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Person and Personality

harmless - ártalmatlan hypocritical - álszent friendly - barátságos brave - bátor honest, decent - becsületes self-important - beképzelt generous – bőkezű, gáláns wise - bölcs silent, quiet - csendes charming - elragadó compliant - engedékeny violent -erőszakos forgetful - feledékeny considerate - figyelmes worried, troubled - gondterhelt determined - határozott faithful - hűséges nervous - ideges envious - irigy well-intentioned - jóhiszemű well-brought-up - jólnevelt kind, nice, charming – kedves, bájos well-balanced - kiegysensúlyozott light-minded - könnyelmű lazy - lusta reliable - megbízható restless - nyugtalan headstrong, stubborn – önfejű, akaratos selfish - önző cheeky, naughty – szemtelen, pimasz passionate - szenvedélyes scattered - szétszórt strict - szigorú amusing – szórakoztató sociable – társasági tolerant – toleráns ambitious – törekvő patient – türelmes polite – udvarias reserved – visszafogott intelligent ↔ stupid bright ↔ brainless smart ↔ dumb able, gifted, talented – tehetséges stubborn – makacs optimistic ↔ pessimistic outgoing ↔ reserved tactful – tapintatos kind hearted ↔ cruel boastful – dicsekvő negligent – hanyag shy – szégyenlős tender – gyöngéd energetic – energikus decisive – impatient – türelmetlen thrifty – takarékos adaptable – alkalmazkodó overconfident – túlságosan magabiztos have common sense – józan ésszel rendelkezik two-faced – kétszínű efficient – tevékeny / rátermett, eredményes indecisive – határozatlan have reasonable attitudes determined – határozott inflexible – merev, hajthatatlan practical strongly against injustice (igazságtalanság) or injury cheerful – jókedvű, vidám, mosolygós calm – csendes, nyugodt intolerant cool – hűvös detached – tárgyilagos enjoy dealing with household problems not good in a sudden emergency be perfect in a crisis to solve practical problems easily to apologise beautifully and complain tactfully to be able to handle people in most situations without losing one’s temper irritable cold – rideg neurotic bold – vakmerő angry relaxed insecure – bizonytalan patient affectionate – szerető, gyengéd tolerant creative warm sociable indifferent – közönyös sentimental friendly helpful easygoing joyful – mindig jókedvű courageous – bátor romantic

slight – karcsú pot-bellied – pocakos dirty. curly bald receding hair a crew-cut head: nose.straight. not easily persuaded .könyörtelen Physical appearance: hair: .outgoing generous sensitive understanding domineering confident nervous down to earth – földhözragadt aggressive reserved – visszafogott intellectual ambitious fun loving attentive – figyelmes just – igazságos impartial – elfogulatlan conscientious – lelkiismeretes hard-working – szorgalmas cheeky – szemtelen self-willed – akaratos well-balanced – kiegyensúlyozott mature – érett amusing – szórakoztató sensible – ésszerű sensitive – érzékeny witty – szellemes uncultured – műveletlen superficial – felületes obstinate – makacs quick-tempered – lobbanékony cautious – óvatos touchy – érzékeny ruthless . discreet rather shy. eyelids. wavy. Match them. powerful – erős weak. not putting oneself forward feeling or showing resentment towards a person whom one thinks of as a rival keeping firmly to one’s opinion or to one’s chosen course of action. aggressive blessed curious decisive not revealing one’s thoughts and feelings readily. unclean – piszkos to take after somebody – hasonlít valakire middle-aged – középkorú elderly – idősebb in one’s teen/thirties height – magasság to be of medium height hair: medium/shoulder-length to go grey – őszül wrinkled – ráncos freckled – szeplős spotted – pattanásos repulsive – visszataszító plain – hétköznapi muscular – izmos heavy-built – erős testalkatú plump – dundi overweight unkept – gondozatlan broad-shouldered – széles vállú narrow-shouldered – keskeny vállú decorative – mutatós stocky – tömzsi ugly – csúf pure – tiszta 1. eyebrows. Here are some words and their explanations. eyelashes. slender. frail – gyenge muscular – izmos slim. eyes. to have bags under the eyes moustache beard sideburns chin double chin – toka lips cheeks cheekbone thin↔ fat slender ↔ chubby (pufók) overweight – túlsúlyos well-dressed ↔ untidy looking beautiful ↔ ugly handsome ↔ unattractive good-looking = attractive =charming = pretty short ↔ tall strong. mouth.

a personality trainer. full of self-respect and independence proud setting something conclusively. Everybody wants to be attractive. troubled. faithful. 4. It is not only because it is good for ourselves and because workplaces want attractive employees. delirious disappointed. worried. undoubting. Do you like somebody who complains and is pessimistic all the time? If you are in balance with yourself it is reflected in your face. senseless. It is thought that attractiveness comes from your personality and your personality is reflected in your eyes. absorbed. frenetic. free-speaking contemplative. Match the groups of synonyms with their adjectives. churchgoing unclear. It’s a great value that I have children. pre-shave. confused. Of course you have to work through your past and turn towards the future. lipstick. If a woman has for example a fat stomach. egocentric. If people are very aggressive it might mean that they are at the end of their strength. showing decision prudent eager to learn or know something reticent easily alarmed. narcistic religious. prayerful. mixed-up. Beauty can be found deep down and not on the surface. It means more than if I were slim. which is located in a certain place that they may not like. thoughtful. Everybody should have time for himself or herself. We have to find peace and harmony both inside and outside. disconcerted 3. According to Regina Först. too. after shave and roll on and so on. unafraid. People cannot change their circumstances. open. It is the reaction of people who are not able to fulfil their desires and who always come up against difficulties. body lotion. trusting. brave self-important. in a workplace. nervous foolish.jealous showing carefulness and foresight. stupid. disorganized. ☼ Why are we aggressive and how can we protect ourselves? According to psychologists aggressiveness is the disease of our age. But who is attractive? It is different for everybody. heart-to-heart. nice or handsome but still not attractive. What can a woman and a man do for her/his appearance? Write a few sentences about it. You can be slim. crazed. fearless. Read the text and collect the key words. scared obstinate feeling or showing justifiable pride. showing aggression and firmness 2. They have to work with certain people whom they did not choose. it can still be attractive if she accepts her appearance saying: I have three children that’s the reason why I am overweight. perfume. smart. shy timid apt to make attacks. anxious bold conceited confused devout frank frustrated hysterical idiotic meditative trustful direct. disorderly mad. Everybody has to find his or her values and qualities and make time to listen to the inner sounds. Use words like eyelash. empty headed believing. unquestioning courageous. Most of us cannot select . we have to learn how to love ourselves. self-admiring. Of course you have to look after your body. pensive distressed. not bold. avoiding rashness modestholy. You should also be positive. You have to make an effort to be smart and healthy so it s very advisable to do exercise but if you are not like Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell it does not mean that you are not attractive. puzzled. An attractive person usually looks into the future and at the present and not at the past.

our neighbours and if they go by any public transportation there are different kinds of passengers. They try to hide their failures with impudent behaviour and negligence. It’s fraught with crisis. Friends Between the age of 14-18 you often change your friends because he/she has betrayed you. Sometimes we manage to. interesting and awful period of a young person’s life. That’s the reason why they need friends so much. They become more and more reserved so it is not easy to recognise if there are any problems. And there is the question of children. teachers. You do not have to swallow insults all the time but you have to admit your own fault. They are afraid of being alone but others should see that they are independent. They want to develop their own personality. cannot travel anywhere and has to buy clothes in second-hand shops or cannot afford to buy any clothes. friends and everybody explains to them. Teenagers don’t bother about what adults say or do. It can be very distressing for teenagers if parents are successful. One of them can afford to buy expensive things every day. not only clothes and foods but to travel as well while the other has to eat bread and butter. It’s not the behaviour of an enemy. They want to meet friends’ requirements. And if the first attempt isn’t successful they blame their parents and teachers and everybody else except themselves. sometimes we don’t. ☺ Teenagers This is a very strange. It’s also very important how much they want independence. And even if you are annoyed. because your personality has changed and for a lot of other reasons. too. They are sulky and don’t want to cause distress to their loved ones. What happens if they fall in love with the same man? Or if one of them falls in love with the man and the other man “steals” him? Or one of them has a lover and the other one doesn’t? so one of them is happier than the other one. Can money and financial backgrounds separate friends? And there is the question of men. Can mothers be friends after this? . What happens if one of them lets her child do everything even be impolite or be rude and aggressive and the other one is stricter and wants more discipline. It is not good for parents and not good for children. A teenager rebels. The teenagers feels it’s time for conquest. The children of the friends will not understand each other. Subconsciously they want to be like their parents. trying to find his/her place in the world. similar valuation of different events and similar emotions. 2. If he is a boy he will be hostile towards his father. Parting from parents can be dramatic but can be cultured if parents treat the children as partners. But they still need support. The youngsters want to meet their expectations and if they don’t succeed they become jealous and this in turn causes hostile feelings. First we have to strengthen our self-confidence. A teenager criticizes everybody and everything. Teenagers only want to find themselves. you may burst into tears or cry or hit the table but later you will realize that it is no correct and you will apologize for it. 3. Yet they are too proud to apologise. There are teenagers who rebel against teachers. Everybody has to accommodate. It is said that friendship that we formed in childhood should survive the trials that everyday brings. 1. On the other hand they don’t want to be like them at all. If she is a girl she will be hostile towards her mother. But to develop it takes time. They want to know what they are able to do while parents. The ability of being able to admit our bad points also strengthens our self-confidence. They understand each other but one of them feel she is not so important from now although she is the one who misses more. They enjoy irritating and winding up their teachers. If we accept ourselves with our good qualities and faults we will not be angry. we will not get our temper up easily and different kinds of annoyance will not lead to aggressive behaviour. But how can friendship last for ever or at least for a long time? Friendship between girls is built upon empathy. how much their endeavours are banned and what their aims are. In the world of adults it quite often happens that one of the friends is happy and can do whatever she wants to do while the other is struggling.