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ANSHUL VIJAN 7307 5th avenue. #2, Brooklyn, NY-11209 Contact: +1 646 644 8192 Email: av5f2316@westpost.

net Summary. * Over 4 years of technical and functional experience in the diverse industries of Manufacturing, Construction and Institution. * Main responsibilities: Production Planning, Process planning, Facility Plannin g and Design, Operations Research and management, Supply Chain Management, Quali ty control, improvement and maintenance, Throughput increment, Identification an d Removing of Bottlenecks and Inventory control and reduction. * Implementation of New Production technology and Resource Planning for optimiza tion, using Linear programming planning. * Use of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Queuing Models to enhance factory dy namics and work flow. * Qualified at reorganization systems and tasks to improve and add to production . * Perfection seeker and Determination for completion of my tasks have helped my attributes to flourish. * Well organized, detail oriented, enthusiastic and a challenging team member wh o looks forward to achieve peak performance and delivery to the employer. Education. Master's Degree: New York University (NYU), GPA: 3.5 Major: INDUSTRIAL Engineering. Bachelors of Technology: Amity School Of Engineering. Major in: MECHANICAL & AUTOMATION Engineering. Skills. Industrial Engineering Skills 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Creative with effective interpersonal skills and organizational abilities. Strong, coordinating, planning and problem solving abilities. Ability to work under pressure in, time-sensitive, fast-paced environments. Experienced at streamlining systems and operations to enhance productivity. Uncanny ability to handle projects from planning through to execution. Catalyst for transformation and production enhancements.

Hardware Skills. Manufacturing Machines . Lathes, Shaper, Planner, Drilling, Grinding, Milling, C utting. Testing machines. Measurement and Control Instruments:Tensile, Shear, Compressio n, Hardness and Brinell hardness. Metrology, Measurement and Control, closed loop circuiting, LVDT. Automobile Assemblies: IC Engine, Transmission System, Hydraulic Brake System, W heel assembly, Braking Assembly, Steering System, Emission System. Components of an automobile engine Crankshaft, carburetors, connecting rods, pis tons, cam valves, cylinder, manifolds etc.) Gear Systems: Spur, Helical, Bevel, Double helix, Herring bone , Constant Mesh,

Synchro- Mesh. Motors AC, DC, Conduction, Induction. Turbines Pelton, Francis, Propellor and Kaplan. Numeric Control Machine CNC Machine (parts/ assemblies/ processes) Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices. 8085. Peripherals: 8251, 8253, 8255, 8257 , 8259 Computer Skills Database Tools SQL, MS Excel, MS Access. Programming language. C/C++ Designing Software Tools AutoCAD, Mat LAB, CAD/CAM (Robust design) MS Office Tools MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS FrontPage. Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OSX, MS DOS Language Skill Set German: Proficient. Hindi: Mother tongue. Work Experience. Polytechnic Institute of NYU (November 2008 - September 2009) Graduate Assistant/Assistant Resource Manager. * Incorporation of Operations management and workforce planning. * Development of Resource Planning strategy. * Incrementing efficiency levels without additional resources spent. * Developing new systems for management and avoiding wastage, an effort towards 'greener' management. Kwality Rubber Products Co. (July 2005 - April 2007) Assistant to Production Engineer * Location and Layout planning for optimum utilization of available space. * Process planning to introduce flexibility in a mass production line. * Introduce batching in the process to reduce WIP and cycle time. * Process mapping and Linear programming for optimization. * Operational Research and management of the entire plant. * Strategy planning for Identification of Quality issues. * Special Procedures for identification and elimination of 'Bottlenecks' for in creased throughput. Ridge Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (July 2007 - July 2008) Junior Assistant Engineer * Resource and capacity Planning. * Material Planning and estimated capacity planning for manufacturing systems. * Use Operational Management for Location and Layout planning for new manufactur ing systems. * Process Planning and Cost estimation for virtual plant. * Workforce requirement, planning and scheduling. Century Rayon Industry. (May 2007 through June 2007) Assistant Graduate Trainee (Internship) * Studied the layout plans and Construction schemes of a 'run of river' hydro po wer plant

and understanding of " run of river". * New strategy for storage and transmission of power over long distances. * Documented the available renewable sources of energy in the country and provid ed data for increased energy production plan. * Resource and operations planning for a higher production capacity plant. * Controlled the procedure for production of electrical energy from the power pl ant by controlling water flow. * Studied of turbines used in the process of generating electrical energy and pr obable defects encountered, maintenance of the same. Technical Projects: Factory simulation. * Derivation and implication of Logical sequences for a queuing model. * Analysis using Real-Time simulation. * Thorough understanding of Queuing Models and Probabilistic Distribution. Design for Manufacturability (DFX) * Introducing other Manufacturing operations into the design of lapping machine. * Introducing automation assemblies to a proto-type. * Design of Goods and Services. Quality control / Improvement and Management * Identification of issues hindering production capacities using Current Reality Trees. * Implication of Solutions to overcome hindrances using Future Reality Trees. * Identification and Elimination of quality issues by use of tools such as Ichik awa, OC curves, AOQ models, and tools, thus improved the production capacity of the mass production firm. Facility Planning and Design. * * * * * * Resource planning for a Real Like manufacturing system includes: Layout planning and Facility Planning. Cost estimation. Employee and Capacity Planning. Machine and Process Data. Flowcharting.

Operations Management. * * * * * * Project Management: Manpower planning, Acquisition, and Control Scheduling. Location Strategy, and Layout Planning Aggregate Planning (incl. employee relations and motivation benefits) Human Resources Strategy: Training and development for employees. Supply Chain Management Design of Goods and Services.

Supply Chain Management. * Examining and Integration of supply chains and logistics. * Variability reduction for supply chains and * Development of customized supply chain systems. Target Costing. * Logical Advancement for determining Cost of a new or existing product, Value i

ndexing. * Value Analysis Worksheets and "Smith an d Reinertsen Chart" * Quantify customer needs (customer and system level), Experience Curves. * Market of product, Competitive Analysis, Product planning, Conjoint Analysis Design and fabrication of LAPPING MACHINE * Designed and Formulated the concept and assemblies involved. * Carried out all the Design calculations necessary for successful and stable ma chinery. * Studied and Applied the Technology involved in the gear trains, designing of t he machine. * Conceptualized the possibilities of automations in the existing manual model. * Theory and application of the lapping procedure. Study of the suspension system of automobile (TATA motors) * Examined and studied the construction of different types of suspension systems . * Worked on their respective load bearing capacities. * Studied mechanisms involved in the working & testing of functional mechanics i nvolved. * Tested the kinematics and Dynamics of Working. Disassembling of an automobile engine. * Carried out a Detail study of the components of an automobile engine. (Crankshaft, carburetors, connecting rods, pistons, cam valves, cylinder, manifo lds etc.) * Construction details and specific materials used for their construction. * Studied the steering system and the braking system. * Studied the steering system, braking system, transmission System. (Constant me sh type; Synchro mesh type) Strengths: Problem solving, Analytical skills, Creative at Designing and Innovation, Very Q uick learner, Team Player and Enthusiastic Attitude. VISA Status: Authorized to Work in the USA.