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All Nations Christian Reformed Church

Announcements for the Week of December 2nd – 8th, 2007

Monday Elders meeting
Wednesday 8:00pm Choir meets at the church

Sunday 10:00am An Advent Service of Scripture and Song

7:00pm Evening worship

Today (Dec. 2), Advent begins. “Advent” means coming. In this season (four Sundays before
Christmas) we do remember the first coming of Christ, but especially express our longing and prepare for
his second coming. You’ll see the colours in the sanctuary change to purple: purple shows penitence and
fasting (before the “feast” of the Christmas season) as well as royalty as we expect King Jesus. Our
theme this year will be “Hope in Troubled Times” (Psalm 9:9, 18). We’ll be hoping our way through some
current issues: this week we begin with AIDS. Here is a schedule of worship for December:
Dec 9 am: “Hope in Troubled Times (2)”: Advent Scriptures and Song service
Dec 9 pm: evening worship (communion)
Dec 16 am: “Hope in Troubled Times (3)”
Dec 16 pm: no worship; 5 pm Christmas dinner, followed by Offerings of Music and Gifts
Dec 23 am: “Hope in Troubled Times (4)”
Dec 23 pm: no evening worship
Dec 25, Christmas: 10:00 worship
Dec 30 am: Karen Norris preaching (communion)
Dec 30 : no evening worship

“May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.” (Psalm 33:22)
− In our church's prayer cycle, pray for those on page 11 of the directory: Robert, Leanne, Marybeth
and Nathaniel Kamphuis; Graham Lavers; John Li, Yiling Hu and Chris; Bruce Li and Haiyan Jiang;
Zhantao Liu, Xiaodan Pang, and Shiang; Robyn, Jason, Aiden, and (new baby!) Marcus Locke;
Foster & Lolita Lyne.
− Continue to pray for those struggling with long term health: Mary Joseph, Margaret Henry, B.J.
Fullerton, Deloris Boutilier, and for Teri & Jeff Murray who are expecting twin boys.
− Pray for the Lynes: they’ll be in Antigua this week for Foster’s mother’s funeral. May God give
comfort and peace through Christ.
− Pray for our church’s budget – particularly our Debt Reduction and Building Funds – as we
approach the end of the year.
− Pray for our “alumni” – people who’ve left All Nations but who we remember with love and bless us
by remembering us so often with love!
− December 1 is World AIDS Day. Please pray for the work of the Christian Reformed World Relief
Committee as it works in countries around the world to fight the spread of this disease and to care
for people affected by it.

On December 9th immediately following our Scriptures and Song service there will be an expanded time
of fellowship, as Sunday School has been cancelled for that day. Please plan to bring some finger food
to be shared, buffet-style, at our stand up reception. Your offering can be sweet or savoury. Thanks in
advance for helping us celebrate together and offer hospitality to guests who will be worshipping with us
that morning. -The Fellowship Committee
Offering of Musical Talents and Gifts: On the evening of Sunday, Dec. 16th, we will enjoy our annual
“Offering of Musical Talents and Gifts” (right after the potluck dinner). If you have a musical piece or other
offering you’d like to contribute, please contact Pastor Dave (429-0197,
Please especially consider this invitation for our children!

Tonight (Sunday, Dec. 2nd): Begin your Christmas season with an entertaining and uplifting event: the
6th Annual Fundraiser for ARK Judy Savoy Presents: The Christmas Show! Why should you
come? The ARK provides care, comfort and shelter for street involved youth, from a facility on Gottingen
Street. They need support from the community, and our vision is to raise the roof with music, action and
comedy, telling the true Christmas story. So come, bring everyone to this fabulous show with
actor/comedienne Judy Savoy gathering amazing young Nova Scotian talent to wow you with their
enthusiasm and abilities. Tonight’s show (Sunday, Dec. 2nd) is at 7:30pm here at All Nations CRC; tickets
can be purchased at the door. $15 Adult $10 Student $5 Child 8-12 (suitable for children over 7)

Christmas Shoe Box Challenge: The Metro Non Profit Housing Support Centre is asking for donations
of Christmas Shoe Boxes. At the centre people deal with housing, finance and health issues or simply
meet with friends. For many people at the centre, a Christmas Shoe Box will be the only gift they
receive. You are invited to prepare a shoe box full of personal items for men or women: toiletries (soap,
toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs), socks, scarves, mitts, underwear, playing cards, wallet, bus tickets,
Tim Horton’s gift certificates, etc.. (The ratio of men to women boxes that are needed is 5 to 1). Last
year we were able to bless 40 people with a gift! The shoe boxes can be brought to church by Sunday
Dec. 16th. Contact Elna for more info.

Last week’s offerings:

General Fund $1874.50
Ark 100.00
Peter Fish 38.95
Debt Reduction 45.00
Building fund 499.28

News From Our Denomination

Back To God Hour: “There is no way we can reach all the 1.3 billion Chinese-speaking people without
Gospel radio.” Brother Liu, a Christian leader in China sent this urgent message to Rev. Jimmy Lin at
The Back to God Hour. “Now that there are more people coming to Christ, we need your broadcast even
more to help nurture and equip new converts.” Your gifts to support The Back to God Hour Chinese
media ministry make it possible to reach across physical, political and social barriers to bring the life-
changing message of the Gospel to Chinese people everywhere.

World Missions: This Holiday season, remember your missionaries! Send them a card or e-card. This is
more than a festive greeting - it’s a greatly appreciated dose of Christian encouragement and care. An e-
mail card is great way to ensure you’re your greetings will arrive before Christmas! The Kallemeyns, our
missionaries in France and French-speaking Africa, can be reached at

Pastor: Rev. David Vroege

Bulletin Editor:
Deadline for submissions: Thursday @ 7:00 p.m