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SPENCER TARVER ________________________________________ 1606 Pelham Way Macon, Georgia 31220 Home 478-474-6814 Cellular 478

-318-0817 ________________________________________ Computer Network Engineer Certifications Cisco CCNA Certified Microsoft MCP - NT Server - NT Enterprise Server - NT Workstation CompTIA A+ Certified Profile Extensive knowledge of Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 Proven experience in supporting complex computer systems across multiple platf orms Ability to function as a team player and work independently to achieve objecti ves Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills Experienced in building, repairing, and maintaining servers, desktops and lapt ops Committed to excellence in building and growing customer relations Ability to manage local and wide area networks and resolve connectivity issues Experienced in backups, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance procedures Applied knowledge in integrating dissimilar hardware and software Experienced with configuration, management and security of routers and switche s Ability to create IP addressing scheme with a given range of addresses Education Diploma, Windows Network Specialist, 1998-2000 Central Georgia Technical College, Macon, GA This two year program prepared me for Microsoft Certifications and A+ Certifica tion. Certificate, 2008 Central Georgia Technical College, Macon, GA This one year certificate program prepared me for Cisco CCNA Certification.

Employment History Technical Services, Macon, GA Technician, 2008 - Present Manage and maintain site LAN which includes Windows 2000 and 2003 servers and 3 00+ workstations. Support Microsoft OS and Office Suite. Build, install, repair and maintain PCs and laptops. Responsibilities include installing computer per ipherals such as printers and scanners. Manage user accounts and resources with in Active Directory. Configure RAS and VPN clients. Maintain professional relat ionship with customers in order resolve issues in a timely manner. Peach State Truck Center, Byron, GA Technician, 2004 - 2008 Manage, repair and upgrade computers in service department. Troubleshoot and d

iagnose vehicle management systems installed on trucks with software from variou s vendors. Technical Services, Macon, GA Installer, 2002 - 2003 Install, terminate and test voice and data cabling such CAT 3, 4, 5 and fiber-o ptic. Troubleshoot connectivity problems and maintain professional relationship with customers to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. Federal Graphics, Macon, GA Technician, 2001 - 2002 This contract job included maintaining and repairing high speed duplicators an d architectural plotters. Build and install PCs that were part of the plotter p ackage. Install devices on existing networks and troubleshoot connectivity prob lems. Getronics, Atlanta, GA Field Technician, 2000 - 2001 State wide contract job installing, maintaining and repairing computers, AS 400 servers and printers for Allstate Insurance Company. Contract involved maintai ning an inventory of replacement parts and filing reports for service calls. LJL Truck Center, Macon, GA Technician, 1993 - 2000 Responsibilities included maintenance, repair and upgrade computers and p rinters for service department. Troubleshoot and diagnose electronic vehicle ma nagement systems with the use of software from various vendors. I attended many classes to acquire certifications from Caterpillar, Mack, Cummins, Detroit and Navistar. Skills Setup and cable local and wide area networks Cisco Certified to configure routers and switches Create and deploy IP addressing with a given address range Proficient with LAN and WAN routing protocols Configure and manage network security policy Replace and upgrade Cisco router hardware and software Build, repair and upgrade desktops, servers and laptops Install, terminate and test network cabling such as Ethernet and fiber-optic Install and configure network devices printers, scanners, network storage devi ces and wireless access points and routers