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DAVID J. VEINOTTE PO Box 364, Princeton, MA dv5ee360@westpost.

net ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SUMMARY 20+ years of demonstrated successes as an engineering technician working in dive rse environments Special expertise in ISO-9001/2000 and IPC-610 certification practices and proce dures Highly skilled at analog and digital debug to component level Equally valuable contributing in either a team or individual working capacity IPC-610/620 SMT/TH soldering certification * ISO 9000 Assessor certification * Novell CNE certification SKILLS INVENTORY Hardware: SUN, Intel, Motorola, TI, Macintosh, installations, debug and test. VA X, Micro-VAX, most manufacturers micro, mini, mainframe familiarity, 802.2,3,5,1 1 protocols, cabling, setup, debug of various NIC's, Lan Analyzers, Repeaters, H ubs, Routers, Concentrators, ATE - Genrad, Teradyne, Fairchild, Zentel and Hybri d PC based ATE. Flying probe and SMT placement maintenance. A/D and DAC SA ampli fiers for CNC machines. Various scopes, network analyzers and test equipment. Te st and debug of all protocol options - OC-3/12/48/192/768, ATM, 4/16 Token-ring, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, DS-1/3,T/E-1/3 and Frame Relay. Fixed and tunable lasers for optical networks. RF - 300 MHZ to 5.8 GHZ radio Wireless. Software/Languages: Novell Banyan Vines, LAN Manager, 3+ Open, PC/MS -Dos, OS2, MAC OS, Windows-all, UNIX, Linux, MS-Office, Lotus, TCP/IP, Allegro, Labview, Viewlogic, Xilinx, Altera, Orcad, AutoCAD, Cadkey, Pro-E, Assembler, VBasic, Fo rtran, Pascal, ADA, PDL, C++, TCL, Perl PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IDT MicroNetworks Worcester, Ma 2007 - 2010 Engineering Technician Designed, built, and developed test fixtures for high volume test, temperature, ESS and qualification of RF product - VCO, VCXO, CDR, SAW and Clock Generators. Labview for testing of produ ct. Maintained lab equipment, calibration and parts supply. Technical support fo r clean rooms and fabrication areas. Documentation for test and assembly. Rework to 0201 size component level. Philips Lifeline Systems Framingham, MA 2006 - 2007 Engineering Technician Built, modified, developed, and tested RF radio wireless personal health system for senior living Wrote test, assembly, and ECO documentation for manufacturing. Supported field o perations and installations. Designed and built test and manufacturing assemblie s for production operations and field installers. Installed ECO's and upgraded t est equipment. Procured parts and test equipment for lab use. Shibasoku R&D Center (Asterion) Marlboro, MA 2005 - 2006 Engineering Technician Development of Hybrid ATE System Built, assembled, modified, DVT, thermal evaluation, ESS, on product and accesso ries for 500 Amp high power hybrid test system. All phases of testing and related projects from part sourcing to final test, ass

embly and shipment. IPG Photonics Oxford,MA 2005 Engineering Technician Built, calibrated, debugged multi-watt, integrated, OC-x based laser designed fo r implementation in long-haul optical services. Liaison to contract manufacturers, customers and ven dors. Sycamore Networks Chelmsford, MA 2004-2005 Engineering Technician Development of internet protocol switch from design release to beta deployment. All phases of test, debug, assembly, ESS, DVT and documentation for MPC-based sw itch. Initial test and debug of switch controllers, optical and monitor modules. Imple mented ECO's. Complete upgrade of deployed systems as needed. Setup of test and thermal equipm ent for reliability verification. Configured testing development labs for SQA, diagnosti cs, and software. Monitored ESS at offsite testing facilities. DAVID J. VEINOTTE (978) 464-2420 page 2. Akibia Marlborough, MA Debug Technician 2003 - 2004

Component level debug on SUN, HP, and Compaq product lines Avici Systems North Billerica, MA 1999 - 2003 NPI Technician Transitioned new products from engineering to manufacturing. Debug and test from component to systems level of internet core router and optio ns to include OC-3/12/48/192/768 and Gig-E. Mechanical and electrical debug of fixed and tunable lasers. Liaison to CM for all test, quality and verification processes related to produc ts. Pre-ISO certification of all internal processes involved in manufacturing. Reworked to IPC-610 standards on all SMT components. Oversaw QA issues at CM and mechanical assembly houses. Designed and built test fixtures for assembly and test both in-house and at CM. Selected achievement(s): Audit of all processes related to internet core router resulted in ISO certifica tion on first pass. Fujitsu Nexion Acton, MA 1995 - 1999 Debug Technician Debug of Power-PC based multi-protocol switch at system and component levels. Unix-based test systems for ATM, OC-3, OC-12, Sonet, Ethernet -10/100/1000, DS-1 /3, E-1 Rework of FPGA's and BGA's. Setup of most test hardware and analyzers. Setup and test of engineering lab for ESD. Incoming inspection and ATE debug of all system and peripheral options. Breadboard and prototype build of all circuits.

Selected achievement(s): Recipient of three CEO awards for excellence for consistently exceeding performa nce levels Data Instruments (Honeywell), Acton, MA 1994 - 1995 New Product Engineer Designed, built and tested new optical safety products for heavy industry. Linear pressure transducers and servo controls for AC/DC motor drives. Long term testing devices for resistive wafer reliability with relay and motor c ontrols. EMI testing for Bellcore, UL, CSA and ISO 9000 compliance. Quantum Corporation, Shrewsbury, MA 1994 Manufacturing Engineer Designed, built, calibrated and maintained servo and test fixtures for disk driv e manufacturing. Implemented ISO 9000 audit which resulted in certification. Clean room class 10 . InfraLAN WIRELESS ( BICC ) Acton, MA 1991 - 1994 Product Engineer Debugged and tested IsoLAN and InfraLAN product lines for infrared optical wirel ess equipment. Quality assurance of MAU's, bridges, routers, transceivers and related equipment . Technical support and installations at customer sites. Setup and administration of multi-protocol wireless networks. Purchased and installed new equipment as ne eded. Installed and upgraded 3com 3+open and Novell 2.x and 3.x. Maintained exis ting VAX WAN system. EDUCATION University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA g Control Data Institute, Burlington, MA Candidate, B.S. Electrical Engineerin Certificate Computer Technology