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Seven Rays

The Seven Rays
The Causal Body
You may have heard the saying, "You are a spiritual being of light." Your spiritual self is your true nature. The Chart of Your Divine Self is a reflection of you. The top figure is called the I AM Presence and represents the God within you. This is your God Self The Summit Lighthouse individualized; your personal connection to God. Surrounding the I AM Presence are seven "interpenetrating spheres" of light and consciousness. These spheres (color rings) are called the Causal Body. The colors correlate to the seven spiritual rays and to the seven chakras. The Causal Body of each of us reflects our own personal spiritual attainment and no two look alike. You may have had many lifetimes of being a leader and that will be reflected in your blue sphere being larger than that of a scientist whose green sphere will be more developed. How you qualify the light determines your uniqueness. The color rings of the Causal Body are the storehouse of all your good works from this and previous lives. They are your "treasures stored in heaven." (Matt. 6:19, 20; Luke 12:33) Every time you qualify the light in love and harmony, the energy rises to one of the seven spheres in your Causal Body.

Walking the sacred path
What does walking the sacred path mean to you? For many it is the quest for gnosis, or inner knowledge. It is the desire to manifest the full potential of the spiritual self. Today, many of us are listening to our heart's wisdom and choosing to return back to our God Self. The path that leads us home is walked over the seven rays. "The seven rainbow rays present seven paths to individual self-mastery..." The ascended masters are the teachers who show us the way. Assisting the ascended masters in our initiations are the Seven Archangels. Each Archangel, along with his feminine compliment (archeia ) presides over one of the seven rays. They serve by helping us to achieve the self-mastery necessary to embody in our chakras the qualities of the seven rays. Archangels and their archeiai focus the masculine and feminine polarities of the ray they serve on. They are wonderful healers and "messengers of light" guiding and inspiring us towards greater love and understanding.
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What Ray Are You On?
In this age of gurus and masters and teachers, it is important to realize that there are truly those who have followed the disciplines of the path of the Christ and the Buddha, mastered time and space and become one with the eternal light. These masters are called ascended masters because they have reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension.

Each of us has a major and a minor ray we are attuned to and working on in each embodiment. It is our inner calling for that lifetime. The second (minor ray) compliments the first (major ray). For example, the first ray is God's will and reflects the color blue. El Morya is the Chohan of this ray. Are you a statesman, administrator, leader or organizer? Then you are working on the blue ray under El Morya. Those who lean towards the blue ray are inclined to lead and govern. These people like order in their lives. El Morya teaches the law of the will of God. He embodies many of the attributes of the blue ray such as courage, power, forth-rightness and faith. In many of his… 1/3

The Archangel and his archeia embody the God consciousness of the ray they are on and both are in charge of the angels under their command.150 years. We have the opportunity to truly do something good for the earth. The Age of Aquarius is the seventh ray dispensation. scientists. actors. Every test and initiation we pass adds to the light of our Causal Body and brings us one step closer to uniting with our Real Self. When we pass our tests and initiations Spirit blesses us with gifts and graces and we in turn offer these gifts to those we meet along the way. Our Real Self at inner levels is "brilliant" white light. Archeia (pl. 6. archeiai) is the Divine Compliment and twin flame (feminine polarity) of an Archangel. the sponsor of the Aquarian Age. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Ages last approximately 2. artists. Montana: Summit University Press. architects and planners are on the fourth ray under Serapis Bey. "You are a spiritual being of light!" 1. The color of this ray is violet. mercy. and caretakers work on the sixth ray under Nada. Montana: Church Universal and Triumphant 1997) 16 Oct. freedom. doctors. Our Higher Self is also called the Christ Self. Teachers. Aries. Mark L. CD-ROM. 2003) 108. 4 The Aquarian Path Every two thousand years the earth is under one of the seven rays of the Holy Spirit. philosophers and educators serve on the yellow ray under Lord Lanto. designers. (Corwin Springs. or Christ Self. all those who are creative serve on the third ray under Paul the Venetian. The violet ray is the ray of justice." Because the violet flame is the flame of freedom its transforming qualities free us to be who we really are.aquarianpath." Pearls of Wisdom: 1958-1996. forgiveness. They offer seven paths back to the heart of God.5/22/2011 the Seven Rays attributes of the blue ray such as courage. is the Chohan of the ray. (Corwin Springs. The preceding ages were Taurus. Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the First Ray and he initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra. 1991: Vol.php?q=… 2/3 6 5 . Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The blue ray also correlates with the throat chakra and the gift of speech through the power of the spoken word. (Corwin Springs. 4. 34. writer and freedom fighters serve on the seventh ray with Saint Germain. 2. ministers. forth-rightness and faith. "Thirty-third Anniversary of the Summit Lighthouse. Remember. 49. These seven rays offer seven paths to individual and personal Christhood. First Edition. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. In many of his embodiments he "wore the crown of authority" so he understands what it takes to come into alignment with God's will. Saint Germain. musicians and mathematicians serve on the fifth ray with Hilarion. 2003) 30. Mark L. Saint Germain. A balance of attainment on all of the seven rays is a requirement for the ascension and the mark of the golden-age man [or woman]. priests of the sacred fire. and Pisces. we have the unique opportunity to fully manifest all that we are meant to be and to fulfill our divine reason for being. hair dressers. 3. As the light flows through the chakras it becomes the rainbow colors of the seven rays. The term "Christ" (From the Greek Christos 'anointed') or "Christed one" is one who has attained self-mastery on the seven rays and the seven chakras. He initiates us in the "science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Inner our Higher Self. diplomats. As the Aquarian Age dawns. Buddha Self. Keys to the Kingdom. alchemy and sacred ritual. In this age we are expected to become the adept and offer our gifts to the earth under the direction of our Higher Self. www. healers. No. 5. 34. Montana: Summit University Press. power. Today the earth is entering into the age of Aquarius. nurses.

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