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BARNETT, CSP CEM 13821 Bradley Bridge Road Chesterfield, Virginia 23838-6103 Home: (804) 748-8434 Cell: (804) 731-5781 Email: SUMMARY Professional with a proven track record of performance excellence in Occupationa l Safety, Health and Environmental Health fields and also experienced in design, development, implementation, and support or management of computer-based inform ation systems, software applications and computer hardware. Successfully managed Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental programs assuring federal, state , and local regulatory compliance including: OSHA regulations, Air Emissions Per mits; TRI Reporting; Storm Water Effluent Permits; Waste Water Effluent Permits; EPCRA, SARA 302, 311, 312, 313; Fire Protection; Ergonomics; Hazardous Material s; Hazardous Waste; Safety, Health and Environmental Training; Safety, Health an d Environmental Inspections and Audits; Emergency Response; Hazard Communication s including Material Safety Data Sheet Database and Chemical Inventory Control; Process Safety; Product Safety and Integrity. WORK EXPERIENCE Barnetts BYTES (2009 Present)Position: President President of Barnetts BYTES, a Virginia-based company providing study, design, d evelopment, implementation, and support or management of computer-based informat ion systems, software applications and computer hardware. Serve locations worldwide with computer equipment and systems and IT Support for retail consumer, edu cational institutions, and chemical and manufacturing businesses. Serve as Chest erfield County Emergency Planning committee Chairman. E. I. Dupont de Nemours (2004 - 2009)Position: Safety Manager, Safety Consultant Managed Occupational Safety, Safety Management Systems Improvement, Responsible Care Management System improvement and certification, Safety, Health and Environ mental Training, Process Safety, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Fiber Waste Disposa l, Asbestos Remediation, Injury and Illness Classification and Recordkeeping and Workers Compensation for DuPonts largest manufacturing location in Richmond, Vi rginia. Conducted and led Safety, Health and Environmental Audits at multiple Du Pont locations. Led location to reduce OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses by greater than 60%; Led location to reduce Workers Compensation costs by greater than 50%; Managed Asbestos and Lead Programs including procedures, training, aba tement, and waste disposal; Trained as Six Sigma Lean Practitioner and led Kaize n events; Led Systems Safety improvement process for 2300 employee site; Recogni zed by DuPont for outstanding community service; DuPont representative and Chair man of Chesterfield County Emergency Planning Committee; Chairman of Chesterfiel d County Citizens Corps Council; Developed and managed development and distribut ion of Safety, Health and Environmental publications; Managed Random Drug Testin g database data entry; Managed site-wide Occupational Safety Teams and Systems S afety Improvement Teams; Developed and Managed New Employee Orientations; Develo ped and Managed Leadership Safety, Health and Environmental Training Academy; De veloped site-wide safety meeting and safety intervention training materials; Led Safety Competency to achieve Responsible Care Management System certification; Developed injury, illness, PSM, and Environmental incident analysis and forecast ing metric tools; Managed development and updating of Safety Procedure Manual; R eviewed incident, injury, and illness investigations and reports; and led Root C ause Failure Analyses. SIMS USA (2004) Position Title: Manager Safety and Environmental Managed Environmental, Occupational Health, Radiation Safety, Safety, Loss Preve ntion, Industrial Hygiene, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste, Radiation Safety, and Security for four east coast facilities of SIMS USA including assuring compl iance with OSHA Industrial and Marine Safety Regulations, Occupational Health ex

posures regulations, Air Emissions Permits; Storm Water Effluent Permits; Fire P rotection; Ergonomics; Hazardous Materials; EHS Training; EHS Inspections and Au dits; Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials Transportation regulations; Emergenc y Response; and Hazard Communication. Conducted and led Safety, Health and Envir onmental Audits at multiple SIMS locations. Led east coast division EHS teams to reduce injuries and develop corrective action plans; Developed Storm Water perm it applications and Storm water Pollution Prevention plans for operations; Devel oped safety training plan and curriculum for the SIMS East Coast Operations; Dev eloped airborne contaminants exposures reduction plan; Developed employee and co ntractor safety manuals; Developed and led efforts for facility upgrade and impr ovements; and served as Chesterfield County Emergency Planning committee Chairma n. Honeywell (Prior to 2004)Position Title: Manager Safety and Environmental Managed Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental, and Security for three facil ities in Virginia. Accomplishments and duties included: Led Honeywell locations to achieve world-class safety performance injury incident rate of less than 0.40 total injuries and 0 Lost Work Day Away injuries; Led employees to work over 10 years without serious disabling injury and with 0 lost work days; Led site to r eceive Chesterfield County Gold Award for Environmental excellence with 0 violat ions; Successfully managed $875,000 departmental budget and annually met company cost reduction objectives; Received recognition of Excellence in Industrial Hyg iene; Managed Workers Compensation program reducing cost by greater than 90% ove r fourteen-year period; Managed Accident and Incident Investigations and report ing for 3 locations including OSHA logs; Successfully negotiated and managed air , water, waste and radiation permits with no violations; Served as corporate Occ upational Health, Safety, and Environmental Auditor conducting audits throughout the United Sates and in Canada, England, and Ireland; Developed and implemented Environmental Health and Safety Training Academy; Annually conducted Responsibl e Care environmental awareness programs for 5000 area school students; Recognize d by County Board of Supervisors, Emergency Services and School Board for commun ity service; Served on Local Emergency Planning Committee; Managed Phase I and I I Environmental assessments and remediation for site closures; Received Special Recognition Award for company and community service; Digitized and Managed Safet y, Health and Environmental policies, procedures, and databases for over 15,000 chemicals; Managed Security services and access control, identification, and sur veillance systems; Conducted Industrial Hygiene monitoring, health hazard assess ment and control; Developed and Implemented Ergonomics program including assessm ent, evaluation, control, and training; Certified in Six Sigma Business Methodol ogy and Process Hazard Assessment; Managed Hazardous Waste program including, ge neration, storage, and packaging for transportation; Managed environmental emiss ions and chemical inventory recordkeeping and reporting; and managed emergency m edical, fire, spill, and HAZWOPER response teams. PARTIAL LIST OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING Safety, Health and Environmental Auditing A.D. Little, AlliedSignal/Honeywell, SIMS, DuPont Lean Practitioner Training DuPont Safety Management Systems Assessment Training Certificate in Injury / Illness Classification OSHA Recordkeeping Certificate in Air Emissions Inspections Emergency Response Applied Ergonomics Safety Management Skills Hazardous Materials Transportation and Emergency Response Certification Hazardous Waste Site Activity Certification Health, Safety and Environmental Aud iting Certificate in Environmental, Health and Safety Law Occupational Health and Safety Engineering

Radiological Monitoring and Radiation Safety B.S. Chemistry and Biology PROFESSIONAL Certified Safety Professional Certified Environmental Manager Professional Member of American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Member of Board of Certified Safety Professionals Member of American Chemical Society Member of American Industrial Hygiene Association Member of Environmental Assessment Association