New Rome’s Coliseum: Sports Suggestion

Many argue that competition is the best way to make the species stronger as it culls the weak and produces the strong, but what if we truly embraced that logic? You want competition? Bring back the duel, let everyone carry rapiers, bring back the coliseum and let people compete with their lives. In a way, this is a serious suggestion. Why have the needle when the victim's family can challenge the criminal to a duel? If the value of sport is in its competitive nature then apply that competition to the species. Imagine intelligence and violence actually having a beneficial impact on human breeding again, imagine evolution actually being able to make humanity better as opposed to just making everything but us better. Imagine our minds being put to the tasks for which they evolved namely survival, adaptation, creation, and practical problem solving. Instead of memorizing hordes of useless names, numbers, and trivia associated with what began as a barbaric ritual anyway. If you're going to do it why not do it all out? Like the coliseum, imagine how many people would be willing to fight to the death for a million dollar prize and imagine how many people would pay 100$ to watch such a fight? We let people climb mountains, that could kill them, we let people fight for money, and we let people pay to see those fights which occasionally result in death or permanent injury. So I ask you what part of willing people, fighting to the death, is unreasonable? Economic exploitation some say, since rich people won’t fight to the death, it will just be poor minorities dying for the entertainment and profit of rich men, and that’s wrong. I agree. But then how does that wash with a substantial portion of military recruitment coming from economically destroyed areas? That coupled with governmental policy being little more than the not so veiled whims of the rich anyway? See a lot of recruiting stations in Beverly Hills do you? Oh I see, when it’s for an elected rich old white man and a bank it’s ok to die willingly, but when you want to do it for your family or yourself, well that’s immoral. Please. Further, imagine countries betting policy matters on these fights, instead of war. It works something like this. Planet populated with countries a-z. Country A and X are in dispute, war seems imminent. A submits a claim to governing body (GB) of nations, GB agrees that A has a valid dispute and allows A to challenge X, X must accept or forfeit the claim. They are confident, despite being 1/100th the size of A. A's warrior and X's warrior fight to the death, A is unhappy with outcome, A considers war anyway, but cannot proceed because if they break the duel system,

all the other nations will bomb it into oblivion to prevent an upset to the anti-war system which has led to the greatest global quality of life in its history. This would quickly become the basis for many developing nations’ structure and function. The UN could implement this now. Imagine two countries having many years warning to develop a fighter for a given topic of confrontation. Imagine the spin off medical benefits… Wouldn't it be good for the nation's champion to be ultra smart, strong, fast, cancer free, etc? Specifics aside the general idea has merit. The problem would be solved and we would have an entertaining, lucrative, and truly heroic alternative to war. Land masses would balance out in size over time, the populace would spend their wealth on advancement and entertainment as opposed to weapons manufacture, and eventually we would be forced to see our fellow humans as, just that. Oh yea, and sports would vanish having been finally revealed by contrast as the futile, destructive, wasteful, harmful, distraction, that it is. Who would care about how fast some mutant can run with a ball when Japan just developed a 15 foot tall cyborg, to go up against Russia's 1 ton, corrosive, gelatinous mass with a distributed nervous system for the rights to mine mars exclusively. Sports are the bump to distract you from the hand in your pocket. Sports cause us to teach our children to run rather than think. Sports infect education and distract schools from their claimed purpose. Who cares about accuracy and literacy so long as the *plural animal team name here* win the championship!!?