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Sean Tamami 8815 Victory Lane, Potomac, MD 20854 (202) 746-4842 Cell, st5f0228@westpost.

net Summary of Qualifications: * Self-motivated, well-organized, and meticulous senior leader who holds a stunn ing track record for executing and delivering executive goals and objectives, an d has the ability to deliver highest quality of service with highest margin whil e obtaining 99.7 percent rate of client satisfaction. * Expert in managing and supporting multiple, large-scale, demanding, and comple x IT projects in a high paste, matrix environment, with on and offshore resource s. * Able to effectively align teams with organizational goals, and re organize the departments and employees if needed, to execute senior executive decisions. * Confidently hold outstanding knowledge and experience dealing with challenging situations, and able to make appropriate decisions under tight deadlines and ch allenging circumstances. * Well seasoned manager with extensive knowledge in Process Design & Re-engineer ing, full life cycle Software development, and project management with PMP stand ards, Change Management, Strategic Program Manager, working remotely and/or on-s ite with customers all around the globe while focusing in maximizing efficiency, reducing cost, and maximizing shareholder's profit. * Dedicated professional with over 17 years of challenging experience with softw are/application design/development and implementation using both SaaS and licens ed methodology in private, government, and enterprise sector. Education: o Executive Master of Business Administration, EMBA candidate Class of 2005 o Bachelors of Science in Computer Science-1994 (3.52 GPA) o Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering-1993 (3.47 GPA) Special Accomplishment: * Softscape Inc: o Executive Account Manager & Customer Care: * achieved 99.7 customer satisfaction rating in 2008 and 2009 * Major key player in hitting company revenue goals * Strategically saved 12 "troubled accounts", and successfully retained the cust omers to be reference-able. * Retained 100 percent of the strategic accounts (enterprise and mid-market) o Practice Director in Professional Services Team: * Successfully created a team "advanced technology group" which served as a SWAT team to work on "troubled projects". * Increased the implementation margin from 47% to 76% from 2006-2009 * Doubled the targeted revenue goal for each employee in the practice * Created Revenue Recognition and Pay for Performance programs to successfully I ncrease employee utilization from 55% to 89% * Sustained 90% employee retention * Created programs to generate recurring revenue vs. project-based revenue * Streamlined SOW and Estimate process to ensure quality, consistency, profitabi lity, and customer satisfaction * Continuously was recognized as being reliable, high-achiever, and being the "g uy who gets things done"! * PEC Solutions: o Successfully managed the implementation of Case Management/Electronic Case Fil es for six US Federal Courts (2004-2005) * George Washington University: o Completed an international residency focusing on International Negotiation Str ategy and Business Management for SK Telecom, Samsung, LG Electronics, and Hyund ai (2004). o Completed a re-organization chart for LG Electronics product development group (2004). * Dynamic Systems Solutions:

o Founder and CEO of the startup-a custom software development and consulting co mpany o Started with 50K, and sold for 1.6 million dollars in 16 months later o Strategic visionary with entrepreneurial / start-up / turnaround management ex perience who operated very successfully as a catalyst and change person in devel oping key members and teams to provide outstanding customer service, top-line sa les, and bottom line profits. * Intelsat Global Services o Designed Y2K Score board for senior executives (3 Cs) at Intelsat Global Servi ces (1999-2000) o Successfully completed the migration of the DOS-based applications to Windows environment and operating system platform. Experiences: o Softscape Inc- Wayland MA, April 2006-May 2010. Director-Professional Services Group 2006-2009 o Implemented project management methodologies, appropriate for the company size and its matrix resources for both on-site and offshore, in compliance with PMP methodologies. o Focused on employee unitization and sustained a 30% increase-from 55% to 89% b y prioritizing billable work vs. non-billable work, having employees at 35 hours billable time/week, and by completing a re-organization to align the employees with appropriate job titles. o Actively served as a senior member of steering committee to resolve project an d engagement issues, and served as main POC for escalations. o Reduced employee turn over from 45% to 10%; average tenure increased from 5 mo nths to 30+ months and climbing - savings over $586,000. o Proven track record of being able to operate calmly and aggressively during di sasters but yet build lasting business relationships and making strategic decisi ons in difficult situations. o Managed the completion of over 136 projects, generating average of 12 million dollars net profit per year-this has been a remarkable in the history of Softsca pe o Successfully drove the "troubled projects" from disaster stage to a successful implementation (total of 15 projects in 3-year period) o Confidently posses proven track record for strategic business growth and clien t satisfaction o Instituted Service Level Agreements with Support, IT, and off-shore Developmen t and QA team to provide transparency and insure accountability o Responsible for P&L, invoice projection, and resource allocation o Executive Account Manager-Customer Care 2009-Present o Provided a leadership role in bringing customer service and accountability to the Post-Sales team o Directed a geographically distributed team to provide industry leading custome r care and relationship management methodologies. o Effectively generated revenue by constantly engaging with the clients and unde rstanding their challenges and offering solutions rather just selling products. o Promoting upgrade and various support plans to ensure client retention and rea ching internal target goals. o Developed plans to generate recurring revenue o In charge of all government accounts including DHS. o Effectively managed client's expectation by supporting the implementation team , managing scope creep, and worked as client's liaisons while supporting Softsc ape strategic objectives o Mercer's Advisors- Scottsdale, AZ May 2005-August 2005 Senior Project Manager-IS/IT, Acting Director o Successfully completed a one-million dollar POS, Registration, and CRM project . o Applied PMP methodologies for all projects which helped reducing cost by 27%. o Participated in software vendor selection, product negotiation and SOW. Reported all project aspects and status directly to CFO, CEO, VP of Finance, and

the director of Operations. o Consolidated over 74 data islands into a SQL- based Integrated Central Data Re pository System(ICDRS) so that data could be shared, in real-time, cross all Mer cer companies. Responsible for the successful planning, development and execution of new projec ts which required investigation and analysis, recommendations, decision support, project management and implementation strategies for a broad array of projects that cross departments throughout the company. Formulated conclusions and recommendations and developed options, including busi ness and financial impact and how recommended course of action will achieve proj ect goals and support company business plans. o Effectively presented and justified findings and recommendations to management and customers, as appropriate, to gain approval. Implemented Voice over IP using ShoreTel products for two suites for over 60 emp loyees. o Worked closely with the vice president of finance in facility & space manageme nt activities. o Designed the database and data warehouse for all three companies o PEC Solutions-Admin. Office of US Courts, DC Nov 2003-Apr 2005 CM/ECF Implementation Manager o Applied strategic project management process & procedures and used project man agement software tools to track, manage and communicate progress & status on all projects. Provided complete budgeting plan for the Case Management/Electronic Case Files ( CM/ECF) 1.5 million dollar budget over one year for nine Federal Courts. o Conducted presentation regarding administrative office software products and s ervices for the judges, chambers, clerks, attorneys, executive management and th e vice president of operation. o Initiated conference calls with court mentors, clerks, chief deputy, systems s upport helpdesk, article III judges and attorneys and magistrate judges. Made sure the department is in-line with mission statement and the goal & busine ss strategy is in-line with corporate vision o Provided pre & post project evaluation along with customer feed back. o Dynamic Systems Solutions, Inc, Potomac, MD July 2001-Nov 2003 Founder/CEO - IT Consulting & SW Solution for: OSI Beyond, Inc, Rockville, MD J anuary 2003-November 2003 o Responsible for the successful planning, budgeting, development and execution of all IT projects (9 projects less than a year). o Recruited, hired, and provided guidance/direction for six direct reports: faci lity manger, software developer manager, quality assurance manager, network mana ger, integration and testing, and telephony. o Provided guidance for best practices for IT database management/software devel opment group. o Communicated all major projects, budgeting issue and staff expansion with the CEO and the vice president. o Provided vision and mission statement for the information system and informati on technology group. o Planned and implement an IS/IT group to support office expansion from 8-staff to 59 staff within six months. o Spherion, TeK Systems; Road Runner, Apr 2002- Dec 2002 Independent Consultant-Project Manager & Database Architect o Provided statement of work (SOW) and proposals with final project cost, and al located resources in a matrix environment. o Designed, configured and implemented custom e-learning solutions for clients. o Acted as the primary point-of-contact for the client in planning and deliverin g the service solution, working to ensure a timely and high-quality implementati on. Also, worked closely with regional service team to schedule and deploy resou rces to client sites as necessary.

o Used project management tools to track, manage and communicate progress on all projects. o Managed multiple projects (min of 6-10 projects at a time), provided weekly st atus reports to senior managers and clients. Conducted weekly staff meeting to a ddress project issues. o Provided technical assistance to senior developers and assisted in writing gui delines, change requirements, process engineering proposal, and guide lines in p ositive & negative application testing. o Great track records in meeting project deadlines and within budges with except ional customer feed backs. o Intelsat Global Services, LLC. Washington, DC. (HQ) May 1994-Apr 2002 Senior IT Project Manager/Senior Tech Lead (1997-2002) o Managed initiation, design, development, and implementation of FCC Satellite R egistry System, Electronic Document Printing & Processing System, Electronic Cas h Receipt Tracking System, Security Administration Visitor Entry System, and Sal es Engineering System. Technologies Used: Access 97&2000, Visual Basics, Oracle database, VBA, ASP 3.0, HTML, FrontPage 98, Excel 97, Remedy 4.0 (AR system), an d MS Project. Provided technical leadership for implementing mission critical applications and large-scale complex databases. Provided technical solution for software develop ers in analysis, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, enhancement, doc umentation & training of all applications supporting the automation of INTELSAT Technical Operations. Planned and managed migration analysis from Windows 3.11 platform & MS Office 95 to Windows NT, and MS Office 97 for 1100 desktops/users. Managed database developers in designing a time/project tracking application usi ng FoxPro, Oracle, ODBC, ADO, ASP, and MS Access under Multi-User-Environment (M UE) for 1200 employee. Responsible for product assurance, integration and testing, deployment and appli cation roll out. Reported project status, technical issues, progress against schedule, risk facto rs, and post-project evaluation. Performed risk assessments, implemented risk management plans, and defined& impl emented optimal technical solutions. Produced appropriate specifications, technical documents, and support documentat ion using MS Project, Visio, ER Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, Flow Charts, Clea r Quest, and Micrographic Designer. Senior Software Engineer/Senior Analyst (1994-2002) o Developed number of enterprise-wide database applications using MS access (ver sion 2, 95, 97) & Visual Basic (version 3,4 and 5), HTML, ASP 3.0, Oracle tables , and ODBC (external data), ADO, Windows API, under Windows NT and MUE along wit h full life cycle development which included system requirements, requirement an alysis, system documentation-data flow diagram (DFD), entity relationship (ER), data dictionary, internal/external system documentation, and application trainin g. Converted 16-bit VBA codes and API calls to 32-bit VBA, and VB5 under Windows NT environment o Designed web-based applications using ASP with Oracle and MS Access database a nd provided baseline and templates for web application development o Led engineering team to convert, test, and implement 26 enterprise-wide MS Acc ess2.0 applications to MS Access 97 and provided complete system documentation. o Designed critical databases such as Satellite Interference Prediction System, Proposal Tracking System (tracking multi-million dollar projects and statuses) Obtained system requirements by interacting with customers and learning system f unctionality, defining the scope and functionality of the new systems, designing system prototype, presenting Data Flow Diagrams along with Entity Relationships , performing demos and obtaining customer's feedback. o Provided guidance, procedures, processes, and base lines for positive & negati ve application testing. o Opportunity Search, Rockville, MD. October 1996-September 1997

Off-Site Database Engineer Consultant at Green Stone Industries, Bethesda, MD. o Designed, Developed, and implemented "Bin Management System" and provided comp lete system documentation for Green Stone Industries-a franchised recycling comp any. o Re designed, developed and implemented Literary Preservation Tracking System u nder Multi-User-Environment for National Library of Medicine-Bethesda MD. Duties also included: Conducting demos for senior managers, CIO, CEO, and staff. Provi ded system documentation, and designed test scenarios for system testing. o Provided guidelines in office automation, customized COTS, and data centraliza tion. Off-Site Database Engineer Consultant at National Library of Medicine, MD. Re designed Literal Preservation Tracking System from dbase flat file format to MS Access 97 RDBMS. o Migrated the back end database to oracle based, created tables, indexes, and t able relationships along with different views in Oracle. o Designed, tested, and implemented database applications for administrative off ice using Oracle, MS Access, Excel, word, and VBA. Managed database migrations from 16-bit to 32-bit. o Engineering Research Group Inc., Kensington, MD. July 1991-Feb 1994 Microcompu ter Specialist/Software Support & Consulting. o Duties included assembling and trouble-shooting PC hardware; re-configuring co mputers for network setup, and upgrading/installing PC components. o Developed and implemented small applications for customer support, and issue t racking purposes using FoxPro, and "C" language. o Provided complete backup support for Micro Soft Office Suits. Computer/ Operating System: Intel based, Macintosh, DOS, UNIX, OS/2, Windows platforms Honors, Certifications & others Suma Cum Laude-BS in Computer Science Cum Laude- BS in Electrical Engineering Microsoft Certified for Access 97, Visual Basic 5, and VB Enterprise Solution. Conducted Training Classes for MS Access 97, Database Fundamentals, and Advanced Topic in Relational Database Management System at Knowledgy, VA. Software: Extensive knowledge in: MS Office Products, FrontPage 98&2000, Dream Weaver, Fox Pro 2.5/2.6, Matlab, Derive, Global Data Translation, Crystal Report, Cognos, Cl ear Quest, Arpeggio, Spice, Designer, Visio CASE, Ecco, Remedy AR System, Oracle 9i, Visual Basics, VBA, Java, Java Script, ASP, HTMS, MS Access, FoxPro, , Vis ual Interdev, ADO, DAO, ODBC, XML. Remedy AR System, Matlab, Visio, CASE Tool, S ix Sigma-Lean System and HIPAA compliance in various industries (Information Tec hnology, Legal, Government and Healthcare). Professional Association: Active member of IEEE, MS Access Advisory. References: Available up on request