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Manufacturer: FORGIATURA MARCORA S.r.l.
Forging Open die forging Forged product Forged carbon steel Crank shaft Special flanges Duplex steel Superduplex steel Forged stems Body valves Power generation Oil and gas open die forging Productive capacity

Type of material: ASTM A 182 F 51 - UNS S 31803

Plant(s) and location: Via Gramsci, 36, 21057 Olgiate Olona - Varese, Ita Type of product: "FORGED STEMS" Applicable specifications: NORSOK M-650 Rev. 2 NORSOK M-630 Rev. 2 NORSOK MDS D44 Rev. 2 ASTM A 182 / 182 M Applicable drawing: FST 99/0063 Last edition Qualified piece Thickness Lenght Weight Ø 572 mm 865 mm 1782 Kg Limitation in the procedure Ø 715 mm 15 ÷ 4000 Kg

Qualification documentation: Manufacturing Summary: FST 99/0063 Last edition Heat treatment procedure: HTP 01 Last edition Heat treatment for forgings in steel ASTM A 182 F51 - UNS S 31803 Quality Control Plan: QCP FST 99/0063 Last edition Sketch for test sampling: PP FST 99/0063 Last edition Mechanical test certificate: 013 PM dated 23/06/2003 014 PM dated 23/06/2003 2 1 0 18/04/2003 General Revision 01/01/1999
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26/03/1999 1° Edition

Verified and


05 Heating for forging The forging temperature for steel ASTM A 182 F51 .UNS S 31803 is included between 1000°C and 1200°. anyway the minimum allowed forg temperature is 1000°C In case during forging. Solution annealed condition According Marcora's quality manual ACQ1 last edition.10. the temperature drop below 1000 shall be re-heated at 1200°C for minimum 15 minutes The heating temperature has to be done slowly up to 700 max). Data Description Prepared by Verified and Approved by Step Process 01 Purchasing of raw material Description Purchasing of raw material shall be done according to ASTM A 182 F51 UNS S 31803 and MDS D44 rev.2 with the following requirements: Melting Electric Arc Furnace + A. of the different positions and starting material. All the controls instruments are calibrated yearly. From 700 °C to forging temperature the heating has be carried hout v fast (> 250 °C/h). 2 requirements Bloom 500 mm octagon section COGNE The cutting of raw material is executed by saw A sole codification marking shall be done on each piece for a crossed tra of the job. refining PRE > 35 N= 0. 2 Dimensional and visual control and weight control Check analysis Recording of raw material Identification and stocking of raw material 03 04 Choice of raw material Cutting Identification of raw material according to MDS D44 rev.Forged Stems Page 2 of 5 Rev. Furthermore is available an optical pyrometer with range 600°C 1600°C.14 0.html 25.07 . 06 Forging to shape http://www.D. The relevant calibration certificate is filed in QC % Reduction ratio 3/1 min. The qualified supplier is: COGNE 02 Receving inspection on raw material Receiving inspection on raw material shall be done according to the Marcora's quality manual MAG1 (last revision) Review of certification according to MDS D44 rev.O. The furnaces temperature is controlled through digital regulators and termocouples of S type.

hardness test. max temperature of water is 35 Heat treatment lot shall be marked on each piece and the same numb referenced on EN 10204 type 60 secon Die forging cycle shall be done according to the Marcora's quality manua PRO1 Minimum reduction ratio shall be 3/1 After forging every piece is identified with the code of product using th special termic chalk. Calvenzana 22040 Rogeno (Como) Furnace n° Island F10 Heating rate: 200°/h max. Speciments location at ½ T x ½ T. For the Norsok qualification one set of impact test at 46° micrographic examinationn shall be executed for information.html 25. corrosion test (only f information).B certificate Furnace is API 6A ISO 10423 Appendix H controlled Heat treatment according Marcora's procedure n° HTP 01 Last edition 09 Test lot Test lot identification shall be as follows Test lot shall not exceed 2000 Kg for forgings with as forged weight < Kg Test lot shall not exceed 5000 Kg for forgings with as forged weight > Kg According to Norsok MDS D44 rev. tensile test.r. Step Process 07 Controls after forging Description After forging all the forged pieces shall be checked by production department (MAG 2). 2 10 Test sampling One set of impact test.Forged Stems Page 3 of 5 As soon as the forgings operations is completed the forged ring shall done reheated up to min 1050°C and quenched in water.forging.Fraz. within 60 seconds into water quenching During and after quenching.1. microstructure examination and ferrite check shall be carr out for each and heat treatment load. The controls executed are: Visual and dimensional control Identification and traceability of pieces All the forgings shall be marked with the code n° in order to guarantee traceability 08 Heat treatment Sub supplier: SORBIT S. Holding temperature: 1050°÷1090° C For the Norsok qualification the holding temperature shall be 1060 10°C Holding time: ½ h x inches calculated on the maximum thickness (min h) From furnace. .07 . Test sampling for production DRG http://www. In any case the cooling after forging is in water withing max.10.l.

l. examination Marking of pieces 15 16 Final certification http://www.T.l.B shall contains as follows: Laddle analysis 13 14 P. Marcora's quality manual PRO 1 (Last edition) Non machined surfaces shall be pickled prior to the Non Destructive Testing. S.r.1.C. Testing will be done by Marcora or the Customer after final machining.forging. 6 21048 Solbiate Arno (Varese) (*) SIGMATRE S. Identification Nr. The acceptance criteria shall be ASME VIII.07 . Machining will be done by Marcora or by the customer.r. The pickling will be executed by the firm BAMA Turbigo or by the Customer.5% Fluorhyidic acid (HF) in weight . Via Fornace 22040 Garbagnate Monastero (Lec According to Norsok MDS D44 rev.10.html 25. Heat treatment lot Nr. Div. The type of pickling solution is: .M. Certification EN 10204 type 3. Heat % Nitric acid (HNO ) in weight .Forged Stems Page 4 of 5 T (Ø) > 200 mm Sampling in transversal position Test piece 50 x 20 x 130 mm in order to obtain: 1 Tensile test 3 Impact test (KV 46° C ) 1 Micrographic examination 1 Ferrite check 3 Hardness test 1 Corrosion test (only for information) T (Ø) < 200 mm Sampling in longitudinal position Test piece 50 x 20 x 140 mm in order to obtain: 1 Tensile test 3 Impact test (KV 46° C) 1 Micrographic examination 1 Ferrite check 3 Hardness test 1 Corrosion test (only for information) Step Process 11 Test after heat treatment Description Tensile test and impact tests shall be carried out in Marcora's laboratory The controls executed after heat treatment are: Tensile test KV .2 12 Rough machining Pickling According to Customer drawing / Instructions.R.water in quantity two According to Customer instructions. Via Maggiolini. 1 Appendix 8 Marking shall be done as follows: Trade mark Material standard and grade / Heat Nr.Impact test at -46°C ( + additional test at ½ T for qualification ) Hardness check All the other tests shall be performed by external laboratory (*) or by th customer: Micrographic examination ( + additional test at ½ T for qualification ) Ferrite check Corrosion test (only for information) (*) I.

07 .forging.Forged Stems Page 5 of 5 certification Laddle analysis Hardness check Sampling tests reference n° Tensile test results Impact test results Heat treatment diagram n° / Heat treatment lot n° Heat treatment description (Temperature Time and cooling methode Other EN 10204 3.1B certificates to be provided: Micrographic examination / Ferrite check Corrosion test (only for information) Heat treatment chart Sampling test certificate http://www.10.html