4JG. 76 Oxford Street. UK Mamma Mia A mother. 35mm. Nathaniel Parker. Screen East Territories: All available except CIS. Three possible fathers. Future Film Group. Director: Menno Meyjes 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7307 1300 web: www. Colin Firth. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7518 8230. W1D 3SQ. England. Turkey. Director: Simon Fellows 2009. Director: Phyllida Lloyd web: www. USA Manolete Outside of the bullring Manuel ‘Manolete’ Rodriguez is a lonely man with a tragic air. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7518 8231 email: info@handmadefilms. Gary Goetzman Executive Producer: Benny Andersson. London. Maggie Grace. England. Producer: Judy Craymer. Enrique Arce. 2B Pictures. who meets a woman in love with life.

Director: Richard Linklater 2009. Sam meets a younger. While recuperating back at the base (with no memory of how he got there). Eve. Painful headaches. Eddie Marsan. and learn the downside of crossing the imperious. Director: Duncan Jones 2008. England. Two bag men lay low with their loot as mad cow disease spreads throughout the countryside. Trudie Styler Executive Producer: Michael Henry.sonypictures. Marc Samuelson. Benedict Wong . UK tel: +44 (0)20 7533 1113. 12 Great Portland Street.34 Feature Films Me and Orson Welles The story of a whirlwind week in 1937 New York City when a young aspiring actor is thrown into the middle of Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre Company on the eve of the opening of Welles’ historic staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. and their three-year-old daughter. Dominique McElligott.000 Funding: Self-funded Territories: All available Moon It is the near future. fax: +44 (0)20 7533 1165 web: www. London. Vince Palmo Editor: Sandra Adair Director of Photography: Richard Pope Production Designer: Laurence Dorman Sound: Colin Nicolson Music: Michael J McEvoy Cast: Zac Efron. s16mm/DVC ProHD. Tess. 35mm. and Sam will be reunited with his wife. Director: Brendan McNamee 2009. 10A James Street. Trevor Beattie. 96 min UK Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing. London. Confined with what appears to be a clone of his earlier self. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7582 6137 email: fax: +44 (0)20 7240 9029 web: www. Zoe International Sales: Independent Film Company. web: www. brilliant Welles. Sam is fighting the clock to discover what’s going on and where he fits into company plans. fax: +44 (0)20 7520 5611 email: sales@odysseyentertainment. WC2E 7PB. Thankfully. Helium-3. Producer: Brendan McNamee Screenwriter: Brendan McNamee Editor: Brendan McNamee Director of Photography: Michael O Halleron Cast: Bryan Larkin. Kevin Spacey. who claims to be there to fulfill the same three year contract Sam started all those years ago. becoming immersed in a creative experience few are afforded.independentfilmcompany. angrier version of himself. his time on the moon is nearly England. England. Ben Chaplin. 25 Golden Square. fax: +44 (0)20 7636 5481 International Sales: Odyssey Entertainment Ltd. in only a few weeks. Tim Watson Mitchell. completing a three-year contract with Lunar Industries to mine Earth’s primary source of energy. 3rd Floor. London. Richard is about to grow up FAST. Bil Bungay Screenwriter: Nathan Parker Editor: Nicolas Gaster Director of Photography: Gary Shaw Production Designer: Tony Noble Music: Clint Mansell Cast: Sam Rockwell. W1F 9L. WC2E 8BT. 32 Tavistock Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7637 2612. UK Miles Away It’s 1987. Sam’s health starts to deteriorate. Suddenly. It is a lonely job. Christan McKay Budget: $25 million Funding: CinemaNX Territories: All available except Greece. Ann Carli Screenwriter: Holly Gent Producer: Richard Linklater. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7520 5610. During this week Richard will find romance with a worldly older woman. SW8 1PA. Astronaut Sam Bell is living on the far side of the moon. England. 82 min Production Company: Blunt Films. 35mm. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7257 6A Palfrey Place. Kaya Scodelario.bluntfilms. Bill Zysblat. Claire Danes. 107 min Production Company: CinemaNX Ltd. Therese Bradley Budget: £19. made harder by a broken satellite that allows no live communications home. hallucinations and a lack of focus lead to an almost fatal accident on a routine drive on the moon in a lunar rover. Producer: Stuart Fenegan. W1W 8QN. and with a ‘support crew’ on its way to help put the base back into productive order.

intense flights of fancy and surreal worlds all collide until finally Duncan realises that love is the ultimate battle ground where only the fittest survive. Celia Imrie. Watford. WD17 1PU. Hertfordshire. 100 min Production Company: Independent. Joseph Phillips Budget: £2 million Funding: Private equity My Last Five Girlfriends Duncan walks us through his last five relationships. Their next target is Sean W1F ONE. England. WC2E 7PB. Dave Howman Cast: Brenda Blethyn. Advice from bizarre sources. Alistair and 35mm. Cecile ´ Cassel. London. Paul Martin. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 9029 email: mail@independentfilmcompany. David Willing. Director: Richard Jobson 2008. Jon Myers Screenwriter: Stephen Cookson Editor: Rupert Hall Director of Photography: Oliver Downey Production Designer: Kay Brown Sound: Ron Bailey Music: Andre Jacquemin. With no other option. Charles Mnene. Andy Blythe Cast: Naomi Harris. Geoff Barnett.high-fliers. hide and seek with kids from the margins of society. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7257 8734. 17/19 St John Road. Sean is approached to play the game for cash. Kelly Adams New Town Killers Two private bankers. Alastair Mackenzie. James Anthony Pearson.Feature Films 35 My Angel In the run up to Christmas a 15 year-old Producer: Stephen Cookson Executive Producer: Peter Keegan. 91 Berwick Producer: Marion Pilowsky. 90 min Production Company: CKM Entertainments. Liz White . 87 min Production Company: Willing: Pilowsky UK Distributor: High Fliers Films tel: +44 (0)190 479 6616 email: tom@high-fliers. has a dream that she needs an angel’s halo to be saved. Jane web: www. Brendan Patricks. London. England. HD. Director: Julian Kemp 2008. whose mother is involved in a serious car accident. Carole Sheridan. Mel Smith. Andrew Orr. he agrees to play but soon realises he’s walked into twelve hours of hell where survival is the only aim of the game. 32 Tavistock Street. a parentless teenager who lives with his sister on a housing estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh. UK email: scmovies@hotmail. get their kicks from playing a 12-hour game of hunt. Timothy Spall. Director: Stephen Cookson 2009. the world at their feet. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7292 5081 email: marion.pilowsky@ web: www. Michael Kelk Screenwriter: Julian Kemp Editor: Julian Kemp Director of Photography: Dave Miller Production Designer: Kit Line Sound: Penny Hull Music: Marten Joustra. Sheryl Crown Screenwriter: Richard Jobson Editor: Steven Sander Director of Photography: Simon Dennis Production Designer: James Lapsley Sound: Brian Milliken Music: Stephen Hilton Cast: Dougray She’s in debt and he’s going nowhere Producer: Luc Roeg. HD. Richard Jobson Executive Producer: Michael Robinson.

Director: Mark Stirton 2008. Following the discovery. he is forced to stay the night. a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. England. he uncovers a shocking secret that shatters his illusion of their perfect marriage culminating in a sinister relationship with suave Ralph. 88 min Production Company: Stirton Productions. 35mm. Anthony Waller Editor: Jamie Trevill Director of Photography: Roger Simonsz Production Designer: Csaba Stork Cast: Adrian Producer: Richard Eyre. 16/19 Eastcastle Street. Although her explanation seems logical. Romola Garai Co-production: USA . London. abandoning her. oddly. London. Jack encounters a breathtakingly beautiful American geologist. a series of mysterious sightings and hallucinations were experienced by the increasingly fearful drilling crew. Graham Robertson Music: Nicky Fraser.36 Feature Films Nine Miles Down In the remotest reaches of the Sahara Desert. HD. England. W1J 7SG. Based on the short story by Bernhard Schlink. Laura Linney. Ealing Green. has recently been revived by an international scientific research team on a discovery mission. UK tel: +44 (0)20 3006 8222. Mike Mitchell Budget: £ Producer: Ken Fraser Executive Producer: Iain Adams. In a case that will rock the very foundations of the Scottish legal system. Director: Anthony Waller 2009. Violence broke out. 38 Hertford Street. UK email: info@stirtonproductions. until the events of One Day Removals start to unfold. That is. Charles Woods Editor: Tariq Anwar Director of Photography: Haris Zambarloukos Production Designer: Gemma Jackson Sound: Craig Irving Music: Stephen Warbeck Cast: Liam Neeson. Bruce McNall. Events of a very dark kind. Gotham Productions. Aberdeen. Kerwin Robertson Screenwriter: Mark Stirton Editor: Mark Stirton Director of Photography: Mark Stirton Production Designer: Michael Grant Clark Sound: Colin Morrison. W1W 8DA. radio contact was lost. Director: Richard Eyre 2008. The station. fax: +44 (0)20 3006 8220 web: www. UK tax credit One Day Removals Andy and Ronnie are removal men. Andy owns the van and Ronnie lifts the heavy stuff. and no-one is safe. The next morning. and the team fled the web: www. Scott Ironside. fax: +44 (0)20 8758 8576 email: naomi. Frank Doelger. England. Richard Eyre. 86 min Production Company: Seven Arts Pictures. JC. Tracey Scoffield Executive Producer: Mary Beth O’Connor. Mark Stirton Cast: Patrick Wight.000 Funding: Canny Films Partnership Ltd Territories: All available The Other Man When Peter discovers intimate emails to his wife from an unknown admirer. It just takes one bad day to change everything. Raymond J Markovich Screenwriter: Everett De Roche.stirtonproductions. Three days earlier. which involves drilling deeper into the Earth’s crust than has ever been attempted before. 57 Urquhart Road. They have been doing this job for several years and nothing interesting has ever happened. She tells how they had successfully breached the roof of a vast cavern at the unprecedented depth of nine miles. originally built for gas exploration then abandoned. Michael Grant Clark. the man with whom she has been having an illicit love affair. David Richenthal. Jan Mojto Screenwriter: Richard Eyre. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8567 6655. Follow the adventures of two unremarkable Scottish men who are forced to deal with events of a quite extraordinary nature. Scotland. W5 5EP. Kate Nauta Budget: £17 million Funding: Private. Jane Fraser. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7580 5200 International Sales: Ealing Studios International. Stranded by the sandstorm. 35mm. Jack suspects she’s hiding something more sinister. Adriana Spina. Jack finds abundant food and resources in the complex Producer: Steven Markoff.weiner@ealingstudios. Thomas Hedman. 90 min Production Company: Rainmark Films. Events that will take them into parts of Scotland seldom seen. AB24 5NA.7artspictures. Anthony Waller. so security patrolman Jack is enlisted to investigate. who claims to be the last remaining member of the research team. Andy Watt is telling the truth — but no living soul will ever believe him. Antonio Banderas. not a living soul. London.

Stuck in a loveless marriage with Hammy. Geraldine Hughes. HD. Camille leads Bond straight to Dominic Greene. London. England. Unfortunately. Bond discovers that Greene. 106 min Production Company: EON Productions. a ruthless businessman and major force within the mysterious organisation. Anthony Rowe. Bond and M interrogate Mr White. s16mm. On a mission that leads him to Austria. she relents and delivers them safely to Sinead. London. Ignoring Hammy’s calls. In a minefield of treachery.iconmovies. London. Director: Marc Forster 2008. Callum McDougall Screenwriter: Neal Purvis & Robert Wade. Pursuing his determination to uncover the truth. Pumpgirl kidnaps his kids Kelly and Darren. feeds it through the window and sits down inside. Bond allies with old friends in a battle to uncover the truth. Greenwood Place. BT4 2LS. 8 Parsons Green. Suite 16. and the things we tick off lists. he orchestrates a gang rape of UK Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing. Shawshank misunderstands Sinead’s intentions and becomes TM Danjaq. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7533 1000. 25 Golden web: www. and manipulating his powerful contacts within the CIA and the British government. is forging a deal with the exiled General Medrano. Director: Carol Moore 2009.Feature Films 37 Pelican Blood A trangressive and funny love story set in the world of obsessive birdspotters. giving the General control of the country in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of land. Judi Dench. CPII. UK tel: +44 (0)289 065 1010. Belfast. Greene promises to overthrow the existing regime in Bolivia. 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Sinead’s need to be stimulated spiritually pulls her into an adulterous passion with Shawshank. Deane House fax: +44 (0)20 7736 3436 email: info@ecossefilms. Sinead is now pregnant with Shawshank’s child. Europe House. Natasha Heaney Funding: Northern Ireland Screen Territories: All available Quantum of Solace Betrayed by Vesper. John McDonnell Screenwriter: Cris Cole Editor: Martin Brinkler Director of Photography: Darran Tiernan Production Designer: Richard Bullock Music: Niall Byrne Cast: Harry Treadaway. he attaches a tube to the exhaust pipe on his car. Italy and South America. London.highpointfilms. W1J Richard Dormer. North Finchley. Emma Booth Funding: Ecosse Films Pumpgirl Tomboyish Pumpgirl loses herself in girlish daydreams about stock-car driver Hammy. Gemma Arterton Co-production: USA . W1F 9LU. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7493 7953. Robert Bernstein. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7424 6870. N Producer: Chris Parr. 35mm.007 and related James Bond Trademarks. conspiring to take total control of one of the world’s most important natural resources. She naively believes that Hammy loves her and will leave his wife about the things that make us tick. He tries to call Sinead and. England. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7408 1236 email: reception@eon. Finally realising that she had been deluding herself about Hammy. United Artists. Holywood Productions. murder and deceit. NW5 1LB. London. Quantum of Solace ß 2008 Danjaq. 393 Holywood Road. who reveals the organisation which blackmailed Vesper is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined. 138 Piccadilly. when she fails to reply. Chris Martin Screenwriter: Abbie Spallen Editor: Brian Philip Davis Director of Photography: Angus Mitchell Production Designer: Kieran McNulty Sound: Marty Harrison Cast: Gerard Murphy. WC1N When Shawshank realises that the lascivious Hammy has a soft spot for Pumpgirl. Barbara Broccoli Executive Producer: Anthony Waye. Using his associates in the organisation. Paul Haggis Editor: Matt Chesse. Sinead is trying to tell Shawshank about the baby. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7371 Producer: Michael G Wilson. Pumpgirl starts to stalk Hammy and is furious when she sees him play happy families with Sinead and the kids. fax: +44 (0)20 8492 6301 web: www. 78 min Production Company: PG Productions. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8492 6300. As Hammy’s guilt turns to self loathing. Eventually. England.sonypictures. fax: +44 (0)289 065 1012 International Sales: High Point Films. 101 min Production Company: Ecosse Films. the woman he loved. Mathieu Amalric. Olga Kurylenko. fax: +44 (0)20 7533 1165 web: www. Forensic intelligence links an MI6 traitor to a bank account in Haiti where a case of mistaken identity introduces Bond to the beautiful but feisty Camille. Richard Pearson ´ Director of Photography: Roberto Schaefer Production Designer: Dennis Gassner Music: David Arnold Cast: Daniel Craig. England. Director: Karl Golden 2009. SW6 Producer: Douglas Rae. Hammy is filled with conscience-stricken despair after the rape and seeks solace in his family. a woman who has her own UK Distributor: Icon Film Distribution. he decides to set fire to Shawshank’s truck. 12 Great James Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7485 3281 email: info@highpointfilms.

UK tel: +44 (0)20 7478 7527. Eddie Izzard Co-production: USA Revolutionary Road Frank and April Wheeler have always seen themselves as special. Andrew Fierberg Executive Producer: Bob Hiestand. 99 min Production Company: Adventure Pictures. Nae Yuuki Budget: £1. Director: Julius Kemp web: www. USA tel: +1 818 733 7000. Madrid. 26-28 Neal Street. Michael Shannon.dreamworks.nealstreetproductions. each spouse is pushed to extremes — one to escape whatever cost. WC2H 9QQ. International Sales: Dreamworks SKG. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 International Sales: 6 Sales. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 7099 email: post@nealstreetproductions. But when the plan is put in motion. 119 min Production Company: Neal Street Productions. Dianne Wiest. Henry Fernaine Screenwriter: Justin Haythe Editor: Tariq Anwar Director of Photography: Roger Deakins Production Designer: Kristi Zea Sound: Warren Shaw Music: Thomas Newman Cast: Leonardo Producer: Christopher Sheppard. Ty Simpkins Co-production: USA Funding: Dreamworks Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre is a splatter movie of the goriest kind. they proudly declare their independence from the suburban inertia that surrounds them and determine never to be trapped by the social confines of their era. fax: +44 (0)20 7691 9712 email: office@fame. fax: +44 (0)20 7256 0842 email: mail@adventurepictures. Alto de las Cabanas 5. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 2233. David M Thompson. Yet for all their charm. ready and willing to live their lives based on higher Producer: Ingvar Thurdarson Executive Producer: Mike Downey. Sam Mendes. 35mm. Kate Winslet. W1F 7PX. Scott Rudin. Judi Dench. the Wheelers find themselves becoming exactly what they didn’t expect: a good man with a routine job whose nerve has gone missing. So as soon as they move into their new house on Revolutionary Road. 28231 Las Rozas.38 Feature Films Rage Rage is a tragicomedy seen through the eyes of a boy who becomes a player in a high fashion murder investigation when interviews for his website start to spiral into catastrophe. the other to save all that they have. different. Steve Buscemi. 6 Blackbird Yard. 35mm.1 million Co-production: Finland. E2 7RP. fax: +1 818 733 7574 email: web: www. London. 100 Universal City Plaza. an American family with lost dreams. Terence Anderson. Sam Taylor Screenwriter: Sjon Sigurdsson Editor: Sigurbjorg Jonsdottir Director of Photography: Jean Noel Mustonen Production Designer: Eggert Ketilsson ´ Sound: Arni Gustafsson ¨ Music: Hilmar Orn Cast: Miranda Hennessy. CA 91608. Director: Sam Mendes 2008. Vincent Tulli Cast: Jude Law. Producer: John N a less-than-happy homemaker starving for fulfilment and passion. to leave the comforts of Connecticut behind for the great unknown of Paris. Spain email: info@6sales. Christina Weiss Lurie Screenwriter: Sally Potter Editor: Daniel Goddard Director of Photography: Steven Fierberg Sound: Jean-Paul Mugel. 90 min Production Company: Film and Music Entertainment. and the humour is as black as it gets. 34 Fouberts Place. Driven to change their fates. Bobby Cohen Executive Producer: Marion Rosenberg. Men turn into beasts and kindness is a weakness that can only lead to defeat. Pihla Viitala. web: www. Ryan Simpkins. Building 10. Director: Sally Potter 2009. 35mm. England. beauty and irreverance. The story is true to its genre. no matter what compromises.6sales. like any other. Universal City. April hatches an audacious plan to start all over again. London. Iceland .

com web: www. SW8 1TJ. They remain unaware of the extraordinary impact they are having on each other that will ultimately shape their destiny.angrybadgerpictures. Ian Dray Executive Producer: Pete Adams. Lewis Jobson. UK Producer: Dawn Furness. FNA Films Ltd Territories: All available Running In Traffic In the early hours of a winter morning. Ron Purdie. Trapped when the causeway is cut off and the rising tide. Producer: John Adams. England. NE8 1AN. Kenneth Cranham. Pete Adams Editor: Iain Mitchell Director of Photography: Jordan Cushing Production Designer: David Crewdson Sound: Steve Felton. Marie-Therese Roberts. Kyle Heslop Sound: Rising Tide Productions Music: Rising Tide Productions Cast: Isolde Roxby. As Cullen and Kayla attempt to rebuild their lives. 2 Langley Lane. as they come to terms with their predicament. Gateshead International Business Centre. Shepperton Studios. Sam Halveson Budget: £100. Abigail Howkins Screenwriter: Bryan Films 39 Rising Tide Ten students celebrating A-level results head to a music festival but become waylaid on a beautiful but mysterious tidal island. HD. England. Paul Hughes Screenwriter: John Adams. Tyne & Wear. web: www. The Box Ltd. Shepperton. a mixed bag of survivors are trapped in a Government bunker cut off from the outside world. Gateshead International Business Centre. Suite 9. 77 min Production Company: Angry Badger Pictures.centrefilmsales. Mulgrave Terrace. Harriet International Sales: Centre Film Media Sales Ltd. 84 min Production Company: Rising Tide Productions Ltd. unnaturally. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8566 2388 email: eleahy@centrefilmsales. Alice Henley Budget: £500. Gateshead. Jonathan Moore. Ileana Cardy. Claire Suite 9. Tyne & Wear. 34 Albion Street. London. Dawn Furness 2009. Anna Kerth. UK email: info@dawnfurness. 96 min Production Company: Dabhand Films. Mulgrave Terrace. Middlesex. UK tel: +44 (0)193 259 2751 email: john@angrybadgerpictures. NE8 1AN. Atta Yaqub S. fails to UK Distributor: Rising Tide Productions Ltd. of hope and of love. Bryan Larkin. Miranda Gooch. they find that their security and safety are not as assured as they originally hoped . Harriet Producer: Marc Twynholm. Scotland. Rick Dunford Music: Phil Lawrence Cast: Gary Mavers. Gateshead. Studios Road. UK tel: +44 (0)141 552 3749 email: marc@dabhandfilms. Glasgow. Dale Corlett Editor: Brian MacInnis Director of Photography: George Geddes Production Designer: Lynsey Sinnamon Music: Gabriel Currington Cast: Bryan Larkin. Director: Dale Corlett 2009. So begins the journey that leads these two souls towards a heart rendering conclusion. the youths begin to disappear one by one.000 Funding: Private equity Territories: All available .U. web: www. England. 3rd Floor.000 Funding: Northern Film & Media. TW17 0QD. HD Cam.B! Following a nuclear terrorist attack on London. Philip Shotton Executive Producer: Zahra Zomorrodian Screenwriter: Dawn Furness Editor: Jeremy Hogg Director of Photography: Philip Shotton. G1 1LH. Director: Jonathan Glendening 2008.. an unsympathetic world watches over their quest of hope for a new beginning. Director: Philip Shotton. Joe Cullen and Kayla Golebiowski are moments away from an emotionally traumatic experience that will soon change their lives forever.


Feature Films

The residents of a cul-de-sac community in The Wirral are plunged into a horrifying world of violence, terror and paranoia when suddenly surrounded by a special ops military unit and ordered to stay indoors. The chillingly imposed quarantine means single mother Beth is forced to spend more time with Kieran, a one night stand she drunkenly picked up the night before. As the nightmare situation escalates, and no explanation over what’s happening is forthcoming from the authorities, Beth becomes increasingly concerned over her estranged daughter Jodie who has just arrived to spend the Christmas holiday. They’ve fought as usual and Jodie has stormed out and gone missing. Then Lance Corporal Akede is found injured in Beth’s garden. He knows the government Top Secret reason why her neighbourhood is under such sinister surveillance. It has to do with a container ship that shed its load on a nearby beach. Something horrific lurked inside one storage unit and is now on the savage loose. More frightened for her daughter’s safety than ever, Beth mounts increasingly desperate attempts to rescue Jodie from the unknown danger within. Director: Lawrence Gough 2008. HD. 79 min Production Company: Hoax Films, 92 Cheadle Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8 5DP, England, UK email: Sales & Marketing: Missing In Action Films, c/o Flat 1, 2 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 2RB, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 2895 email: web: Producer: Julie Lau, Alan Pattison Executive Producer: Christopher Moll, Lisa Marie Russo Screenwriter: Colin O’Donnell Editor: Anthony Ham Director of Photography: Simon Tindall Production Designer: Malcolm Smith, Colin Taylor Music: Stephen Hilton Cast: Neve McIntosh, Shaun Dooley, Dean Andrews, Linzey Cocker, Kevin Harvey Budget: £250,000 Funding: Northwest Vision and Media: Digital Departures, Liverpool Culture Company, BBC Films Territories: All available except UK

The Scar Crow
Four guys from a city insurance company are not interested in countryside team building exercises and assault courses. Yet here they are on an all expenses paid company trip to the middle of nowhere deep in the English countryside, not their idea of a jolly weekend away. But maybe their luck has arrived in the form of the three Tanner sisters living and working alone on Graves Hill Farm close to a small village with a pub! The sisters are friendly, open and warm, but all is not as it seems and the guys begin to wish they’d paid more attention on the assault course. The sisters are the daughters of convicted witch Elizabeth Tanner from the year 1709. Abused by their farmer father, the sisters murder him and hide his body on a cross in the field as a crow scarer. With his dying words the father curses his daughters to remain on the farm for eternity. The sisters live in limbo on the farm neither living nor dead, until the year 2009 when the chance to free themselves from a living hell is realised in the form of four guys lost in the depths of the English countryside. Director: Andy Thompson, Pete Benson 2009. HD. 84 min Production Company: Gaia Media Management Ltd, Matrix Complex, 91 Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3BU, England, UK email: Producer: Andy Thompson Executive Producer: Paul Atherton Screenwriter: Andy Thompson, Pete Benson Editor: Andy Thompson Director of Photography: Trevor Speed Production Designer: Melanie Light Sound: Andy Thompson, Steve Taylor Music: Jon Samsworth Cast: Anna Tolputt, Marysia Kay, Tim Major, Anya Lahiri, Iain Rogerson Budget: £100,000 Funding: Private Territories: All available

Schrodinger’s Girl
Rebecca Hunter is a disgraced scientist conducting research into parallel universes. She discovers a way to travel between universes and finds that her parallel-world counterparts have their own agendas. Anastasia Hunter is the Science Director for a gulag in the People’s Republic of Great Britain. Sarah Hunter-Gibson is a professor in a utopian, high-tech society. Rebecca takes a terrifying trip into the People’s Republic, a dystopian alternate Britain. Her encounter with a totalitarian regime is only the beginning of her problems as the universe begins to unravel around her. As time runs out she has to use her sharp intellect and mastery of quantum physics to save the entire multiverse. Director: Huw Bowen 2009. HD. 83 min Production Company: Entanglement Productions email: web: International Sales: Multivisionnaire, PO Box 1477, Alhambra, California 91802, USA tel: +1 626 7378 357, fax: +1 626 407 4197 Producer: Huw Bowen, Chris Pinches, Paul Hardy Screenwriter: Huw Bowen, Paul Hardy Editor: Phil Arkinstall Director of Photography: Chris Pinches Production Designer: Natalie Aston Sound: Alex Russell Music: Mr K Cast: Abigail Tarttelin, Damian Hayes, Al Convy Funding: Private

Feature Films


Scouting Book for Boys
David and Emily are inseparable best friends who have lived all their life on a caravan park. When David learns that Emily is being forced to move away, he agrees to help her hide out in a remote cave on the coast. But their innocent secret soon becomes complicated, as David watches the police start to close in on his missing friend. When the real reason Emily wants to escape comes to light, David’s world is shattered. Swept up in a situation out of his control, and with his feelings for his best friend growing stranger by the day, David is forced to take action. Director: Tom Harper 2009. 35mm. 90 min Production Company: Celador Films, 39 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LG, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7845 6800, fax: +44 (0)20 7845 6980 web: International Sales: Pathe International, ´ Kent House, 14-17 Market Place, London, W1W 8AR, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151, fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 email: web: Producer: Ivana Mackinnon, Christian Colson Executive Producer: Paul Smith, Peter Carlton, Sheryl Crown, Laurie Haywood Screenwriter: Jack Thorne Editor: Mark Eckersley Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan Production Designer: Paul Cripps Sound: Simon Farmer Cast: Thomas Turgoose, Holliday Grainger, Susan Lynch, Rafe Spall, Steven Mackintosh Funding: Celador Films, Film4, Screen East, Pathe ´

Worlds collide between three strangers divided by economics, social status, gender, race and sexuality. Teenage gang member Cal hides his sexuality from fellow gang members. Their often futile and violent dislike of anyone who isn’t the same as them results in Cal rescuing a student from a beating and so begins a journey that offers him the potential opportunity to escape from his delinquent meaningless existence and from having his secret discovered. Director: Simon Pearce 2009. HD. 89 min International Sales: Parasol Pictures Releasing Ltd, The Coach House, 56 St Andrew’s Road, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5EH, England, UK tel: +44 (0)117 944 2427 email: web: Producer: Christian Martin Screenwriter: Darren Flaxstone, Christian Martin Editor: Darren Flaxstone Director of Photography: Simon Pearce Production Designer: Jez Hunziker Sound: Xander McGrouther Music: Barnaby Taylor Cast: Wayne Virgo, Marc Laurent, Tom Bott, Alice Payne, Garry Summers

She, A Chinese
Mei, a young Chinese woman, leaves monotonous village life behind for the excitement of the big city. However, life there doesn’t quite turn out as expected; fired from her factory job, she falls in love with Spikey, a hitman whose own past soon catches up with him. A random decision finds Mei in London, where she marries an elderly man, Mr Hunt. Feeling alienated and bored with Mr Hunt Mei begins an affair with Rachid, an Indian immigrant who runs a local takeaway restaurant. She moves in with him but Rachid decides to return to his own country, leaving Mei pregnant and alone, facing an uncertain future. Director: Xiaolu Guo 2009. HD. Production Company: Tigerlily Films & Warp X, Office 204C, The Richmix Cultural Foundation, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7729 9845, fax: +44 (0)20 7739 9143 email: web: UK Distributor: Optimum Releasing, 50 Marshall Street, London, W1F 9BQ, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7534 2700 email: web: Producer: Natasha Dack Screenwriter: Xiaolu Guo Editor: Andrew Bird Director of Photography: Zillah Bowes Production Designer: Yao Jun, Tine Mette Jespersen Music: John Parish Cast: Huang Lu, Geoffrey Hutchings, Chris Ryman, Wei Yi Bo Co-production: France, Germany Funding: UK Film Council, Film4, Screen Yorkshire, EM Media, Hamburg Film Fund, Fonds Sud Territories: All available except UK


Feature Films

Shell Shock
Shell Shock is about the effect of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on soldiers returning from conflict and is told through the eyes of Tom, a veteran of an anonymous war. Haunted by memories, lost and alone, he finds himself in Tokyo. There he endures a tormented existence, desperate for redemption and the chance to live once again. However the weight of his past means there is no escape. Director: James Price 2009. HD. 74 min Production Company: Pixie Films Ltd, 4 Spencer House, Church Hill Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4UF, England, UK email: web: Producer: Mani Sohanpal Screenwriter: James Price Editor: James Hehir Director of Photography: Dominik Rippl Production Designer: Liz Colbert Sound: Valerio Cerini Music: David Lintern, The Chalets Cast: Robert Whitelock, Nina Fog, Matthew Bloxham, Matthew Neal, Sadao Ueda Budget: £18,000 Funding: Self-funded Territories: All available

When a move to a new house coincides with his baby sister’s illness, Michael’s world suddenly seems lonely and uncertain. Then, one afternoon, he stumbles into the old ramshackle garage at the end of the garden, and finds something that will change his world forever. Skellig is a strange and extraordinary creature, as ancient as the Earth and now mired in a life of nothing and nobody. With the help of his new friend Mina, who teaches him to look at the world through different eyes, Michael nourishes the reluctant Skellig back to health. As his baby sister grows ever more frail in hospital, and his parents fade away with her, Michael needs a miracle to hold the family together. When he realises that Skellig may have much more power than he would ever admit to, Michael knows he has to give Skellig back faith in his own power to heal, before it is too late. Director: AJ Jankel 2009. HD. 103 min Production Company: Feel Films, 4 Market Place, London, W1W 8AD, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 0666, fax: +44 (0)20 7462 0058 email: International Sales: Simon Crowe Films International, 3 Lower James Street, London, W1F 9EH, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7287 1900 Producer: Nick Hirschkorn Screenwriter: Irena Brignull Editor: Peter Christelis Director of Photography: Steve Lawes Production Designer: Marice Cain Music: Stephen Warbeck Cast: Tim Roth, Bill Milner, Kelly Macdonald, John Simm Funding: BSkyB, Wales IP Fund, Limelight, UK tax credit Territories: All available except UK

Slumdog Millionaire
Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Arrested on suspicion of cheating, he tells the police the incredible story of his life on the streets, and of the girl he loved and lost. But what is a kid with no interest in money doing on the show? And how is it he knows all the answers? Director: Danny Boyle 2008. 35mm. 120 min Production Company: Celador Films, 39 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LG, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7845 6800, fax: +44 (0)20 7845 6980 web: International Sales: Pathe Productions, Kent ´ House, 14-17 Market Place, Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8AR, England, UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151, fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: Producer: Christian Colson Screenwriter: Simon Beaufoy Editor: Chris Dickens Director of Photography: Anthony Dod Mantle Production Designer: Mark Digby Sound: Glen Freemantle Music: AR Rahman Cast: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Madhur Mittal, Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan

Director: Terence Daw 2008. England. Thomas Robert Music: Cliff Martinez Cast: Guillaume Canet. Louise Barnes Budget: $3.focusfilms. Anton Ernst Screenwriter: Terence Daw Editor: Adam Recht Director of Photography: Mike Downie Production Designer: Mitch Gordon Sound: Jean Raphael Dedieu. and Vincent is forced to execute a mission in London under a secret identity. Claire. UK email: td@audiencefilms. 75009 Paris. The Rotunda Studios. Finally. UK tax credit Territories: All available .fr International Sales: Kinology. West Yorkshire. 98 min Production Company: The Film. Amber Hodgkiss. Chelmer web: www. CM2 6PU. Jenny. doctors. RED. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7435 9004 email: focus@focusfilms. Joel Torre. NW3 Producer: Owen Carey Jones. The key to cracking the case lies in seducing Burton’s beautiful but vulnerable French wife. To pass the time Vincent and his co-worker Gerard pickpocket from passengers’ Director: Terence Daw. France tel: +33 9 51 47 43 44 email: gmelin@kinology. Julia Curle. But who will fall prey to whom? Everything spirals downward as Vincent must choose between his heart and his freedom. live-in boyfriend Rick’s associations with witchcraft and black magic soon take her down a path which leads to the most horrific experience of her young life. Laura O’Donoughue Funding: Private. Chelmsford. Essex. 75003 Paris. co-production finance. Bertrand Faivre Screenwriter: Nicolas Saada Editor: Juliette Welfling Director of Photography: Stephane Fontaine ´ Production Designer: Thierry Francoise ¸ Sound: Philippe Heissler. Director: Nicolas Saada 2009. LS19 7RW. 84 min Production Company: Carey Films She seeks help from friends. she finds the help she needs. post-production investment. fax: +33 1 44 78 95 00 email: office@thefilm. Their back-to-the-wild adventure proves to be more dangerous and terrifying than they ever could have imagined. France tel: +33 1 44 78 85 45. Natalie Mendoza. Malcolm psychiatrists and religious leaders but finds only scepticism and disbelief. Raimund Berens. HD/35mm. 116-118 Finchley Road. Peter Burton. investigating a British businessman suspected of illicit trafficking. Hotel de Retz. 5 Henshaw Lane.8 million Co-production: South Africa Funding: Private equity. Geraldine Pailhas. fax: +44 (0)113 250 6411 email: owen@careyfilms. Pietro Herrera. England.careyfilms. But when a diplomat’s bag explodes in Gerard’s face violently killing him. England. Leeds. UK tel: +44 (0)113 250 6411. Audience Films Ltd. France. Melinda web: www. a graduate from one of the top universities who rejects an ambitious career to work in airport security. Producer: Michael Gentile. Neil Harrison Screenwriter: Owen Carey Jones Editor: Owen Carey Jones Director of Photography: Stephen J Nelson Production Designer: Eileen Aldous Sound: Brian Gray Music: Alan J Moore Cast: Rebecca Pitkin. UK tax credit Territories: All available Spy(ies) (Espion(s)) Vincent is a brilliant and reclusive young man. The Secret Service gets involved in the Producer: David Pupkewitz. the game comes to an end. 9 rue Charlot. 90 min Production Company: Focus Films Ltd. Canal +. 63 Rue de Clichy. Christina Cole. Colin Baldry Cast: Billy Zane. 31 Samuel Manor. France 2. Yeadon. Andre Jaquemin Music: Tom Kane. from within the confines of a mental hospital. However. ´ Stephen Rea. finds herself unwanted by either of her separated parents during the formative years of her life and leaves home at the earliest opportunity. Switzerland Surviving Evil A documentary crew arrive on a remote island in the Philippines to film a survival special. Mars Films Territories: All available except Belgium.Feature Films 43 The Spell A young girl. Hippolyte Girardot Budget: k6 million Co-production: France Funding: Studio 37. Director: Owen Carey Jones 2009.

the funniest dry cleaner in North London. Set in the London music scene of the early sixties. producing UK and USA Number One Hit Telstar. Ken Kennedy. Director: Catherine Taylor 2008. fax: +31 20 626 1155 email: info@fortissimo. Russia. England. UK Temptation After a heavy night out with the girls. ‘that’s show biz’.com Producer: Simon Jordan. HMS web: www.hicksjaggi. 85 min Production Company: Hicks/Jaggi Ltd. JJ Field. Rachel web: www. Amsterdam. Meek began his career with a bang. but if her dubious talents alone can’t focus the spotlight on her. or kill herself before she becomes undead. If it weren’t so funny. London. Tom Burke Territories: All available except Baltic States. David Reid. Barbara Stone Executive Producer: Andras Hamori. private investment Territories: All available . the biggest selling record of its time. Debra Tammer Editor: Ian Burke. taking her life. Paul Trijbits Screenwriter: Claudia Solti.fortissimofilms. Claire Pringle Director of Photography: Benjamin Pritchard Cast: Debra Tammer. Taken in by Isabel’s beauty and innocence. Things take a turn for the worse when the cabbie pulls her into an alley and violently forces himself on her. UK Film Council.000 Funding: Private equity Territories: All available That’s For Me! Everyone is supposed to be famous for 15 minutes. Sammy Dodds Budget: £600. From high above on a rooftop. Netherlands tel: +31 20 627 3215. 1013 CN. London. an ancient female vampire notices. With the aid of her father. Isabel. 23 Denmark Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 5656.h2omotionpictures. she dispatches the cabbie and feeds Isabel a drop of her immortal blood. sycophantic friends. Laura Evans. fax: +44 (0)20 7353 4577 email: steve@hicksjaggi. 35mm. Third Floor. Sasha Olswang. Van Diemenstraat 100. Zara sets out to be discovered — and if that quest wrecks a few lives along the way. Akbar Kurtha Budget: $1. James Hicks Editor: Alex Marsh Director of Photography: Peter Wignall Production Designer: Russel De Rozario Music: Ilan Eshkeri Cast: Con O’Neill. assorted dysfunctional relatives and a film crew to capture every triumph and disaster along the way. WC2H 8NH. catches an illegal mini-cab home. SE25 6PU. it might be true! Director: Claudia Solti 2009. 114 min Production Company: Aspiration Films. England. an attractive young professional woman. Israel. Steve Jaggi Screenwriter: Julianne White Director of Photography: Carolina Costa Production Designer: Benedykt Zasadzki Cast: Caroline Haines. England. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5657 email: julia@h2omotionpictures. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7353 8199. 87 min International Sales: H2O Motion Pictures. Portugal.1 million Funding: Private equity. Isabel awakes with 48 hours to decide whether to embrace immortality. She is convinced that fame is her destiny. James Corden. but Zara can’t even get that. Victoria Embankment. Mini DV. Adam Bohling Screenwriter: Nick Moran. and an entourage of life coaches. EC4Y 0HJ. personal web: Producer: Lionel Hicks. there is always daddy’s money. Pam Ferris. a doormat of a boyfriend. London.44 Feature Films Telstar The stranger-than-fiction true story of the rise and fall of a true British pop pioneer is a satirical and often comic drama revealing the many sides of Joe Meek. well. Meek went on to create the strange and wonderful recordings that have made him an iconic figure in the world of British Producer: Claudia Solti. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8768 6001 International Sales: Fortissimo Film Sales. Selhurst Park. HD. From an apartment on the Holloway Road. Director: Nick Moran 2008.

co. Alex Edwards. fax: +44 (0)20 8492 6301 web: www. With nothing left to lose. Fairview High. Cavan Ash. he takes murderous revenge on his former classmates in increasingly brutal web: www. fax: +44 (0)20 7984 5211 web: www. The overweight asthmatic nerd was so relentlessly victimised by their cruel taunts. England. Dean Jagger. the clock on board has stopped. She sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends and already things are not as they seem. 91 min Production Company: Forward Films. website intimidation and ‘happy slapping’ mobile recordings he committed suicide. England. riding their motorcycles to various outdoor pursuits and clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their age and their lifestyles. where he spots the approaching residents. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7984 5000. Calvin Dean. Julie Baines. but they are not alone — someone is intent on hunting them down. Darren Mullett. Third Floor. Michael Dorman. Slingshot.000 Funding: Private Territories: All available Triangle When Jess hits a seagull on a drive to the local harbour. fax: +44 (0)20 7713 6016 email: enquiries@danfilms. leading to the discovery of what Andy concludes is a dead girl inside. London. HD. Great Titchfield International Sales: Icon Entertainment International. April Pearson Funding: Slingshot Studios. N12 8QJ. Kent House. 100 min Production Company: Animus Pictures email: benrichards@london. fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7891 web: www. forcing him to run terrified into the Producer: Ben Richards Executive Producer: James Privett. WC2H 8NH. And the in-crowd soon discover to their horror there is no point reasoning with a very angry zombie ghost. The following morning they spot an ominous looking caravan and decide to investigate.Feature Films 45 Tormented Justine Fielding is the gorgeous head girl of her plush grammar school. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7632 9643 UK Distributor: Warner Brothers UK. 915 High Road. University dropout Dan. knows what his classmates did last summer. London. and repressed former slugger Chris stop at a small country pub to enquire for rooms. WC1X 8WB. 97 min Production Company: Dan Films. W1W 8AR. Ex-TA member Andy. Steve Norris Screenwriter: Christopher Smith Editor: Stuart Gazzard Director of Photography: Robert Humphreys Production Designer: Melinda Doring Sound Design: Peter Baldock Music: Christian Henson Cast: Melissa George. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 5151. Pathe ´ Travellers Four friends set out on an adventure weekend. 23 Denmark Street. Emma Lung Budget: $15 million Co-production: Australia . Screen WM. London. BBC Films. sensible family guy Jon.danfilms. England. Solar House. They bullied him to death. Director: Christopher Smith 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7916 Director: Kris McManus 2008. London. 249 Grays Inn Producer: Tracy Brimm. Within minutes of what appears to be a bit of a game the group is split. England. And Jess unknowingly holds the key to end the terror. little does she know that it is a harrowing omen of things to come. Director: Jon Wright 2009. Her suspicions are heightened when the yacht hits a storm and the group is forced to board a passing ocean liner to get to safety. Tom Geoffrey. But death is not going to stop Darren finally finding the courage to stand up for International Sales: Pathe.iconmovies. London. Underneath the clique’s cool veneer lurks a pack of vicious peer pressure tormentors who find it amusing to persistently tease anyone they consider worthless losers. ´ 14-17 Market Place. a ship Jess is convinced she’s been on before.warnerbros. England. one by one. Arvind Ethan David Screenwriter: Stephen Prentice Editor: Matt Platts Mills Director of Photography: Trevor Forrest Production Designer: Julian Nagel Music: Paul Hartnoll Cast: Alex Pettyfer. Rachael Carparni. Henry Nixon. Producer: Jason Newmark. Thor Hayton Screenwriter: Kris McManus Editor: Kris McManus. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8492 web: www. Sean Woollgar Director of Photography: Kris McManus Cast: Shane Sweeney. Stephanie Huie. Kate Myers. WC1X 8QZ. They set up camp and reminisce over their wasted youth. Warner House. Dimitri Leonidas. They are offered a corner of a field recently inhabited by gypsies. All seems perfect except that Alexis and his circle of friends aren’t quite as hip as they seem. 98 Theobald Road. Chris Brown Executive Producer: Mark Gooder.animuspictures. Chris Manns Budget: £10. Tuppence Middleton. She has just won a place at Oxford University when in-crowd hunk Alexis asks her out on a HD. The ship appears deserted. she just can’t put her finger on why. Their main target.

120 min Production Company: Revolution Films. fax: +44 (0)20 7033 9383 email: mail@thebureau. the more difficult it is for Axl to admit who he really is. A heavy darkness has been upon him since he was five years old. Greece.46 Feature Films The Unloved Lucy is 11 years old. Andrew Eaton. Turkey . 124 Horseferry Road. beauty and transcendence. CIS. Having been neglected by her estranged mother and father. Barde thinks that Harald is set on Earth ‘only as a gladiator’ and forces him to participate in tournaments. England. South West Scotland Screen Commission. Vera just wants to forget hers and move on from recent heartbreak. Nordic Film and TV Fund. EM Media Unmade Beds Axl wants to find his long-lost father and rediscover his past. Vera embarks on a tentative romance with a charismatic stranger. England. Learning his father is an estate agent. Shoreditch. Revolution Films. Suzanne Alizart Screenwriter: Tony Producer: Soledad Gatti-Pascual. Czech and Slovak Republics.protagonistpictures. has transformed him from animal to human. Susan Lynch. Ewan UK Distributor: Channel 4. Molly Windsor. Her saving is her self-belief and her certainty that she is being watched over and protected by the Holy Spirit. earning Barde a lot of money. Director: Nicolas Winding Refn 2009. Portugal. Director: Samantha Morton 2009. UK International Sales: Protagonist International Sales: Wild Bunch. fax: +44 (0)141 287 9577 email: info@labelleallee. England. Meanwhile. London.vertigofilms. Through her eyes. But the more he discovers about his father’s new life. on this unbelievable journey. SW1P 2TX. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7428 7555 email: info@revolution-films. Mads Peter Ole Olsen.5 million Co-production: Denmark Funding: The Danish Film Institute. 61 Holland web: www. SW1P 1DE. 11 Francis Street.revolution-films. London. 92 min Production Company: The Bureau. India and Indian subcontinent. SW1P 1DE. 18 Phipp Street.labelleallee. BBC Films Territories: All available except Baltic States. France tel: +33 1 53 01 50 32. Richard Lintern Funding: Film4. EC2A 4NU. she insists on total anonymity — but becomes the victim of her own strategy when she finds herself falling in love. we follow Lucy’s struggle to cope with the system. Samantha Morton Editor: Colin Monie Director of Photography: Thomas Townend Production Designer: Jane Levick Cast: Robert Carlyle. ´ ¸ Michiel Huisman. England. Bulgaria. London. Iddo Goldberg. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7033 0555. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7306 International Sales: Protagonist Pictures. web: web: www. Glasgow Film Office. London. 35mm. Now he can enlighten it if he is just able to kill what. Director: Alexis Dos Santos 2009. Middle web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7428 7555. 35mm. German speaking Europe. 9A Dallington Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7306 8044 email: info@protagonistpictures. sprawling squat in the melting-pot of London’s hip East End. Henrik Danstrup Executive Producer: Christine Alderson. 99 rue de la Verrerie. Lauren Socha Funding: Channel 4.wildbunch. EM Media Valhalla Rising Harald is living a silent and miserable life captured by the chieftain Barde at Katanes in Scotland (around 1000 AD).com web: www. The Big Room Studios. Axl pretends to be a student looking for an apartment. fax: +44 (0)20 7306 8044 email: info@protagonistpictures. London. The Media Programme of the European Community. 100 min Production Company: La Belle Allee Productions. Michael Winterbottom. Scottish Screen. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7428 9264. 77 Fortess Road. England. Fernando Tielve. Johnny Anderson. Colombia. Thor Sigurjonsson Screenwriter: Nicolas Winding Refn Editor: Anne Østerud Director of Photography: Morten Søborg Music: Peter Kyed Cast: Mads Mikkelsen. UK Distributor: Vertigo Films. Peter Ettedgui Screenwriter: Alexis Dos Santos Editor: Olivier Bugge-Coutte Director of Photography: Jakob Ihre Production Designer: Kristian Milstead Cast: Deborah Producer: Kate Ogborn Executive Producer: Liza Marshall. Producer: Bo web: www. London. UK tel: +44 (0)141 287 9668. Hers is a heroic quest for love. Gary Lewis. 75004 Paris. UK Film Council. Lene Børglum. NW5 1AG. 11 Francis Street. Their stories interweave as they take up residence in a vibrant. fax: +33 1 53 01 50 49 web: www. Jamie Sives. fax: +44 (0)20 7485 9713 email: mail@vertigofilms. England. she is placed in a children’s home. G2 4NJ. Alexander Morton Budget: £3. EC1V 0BQ. To protect herself from further heartbreak.protagonistpictures. Former Yugoslavia.

Firat Ayverdi. Phyllis Ironside Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Production Designer: Stephen Bryce Music: Jim Sutherland Cast: Neil Leiper. ON. Post Production Office. 85 min Production Company: MeadKerr Ltd. fax: +33 1 53 10 33 98 email: info@filmsdistribution. Simon. while Austin finds contentment in the monotonous labour. Suite 1400. 110 min Production Company: Nord-Ouest Films. Armand Amar Cast: Vincent Production Company: Grand Pictures Ltd. 44 Fontenoy web: www. 34 rue du Louvre. however.000 Funding: Scottish Screen.grandpictures. EH6 8NP. HD. RTE Territories: All available except Canada . Scottish Screen. Gerard soon involves Myles and Austin in his dodgy dealings. Ewen Bremner. Don Wycherley Budget: £1. stuffed with cash. Morwenna Banks. Connor and Suzanne — two street working prostitutes who meet up again after many years apart. Scotland. Ewan Producer: Paul Donovan. Director: Caroline Paterson. M4W 3R8. BBC Scotland. Director: Phillippe Lioret 2009. Paul Thomas Hickey.5 million Co-production: Ireland Funding: Irish Film International Sales: E1 Entertainment International. Eric Tisserand Music: Nicolas Piovani. France tel: +33 1 53 20 47 20. Toronto. Kate Dickie. Scotland. Emmanuel Courcol. Owen Roe. UK email: griffin. EH6 5BG. create a new landmark in Irish tourism: a Famine Theme Park. Dublin 7. France tel: +33 1 53 10 33 99. Gerard. fax: +33 1 53 20 47 21 email: contact@nord-ouest. offer an escape route from their self-imposed imprisonment? And will it allow the pair to break their bond with each other? Director: Tom Hall 2009. An unforgettable and moving love story of two young people who cling to each other for hope and survival. North Tower. Fate. 175 Bloor Street East. sending them off to collect debts. each one of these layabouts is as useless as the other: a pair of thirtysomethings who laze around watching their lives flutter past. a man with a shark’s morality. Edinburgh. Producer: Wendy Griffin Executive Producer: Carole Sheridan. is fighting off the attentions of wealthy landowner Leonie. and chasing dubious businessman Liam Dullaley for money. has plans to remedy their lack of motivation.Feature Films 47 Wasted Wasted is an uncompromising and gritty film about two young International Sales: Films Distribution. 75001 Paris. and their friendship is stretched to breaking point. Emma Hartley Miller. Meanwhile web: www. Laurent Quaglio. Clare Kerr Executive Producer: Michael Garland Screenwriter: Arthur Mathews Director of Photography: Tim Fleming Production Designer: Laurel Wear Sound: John Cobban Music: Neil Hannon Cast: Ardal O’Hanlon. they decide to help a dodgy web: www.wendy8@gmail. 110 min Production Company: Wasted Productions Ltd. Stuart Davids Editor: James Hamilton. BBC Scotland. private investors Territories: All available Welcome To impress and regain his wife. UK tel: +44 (0)131 554 4539 email: clare@meadkerr. Ireland email: info@grandpictures. Canada email: cmickie@e1ent. takes the risk of secretly helping a young Kurd refugee who wants to cross the Channel swimming.e1entertainment. 75009 Paris. David Hayman Budget: £270. 41 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne. In fact. Up to their necks in Producer: Christophe Rossignon Executive Producer: Eve Machuel Screenwriter: Phillip Lioret. 3F3 1 Tinto Place. Myles looks forward to turning his life around when the job is completed. Stuart Davids 2009. Olivier Adam Editor: Andrea Sedlackova Director of Photography: Laurent Dailland Sound: Pierre Mertens. It is a picture of love and its pitiable fate in a loveless and harsh environment where the atmosphere is too sharp for even the tenderest of human life. David Hayman Screenwriter: Caroline Paterson. But can a brown envelope. 113 Leith Walk.filmsdistribution. a lifeguard at the swimming pool of Calais. Audrey Dana Co-production: France Wide Open Spaces Have you ever had a best friend you couldn’t stand? Myles has one — Austin — only he’s too much of a slacker to do anything about it. Wojciech Kilar.

Jennifer International Sales: Odyssey Entertainment Ltd. first loves. Dotty Lawrence Funding: Private . Marc Samuelson. England. UK tel: +44 (0)167 081 5901 email: info@bedefilms. Rupert Everett. With attempts to reconcile them failing. Nigel Green. But Victor finds he can’t bring himself to kill her. Eagle Iver. But their tempestuous relationship and attempts to escape cause him to betray his family. fax: +44 (0)20 7930 9399 email: he must choose between old friends and his new Michael Rose Executive Producer: Steve Christian. Emily 93 min Production Company: Magic Light UK Distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors Ltd. M Pullan. When the gangsters send another hitman to complete the job. UK tel: +44 (0)175 365 2778. Ashington. England. What ensues is a hilarious game of cat and mouse between Victor and the new hitman. Charlotte Walls Screenwriter: Lucinda Coxon Editor: Michael Parker Director of Photography: David Johnson Production Designer: Caroline Greville-Morris Cast: Bill Nighy. 94 min Production Company: Bede Films Ltd. NE63 8JS.magiclightpictures. WC2E 8BT. Entertainment Film Distributors Young Hearts Run Free Friendship. Nigel Thomas. England. Victor and Victor’s new apprentice Tony go on the run. Pinewood Studios. the unlikely trio of Rose. with Rose and Tony showing Victor there is more to life than he’d imagined. 35mm. He takes on an assignment to kill web: Producer: Martin Pope. London. 10A James Street. Eileen Atkins Funding: CinemaNX. Director: Andy Simpson 2009. web: www.48 Feature Films Wild Target Wild Target is a comedy about Victor.bedefilms. DV Cam. he becomes dangerously embroiled in the rioting of the strike. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7520 S O’Neil Screenwriter: Andy Simpson Editor: Mark Waters Director of Photography: David Beaumont Production Designer: Richard Reay Sound: Chris McQuillan Music: Robert Owen Cast: Andy Black. Riversdale. London. community and best friends. Lyndsey Lennon. 22 Kestrel Drive. Matador Pictures. a thoroughly respectable hitman. Director: Jonathan Lynn 2009. rebellion! 1974: Against the backdrop of a violent miners strike in their quiet Northumbrian village. a likeable teenage artist falls in love with the new girl from London. SL0 0NH. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7930 7744. Rupert Producer: Andy Simpson Executive Producer: Joyce Spencer. a free-spirited con artist who’s swindled a gangster out of a million. Daniel McCready. SW1Y web: www. Pinewood Road. Philippe Martin.entertainmentfilms. 108-110 Jemyn Street. Buckinghamshire. fax: +44 (0)175 365 5043 email: office@magiclightpictures. fax: +44 (0)20 7520 5611 email: sales@odysseyentertainment.

They reluctantly agree to reunite the cast of a legendary amateur Bollywood musical Pappa Kehta Hain to be restaged at the Pakistan Centre where they James grows increasingly concerned when the sinister owner of the guesthouse refuses to let him leave. Dario Cane Editor: Benedetto Lanfranco Director of Photography: Dennis Madden Sound: Jack Gilles Music: Gunnlang Thorvaldsdottir Cast: Andrea Puglisi. Digibeta. Buckinghamshire.Short Films 49 Adha Cup Ash and Shahid are two lazy and bored social workers. 16 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. Badi Uzzaman. St George’s Studios. St George’s Regional Screen Agency: Screen East. UK fax: +44 (0)20 7494 3650 email: annalise@wilder-films. fax: +44 (0)20 7255 1132 email: charles@cowboyfilms. Producer: Annalise Davis Executive Producer: Sam Burton Screenwriter: Emma Sullivan Editor: Agnieszka Liggett Director of Photography: Eduard Grau Production Designer: John Dempsey Music: Christian Henson Cast: Kika Markham. Lucia Lopez Editor: Orsolya Nagypal Director of Photography: Oliver Hermanus Cast: Jacqueline International Sales: Cowboy London.bright@lfs. London. W1T Glasgow. Beaconsfield. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161.screeneast. England. Monserrat Lombard Budget: £ Director: Ralitza Petrova email: petrova. Director: Mahdi Fleifel 2009. 14 min Production Company: Cowboy Films in association with Home Films the other looking for calm. Screen East Above Us Only Sky Two travel companions follow a coastal gale. NR2 1TF. they learn that they both need to break the 12:30 routine. 93-97 St George’s Road. Director: Martina Amati 2008. 16mm. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: mailglasgow@iwcmedia. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: c. 22 min 58 sec Production Company: IWC Media. 21 Goodge Street. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. they try to comfort each other if only for that web: web: www. Director: Sarmad Masud 2009. Ace Bhatti. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 web: www. England. web: www. 21 Goodge Street. UK tel: +44 (0)160 377 6920. HD. Station Road. Joseph Mawie.nfts. WC2H 9UB. Ralitza Petrova Screenwriter: Ralitza Petrova. Norfolk. fax: +44 (0)20 7255 1132 email: UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. Beaconsfield. A lost bracelet triggers her visit to the Producer: Nina Angeleri Executive Producer: Charles Steel Screenwriter: Martina Amati. 14 min 30 sec Production Company: London Film Production Company: Touchpaper web: www.cowboyfilms. 37C Lynette Avenue. HP9 1LG. Director: Flora Lau England. Producer: Vicki Patterson. London. Jas Steven Singh 12:30 Alice is a wife who suspects her husband is having an affair as he comes home at 12:30 every night.. W1T 2PJ. Mia UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 Zein Ja’Fur Funding: National Film and Television School After Tomorrow Returning to the village of his estranged wife. Michael Evelegh. fax: +44 (0)160 376 7191 email: info@screeneast. Felice Puglisi Budget: £15.000 Funding: National Film and Television School . Jai Armstrong Funding: London Film School A’Mare Andrea and Felice are two kids whose lives centre around the sea. Antonina Lewis. SW4 9HE. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222.iwcmedia. Through their odd interaction. Scotland. 15 min 50 sec Production Company: Wilder Films. 18 min Production Company: National Film and Television School.000 Funding: UK Film Council. HP9 web: www. Scotland. One hoping to be struck by lightning. Beaconsfield Studios.cowboyfilms. G3 6JA. Director: Ralitza Petrova 2008.lfs. England. Anthony Taylor Budget: £ 2 Millennium Plain. England.. Hailey. 24 Shelton Street. 93-97 St George’s Road. HD. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7612 Producer: Anna Stuart. One day during a fishing excursion their usual routine is disturbed when something unexpected appears from the water. UK email: kate. G3 6JA. Claire Hackett. Glasgow. Station Road. Beaconsfield Studios. web: www.000 Co-production: Italy Funding: Cowboy Films 4 Weeks How long after a breakup can you bear to see your ex with someone new? Especially if that someone is a bald Italian . Jack Ravenscroft Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Sarmad Masud Editor: David Gibson Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Rez Kempton. Director: Emma Sullivan 2008.ralitza@googlemail. Shelley Castle Editor: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen Director of Photography: Felix Wiedemann Sound: Susannah Lawrence Cast: Tim Plester. Balvinder Producer: Orsolya Nagypal Screenwriter: Flora Producer: Alexander Ronnberg Screenwriter: Mahdi Fleifel Editor: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen Director of Photography: Vanessa Whyte Production Designer: Max Berman Music: Jon Opstad Cast: Brian Lonsdale.croft@touchpapertv. London.

uk web: www.500 Funding: BBC Bristol Film Lab Alfonso Lighthouse bound. his mother does his head UK email: Producer: Alastair Nicholls Screenwriter: Laura Kelly Editor: James Uren Director of Photography: Martin Uren Cast: Adrian Annis. E3 4JG. isolation and unconditional love. If you hoard your dreams. she finds something surprising amongst the titles. HD. 24 Shelton Street. Two women do the same in a hotel room. Chas Teckham-Frazer Cast: Kate Dickie. Alfonso chronicles his affinity with nature awaiting his end. London.bright@lfs. Producer: George Chan Screenwriter: Timothy X Atack Editor: Stuart Davies Director of Photography: Rob McGregor Production Designer: Jodie Harris Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw. 6 min 40 sec Production Company: 2 Plus 2 Films. Edinburgh Napier University. Director: Timothy X Atack 2008. OT Fagbenle Budget: £3. Robert Walker Music: John Eccles Cast: James Martin. London. 10 min 45 sec Production Company: Sticky Moon. 4 min 52 sec Producer: Trine Dam Ottosen email: trine@bo43. Gavin Mitchell Akbulak Olja is spending her summer holiday with her grandmother in Russia. fax: +44 (0)20 7928 9065 email: producer@stickymoon. But who is who and who is going with whom? Director: Ilaria D’Elia 2009. 10 min 8 sec Production Company: Movintargit. 59 Portia web: WC2H 9UB. she gets to rediscover her roots. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 Producer: Danielle Stickley Screenwriter: Julian Kerridge Editor: Jonathan Entwistle Director of Photography: Christopher Stones Production Designer: Claudia Brewster Sound: Kristian Edwards Music: Michael Kirk Cast: Jack Guttman. Michelle Holmes. But the loudness of Rhona’s reality is difficult to Producer: Suzanne Reid Screenwriter: Lisa Maria Baruffati. A claustrophobic psychological thriller about loss. sails into Alfonso’s care and he opens his heart to a new legacy. London. Scotland. Scotland. Bow. Zoe Iqbal.belcourt@homecall. HD. Karina Kurmangalinova Screenwriter: Tatiana Korol Editor: Anna Meller.50 Airport Security If we aren’t safe in our own homes. England. Caitlin Reid Budget: £750 . England. stops by one evening. With her childhood friend. Corin Campbell-Hill. Sergey Vidrashku Budget: £10. G20 6BQ. Director: Tatiana Korol 2008. Claudia Telling Budget: £8. UK email: Producer: Tatiana Korol. 13 min 14 sec Main: Tanuja Amarasuriya email: tamarasuriya@hotmail. Director: Trine Dam Ottosen 2008. Flat 1/1.000 Funding: Private Another Thing Two girls say goodbye in a deserted schoolyard. RED.000 Funding: Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University All of Me All of Me intimately explores the female heart. 41 Kelvinside Gardens. s16mm. Alina Udaeva Cast: Janina Rudenska. but when Maria seizes control their desperate struggle leads to surprising and disturbing consequences. and there’s the boat! That big daft. Daryl is going nowhere Producer: Chris Belcourt Screenwriter: Cheryl Belcourt Editor: Bill Gill Director of Photography: George Geddes Production Designer: Cheryl Belcourt Sound: Travis Reeves Music: Paul Napier. as Rhona surrenders herself to a Billie Holiday song playing upstairs.. A daughter. the country she left eight years ago. stupid stuck boat . Julia Jack Budget: £5.lfs. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7401 8407. Alison King Funding: London Film School Angel Maria awakens to Johnny’s sinister behaviour. Gareth White. fax: +44 (0)131 455 2538 email: info@screenacademyscotland. 12 min 21 sec Director: Tatiana Korol email: tankorol@yahoo. Director: Cheryl Belcourt 2009. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: c. UK tel: +44 (0)131 455 2572. Unit 8. Charlotte Fleming. entrusted to the sea. Erica. washed up and pissed off. Chris Dennis Director of Photography: George Geddes Production Designer: Aoife McKim Sound: Claire Abercrombie. just where are we safe? Director: James Uren 2008. Edinburgh. Anna Kerth. Director: Lisa Maria Baruffati 2009. Marc McRae Music: Maria Vatenina. Milla Kaminskaya. HDV. Jelena Goldbach. 14 min 33 sec Production Company: Screen Academy Scotland.. SE1 0HS. His ‘not quite’ girlfriend wants to get on Coronation Street. Glasgow. Sam Producer: Derry Wilkinson Executive Producer: Matthieu de Braconier Screenwriter: Ilaria D’Elia Editor: Guy Morley Director of Photography: Simon Minett Music: Chris Ayles Cast: Anna Wilson-Jones. Dean Roberts. D’Arcy MacLean Director of Photography: Katarzyna Sobocinska Sound: Dominick Schofield.000 Funding: Private All My Dreams on VHS James never misses his dreams — he records them straight to VHS using Dreamspoon wireless Producer: Trine Dam Ottosen Screenwriter: Trine Dam Ottesen Editor: Daniel Bujega Director of Photography: Filip Syczynski Sound: Christos Michalakos Cast: Kirsty Strain. it’s the last time they’ll see each other as one of them is moving to Australia. EH10 HD. 12 min 22 sec Production Company: London Film School. But when a work colleague. HD. Angela Peters Budget: £700 Funding: Self-funded Short Films All Day Breakfast 19 years old. 30 Great Guildford Street. Rachel Hart. Amanda Douge.screenacademyscotland. England. someone is going to want to watch them. 2A Merchiston Avenue. Director: Julian Kerridge

and what to do about an engine that doesn’t work. Tarl Caple. Alex Lanipekun Aquaphobic Somewhere off the coasts of Ireland and Scotland two friends are discussing the finer points of life: fear of open spaces. 51 Grand Parade. Glasgow. 3rd Floor. Amy Barnes. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444. 16mm.000 Funding: BBC Electric Proms New Music Shorts Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. 22 min 6 sec Production Company: IWC Media. Can a perfect moment be preserved forever? Director: James Lees 2008. 7 min 50 sec Production Company: The Hobo Film Company.northernirelandscreen. Belfast. his girlfriend and the art of vacuum packing. Vyse Producer: Ranita Charitkul Screenwriter: Joel Meire. Barry Etherson Funding: UK Film Council. 14 min 27 sec Production Company: Producer: Jack Ravenscroft. 2 min 30 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Director: Erica Herbert 2009. N Ireland. England. 14 min Director: Erica Herbert email: Producer: Amelie Chicoye Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Omar R Hamilton Director of Photography: Darta Kalnina Music: Hans Ness Cast: JC Mac Budget: £1. Glasgow. Director: Matt Curry 2008. G3 web: www. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. BT5 Producer: Libby Durdy Screenwriter: David Whitehouse Editor: William Bridges Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Sound: Steve Parker. UK email: kate. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen.000 Funding: Private The Archivist A man explores his dual obsessions. 54 Leicester G3 6JA. her friends. RED. England. BT2 8ED. Executive Producer: Dan Lawson Screenwriter: Matthew Cooke. St George’s Studios. Sensitive writer Sam and charismatic music producer Ashley are polar opposites and neither knows about the other! But when Claudia discovers she is pregnant. Northern Ireland Screen Arthur’s Lore Arthur’s Lore is a fantasy action comedy that updates the Legend of King Arthur to the modern day. N Ireland. Screen WM April April is a surrealist and stylish short.. Director: Matthew Cooke. Kate web: www. Birmingham. 21 Alfred web: www. England. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222. B18 0NF. Director: Santosh Kapse 2008. the fact that they have no oars. s16mm. St George’s fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: production@screenwm.Short Films 51 Are You Ready to Meet? A dreamy sequence of a man trying to save a girl from committing suicide . Paul McParland Director of Photography: Paul McParland Production Designer: Barry Etherson Sound: Robert Thompson Music: Conor Teahan Cast: Brian Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Producer: Matt Curry Screenwriter: Barry Etherson Editor: Matt Curry. HD. Shonagh Marshall Budget: £5. Vincent Lund Editor: Matthew Cooke. Warren Pole Editor: Erica Main: Touchpaper TV. Ross Fook Budget: £10. 93-97 St George’s Road.500 Funding: UK Film Council. Adrian Murray Director of Photography: Neaw Rangsiyawath Production Designer: Erica Herbert Sound: Simone Filiali Music: Denis Ducasse Cast: Howard Swinson.500 Funding: London Film Academy Apples & Oranges Claudia is a carefree young black teacher who loves her job. Vicki Patterson Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Trevor Williams Editor: Paul Endacott Director of Photography: Dom Kersey Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Simone James. who or what will she choose? Director: Magali Charrier 2009. Antrim. UK email: james@thehobofilmcompany. Keith Parry Budget: £5. Rutland. in a beautiful story about what it is to love and to never let go. Valene Kane. Richard Lewis Music: Wild Beasts Cast: Finlay 9 Regent Place. Alfred House. SW6 1QR. 93-97 St George’s Road. has a series of dreams which change her life forever. how the tide is dragging them out to sea. West Midlands. 12 min 19 sec Production Company: Bluebird Media. UK email: matt@rapidpics. Digibeta. and her two men. Scotland. a young woman with a warm heart and natural beauty. LE15 Scotland. Nathan Stewart Jarrett. The Big Peg. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120. 52A Walham Grove.iwcmedia. Unit 410F. Vincent Lund Director of Photography: Vincent Lund Sound: Martin Clarke Music: Audio Network plc Cast: Jamie Sutherland. Philip Hedgecock. UK tel: +44 (0)289 022 9046 email: matt@bluebirdni. Birmingham. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy.. April. B1 web: www. Vincent Lund 2008. as he battles the evil creatures of Dark Lore. Belfast. her life. Uppingham.

uk Producer: Georgie Weedon. Constantinos Danikas. 11 min Director: Nimer Rashed email: nrashed@mac. 10 min 20 sec Production Company: RSA Films.filmlondon. England. 16mm. Charles is terminally ill.northernfilmschool. England. Director: Alastair Mackay 2009. 35mm. Godstone. 17 min 3 sec Production Company: Northern Film School. E1 LU1 2EY. Mary refuses to let him go. When they discover an abandoned baby on the banks of the Fuji river. Graham Bowe Budget: £15.000 Funding: Northern Film Producer: Johann Insanally Screenwriter: Barney Cokeliss. UK email: sf2@hotmail. Pooky Quesnel Co-production: USA Behind the Curtain A short film about one man’s will to give up on life and how that affects people around him. Archie Panjabi.10. Rory McCallum. Damien Thomas. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. But is the agency for real or is it part of Richard’s imagination? Director: Ged Cleugh 2009. Luton. poet Basho and his loyal servant Chiri set out on a long journey.500 Funding: London Film Academy Be Good Bale Bale tells the story of two groups of teenagers on one long summer’s day in rural England. The Tea Building. HD. A caretaker. 6 Enterdent. visits daily to help take care of Charles. 9 min 22 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Katerina Savrani Budget: £10. 56 Shoreditch High Street. Zee Asha Budget: £1. or her Producer: Ged Cleugh. London. JV Kelly Editor: Bill Smedley Director of Photography: Olivier Cariou Cast: Finlay fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon. and more importantly how they won’t let him. they are presented with a terrible dilemma. John Mahoney. Lily tries to persuade Mary every day to take Charles to a home where he can be looked after by professionals. 42 Beak Street. England. SW6 1QR. fax: +44 (0)113 812 8080 email: n. Greek National Television/Drama Department . Dai Tabuchi Attention Mary and Charles are an elderly couple. London. The Hat Producer: David Allison. 52A Walham Grove. Vanessa Mallinson. UK email: aryders@yahoo. Surrey. Director: Sylvia Howard 2008. Traumatic events from his childhood haunt his dreams and everyday web: www. decisions they’ll have to live with forever. Somehow or other. Nayef Rashed Budget: £9. Laura Howard. 1 Millennium Square. Finn web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 England. London. As his violent flashbacks intensify he approaches the mysterious Ascension web: www. Rose Wicksteed Screenwriter: Nimer Rashed Editor: Richard Smither Director of Photography: Stuart Biddlecombe Cast: Georgina Leonidas. Riz Ahmed. Adapted from Sam Hamill’s translation of Matsuo Basho’s Travelogue of the Weather-Beaten Bones. Director: Barney Cokeliss 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)113 812 8035. 8 min 8 sec Production Company: Stampede Ltd. Chanel Cresswell Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund One man’s mission to do the right thing. Stephen Fingleton Screenwriter: Babak Gray Editor: David Charap Director of Photography: Damian Daniels Production Designer: Kimie Nakano Sound: Carlos Soto Music: Clive Bell Cast: Yoshi Oida.000 Funding: UK Film Cara Producer: Andrew Ryder Screenwriter: Alastair Mackay Editor: Mark Trend Director of Photography: Liam Iangoli Production Designer: James Newcombe Sound: Molinare Spool Music: Christoph Bausinger Cast: Michael Socha. W1F Producer: Dimitre Sarkis Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Amelie Chicoye Editor: Arup Chowdhury Director of Photography: John Paul Lancaster Production Designer: Lucy Bullen Sound: Jamie Stanton Music: Chris Cray Cast: Jennie Lathan. s16mm. 16mm. Director: Babak Gray 2008. Electric Press. 29 min 59 sec Producer: Ged Cleugh email: gedcleugh@hotmail. 14 min Production Company: Elephant Gun Films. Perry Fitzpatrck. Leeds. Friends are forced to make decisions of conscience. Suite UK tel: +44 (0)20 7437 7426 email: barney-joy@rsafilms. Stathis Producer: Caleb Shaffer Screenwriter: Dimitris Bavellas Editor: Oskar Idin Director of Photography: Yannis Fotou Cast: Dimosthenis Director: Dimitris Bavellas 2009.52 The Ascension Agency Richard is a loner on the edge. Leeds Metropolitan University. RH9 8EG. Daniel Birt Editor: Caleb Williams Director of Photography: Jordan Cushing Cast: Jason Baughan. Film London Basho In seventeenth century Regional Screen Agency: Film London. HD. Daniel Birt Screenwriter: Ged Cleugh. Director: Nimer Rashed 2008. LS2 3AD. his last hope of salvation. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711.000 Funding: Independent Short Films Baghdad Express A young girl working in her father’s Arabic restaurant is forced to decide which comes first — her dreams. England. Lily.

co. HD. Poole. Brian Macardie Budget: £2. London. Danny Webb Funding: National Film and Television School Black Taxi A Belfast Troubles black taxi tour trip ends in deception. Ardross Community Council. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. fax: +44 (0)120 253 7729 web: www. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. Digibeta. DV Ben-Cheung Liao. HD. who will stop at nothing to protect himself and his family. But when Dennis Tanter comes into David’s life. 19 min 55 sec Production Company: Young Films. web: www. Danny Sura.000 Funding: Scottish Screen. Keisha Watson . Kate Director: Ming-Ying Lin 2009. England. Station Road. UK tel: +44 (0)131 554 4539 email: Producer: Daniel Turner Screenwriter: Daniel Turner Editor: Ben Hooton Director of Photography: Zac Halberd Cast: Jordan Pitt.lfs. but puts her in a dilemma between her desire for true love and her responsibility to her family. Unbeknownst to them Duncan watches. Black Holes is a story about love and obsession. DV Producer: Helen Taylor Screenwriter: Stephen Trumble Editor: Zackary Allnutt Director of Photography: Fran Herbert Cast: Graham Hornsby. England. you have to be in love. G2 4NJ. Steve Ryland. and eventually destroys them. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: c. Jonathon Wrather. c/o Arts Institute at Bournemouth.j. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. Beaconsfield Studios. UK tel: +44 (0)120 253 3011. WC2H web: www. Jamie Partridge Budget: £3. Kirsty Director: Daniel Turner 2008. 16mm. Skillset. WD6 1JG. 61 Holland Street. Hertfordshire. EH6 8NP. Kieran Cassidy Co-production: Spain Believe Believe is the story of one man’s grief and desperation following the death of his wife. Producer: Rhianna Andrews Screenwriter: Paul Wright Editor: Maya Maffioli Director of Photography: Benjamin Kracun ˘ Production Designer: Natalie Astridge ´ Sound: Gunnar Oskarsson Cast: Michael Smiley. B29 7HH. Director: Stephen Trumble web: www. N Ireland.000 Funding: Northern Ireland Screen Big Mistake The terrible consequences of accidentally leaving your cellphone on. UK tel: +44 (0)141 221 Producer: Ming-Ying Lin Screenwriter: Ming-Ying Lin Editor: Ming-Ying Lin Director of Photography: Ji Hwan Park Cast: Jean Su. Dan Gordon Budget: £30. 6 min Production Company: MeadKerr Ltd. Birmingham. how far will they go to get him out of it? Director: Konstantinos Frangopoulos 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2454 email: christine@northernirelandscreen. John Maxwell Building.800 Funding: Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Their affair saves her from despair. Katie Clegg. HP9 1LG. Beaconsfield. Jonathan Featherston. Director: Colin McIvor 2009. England. Edinburgh. how do you destroy another person’s life? Firstly. UK tel: +44 (0)121 288 Films 53 Black Widow A woman takes revenge on the ruthless drug traffickers who killed her man. fax: +44 (0)141 229 0519 email: rhianna@youngfilms. 12 min 11 sec Producer: Helen Taylor.000 Funding: Metro Ecosse Black Holes Jenny and Oliver are a couple like any other. Shenley web: www. Glasgow. Highland Council Big Mistake After an accident on a deserted road a man has to make a life or death decision. Matthew Judd.oneill@googlemail. 5 min 30 sec Production Company: Stickleback Productions. 24 Shelton Producer: Barry Paton Screenwriter: Heather Day Editor: Minttu Manhennen Director of Photography: Scott Ward Cast: John Comerford. After years of a lonely marriage. 17 min 30 sec Production Company: London Film School. BT2 8ED. Elstree Film & Television Studios. 21 Alfred Street. Gillian Twaite. Selly Park. 30 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. Ewan Producer: Sunny Midha Screenwriter: Ryan Baxter Editor: Mikael Svartdahl Director of Photography: Brian Fawcett Production Designer: Kiera Tudway Sound: Linda Brenon Music: Roger Goula Cast: Alec Newman. Bournemouth Screen Academy Belonging May is a Vietnamese bride in Producer: Brendan O’Neill Executive Producer: Brendan O’Neill Screenwriter: Brendan O’Neill Editor: John Hill-Daniel Director of Photography: Stuart Mills Production Designer: Brendan O’Neill Sound: John Hill-Daniel Music: Phil Mountford Cast: Tamsin Hunt. BH12 5HH. Jim Producer: Katy Jackson Screenwriter: Colin McIvor Editor: Jonathan Featherston Director of Photography: Mark Garrett Cast: Paddy Jenkins. Buckinghamshire. Borehamwood. Natalie O’Donnell. Steve Nicolson. 113 Leith Walk. 5 min Production Company: Magician Pictures Ltd. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8324 2291. a young Vietnamese migrant worker comes into her life. Director: Paul Wright 2009. Scotland. mistaken identity and burning fishnet web: www. England. Director: Brendan O’Neill 2008. Director: Adrian Mead 2008. 23 Oakfield Road. England.aib. fax: +44 (0)20 8324 2333 email: admin@magician-pictures. fax: +44 (0)121 345 0949 email: Scotland. Paul Thomas Hickey Budget: £70. Unit 40. Nai-Han Hsu Funding: London Film School Blackwater David has always lived in the shadow of his older manipulates. 10 min UK Distributor: Northern Ireland Screen. Wallisdowne.

000 Funding: UK Film UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: UK tel: +44 (0)113 203 6161. Blame is a short haunting tale of a life-changing day for Mr Keller. London. Leeds. Cassie Cassidy. BS1 5BT. fax: +44 (0)113 203 6162 email: natashaa@mezzofilms.swscreen. A loving husband. England. South West Screen Blue Anthony watches a boxing match with his nephew. Looped For Pleasure Cast: Anthony Stewart. 3B Electric Avenue. Julia Caithness Screenwriter: Geoffrey Taylor Editor: Tom Reynolds Director of Photography: Fred Reed Sound: Eifion Jones Music: Martin Jones Cast: Indi Syson. Director: Gary Scullion 2008. a man who. England. Director: Geoffrey Taylor 2008. Lewins web: www. A friendship builds in a short space of time which helps them both along. TS17 8JH. Director: Kole Onile-ere ´ 2009. has been accepted by a prestigious boarding Producer: Caroline McKenzie Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Jamie Stanton Editor: Omar R Hamilton Director of Photography: Alice Caronna Production Designer: Lucia Peralta Sound: Darta Kalnina Music: Igor Correia Cast: Darren Daly. fax: +44 (0)20 7274 2222 email: studio@b3media.b3media. Bristol. Lewis Devey. a talented young boy from a working class home. 17 North Hill Road. Director: Ronak Singh 2009. England. UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 9977. London. Studio 22.54 Blame Set around a small community in the East End of London. George Mayson. Leeds. B3 Media Boy Producer: Andrew Hinton Executive Producer: Dominique Oliver. But on the eve of his leaving his father Tony has doubts about letting his son go. Marc Boothe Screenwriter: Juliet Ellis Editor: Dan Robinson Director of Photography: Maeve O’Connell Production Designer: Philip A Brown Sound: Libero Colimberti. DVC Pro HD. One night Danny sees a chance to reach across and connect the two after he shares in a secret magical encounter. England. Jake Norton Budget: £9. upon discovering that his son has been murdered. Thornaby. Bristol. a doubt that only the school headmaster might have a gamble at erasing. 52A Walham Grove. 1 Gas Ferry Road. Adrian Black Short Films Blue Saskia Burton has it all. 6 min 33 sec Production Company: Calling The Shots. s16mm.screenyorkshire. DVC Pro HD. Simran (a bride) and Aidan (a groom) meet whilst trying to escape their families’ lectures. the other his mother’s world.000 Funding: Self-funded . 7 min 43 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Spangles. Dan Steele Music: Dan Steele. Anthony heads to the shops. BS1 6UN. 16 min Production Company: Concept Picture. SW9 8JY. HD. 13 min Production Company: Mezzo Films. 12 min Producer: Severine Hamilton ´ email: SW6 Producer: Steve Gear. Poppy Jhakra. James Carlton. UK email: ron4k@hotmail. Ralph Laurila. Jovan. England. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen.callingtheshots. 22 Clarendon Road. Joel Stephenson. LS6 2EN. England. a beautiful apartment and a successful career as an artist. Tierleoni Boukhedenna. and returns to eerie silence in the flat. Digibeta. But when temptation calls will she resist or will she risk everything? Director: Marco van Belle 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Stockton-onTees. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7274 Producer: Severine Hamilton ´ Screenwriter: Kole Onile-ere ´ Editor: Jake Wynne Director of Photography: Simon Archer Production Designer: Pally Kainth Sound: Jake Wynne Music: Anthony Brown Cast: Todd Carty.000 Funding: UK Film Council. LS2 7EY. 15 min Production Company: B3 web: www. Screen Yorkshire Breathe Danny is a boy who lives in two worlds. ´ Cathy McKinnon Budget: £6. 46 The web: www. Dennis Hobson Budget: £13. West Yorkshire. St Bartholomews Court.000 Funding: UK Film Council. One full of magic and Producer: Ronak Singh Screenwriter: Angela Jobson Editor: Michael Pentney Director of Photography: James Mcaleer Production Designer: Ronak Singh Sound: Tommy Hair Music: Philip Armstrong Cast: Mark Stobbart. must decide what to do with the killer. UK tel: +44 (0)117 930 0101 email: web: Fiayo Akinade. Bill Fellows Budget: £4. tiresome and dull. Jeremy Routledge Executive Producer: Sarah-Jane Meredith. Godfrey Salter Budget: £ Producer: Natasha Arciniega Executive Producer: Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Alison Pennells Editor: Paul Davis Director of Photography: Fabian Wagner Production Designer: Dave George Sound: Adam Steel Music: Spike Scott Cast: Sophia Di Martino. Adeela Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen.500 Funding: London Film Academy Bride and Gloom In a chaotic venue two weddings take place. Director: Juliet Ellis 2009. Electric Avenue Studios. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire.

28 min Production Company: London Film Director: Nicolas Ureta Stagnaro ´ Producer: Jamie Quantrill. Director: Jamie Quantrill. BT2 8ED. Belfast. Paulene Patricks Budget: £2. England. B5 5SE.000 Funding: First Light Movies Careful Carl A man is so pathologically careful that he ends up making one of the worst mistakes any human can Beaconsfield Studios. Director: Roderick Fenske 2008. 24 Shelton Producer: David McCrea. He struggles to get work and survives by doing jobs he is over-qualified for. with his love for Luca playing part in his decision. Brian Russo Editor: Kate Owen Director of Photography: Luke Scott Cast: Kiki Kendrick. Guy Myhill 2009. Kezia Burrows. Station Road. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452.firstlightmovies. Station Road. Beaconsfield. HP9 1LG. or go back to his One goal. Peter Henderson Budget: £14. 15 min Director: Adam Hutchings email: adamhutchings@yahoo. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. Purnima web: web: www. DVC Pro HD. WC2H 9UB. England. stay and keep trying.northernirelandscreen. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: Director: Nicolas Ureta Stagnaro ´ email: Producer: Michelle Eastwood Screenwriter: Ralitza Petrova Editor: Hazel Baillie Director of Photography: Dan Stafford-Clark Production Designer: James Spencer Sound: Gunnar Oskarsson Music: Stuart Earl Cast: Artur Albrecht Budget: £12. Liam McMahon. Northern Ireland Screen .bright@lfs. Beaconsfield. 37 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. a 27 year-old Chilean journalist. Laura Rees Screenwriter: Mahalia Rimmer Editor: Judith Allen Director of Photography: Vanessa Whyte Music: Jon Opstad Cast: Charles Mnene. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. Phil Snowden. The web: www. N Ireland. Ben Willens Budget: £11. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. Digibeta. Natasha Producer: Tony Purves Screenwriter: Adam Hutchings Editor: Lois Bygrave Director of Photography: Erik Wilson Cast: Brendan Patricks. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: 11 min Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Screen. Director: Adam Hutchings 2008. Beaconsfield Studios. Screenwriter: Jamie Quantrill. she struggles to separate her fantasies of fame from the realities of her life. Producer: Tom Green. Victoria Eyabunoh. HDV. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. Rob Watkins Music: Rock Tony Wadham. s16mm.jpquantrill. Director: Ralitza Petrova 2009. 10 min 18 sec Director: Roderick Fenske email: roderickkatefenske@mac. Rio Phillips Funding: National Film and Television School The Carnival Queen When Imelda wins her small town beauty web: www. Stephen Don.000 Funding: National Film and Television School Brixton 85 A young man’s actions in 1985 bring terror to the last place he ever wanted to harm and spark violence in a community that demanded to be heard.000 Funding: Self-funded By the Grace of God A journey into the world of Juergen. lives in London with Producer: David Welch Screenwriter: Nicolas Ureta Stagnaro Editor: Javier Correa Director of Photography: Ewan Mulligan Production Designer: Claudia Brewster Sound: Ioannis Pavlides. Director: David McCrea 2008. whose delusions of grandeur lead him to England in search of his sovereign right to the throne. Stephen Don Screenwriter: David McCrea Editor: Michael Corish Director of Photography: Conor Rotherhan Music: Sarah McCulley Cast: Bronagh Taggart. 21 Alfred web: www. England. London.Short Films 55 The Capgras Tide A man returns home from hospital convinced his father is an web: www. 180–182 Fazeley UK Distributor: First Light Movies. 16mm. Guy Myhill. DV Cam. Manuela Martelli. He will have to make a decision. In an attempt to prove his theory he uncovers a more shocking truth. Guy Myhill Cast: Ieva Mariano Serjai. Alfred House. 3rd Floor. Alex Wussah. Grazvydas Valionis Budget: £2. 12 min 30 sec Director: Jamie Quantrill email: jpquantrill@gmail.nfts. Martin Bendel. Michael Lindall Co-production: Chile Funding: London Film School Brolio Ivartis (The Brother’s Goal) One brother. HP9 1LG. Jazzanova Cast: Tiago Correa. 35mm. Director: Tom Green 2009. Producer: Veronica Saez Screenwriter: Roderick Fenske. One sister.000 Funding: Private The Bridge Pablo.ralitza@googlemail.500 Funding: UK Film Council. UK tel: +44 (0)121 753 4866 email: info@firstlightmovies. Guy Myhill Editor: Jamie Quantrill Director of Photography: Jamie Director: Ralitza Petrova email: petrova. a tormented provocateur without a past. England. 14 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. a Chilean student.

Gillian Pittaway. He sets out for work as a comedy chicken advertising a fast food restaurant. ´ 241-251 Ferndale Road.screenwm. HD. 13 min Production Company: No Paper SW12 0HE. Director: Alanna Riddell 2008. Eden Rae Nathenson Budget: £4. fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: Producer: Paul Sangam Screenwriter: Gavin Whitfield Editor: Chris Janschke Director of Photography: Sam Mitchell Cast: Jole Beckett. Andrew TB Hole Director of Photography: TB Hole Sound: P Swales Music: P Swales Cast: Elizabeth A Cuff.500 Funding: London Film Academy Caterpillar Nathan is an intelligent. Terry uses the only means available to re-establish his relationship with Michelle and give her the present she longs for. Rachel Carter Screenwriter: John Maidens Editor: Robert Edmonds. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. 9 Regent Place. 21 Alfred Street. Bim Ajadi Director of Photography: Mark Hammond Production Designer: Emma Minshull Music: Jeremy Harrison Cast: Mikey Riddington-Smith. David D Darko Budget: £200 Funding: Self-funded. UK email: antonio@storymakers-tv. The consequences are bitter-sweet. England. two strangers struggle to maintain an already fractured Producer: Omar R Hamilton Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Jonny O’Donnell Editor: Dimitrie Sarkis Director of Photography: Lubov Podgornaya Sound: Ceri Payne Music: Igor Correia Cast: Sebastien Street. Director: Darren Darko 2008. Director: Carolina Luna 2008. Alix Dunmore Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund Christmas Time It’s Christmas. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444. 16mm. West Midlands.500 Funding: Private Cheyne Stoking A dark reverie on the consequences of alcohol abuse in which David Evans is forced to confront his repressed guilt. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Matt McArdle Budget: £10. 3rd web: www. University of Glamorgan . Bronagh Producer: Nick Fernandez Screenwriter: Ben Winter Editor: Ben Winter Director of Photography: Malcolm Edmonds Sound: Vincent Watts Music: Ross Power Cast: James Cartwright. sensitive and natureloving boy on the brink of his teenage years. 8 min 13 sec Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Screen. England.000 Funding: UK Film Producer: Villi Ragnarsson Screenwriter: Alanna Riddell Editor: Derek Producer: Michael Ford. 87A Haverhill Road. London. Director: John Maidens 2008. B1 3NJ.000 Funding: UK Film Council. HD. HD/RED. She believes that he has been at sea. 15 min Producer: Paul Sangam email: Catching the Bus A suicide pact formed in an internet chatroom leads to a fateful encounter between an unlikely pair. Belfast. Unit 412. BT2 8ED. 8 min Producers: Tim Hole & Darren Darko email: larevolutionsurrealiste@gmail. TB Hole Screenwriter: Darren Darko Editor: Darren Darko. Antonio Rui Ribeiro Executive Producer: Jahlia Osha Screenwriter: Antonio Rui Ribeiro Editor: Antonio Rui Ribeiro Director of Photography: Barlomiej Sienkiewicz Cast: Bodelle de Ronde. Pooky Quesnel. Screen WM The Chapel Having found what appears to be a safe refuge in an old church. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8675 8501 email: info@nopapercuts. Jonathan Redmond Budget: £1. England. s16mm. Ex-convict Terry is seeing his seven year-old daughter Michelle for the first time since his release. HD. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120. 34 min 36 sec Production Company: Storymakers TV & Films. N Ireland. London. Mark Spalding Budget: £ web: www. under increasing pressure from his boss. Director: Ben Winter 2009.000 Funding: Private Short Films Chains A day in the life of Joanne. Nick Ewans. England. SW6 Producer: Darren Darko. Harry Konstantis. Ellie Dickens. Northern Ireland Screen Chicken Dan has had an endless run of bad luck. Balham. Bon Marche Producer: Jahlia Osha. Director: Zoe Nathenson 2009. a little girl obsessed with Houdini and perfecting the ultimate escape. But no-one will take him seriously and. Alfred House. Birmingham. 16 min 5 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. Alanna Riddell Director of Photography: Ryan Kernaghan Production Designer: Anna McCaughtry Cast: Amber O’Doherty. Jo O’Grady Budget: £ SW9 8BJ. HDV. Director: Antonio Rui Ribeiro 2009. he becomes desperate. 52A Walham Grove. 11 min 4 sec Production Company: London Film Academy.northernirelandscreen. Today his uncle Mike arrives to take him and his rebellious best friend Connor on their first hunt. London.

Sarah MacDonald Hughes.northernmedia.000 Funding: Private The Circle Unsure if it is a nightmare. 16 min Director: Heinz Kloihofer email: utopia_bnw@hotmail. following our heroine on a journey towards her ultimate goal. Northern Film & Media Cinema of Horror Three film students see their world through the fantasy of the Asian genre cinema which inspires them. England. Richard Hadley Director of Photography: Richard Hadley Cast: Clemency action-packed and satirical story of a dangerous secret club set up within the basements of a nice presentable British high school. Morgan Overton Budget: £35. Director: Heinz Kloihofer 2009. 42-44 Beak Street. It’s a film with a twist that asks difficult questions of us all. Chris Chapman Editor: Mark Lediard Director of Photography: Simon August Cast: Cliff Burnett.000 Funding: In-kind Clean Off Clean Off is a story about racism and terrorism. Director: Simon Bates 2008. Bradford MDC. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: info@northernmedia. 8 min 14 sec Production Company: Congo Red Films. Then. Director: Steven Boyle Producer: Jon Stubbs Screenwriter: Steven web: www. Malook Singh. sexual and raw nature of the financial world. Forth Street. 14 min Director: Alex Edwards email: alex@alex-edwards. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7432 3155. Lyons Producer: Ben Blair Screenwriter: Ben Producer: Alex Heathcote Screenwriter: Clare Perry Editor: Piers Douglas Director of Photography: Gerry Floyd Production Designer: Richard Maris Sound: Duncan Brooker Music: Felt Music Cast: Mark Benton. Emma Pollard. W1F 9RH. unwillingly. Director: Peter M Kershaw 2009. fax: +44 (0)20 7734 4978 email: alex-joy@rsafilms. He becomes locked. Jenni Lander Sound: Dave Aston. Hannah Lucas.clockedfilm. Andreas Producer: Alex Edwards Screenwriter: Alex Edwards Editor: Nick Swinglehurst Director of Photography: Stuart White Sound: Daniel Pugh Music: Nicolette Corcoran. or a complete lapse into a schizophrenic reality. Producer: Heinz Kloihofer Screenwriter: Heinz Kloihofer Editor: Heinz Kloihofer Director of Photography: Toby Gorman Cast: Jonny Hynes.. Richard Aloi Budget: £8. Otto Burnham. Vee Vimolmal Funding: Private The Conkerers The fast.000 Funding: Private investment Condimentia The story of one man’s life long addiction to Producer: Guy Nesdale Screenwriter: Simon Bates Editor: Simon Bates. Felicia Herrero Budget: £7. 16mm. he asks for ‘a bit of feedback’ . London. Virgil awakes suddenly to find himself imprisoned in a strange room. Chris Connell Budget: £4. HD. Emma Jane Fowler Budget: £2. 16mm. Bradford City of Film Clamp and Grind A homemade superhero liberates a trapped car in a dark sidestreet. Central Square. is Conker Club. Rick Lennox. Patrick Taggart. England. Director: Alex Edwards 2008.Short Films 57 Come Back The world is on the brink of Armageddon. A club of fear and intimidation.. Harrogate. Sandra Huggett. A timely story in a world of financial turmoil. Digibeta. This . of wrath and courage. 13 min 58 sec Producer: Ben Blair email: bgblair@gmail. Anna Cottis. deep within a cosmopolitan metropolis. UK email: ppuwanarajah@gmail. Director: Prasanna Puwanarajah 2009. 9 min Production Company: Duchy Parade Films Ltd. 6 min Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. Val Sturgess. 10 min 58 sec Director: Simon Bates email: simonbates1@gmail. Andy Cheung. Mark Horwood Cast: Alex Edwards. Danny Millar Budget: £2.000 Funding: Self-funded Clocked A daughter’s unconditional love is tested to its limits. Thomas Wrathall Budget: £26. Prasanna Puwanarajah Screenwriter: Prasanna Puwanarajah Editor: Jon Coutts Director of Photography: Stuart Bentley Cast: Harry Hadden-Paton. She’ll do anything to help her dying mother.000 Funding: Duchy Parade Films. Baden Burns.. Director: James Harris 2008. 20 Glebe Road. Director: Morgan Hutchins 2008. Patrick Morris Music: Jiang Li. Bird flu is in Europe. North Yorkshire. Darren Producer: Peter M Kershaw Screenwriter: Peter M Kershaw Editor: Dave Long Director of Photography: Alistair McKenzie Production Designer: Peter M Kershaw. Michael Sharck Editor: Michael Sharck Director of Photography: Leon Willis Music: Simon Smith Cast: Robyn Mellor. into a bizarre and horrifying ritual which seems to hold the key to his past. UK tel: +44 (0)142 352 6835 email: Producer: Steve Bowden Screenwriter: James Harris Editor: Hal Branson Director of Photography: James McAleer Cast: Gary Kitching. NE1 Producer: Stuart Bentley. Sea-levels are rising. City is set in the near future. 10 min 40 sec Production Company: RSA Films.000 (est) Funding: Amazing Learning . DVC Pro HD. England. and the ordinary people caught in the middle. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. NW8 8NH. but how far will she go after finding out that mum’s been lying? Director: Michael Sharck 2008. London.. 15 min 10 sec Main: Chris Chapman tel: +44 (0)191 279 0950 email: chris@denefilms. Chris Preddie City Encapsulating the harsh. web: web: www.000 Funding: UK Film Council. HD. Newcastle upon Tyne. a club where an old British playground game now rules supreme. against his better judgement. David Kendra. Suki Chand Cast: John Andrews. 9 Dicksee House. HG2 0LZ.

with tragic consequences. Alec Christie Screenwriter: Gemma Rigg Editor: Kelvin Hutchins Director of Photography: Brendan McGinty Production Designer: Paul Fullbrook Sound: Trevor Moore Music: Jon Daou Cast: Paul Popplewell. West Lothian. Pierre de Geyter. Simon Munnery. Hampshire. Romy Baskerville. Tonia Flynn Budget: £2. alienates her Producer: Samar Pollitt Screenwriter: Toby Spanton Editor: Toby Lloyd Director of Photography: Craig Bloor Production Designer: Richard Selway Cast: Emily Blunt. fax: +44 (0)124 343 0808 email: info@footprintfilms. Curtis Coomber. 16 Campie Road. 13 min 31 sec Production Company: Oaty Hill Productions.b3media. 15 min Production Company: Warp X. Frank C Keogh. he continues with the show. Crimson follows the existential odyssey of mixed-race skate kid Kyle.screensouth. CT20 1JR. PO10 7TH. a young couple find themselves caught up in a nightmarish ordeal after they witness a murderer disposing of a body. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. web: www. a member of the Graves Gang. HD. The Wedge. forthesakeofthesong.000 Funding: UK Film Council. UK tel: +44 (0)114 221 0377 web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)131 665 9817 email: paul@pbruce. S1 2BX. Curiosity On a quiet night. John Albasiny Budget: £8. 26 Greville Green. Dan Richards Dark Harbour A bitter psychic corrupts the naive inhabitants of a small seaside village and in the process. Director: Toby Spanton The Constant Father When the past shapes the future can we succeed where our parents failed? Director: Rupert Bryan 2008. HDV. Folkestone. After 50 years working the wooden dolls. Electric Avenue Studios. Director: Antony Kwok 2008. Juliette James. Dan Jemmett Editor: Mark Everson Director of Photography: Erik Wilson Production Designer: Simon Rogers Cast: Bob Goody. As things begin to fall apart around him. Tom Riley. Ellie Producer: Mark Blaney. in this claustrophobic thriller.footprintfilms. Ambrose Tomkins Cast: Kyle Hill. Whilst playing in the park she finds a strange box in a tunnel. Keiran Ure. David Barclay Music: David Barclay Cast: Margaret Henderson.000 Funding: Private Short Films Curfew Sean. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7274 2121 email: studio@b3media. Producer: Diarmid Scrimshaw. England. Director: Piers Hill 2008. Jackie Shepherd Screenwriter: Kate Aidley Editor: David Wigram Director of Photography: Simon Dennis Production Designer: Virginia Apicella Sound: Simon Jones Music: Moritz Schmittat Cast: Thomas Grant. 9 min 53 sec Production Company: Pollibee Pictures Ltd. Director: Julian Barratt.mail1. Scotland. B3 Media Dan — 02/11/08 Rachael is a young deaf girl living a lonely and isolated life.750 Funding: UK Film Council. web: www. Emsworth. She takes it home and opens it web: www. falls in love with a girl from the rival River Boys Gang.000 Funding: Private . England. Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. and escalating gang violence. 3B Electric Avenue. it’s time for a splashy puppet finish. Can the dying commune with the dead? Director: Paul Bruce 2009. Steve Oram. An idealist searching for an Producer: Margaret Henderson Executive Producer: Paul Bruce Screenwriter: Paul Bruce Editor: Mark Finlay Director of Photography: Mark Finlay Sound: Mark Deas. EH21 6QG. Mini DV. Paternoster Row. James Payton Budget: £2. Sybie RossTalbot. 75-81 Tontine Street. SW9 8JY. Esther Cohen. Michael Knowles Screenwriter: Julian Barratt. 35mm. England. 12 min 37 sec Main: Gemma Rigg email: gemstar@gmail. Dan Jemmett 2009. 14 min Production Company: Footprint Films. Alan Box. Musselburgh. no one will sympathise with her. 27 Mortimer Street. an adieu. Steve Evans Crimson A road movie without a Producer: Rupert Bryan. Jason Bird Budget: £9. England. 14 min 45 sec Production Company: B3 Media. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. Kerry Ann Smith Budget: £6. amidst a background of the threat of wolves. Even as it threatens to destroy him and take his soul. Screen South Curtains Barry Shepherd is a worn out Punch and Judy Producer: Rajita Shah Executive Producer: Marc Boothe Screenwriter: Piers Hill Editor: Alexandre Gollner Director of Photography: Taina Galis Production Designer: Stephanie Odu. 7 min 52 sec Director: Antony Kwok email: ak-nw@hotmail. he journeys through the city desperate for human connection.000 Funding: Personal Producer: Nikkie Walsh Screenwriter: Antony Kwok Editor: Antony Kwok Director of Photography: Sam Laughlin Cast: Molly Keating. UK tel: +44 (0)124 343 0808. The UK email: toby_spanton@hotmail. Fraser Goodall. W1T 3BL. London. Phil Brown Sound: Sam Walker Music: Jamie Says. Maria Della. Director: Kate Aidley

transexual on an emotional journey set against the backdrop of a day that shocked a nation and will change his life forever. an Indian pre-op. 2A Merchiston Avenue. Leeds. 10 min 39 sec Production Company: Antidote Productions email: aghaaleemkhan@gmail. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: c. London.000 Funding: Equity Domestic Flight Domestic Flight is a dark comic tale of how Edie. can he make it to the top? Director: Jake Wynne 2009. But with three feuding personalities.lfs. 16 min 40 sec Director: Julie Edwards tel: +44 (0)20 7226 5717 email: julie. 16mm. HA2 9SP. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 web: www. Director: Jez Scott Producer: Ross McKenzie Screenwriter: Jake Wynne Editor: Jake Wynne Director of Photography: Mel Griffith Sound: Peter Bailey Cast: Bob Jefferson Hall Budget: £9. Director: Dan Cadan Producer: Navin Thapar Screenwriter: Iesh Thapar Editor: Ben Burgess Director of Photography: Aseem Bajaj Production Designer: Lindy Claire Anderson Music: Jon Wygens Cast: Sam Vincenti. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7437 3344. London. Middlesex. She offers hope and Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Jez Scott Editor: Jez Scott Director of Photography: Kyle Heslop Sound: Andy Ludbrook Music: My Exit Music Cast: Stuart Wade. Edinburgh Napier University. 12 min Production Company: London Film School. Director: Geoff Bellhouse 2009. Maja Domin Budget: £9. George Calin Funding: Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University .co. as Charlie is struggling to care for his elderly father who is suffering from Alzheimers. 4 Worple Way.000 Funding: National Lottery DiD The Devil’s Wedding The Devil is caught between a rock and a hot place. 15 min Production Company: Pulse Films Ltd email: jrossmckenzie@yahoo. 46 The Calls. Royalty House. Ryan Watson. Moira returns home to Southend-on-Sea where her brother Gerry is still struggling with maternal grief. Miranda Davis Executive Producer: Marie-Lyse Numuhoza Screenwriter: Aleem Khan Editor: Sean Pruen Director of Photography: Kit Fraser Production Designer: Jolene Farmer Sound: Mary Walsh Music: Kiran Thakra Cast: Neeraj Singh Budget: £5. EH10 4NU. Director: Aleem Khan 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8429 1232 email: iesh. 17 min 55 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Studio 22. comes to see her family and her life as they really are and takes action to change things.Short Films 59 Dissociation Syd Herga’s carefully designed tattoos seem to possess a terrifying supernatural power of their own. 72-74 Dean Street. and things start to get out of hand when he inks his emblematic tattoos onto two emotionally charged customers. Screen Yorkshire Diana Diana takes place the day after the Princess of Wales’ death and follows Mohit. Mini HDV. WC2H 9UB. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410.thapar@googlemail. 35mm. Shawn French. His only way out? A soul searching deal with one more devious than 35mm. LS2 7EY. David Ryall Funding: Self-funded Digging Following the death of her Producer: Shezad Afzal Screenwriter: Eva Pervolovici. England. Stephen web: www. Monica Stan Editor: Gabriel Basalici Director of Photography: Vlad Filimon Cast: Ionana Blaj. Giles Producer: Robert Bennett Screenwriter: Geoff Bellhouse Editor: Sebastian Cowan Director of Photography: John Craine Cast: Margaret Tully. W1D 3SG. Sheila Reid. England. England. Al England. fax: +44 (0)131 455 2538 email: a woman who has always seen the good in people. Gareth Harfoot. Jamie Foreman Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund An abused young man suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder climbs a mountain to scatter his dead mother’s ashes. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. Charles Dale.screenacademyscotland. a Polish migrant worker. Moira encounters an unsuspecting handyman who could prove to be the solution to both their Producer: Aleem Khan. going through a process that will not leave her innocent approach to love and life intact. 25 min 36 sec Production Company: INvision Media UK tel: +44 (0)131 455 2572. 24 Shelton Street. Lari Giorgescu. Bogdan Dumitrescu. West Yorkshire. 14 min Production Company: HSI London. Producer: David Johnson Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. Edinburgh. Pip web: www.screenyorkshire. John Pyle Funding: Self-funded Day In/Day Out Charlie is in love with Ania. Pauline Gates Screenwriter: Tilly Vosburgh Editor: Bobby Sheikh Director of Photography: Lawrence Jones Production Designer: Jo Goodman Cast: Marion Bailey. David Morley Hale Funding: London Film School Down the Rabbit Hole A young girl is prepared to sacrifice everything in order to ease her lover’s penalty. s16mm. Harrow. s16mm. Director: Julie Edwards 2008. Battling to move forward whist Gerry yearns only for the Producer: Claire Neate James Screenwriter: Dan Cadan Editor: Tom Lindsay Director of Photography: Michael Wood Production Designer: Byron Broadbent Cast: Lena Headey. fax: +44 (0)20 7437 3355 email: claire@neatejames. Director: Eva Pervolovici 2009. Scotland. 15 min Production Company: Screen Academy Producer: Julie Director: Iesh Thapar 2008. web:

England. his neurotic bible-loving grandson. Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. c/o Arts Institute at Bournemouth. a Lithuanian sex trafficker.500 Funding: North London Film Council. Director: Robert Brown 2008. BH12 5HH.filmlondon. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. Victoria Hopkins. Raphael Coleman Budget: £ Producer: Glenys Jacques Screenwriter: Glenys Jacques Editor: Emma Collins Director of Photography: Glenys Jacques Sound: Neil Collymore Music: Bas Gentenaar Cast: Damani Ekeama. Anthony Edridge Funding: Self-funded The Echo An unsettling drama about a young man who seeks out his childhood priest to make a disturbing confession. c/o Arts Institute at Bournemouth. 9 min 7 sec Production Company: Cultivate Producer: Joe Shaw Screenwriter: Joe Shaw. UK tel: +44 (0)120 236 3714. Huganot Productions Ed & Tina Ed learns about human culture and falls in love with a local girl. When Grandpa accidentally says the F-word he discovers something peculiar about Edward: his ‘pansy of a grandson’ is tormented by swear navigates the ebb and flow of his parent’s relationship. N16 8JU. London. 11 min 30 sec Production Company: Beautiful Train Ltd. Wallisdowne. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. HD. HD. Bournemouth Screen Academy Edward’s Turmoil Grandpa. CT20 1JR. 15 min Director: Joseph Shaw tel: +44 (0)20 8367 9755 email: jshaw01@gmail. Skillset. s16mm. 15-19 Great Chapel Street.000 Funding: Self-funded Short Films Eb & Flo While writing his essay on water. Film London. 14 min Producer: Fred Nelson. As he retreats further into fiction two ominous characters appear to torment him. Perri Johnson Budget: £7. Domani. The Tea Building. Poole.aib. W1F 8FN. England. Mean Poppa Lean Cast: Christopher Fairbank. England. Cristina Catalina Funding: Arts Institute at Bournemouth.60 Driven Driven tells the tale of a writer consumed by his work. aged Regional Screen Agency: Film London. England. DV Cam. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676. 10 min Production Company: Huganot Productions email: gxjacques@tiscali. Joy Akira. Director: Kim Albright 2009. fax: +44 (0)120 253 7729 email: suzie@filmevolved. UK email: kim@thomasthomasfilms. web: www. Folkestone. Director: Christophe Vielliard 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)120 236 3714. SW11 2JZ. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon. 12 min 34 sec Producer: Suzie Producer: Yvette Farmer Screenwriter: Yvette Farmer Editor: Gwyn Moxham Director of Photography: David Capon Production Designer: Yvette Farmer Sound: Andrew Riley Music: Reza Safina Cast: Jack Cassidy. Director: Joe Shaw 2009. London. Bournemouth Screen Academy . UK email: yvette_farmer@yahoo. His scientific mind reflects on the philosophical dilemmas facing his parents and a changing planet. Alex Scrivenor Director of Photography: Philip Bloom Cast: Robert Duncan. 56 Shoreditch High Street. England. 21 St Jude Producer: Fred Nelson Screenwriter: Christophe Vielliard Editor: Richard Binet Director of Photography: Jose Ruiz Rollon Cast: Kane John Scott. 35mm. UK email: gavin@beautifultrain. Mia Austen. Suite 6. Stars of the Lid Cast: Russell Tovey. Jeremy Tiang Funding: Arts Institute at Bournemouth.000 Funding: Screen South. 75-81 Tontine Street. Stephanie Richards Budget: £5. Dorset. Has he tapped into the colourful world of his subconscious or has he crossed the thin line between imagination and insanity? Director: Yvette Farmer 2008. private funding Drop Drop depicts a brief encounter between two disparate yet intertwined web: www. HD. England. Producer: Gavin Toomey Screenwriter: Gavin Toomey Editor: Natasha Wilkinson Director of Photography: Tom Debenham Sound: Sven Taits Music: Oblong. Kent. a foul-mouthed old curmudgeon. Director: Glenys Jacques 2009. 183B Latchmere Producer: Trent Simpson Screenwriter: Kim Barry J Gordon. Stephen Fletcher Funding: Self-funded Echoes Anya. 10 min Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films. s16mm. The Producer: Suzie Irlam Screenwriter: Line Langebek Editor: Adam Neale Director of Photography: Justin Brown Cast: Joanne Froggatt. Yennis-Cheung Yan. is stuck spending the day with Edward. David Goo Editor: Mark Edinoff Director of Photography: John Watters Production Designer: Rosy Thomas Sound: Angell Sound Music: David Goo. faces a moral dilemma when she discovers the young girl she is trafficking from Lithuania to London is pregnant. BH12 5HH. Director: Gavin Toomey 2009. London. Poole. fax: +44 (0)120 253 7729 web: www. E1

fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: production@screenwm. 12 min Production Company: Northlight Productions. Director: Alex Jones 2008. Tyne & web: web: Dunsdale Road. L1 9BH. Zahra Zomorrodian Executive Producer: Jude Goldrei Screenwriter: Fiona Veitch Smith Editor: David Garbutt Director of Photography: David Dixon Music: Steve Luck Cast: Richard Ridell. Northern Film & Media Enough Rope Iris leads the action to block a dual carriageway and stop delegates getting through to the G8 summit. London. Birmingham.000 Funding: UK Film Council. 2 min 5 sec Production Company: Shoot Productions. Karl keeps a model railway running meticulously on time. fax: +44 (0)191 490 9322 email: info@fnafilms. Northwest Vision and Media Endstation Heimat (Final Station Home) Second World War. Director: Lynne Harwood 2009. Stephen Barr Director of Photography: Jane Farley Production Designer: Natalia Kalyuzhnaya Sound: Peter Bailey Music: Wayne Dineley Cast: Vicky McClure.screenwm. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. BD5 0BQ.500 Funding: UK Film Council. Gabi Fritz. Unit 002. Camberwell. 9 Regent Place. 104 Grove Park. 16mm. Dean International Sales: Tor Kristoffersen. Steven Producer: Saskia Sutton Screenwriter: Alex Jones Editor: Dave Cawley Director of Photography: Nick Beek-Sanders Production Designer: James Lanton Music: David Lowe Cast: Jennifer Kristian. West Yorkshire. TD7 Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. Director: Tor Kristoffersen 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)151 708 5767. Baden Burns Budget: £4.first-take. But she can’t shake off her childhood fears.Short Films 61 Enough A street gang terrorises the neighbourhood. England. NE1 3PJ. Director: Robert Sproul-Cran 2009. Mulgrave Terrace. Steffan NE8 1AN. RED. he is faced with the choice of saving an anti-war protester from a mugging or leaving her to suffer her fate. Glydegate. 12 min Production Company: Irresistible Films. Ettrick Riverside. Newcastle upon Tyne. Producer: Dawn Furness. Oli Lee Budget: £1. 13 Hope Street.northernmedia. B1 3NJ. Forth Street. Ronja Struck Funding: Private English Bloody Rose A mother and daughter’s secrets come to light when the dark underworld they are embroiled in confronts them head-on. UK tel: +44 (0)175 050 5060 email: robert@northlight. England. Germany. Alex Jones Budget: £10. But things get out of control when one policeman will stop at nothing to get the traffic moving. Scotland. England. 4 min 58 sec Production Company: FNA Films. Hamish Wilson.000 Funding: UK Film Council. International Business Centre. Gateshead. Freya Parker. HD. UK email: lplaister@hotmail. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: info@northernmedia. Screen WM .co. Bradford. Digibeta. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120.000 Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund Enemy Lines A soldier returns from the battlefield to a sunny British street. As his tortured memories threaten to overpower him. 16mm. SE5 8LE.500 Funding: Self-funded The Elemental Karen’s mother used to terrify her with tales of a presence on the dark tenement stair — something you must never look web: www. Selkirk. email: tor@torkristoffersen. Jillie Producer: Katie Crook Executive Producer: Clare Kerr Screenwriter: Robert Sproul-Cran Editor: Guido Schneider Director of Photography: Jan Pester Production Designer: Robert Sproul-Cran Sound: Alastair George Music: David Wilsoni Cast: Louise Ludgate. Director: Jan-Christian Hesse web: www. Tony Donaldson Budget: £ Producer: Luke Plaister Screenwriter: Jamie Hamilton Editor: Emilija Vilkyte Director of Photography: Luis Posada Cast: Bastian Producer: Sarah Senior Executive Producer: Tor Kristoffersen Screenwriter: Tor Kristoffersen Editor: Jimi Lund Director of Photography: Fabian Wagner Production Designer: Emma Corbett-Ashby Sound: Adam Smith Music: The Roots Family Cast: Jeff Producer: Janine Dawson Screenwriter: Lynne Harwood Editor: Anna Levin. Years later Karen reluctantly returns to the house she loathed to find her elderly parents. Glyde House. 11 min Production Company: First Hope Ross. But will this war be in her name? Director: Michael Steel 2008. Liverpool. 21 min 51 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. Samantha Caldwell. West Midlands. UK tel: +44 (0)845 688 0118 email: info@shootproductions. UK tel: +44 (0)191 490 9321. One man has had enough. fax: +44 (0)151 709 2613 email: all@first-take. The film follows the inevitable daily battle between a mother trying to run her home and a son whose only interest is running his railway. England. believing his efforts will hasten his train driving father’s return. Glenn Spears Budget: £13. Central Square.

London. s16mm. hostage as part of an assassin game-playing Producer: Juliet Dowling Screenwriter: Clare Holman Editor: Jamie McCoan Director of Photography: Graham Smith Production Designer: Julian Nagel Cast: Lesley Manville. Olivia Hurdle Budget: £2. G2 web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7274 2121 email: Producer: Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda. 17 min Production Company: Film Sense Ltd. UK email: juliet@essentialcinema. SW6 1QR. Paulette James Executive Producer: Marc Boothe Screenwriter: Paulette James Editor: Nathan Perry-Greene Director of Photography: Rob Wilton Production Designer: Vanessa Lee Sound: Tom Williams. 7 min 27 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Dalmeny Street. DV Cam. recording and observing from the safety zone behind his lens. Producer: SG Yates.Stop A young man walks the streets and stations of a busy city armed with his camera. 249 West George web: www. Out of the Blue. 11 Nassington Road. a well-meaning idiot who dreams of becoming a cop. Director: Clare Holman 2008. Andrew Barron Budget: £800 Funding: Film and Digital Media Exchange Eyes on the Street A documentary team follows community warden Dougie McLelland. 15 min 31 sec Production Company: Running Productions.500 Funding: London Film Academy . Twickenham. Diane Brisco. 52A Walham Grove. UK tel: +44(0)845 300 7300 email: info@scottishscreen. forcing her to choose between her children or her career. UK email: sarah@film-sense.londonfilmacademy. Aston Maddix. as he patrols a run-down town. Glasgow. Ed Beck Director: SG Yates 2008. Scottish Screen Extreme Vocational Experiences Jeffrey takes the wrong man. 10 min Production Company: B3 Media. Dave Calub Editor: David Mead Director of Photography: Ed Beck Sound: David Mead Music: Siddhartha Barnhoorn Cast: Torsten Scwhick. John Edward Fulton. He will live to regret it as X seizes the opportunity to exorcise his own guilt of being a real assassin. UK email: info@mbfilms. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Lily Beck Budget: £50 (est) Funding: Private Eyes on the Prize John’s broke — but desperate to go the fair. B3 Media Short Films Esther’s Funeral A daughter. Ed Beck Screenwriter: Ed Beck.62 Enter the Preacher A kick-ass preacher takes to the streets to help solve the problem of respect in his neighbourhood. England. Paul Roffman Funding: Private The Escort When Lesley. Clare Lawrence. Deniz Oner Screenwriter: SG Yates Editor: SG Yates Director of Photography: Luke Gillow Sound: Nicholas Nolan. John’s cowboy fantasies quickly turn into an obsession. He didn’t reckon on his old nemesis turning up in time for a kung fu showdown. X. Alex Simpson Budget: £9. England. promises to help a young prostitute she unwittingly brings danger into her home. HD. EH6 8R4. two car crashes and a song. a mother. England. Good just got bad. Room G48. Liberio Colimberti Music: Hutch Demouilpied Cast: Cornell John. SW9 8JY. Sarah Waddell. s16mm. Neal Barry. Director: David Newbigging 2008. Digital SLR.kaplan@btinternet. La Charne Jolly Funding: Private F.000 Funding: UK Film Council. NW3 2NN. 3B Electric Screen Agency: Scottish Screen. 48 Northcote Road. Vince Producer: Andrew Maas Screenwriter: Gordon McLean Editor: Sam Hinckley Director of Photography: Steven Mochrie Production Designer: Danny McConnell Sound: Iain Anderson Music: Ross Galloway Cast: David Elliot. a chaperone for young offenders. 194 Church End.b3media. Adam Yates Music: Nicholas Nolan Cast: Jassy Hipkin. TW1 1PA. Electric Avenue Studios. Cambridge. Scotland. England. 12 min 45 sec Director: Rob Kaplan email: rob. London. England. Director: Paulette James 2008. 17 min 51 sec Production Company: Essential Cinema. A dark game enters a brutal dark reality. Omar Robert Hamilton Director of Photography: Santosh Kapse Production Designer: Andrea Di Cenzo Cast: Matthew Shanfari. So when his father unexpectedly hands him £10 with the offhand request to ‘win me a coconut’.net web: www. Karen Bartke Funding: UK Film Council. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. Director: Omar Robert Hamilton 2008. Director: David Producer: Carolina Luna Executive Producer: Daisy Gili. Edinburgh. Cavin Cornwall. Director: Rob Kaplan 2008. Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: John Paul Lancaster Editor: Arup Chowdhury. Robert Harrison. CB1 3LB. Producer: Jermaine Grossett Screenwriter: Rob Kaplan Editor: Sam Jones Director of Photography: Adrian O Toole Production Designer: Marcus Sharp Sound: Stephan Hart Music: Stefan Melzak Cast: Velibor Producer: David Mead. 7 min Production Company: MB Films. UK tel: +44 (0)131 208 4786 email: enquiries@runningproductions.

sun@hotmail. Director: Peter Gerard Producer: David Leon.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Folkestone. Marcus McSweeney Screenwriter: Rashid Rasaq Editor: Kelvin Hutchins Cast: Sam Spruell. E2 6DG. Emily Bell Budget: £3. Crouch Producer: Xiaoxiao Sun. Jonathon Livingstone. Britannia Row. England. England. 5 min Production Company: Accidental Media. magnifying her loneliness in a city full of lonely people. Marcus McSweeney 2009. DV Cam. EH10 7DS. 16mm. Director: Vanessa Caswill 2008. a city struggling with the clash of architectural heritage and modern expansion. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. desperate thoughts and hard truths.Short Films 63 Five Elements The idea is to transfer the basic Chinese philosophy of the five traditional Chinese Mysterious Elements: Metal. UK email: nouche2002@hotmail. 26 Darlington House. Kent. What drives ‘normal’ people to act in extraordinary ways? When a man loses custody of his children the desperation he feels leaves him with no choice but to take control of his own destiny. Union Grove. 109/1 Swanston Road. England. UK email: tg@thebureau. propelling her into secret acts. 51 Nevern Square. 75-81 Tontine Street. Matt King. web: www. Essex County Council. Samantha Ellis Budget: £6. London. Jessica Ransom Budget: £3. UK email: marcus@three-fold. SW8 2QW.000 Funding: Private Getaway driver Molly can’t help feeling she’s being taken for a ride. Yang Xiao Screenwriter: Xiaoxiao Sun Editor: Xiaoxiao Sun Director of Photography: Tunji Akinsehinwa Cast: Connor Tuttle. 120 Bethnal Green Road. Thomas Malone. Filming East Festival Ltd Faith Alone Hope turns to despair when a successful yet lonely woman is bombarded throughout the day by what she doesn’t have. UK email: production@accidental. Alexis Bradley. web: Producer: Peter Gerard Screenwriter: Peter Gerard Editor: Peter Gerard Director of Photography: Peter Gerard Production Designer: Peter Gerard Sound: Peter Gerard Cast: Walt Johnson-Gerard Budget: £ Producer: Stephanie Zari Screenwriter: Stephanie Zari Editor: Calvin B Grant. England. N8 9EJ. Matt Aitken. Howard Teale. 20 min Production Company: Filming East Festival. CT20 1JR. 18 min 21 sec Production Company: Glendale Picture Company. David Whyte Director of Photography: Mikolaj Jaroszewicz Music: Abigail Hercules Cast: Susannah Coster. N1 8QE. Edinburgh. London. UK email: x. Strang House. Flat Producer: Tristan Goligher Executive Producer: Jo McLellan Screenwriter: Andrew Haigh Editor: Lea Morement Director of Photography: Matyas Erdely Production Designer: Sarah Finlay Sound: Tim Barker Music: James Edward Barker Cast: Dakota Blue Richards. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777.000 Funding: Accidental Media The Fishdance Kid Father The line between sanity and insanity is fine. and this urban confusion is too much for him. RED. 17 min Production Company: Threefold. Daniel Gonzalez. Wood. Director: Xiaoxiao Sun 2008. HD. 24 Coleman Mansions. Hilary Tones Budget: £50. Sam Booth. Director: David Leon. But the lumberjack only knows the forest.000 Funding: UK Film Council Cinema Extreme . London. HDV. Director: Stephanie Zari 2009. Nathan Day. Screen Producer: Ben Pullen Screenwriter: Kate Wickens Editor: Ben Nugent Director of Photography: Damien Pawle Production Designer: Livi Vaughan Cast: Edward Bennett-Coles. London. 15 min 29 sec Production Company: Zona Pictures Ltd. Director: Andrew Haigh 2008. Fire.500 Funding: Self-funded Fell A lumberjack finds himself in Edinburgh. web: www. Nick Ewans Budget: £6. Screen South Five Miles Out Cass is sent away on a camping holiday with her cousins but despite her best efforts is unable to forget about her sister back home in a hospital bed. England. UK tel: +44 (0)123 374 0185 email: benjaminpullen@ sentinelentertainment. London.000 Funding: Signals Media Arts.screensouth. Lisa Wright. Taylor Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. Earth into wisdom in general through five short stories. Bronson Webb. 5 min 40 sec Production Company: Sentinel Entertainment Ltd. SW5 9PF. The Wedge. Heather Imbeah.accidental.

12 Fortrose Street. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120.000 Funding: Self-funded Foreign John John is trying to deal with his daughter’s death the best he can — he’s just getting on with it — but increasingly finding himself completely adrift in the world. Director: Manjinder Virk 2008. she chooses to escape to the relative calm of a floatation tank. a chubby adolescent boy with low selfesteem. GL51 6SF. 93-97 St George’s Road. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222.000 Funding: UK Film Council. 2 Terrets come face to face with a flesh-eating Main: Touchpaper TV. Her fragile grip on the real world is about to be pushed even web: www. HDV. 14 min Production Company: Mango Productions.iwcmedia. Director: Lee Matthews Producer: Seeta Indrani. Nicky Blake Screenwriter: Jim Sweeney Editor: Mariko Montpetit Director of Photography: Greg Duffield Production Designer: Tom Wright. England. UK tel: +44 (0)141 562 8279 email: mail@alcobafilms. Director: Tom Wright 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7359 3900 email: The Enterprise Pavilion. Lewins Chris Bishop Sound: Mukul Music: Mukul Cast: Seeta Indrani Budget: £2. St George’s Studios.500 Funding: Private Friday The hypnotic rhythms of her call-centre script have twisted one woman’s sanity. Director: Martin Stirling 2008. 9 Regent Place.alcobafilms. Robert Luckay. UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 9977. UK email: kate. St George’s Producer: Adam J Merrifield Screenwriter: Martin web: www. Arts Council of England Forgive Not everything can be forgiven but some things can be forgotten. UK tel: +44 (0)870 054 3322. fax: +44 (0)870 052 6120 email: info@whitelantern.croft@touchpapertv. Scotland. Abdi Gouhad Budget: £3.000 Funding: Screen WM Floating is Easy Alison has devoted the last three years of her life to caring for her mother. BH12 5HH. Hannah Sharp Funding: Channel 4 . Alison fails to raise the alarm. G11 Producer: Vicki Patterson Screenwriter: Sean Buckley Editor: Sue Wyatt Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Cast: Johnny Harris. c/o Frances Arnold. 4 min 30 sec Production Company: MashMosh Films email: info@mashmosh. Shonagh Price Budget: £6. Claudie Blakley. Fern Barrow. England. South West Screen. fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: info@screenwm. When she wakes one morning to find the front door open and her patient gone. England. Director: Graeme McAulay 2008. Glasgow. UK tel: +44 (0)124 222 1491 email: berniematthews@blueyonder. Bristol. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen. Birmingham. Overcoming his fear he lands in a more compromising situation: getting locked in the toilet with the cleaner — an attractive older Regional Screen Agency: Screen Poole. DVC Pro HD. Two conversations. 14 min 4 sec Production Company: Alcoba Films. Burgh Hall Business Centre. Glasgow. hell-bent on devouring the pair of them. 23 min Production Company: IWC Producer: Stephen Strachan. St Bartholomews Metal Dog Media Screenwriter: Manjinder Virk Editor: Simon Thorne Director of Photography: Sarah BartlesSmith Cast: Sacha Dhawan. England. HD. West Midlands. 42 Springfield Close. Cheltenham. 32 min Production Company: Flesh/Fury Imageworks. web: www. DV. B1 Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen. Director: Victor Buhler 2009. Mike Iriatre Editor: Julia H Marx Director of Photography: David Capon Sound: Dan Pringle Music: Holley Gray Cast: Danny Kirrane.swscreen. Rochelle Stevens & Co.64 Fleshbeast Two scientists. is forced to confront the greatest challenge of his life — using the grimy school toilets. London. HD. But contact with his boss’s little girl threatens to prove too much for him. BS1 5BT. Alison Peebles. locked inside a top secret medical testing HD. Islington. alter their paths for the rest of their 93-97 St George’s Road. Instead.000 Funding: Private investors Short Films Flushed Sam. Executive Producer: Ward Mattheu Screenwriter: Lee Matthews Editor: Ashwin Wala Director of Photography: Peter Frederick Davies Music: Peter Rutland Cast: Alison Cochran. G3 6JA. 4 min 30 sec Production Company: White Lantern Film. G3 6JA. Jeffrey Prewer Budget: £ web: www. Seeta Indrani. Scotland. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: Producer: Abigail Howkins Screenwriter: Katy McAulay Editor: Dave Arthur Director of Photography: Paul Riley Production Designer: Helen Allingham Sound: Travis Reeves Music: Jo Mango Cast: Rebecca web: www. Mark Newman. The Reddings. Forgive tells the heartbreaking story of a father and a son. Jo Hartley Budget: £5. five years apart.

Director: Steve Harris 2008. Andy Paton Director of Photography: Graeme Dunn Sound: Martin Clark Music: Jenny Dale Cast: Susan Momoko Rob Dixon. E8 4DJ. s16mm. Victoria Wood. ME1 2JH. Neil Haggerty Cast: Michael Byrne. independent. Lucy is pretty. Helen Mutch. UK tel: +44 (0)161 244 3749 web: www. fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: production@screenwm. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7870 1113 email: info@seefood. But. some things just won’t burn. Haydn Butler Screenwriter: Ali Muriel Editor: Haydn Butler Director of Photography: Liz Smith Production Designer: James Lees Sound: Dave Smith Music: Christopher Chong. 315 Kingsland Road. 12 min 54 sec Production Company: Seefood Film & Lee Ingleby Budget: £11. West Midlands. UK email: david@dwf-video. but how far will she go? Director: Rowland Jobson 2009. Regional Screen Agency: Northwest Vision and Media. Director: Richard Oliver Producer: Janey de Nordwall Screenwriter: Richard Oliver. Birmingham. Manchester. Rowland Jobson Screenwriter: Peter Devonald Editor: Chris Barwell Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan Production Designer: Helen Scott Sound: David Bekkevold Cast: Georgia Bourke. older. Haringey Film Fund. 12 min 4 sec Production Company: DWF Ltd. Dario Pianese Budget: £10. England.000 Funding: UK Film Council. c/o BBC Manchester.silverfilms. dysfunctional parents. 25 min 19 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. England. her only comfort is in strangers and her shy sidekick Becks. Bolton. Northwest Vision and Media Gardens With Red Roses Dominic and Debbie are hopelessly in love. Rochester. 7 Denmark Street. England. Can they find a way out? Set amidst New Labour’s 1997 Producer: Zoe Webster. this is a film about love and aspiration at the expense of morality in post-Thatcher Britain. 15 min 58 sec Production Company: Silver Films. WC2H 8LZ. 4 Quebec Wharf. London. Seafood Ltd Furnace Four Two furnace stokers are supposed to be burning all the music in the world. Andy Paton 2008. Barry Martin. Director: Haydn Butler 2009. HD. Lucy is web: www. Steve Elder Funding: UK Film Council. Director: John Producer: Vanessa Arden-Wood. Horwich.screenwm. 13 min 2 sec Producer: Vanessa Arden-Wood email: vanessa. Harry Towb Budget: £50. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7923 0700 email: janey@silverfilms. M60 22 Breton Road. Film London Borough’s Fund. Oxford Road. Director: David Whitney She wants to be a woman. Screen WM Getting Out A gangster wants a career change to save his marriage. 35mm. Producer: Roger Shannon Screenwriter: John Bradburn.000 Funding: Self-funded The Gloaming An experimental horror following two honeymooners as they set off from their wedding where their motorbike runs out of petrol and they are stranded in the wilderness. Peter Devonald. against the wishes of his violent brother.northwestvision.000 Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund George’s Day A father and son with little in common collide forcefully during one fateful day out. Room LG45.500 Funding: UK Film Council. HD. Mark Arden. 9 Regent Place. UK email: paulaandscott@aol. They live with Grandad but dream of getting a place of their own. web: www. Helen Bingham Screenwriter: Richard Shaw Editor: Alison Wood Director of Photography: Russell Nabb Sound: Matt Hopwood. London. Living with abusive. Ruby Bates Budget: £750 Funding: Private . Tom Warden. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120. Matt Cook Editor: Rob Featherstone Director of Photography: Tony Brown Production Designer: Paul Kondras Sound: Bent Ear Music: Bent Ear Cast: Andy Bates. Paul Watson.ardenwood@gmail. B1 3NJ. as they Producer: David Whitney. 10 Panton Street.Short Films 65 Girllikeme Lucy is young. Andy Paton Editor: John Bradburn. Lee Alliston. HD. England. 11 min 30 sec Production Company: Darkside Pictures. BL6 6EE. Olly Medlicott Cast: Napoleon Producer: Scott Bates Screenwriter: Scott Bates Editor: Ryan Brooks Director of Photography: John Simmons Cast: Michele Collins. in a shocking encounter of truth and discovery. Robert Hardman Budget: £12.

com Producer: Amelie Chicoye. London.aib. Yet we risk leaving behind the ones we web: www. BT2 8ED. BH12 fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. Belfast. 52A Walham Grove. Alex Fong.kaosfilms. web: www. Thomas White Budget: £1. 11 min 55 sec Director: David Simpson. SW9 Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire.000 Funding: UK Film Producer: Villi Ragnarsson Screenwriter: Dave Kinghan Editor: Derek Jones. England. Leeds. Skillset Screen Academy Short Films Hammerhead Oddball Boris tries to reunite his parents on a shark-spotting trip off the North Yorkshire coast. 9 min 10 sec Director: Brian Philip Davis email: brian@brianphilipdavis. Studio 22. Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Andrew Yerlett Editor: Alastair Reid Director of Photography: Fabian Wagner Music: Tara Crewe Cast: Antonia Producer: Prakash Patel Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. he has no idea the effect that fame will have on his life. LS2 7EY. 21 Alfred Street. 7 min 30 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Jim Sturgeon Budget: £3. Pinewood Studios. Alfred Screen Agency: Northern Ireland HD.500 Funding: London Film Academy .co.b3media.66 Good Morning. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. Danny Cunningham. Northern Ireland Screen Happy Face Granny’s Ghost A Chinese boy in Belfast is visited by his granny . fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. Ken Producer: Arif Hussein Screenwriter: Steve Gomez Editor: Chris Gill Director of Photography: Jan Pester Production Designer: Stuart Mackay Sound: Tom Sayers Cast: Christopher Eccleston. Dorset. Bronagh Taggart.screenyorkshire. 46 The Calls... N Ireland. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen. Danny Wilson and William Fry. HD. England. 14 min Director: Sam Donovan email: samdonovanfilm@gmail. his biggest enemy is along for the ride! Director: Sam Donovan 2009. web: www. Screen Yorkshire Happy as Larry When Larry is officially named the Happiest Man in the Producer: Lab Ky Mo Executive Producer: Marc Boothe Screenwriter: Lab Ky Mo Editor: Joe Parsons Director of Photography: Damien Elliott Production Designer: Lynne Davison Sound: Richard Lewis Music: Louise Heaney Cast: Alexander Hu. Electric Avenue Studios. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7274 2121 email: studio@b3media. Director: Lab Ky Mo 2008. West Yorkshire. 14 min 56 sec Production Company: Kaos Films. Director: David Simpson 2008. Brian Philip Davis Director of Photography: Ryan Kernaghan Production Designer: Anna McCaughtry Cast: Ruairi Tohill. Archie Panjabi. for hope.000 Funding: UK Film web: Producer: David Thomson Screenwriter: David Simpson Editor: Leila Davis Director of Photography: Tommy Holman Music: Chris Matthews Cast: Anne Acott. Paula Jennings. SL0 0NH. England. for fax: +44 (0)120 253 7729 email: simpson. web: www. But Billy wants her to stay. Good Morning. Allan Gidea. UK tel: +44 (0)120 236 3047. But in this world happiness and being different may be two things that can never go together. B3 Media The Happiness Salesman A young mother who is struggling with the cold realities of life is offered a second chance to fulfill her dreams. UK email: info@kaosfilms. Luke Howe. Aaryan Pandit In a surrealist society everyone is required to wear the same happy face. Ground Control We look to Space for answers. Caroline McKenzie Screenwriter: Dimitre Sarkis Editor: Alice Caronna Director of Photography: Diana Vasquez Sound: Yaseen Clark Music: Yaseen Clark Cast: James Hyland. Director: Telemachus Mahoney 2008. Director: Krishnendu Majumdar 2009. Ground Control follows two British cosmologists. Pik-Sen Lim. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444.david@live. so when one miserable office worker sees a chance to escape from the norm he pounces on it. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711.000 Funding: UK Film Council. England. Malcolm Lauder. London. Rielley Newbold Budget: £9. as they struggle to find the balance between their quest for the stars and their families on Earth. Iver Heath. Emma Little Budget: £10. Kenny Tsang Budget: £14. 3rd Floor. Electric Avenue. 11 min 5 sec Production Company: B3 Media. HD. Buckinghamshire. c/o Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Wallisdowne. Director: Brian Philip Davis 2008. SW6 1QR.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Granny is a Medium and the ghost wants her to go back to Hong Kong. and a ghost. Pinewood Road.

DV Cam. Nicola Borthwick. 8 min 43 sec Production Company: London Film Academy.footprintfilms. Scotland. Producer: Jay Producer: Adam Shakinovsky Screenwriter: Oliver Refson Editor: Lilah Vandenburgh Director of Photography: Jarin Blaschke Production Designer: Lilah Vandenburgh Sound: Haresh Patel Music: Richard Bissill Cast: Nickolas Grace. 52A Walham Grove. 1 Northampton Row. they get more than they bargained for when they are confronted by William and his daughter Laura. Chloe Austin Editor: Miikka Leskinen Director of Photography: Kate Reid Production Designer: Hanna Wiggins Sound: Simon Jones Music: Bernie Gardner Cast: Max Deacon. Sean Knopp Funding: London Film Academy Home Sometimes leaving brings you Producer: Mark Blaney. London. Director: Sally El Hosaini 2009. two petty thieves. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7415 web: www. fax: +44 (0)20 7729 3375 email: adam@agilefilms. 10 min Production Company: Felix Films email: felixfilms@hotmail. Surprisingly the picture perfect housewives are to blame. England. G3 6JA. Jack O’Connell Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund Helena Helena is tormented by the disappearance of her husband. Jackie Sheppard Screenwriter: Debs Ruth Sheen. Glasgow. When Amina locks herself in the bathroom refusing to come out. Sam Kelly. England. fast! Director: John Jencks 2008. London. SW6 1QR. EC1R 0NE. Director: Toor Mian 2008. Francois Gamaury ¸ Main: Touchpaper TV. Merlin Bonning Music: Paul Wilkie Cast: John PO10 7TH. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7000 2882. 15 min Production Company: Sane & Diddly. G3 Producer: Sally El Hosaini Screenwriter: Sally El Hosaini Editor: Iain Kitching Director of Photography: Sam Goldie Production Designer: Helen Boyce Sound: Tarn Willers Music: Gabriele Palmieri Cast: Beatriz Romilly. Badria Timimi Funding: Private . London. 16mm.Short Films 67 Holywood Sweets Peter is being bullied at school for eating healthy food — he needs Gram’s help to get some sweets. Stephen Wight. Chrissie Cotterill. Scotland. Kyle McCulloch. reflecting her desire to remember and her need to forget. 12 min Production Company: Yalla Film Company. Unit 1.croft@touchpapertv. England. UK email: sallyelhosaini@mac. Amber Rose Revah. 35mm. London. HD/16mm/Mini DV. 14 min Production Company: Agile Films. Studio 122. 40 Bowling Green Lane. Hampshire. Clerkenwell. 68-72 Redchurch Street. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: Producer: Felix Gilfedder Screenwriter: Jonathan Baraclough Editor: Scott Johnson Director of Photography: Grant McPhee Production Designer: Simon Black Sound: Chris Campion. 93-97 St George’s Road.000 Harvest Yebsley and Blue. Director: Oliver Refson 2009. who are not the pushovers they first appear. Alexa Seligman Screenwriter: John Jencks Editor: David Wigram Director of Photography: Luke Palmer Production Designer: Kara Ramsay Sound: George Pinnock Cast: Charlie Producer: Lisa Ridd Screenwriter: Patrick Jackson Editor: Patrick Jackson Director of Photography: Patrick Jackson Production Designer: Peter Arnold Cast: Jose Navarro Hazel Hazel goes missing from a small Scottish community and everyone is a suspect. England. Scot Peden. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Glasgow. England. Director: Alex Winckler 2009. 22 min 16 sec Production Company: IWC Media. 26 Greville Green. UK tel: +44 (0)124 343 0808. Michael Socha. 35mm.seligman@gmail. 16mm. Brownlow Road. London. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 Funding: Private The Hardest Part An ageing actor tries to regain dignity in the audition of a lifetime. Her behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre. St George’s Studios. 10 min 24 sec Production Company: Footprint Films. 4 min 49 sec Production Company: Day For Night Films LLP. Director: Felix Gilfedder 2009.iwcmedia. UK email: alexa. secrets are revealed. Natasha Barrero Budget: £6. Lucinda LLoyd. E2 7DP. Emma West Budget: £30. fax: +44 (0)124 343 0808 email: info@footprintfilms. as is our narrator’s relationship with them. Vicki Patterson Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Richard Bean Editor: David Gibson Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Andrew Tiernan. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. Emsworth. 93-97 St George’s Road. Director: Debs Gardner-Paterson 2008. 17 yearold Tom returns home after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. EC1R web: www. Finsbury Business Centre. Robin Kingsland. E8 4NW. June Watson Henna Night It’s bride-to-be Amina’s Henna Night and her best friend Nour has been cooking all day. Jeremy Child. burgle a rundown pig farm in Yorkshire looking for guns. Shian Devonan Budget: £4. Director: Patrick Jackson.000 Funding: Private Happy Rabbit A tale of isolation and disillusionment. UK email: kate. fax: +44 (0)20 7415 7123 email: lisa@dayfornightfilms. but it is what they do to her that is truly Producer: Rodolfo Coloma Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Ed Clark Editor: Danielle Povey Director of Photography: Alev Erdogan Production Designer: Caroline Story Sound: Amos Deane Music: Amos Deane Cast: Vesna Stanojevic. 32 Anna Producer: Jack Ravenscroft. England. St George’s Studios. Andrew Harrison.

Old Kent Road. But then he stops working properly and she is now stuck with a man who is not able to do what he is supposed to. a straight couple struggle with their relationship living in the Producer: Moss Barclay Executive Producer: Cairo Cannon. private sponsor Short Films Homoworld In a flip-side gay world. W1F 24 Shelton Street.000 Funding: Private investors Homecoming Homecoming explores the nature of power and conflict within the traditional British Asian family. 14 min 51 sec Producer: Helen Andre tel: +44 (0)140 324 8442.000 (est) Funding: University of East London Human Assembly In a sixties retro-future. fax: +44 (0)141 553 2660 web: www. Director: Zak Hanif 2008. She finds an identical self to accompany her. Dylan surveys life enslaved to the medicine behind the Producer: Terje Kissa Screenwriter: Monica Bravo-Pedrosa Editor: Kumar Ramalingam Director of Photography: Ants-Martin Vahur Production Designer: Leen Vormo Music: Timothy Shrider Cast: Emily Lucienne. N5 web: www. Screen Agency: Scottish Screen. Director: Monica Bravo-Pedrosa 2008. 8 min 20 sec Production Company: Partizan Ltd. New Pathways Film Fund. His subconscious battles with its demons and 40-42 Lexington Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. Scottish Screen The Hope Ruby Tragic eighteenth-century lovers steal a valuable gem and die in the attempt. Can their modern day doppelgangers break the spell? Director: Helen Andre web: www. Glasgow. fax: +44 (0)140 324 8442 email: helen_andre@hotmail. England.ironboxfilms. Tavi Taplenkov Co-production: Estonia. fax: +44 (0)20 7851 0249 email: martin. Rufus Graham Budget: £33. England. Tustin Estate. Robert Mountford Funding: UK Film Council. Margus Producer: Yvonne Bray Screenwriter: Zak Hanif Editor: Lewis Gourley Director of Photography: Mintu Mantynen Music: Anders Sodergren Cast: Renu Setna. 17 min Production Company: Clevermax Productions Ltd.scottishscreen. Colombia Funding: London Film School . 26 min Production Company: London Film School. 58 Sotherby Road. a Colombian man. Director: Bernhard Pucher 2008.clevermax. 3rd Floor. Daniel Spencer Hurts So Good Embittered by his addiction.poyner@partizan. who has been living there for six years. UK tel: +44 (0)845 300 7300 email: info@scottishscreen. 13 min 28 sec Production Company: Glasgow Media Access Centre. Director: Max Barber 2008. s16mm.500 Funding: Hackney Council.68 Home Time At the end of a school day. Kelley Ami Baker Editor: Rachel Tunnard Director of Photography: Simon Gilmour Production Designer: Alexandra Leavey. On his arrival Carlos realises Sonia has a boyfriend and winning her heart would be a difficult task. Catherine Butler Editor: Richarch Wolf Director of Photography: Craig Birt Music: Dmitry Kormann Cast: Lindsay Producer: Samuele Romano Screenwriter: Bernhard Pucher Editor: Bernhard Pucher Director of Photography: Luke Bryant Production Designer: Gareth Thomas Music: Roby Meola Cast: Lucy Producer: Max Barber. 249 West George Street. Director: Chris Obi 2009. MJ Judgefield. HDV. England. 34 Albion Street. 35mm. Matt Dollings Director of Photography: Alex Barber Production Designer: Billy Edwards Sound: Vincent Edwards Cast: Trystan Gravelle. In his luggage he has a small amount of cocaine. 58 Ambleside Point. G2 4QE. Victor Zaragoza.g-mac. London. Vincent Manna. Glasgow. UK tel: +44 (0)141 553 2620. Stephanie Turnbull Screenwriter: Natalie Brady Editor: Matthew Murdoch Director of Photography: Brian Fawcett Production Designer: Rosie Goodwin Sound: Duncan Warrick Music: Nicholas Singer Cast: Grace Brown. 16mm. Catherine Butler Executive Producer: Neil Rees Screenwriter: Max web: www.bright@lfs. Scotland. UK email: clevermax@aol. Big Colin How to Kiss a Dead Girl Carlos. s16mm. 5 min 38 sec Director: Natalie Brady email: gnatbrady@yahoo. England. Richard Barrett Budget: £2. SE15 1EB. one young girl doesn’t want to go home. 13 min 35 sec Production Company: Iron Box Films. His purpose: sex. comes to Tallinn to visit his old girlfiend Sonia. Gia is a woman who has decided to order a self-assembly human man. and we leave him chained within a dungeon of his own HD. Danny web: www. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: web: www. London.lfs. Film London. WC2H 9UB. UK email: ironboxfilms@googlemail. Andres G1 1LH. Benjamin Green Budget: £ Producer: Martin Poyner Screenwriter: Milo Ross Editor: Rachel Tunnard. Producer: Helen Andre Screenwriter: Helen Andre. Mohammed Taqi Nazeer. Director: Natalie Brady 2008. London. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7851 0200. Alice Ridley Music: Benjamin Humphries Cast: Sarah Finigan.

But Mark can’t get it up . St Bartholomews Court. Kriss Dosanjh. like Director: Stephen D Reid 2008. 11 min 49 sec Production Company: Sigma Films. 10 min Production Company: Paper Mannequin Productions. 401 Govan Road. UK email: michaelberliner@gmail.. BS1 5BT. Legend says that a couple who make love on the Giant’s famous fertility symbol will conceive a child. UK email: mandy@pva. England. Clifford and his family descend into chaos. UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 Producer: Julie Penfold Screenwriter: Tom Williams Editor: Rachel Tunnard Director of Photography: James Dean Sound: Thor McIntyre Burnie.100 Funding: Self-funded Inconceivable Jen and Mark can’t have a baby. His sister withdraws. Laura Bowen. Bristol. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen. That night.ignitionfilms. 11 min Production Company: Pico Pictures. 8 min 34 sec Production Company: PVA MediaLab. Film London. HD. Henry Johnson Budget: £5. Bristol. South West Screen . SG18 Producer: Akash Lockmun Screenwriter: Nilesh Bell-Gorsia Editor: Nilesh Bell-Gorsia Director of Photography: Oliver Thom. Sean Pertwee Budget: £12. Sanjeev Kohli. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen. England. Abdul Salek. England. UK email: akash@papermannequin. DVC Pro HD. Kris Tebbs Sound: Dan Spencer Music: Crayzee Banditt Cast: Eric Kofi Abrefa. G51 2QJ. Jimmy Chisolm.reid@burnley. Gillian Producer: Doc Redeye Screenwriter: Stephen D Reid Editor: Doc Redeye Director of Photography: Dave Barrow Production Designer: Stephen D Reid Sound: Sean Lovell Music: Stephen D Reid Cast: Abdul Kayum. Lewins Mead. One morning she receives a letter she feels unable to open. UK tel: +44 (0)117 909 9941 email: Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen. Mark Beynon Editor: Steven Forrester Director of Photography: John Bailie Production Designer: Sophie Hervieu Sound: Sonic Trax Music: Michael Ferguson Cast: Lesley Sharp.papermannequin. School and Families In His Shoes After his father’s web: www. Dorset. UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 9977. UK tel: +44 (0)141 445 0400.500 Funding: Department for Children. unrequited love and one dog’s potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together. BS2 web: www.swscreen.000 Funding: UK Film Council. All he needs now is a pair of breasts! Director: Ornette Spenceley 2008. Director: Chris Croucher Producer: Brian Coffey Executive Producer: Robbie Allen. Emily Felicia Moore. Colin Harris. Director: Colin Kennedy 2009. Bridport. On a very ordinary Saturday his journey takes a sudden and very tragic turn. his mum takes to her bed. Dan Lawson. fax: +44 (0)141 445 6900 email: Surrey. Director: Akash Lockmun. Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen. St Bartholomews Producer: Michael Berliner Executive Producer: Sunny Varkey Screenwriter: Chris Croucher. this is an exploration into some of the pressures and issues that can lead to suicide within the Asian community in today’s Bedfordshire.600 Funding: UK Film Council. Director: Tom Williams 2008. Scotland. Wilson the dog Funding: Scottish Screen. After years of failing to conceive. Scott Wilkinson Music: Jo Fry Cast: Jennifer Hennessy. England. Bristol. UK email: s. Gemma Payne. England. Abdul Goffar Budget: £6. 18 Northill Road.000 Funding: ITV. PO Box 506. KT4 8XE.. Worcester Park. BB11 9EF. Pete Sheridan. Darcy Thomas Budget: £2. Film City Glasgow.swscreen. 9 min Production Company: Doc Redeye Productions. private investment I Love Luci I Love Luci is a comedy of missing teeth. Through four short tales. Nilesh Bell-Gorsia web: www.Short Films 69 In Passing Blitz mother Fay Travers carries on the war on the Home Front alone — her son and husband away on the front line. Screen WM. South West Screen If Not Now. Lancashire. BS1 5BT. HDV. Mark has persuaded Jen to come to the Cerne Giant on a remote hillside in Dorset. EM Media If Only .co. Saima Kausar. Russell Tovey. dreams of becoming a professional footballer. and Clifford decides he wants to be a girl. Glasgow. HD. 12 min 19 sec Production Company: Ignition Films.. Karina Minhas Budget: £8. Lewins Mead. John Tobin. 4 Somerset Street. HDV. David Mckenzie Screenwriter: Colin Kennedy Editor: Jake Roberts Director of Photography: Benjamin Kracun Production Designer: James Lapsley Sound: Savalas Music: Ali Forbes Cast: Camilla Rutherford. Kenneth Collard. Rupesh Shah. When? Daniel is another one of those kids who. 35mm. 1 King Square. 53 Oaks Avenue. Burnley. Carol Salter Director of Photography: Niels Reetz Johansen Production Designer: Sue Mayes Sound: Tom Heddy Music: Imran Ahmad Cast: Shaheen web: www.. a surprise encounter in a shelter means she is able to open her Lorraine Stanley. DT6 Producer: Alison Sterling Screenwriter: Jane Pugh Editor: Katie Weiland. England.

Bradley De Cruz Budget: £9. floats on his back. England. West Street. BS1 5BB. Rachel Cohen Budget: £2. Carvadeya. Tony Dixon Editor: Anton Short Director of Photography: Neil Oseman Sound: Heather Fenoughty Cast: Branko Tomovic. Covo. London. N7 6JW. 7 min 30 sec Production Company: Mindpaw. UK tel: +44 (0)114 276 2400 email: speranza@btconnect. stupidity and dogged determination not to let his lack of discernible skills or talent stand in the way of his calling to be a modern television deity. Penny Producer: Roopesh Parekh Screenwriter: Garrett David Millerick Editor: Brett Irwin Director of Photography: Mike Muschamp Production Designer: Natalie Beak Sound: Liam Abel Music: JD Masters Cast: Carol Smillie. Dante searches for the cemetery where his beloved Beatrice is buried. 5 min 42 sec Producer: Rob Speranza. BS1 Producer: Julian Holman Screenwriter: Nathan Hughes Editor: Nathan Hughes Director of Photography: Martin Finney Production Designer: Sophie Windsor-Clive Sound: Mark Bothwick Music: I Am The Mighty Jungulator Cast: Malcolm Hamilton. RG14 1BD.000 Funding: Private Isaac Beyond the crowded beach. HD. Studio Producer: Phil Shepherd Executive Producer: Sarah-Jane Meredith. John Barber. Bristol. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. Neil Newbon. Site Gallery. Chris Donnelly Budget: £9. HD. Islington Council.swscreen. Marco Granese Sound: Resin. It’s his last moment of freedom. West Yorkshire. Casey Amber Budget: £38. After an argument she runs away. 15 min Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen. HD. Will web: www. 29 min 16 sec Production Company: Schadenfreude Productions Ltd. Screen Yorkshire . UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 9977. where the past surrounds him. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen. He’s 17. England. Henrietta Clemett Budget: £40. 10-18 Manor Gardens. Cheryl McAvoy Budget: £2. Newbury. John Funding: South West Screen. Nigel Gregory Director of Photography: Marco Granese Production Designer: J Harry Leckstein. Community Channel Into the Woods A misunderstanding between a family and a stranger has far-reaching consequences. So Jack needs to rediscover his faith in order to find his daughter. they discover an unusual way to confront their truth and reach a deeper level of understanding. England. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. watches the sky. UK email: harry@freeportrecords. Director: J Harry Leckstein 2008. Daniel is pushing himself closer to death. 16mm. London Urban Collective Editor: Marco Granese. Julia Caithness Screenwriter: Anna Lea Editor: Jesse Lawrence Director of Photography: Terry Flaxton Production Designer: Livi Vaughan Sound: Sacha Atkinson Music: John Frankel Cast: Tom Lawrence. as Virgil guides him through Hell to the truth about love and the fateful night she died. who never fails. Georgia Katz. Somerset Film Inferno Inferno — an original Hipopera. Carvadeya. SW6 1QR. UK email: NH@mindpaw. Lewins Mead. UK email: garrett@sfprod. HDV. 2nd Floor. Rob Speranza Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. Leeds. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Kevin Eldon. England. Box 63. 47 min Production Company: Freeport Director: Garrett David Millerick 2008. Director: Alice Caronna 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 Producer: Alex Usborne. London Urban Collective Music: Resin. South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network. England. London. London Urban Collective Cast: James Pyke. Mini DV. Sheffield. racing to beat his brother Isaac — the golden boy. Jacobs Well. diving into the sea. 324 Beaux Arts web: www. Colston Street. 1 Brown Street. LS2 7EY.500 Funding: London Film Academy The Invitation When a young couple’s relationship reaches breaking Producer: Darta Kalnina Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Jamie Stanton Editor: Pooja Nerurkar Director of Photography: Jonny O’Donnell Production Designer: Andrea DiCenzo Music: Francesco Quadraruopolo Cast: John Gillespie.70 Infamy Infamy is the tale of one man’s innocence. 9 min 48 sec Production Company: London Film Producer: J Harry Leckstein Screenwriter: J Harry Leckstein. 52A Walham Grove. Director: Nathan Hughes 2008. St Bartholomews Court.freeportrecords. while his young daughter Bella believes her family is protected by fairies. Director: Matt Taabu 2008. England.000 Funding: Private Short Films Into the Light Jack is losing his sight and his faith in life along with Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. Tamara Ustinov.000 Funding: Freeport. 46 The web: www. Barbara Kellerman. But Daniel wins. S1 2BS.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Director: Jesse Lawrence 2008.screenyorkshire.

org web: www. HDV. Northern Film & Media Just Because You’re Paranoid . UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. everyone seems to hate Derek. Director: Daniel Elliott Producer: Mick Sugden Screenwriter: Graeme Cole Editor: Jonathan Addy.Short Films 71 Joe Smeal’s Wheels For wheelchair-bound decrepit waster Joe Smeal. the dreams of a troubled romantic and his companions are worn away by ennui and isolation. Garth Williams. HD. 1st Floor. Tyneside Cinema. NE1 6QG. 12 min Producer: Katrina Cannon Screenwriter: James Rogan Editor: Brett Irwin Director of Photography: Nina Kellgren Production Designer: Derek Taylor Sound: Daniel Owen Music: Ruth Chan Cast: Marcin Producer: Ashton Radcliffe Screenwriter: Michael Normand Editor: Simon Laurie Director of Photography: Jan Pester Cast: Ricky Callan. Louis Rolston. can Joe escape his East End tower-block existence and wheel himself from one side of Glasgow to the other in a day. Director: Matthew McGuchan 2009. England.000 Funding: UK Film Council. 35 min Production Company: L’Institute Zoom email: zoomcitta@yahoo. Screen East Producer: Ben Vokes Screenwriter: Steve Brookes Editor: Thomas Grove Carter Director of Photography: Blake Claridge Sound: Elliott Gilhooly Music: Dom James Cast: Ian McNeice.000 Funding: UK Film Council. though. Jerome’s Weakness A grief-stricken scientist has detected the spirit of his dead web: Producer: Ben Vokes email: benvokes@yahoo. Central web: www. Matt Jennings. Dublin. struggles to choose the right path. Norfolk. 5 min 34 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. Newcastle upon Tyne.000 Funding: UK Film Council. UK tel: +44 (0)160 377 6922. HDV. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: Gerry Doherty Janusz Janusz commutes in and out of London every day. fax: +44 (0)160 376 7191 email: info@screeneast. attached to the boy’s mother. Catherine Traveller. s16mm. 15 min Production Company: Third Films. 17 min International Sales: Network Ireland. 11 min Regional Screen Agency: Screen East. Simon Killick.000 Funding: Self-funded James When James realises long buried secrets can lead to poor family England. that she may have no choice at all. Elizabeth Healey. Producer: Connor Clements Screenwriter: Connor Clements Editor: Kevin McDonald Director of Photography: Declan Keeney Cast: Niall Wright. Over an allday drinking session. UK tel: +44 (0)191 227 5515. Tuesday Betts Budget: £2. London. Kensal Green. From babies to Producer: Jonathan Blagrove Executive Producer: Sam Burton Screenwriter: Matthew McGuchan Editor: John Fensom Director of Photography: Andy Parsons Production Designer: Mark Sutherland Cast: Colin McAllister. Michael Socha. or are they really out to get him? Director: Thomas Grove Carter 2009.screeneast. Lydia is moving home after quitting her job. Against the contrasting backdrop of the Forth Street. NR2 1TF. 10 Pilgrim Street. Rupert Young. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. Shereen Brierton Budget: £ Producer: Samm Haillay. Newcastle upon Is he paranoid. he hopes to transfer this vital essence into a new body. When these two meet on the train. HD. Ireland tel: +353 1 679 7039. Super 8. watching through the window as the world rushes by. Duane Hopkins Executive Producer: Helen Ross. 23 South Frederick Street. 1st Floor. Norwich. Joanna Watt Funding: Private Jade Jade. Kent. NE1 3PJ. Martin Bishop.. they each get a glimpse of the other’s world. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. England. Director: James Rogan 2009. The Wedge. he feels it’s time to confide with his only friend a secret of his own. fax: +353 1 670 8493 email: derry@network-irl-tv. In his lab. Steven McNicoll It’s Nick’s Birthday A home-made Super-8 musical. Margaret Goodman. 2 Millennium Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. England. caught in a dilemma of her own making. 29 min Production Company: Film Nouveau. NW10 5UP. Ewen MacIntosh Budget: £ web: www. Rebecca Mark-Lawson Screenwriter: Daniel Elliott Editor: Edd Maggs Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Production Designer: Joy Sanders Sound: Susan Pennington Cast: Aisling Loftus. 8 Monson Road. fax: +44 (0)20 8961 1930 email: makecontact@filmnouveau. redemption awaits in Glasgow’s West End. Debbie Steer Director of Photography: Joe Mannion Production Designer: Louisa Birkin Sound: Bernie Steer Music: Aidan Smith Cast: Stuart Brown. It becomes apparent to her. CT20 1JR. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8961 1930. Director: Connor Clements England. Director: Graeme Cole 2009. fax: +44 (0)191 227 5515 email: sammhaillay@gmail. Screen South . 75-81 Tontine Street. even with the help of a blind man? Director: Michael Normand 2009. Jonny Philips Budget: £20.

HP9 1LG. briefly dipping into other web: www. 18 Phipp Street. UK tel: +44 (0)117 954 7170 email: rachel@omniproduction. The only oxygen left is in the tanks on their backs and that’s about to run out too. 25 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. Ralph UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. SaraMarkland Budget: £6. Carole Weyers. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. BS2 web: www.northernmedia. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: info@northernmedia. UK tel: +44 (0)191 227 5515.000 Funding: Home Office. London. 22 min Production Company: Omni Productions. Central Square. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 5400 web: www. fax: +44 (0)191 227 5515 email: sammhaillay@hotmail. UK tel: +44 (0)191 260 5483. Andy Elia. Newcastle upon Tyne. NE39 1D2. 35mm. visiting there. 19 min 47 sec Production Company: Vita Nova Films. Beaconsfield. Folkestone. An unexplained ecological disaster strikes. Anthony Adjekum Funding: National Film and Television School Leaving Helen fears for her life: she knows that her husband Jim will kill her if she Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Tyneside Cinema.72 Keel All is not what it seems when a father and daughter take a short break at a derelict beach house on the Finnish coast. treading a tragically inevitable road that leads him back to the beginning. Julia Caithness Screenwriter: Andrew McVicar Editor: Dan Cheetham Director of Photography: Damien Pawle Production Designer: Mel O’Connor Sound: Andy Cudbrook Cast: Elliot Balchin. Fatma Cakmakyurdu. EC2 A4XY. NE1 Buckinghamshire. England. Gateshead. 14-16 Wilson Street. Johnny Harris. Bristol. England. Sarah web: Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. HD. Northern Film & Media Kid A boy is forced to travel a distance too far into his father’s world. 10 Pilgrim Street. Forth Street. Newcastle upon Tyne. Director: Richard Penfold. Alone in the unfamiliar house he’s frustrated. Director: Ian Cottage 2008. 21 min 29 sec Production Company: The Bureau. 1st Floor.shortsinternational. Shoreditch. Sema Yildiz Budget: £40. Mike Elliott Screenwriter: Tony Grisoni Editor: Ewa J Lind Director of Photography: Florian Hoffmeister Production Designer: Mark Digby Sound: Tim Barker Music: Jem Finer Cast: Abdullah Gurlek. following another vicious attack. 6-8 Luke Street. is excluded from the sexuality his friends are exploring.northernmedia.000 Funding: NE1 3PJ. Screen South Lamb A farm in spring. Joe Siffleet Budget: £40.nfts. England. 10 min Production Company: Third Films. Tom Thurgood Budget: £10. she finds the courage to leave. Wiltshire Primary Care Trust . One night. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: Producer: Rachel Drummond Hay Screenwriter: Richard Penfold Editor: Jules Barton Hill Director of Photography: Richard Stewart Production Designer: Joe Borowski Sound: Ric de Mowbray Music: Dan Berridge Cast: Kierston Wareing. 11 min UK Distributor: Screen South. Charlotte Nunnerley Funding: UK Film Council. CT20 1JR. fax: +44 (0)20 7033 9383 email: Producer: Scott Horsfield Screenwriter: Jamie Shearing Editor: Tom Canning Director of Photography: Simon Poulter Production Designer: Janice Flint Sound: Steve Chase Music: Mark Rutherford Cast: Frances Magee. The Wedge. HD. Northern Film & Media Short Films Kingsland #1 The Dreamer The moon looks down. 35mm/16mm. Ali 35mm. Director: Tom Green 2009. Sam Hearn 2008. Newcastle upon Tyne. 75-81 Tontine Street. England. We travel with him. Joy Sanders. Duane Hopkins Executive Producer: Helen Ross. A stranger arrives in the city looking for work. fax: +44 (0)191 247 5758 email: Producer: Kate Ogborn. Kent. London. Station Road. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7033 Producer: Samm Haillay. Beaconsfield Studios. Wiltshire Police. Tom Green Editor: Josh Levinsky Director of Photography: Sam Care Production Designer: Patrick Herzberg Sound: Zhe Wu.vitanovafilms. Producer: Mo Bazazi Screenwriter: Mahalia Rimmer. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. Forth web: www. Director: Tony Grisoni 2008. Antonia International Sales: Shorts International. love and respect. The Bureau The Last Breath A family goes scuba diving. until a chance encounter draws him out into the wilds. Director: David Jackson 2008. 7 Dene Avenue. NE1 6QQ. England. England. Toomas Hussar. England. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: info@northernmedia.500 Funding: UK Film Council. Director: Andrew McVicar 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 Producer: Steve Bowden Screenwriter: Ian Cottage Editor: Ian Cottage Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Cast: Walter web: www. A teenage boy. EC2A 4NU. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. Central Square. England. Charles Mnene. Jodie Campbell Music: Jon Opstad Cast: Kieran O’Brien.

UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444. his pet goldfish. 14 min 36 sec Production Company: Hopscotch Films email: csk@hopscotchfilms. 11 min Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Production Company: Imagine Pictures. Charles Mnene. Highgate. Chew TV Leaving Eva One day the sun burned into everything and nature took back all the things we once took from 18/4 Shandon Place. and so become web: www.. England. April Holt. 24 Shelton Street. Shoreditch. 12 min 8 sec Production Company: Nils Gaard Productions. Goldie isn’t your average goldfish.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Andy Cooper. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen. London. Laine Megaw. HD. Lene Alexandra Cast: Kazmin Director: Faye Gilbert Arvid Sletta. Kate Richardson. obsession. Tom Godrey Budget: £1. Belfast. Richard Galazka Budget: £1. c/o The Producer: John Howlett Screenwriter: Alex Finlayson Editor: Helen Murphy Director of Photography: Richard Anderson Production Designer: Georgia Lowe Music: Birger Clausen Cast: Angela Ward. DV Cam. Producer: Susanne Stich email: susannestich@gmail.000 Funding: London Film School. Mini DV. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7033 0555. Alfred House. Director: Henry Darke Director: Henry Darke email: henrydarke@yahoo. death and a lollipop man. Director: Susanne Stich 2008. unfeeling and careless attitude toward them. EH11 Producer: Matthew Holt Screenwriter: Matthew Holt. BT2 8ED. A dark tale of love. 66 Dresden Producer: Matthew Snyman Screenwriter: Matthew Snyman Editor: Matthew Snyman Director of Photography: Matthew Snyman Cast: David Godfrey. Tom Barrow Music: Raoul Brand Cast: Georgia Groome. 12 min Production Company: London Film web: www. 7 min 30 sec Director: Matthew Snyman email: matthewsnyman@hotmail. 18 Phipp Street. Gisele Hammond Funding: UK Film Council Cinema Extreme Lollipop Man The Lollipop Man examines the dynamics of the decay of urban society: how individuals may become ostracised by society’s This is the story of one woman’s grief and one man’s obsession. David Caron. Heather Kate Aidy.000 Funding: Self-funded A young girl is told to go and deliver something to her grandmother who is ill. UK email: matthewholt2002@yahoo. Daisy Steinberg. James Suter Budget: £20. 3rd Floor. Annie Gorman Funding: Northern Ireland Screen Little Red Hoodie The Legend of Ol’ Goldie The Legend of Ol’ Goldie is a fairytale about a boy and his only friend. Brian Bate. Director: John Howlett 2008. fax: +44 (0)20 7033 9383 email: mail@thebureau. grief and obsession set in the London Underground. WC2H 9UB. DV Cam. UK email: ju@spray. Christa Nicola. Molinare Lily’s Image Making art. 35mm. England. Director: Michael Axelgaard 2009. except for Eva. Director: Jørn Utkilen 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7836 9642. Kwok Yau Screenwriter: Faye Gilbert Editor: Chris Barwell Director of Photography: David Katznelson Production Designer: Humphrey Jaegar Sound: Raoul Brand. Producer: Carolynne Sinclair Kidd Screenwriter: Jørn Utkilen Editor: Colin Monie Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Production Designer: Ruth Paxton Sound: Tom Griffiths Music: John Nairn. Michael Axelgaard Editor: Mouthanna Al-Sayegh Director of Photography: Pawel Krewin Cast: Tom Bonington. Producer: Susanne Stich Screenwriter: Susanne Stich Editor: Susanne Stich Director of Photography: Michael Corish Music: Neil Burns Cast: Stuart Graham. Kezia Doran.bright@lfs. N19 3BQ. loss.. fax: +44 (0)20 7497 3718 email: c.Short Films 73 The Lobster Trap A young boy. Henry Darke Budget: £11. Nicola Jo Cully. Matt Faris. Noel Producer: Matthieu de Braconier. EC2A 4NU. HD. And the world I knew was gone . Elena Procopiu Budget: £5.000 Funding: Private investors Light at the End of the Tunnel It’s the anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings in which Andrea lost her partner. Director: Matthew Snyman 2008. a little girl finds magic in the muddle of her parents’ unusual separation. N Ireland. Scotland. finds escape from his difficult life by going to sea for a day on a lobster boat. Wesley.northernirelandscreen. It is a cautionary tale that involves love. Screen South. The thing is. 21 Alfred Street. 12 min Production Company: Towers Producer: Denzil Monk Screenwriter: Henry Darke Editor: Sahil Gill Director of Photography: Aaron Reid Production Designer: Hana Backland Sound: Luke Power Music: Dan Brown Cast: Chris Williams.lfs.000 Funding: Self-funded . 12 min Director: John Howlett email: johnhowlett6@gmail. London.

when he falls in love with a mysterious woman. 8 min Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Screen. Buckinghamshire. UK email: web: www. Victoria Gillmon. 12 min 30 sec Production Company: Milkwood Productions. 21 Alfred Street. Puccini Cast: Brett Allen. finds his way into society through the ordinary lives of the family next door. London. Beaconsfield Studios. Paddy Scully Budget: £10. Victor Perez Budget: £5. HP9 1LG. When they first move in. Producer: Pooja Nerurkar Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Alice Caronna Editor: Jamie Stanton Director of Photography: Arup Chowdry Production Designer: Beverly Hills Music: Nicholas Singer Cast: Stephen Chance Budget: £2. When faced with the challenge of impressing the beautiful Katie it is in old Technicolor films that he finds inspiration. Producer: Nuala O’Leary Screenwriter: Julius Amedume Editor: Michael Aaglund Director of Photography: David Liddell Production Designer: Sophie Neil Sound: David Pringle Music: Paul Lambert Cast: Lisa Diveney. DVC Pro HD. 23 Denmark Street. Rebecca Mark-Lawson Screenwriter: Blake Ritson. 5 min 32 sec Production Company: TSH Productions. Mathew Skolar Editor: Andy Hall Director of Photography: Derk Russell Music: Benjamin James Smith Cast: Paddy Glynn. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen. SW6 1QR. Katie Borland. James. 212 Peach Road. Amanda Ray King Budget: £500 Funding: Self-funded Lorraine Lorraine is the new girl at school. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts.74 Loneliness in a Goldfish Bowl A lonely middle-aged man. he begins to follow their lives simply by listening to the sound of their everyday activities. London. Northern Ireland Screen Love Ernest helps his wife Angela to end her life. Station Road. Dylan Ritson web: www. Amy McAllister. Beth Pattinson. She is faced by the issue of peer pressure and is lured into the world of a girl gang. W1T 1AR. N Ireland. Beaconsfield.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Hattie Morahan. WC2H 8NH. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 Producer: Vilhjalmur Ragnarsson Screenwriter: Tanya Andrews Editor: Andrew Keil Director of Photography: Ryan Kernaghan Production Designer: Anna McCaughtry Cast: Eileen McCloskey. London. Director: Thomas Stark Holland 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7323 1191 email: info@milkwood. Director: Amelie Chicoye 2008. Jack Arbuthnott. W10 4DY. England. BT2 8ED.milkwood. Blake Ritson The Lonely Cowboy Henry is a film lover with a curious sense of reality. improvised film tells the story of a female vagabond who finds a penny on the street and tries her luck with an unctuous maı ˆtre d’ of an expensive restaurant. 20 min 23 sec Production Company: Origin Pictures. Gregg Lowe. NW6 2BJ. They are surrounded by sweet and bitter memories of the moments that led them to this awful 9 min 55 sec Production Company: London Film Producer: Thomas Stark Holland Screenwriter: Phillipe Producer: Toufique Ali. Susie Allman. England.nfts. Ed Rubin. Mike Wyeld Screenwriter: Nick Parish Editor: Nick Parish Director of Photography: Matt Broad Production Designer: Shay Costello Cast: Edward E White. London. UK email: scottjacobson@me. Queens Park. Belfast. Producer: Bruce Melhuish Executive Producer: Kalim Aftab Screenwriter: Cristian Solimeno Editor: Cristian Solimeno Director of Photography: Bruce Melhuish Production Designer: Bruce Melhuish Music: Kenji Watanabe. Ben Nealon. 52A Walham Grove. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy.lafamiglia. 27 Newman Street.000 Funding: Private . Digibeta. Michelle Whitney Funding: National Film and Television School Love Hate A sweet-natured charity worker finds his life turned upside down. Digibeta. 14 min 15 sec Production Company: La Famiglia Films. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 14 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. DVC Pro HD. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. Nigel Richards. Dylan Ritson Editor: Rich Orrick Director of Photography: John Lynch Production Designer: Dan Betteridge Sound: Chris Sheedy Music: Chris Producer: Scott Jacobson Executive Producer: David Thompson. 51 Barlow Road. London. Director: Tanya Andrews 2008. England. Tom Haines Cast: Hayley Atwell. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7973 3577 email: bruce@lafamiglia. Will Henry get the girl or will he always be the lonely cowboy? Director: Nick Parish 2008. Director: Julius Amedume 2009. Deborah Grall Budget: £5.000 Funding: Private Lucky Old Bag Set to a bohemian soundtrack this dialoguefree. Ben web: www.500 Funding: London Film Academy Short Films Lonely Hearts Interrupted A woman sifting through the remains of her life after a bitter divorce finds solace in a quirky next door neighbour and his zest for companionship. England. Director: Cristian Solimeno 2008. Director: Blake Ritson.

lukeandthevoid. Could conscience bring them back together? Director: Stephen D Reid 2008. Producer: Julius Amedume Screenwriter: Julius Amedume Editor: Hoping Chen Director of Photography: Fredericka Lathbridge Sound: Duncan Price. HDV. 7 min Production Company: The Agenda Regional Screen Agency: South West Screen. web: www. fax: +44 (0)117 952 9988 email: info@swscreen. a family is torn apart by Producer: Doc Redeye Screenwriter: Stephen D Reid Director of Photography: Steve Richardson Production Designer: Bruce Symons Sound: Matt Gartside Music: Stephen D Reid Cast: Lee International Sales: Tom Turley email: tom@filmtom.Short Films 75 A Matter of Conscience In sixties Britain. Together. Director: Julius Amedume 2008. PO Box 506.northernmedia. Beaconsfield Studios. Tyne & Wear. 3 min 30 sec Production Company: Doc Redeye Productions.reid@burnley. South West Screen A Man of Letters A disagreement about the nature of love between a postman and his friend leads to an unexpected confession about a love letter that was never sent. NE1 3PJ. Newcastle upon Tyne. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. Director: Alex Kinsey 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)117 952 9977. who is a shadow of his former Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. Gordon Ingleby Budget: £1. but he’s on a mission to leave it all 14 min 52 sec Production Company: Ignition Films. meets a mysterious blind Station Road. 49 Effra Road. UK tel: +44 (0)191 279 0950 email: web: www. England. a lonely widow who seems to have given up on life and love. Ken Richardson Budget: £4. Northern Film & Media . Nick Von Schlippe. HDV. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. Beaconsfield. Alex Tempest. Director: Mark Lediard 2008. Producer: Alison Sterling Screenwriter: Matt Freeth Editor: Colette Hodges Director of Photography: Louie BlystadCollins Production Designer: Joe Rappaport Cast: Simon Shepherd. DVC web: www. The mysterious appearance of poetry scrawled on her local bus stop awakens forgotten memories of her past and another life that so nearly happened all those years ago. 9 min 30 sec Production Company: Dene Films. BS2 8NB. Laura Steel Budget: £500 Funding: Self-funded Maybe One Day A sleepy village in the seventies is home to Phyllis.swscreen. HD. Northern Film & Media Mary and John After 50 years of marriage. NE4 7JS. Buckinghamshire. Tom Turley Editor: Peter King Director of Photography: David Procter Sound: Dario Swade Music: The Chocolate Dandies Cast: Ian Attfield. Elaine Slipper Budget: £ fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: Producer: Chris Chapman Screenwriter: Geoff Crackett Editor: Mark Lediard Director of Photography: Simon August Cast: James HD.000 Funding: UK Film Council.ontheagenda. Central Square.nfts. 146-148 Westmorland Road. Bristol. BS1 5BT. SW2 1BZ. Maya Campagnie Budget: £8. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 web: www. Niki Felstead. Tony Donaldson.ignitionfilms. 5 min 48 sec Production Company: National Film and Television School. Lancashire.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Marlene Price Funding: National Film and Television School Maharishi A man haunted by visions of violence and grieving over the disappearance of his wife. Forth Producer: Rowland Kimber Executive Producer: Tom Turley Screenwriter: Patrick Thomson. Burnley. Fergus Prentice. Stephen Keogh Music: Jean-Marc Petsas Cast: Eddie Price. England. Mary comes to terms with John. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7733 2778 email: info@ontheagenda. 6 min Production Company: Shudder Films Ltd email: info@shudderfilms. Thelma Miller. St Bartholomews Court. these two men must journey through this dark night and peel back the layers of lies and violence to discover the truth no matter how disturbing it may Director: Tom Turley 2008. Newcastle upon Tyne. Suite 53B Eurolink Centre.000 Funding: UK Film Council. web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)117 909 9941 email: Producer: Jack Tarling Screenwriter: Craig Rutherford Editor: Nick Light Director of Photography: Kyle Heslop Cast: Pat Dunn. England. Director: Matt Freeth 2008. England. 4 Somerset Street. Lewins Mead. UK email: s. HP9 1LG. Bristol.000 Funding: Doc Redeye Luke & the Void Only child Luke has problems at home and at school. BB11 9EF. Producer: Rob Speranza Executive Producer: Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Susan Everett Editor: Anton Short Director of Photography: Luke Palmer Production Designer: Helen Watson Sound: Heather Fenoughty Music: Heather Fenoughty Cast: Kelly Harrison. in his new role as a security Producer: Steven Braxton. London. Digibeta. England.screenacademyscotland. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. UK email: web: www. England. Carl Pickard Editor: Carol McMillan Director of Photography: Gary Torrance Production Designer: Steven Braxton Sound: Udit Duseja Music: Steven Braxton Cast: Peter Mulligan. 13B Edison Road. West Yorkshire. 23-28 Penn Street. W1F 7NJ. Ben Allen Cast: Rafe Spall. Alison tries to track down her natural mother to find a replacement ‘mum’. we see glimpses of what brought them together in the first place and what is now tearing them apart. Suite 6. Edinburgh. N1 Producer: Chantelle de Carvalho Screenwriter: Chris Gilbertson Editor: Gary Vernon Director of Photography: Carlos de Carvalho Cast: Fred Ridgeway. fax: +44 (0)20 8962 8089 email: chantelle@film38. UK email: He now covets the lead in a new project but finds he has stiff competition in Gregor Truter. N8 8AE.000 Funding: Private Morning Echo It’s Christmas day everywhere but in the Moffatt household. 20 min Production Company: Kyng Regional Screen Agency: Film London. London. moon-walks and what happens to your imaginary friend when you make your first real one. Director: Nicky Lianos 2008. England. Tyler Kennington. 10 min Production Company: Coco & Claude Films Ltd.screenyorkshire. David Fleeshman Budget: £21. charming rival actor.76 Producer: Nicky Moss. Peter Sullivan. London. 2nd Director: Steven Braxton 2009. EH10 4NU. 13 min Production Company: Trail Blazer Pictures. Having lost his aviation job. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7432 0763. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7267 3032 Producer: Catherine Royle Screenwriter: Geraldine Geraghty Editor: Luke Jenkinson Director of Photography: Jono Smith Cast: Hywel Morgan. Unit P102 Penn Street Studio.250 Funding: UK Film Council. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon. London. E1 International Sales: Dazzle Films. s16mm. Director: Daniel J Gill 2009. who view him as an oddball. 2A Merchiston Avenue. 56 Shoreditch High Street. 1 Brown Street. Medius House LG. is ignored or ridiculed by the general public. 14 Herbert Street. fax: +44 (0)131 455 2538 email: info@screenacademyscotland. Sophie Hattersley. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7739 7716 email: dawn@dazzlefilms. susan. Alice Lowe. 16mm/35mm. Cavan Clerkin. Sara Trotter. web: www.10. Film London Mother. 16mm. Caroline Langrishe. Digibeta. 10 min Production Company: Screen Academy Scotland.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Screen Yorkshire Memorabilis Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words.dazzlefilms. Film London Mr Z Mr Z is down on his web: www. Tristram Foster. He lives on the periphery of society and. Buffy Davis. in-kind Short Films Monsters & Rabbits A story about monsters. Me Adam is an ambitious young actor whose minor success in a recent indie film has gone to his head. UK tel: +44 (0)131 455 2572. Director: Susan Everett 2008. Hilton McRae Budget: £36. Danny’s constant presence finally drives Adam to psychotic measures. UK tel: +44 (0)114 276 2400 email: speranza@btconnect.000 Funding: Private London. Sara Trotter Screenwriter: Steven Braxton. England. 46 The Calls. Site Gallery. c/o Film38 Ltd. Studio 22. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676. She sends out a videotape as an introduction. Funding: Self-funded. England. he finds himself financially and socially destitute. 2 Sheraton Street. NW5 4HD. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. LS2 7EY. Amelia Foster. Nicki Budget: £5. Edinburgh Napier Producer: Geraldine Patten Screenwriter: Hope Dickson Leach Editor: Mikka Leskinen Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Production Designer: Steve Blundell Cast: Kerry Fox. 54 Poland a successful.000 Funding: Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University Modern Life Is Rubbish As Liam and Natalie complete the painful process of separating their CD Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. The Tea Building. Scotland. HD. England. Director: Chris Gilbertson 2008. Donna Mabey Screenwriter: David Lemon Editor: Rachel Tunnard Director of Photography: Annemarie LeanVercoe Production Designer: Cara Brower Sound: Roland Heap Music: Tom Marsh Cast: James web: www. Director: Hope Dickson Leach 2009.everett@ukgateway. Amanda Lawrence. Producer: Daniel J Gill Screenwriter: Philip Gawthorne Editor: Ben Luria Director of Photography: Tasha Back Production Designer: Debbie Burton Sound: Martin Evanson Music: Emlyn Francis. Barbara Marten. 15 min Director: Hope Dickson Leach email: hope@dicksonleach. 16 min 16 sec Production Company: South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network. Amy Beth Hayes Budget: £5. England. S1 2BS. 10 min 36 sec Production Company: Neon Films. Hoxton. Nieve Stenton Budget: £18. Elizabeth Elvin Funding: UK Film Council. Rebecca Night Budget: £ web: www. Director: Geraldine Geraghty 2009. Leeds.filmlondon. Through their shared love of music we gradually chart the tragi-comic downfall of a once burning love. England. London. Mine Grieving the death of her adoptive mother. W1F

com Producer: Noel Kearns Screenwriter: Noel Kearns. Kirsty web: www. 9 Regent Place. NP18 3QT. 17 Barnsbury Street. 2 min 30 sec Production Company: Funding: Skillset Screen Academy Wales. B1 3NJ. Robbie Allen. HD. Ruby Blues. UK email: Penn Linfield.withspinefilms. web: amd. Amanda Rootes Editor: Owen web: www. Scotland. Director: Shafeeq Vellani 2008. UK email: office@withspinefilms. HD. England. James Sheppard Budget: £3. London. uncomfortable and ‘oddinary’ Producer: Edward Casey Screenwriter: Shafeeq Vellani Editor: Rick Holbrook Director of Photography: Mike Fox Production Designer: Ben Morson. 5 Lord Russell Place.000 Funding: Self-funded Nice Beaches Matt and Nayar are thrown together in a holiday park chalet. Screen WM My Friend Helen A group of students go out for drinks. Scottish Screen No Strings After corresponding in an internet chat-room Anne. Birmingham. 249 West George Street. 4 min 23 sec Production Company: With Spine web: www. meet up in a hotel room for no-strings sex. 16mm. London. 10 min 36 sec Production Company: Blue Iris Films. Director: Asif Kapadia 2008. G2 Producer: Bernd Porr Screenwriter: Liam Callander Editor: Bernd Porr Director of Photography: Darren Eggenschwiler Production Designer: Bernd Porr Budget: £3. University of Wales My World A school class discusses a poem.500 Funding: UK Film Council. West Midlands.000 Funding: UK Film Council.vellani@newport. 16 min 20 sec Director: Bernd Porr tel: +44 (0)141 330 5237 email: berndporr@f2s. Willesden Green. Tony Classen Budget: £300 Funding: Private . Broadway Media Centre. a randy 20-something bloke. 4 min Production Company: Wellington Films. UK tel: +44 (0)115 840 0043 email: aclark@wellingtonfilms. Scotland. Amanda Rootes Cast: Daeg Faerch. can eat a lot and is not gaining Producer: Katie Crook Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. Producer: Rachel Robey. HD. England. Edinburgh. Sexy Scara Budget: £3. One day’s reluctant encounter becomes a moment of significance for both of Strangers to one another they struggle to achieve the intimacy they desire. Kerri DavenportBurton Director of Photography: John-Henry Haseltine Music: Graceless Kelly. s16mm. A new student joins them: she can drink and is not getting drunk. Carolina Giammetta web: Producer: Kerri Davenport-Burton Screenwriter: Kerri Davenport-Burton. Alastair Clark Screenwriter: Xing Ding Editor: Ewa J Lind Director of Photography: Roman Osin Production Designer: Victoria Haywood Sound: Tom Barrow. England. UK tel: +44 (0)845 300 7300 email: info@scottishscreen. 12 min 40 sec Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. 12 min 40 sec Producer: Noel Kearns email: noelkearns@hotmail. But both are lying and nothing goes to plan. Flat 3F2. Director: Schuman Hoque. An outcast into heavy metal. 14 min Production Company: Newport School of Art. but in the dark hours Adam will have to face more than just things that go bump in the night. 217 Harlesden Road. N1 1PW. 14-18 Broad Street. UK tel: +44 (0)163 343 2638. the police initially thought the boy had been involved in a satanic ritual. Dale Corlett.Short Films 77 Night Time Adam is afraid of the monster in his wardrobe despite his mother’s assurances that there is no such Producer: Carolina Giammetta Screenwriter: Carolina Giammetta Editor: Schuman Hoque Director of Photography: Schuman Hoque Cast: Mark Devenport. Carolina Giammetta. fax: +44 (0)163 343 2610 email: shafeeq.000 Funding: National Youth Theatre Night School A young couple break into an abandoned school. Director: Noel Kearns 2008. NW10 Producer: Justin Edgar Screenwriter: Steven James Butler Editor: Phil Arkinstall Director of Photography: Gabriel Hyman Production Designer: Kirsty Bushell Sound: Oliver Rotchell Music: Gabriel Hyman Cast: James Wilson.blueirisfilms. 16mm. Tim Barker Music: Dario Marianelli Cast: Archie Panjabi Budget: £10. They discovered a truth that was beyond anything they had imagined. NG1 3AL. EH9 1NQ. Newport. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120. Director: Steven James Butler Screen Agency: Scottish Screen. Paul McNeilly Budget: £10. Will Anatsui Budget: £20. Morgan Val Baker Budget: £15. a nervous middle-aged mother and Colin. Junkyard Jive Cast: Samina Awan.000 Funding: Self-funded Necromance ‘A Nursery Rhyme for the Twisted’ In 1995 the body of a young boy was found burned to death. Glasgow. Director: Ben Soper 2008. Director: Kerri Davenport-Burton Something is different with her . UK fax: +44 (0)20 8459 7542 email: carolina@growlondon. Karen O’Hare Screenwriter: Ben Soper Editor: Jonathan Ley Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan Production Designer: Rebecca Dover Sound: Matt Palmer Music: Scrim & The Hungry I Cast: Tess web: www. Caerleon Campus. They drink to excess and eat junk food and sing some karaoke. fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: info@screenwm. Director: Bernd Porr 2009.. which has more relevance to their lives than they at first think.000 Not Coming In Trevor and Becca live in a very happy. He promises his mum he will be ‘brave like dad’. HD. Lodge Road. Janina Samoles Editor: Sally Brading Director of Photography: Charlie Grainger Music: Tandis Jenhudson Cast: Michelle Banville. Holly Withers Sound: Alan Cridford Music: The Insects.

750 Funding: UK Film Council. John Reck 2009. Skillset. M6P 1Y7. Confronted with regret he is forced to face his past in order to reconcile his fractured life. John Reck Editor: Patrick Haggerty Director of Photography: Doug Walshe Production Designer: Keith Mackin. John Reck Executive Producer: Brendan Kinane Screenwriter: Keith Mackin. Director: Benjamin Stevens Producer: Casey Producer: Stuart Gatt Screenwriter: Stuart Gatt Editor: Richard Mitchell Director of Photography: Richard Mitchell Cast: Maimie McCoy. Nick Ewans. where he must venture into the dark and curious world web: www. 9 min 59 sec Distributor: Ouat Media. Izzy Seeliger-Morley Music: Eyeballs Cast: Benjamin Bee. Simone Simone lives alone. and a clockmaker who learns that his results are drastically inaccurate. John Reck Sound: Enos Desjardins. Tam Treanor Cast: Simon Grohe. HD. Mini DV. Allan Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. 31 Inverness Terrace. Billy Rhodes Budget: £1. Director: Andrew Saunders 2009. CT20 1JR. England.000 Funding: UK Film Council. windy seaside to try to become a family again. a house that she never leaves. Kirknewton. Toronto. Lou Spain Screenwriter: Deena Lombardi Editor: Daniel Greenway Director of Photography: Neus OlleSorenellas Production Designer: Ebonie Allard Cast: Paul Sparks. Director: Deena Lombardi 2008. 35mm. Robert Whitelock. Her life is dictated by her duty to tend to her beautiful orchid and not much else. Digibeta. web: www. Director: Keith Mackin. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts.ouatmedia. Hector Harkness Funding: National FIlm and Television School Oh. Ingrid Evans. alone in her house.100 Funding: Independent .. fax: +44 (0)127 360 6727 email: offseason@whistlingthornfilms. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. are unexpectedly brought together by this knowledge. Canada tel: +1 416 979 7380. 8 min Production Company: Dead On Impact email: wave@deadonimpact. Simone has never questioned her purpose . 15 min 30 sec Production Company: The Space Between. 8 min 44 sec Director: Adam Azmy email: Producer: Nick Gibbon Screenwriter: Nick Gibbon Editor: Nick Gibbon Director of Photography: Julian Schwanitz Sound: Rob Walker Music: Jean-David Caillouet. 11 min 19 sec Production Company: Plato Films email: johnreck@hotmail. HD. David Bliss (one) A lonely man is offered an unexpected chance to free himself from his misery. each with their own idea of where they’re going. Bournemouth Screen Academy The Orchard Robert Barry is a 27 year-old lost soul in possession of a 100-acre apple orchard. fax: +1 416 492 9539 email: info@ouatmedia. when the time of a person’s death can be accurately predicted. Rholda Wilson Budget: £850 Funding: Self-funded The Omniscient Men Set in the near Producer: Rob Watson Screenwriter: Benjamin Stevens Editor: Siobhan Leonard Director of Photography: Jamie Goodbrand Production Designer: Claire Winter Sound: Tushar Manek. Station Road. s16mm. Kent. Robert Maloney Budget: £4. 20 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. Andrew Saunders Editor: Lawrence Huck Director of Photography: Sara Deane Music: Stuart Earl Cast: Neil Producer: Rosanna Mennear Screenwriter: Adam Azmy Editor: Liam Dempsey Director of Photography: Daniel McCormick Production Designer: Tommy Nolan Cast: John Gilligan. Daniel web: www.78 Off Season Dad and Nick come to the grey.deadonimpact.000 Co-production: Germany Funding: Private One Last Love Song A man is haunted by the memories of his lover and their romance. Janet Whiteside Budget: £7. Modern men in nature meet base yearnings as the wide spaces close around them. until now. A visit from his benefactor sets him on a course for London. web: www. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: Producer: Keith Mackin. Abigail Halley. 11 min 12 sec Production Company: Whistling Thorn Films Ltd. Folkestone. ON. Beaconsfield.. Beaconsfield Studios. UK email: chimpgibbon@yahoo. Cormac Donnelly Music: Matt Watkins Cast: Matt Watkins. 2844 Dundas Street West. W2 3JR. Knowehead Cottage. HP9 1LG. EH27 8EB. Rusty Shackleford. England. Two men: a travelling father who struggles to come to terms with this information. 75-81 Tontine Director: Adam Azmy web: www. Director: Nick Gibbon 2009. The Wedge. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8340 2576. Flat 11. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. Screen South Short Films Old Land Two urban cowboys travel through decaying landscapes. England. Director: Stuart Gatt Producer: Purnima Phansalkar Screenwriter: Tim Saunders. Iain Louden Budget: £

Scotland. G3 6JA. Buckinghamshire. James Grant. Cas Willing Editor: Judith Allen Director of Photography: Leigh Alner Production Designer: James Morrall Sound: Susannah Sgazebo Music: Roger Goula Cast: Lisa Beaconsfield. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. WC2H 9UB. Burley Park. Digibeta. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: Producer: Lorenzo Gangarossa Screenwriter: Michelle Donkin. UK tel: +44 (0)113 274 3236 email: aimee_xx@tiscali.nfts. Joe Gould Funding: National Film and Television School . the neighbour she spies on each night from her window. Beaconsfield Studios. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: Producer: Vicki Patterson. England. comes to help her and spend those last days in the house with her grandmother.000 Funding: UK Film Council. HP9 Station Road. But help comes in the unlikely form of Tony — a halfdeaf OAP who welcomes the opportunity to teach Lilia English — with a sideline in Scottish Producer: Mark Chapman Screenwriter: Alex Kinsey Editor: Nick Light Director of Photography: Kyle Heslop Cast: Susie Burton. Anna’s ´ granddaughter. Keith Dickenson Budget: £4. 2 Lumley Producer: Nicholas Mizzi Screenwriter: Melodie Lamotte d’Incamps. Jude Goldrei Screenwriter: Jeremy Gee Editor: Ricky Kershaw Director of Photography: Nick Everett Production Designer: Jamie Gowen Sound: Adam Steel Music: Gareth Davies Cast: Max Fountain. Trudie Goodwin. Scotland. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222. Forth Street. It’s the end of their first weekend away together. Harry Lloyd Funding: Private Overslept Overslept is the story of Dan. DT11 0QA. ´ Lucette Martini Co-production: France Funding: London Film School Park Close Park Close is a romantic comedy about Jane. 4 min Production Company: Alekin Films email: Producer: Paul Fenwick Screenwriter: Iain Weatherby Editor: Simon Bryant Director of Photography: Martin Lightening Production Designer: Rose Pomeroy Sound: Martin Wilson Music: Sarah Llewellyn Cast: Charlie Covell. Mini Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. a young man who awakes in an unfamiliar room and has to make his way out of a house where everything is not as it seems. Glasgow. 6 min Production Company: Silly Rabbit Productions. Clementine. Director: Melodie Lamotte d’Incamps ´ 2008. Funding: UK Film Council. Old England. Glasgow. 24 Shelton Street. 46 The Calls. West Yorkshire.iwcmedia. s16mm. St George’s Studios. ´ Nima Bonan Editor: Martine Fabre Lorsac Director of Photography: Melodie Lamotte ´ d’Incamps Production Designer: Emelia Carrere ´ Sound: Baptiste Chauchat Music: Pink Martiny Cast: Betty Krestinsky. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. Emma Tugman. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. Studio 22. Director: Maj Britt La Cour 2009. LS4 2NJ. 93-97 St George’s Road. Director: Hope Dickson Leach 2009. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: mailglasgow@iwcmedia. s16mm. Iain Weatherby 2009. is closing the house. Producer: Aimee Bowen Executive Producer: Tony her world falls apart. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. 22 min 41 sec Production Company: IWC When Sean walks into the estate agency where she works. Leeds. Clementine Mazzoni. Darren Beaumont Budget: £1. She’s about to enter a medical institute and it’s her last days in the house where she’s always lived.screenyorkshire. England.lfs. the housekeeper. Leeds. Blandford Forum. UK email: iainw@oscarandjim. Northern Film & Media Partir (Leaving) Anna is suffering from Alzheimers disease. 93-97 St George’s Road.Short Films 79 Parliamo Glasgow 15 year-old Lilia has newly moved from Poland to Glasgow with her Mum and sister and both are struggling to fit web: www. 29 min Production Company: Anchovy Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. UK email: kate. 12 min Production Company: London Film School. All Jane cares about is web: www. a failing estate agent who is too timid for the job. 20 min Production Company: National Film and Television School. web: www. Director: Jeremy Gee Main: Touchpaper TV.northernmedia. England. Ian Kier Attard. London. Jamie Quinn. G3 web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 Jack Ravenscroft Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Stewart Thomson Editor: Sue Wyatt Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Edtya Budnik. Anne Downie Oscar & Jim He wants to see the grave of Jim Morrison. Director: Alex Kinsey Central Square. But will it be their last? Director: Paul Fenwick. NE1 3PJ. St George’s web: www. Screen Yorkshire The Other Woman A married man seeks solace and love but his mistress has other ideas. Durweston. Newcastle upon Tyne. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. She wants to find the tomb of Oscar Wilde. LS2 7EY. Their Eurostar leaves Paris in two hours.

Oscar Stafford. Birmingham. Neil Pearson. England. web: www. England. Director: Sonja Phillips Screenwriter: Michael Donaghy Editor: Michael Donaghy. England.hsilondon. Rory Bain. UK tel: +44 (0)121 753 4866 email: info@firstlightmovies.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Birmingham. Gareth Keiran-Jones. in-kind Playground Best friends Malachi and Neil visit their special hideaway only to be greeted by an uninvited guest. 11 min Production Company: Luti Media tel: +44 (0)20 8969 3236 email: lukesnellin@hotmail. Vanessa White-Smith Budget: £10.000 Funding: Unltd Level 1 fund. 56 Shoreditch High Street. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676. Georgina Hutchinson Deahan Budget: £15. CT20 1JR. Theo Hodkins. Screen South The Pond For Maisie. London. The Tea Building.000 Funding: First Light Movies . Director: Philip Blake 2008. Barbara Joslyn. Joseph Olivera Cast: Alana Olivera. the pond is a place to escape her troubled home life and explore her strengthening allure to the boys. Jamie web: www. 4 min 1 sec Production Company: Ellipsis Films & The Kitten Has Claws email: thekittenhasclaws@yahoo. UK email: sonjaphillips@andsomefilms. OX4 1RW. The sterile apartments of the rich are set high above the grim realities of life at ground level. 75-81 Tontine Street. E1 Producer: Alexander Magill Screenwriter: Philip Blake Editor: Andrew Spencer. The web: Producer: Avril Evans Executive Producer: Johann Insanally Screenwriter: Avril Evans. 12 min Production Company: Like No Other Production Company: HSI Regional Screen Agency: Film London.andsomefilms. 5 min 30 sec Production Company: Purple Media. 72-74 Dean Street. Producer: Andres Del Cano. fax: +44 (0)20 7437 3355 web: www. The web: www. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: Producer: Luke Snellin Executive Producer: Luti Fagbenle Screenwriter: Luke Snellin Editor: John Holloway Director of Photography: Bjorn Bratberg Production Designer: Phillipa Culpepper Sound: Alex Thompson Music: Moritz Schmittat Cast: Matthew Shanfari. B5 5SE. 13 min 34 sec Production Company: Thursday Film Ltd. HD. the contents of which teach him something extraordinary. Joseph Olivera 2008. Catriona Ruth ˜ Kings Norton. Franco Mitchell. Mini DV. Evelyn Stafford. Frances Redmond. 1 Poole Street. Franco Mitchell. 16 min Production Company: andsome films. 9 min 59 sec UK Distributor: First Light Movies. Director: Avril Evans 2008. Pinnacle Man explores the relationship between Producer: Ohna Falby Screenwriter: Sonja Phillips Editor: Jon Harris Director of Photography: Mary Farbrother Production Designer: James Thompson Sound: Ben Hooper Music: And Cast: Beth Pope. England. systematic nature of a form of child abuse and the psychology behind it. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777.80 Patrick Patrick Wright is a little boy being bullied at school. leading to a shocking conclusion. c/o Film London email: avril.evans5@btinternet. Director: Luke Snellin 2008. 5 Gainsborough Studios West. Elizabeth Ross Funding: UK Film Council. Suite 6. Royalty House. Alan Convy Budget: £10. Alan Stocks Budget: £25. 12 Magdalen Road. Lee O’Connell Director of Photography: Phil Wood Production Designer: Andrew Spencer Sound: Ron Rogers Music: Simon Darlow Cast: Andrea Corr. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7437 3344. Director: Michael Donaghy. 180-182 Fazeley Street. UK email: enquiries@thursdayfilm. 69 Vista Green. Derek Lavinere Editor: Rachel Tunnard Director of Photography: Bet Rourich Production Designer: Gabriella Pusztai Sound: Hugh Griffiths Music: Vincent Watts Cast: Omar Brown. Kent. 35mm. a ground level girl. England. 35mm. Digibeta. B38 9PD.000 Funding: Private Pinnacle Man Set in Liverpool in 2081. private investment Peckish A gentle black comedy: Mary and Grace have the minister for tea! Director: Ewan Kilgour 2008. Luke Kerkham. Garry Torrance Screenwriter: Catriona Ruth Paterson Editor: Andres Del Cano ˜ Director of Photography: Garry Torrance Production Designer: Catriona Ruth Paterson Sound: Dougie Fairgrieve Music: Philip Curran Cast: Wild Card Kitty.000 Funding: Silver Birch Investments Short Films The Perfect Pot Roast A housewife goes to great lengths to ensure that her husband is kept happy and dinner is on the table! Director: Andres Del Cano ˜ 2008.filmlondon. UK tel: +44 (0)845 226 3545 email: What she doesn’t know is that it also holds a deep dark secret. His father is absent and his heartbroken mother struggles through everyday life contending with her longing. Ebe Sievwright Budget: £12. N1 Regional Screen Agency: Screen South.10. Kim Robertson Budget: £200 Funding: Self-funded. On his birthday Patrick receives a present from a mysterious source. it is the place where she holds all the power over them. HD Cam. England. Oxfordshire. a wealthy property mogul and Kaolin. Nicholas Donaghy.screensouth. Producer: Joe Kennard Screenwriter: Ewan Kilgour Editor: Joe Kennard Director of Photography: Nick Dance Production Designer: Sally Kettle Cast: Patricia Loveland. Folkestone. W1D 3SG.firstlightmovies. Film London Pictures In a hospital holding room. we are gradually drawn into the cold. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon.

SN1 5QP.000 Funding: UK Film Council. Ed Rubin. UK email: kate. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: Producer: Luke Rodgers Screenwriter: Luke Rodgers Editor: Charlotte Way Director of Photography: Kashifi Halford Production Designer: Luke Rodgers Cast: Peter Egan Funding: Self-funded . Monica D’Accardo. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: mailglasgow@iwcmedia. Director: George Taylor web: www.iwcmedia. Scotland. 23 Denmark Street. LS2 7EY. Alberto Gugliotta. 46 The Calls. 14 min Production Company: Whitley-Leclerc Productions. St George’s Studios.Short Films 81 Protect Me From What I Want Daz is looking for love. HD. Saleem is looking for sex. Producer: Diane Whitley Executive Producer: Tony Dixon. Director: Amanda Boyle 2008. fax: +44 (0)170 683 9667 email: dianewhitley@btinternet.screenyorkshire. Cruising at an underground archway. 3 min 16 sec Production Company: Academy Films. Director: Adam Spring 2009. s16mm. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7632 9643 Producer: Kate Myers. Beth Producer: Hank Starrs Screenwriter: George Taylor Editor: Joe Randall Cutler Director of Photography: Sam Care Production Designer: Alex Marden Cast: Juliet Stevenson. only to gradually and inevitably explode into something un-containable between them. Richard Goulding Budget: £10. Wiltshire. 23 min 17 sec Production Company: IWC Media. HD. 60 Berwick Street. OL14 2nd Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. Naveed Choudry Budget: £10. The initial tension Producer: Trish Wylie Screenwriter: Keri Jenkins Editor: Tom Hemmings Director of Photography: Nic Lawson Production Designer: Ivan Weightman Music: Laura Rossi Cast: Geoff Bell. Sarah comes to visit her estranged brother Mark. 93-97 St George’s Road. 35mm. UK tel: +44 (0)170 683 9667. Rebecca Mark-Lawson Screenwriter: Amanda Boyle Editor: Marguerite Arnold Director of Photography: Nick Gordon Smith Production Designer: Jacqueline Abrahams Sound: Joakim Sundstrøm Cast: Bill Milner. 15 min 29 sec Production Company: Forward Films. London. two disparate men meet in an underground tunnel where an exchange takes a turn for the worse due to a half-fulfilled promise. who is Main: Touchpaper TV. Glasgow. who is trying to make sense of life. G3 6JA. WC1A 1JJ. Director: Luke Rodgers Producer: Adam Spring Screenwriter: Adam Spring Editor: Adam Spring Director of Photography: Adam Spring Cast: Marco D’Accardo. UK email: adamspring@hotmail. MiniDV HD. 2 Morse Street. these two worlds collide. England.000 Funding: Private Primavera (Spring) A tense family drama about a daughter struggling to cope with her father’s abusive regime as head of a Mafia family in modern day Palermo. UK Film Council. Jason Hughes Quietus A tense and disquieting short film flecked with macabre humour that leaves you with no doubt that cats will never be man’s best friend. England. This is an intimate account of his last morning. 9 min 20 sec Production Company: Adam Spring Films. Screen Yorkshire Pop Art A film about a friendship between 12 yearold Toby. Eve Pearce Budget: £7. St George’s Studios.000 Funding: BBC Films. Roberto Orfanello Budget: £250 Funding: Self-funded Co-production: Italy A Portrait of a Man on the Morning of his Death A man already close to the edge is prompted into taking his own life. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. Annalisa Gugliotta. Simon Atkinson Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards Director of Photography: Carl Neilsson Cast: Charity Wakefield. England. 16 West Central Street. Daniel Ryan Budget: £ Julia Caithness Screenwriter: Dominic Leclerc Editor: James Schofield Director of Photography: Martin Parry Production Designer: Paul Rowan Sound: Darrell Briggs Music: Gareth Fry Cast: Elliott web: www. Third Floor. Based on the short story by Joe Hill. Director: Keri Jenkins 2008.000 Funding: Private Pornography In a London flat. Film London Post-It Love Girl meets boy in quirky office romance. UK email: info@steelmillpictures. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7395 UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222. G3 Producer: Lucy Gossage Screenwriter: Adam Producer: Vicki Patterson. England. 14 min 20 sec Producer: Hank Starrs email: hankstarrs@mac. WC2H 8NH. 8 min 4 sec Production Company: Steel Mill Pictures. Andrew Harill. and Arthur.steelmillpictures. 65 Longfield Road. Jack Ravenscroft Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Simon Stephens Editor: Sue Wyatt Director of Photography: Edu Grau Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Kirsty Bushell. Todmorden. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0355 email: post@academyfilms. England. 35mm. Director: Dominic Leclerc 2008. London. Lee Ingleby Funding: Academy Films Precious In a dystopian future. Sharon Small. Studio web: www. 93-97 St George’s Road. Tracy Brimm Executive Producer: Mary Richards. HD. West Yorkshire. Director: Si&Ad 2008. Director: Jo McInnes 2009. 8 min 48 sec Director: Luke Rodgers email: lukerodgers38@hotmail. England. W1F 8SU. Leeds.

Barnaby Taylor Cast: Lou Producer: Hugo Godwin Screenwriter: Sebastian Godwin Editor: St John O’Rorke Director of Photography: Arnau Valls Colomer Production Designer: Keith Slote Sound: Paul Davies Music: Rohan Stevenson Cast: Jason Isaacs. G3 6JA. his crack-addicted ex-girlfriend. Elise knows what’s in store. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon. fax: +44 (0)141 555 1080 email: kat@blindsideproductions. London. Anna Rot Budget: £ Producer: Peter Snowdon Screenwriter: Peter Snowdon Editor: Bruno Tracq Director of Photography: Virginie Surdej Production Designer: Molly Barrett Music: Them Amazing Babies Cast: Scali Delpeyrat. 12 min Production Company: Talamasca Productions. Boy gets washing Rewind What happens in a relationship when the past intrudes on the present? Sometimes we can only hang on to the imprints we leave on each other’s lives. UK tel: +44 (0)845 300 7300 email: info@scottishscreen. Director: O Nathapon Wongtreenatrkoon 2009.000 Funding: UK Film Council. 63-66 Brand Street.blindsideproductions. 56 Shoreditch High Street. When he rescues his baby son from Shanna. England.talamascaproductions. he’s convinced he’s doing the right thing. England. Northern Film & Media . James Harris. G3 Producer: Kat Hebden. but soon discovers that looking after a child alone is not easy. Jolyon Rubinstein Executive Producer: Umberto Menegatti. Central Square. UK email: liz@roaring-girl. London. Glasgow. Louise Bagshawe Screenwriter: William Archer Editor: William Archer. Glasgow. WC2H 9DG. UK Film Council.000 Funding: NESTA. Director: Cathie Boyd 2009. HD. Director: Peter Snowdon England. Forth web: www. UK email: kate. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7706 9283. UK tel: +44 (0)141 427 7754. and with no money — impossible. Or were they meant to meet? Is it a game? You decide. Mat Fraser Budget: £29. Canice Bannon. Director: Sebastian Godwin 2008. Newcastle upon Regional Screen Agency: Film Regional Screen Agency: Northern Film & Media. Suite 6. David Hancock Executive Producer: Leslie Finlay Screenwriter: Sonja Henrici Editor: John Sackey Director of Photography: Neville Kidd Production Designer: Moley Campbell Sound: Dan Lyth Music: Craig Armstrong Cast: Sabine Wolf. UK tel: +44 (0)141 353 3222. Vicki Patterson Executive Producer: Kath Mattock Screenwriter: Dewi Bruce-Konuah Editor: Paul Endacott Director of Photography: Edu Grau Production Designer: David Bryan Cast: Nathanial Martello web: www. 9 min 46 sec Production Company: Gourna Films email: peter@redrice. The Tea Producer: Lou Birks Screenwriter: Liz Crow Director of Photography: Terry Flaxton Production Designer: Colin Williams Sound: James Harbour Music: Claudio web: www. She doesn’t speak but watches web: www. Buses of patients leave and return empty. Director: William Archer 2008. 1C Birchall Road. HD.camelontheline. Aaran Producer: Megan Wallace. David Collins. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676. fax: +44 (0)141 353 3221 email: mailglasgow@iwcmedia. 93-97 St George’s web: www. the simple and true story of two strangers who meet by coincidence in London’s heart. Henry Togna. 93-97 St George’s Road. 18 min 38 sec Production Company: Blindside Productions Ltd. NE1 3PJ. Boy loses washing machine. E1 6JJ. W2 6AW. Producer: Jack Ravenscroft. 55 Monmouth Street. Gregg Chillin Budget: £12. Scotland. When it’s her turn. HD.000 Funding: BBC Films. Ashley Madekwe Rinse & Spin Boy meets washing machine. London. Director: Liz Crow 2008.82 The Rain Horse A tense stand-off between a man and a Main: Touchpaper TV. Scottish Screen Resistance In Hitler’s Screen Agency: Scottish Screen. 249 West George Street. Jodie Tomlinson Budget: £20. Film London Short Films Regent Street Regent Street is a jazz inspired romantic tale. The Dream St George’s Studios. England. England. Glasgow. 38 Porchester Square. web: www. St George’s Studios. 8 min 30 sec Production Company: Camel on the Line Pictures. 12 min 35 sec Production Company: Roaring Girl Productions. fax: +44 (0)191 269 9213 email: info@northernmedia. Chloe Lucas. Elise is a patient who sweeps an institution. Thomas Evrard.10. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 9992 email: talamascaprods@hotmail. Scotland. 21 min 54 sec Production Company: IWC Media. Ben Pearson Funding: UK Film Council. Bristol. fax: +44 (0)20 7582 2330 email: william@camelontheline. G51 1DG. Matt Beal Director of Photography: Stuart Harris Sound: Kevin Pyne Music: Derek Nash Cast: Mel Oskar. UK tel: +44 (0)191 269 9200. BS6 7TW. G2 4QE. s16mm. Awards For All Raising Baby Rio Neville is a man trying to be a good parent in an imperfect world. Scotland.northernmedia. disabled people are transported from institutions to death web: www.

27 South Hill Road. Scottish London. fax: +44 (0)289 023 9918 email: info@northernirelandscreen. Anna decides to go and find them herself. 4A Parkville Road. HD. G51 1DG. Director: Alejandro Viejo Lopez de Roda 2008. 42 min Producer: Juris Kursietis email: juris. Isabella Producer: Ben Bradbury Screenwriter: Alejandro Viejo Lopez de Roda Editor: Blanca Escoda Augusti Director of Photography: Adam August Sound: Bram Coumans. BT2 8ED.Short Films 83 Saltmark When an old man’s infirmity turns his granddaughter’s visit from a chore into an outright humiliation. 249 West George Street. A story of two youngsters living in an ex-soviet web: web: Producer: Juris Kursietis. CH43 5RL. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7381 4224 email: olivier@parkvillepictures. 15 min Director: Alejandra Viejo Lopez de Roda email: alejandra_viejo@hotmail. Sammuel Riley Budget: £ Screen Agency: Scottish Screen. HD. 3rd Floor. He embarks on a journey in search of a mythical poison tree to fulfill his desire for Producer: Olivier Kaempfer Screenwriter: Olivier Kaempfer Editor: Miguel Caro Director of Photography: Ji-Hwan Park Cast: Giuseppe Lorusso. but as that once again doesn’t Mini DV. the paths of Italian motorist Filippo and Serbian hitchhiker Boris cross in dramatic circumstances while both are travelling back to their homelands to face their two very different pasts.000 Co-production: Ireland Funding: UK Film Council. Kristaps Petersons. 64-68 Brand Street. SW6 7BX. London. UK tel: +44 (0)845 300 7300 email: info@scottishscreen. Michael Lennox Director of Photography: Ryan Kernaghan Production Designer: Anna McCaughtry Cast: Gerard McSorley. UK tel: +44 (0)289 023 2444. 24 Shelton Street. Kat Hebden Screenwriter: Robin Haig Editor: John Sackey Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkland Production Designer: Amanda Currie Sound: Dan Lyth Music: John Harris Cast: Kirsty Mackay. Branko Tomovic Funding: London Film School. England. HD. 21 min Production Company: Parkville Scotland. s16mm.logicfilms. Jamie Kossoff Cast: Michael E Curran. Rudolfs Plepis. Within seconds the conflict escalates out of control and the preacher’s strongly proclaimed faith is put to the ultimate test. UK tel: +44 (0)151 200 1504 email: sarah@logicfilms. web: www. three days in their lives as their attempts to satisfy their addiction fail.parkvillepictures. N Ireland. G2 State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia The Rose and the Poison Tree A dark timeless fairytale set in a forest which tells the story of a depressed man seeking death. James Martin Funding: UK Film Council. Director: Michael Lennox 2008.blindsideproductions.scottishscreen. 10 min 40 sec Production Company: Blindside Productions Ltd. Director: Olivier Kaempfer Producer: Sarah Ellis Screenwriter: Sarah Ellis Editor: David Beauchamp Director of Photography: David Beauchamp Cast: Rina Mahoney. 21 Alfred web: www. 5 min Production Company: Logic Films.bright@lfs. England. GMAC Rip and the Preacher A fire and brimstone street preacher is confronted by an armed and fiercely angry young street web: www. Producer: Villi Ragnarsson Screenwriter: Mark Jordan Editor: Derek web: www. Glasgow. Director: Juris Kursietis 2008. she faces a stark choice: his dignity or her own? Director: Robin Haig 2008. On his journey he encounters an enigmatic young girl with flaming red hair who helps him rediscover the optimistic child he once Production Company: London Film School. WC2H 9UB. Glasgow. fax: +44 (0)20 7497 3718 email: c. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7836 9642. Jonathan Harden. Kristine Belicka. Ilze Pukinska Co-production: Latvia Budget: £6. Jamie Kossoff Music: Bram Coumans. Leonarda Kestere. Scotland. Arta Giga Screenwriter: Juris Kursietis Editor: Chen Jo-Pu Director of Photography: Jess Doxey Production Designer: Janis Bijubens Cast: Martins Producer: David Hancock. 6 min 44 sec Screen Agency: Northern Ireland Screen. Paul Kennedy Budget: £10. Prenton. UK tel: +44 (0)141 427 Funding: Self-funded Sandman A short run on the beach turns into a nightmare when a woman’s past finally catches up with her. Parkville Pictures Rı Bus ´t ¯ (Will Have It Tomorrow) Martin promises his girlfriend Anna that he will get their drugs for tomorrow. Merseyside. Alfred House. Northern Ireland Screen A Road Apart On a road trip set in the Swiss Alps.000 Funding: Northern Media School.northernirelandscreen. Duncan Marwick Budget: £200 . Director: Sarah Ellis 2008. fax: +44 (0)141 555 1080 email: saltmark@blindsideproductions.

Paul Hunter Editor: Ronnie Goodwin Director of Photography: Ronnie Goodwin Music: Gregor F Narholtz Cast: Paul Hunter Funding: Self-funded .000 Funding: Sunderland Youth Offending Service Sculpted An artist and her world in a day of Producer: Fabienne Riener Executive Producer: Gary Roberts Screenwriter: Chris Taylor Editor: Ben Mullins Director of Photography: James McAleer Production Designer: Paul Irwin Sound: Mudshark Audio Music: Mudshark Audio Cast: Gary Kitching Budget: £20. Newcastle. England.superkrush. her crisis and ultimately her relationship with art reveals web: www. HD. 21 min Production Company: Met Film Production. Laura Evans. England. Ealing Studios. Director: Andrew Poyiadgi 2009. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711. 25 min Production Company: Superkrush Films. But what begins as an opportunity to change someone else’s life soon threatens to destroy his own. where the motorway hum serves as a constant reminder of the speed of other lives. Matthew Steer Budget: £10.84 Schizofredric After signing up for an unorthodox selfimprovement programme. Her psyche. Into this forgotten corner of English countryside and motorway services arrives an extraordinary adolescent. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7437 1112 email: trent@thomasthomasfilms. hooded and thrown in a van. W5 5EP. changing his world forever. UK tel: +44 (0)191 233 2001 email: web: www.500 September In an in-between world of flyovers. England. Director: Eugenio Ercolani 2008. Producer: Jo HD. ending with a final eruption of violence and attempt to self-mend. Director: Chris Taylor 2008. Georgia Henderson Budget: £20.hottailfilms. London. NW6 7RP. SW6 1QR. Producer: Bail Khalil Screenwriter: Ronnie Goodwin. Director: Esther May Campbell 2009. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. 4 min 40 sec Production Company: Hot Tail web: www. s16mm/HD cam. South West Screen Shooter A war veteran can’t get the shooting out of his head. 38 Douglas Road. grass verges and dead-ends. 16mm.000 Funding: Private Shank Fresh off the prison he offers to assist a former youth councillor working with kids on the edge of the system. Director: Ronnie Goodwin 2008. W1F 8FN. Fredric is forced to watch his life play out as a new improved version of himself walks in his shoes. Producer: Stewart Le Marechal Screenwriter: Esther May Campbell Editor: John Minton Director of Photography: Zac Nicholson Cast: Nick Aaron. NE1 5AQ. Under the spotlight of the interrogator’s lamp and the threat of torture will he give up everything and everyone he can to spare himself? Director: Daniel Wilson 2008. 52A Walham Grove. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8280 9127 email: anetla@metfilm. Tired of trouble. 20A Nun Street. UK email: hot_tail_films@yahoo. Amy Steel Budget: £2. Emma Hartard Screenwriter: Andrew Poyiadgi Editor: Steve Ackroyd Director of Photography: Mike George Production Designer: Rosy Thomas Sound: Phil Bolland Music: Ruth Barrett Cast: Spencer Producer: Daniel Wilson Screenwriter: Daniel Wilson Editor: Mike Jones Director of Photography: Glen Warillow Sound: Si Mallon Music: Rachael Chapman Cast: Damien Lyne. 35mm. London. Tim Plester. Sexuality. handcuffed. Simon Modery Director of Photography: Clement Dubois Music: Frederick Paul Naftel Cast: Vic Bryson. 4 min 26 sec Director: Ronnie Goodwin tel: +44 (0)138 980 0106 email: ronniegoodwin@hotmail. Brody is determined to set his life straight. Eugenio Ercolani Editor: George Gannon. Barry Jackson Budget: £15. 8 min 43 sec Production Company: London Film Academy.000 Funding: UK Film Council.000 Funding: Self-funded Short Films Section 44 Richard walks out of his house and his world is turned upside down as he is stopped in the Producer: Joost Zoetebier Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Simon Modery. Martin Collins. 17 min Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films. Marvin is not going anywhere. HD/DV Cam. 15-19 Great Chapel Street. art and anger intertwine.

Mark Denham. Jamie Mathers . Director: Laura Hypponen 2009. Director: Louise Lockwood 2008.000 Funding: Independent Shoreditch Sonata 20-something part-time actress Faye is introduced to Charlie. G51 1DA. Mandeesh Gill Budget: £3. exploring the cycle of depravation in Scotland’s poorest communities. Or let the darkness destroy something that is more important than life itself. Ed Cooper-Clarke Budget: £800 Funding: Private A Sin To Waste It Mrs Peterson’s cakes are plump and delicious. UK email: office@thirdmanfilms. the sanity of the soul. But Tricia’s going to fight back. Producer: Andrew UK tel: +44 (0)141 422 6081 email: Producer: Daniel Jewel Screenwriter: Raphael Smith Editor: Gary Dollner Director of Photography: Federico Alfonzo Production Designer: Caroline Amies Cast: Derek Jacobi.000 Funding: Self-funded Sidney Turtlebaum Sidney Turtlebaum is an eccentric gay Jewish man in his eighties who gatecrashes Shiva Houses of Mourning in order to steal from the gathered crowd. c/o Northern Alliance. Pears Foundation UKJFF Short Film Fund. 16 Stourcliffe Producer: Andy Pearson Screenwriter: Andy Pearson Editor: Jane Cina Director of Photography: Andy Horner Cast: Vyelle Producer: Mireia O’Prey Screenwriter: Jae-Ha Myung Editor: Tomas Diaz Velasco Director of Photography: Ossi Jalkanen Cast: Margaret Newlands. Mark Jackson Editor: Mark Jackson. Marble Arch. Hertfordshire. 17A Wembley Park Drive. Carly Bowie Director of Photography: Lorna Berridge Production Designer: Doreen Gibson Sound: Ben Barrat Music: Liam Bowie Cast: Henry Duthie.thirdmanfilms. Bobby Mitchell Budget: £3. there’s only so much a skinny woman can take. 12 min 50 sec Production Company: Cide Effect Production. Richard-Hubert Clarke. London. Richnxt. Fife. 13 min 52 sec Production Company: Kinetic Media.mcfadden@bbc. RED. a handsome friend-ofa-friend. Jennifer Lowrie. Director: Andrew Cumming 2008.000 Funding: BBC Scotland Slide Away Side Effect How would you feel if your son was a criminal? Director: Jae-Ha Myung 2008. Donald Pirie. W1H 5AQ. Director: Tristram Shapeero 2008. Cristina Escoda Director of Photography: Piers Leigh Sound: Jason Gosling Music: We Have Band. Mini DV. Jose Espinas Budget: £2. HDV. Charlie offers her a drink from his bottle of whiskey. Carly Bowie 2009. 10 min 48 sec Production Company: BBC Scotland. SD. Glasgow. 14 year-old Cara finds solace with friends. After all. Henry Williams Budget: £ Producer: Audrey McFadden Screenwriter: Sergio Casci Editor: Phyllis Ironside Director of Photography: Neville Kidd Cast: Kathleen McDermott. s16mm. Digibeta. UK email: andrew@kineticgroup. and her husband adores Mrs Peterson. 12 min 48 sec Director: Mark Jackson tel: +44 (0)134 651 4704 email: jack208@waitrose. England. When Sidney meets Gabriel he can’t resist the opportunity to show off his skills to his new young friend. They must ask the right questions to find the answers they seek. HA9 8HD.sidneyturtlebaum. Tricia’s son adores them. Richard-Hubert Clarke Screenwriter: Richard-Hubert Clarke Editor: Richard-Hubert Clarke Director of Photography: Neil Johnson Music: Richard-Hubert Clarke Cast: Girija Shettar. Ted Shearer. Producer: Carly Bowie. 11 min Production Company: Electric Blue Films. Lawrence Street.000 Funding: Self-funded Two people face the most difficult moment imaginable to try to overcome the formidable odds put upon them. Melanie Gray. Mark Jackson Screenwriter: Carly Bowie. 16 min 40 sec Director: Richard-Hubert Clarke tel: +44 (0)121 449 0496 email: richie_devious@hotmail. AL1 4JP. 37 Blandford Road. 18 min Production Company: Third Man Films. Jamie MacPhee. KY8 The two find shelter in a run-down industrial courtyard. Director: Richard-Hubert Clarke 2009. Buckhaven. Scotland. but her erratic behaviour leads to devastating consequences. England. private investors Smith Smith is terrorised by a group of youths until one night he rediscovers the man he once was. Films 85 Social Circles Driven from an unstable home. 40 Pacific Quay. Rupert Evans Budget: £30. but their potentially romantic encounter is cut short by an unexpected phone call. England. after a warehouse party. web: www. UK email: andypearson1@mac. Director: Mark Jackson. Jamie Stephen. Tim Hardstaff Cast: Alice Kahrmann. UK email: shoreditchsonata@gmail. www. Claire Bloomfield Screenwriter: Andrew Cumming Editor: Andrew Cumming Director of Photography: Camila Jimenez Villa Production Designer: Andrew Cumming Sound: Al Lorraine Music: David Webster Cast: Cora Bisset. Director: Andy Pearson 2009. Wembley. St Producer: Viki Walden. Sam Hardie. George Rainsford Budget: £50. Natasha Black.000 Funding: Self-funded Souvenirs A love triangle with sharp edges. Middlesex. much like the lady herself. UK email: jaehamyung@yahoo. W1W 5NA. 19 Bolsover Funding: Third Man 20 min Production Company: Ride The Warble Films Producer: Laura Hypponen Screenwriter: Laura Hypponen Editor: Lee Gingold. Johnny Vivash. Andy Carrington. Scott Coull. Dan Lyman.

uk web: Regional Screen Agency: Screen WM. 94 Broad Producer: Flora Producer: Cynthia De Souza Screenwriter: Matthew Wakefield Editor: Tim Hardy Director of Photography: Erik Alexander Wilson Production Designer: Ana Viana Sound: Gernot Fuhrmann Music: Miguel D’Oliveira Cast: Tom Harper.86 Spirited An awkward weekend proves that some bonds still remain intact. Neill Crawford Editor: Shih-Wei Chiou Director of Photography: Julian Krubasik Production Designer: Walt Harris Sound: Marcin Knyziak Music: Topi Laitinen Cast: Sam Fowles. W12 7JQ. As the truth of their situation becomes clear we realise the terrible nature of their predicament.000 Funding: Film London. 11 Portland Mews. UK email: danielle@hangmanpictures. Hector Brown. RED. 16 min 14 sec Production Company: Stiletto Production email: wmager@mac. with an intense combo of porn and violence and leave you skint. Scotland. B1 3NJ. London. struggle to escape their doom. he discovers that the handbag contains a bomb.screenwm. Alice Laughton. 111 Frithville Gardens. Hitchcock Production Fund . Paul Rothwell. Alice Temple Stiletto A Hitchcock blonde asks an unwitting stranger to mind her handbag. RED. John Paul Lancaster Screenwriter: Ceri Payne Editor: Ceri Payne Director of Photography: Gareth Munden Production Designer: Sarah Finlay Sound: Geoff Howse Music: Geoff Howse Cast: Johnny O’Donnell. you know you want to. Den Woods. Birmingham. 17 min 47 sec Production Company: Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh College of Art. fax: +44 (0)131 455 2538 email: info@screenacademyscotland. It really is that good. W1F 8JL.screenacademyscotland. Aidan Gillen. Moments later. Director: Peter Thwaites 2008. Have a fax: +44 (0)121 265 7180 email: info@screenwm. Siobhan Doyle Budget: £ Producer: Carolina Luna. EH10 4NU. Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh College of Art Spunkbubble Spunkbubble is a rock of cinematic crack: It’s gonna mess with your head. UK tel: +44 (0)131 455 2572. Tim Woodward Budget: £ Beth web: Producer: Danielle Edwards Screenwriter: Tom Browne Editor: Andrew Philip Director of Photography: Nic Lawson Production Designer: Dan Betteridge Cast: Martin Compston. Director: Ceri Payne Director: William Mager 2008. fails to visit. 10 min 25 sec Production Company: Gorgeous Films Ltd. England. South West Scotland Screen Commission. UK tel: +44 (0)121 693 1881 email: tom@aquilatv. A simple matter of murder. Birmingham. UK tel: +44 (0)121 265 7120. London. Frank Budgen Screenwriter: Hank Isaac Editor: Neil Smith Director of Photography: Stuart Graham Production Designer: Robin Brown Sound: Seb Juviler Music: Paul Clark Cast: Janos Orsos. England.000 Co-production: Finland Funding: YLE. an elderly widow living in sheltered housing. soiled and wired. Director: Tom Browne 2008. Edinburgh. Alexander Delamere Budget: £10. a troubled teenager. She disappears. Piers Jackson Executive Producer: Chris Palmer. B15 1AU. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8455 1385 email: info@kaosfilms. Pinewood Road.kaosfilms. Screen WM Short Films The Stars Don’t Twinkle In Outer Space A forties space adventure story in which two 12 min Production Company: Hangman Pictures. England. Simon Day. 9 Regent Production Company: Kaos Films. SL0 0NH. DVC Pro Producer: Tom Knight. Starman and the Princess. Funding: UK Film Council. Iver Heath. fax: +44 (0)20 7287 4994 email: anna@gorgeous. is forced to leave the confines of her home after Dean. Director: Lewis Arnold 2008. Kim Noble. Director: Panu Suuronen Producer: Lassi Valkonen Screenwriter: Panu 13 min 35 sec Production Company: Aquila TV. West Midlands. HDV. Anna Sefel Still A single moment in time web: www. Nigel Graham Budget: £5. Pinewood Studios. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7287 4060. 2A Merchiston Avenue. England.500 Funding: Self-funded Stopover Matthew arrives in Scotland to meet his father and brother Jesse for the first time in ten years. Julia Higginbottom Screenwriter: Liz John Editor: Nat Higginbottom Director of Photography: Phil Chavannes Production Designer: Richard Wells Music: Phil Mountford Cast: Margaret John. 17 min Main: Ceri Payne email: ceri_payne@yahoo. There’s only one way to stop the bomb going off. Joe Dempsie. Montserrat Lombard.

HD. Lee. Director: Momodou Musa Touray 2008. NG5 2EX. Bashir ‘DoubleS’ a woman runs off with her lover. Steve Lello Funding: Private. Raewyn Lippert Budget: £100 Funding: Self-funded Sunday During a blistering hot summer afternoon a young couple have a picnic in a park.em-media. James Thornton. 15 min Production Company: Cassiopeia Pictures Ltd email: kasia@cassiopeia-pictures. 15 min Production Company: Bongo Reef Pictures. SE12 Tom Turrell Director of Photography: Martin Radich Production Designer: Alexander Collins Sound: Tim Barker Cast: Rebecca Palmer. uses items from Jason’s storage boxes to convey a message to his son. alone and about to turn 30. 15 min Production Company: Footprint Films. PO10 7TH. Neha Halgali. Ryan Pope Budget: £20. s16mm. Director: Debs Gardner-Paterson 2008. Robyn Cooper Budget: £120 Funding: Self-funded . Ordinary people.tobin@em-media. desperate to make a connection.000 Co-production: India. 5 min Production Company: JFG email: joon_goh@yahoo. 35-37 St Mary’s Producer: David Westhead Editor: Luke Price Director of Photography: Danny Bishop Sound: Matt Faulkner Music: Colin Fraser Cast: David Westhead.hodgson@em-media. UK email: info@footprintfilms. Nottingham. c/o Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Hampshire. HD. ridiculous red tape and romance Producer: Joon Goh Screenwriter: Joon Goh Editor: Joon Goh Director of Photography: Jun Keung Cheung Cast: Irsan Hussain. England. Ewan David Alman. Director: Joon Goh 2009. Director: John Turrell. England. Bournemouth Screen Academy Taxi In the back of a taxi: a couple discuss chess on the way to the hospital. Sai Producer: Mark Blaney. When she gives up on taking care of Producer: Paul Olding Screenwriter: Eleanor Tucker. his older sister. web: www. who is on the brink of gang violence. attempting to help others on the brink. Joan. Jackie Sheppard Screenwriter: Ruth Fowler Editor: Miikka Leskinen Director of Photography: Kate Reid Production Designer: Shez Jifri Sound: Phil Freudenfeld Music: Bernie Gardner Cast: Anitha. ordinary lives. Poole. Paul Regional Screen Agency: EM HDV. Harriet Barbir Editor: Doug Bryson Director of Photography: Mark Langton Music: Jim Hawkins Cast: Anna Savva. Wallisdowne. He’s also selling up the family council house. 13 min 23 sec Producer: Ofuma Bosah. He’s not here to judge them. pays him an annual Producer: Rachel Dargavel Screenwriter: John Turrell. UK email: rachel@perfumefilms. fax: +44 (0)120 253 7729 web: www. 25 min 38 sec Director: Craig Pickles email: BH12 5HH. Dorset. Lee Ross Funding: Self-funded Sweet Mother An African mother. HD. Director: David Lea 2009. England. England. EM Media European Regional Development Fund Storage 19 year-old Jason is trapped by his autism obsessively boxing up everyday objects. USA Funding: Doorpost Film Project Suicide Man Frank Richards is drawn back to the remote cliff-top where his wife committed suicide. UK tel: +44 (0)120 236 3714.Short Films 87 Tandem Paul is jobless. Supraman takes matters into his own hands. each box representing certain experiences he needs to control. Svrya. JJ. Zaheer Abbass Funding: Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Nottingham. and a teenager takes his girlfriend to prom night. Director: Paul Olding 2008. UK tel: +44 (0)115 934 9090.aib. His father. Angela Bull. 26 Greville Green. s16mm. HD.000 Funding: UK Film Council New Cinema web: www. john. Director: Craig Pickles 2009. St Jude’s Producer: Kasia Skibinska Screenwriter: David Lea Editor: Dan Greenway Director of Photography: Piers Leigh Production Designer: Alice Sheppard Fidler Sound: Vicete Villaescusa Music: Antony Brown Cast: Tom Producer: Ofuma Bosah Screenwriter: Duane FL Wharton Editor: Max Downey Director of Photography: Jamie Cattle Cast: Judith Batchelor.bongoreefpictures. 122 Percival Road. England. Tom Turrell Steve Hart. The mood darkens when the girl’s revealing choice of outfit attracts the attention of a rowdy group of men nearby and rouses her boyfriend’s jealous streak. a man talks to his inner Westminster Arts Council Completion Fund Supraman and the School of Necessity Supramanya (Supraman) is a young Indian boy whose blind mother is struggling to make ends meet. he’s just here to drive. Skillset. neither of them knowing this year will be different from the rest. UK email: paul@bongoreefpictures. Jamal ‘Chipmunk’ Fyfe. Comic mishaps. NG1 1PU. returns to England to reunite with her 16 year-old web: www. 22 min Production Company: Perfume Films. Robert 42 Pitfold Road. ‘Meese’ Anjanappa Budget: $17. London. Howard Rayner. fax: +44 (0)115 950 0988 email: sally.

uk web: web: www. Homer is holding a vendetta against local shop-owner Pardip. Digibeta. North London Film Fund This Way Up Tenner Homer is a seemingly dysfunctional teenager who lives with his eccentric bong-smoking grandfather. Alexandra Barker. LS2 7EY.000 Funding: UK Film Council New Cinema Sarah Producer: Chris Klockner. Rupert Bryan Screenwriter: Alexandra Barker Editor: Kelvin Hutchins Director of Photography: Fabio Calascibetta Production Designer: Jolene Farmer Sound: Trevor Moore Music: Alexandra Barker. Hertfordshire. West Yorkshire. NG1 3LL. Director: Chris Klockner 2008. web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)160 377 6922.000 Funding: Film web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 4410. Elstree Studios. Sian Breckin. You should try the parsnips . England. England.88 The Taxidermist A fantastical love story that will knock the stuffing out of any ‘tail’ that’s gone before. Barry Martin. A letter to Father Christmas. West Yorkshire. RED. Glydegate. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676. The Tea Building. Director: Deborah Haywood 2009. His attempt to escape an electronic tagging curfew reveals a shocking motive to his actions. NG1 1PU. 46 The web: www. 16mm.em-media. And a seven year-old boy with a big imagination. Stuart Zender. EM Media European Regional Development Fund This is Christmas A black comedy about a fateful Christmas dinner. Zero Screen Yorkshire Tea and Biscuits Billy and Eva are two people who meet in the gap of time between life and death. Alisha is suddenly interested. And for a while life outside home is good for Liam. England.500 Funding: UK Film Council. Bhasker Patel Budget: £10. 35-37 St Mary’s Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. Andrew Buckley Budget: £15. Suite 6. over a cup of tea and biscuits. things get worse for everybody. Josef Altin. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8324 2150 email: darren@biggerpictures. UK tel: +44 (0)115 934 A short and sweet moment shared in a cafe. fax: +44 (0)115 950 0988 email: England. Screen East A large cardboard box.hodgson@em-media. Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Oliver Emanuel Editor: Anton Short Director of Photography: Phil Wood Production Designer: Barney George Music: George Rodosthenous Cast: Daniel Producer: Sarah Senior Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. Yvonne Bray Screenwriter: Roger Hadfield Editor: Fiona de Souza Director of Photography: Ursula Pontikos Production Designer: Matt Wells Sound: Grant Bridgeman Cast: Dylan Dvignan-Evans. 2 Millennium Plain. Studio 22. England. Jolly. Norfolk. fax: +44 (0)115 950 0988 email: info@em-media.barker@yahoo. BD5 0BQ. Director: Alex Norris 2009. Alexandra Barker Budget: £8. Director: Bert & Bertie 2009. Shenley Road. What happens when your world gets turned upside down? The story of one small boy’s journey from innocence to experience. Producer: Darren Bender. EM Media European Regional Development Fund Short Films Tender When Liam wins some money on a scratch card. Jack Whitam Budget: £ Lucy Ellinson. NR2 1TF. 35-37 St Mary’s Gate. NG1 1PU. UK email: festivals@bertiefilms. Producer: Tina Pawlik. 8 min 31 sec Production Company: Shoot Productions. reflecting on a little bit of their childhood. Alexi Murdoch Cast: Toby Producer: Louise Knight.000 Funding: UK Film Council New Cinema 12 min 34 sec Production Company: Punkdog Films email: alexandra. Leeds.screenyorkshire. HD. But when he uses the money to try and solve his mum’s Regional Screen Agency: Screen East. HDV. Nottingham. Paolo Conte. Miles Wilkes Screenwriter: Bert & Bertie Editor: Matt Chodan Director of Photography: Lynda Hall Production Designer: Jonathon Wright Sound: Greg Marshall Music: Rob Lord Cast: Camilla Rutherland. 6 min Regional Screen Agency: Film Director: Alex Norris email: alexnorris@mac. Nottingham. Glyde House. 22 min Production Company: Warp Developments Ltd. Regional Screen Agency: EM Media. 22 min 45 sec Regional Screen Agency: EM Media. WD6 1JG. Ford Kiernan Budget: £ fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: Producer: Robert Waddilove Screenwriter: Alex Norris Editor: Alex Marsh Director of Photography: Luke Scott Production Designer: Julian Nagel Sound: Silk City Sounds Music: Tricity Vogue Cast: Maggie Saunders. 6-10 Convent Street. Norwich. Nottingham. UK tel: +44 (0)115 934 9006. 12 min 52 sec Production Company: Bigger Pictures. Andy Welch. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: web: www.500 Funding: UK Film Council. UK tel: +44 (0)127 429 9305 email: E1 6JJ. Paul Bhattacharjee. Andrea Bigger Executive Producer: Sam Burton Screenwriter: David O’Neill Editor: Rudolf Buitendach Director of Photography: Simon Maggs Production Designer: Elliott Day Cast: Bronson Webb.filmlondon. Director: Sarah Punshon Craig Parkinson.000 Funding: Private . fax: +44 (0)160 376 7191 email: info@screeneast. Colin R Campbell Budget: £8. 56 Shoreditch High Street. Director: David O’Neill

and sunflowers. Alexis Rodney. SE27 0RN. tender and punctuated by ill advised sexual encounters. London. SW15 2NX. Jack’s utopia is a place he remembers fondly from his early Producer: Jonathan Bernstein Screenwriter: Tina Walker Editor: Lee Buers Director of Photography: Oliver Russell Production Designer: Samantha Gilbert Sound: Stephen Snyders Music: Andrew Green Cast: Jeremy Bernstein. All the treatments are failing him. Nina Rennie. Care and Attention A sweet and simple story about a young boy. Dan Lashbrook. In reaching this place he is willing to pay the ultimate Co-production: Germany Funding: UK Film Council Completion Fund Time. SW6 1QR. London. England. PPAF Fund. with the help of his best friend Sophia. PO Box 53999. 9 min 13 sec Production Company: London Film Academy. Sandy Foster Budget: £5. fax: +44 (0)20 7381 6116 email: films@londonfilmacademy. Director: Naysun Alae-Carew. Guy Flanagan Budget: £40. a London hotel room and a binge drinking bride-to-be. 16mm. England. Rob discovers that the only way to help his father cope with the loss is to ‘force’ his affection onto Producer: Zorana Piggott Screenwriter: Eicke Bettinga. Andrew Freeland 2008. 14 min Production Company: Piggott-Bettinga Film Production. Director: Rebecca Johnson 2008. 17 min Production Company: Amberstone Films. England. 6 Planetree Road. Sian Buckley Screenwriter: Rebecca Johnson Editor: Mags Arnold Director of Photography: David Raedeker Production Designer: Andy Farago Cast: Rumbi Victoria Armstrong. London.lazarusfilms. 12 min Production Company: Haphazard Media web: www. UK email: jb@amberstonefilms. UK email: rebeccajohnson@ukonline. Vanessa Quick. 35mm. RED. John Francis Lawson. England. Oliver Szyza Director of Photography: Andre Gotzmann ´ ¨ Production Designer: Karolin Leshel Sound: Guy Landau Music: Rhett Brewer Cast: Matt Smith. 14 min 27 sec Production Company: Lazarus Films email: matt@lazarus. Deutsche Bank Toshi A lonely Japanese businessman. Amanda Boxer.000 Funding: Self-funded Tickled Pink Eight year-old John seeks revenge after months of torturous tickling from his elder cousins. Director: Jonathan Bernstein 2008. WA15 web: www. Top Girl is a coming-of-age story about girls growing up in a man’s world. Pulse Films . Graham McLeod Budget: £500 Funding: Self-funded Top Girl Truthful. HD. Kerron Derby Budget: £36. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7386 7711.000 Funding: Private. Charlotte Stirrup.haphazardmedia. 18 min 30 sec Production Company: Fierce Productions Ltd. Zorana Piggott Editor: Dan Robinson. Abigail Day Budget: £ Producer: Matt Grimwood Screenwriter: Jon Gilbert Editor: Zoe Montague-Smith Director of Photography: Christopher Ross Cast: Kentaro Suyama. s16mm.Short Films 89 Top of the World Jack is a 13 year-old boy dying of Producer: Rebecca Johnson. Naomi J Lewis.000 Funding: Jack Petchey Foundation. c/o 011 Productions Ltd. Andrew Freeland Director of Photography: Ryan McHenry Sound: Rory Turnbull Music: Robert Reid Gillies Cast: Joshua Jenkins. UK email: zp@zerodoubleone. 53A Thurlby Producer: Naysun Alae-Carew. Director: John Paul Lancaster 2008. Peter Brown Budget: £15. Megan Day. Altrincham. Andrew Freeland Screenwriter: Andrew Freeland Editor: Naysun Alae-Carew. 52A Walham Grove. Working Title Producer: Lubov Podgornaya Executive Producer: Anna Macdonald Screenwriter: Carolina Luna Editor: Gary Scullion Director of Photography: Gary Scullion Production Designer: Ceri Payne Sound: Liam Tate Music: Liam Tate Cast: Conor Mullaney. the girl he loves. Lambeth Endowed Charities.500 Funding: London Film Academy Together A year after his brother’s death. John Vine. Director: Jon Gilbert 2009. Dee Meaden. Director: Eicke Bettinga 2009. Hale. 35mm. Jay Brown. a cheating wife. Cheshire.

Northern Film & Media Tribute A journey through nature. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 9777. Chipping Norton. Tony Way. 56 Shoreditch High Street. Jay Quinn Budget: £12. BBC Comedy Try Again With their relationship on the verge of breakup. self-funded Trapped Sick of being robbed. Giacomo Valdameri. Mini DV HD. Matt Stephens Production Designer: Kelly Machin Sound: Ewan Stewart. Gateshead. Alan gives the thief a second chance to redeem himself. Director: Leanne Welham 12 min Production Company: Lacking Productions. Jack Ashley Music: Steve Dunster Cast: John Gaffney. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7613 7676.trinamiteproductions. UK email: matt@idiotlamp. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: info@screensouth. Zahra Zomorrodian Executive Producer: Jude Goldrei Screenwriter: Alex Inskip Editor: David Garbutt Director of Photography: Kyle Heslop Music: Moths Cast: Liam Boyle. George Chan Screenwriter: George Chan Editor: Deborah Williams Director of Photography: Steve Brand Cast: Sean Pertwee. W1T 2DH. 8 min 58 sec UK Distributor: Trinamite Productions Ltd. Kiki NE8 Producer: Jonathan Lowe Screenwriter: Jonathan Lowe Editor: Jonathan Lowe Director of Photography: Paul Wiseman Cast: Richard Calder. Laure Giles Screenwriter: Colin Metcalfe Editor: Andy Shelley Director of Photography: Stuart Biddlecombe Cast: Jude Akuwudike. England. UK tel: +44 (0)160 864 5258 email: francine@trinamiteproductions. 14 min Director: George Chan email: dr_george_chan@yahoo. fax: +44 (0)20 7613 7677 email: info@filmlondon. London. Director: George Chan 2008. web: www. Flat 1. England. The Tea Building. Director: Oliver Briginshaw 2008. Producer: Dawn Furness. David Hutchinson 2008. web: www. N16 9EG. Producer: Alan Traquair Screenwriter: Matt Huntley Editor: Michael Baldwin Director of Photography: Joel Devlin Cast: Mathew Regional Screen Agency: Film London. CT20 1JR. OX7 Regional Screen Agency: Screen web: www. Mulgrave Terrace. Oxfordshire. It’s a decision which could mean the difference between them calling it a day — or trying again. HDV. Director: Jonathan Lowe 2009. HD. 6 min Production Company: Fighting Spirit email: briggy8movie@hotmail. Kathryn Sumner Budget: £11. Folkestone.000 Funding: UK Film 36 Percy Producer: Rebecca Tranter. Screen South Short Films Transgress Driving home one night in London. Tam Toye. young love and Producer: Fraser Coull Screenwriter: Fraser Coull Editor: Mike Webster Director of Photography: Mike Webster. HDV. 75-81 Tontine Street. Ben Willbond. HDV. Director: Matt Huntley 2008.90 Touched by a Stranger Hope can be found in the darkest of places. Louise Bolton. Director: Alex Inskip. Sinead Matthews. 8 min Production Company: Silly Wee Films email: info@sillyweefilms. 4 min 54 sec The Towel When a man tries to clean his muddy shoes he accidentally stains a hotel towel and fearing the muddy stain will be interpreted as something else.250 Funding: UK Film Natalie Clark . Stuart Webb Budget: £3. he tries to get rid of the evidence. Julius Manipon. HDV. Elisabeth Charbonneau. Producer: Francine Heywood. Film London Trimming the Fat When a hotel barman discovers a guest is an old school friend he becomes determined that they hang out for the night. Colin McCredie. Ed Squires Budget: £600 Funding: TF Empire Ltd. Playing God. Colin Metcalfe. Lucy Allen Budget: £500 Funding: Self-funded Two and a Half Minutes Alex must decide how far he would go for a promotion when he is put up against the young man he helped rise up through the ranks of the company. UK tel: +44 (0)191 490 9321. Shaken and remorseful. 17 min 47 sec Production Company: Idiotlamp Productions Ltd. Chris Summers. 132 Green Lanes. E1 6JJ. Lee Mills.screensouth.fnafilms. International Business Centre.000 Funding: BBC Film Lab Production Company: FNA Films. fax: +44 (0)191 490 9322 email: info@fnafilms. Dan waits for Lucy.10. 35mm. Director: Fraser Coull 2009. Vincent Franklin Budget: £20. but the situation soon spirals out of control.000 Funding: UK Film Council. 11 min Director: Jonathan Lowe email: jc_lowe@blueyonder. England. London. Church Lane. The Wedge. she offers to help him. But Danny gets his own back in a dark and surprising twist.000 Funding: BBC web: www. London. Vicky Elliott Budget: £ Producer: Oliver Briginshaw Screenwriter: Oliver Briginshaw Editor: Oliver Briginshaw Director of Photography: Oliver Briginshaw Cast: James Harwood. Director: Derek Boyes 2008. Alan sets a bear-trap in his living room — and catches a thief. Suite 6. The Elm Coach House. trying to decide what he’s going to say. UK email: leannewelham@hotmail. Tyne & Producer: Rebecca Frankel Screenwriter: Leanne Welham Editor: Kant Pan Director of Photography: Jake Corbett Production Designer: Sophie Wyatt Sound: Joe Kelly Cast: Silas Carson. a woman accidentally hits a man who shouldn’t be there.

Director: Claire Frewin 2009. and would Digibeta. HDV. Richard Kent Budget: £10.500 Funding: Self-funded Vigilante Ugly and In Love The funny story of a freethinking drunk who thinks he has answers to it all. 10 min 15 sec Production Company: London Film School. England. Studio 22. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: Producer: Matt Cusworth. North Producer: Valentina Morillo Screenwriter: Juan Pablo Osman Editor: Andres Rojas Director of Photography: Lara Vilanova Cast: Elizabeth Urbina. Gavin Rizza Director of Photography: James Harrison Production Designer: Shirley Sweeney Sound: Peter Brill. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: Producer: Birgitta Bjornsdottir Screenwriter: Claire Frewin Editor: Ricardo Velarde Director of Photography: Christine Lalla Production Designer: Anke Schiemann Sound: Will Grant Music: Simon Herring Cast: Rebecca Todd. 35mm. Simon Conlon.blueprintfilm. UK email: cussy@hotmail. England. 15 min Producer: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno email: pablo. 12 min 2 sec Production Company: Blueprint Film.000 Funding: London Film School. Tony Dixon Screenwriter: Darren Bolton Editor: David Brook Director of Photography: Robert Gardner Production Designer: Maxine Wollaston Sound: Susan Pennington Music: Mark Adair Cast: Simon Cassidy. Dan Lyth Music: Gregor Barclay.Short Films 91 The Visitor After 18 years. s16mm. West Yorkshire. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 Producer: Emily Bignell Executive Producer: Julia Caithness. Daniel Finnemore Budget: £ Regional Screen Agency: Screen Yorkshire. Director: Neil Neenan 2008. 16 min Production Company: Fortunediablo Productions. WC2H 9UB. WC2H 9UB. UK tel: +44 (0)113 294 Producer: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno Screenwriter: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno Editor: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno. Robert Pollington. Director: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno 2008. Birmingham.000 Funding: Private investors Vanity Bleeding Charlie is a young man suffering from schizophrenia. Daniel Casper. Leeds. It interrogates our understanding of crime and punishment and asks to what lengths should we. 24 Shelton Street. 3 min 46 sec Producer: Neil Neenan tel: +44 (0)163 437 8897 email: neilo31@hotmail. Copter. Swampmeat. Director: Matt Cusworth 2008. The Producer: Neil Neenan Executive Producer: James Sudworth Screenwriter: Neil Neenan. This short follows their journey together. Director: Adam Campbell 2009. private equity Two to Salsa Mane and Mary dance salsa around Barcelona to make a living. Ashley Mulheron Budget: £3. Andreas del Cano Director of Photography: Pablo Robertson de Unamuno. fax: +44 (0)113 294 4989 email: info@screenyorkshire. Mark Jeary Budget: £2. Barry Honeyman Budget: £1. Katty Patersons Music: Mikey Smith Cast: Vince web: www. Miguel Gonzalez Funding: London Film School The View The View centres around a bench overlooking the coastline and the range of poignant moments in the lives of eight of its web: www. 20 min Production Company: Phase VI Productions email: phasevi@hotmail. 17 min Director: Claire Frewin email: claire_e_frewin@yahoo. LS2 7EY. while revisiting old friend Archie and his sister Enid. Caroline Mary will give some unexpected news to Mane which will test their relationship as lovers and dancers. Laura Fraser. James Anderson Brown Screenwriter: James Anderson Brown Editor: Matt Cusworth Director of Photography: Benjamin Pritchard Production Designer: Tyrone Hyman Sound: Stephen Longstaff Music: The Big Bang. Director: Juan Pablo Osman web: Producer: Colin Bell Screenwriter: Gregor Barclay Editor: Christopher Walker.lfs. Director: Darren Bolton 2008. England. England. England. Gavin Thompson Cast: Sean Biggerstaff. Maria Lee. go to make our community a better place. DN18 5JT. Barton-upon-Humber. Liam Moynihan. Harborne. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. At the end of the day both of them will discover it takes two to Ian Draper. 24 Shelton Street. Geoff Holman. Stephen Longstaff Cast: Nicholas Clarke. Production Company: London Film web: www. Screen Yorkshire Voices Herb struggles to succeed in a world where confidence is Funding: UK Film Council.lfs. B32 2EU. Jack Gavin. Richard Browne is challenged to spend another night in the attic. 46 The Calls.200 Funding: Self-funded . Maltkiln. Brian Ferguson. until he meets a girl who proves he doesn’t know it all. one of his voices comes to life to push him to the edge of reason. but when given another mans voice he finds his new-found nerve may not be for the better. Ann Firbank. Leo Bruges Sound: Neil Hardtop.500 Funding: Private Vigilante is a dark and satirical mockumentary that follows one member of a village group as he sets out to eradicate crime and antisocial behaviour. Robin J White Editor: Neil Neenan Director of Photography: Anna Carrington Music: Jason Creasey Cast: Jessica UK email: Jaqueline Phillips Budget: £8. 186 Balden Road. HD.

set during a long humid afternoon. RED. When she writes a note stating the unvarnished truth. he’s a bedwetter. The Chocolate Studios. England. 56 Lancaster Road. England. UK tel: +44 (0)151 200 1504 email: sarah@logicfilms. England. Director: David Beauchamp 2008. Folkestone. Richard Oldham Funding: UK Film Council Completion Producer: Sean Ellis. LA12 0AU.000 Funding: Self-funded Wayfaring Stranger When he is released from a Young Offender’s Institute. CT20 1JR. Kent. N1 7LJ.000 Funding: First Light Movies Waving At Cars When the relationship of Tory and Isaak. 75-81 Tontine Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7336 6060 email: lene@uglyduckingfilms. London.logicfilms. Prenton. web: www. England. B5 5SE. The Wedge. 35mm. Director: Sean Ellis 2008. 6 min 20 sec Production Company: Logic Films. web: www. Director: Richard West 2008. 51 Nevern Square. BBC. Frankie Porretta. Merseyside. The Bond. 27 South Hill Road. 7 Shepherdess Place. Producer: Dan Cleland Screenwriter: Graham Lester George Editor: Steve Ackroyd Director of Photography: Nic Morris Production Designer: Amanda McArthur Sound: Ben Leeves Music: Mu’m Cast: Kieran Dooner.00 Co-production: France Funding: Private Short Films Ware U At? Ware U At? is a contemporary film reflecting the emotions. London.500 Funding: UK Film Council. an outwardly normal Producer: Ben Pullen Editor: Tony Palmer Director of Photography: Ben Cole Production Designer: Bruce Williams Budget: £7. Director: Natalie Stagg web: www. W11 1QR. 9 min 39 sec UK Distributor: First Light Movies. UK tel: +44 (0)870 609 4481 email: info@visionandmedia. Bobby Brewer. Richard Angol. Director: Simon Neal 2009. is forced to take to the road with his errant troubadour father. Melanie Laurent. Director: Loren Slater. Birmingham. he bunks off and goes in search of his own solution. Ines Van Houtte Sanchez.firstlightmovies. 6-9 Lawson Street. UK email: lorenaslater@gmail. where we learn he has one saved message on his mobile phone and a personal dilemma. but it only makes him late for school. HD. His mum thinks making him wash his own sheets will cure him. Manchester. Apt 18. Mini DV. Nevin Producer: Sarah Ellis Screenwriter: Sarah Ellis Editor: David Beauchamp Director of Photography: Darren James Cast: Richie Grice. Celine Quideau Executive Producer: Patrice Haddad. fax: +44 (0)130 325 9786 email: Regional Screen Agency: Northwest Vision and Media. Jerry Stafford Screenwriter: Sean Ellis Editor: Mario Battistel Director of Photography: Angus Hudson Production Designer: Morgan Kennedy Cast: Guillaume Canet. 180-182 Fazeley Street. starts to unravel. UK email: simon@anotherfilmcompany. M60 1SJ. where the two men must face up to a dark secret from their past. 35mm. Screen South The Wake Volatile Darren forces his way onto Neil’s fishing boat. 11 min 14 sec Production Company: Signal Films.shorelinefilms. 11 min 25 sec Production Company: Left Turn Films. 10 min 40 sec Production Company: Sentinel Entertainment Ltd. 10 min Production Company: Deeply Vale Films. He checks into the Dolphine Hotel for seven nights. Mary Jayne Cooper Budget: £ web: www. Barrow-in-Furness. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7336 6002. UK tel: +44 (0)121 753 4866 email: info@firstlightmovies. Carmel James Budget: £18. Maya Vision International . Northwest Vision and Media Washdays Kyle is 11 and has a problem. Oxford Road. Ronnie. UK tel: +44 (0)130 325 Producer: Loren Slater. Kerry Kolbe Editor: Edd Maggs Director of Photography: Loren Slater Production Designer: Kevin Walker Sound: Matt Palmer Cast: Freddie Machin. SW5 Funding: UK Film Council. a wayward 15 yearold.92 Voyages d’Affaires (The Business Trip) Jean Paul Clement is on a business trip. London. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7244 8279 email: benjaminpullen@ Producer: Lateesha Harrison Executive Producer: Danielle Taylor Screenwriter: Sarah Delahay. England. Kerry Kolbe 2009.screensouth. Carys Lewis Budget: £20. Alex McGuire Editor: Sarah Delahay Director of Photography: Laura Seivwright Sound: Karris Harrison Cast: Clemmie Starling. Gwenaelle Simon Budget: £45. it exposes a secret too terrible to contemplate. CH43 5RL. stresses and decisions of two young people in urban South web: Ashleigh and Daniel struggle with peer pressure and the consequences of their Regional Screen Agency: Screen South. Kerry Kolbe Screenwriter: Loren Slater.

uk Producer: Michelle Eastwood Editor: Alexandru Radu Director of Photography: Felix Widemann Production Designer: Jessica Sinclair Sound: Susannah Lawrence Music: Stuart Earl Cast: Sean Campion. W1F 8RP. Director: Michael Davies 2008. watching as he engages in more acts of destruction.spellboundfilms. Farnham. KT6 Producer: Michael Berliner Executive Producer: Marc Boothe Screenwriter: Fyzal Boulifa Editor: Seb Ratcliffe.000 Funding: Self-funded Who’s Afraid of the Water Sprite? Set in the ancient mountains of Slovenian legend Who’s Afraid of the Water Sprite? is a dark and moving tale of injustice and deception. 35mm. Beaconsfield Studios. through her UK tel: +44 (0)20 8399 1564 email: liam. England. England. troubled schoolboy Balder hatches a crazed plan to break into a mysterious house. Buckinghamshire. Luka web: www. Lee Ingleby Budget: £14.em-media. 12 min 17 sec Production Company: Coral Bank Productions. a blacksmith and the malevolent Water Sprite. EM Media European Regional Development Fund . unfolding the intertwined fates of a young web: www.perfumefilms. England. Brana Srdic Screenwriter: William McGregor. London. Nottinghamshire. 2 min 20 sec Production Company: Spellbound Films. WC1A 2DA.Short Films 93 Why Don’t You Dance? In front of his house surrounded by furniture and traces of his past life. Beaconsfield. 17 min 59 sec Production Company: Evoke Films. Yana Yanezic Budget: £7. England. 5 Southampton Place. Richard House Editor: Jonny Stenton Director of Photography: Chris Ross Production Designer: Jess Alexander Sound: Spool Post Music: Dan Gardner Cast: Elisa Lasowski. 10 min Production Company: B3 UK Distributor: Future Shorts. HD. a man waits. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7734 3883. Manca Gale. Georgina Hopkins. Sam Curtis Funding: National Film and Television School What’s Virgin Mean? Sometimes little questions need big answers. She follows 47 Wreccelsham Road. NG5 2EX. GU9 8TY. Rebecca Duffy Budget: £2. UK email: willrdmc@hotmail. Geoff Loynes Budget: £10. RED. Surbiton. England.000 Funding: UK Film Council New Cinema web: www. 34-35 Berwick Street. Benjamin Smith. Van Poynton Editor: Tony Hull Director of Photography: Ciro Candia Production Designer: Humphrey Jaeger Cast: Bradley Hall.000 Funding: UK private equity Wintering Whore When angry muslim youth Azeem overhears a group of girls gossiping about his white girlfriend Gemma his suspicions flare — and so begins a sadomasochistic game in which both parties seek to gain control. Director: Fyzal Boulifa 2008. Joe Walsh Budget: £ Station Producer: Rachel Dargavel Screenwriter: Iain Regional Screen Agency: EM web: www. Maria Massini.000 Funding: UK Film web: www. England.garvo@coralbank. Malika Debbah. superficial conversation takes place. 3B Electric Avenue. fax: +44 (0)149 467 8583 email: hsharda@nfts. NG1 1PU. but his younger cousin Shufts has a dreadful feeling and wants out. fax: +44 (0)115 950 0988 email: info@em-media. Nottingham. fax: +44 (0)20 7439 3255 email: info@futureshorts. but the unlikely threesome experience something emotional. London. HD. he is stopped. St Jude’s House. Natasha Barreo. 45 Grove Road. HD. SW9 8JY. This strange encounter ends in a dance of unexpressed loneliness and despair. London. UK email: rachel@perfumefilms. 35mm. His actions become increasingly bizarre until. Electric Avenue Studios. Sam Heasman Editor: William web: www. UK tel: +44 (0)149 473 1452. Iain Whitewright Director of Photography: Adam Etherington Production Designer: Karl Clarke Sound: Dave Morgan Music: Katalena Cast: Vista Producer: William McGregor. England. 122 Percival Road. 21 min 30 sec Production Company: National Film and Television Producer: Sandra Gorel Executive Producer: Beryl Vertue Screenwriter: Michael Davies Editor: Dave Thrasher Director of Photography: Ian Salvage Production Designer: Anna Sheldrake Sound: John Grove Music: Mark Russell Cast: Kate Isitt. Producer: Liam Garvo Screenwriter: Leigh Oakley. Taina Galis Director of Photography: Taina Galis Production Designer: Daniel Lewis Cast: Matthew Bukraba. England. UK tel: +44 (0)20 7274 2121 email: studio@b3media. UK email: sandra@spellboundfilms. Director: Iain Finlay 2009. A young couple arrives and awkward. Surrey. Director: William McGregor 2009. Director: Marius Olteanu 2009. 17 min 15 sec Production Company: Perfume Films.nfts. 35-37 St Mary’s Gate. HP9 1LG. UK tel: +44 (0)115 934 9006.000 Co-production: Slovenia Funding: Self-funded Where the Monsters Go Deep in a forest on the fringes of suburbia. Nottingham. Director: Van Poynton 2008. B3 Media A woman witnesses a man setting fire to clothes.

UK tel: +44 (0)20 7240 0161. Emiko Izawa. Director: Tom Geens 2009. Rebecca Mark-Lawson. Idling their time talking about unnecessary topics and devoting themselves to the simple pleasures of the moment. Iori Goto. 24 Shelton Street. fax: +44 (0)20 7240 0167 email: c. Anthony Smee. Jo McClellan Screenwriter: Tom Geens Editor: Chris Barwell Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Production Designer: Jonathan Wright Sound: Srdjan Kurpjel Music: Peter Higgens Cast: Kate England. UK email: zp@zerodoubleone. England. 23 min Production Company: London Film School. 8 Nevis web: www. S-VHS. WC2H 9UB. London. SW17 7QX. London. Keihiro Kanyama Funding: London Film School You’re the Stranger Here A middle-aged woman with a crazy leg lives in a fascist regime where people with her condition get shot on the spot. Neil Bennun Budget: £3. Producer: Shogo Yokoyama. Michael Andrew. Ella Peel Budget: £ Producer: Emma Passmore Screenwriter: Emma Passmore Editor: Julie Date Director of Photography: Nemone Mercer Cast: Morven Macbeth. Mini DV HD. 17 min Production Company: The Chicken Factory/ 011 Productions Ltd. Director: Emma Passmore 2008. SW15 2NX. Inspired by the courageous death of one of her fellow sufferers.000 Funding: UK Film Council Cinema Extreme . PO Box 53999. Yosuke Kato Screenwriter: Hiroaki Tawada Editor: Shogo Yokoyama Director of Photography: Yosuke Kato Production Designer: Naoto Akiyama Cast: Ayaka Sekiya.94 Without You The dead and the living are both haunted by tragedy. 9 min 40 sec Production Company: Invasive Films. UK tel: +44 (0)20 8673 Producer: Zorana Piggott Executive Producer: Matthieu de Braconier.000 Funding: Private Short Films You You is the tale of two wandering girls who happen to meet in midnight Tokyo. Director: Mikito Kyo 2008. HD. You and Kimi gradually get to know each other in an aimless walkabout.lfs. fax: +44 (0)20 8673 0333 email: info@invasivefilms.bright@lfs. she goes on an all or nothing quest to change the world.


Index — Feature Films
1234 31 North 62 East A Act of God Act of Grace An Act of Terror An Education An Englishman in New York Arn the Knight Templar Away We Go Awaydays B Bad Company Badinage Barbarian Princess The Be All and End All Beyond the Fire Beyond the Pole The Big I Am The Boat That Rocked Bomber Boogie Woogie A Boy Called Dad Breathe Bright Star Bronson A Bunch of Amateurs Bunny and the Bull The Burial C Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero Charlie Noades R.I.P. Cheri Cherrybomb The Children Clive Barker’s Book Of Blood A Closed Book Creation The Crew Cry of the Owl Crying With Laughter D The Daisy Chain The Damned United Dark Nature The Dead Outside Dean Spanley The Descent: Part 2 Desire Doghouse Le Donk Dorian Gray Drawn Dread E Ealing Comedy Easy Virtue Endgame Exam F Fifty Dead Men Walking Fish Tank Flashmob Flick Forget Me Not From Time to Time 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 12 G Giallo Glorious 39 Gnaw Gracie Greek Pete H Hell’s Pavement The Hide Hippie Hippie Shake How to Lose Friends and Alienate People I In The Loop Inner Calm Invisible Eyes K Kandahar Break Katalin Varga KICKS Kin Knife Edge L Land Gold Women The Last Station The Last Thakur Lesbian Vampire Killers London River Lookin’ for Lucky Looking for Eric Luger of the Black Sun M Mad, Sad & Bad The Making of Plus One with Kate Cate and George, the Story of a Hollywood Nobody Malice in Wonderland Mamma Mia Manolete Me and Orson Welles Miles Away Moon My Angel My Last Five Girlfriends N New Town Killers Nine Miles Down O One Day Removals The Other Man P Pelican Blood Pumpgirl Q Quantum of Solace R Rage Revolutionary Road Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre Rising Tide Running In Traffic 24 24 24 25 25 25 26 26 26 27 27 27 28 28 28 29 29 S S.N.U.B! Salvage The Scar Crow Schrodinger’s Girl Scouting Book for Boys Shank She, A Chinese Shell Shock Skellig Slumdog Millionaire The Spell Spy(ies) (Espion(s)) Surviving Evil T Telstar Temptation That’s For Me Tormented Travellers Triangle U The Unloved Unmade Beds V Valhalla Rising W Wasted Welcome Wide Open Spaces Wild Target Y Young Hearts Run Free 39 40 40 40 41 41 41 42 42 42 43 43 43 44 44 44 45 45 45 46 46

13 13 13 14 14 14 15 15 15 16 16 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 19 19 20 20 20 21 21 21 22 22 22 23 23 23

29 30 30 30 31 31 31 32 32 32 33 33 33 34 34 34 35 35 35 36


47 47 47 48 48

36 36 37 37 37 38 38 38 39 39


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12:30 4 Weeks 49 49 D Dan — 02/11/08 Dark Harbour Day In/Day Out The Devil’s Wedding Diana DiD Digging Dissociation Domestic Flight Down the Rabbit Hole Driven Drop E Eb & Flo The Echo Echoes Ed & Tina Edward’s Turmoil The Elemental Endstation Heimat (Final Station Home) Enemy Lines English Bloody Rose Enough Enough Rope Enter the Preacher The Escort Esther’s Funeral Extreme Vocational Experiences Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the Street F F.Stop Faith Alone Father Fell The Fishdance Kid Five Elements Five Miles Out Fleshbeast Floating is Easy Flushed Foreign John Forgive Friday Furnace Four G Gardens With Red Roses George’s Day Getting Out Girllikeme The Gloaming Good Morning, Ground Control Granny’s Ghost H Hammerhead The Happiness Salesman Happy as Larry Happy Face Happy Rabbit The Hardest Part Harvest Hazel Helena Henna Night Holywood Sweets Home Home Time Homecoming Homoworld The Hope Ruby How to Kiss a Dead Girl Human Assembly Hurts So Good 58 58 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 61 61 61 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 63 63 63 63 63 63 64 64 64 64 64 64 65 65 65 65 65 65 66 66 I I Love Luci If Not Now, When? If Only ... In His Shoes In Passing Inconceivable Infamy Inferno Into the Light Into the Woods The Invitation Isaac It’s Nick’s Birthday 69 69 69 69 69 69 70 70 70 70 70 70 71

A A’Mare Above Us Only Sky Adha Cup After Tomorrow Airport Security Akbulak Alfonso All Day Breakfast All My Dreams on VHS All of Me Angel Another Thing Apples & Oranges April Aquaphobic The Archivist Are You Ready to Meet? Arthur’s Lore The Ascension Agency Attention

49 49 49 49 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 51 51 51 51 51 51 52 52

J Jade James Janusz Jerome’s Weakness Joe Smeal’s Wheels Just Because You’re Paranoid ...

71 71 71 71 71 71

B Baghdad Express Bale Basho Be Good Behind the Curtain Believe Belonging Big Mistake Big Mistake Black Holes Black Taxi Black Widow Blackwater Blame Blue Blue Boy Breathe Bride and Gloom The Bridge Brixton 85 Brolio Ivartis (The Brother’s Goal) By the Grace of God

52 52 52 52 52 53 53 53 53 53 53 53 53 54 54 54 54 54 54 55 55 55 55

K Keel Kid Kingsland #1 The Dreamer

72 72 72

L Lamb The Last Breath Leaving Leaving Eva The Legend of Ol’ Goldie Light at the End of the Tunnel Lily’s Image Little Red Hoodie The Lobster Trap Lollipop Man Loneliness in a Goldfish Bowl The Lonely Cowboy Lonely Hearts Interrupted Lorraine Love Love Hate Lucky Old Bag Luke & the Void

72 72 72 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 74 74 74 74 74 74 74 75

C The Capgras Tide Careful Carl The Carnival Queen Catching the Bus Caterpillar Chains The Chapel Cheyne Stoking Chicken Christmas Time Cinema of Horror The Circle City Clamp and Grind Clean Off Clocked Come Back Condimentia The Conkerers The Constant Father Crimson Curfew Curiosity Curtains

55 55 55 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 58 58 58 58 58

66 66 66 66 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 68 68 68 68 68 68 68

M Maharishi A Man of Letters Mary and John A Matter of Conscience Maybe One Day Me, Me, Me Memorabilis Modern Life Is Rubbish Monsters & Rabbits Morning Echo Mother, Mine Mr Z My Friend Helen My World

75 75 75 75 75 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 77 77

N Necromance ‘A Nursery Rhyme for the Twisted’ Nice Beaches Night School Night Time No Strings Not Coming In

77 77 77 77 77 77


Index — Short Films
O Off Season Oh, Simone Old Land The Omniscient Men (one) One Last Love Song The Orchard Oscar & Jim The Other Woman Overslept P Park Close Parliamo Glasgow Partir (Leaving) Patrick Peckish The Perfect Pot Roast Pictures Pinnacle Man Playground The Pond Pop Art Pornography A Portrait of a Man on the Morning of his Death Post-It Love Precious Primavera (Spring) Protect Me From What I Want Q Quietus R The Rain Horse Raising Baby Rio Regent Street Resistance Rewind Rinse & Spin Rip and the Preacher 78 78 78 78 78 78 78 79 79 79 Rı Bus (Will Have It Tomorrow) ´t ¯ A Road Apart The Rose and the Poison Tree 83 83 83 This Way Up Tickled Pink Time, Care and Attention Together Top Girl Top of the World Toshi Touched by a Stranger The Towel Transgress Trapped Tribute Trimming the Fat Try Again Two and a Half Minutes Two to Salsa U Ugly and In Love V Vanity Bleeding The View Vigilante The Visitor Voices Voyages d’Affaires (The Business Trip) W The Wake Ware U At? Washdays Waving At Cars Wayfaring Stranger What’s Virgin Mean? Where the Monsters Go Who’s Afraid of the Water Sprite? Whore Why Don’t You Dance? Wintering Without You Y You You’re the Stranger Here 88 89 89 89 89 89 89 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 92 92 92 93 93 93 93 93 93 94 94 94

79 79 79 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 81 81 81 81 81 81 81


S Saltmark Sandman Schizofredric Sculpted Section 44 September Shank Shooter Shoreditch Sonata Side Effect Sidney Turtlebaum A Sin To Waste It Slide Away Smith Social Circles Souvenirs Spirited Spunkbubble The Stars Don’t Twinkle In Outer Space Stiletto Still Stopover Storage Suicide Man Sunday Supraman and the School of Necessity Sweet Mother

83 83 84 84 84 84 84 84 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 86 86 86 86 86 86 87 87 87 87 87

82 82 82 82 82 82 83

T Tandem Taxi The Taxidermist Tea and Biscuits Tender Tenner This is Christmas

87 87 88 88 88 88 88

Screen South Dale Corlett. Warp X Kirsten Geekie. Northern Ireland Screen Beth Ridley. EIFF Jacqui Barr. Scottish Screen Sally Hodgson. EIFF Carole Machin. UK Film Council Sandra Carrick. Wales Screen Commission Piers Nightingale. EIFF David Hooper. EIFF Anna Macdonald. Seven Arts Pictures ` Charlotte Dolman. UK Film Council Angie Jennings. Independent Film Company Sarah-Jane Meredith. Arts Institute at Bournemouth Cammy Finley. EIFF Penny Skuse. Screen WM David Drummond. EM Media Sam Burton. EIFF Eilidh Strang. Artlogic Doug Kelly. Pathe ´ Francesca Riley. EIFF Emma Taylor. London Film School Christine Morrow. Scottish Screen Caroline Couret-Delegue. London Film Academy Anne Gartside. GMAC Dan Lawson. Screen Academy Scotland Kate Park. Ealing Studios Julie Waugh. Screen Yorkshire Frank Ayaoge. Northern Ireland Screen Clare Bradfield. The Bureau Nadja Maki. BBC Films Bridget Pedgrift. Northwest Vision and Media Tristan Goligher. BBC Films Jeanne Nguyen. Momentum Pictures Anne Quinn. EIFF Kate Fewins. Momentum Pictures Hemant Sharda. Footprint Films Matthieu de Braconier. Encounters Tara Cook. High Point Films Rebecca Berry. Northern Film & Media Carole Sheridan. Red Stone Design Angela Topping. Screen East Sam Williams Samantha Perahia. First Light Movies Chrissy Bright. EIFF Robbie Allen. National Film and Television School Holly Daniel. South West Screen Sophie Mair. Pathe ´ Leslie Vuchot. Skillset Lee Bye. HanWay Films Macey Marini. EIFF Kristen Platt. Protagonist Pictures Jules Smith. B3 Media Jeremy Baxter. GMAC Sarah Lebutsch. Protagonist Pictures Calum Carpenter. Britfilms Mark Blaney. EIFF Karen O’Hare.98 Thanks Adam Partridge. ContentFilm International Rob Hope. The Bureau . Film Agency Wales Andrea Westwick.

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