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Eduardo Esteves 25909 Crippen Drive, Land O Lakes, FL 34639 * Home: 813-406-6329 * Cell: 954-303

-5628 * Vice President of Business Development Trilingual conversational (English, Portuguese and Spanish) *International business experience in North America, Latin America, Africa, Mide ast, Europe, Russia and India. Excellent understanding of International business culture. 20+ Years experience working as Sales/Marketing/Business Development C onsultant and attending various industries & segments. Successful history of bui lding new and existing clients network. Experienced traveler, including professi onal presentations and trade shows in different countries. *New and existing business development: Natural ability to cultivate opportuniti es with existing clients and identify new potential/target markets. Strong belie f in providing responsive customer service as the best way to develop ongoing bu siness opportunities. Previous customers have followed to new companies because they wanted to continue to work with someone they trusted. Education *Baccalaureate Degree in Mechanical Engineering (FEI), SP (1982 - 1986). *Post Graduate Course in Marketing (ESPM), SP (1987 - 1988). *MBA - Specialization in Business Administration (USP), SP (1989 - 1990). *Master HR - Florida International University (FIU), FL (2005 - ....) Professional Background PERSONA GLOBAL, Inc. - Sausalito, CA (2003 - Present) International Consultant Company, which is established in +62 countries, with 16 2 partners and 1,350 consultants certified worldwide, focused on Sales, HRD and Strategic Development Plans. Vice President of Business Development Accomplishments: *Negotiated different agreements, starting/continuing business in North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Mideast, Europe, Russia and India. *Developed specific Business Plan per country including managing existing Licens ees, starting new Licensees and attending Direct Clients, which generated an inc rement of 25% revenue with existing business. Also started new business in 38 co untries, got 45 new Licensees and +10 new Direct Clients. RAYTHEON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (DOOR), SP (2000 - 2003) General Motors/Hughes Aircraft Company acquired by Raytheon Training LLC. DOOR T raining & Consulting, operating in over 42 countries, focused on Management, Sal es and Cultural Change. Country Manager - Brazil Accomplishments: *Started business in Sao Paulo (SP) and after 3 years was coordinating 24 consul tants in 7 cities around the Country, who generated revenue US$ 145,000/consulta nt per year. *Consistently performs as top Country Manager in Latin America during both good and difficult economic times selling several million dollars in consulting servi ces.

ESTEVES & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING, SP (1993 - 2000) Consulting Company, focused on Sales, Marketing and Business Development process es. President Accomplishments: *Created my own Consultant Company and working as Entrepreneur, I had 11 consult ants working full time, who generated revenue US$ 105,000/consultant per year. *Developed various methodologies and techniques, which was addressed to incremen t Sales Performance. HAY GROUP, SP (1990 - 1993) Global HRD and Sales Consultant Company, having 88 offices in 47 countries. Sales & HRD Consultant Accomplishments: *Started a new Business Unit in Hay Brazil, which was addressed to Sales Force E ffectiveness. *Opened new clients, and worked with existing clients in order to develop their Sales Force, which increased US$500,000 in annual revenues in consultant and tra ining services. WR GRACE, SP (1987 - 1990) Grace has two operating segments, Grace Davison that provides specialty chemical s, materials and formulation technologies, and Grace Construction Products that produces specialty construction materials, systems and services that strengthen, enhance and protect structures. Sales Engineer Accomplishments: *During this period of time I worked being Sales Engineering in the Specialty Ch emical market (Printing Products). To increase the Printing Products market shar e, I was trained in Lexington (US), London (UK) and Caracas (Venezuela) being re sponsible for implementing a pioneer system in Brazil, called LetterFlex System. *LetterFlex system was successfully implemented in four major companies in Brazi l. TRANSBRASIL AIRLINES, SP (1986 - 1987) TransBrasil was an international Brazilian airline which ceased operations in De cember 2001. It was privately owned, by Omar Fontana and his relatives. The comp any was famous for its very colorful aircraft which featured a rainbow on the ai rcraft's tail. Mechanical Engineer Accomplishments: *During this period of time I worked as a Mechanical Planning Engineering, being trained in BOEING (Seattle - US) in Mechanical, Power Plant and Electrical Syst ems in TBL 737 - 300 - 6/7 Airplanes. *During the same period I gave various lectures about maintenance, physics and m athematics to mechanics, who studied in the Aviation Ground School (EWM). *I got my pilot licensee, during this time. Books, Certifications & Hobbies *Author: Book - Success Entrepreneur, 3rd Edition - 2000. *Author: Methodology - Talent Management, validated by San Francisco University - 2005. *Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), by International Society for Performa

nce Improvement (ISPI) - 2005. *Pilot, who loves to slice the sky at high speeds and weave intricate maneuvers.