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Data Gathering The researchers used different research methods in order to help the company in the performance of their system. Interview method was used in order to gather data. The survey method was used to come up with a solid proof of existence of the problems and the need of an online based system. The library and internet research method were also utilized in order to gather data in creating properly structured documents in connection with this study. Instrumentation Several research instruments are used by the researchers for gathering preliminary data and relevant information with regards of the proposed system. The research methods stated below are in conformity with the research methods stated earlier. Survey Questionnaire. It is a set of questions which when answered properly by the respondents, will supply necessary information and thus helped the researchers formulate solid proof that an online ordering system is indeed needed. Library Research Method. Is one of the most supportive way to acquire information that is useful for the researchers and thus, helped the researchers concrete documentation for the research. Internet Research Method. It is a typical and a convenient method to obtain certain information. The researchers were able to dig deeply when it comes to current IT theories and fact finding purposes. to formulate

presumably based on a prior experience. common sense or sound judgement can be used to select a sample that is representative of a large population. This technique was being used by the researchers because. . plays a major role in selecting a group of observations. In this type of sampling. logic. This sampling technique is a more sophisticated type of sampling which emerges personal judgment. the researchers were interested to find out a particular reaction of some employees regarding on the proposed online ordering system.Sampling The researcher used the purposive sampling a type of non-probability type of sampling.



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