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WILLIAM HARRIS, MBA, M.S. onslowmail@comcast.

net 703-405-4644 QUALIFICATIONS Results-driven, loyal Technology Professional with a depth of hands-on technical expertise combined with project and team leadership experience. Proven ability to lead high-profile projects from concept to completion. Understands core princ iples of technology and can quickly adapt and learn changing technology solution s. Excels in a team environment offering a dedicated work ethic, proven record o f career success, and multiple graduate degrees. Military background and trainin g in the United States Marine Corps. Well-versed in test engineering, network engineering, information technology, so ftware engineering, Service Oriented Architecture products, and infrastructure d evelopment. Capable of rebuilding servers from the reformatting state and conduc ting Microsoft/MS Exchange Server and Lotus Notes System administration, Cisco r outer networking and Unix system administration. COMPUTER SKILLS Networking: LAN, WAN, SMTP, VPN, TCP/IP, IP Subnet, LDAP, Cisco Routers, Lotus N otes, Microsoft/MS Exchange Server Software & Solutions: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook Operating Systems: Windows, HP, Solaris Unix Programs: GCCS, PKI, EFV, DMS, GCSS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Interoperability Test Engineer NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Virginia 2007-2010 * Directed team of five people in the first two phases of the product developmen t lifecycle to test and evaluate four major Department of Defense (DoD) systems. * Supervised all IT phases, supporting system design, production and operations, including military IT engineering project management and client relations. * Organized cross-functional resources for the timely completion and rollout of new product features. * Validated interoperability compliance with DoDAF, DIACAP and DISR. * Distributed and created reports for executives, detailing financial models to forecast business conditions and assess network policies, portfolios and systems . * Coordinated and led standard requirements validation, test report submission, test planning, test briefings and issuance of a certification letter. * Conducted operational, developmental, integration and interoperability testing . * Ensured all phases of development met strict product requirements; resolved te chnical issues. * Ran multiple concurrent projects, meeting deliverable and scheduling goals. * Evaluated interoperability, data collection, and system analysis in support of Information Assurance (IA), Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP), and c lient requirements. * Wrote SOA interoperability requirements, Net-Centric Certification Reports, Ob servation Reports, DISA system interface test cases, SOA evaluation procedures, and test scripts. * Prepared Unix/Microsoft server installation documents for end user training.

* Developed audit methods for IT systems in support of various DoD programs. * Planned business activities for technology networks in the evaluation of month ly testing events. * Consolidated business activities to improve efficiency and meet emerging marke t conditions. * Promoted after two years to position of Team Leader. Account Manager ONSLOW MANAGEMENT, Virginia 2003-2007 * Recruited to analyze and identify strategies to downsize the company in order to increase revenues and reduce expenses; successfully achieved targeted goal fo r client. * Oversaw and drove IT and infrastructure development for the company to improve efficiency, including resolving firewall and TCP/IP connectivity issues and adm inistering servers. * Performed funding, contractor and attorney relations, and strategic planning. * Managed organization's assets and budget of approximately $3 million; analyzed client investment projects. * Prepared and conducted product demonstrations and presentations for potential partners and business investors. * Launched and established a small business working with clients to distribute s ervices online. * Created detailed project plans on the design, development, testing and launch of new products. * Wrote Unix/Microsoft server installation training documents, troubleshot VPN o nsite, configured Exchange email servers for PKI desktop client authentication, and created PKI security policies. * Built and upgraded DMS Exchange servers on an X.400 architecture. Senior Network Engineer SMARTRONIX, Virginia 1999-2003 * Excelled in a highly technical position conducting test engineering and IT inf rastructure support. * Managed military IT projects and technical teams; prepared test plans, worked with clients, updated executive teams, handled financial planning, and coordinat ed resources. * Built, rebuilt and maintained servers and routers, including preparing trainin g documentation, administering Cisco routers, and assessing interoperability req uirements. * Developed Unix Netscape directory and iPlanet web servers for PKI migration; c reated policies. * Handled technical troubleshooting and design fixes, configured Exchange mail s ervers, developed security policies, configured Cisco routers, upgraded servers, and managed IP addresses. * Integrated Time Step VPNs into USMC NIPRNET networks; installed Unix operating systems. * Developed backup and recovery systems for complex environments using Veritas N etbackup. * Led business development and sales for licensing of SPIRIT's portfolio of vide o, voice, audio, GPS, and VoIP solutions for equipment manufacturers, developers and cable/telco companies. Previous Experience: System Engineer Team, DYNCORP GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS; Data Comm unications Officer, UNITED STATES ARMY/MARINE CORPS EDUCATION

Master of Science in Information Systems/Software Engineering, Expected Dec. 201 0 STRAYER UNIVERSITY, Manassas, Virginia Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management Studies AVERETT UNIVERSITY, Danville, Virginia Master of Science in Administration CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Mount Pleasant, Michigan Bachelor of Science in Business Management UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, College Park, Maryland