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ISAAC CHARLES 500 HARRISON DR LEHIGH ACRES, FL 33936 E-mail: ic5f17c2@westpost.

net /Cell phone: (239) 821-1560 Objective : Obtaining an ATM /Retail/ Field service /PC technician/Customer se rvice Position Education1994-2001- High School graduate, College Etzer Vilaire Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2001-2003- Undergraduate student, Ecole Superieure d'Infotronique d'Hati 2004-2007 - Computer Electronics, LWIT graduate Naples, FL 2007-2010 - AA degree in Computer Engineering, Edison Sate College, Fort Myers, FL Certifications: CompTIA A+ / Net+ Certified Professional Systems: LINUX/UNIX, Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/2K3, Novell NetWare, Mac OS Languages: Visual Basic, HTML,C and C++ Software: Language skills: MS Project, MS Office, etc. Kreyol French & English (Written & Spoken)/Intermediate level Spanish! IT Experience - NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR corporation) - Dayton, OH * NCR Customer Engineer I, II (2007-Present) * NCR retail trained technician * NCR ATM trained technician * Dell certified technician * NCR self checkout trained technician * 3-4 years of experience in the IT field and 3 years in Customer Service. Hardware/Technical Skills ATM/Customer service experience - Perform repair maintenance on NCR personas 5886/5890 ATM units for all major b anks. - Card reader/Statement printer/Receipt printer/Journal printer/Operator panel t roubleshooting skills and the ability to remove and replace faulty units when ne cessary. - Acquired hands on experience on PC repair and diagnosing problems & communicat ion skills in a work environment. - Perform repair maintenance on NCR 6634/6638 NCR Self Serve ATM units. - Currency dispenser unit repair maintenance, Presenter, pick modules, double pi ck modules replacement and ATM install + configuration experience. - Secondary skills experience on 5890/5886 NCR ATM BNA/CPM/ SCPM - Perform repair maintenance on Diebold ATM -Perform repair maintenance on ATM Depository units and replace defective units when necessary. - Experience with Core ATM units ATM core units Power supply/ System board/ NIC replacement and many more. - Provide installation, maintenance and repairs on equipment within an assigned territory/region to assure continuity of customer operations and high levels of customer satisfaction. - Ownership of customer problems or incidents until the situation has been reso lved to the customer's satisfaction and or in compliance with agreed upon Servic e Level Agreements. - Experience in performing Tier II/III work on products and services of medium-h igh complexity. Tier II/III products include large servers and mainframe compute rs and peripherals, large system printers and plotters, enterprise level servers

, networks and software, item processing reader/sorters and networking issues on imaging systems, medium/high complexity networking/communications equipment, ne twork and systems management/protocols (Ethernet, Token-Ring, StarLAN, NetBIOS, X.25). - Primary services include hardware maintenance, installation, network managemen t, multi-vendor maintenance and software support. Retail/Customer service experience - Perform repair maintenance for all major retail stores, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot and all major restaurants. - Experience with NCR 7454/7401/7402 Terminals. - 7342-7343 self check out units. - IBM trained technician ,4694/4800 - Dell Certified technician, Dell GXx270/Gx260/Gx520/ DELL power edge 750/850 an d many more. - Lexmark Laser Printers, Lexmark T520/620/632/644/x644 and many more. - NCR 7452/7458 Terminals and many more. - Maintain network support for all major retail stores, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lo wes and many more. - Installation and set-up of hardware, hardware modifications, first line mainte nance, multi-vendor maintenance * Performs periodic preventative maintenance on assigned products * Diagnoses problems, makes minor repairs, and replaces components (at the modul e level). *Equipment Staging and Installation * Performs shop or site staging of equipment as assigned * Assists, as part of a team, in site preparation and equipment installation. Ma y install limited modifications or Field Retrofit Orders (FROs) * Performs any needed modular swaps and unit replacements - * Maintain an appropriate parts inventory as well as parts record keeping