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ERIC F DE BIASI SUMMARY: Instrumentation Engineer, with extensive experience in a wide range of technical areas.

Team oriented, highly focused on quality, efficiency, process improvemen t and development. My objective is to find an opportunity to make a positive contribution, expand a nd build on my technical skills & work in a creative and challenging environment . EXPERIENCE / ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Labcyte Inc. Sunnyvale, California. November 2008 to Present Field Support Engineer - Acoustic Droplet Ejection technology and bulk filling e quipment Calibrate, troubleshoot, repair install and maintain acoustic droplet ejection l iquid handling robot and bulk filling instruments. Write and validate technical documents, procedures for troubleshooting and maint enance. Perform technical phone and WebEx support for customers regarding system and sof tware issues, when not traveling. Perlegen Sciences, Mountain View, California November 2007 to November 2008 Automation Engineer, Engineering Support Confocal Scanner maintenance, systems integration, automation support / developm ent Calibrated, repaired, and maintained con-focal laser microscope scanners, automa ted liquid handing robots, micro-fluidics, and miscellaneous lab equipment. Programmed work flows and performed systems integration on various liquid handli ng platforms (PerkinElmer: Multiprobe II, EP3, and Janus.) Wrote and validated technical documents: SOP, DSOP, procedures for troubleshooti ng and maintenance and user operation of lab equipment. Designed parts for process improvements on liquid handling workflows (Solidworks .) Affymetrix, Inc., Santa Clara, California April 2005 to October 2007 Automation Engineer II, Product Development Systems integration / High Throughput Automation Performed systems integration of complex liquid handling robots for processing h igh throughput micro array plates. Programmed, modified software methods for assay processing, and liquid class cal ibration on Caliper Life Sciences liquid handling systems. Validated and verified design requirements for prelaunch of new products. Designed customer deck locators, holders, and fixtures for processing array plat es through systems. Wrote & released procedures for calibration, software installation, preventive m aintenance, provided training for customers, and field Applications Specialists. Developed, constructed, tested and documented a prototype GeneChip fluid drain / fill station. Developed an internal maintenance program for Caliper liquid handling robot. Designed and managed automation lab layout and facilities.

Affymetrix, Inc., Senior Instrument Service Engineer. August 1999 to March 2005 Trained and performed technical support for customers, distributors, Field Appli cation Specialists and fellow Service Engineers on operation and maintenance of company products. Validated processes and procedures for alpha & beat phase of new scanner develop ment. Installed, maintained, repaired, calibrated, and performed troubleshooting of Ge neChip Systems, spotted array equipment, and CCD camera based micro array imager s. Assisted sustaining engineering and QA department to review common instrument fa ilures. Implemented corrective actions and promoted communication within the fie ld service team to ensure awareness and follow up on instrument problems. Produced filed service procedures for installation, preventive maintenance, trou bleshooting, and recommended truck stock parts list. Supported escalations of difficult instrument technical issues with GeneChip sys tems. Setup and managed a pilot instrument service depot. Served as an efficient and effective interdepartmental liaison. Hitachi Electronics Engineering America Inc. Freemont, California 1997 to August 1999 Customer Service Engineer (Field Service.) Installed, maintained, repaired, calibrated, and performed troubleshooting of Ha rd Disk Surface inspection equipment. Systems integrated robotics, electronics, pneumatics, laser optics, PLC, etc. Wrote procedures for installation, maintenance, and operation of hard disk surfa ce inspection equipment. Raychem Corporation, Menlo Park, California Production Associate 1989 to 1997

Maintained, calibrated, operated and performed general technical support, for va rious machines and prototype equipment (Thermofit Division.) Designed document formats for process procedures, production tracking, process t roubleshooting and specification reference charts. Generated Pareto charts for process analysis, flow diagrams & daily production r eports. Conducted experiments, operated prototype machinery, test equipment, and perform ed QC on prototype parts (Medical Products Division.) Designed parts for surgical instruments (Medical Products Division.) Supervised the fabrication of products in final phase of development and streaml ined manufacturing processes (Telecom division.) Wrote technical procedures for assembly and installation of prototype products ( Telecom division.) EDUCATION: A.S. Electronics Engineering (3.7/4.0 GPA). Member of the NVTHS (National Vocati onal Technical Honors Society). Attended two years of Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Visual Basic .NET programming language, statistical process control, Solidworks

essentials & advanced training, TQM (Total Quality Management). Fluent in Spani sh, working knowledge of Portuguese.