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CORDIS FP5+FP6 Projects: More "allow partecipation,expecially of young researchers,of the nis states to attend each

of the euro summer schools a)decentralised sanitation and re-use b)the sulfur cycle for environmental protection c)closed industrial water cycles "calibration and validation of the earth observation sensor gli on adeos 2" "international conference on environmental observation,modeling and information system as tool for urban/regional pollution reabilitation"to be held intomsk in october 24-28,2000 "organisation of the 14th european contest for young scientist" to be held in vienna 22-28 september 2002 ?-SECRETASE IN ALZHE - The mechanism of activation of ß-secretase, in alzheimer's disease. 16TH YSC - DUBLIN - 16th European Union Scientist Contest for Young Scientists, Ireland 2004 4M - Multi-Material Micro Manufacture: Technologies and Applications 4S - Smart Chips for Smart Surroundings 4th european conference on grain legumes: towards the sustainable production of healthy food, feed and novel products - conference participant support. 6LINK - IPv6 Projects Linkage Cluster A biomass gasification combined heat and power [chp] sheme for the production of up to 100 kwe and 250 kwth. A low emission spray drying and microencapsulation process for improved environmental performance. A new concept of granite sawing machinery A new natural seed coating based on chitosan A novel approach to glass containment in full-size pot furnaces. AAA - Aircraft and ATM Automation Symposium AABAZIM - From Affected to Infected? Understanding the sexual health needs of adolescents girls affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe Ab initio calculations of magnetism and conductance in nanowires ABSORB - Novel absorbent for heavy-oil clean-up ACCESS - Innovative approaches to understand complex microbial communities for eco-engineering the degradation of herbicides in stressed agricultural soils ACCOUNTABLE SCIENCES - Producing accountable sciences : feminist approaches to knowledge construction. ACCOUNT-MASTER.COM - Accretion history and spectral energy distribution of quasars in hybrid galaxy formation ACCSEPT - Acceptance of CO2 Capture, Storage - Economics, Policy, and Technology ACID - Alleviation of chronic inflammatory diseases - targeting of phosphoinositide 3-kinases (ACID) ACTION - Advanced CVD Tool for Integration of Organosilicate Nanoporous Films ADAPT - Middleware technologies for ADAPTive and composable distributed components ADELINE - Advanced air-Data Equipment for airLINErs ADEPT - Advanced digital european policy thinktank on innovation ADHESTOP - Biocompatible surfaces to minimise medical device associated infections ADOPT - A doctoral training network in plant development research: from single molecule to whole plant Advanced medical imaging and spatial statistics Advanced study course "water resources management in arid and semiarid regions using advance earth observation and gis techniques" ADVANCES - Thematic Network on an Operational platform for Quality Shipping ADVANCES IN ZCL - Advances in epidemetric parameters of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis to validate tools for surveillance and control AD-WAV - Adaptive wavelets for data representation and compression AERO2K - Global aircraft emissions data project for climate impacts evaluation AGGREGATION STANDARD - Development of standardised blood and a reference procedure for determination of aggregation of blood cells (AGGREGATION STANDARD) AGORA - Agora - cities for people AGREE - Towards effective health care policy in europe: promoting a coherent approach to the development, dissemination and assessment of clinical guidelines through established networks (AGREE) AGRIBMPWATER - Systems approach to environmentally acceptable farming Agro-food wastes minimisation and reduction network . thematic network for prevention, minimisation and reduction of wastes from the european agro-food industry AID-CCD - Active exchange of experience on indicators and development of perspectives in the context of the unccd AIDER - Accident Information and Driver Emergency Rescue AIM - Center for Application of Ion Beams to Materials Research Air-cooled, solar (gas) -driven nh3-h2o absorption system for air conditioning and other cooling applications using a compound parabolic collector ALAIS, DAVID - Interactions between vision and audition in human motion perception.

ALANA LENTIN - The collective action of pro-immigration organisations in europe ALBERTO SÁNCHEZ-DÍAZ - Identifying novel regulators of the eukaryotic cell cycle by functional genomics ALCOM-FT - Algorithms and Complexity - Future Technologies ALESSANDRO BENEDETTI - Stress analysis in advanced semiconductor devices by convergent beam electron diffraction ALEXANDER PFAFF - Pathophysiological mechanisms of congenital toxoplasmosis ALISON CRANE - Inflammation promotes endothelial cell senescence relation to acute cornary syndromes. ALLOSTEM - The Development of Immunotherapeutic Strategies to Treat Haematological and Neoplastic diseases on the Basis of Optimised Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation ALPS IRC - Creation of a IRC in North-West Italy ALUSIFORM - High efficiency forming technology of light weight mmc components for automotive and household applications AMIDST - Analytical Methods in the Development of Science and Technology of Polymers AMIL2DA - Advanced mipas level-2 data analysis An advanced quality and yield asessment system in the sustainable use of groundwater resources. An experimental investigation of the development of lattice preferred orientation in olivine-rich rocks An investigation into the cause and remedy of the discolouration and soiling of leather ANAIS - Multidetection technology development program : dna chips for in vitro diagnostic. Analytical chemistry for clinical applications ANDREA CIMARELLI - Retroviral-mediated gene transduction of dendritic cells for vaccination against the simian immunodeficiency virus ANGELO - Knowledge Based Virtual Facilitator in Team Working ANGIOSKIN - DNA electrotransfer of plasmids coding for antiangiogenic factors as a proof of principle of non-viral gene therapy for the treatment of skin disease Anisotropic glass fibres ANSEA - Toward an analytical strategic environmental assesment methodology ANTAL ZSUZSANNA - Investigation of the role of a phytopathogenesis-related pka from sclerotinia sclerotiorum ANTHROPOL . PROT - Study of anthropogenic pollution after the war and establishing of measures for protection of plitvice national park and bihac region at the border area of croatia and bosnia-herzegovina Antimicrobial strategies for mild food preservation using s. cerevisiae genomics APES - Comparative analysis of primate genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes with an emphasis on cognitive capabilities APHRO - Advanced Photomask Resist Processing Application of individual-based models to the conservation of the endangered spanish imperial and bonelli's eagles Application of theoritical chemistry to heterogeneous catalysis APRON - Aviation Policy Information Resources based on Observatory Networks AQUA 2000 - AQUA 2000: International Conference on Responsible Aquaculture in the New Millennium AQUA SOLIS - Innovative Applications of Solar Trough Concentration for Quality Fresh Water Production and Waste Water Treatment by Solar Distillation AQUIMCER - Low pressure injection moulding of aqueous ceramic suspensions ARAMAP - The identification of resistances to biotic stress in wild arachis germplasm, and the development of tools for breeding by genetic mapping and comparative genomics. ARC - Airborne Minefield Area Reduction Archimedes 2001: 'phd at the london school of economics' ARES - Assembling Reconfigurable Endoluminal Surgical system ARIVAC-4 - Effectiveness of an 11-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in preventing radiologically confirmed pneumonia in the philippines ARTISTS - Arterial streets towards sustainability ASIMIL - Aero user friendly SIMulation based dIstant Learning ASPIS III - CANCER - Aspis (awareness strategies for pollution from industries) seminar on : is cancer predominantly an environmental disease ? Assembly of a (3x3) grid comprising three different metal ions ASSESS-HKH - Development of an Assessment System to Evaluate the Ecological Status of Rivers in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region ASSOCIATION CONTRACT - Fusion Termonucleaire controlee action generale ASSOCIATION CONTRACT - Fusion thermonucleaire controlee action generale ASSOCIATION CONTRACT - Fusion thermonucleaire controlee action generale ATASDAS - Automating target analysis to speed up the dependability analysis of complex real time software modules ATBEST - Assessment Tools for Breakthroughs in Science and Technology ATC-WAKE - Integrated Air Traffic Control WAKE vortex safety and capacity system

IMAGE .MEMS/Porous-Silicon to MCM-D Technology Matching BEEFGENES . categorised Vehicles & Individuals Tracking for apRon's Activity model interpretation & Check (AVITRACK) AVOID SOLID BYPRODUC . Developing Infrastructures for Broadband Access ATHERODIS . BIOTOX .Broiler breeder production .Improvement and applicability of sediment tracing techniques for evaluating littoral transport : case studies in the mediterranean Baltic states rtd community in eu 5th framework programme (mid-term evaluation and progress workshop) BALTICTIME .Berlin neutron scattering center (BENSC) BEN-TEX .Basic support for technology work TCN 9901011 BASIS .Aircrafts surroundings.Reinforcing eGovernment services in Baltic States through legal and accountable digital Time stamp BARTKOWIAK KONRAD .Effect of Pre-treatments and/or Additives to the Operational Problems during the Fluidised Bed Gasification of High-Alkali Biomass for the Production of a Hydrogen-rich Gas Stream BIOPRO-FUFO .Thematic Network "Harmonisation of strategies and highlighting best practice to determine optimum URBAN FREIGHT SOLUTIONS" BIBA .An Assessment Of Bio-oil Toxicity For Safe Handling And Transportation .A new metallurgical route for the on-line conversion of by-products into valuable mineral and metallic products with a reduction of co2 emissions A-WARE .Resistance factors in cancer chemotherapy BASE .Assessment of BIOMass EXport from marine protected areas and its impacts on fisheries in the western Mediterranean Sea BIOMIMETIC SYSTEMS .Biomarker protocols for research on functional foods.Thermal utilization of virgin and residual biomass in Brianza (Italy) for district heating and electric co-generation BIO-MEDNANO .BusIness ONtologies for dynamic web environments .Exploring genome organization at QTLs for beef production traits at high resolution to identify candidate genes BEEP .Baselines for accession states in europe (BASE) BASIC SUPPORT TECHNO .Modelling and experimental investigation of 3-dimensional laser forming of metallic components BARVAUX VINCENT . mediators and nanostructures to provide bio-powered bioelectrochemical sensing systems BIOMEX-01 .Novel bioinsecticides from insect parasitoids BIZON .Early Stage Research Training on Biomimetic Systems BIONEL .The atherosclerotic plaque : an integrated approach for disease prevention ATTEST .Technology management BENchmarking in the TEXtile industry across europe BERTHIER LUDOVIC .Advanced Three-dimensional Television System Technologies AUTO-ALLOCELL-HIV .Digital Switchover.Bioanalytical Electrochemistry and Bionanotechnology "BIONEL" BIONEMS .Boost AUTOmotive SMEs participation IN FP7 Automatic recording of foraging behaviour as a tool for habitat and species conservation AVITRACK .Bio molecular image processing tool Bio-active metabolites from bacteria symbiont and/or associated with marine sponges BIOEAR .An easy way to access GRID resources B1 INTEGRIN IN SKIN .A novel bioprocess for hydrogen production from biomass for fuel cells BIOINFOMED .Function of b1 integrin during skin disease (B1 INTEGRIN IN SKIN) BALOUIN YANN .ATHENA .solving a paradox BEC COHERENCE .The jacob blaustein institute for desert research (BIDR) BIO.Development of a novel therapeutic HIV-1 vaccine: Horizontal gene transfer by using apoptotic HIV-1 DNA containing activated T cells AUTO-IN .Band sawing of natural stone materials for the production of slabs and tiles (BASST) BBP .Target Action H BIOWOOL .ONSET OF COHERENCE IN BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATES BECKSDIMA2003 .Prospective analysis on the relationships and synergy between MEDical informatics and BIOINFOrmatics BIOMASS USE IN BRIAN .Integrating enzymes.Spin models for slow dynamics BESTUFS .Nano-electromechanical systems for biomedical applications Biophysical and bioinorganic marie curie training site BIO-PRETREAT .Best e-Europe Practices BENSC .A scientific Training for High Education iNitiatives in Art conservation ATHENA .Enzymatic modification of wool (BIOWOOL) BIP .Bayesian Inspired Brain and Artefacts: Using probabilistic logic to understand brain function and implement life-like behavioural co-ordination BIDR .A bio-active cochlear implant for severe deafness (BIOEAR) BIOHYDROGEN .Business Awareness on Sustainable Innovation Strategies BASST .

Wafer level packaging for Handheld Applications in a LAN Environment "System-on-Chip Packaging for Wireless Connectivity" BONUS-ORTHO .Genetic profile of breast cancers in mediterranean countries: implications in preventive and predictive medicine BREATHE .Carbon content and origin of damage layers in european monuments (CARAMEL) CARBOEUROPE-IP .Medium and long-term opportunities and risks of the biotechnological production of bulk chemicals from renewable resources BRIDGE .Computer-Aided solutions to Secure ElectroNic commercE Transactions Caspian scientific network CASSIC .Cergop-2.Development of a prophylactic vaccine and diagnostic markers to prevent and diagnose Lyme Borreliosis specific to Europe and North America BRAINSTEM GENETICS .Genetic interactions in brainstem development and function (BRAINSTEM GENETICS) BREAST MED .China Europe Network on the NET CERGOP-2/ENVIRONMENT .Creating Aesthetically Resonant Environments for the Handicapped.Functional analysis of the protein defective in chorea-acanthocytosis (CHAC) . roots and plant-parasitic nematodes Cellular signalling in human diseases CEMIM . a multipurpose and interdisciplinary sensor array for environmental research in central europe CERTAIN .Central European Research in TrAnsport INfrastructure Certification and human error considerations .Creation and deployment of end-user services in premium IP networks Cadmium tolerance and hyperaccumulation in arabidopsis halleri: identification of genes CAESAR .Preparation and study of cadmium chalcogenites nanowires CEI .knowledge propogation into new safety critical technologies CFD4C .Safe and Comfortable Driving based upon inter-vehicle communication CASENET . Elderly and REhabilitation CARTALK 2000 .Bilateral research and industrial development enhancing and integrating GRID enabled technologies Bridging the accountability gap in european defence and security policy BSR OPASS .). science and technology in 21 century CAALYX .Complete ambient assisting living experiment CADENUS .Coordination Action for the European Strategic Agenda of Research on intermodalism and logistics CAFE .Black Sea Region OPET Associate BUGCHECK .Development of a new generation of carbon taphole mix for blast furnaces (CARBONTAP) CARE HERE .Computional fluid dynamics for combustion CHAC .Climate change policy and global trade (CCGT) CDX NANOWIRES .Semi-automatic cost-effective facade cleaning system CAMTOPH .Study of the use of biobeds to reduce environmental contamination from pesticide wastes and washings CCAM DIRECT . assisted by molecular markers BREW .Carbon Nanotubes technology on Si IC's CARBONTAP .Compliance Assessment for IPCable Components CAVANNA SONIA .Development and application of combined scanning electrochemical -confocal microscopy for investigating lateral diffusion process in model biomembranes CENNET .Development of new therapies for brain tumours using encapsulated cell technology Cellular and molecular interactions between nematophagous fungi.Calculational Tools and Methods for Physics at Large Hadron Collider CANDLE .Orthopaedic shoes operation changed from a small shop operation to a large scale production system with a new arrangement (BONUS-ORTHO) BOUARAB KAMAL .Churches and european integration CELERIER EVELYNE .Factors controlling pathogenicity in the fungus septoria lycopersici and the resistance genes induced during tomato infection BOVAC .Computerised video camera image analysis for monitoring pollution in water BLUE WHALE .) f1 hybrids resistant to root-knot nematodes (meloidogyne spp.(reference to proposal number ems 7239 25581) CCGT .A RAPID HAND-HELD ANALYSER FOR CONTROL OF MICROORGANISMS IN THE COMPLETE MEAT SUPPLY CHAIN Bulgarian information society center of excellence for education.European network strategy for combined solar and wood pellet heating systems for decentralized applications Capacity building in inco-dev proposal writing CARAMEL .ASSESSMENT OF THE EUROPEAN TERRESTRIAL CARBON BALANCE CARBONCHIP .Involvement of pkcgamma in long lasting hyperalgesia induced by opiate analgesics CELL THERAPY .Ccam direct .BLOODGEN .Blood grouping and genotyping : improving patient safety and blood transfusion compatibility BLUE WATER .Bristol Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry Breeding and releasing of pepper (capsicum annuum l.

The treatment of minewaste to achieve cost effective engineered closure of tailings dams CMOSSENS .Clustering Individual TRuck Owners CLADIAM . vaccine.COMMONDEMO@IBC2003 COMODEC .Visuo-motor integration in single neurones in sts and f5 CHROMATIN AND CANCER .Organic matrix composites and iconel allows: improvements in their machining under low coolant flows and dry conditions COMMONDEMO@IBC2003 .Coordination of IST research and national activities CITRO .Improved ciscut solar cells.Nodal signal regulation by the novel ring-protein arkadia in es cells CHECKPOINTS AND CANC . and the role of distinct complex formation in transcriptional repression.European Network of Funding Agencies .Environment friendly chemical processes with computer-aided modelling. design and control Compact packaging machine COMPANIONS . CLEAN .Testing and measurement procedure for the validation of the cleaning behaviour of reusable surgical devices (CLEANTEST) CLEARBRUSH .Smart Chemical Gas Sensor System Fabricated in Low Cost CMOS Technology with Integrated Electronics and Hybrid Sensitive Layers COCONET .A Novel Integrated Ultrasonic Brush and Sonically Activated Lotion to Provide a Full System Approach to the Eradication of the European Head Louse Menace CLIWA-NET . the moult cycle and the detoxification of contaminant metals.Coordination of National Complexity Research .vehicle environment CLEANTEST .GM and non-GM supply chains : their CO-EXistence and TRAceability COGAIN .Innovative and efficient air quality management system for a healthy.Optimum diesel fuel for clean diesel engines (CLEAN) CLEANFRUIT .Real Time COordination and control of Multiple heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehiclES COMHUB .Citizen Participation in Science and Technology CIPGS .Competitive metropolises economic transformation.Innovative composite hub for wind turbines ('COMHUB') COMING DRY .Medical Microinstruments COMET . and computation COMBIOENV . and gene therapy carriers CHRISTIAN BERNHARD W .Identification of specific interactions between the transcription factor e2f-6 and polycomb group proteins. confortable and safe in .The Centre for Integrated Structural Biology CISLINE .7th International Conference and Laser Ablation COLM CONNAUGHTON .The mechanism of chain formation on an antibiotic polyether synthase CHRISTIAN KEYSERS .Chemical environmental studies: strengthening european dimension CHIEP . dna damage response and cancer CHEMOKINES-ATOPY .Artificial chimeric proteins as diagnostic.Characterization of crustacean metallothionein isoforms from amphipods and barnacles: haemocyanin.Communication by Gaze Interaction COLA'03 . and decision procedures of interacting organizations Complex exploitation of distilery stillage as high evaluated agent for fodder mixture COMPLEXITY-NET .COMPANIONS: persistent multi-modal interfaces to the Internet Competition.An Information Capture and Processing Environment for Chronic Patients in the Information Society Chronic episodic asphyxia and the pathogenesis of sleep apnoea CIPAST . manufactured roll-to-roll in a base line .Improving the quality of European Citrus & Fruit by developing Medfly SIT technology so it can be widely applied in Europe CLEANPLAST .(CISLINE) CISTRANA . labour market and competition in european agglomerations COMETS .Building knowledge driven and dynamically adaptive networked communities within european healthcare systems CO-EXTRA .Targeting chromatin in cancer: histone deacetylases and differentiation therapy of acute myeloid leukemias (CHROMATIN AND CANCER) CHRONIC .Baltex cloud liquid water network: cliwa-net CLOTADAM . geometry.Checkpoints.Kinetic theory with newton's interaction COMBAT ."global health equity: medical progress and quality of life in the xxist century" (CIPGS) CISB .New diamond cladding technique using an automated hpld equipment CLAIRE ATTWOOLL .Environmentally complying plastic components moulding and surface treatment technologies (CLEANPLAST) CLEANRCAB .The role of chemokines in the pathogenesis of atopic eczema CHENVIR . cooperation.Context-Aware Collaborative Environments for Next Generation Business Networks COCOON .A Chilean European Platform to improve Science and Technology Co-operation CHIMERIC PROTEINS .Centre of microsystems design and technology Combinatorial synthesis of tripodal receptors : a strategy towards novel antibiotics Combinatorics. CHARIKLIA PETROPOULO .

exercise 2002 COST ACTION D8 .the characterisation of its formation and its relevance to timber quality Computational fluid dynamics in the environment and engineering Computer-based ordinary differential equations tools CONFENALB .Detection and discrimination of corrosion attack on ships (crude oil tankers) with acoustic emission (ae) COSPAL .Community Wind Energy Generation Scheme CRACHS .Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "defence restructuring and questions of identity" held in copenhagen/denmark from 10 to 11 september 1999 COST ACTION A11 .Support for the organisation of a study entitled "establishing a database and electronic information dissemination" held in linz/austria from 2 february 2000 to 1 may 2000 in the frame of cost action a11 COST ACTION A8 . .Compression wood in conifers .Consensus on Reconstitution Techniques and Fracture Toughness Analysis of Charpy-Type Specimens CRASHCOASTER .The CONFLUENT bridging project: Enabling commercial application of convergent services in collaborative networks of UMTS and DVB-T systems CONIPF .A Platform for Risk Analysis of Security Critical Systems CORNET .New food consistent colours from seaweed through extraction COWEGS .Fireside corrosion in coal-fired utility boilers (CORROSION) CORROSION TESTING OF .Coherence of public policy of conservation and development of coastal and marine protected areas in in west africa CONTACT .Contact printing of electronics and opto-electronics CONTRACT OF ASSOCIAT .Configuration in Industrial Product Families CONSDEV .Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "improvements in pavement research with accelerated load testing" in the frame of cost action 347 .Cost efficient and reliable rural electrification schemes for South Mediterranean countriesbased on multi user Solar Hybrid grids .Center of competence in integrated technical and quality systems for corrosion protection CORROSION .Crashworthy side structures for improved collision damage survivability of coasters and medium sized roro cargo ships (CRASHCOASTER) CRESMED .COgnitive Systems using Perception-Action Learning COST ACTION 347 .Support for the organisation of a study entitled "update of the cost/std database on european vaccine research" held in bergen/norway in 1999 COSTING OF BLANKET.Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "non-linear dynamics in mechanicals processing" in the frame of cost action p4 . Cryostat/Biologica l Shield and Primary Heat Transfer System ITER Task Agreement: Not yet assigned COSY .Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "5th international symposium on applied bioinorganic chemistry-satellite meetings onthalassaemia and modern nmr & epr applications" held in ioannima-corfou / greece from 19 to 20 april 199 COST ACTION E8 .Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled " information technology and archaelogical resource management" held in norwich/uk from 15 to 16 may 1999 in the frame of cost action g2 COST ACTION P4 .Contract of association Control of reproduction in mollusc bivalves: research of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone-like (GnRHlike) receptor gene CORAS . entitled "development of a computer application in the field of dyslexia".Contract of association CONTRACT OF ASSOCIAT . held in jyvaskyla/finland in 1999 COST ACTION B9 .Density-dependence in cockle populations: possibilities for a sustainable fishery COVERS ."ERA-Net Collective Reserach -Technological Innovation for SMEs -" CORPROT .exercice 1999 COST ACTION STD .and Training Activities COMPRESSION WOOD .Conference on research and technology innovative approach for an appropriate management of environment and a sustainable use of natural resources.* Costing of Blanket.Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "meteorology applied to urban air pollution problems" in the frame of cost action 715 .exercice 1999 COST ACTION A10 .Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "antiprotozoal chemotherapy" held in london/united kingdom from 23 to 26 june 2002 in the frame of cost action b9 COST ACTION D11 .VVER Safety Research COWE . CONFLUENT .Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "mechanical performance of wood and wood products" held in wageningen/the netherlands from 11 to 12 november 1999 in the frame of cost action e8 COST ACTION G2 .Support for the operation entitled : study in the frame of cost action a8.Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "supramolecular chemistry" in the frame of cost action d11 .exercice 2002 COST ACTION 715 .

TOOL AND A DESIGN LIAIS. The Relevance of Perceptions of Corruption to Crime Prevention.Nutrient management in the danube basin and its impact on the black sea (DANUBS) DATA-RES . DEMPATEM . A Comparative Cultural Study in the EU-Accession States. ENGIN.Behavioural.for Fusion Applications DENUF . agro-lime improvement with beneficial.Multi-Disciplinary Engineering By Using coupling Technology DEER DYNAMICS . Diagnostics Enhancments . the united kingdom and the united states Density Measurements of H.DEGAP .An innovative cyber voting system for Internet terminals and mobile phones CYCLIDES . PROC..Biodiversity conservation. biochemical and pharmacological approach to cystatin b and cysteine proteases. the netherlands.and D.Development of sensor devices for industrial crystallization optimisation CSIT .Early detection and control of toxigenic fusarium species and ochratoxigenic fungi in plant products DEV GLOBAL BIO . AND MARK. and molecular events involved in learned blink responses.Development of human dopaminergic neuronal cell lines for transplantation DANIEL GOULA .Cosmic Ray Produced Nuclide Systematics on Earth .Developing global bioresources through the eu Developing an understanding of trace gas fluxes over complex surfaces Developing Multilingual Web-scale Language Technologies Development of a chp process using grease and oil waste from plants and animals Development of an accurate and sensitive method for measuring iron bioavailability in humans Development of an in vitro model system to study the cellular conversion in barrett's syndrome.Integrated Management of Business Travel Transactions CTTFMM . a genetic. COACH THAT STIM. restoration and sustainable use in fragmented forest landscapes CRITICAL HEAT FLUX .Demand patterns and employment growth: consumption and services in france.Recycling of luminous substances from end-of-life cathode ray tubes (CRTS) Crustacean prevention of melanosis and quality indices CRYSEN . the EU-Candidate States and in the EU-States D.Crime as a Cultural Problem.Functional improvement of abnormal t1 relaxation patterns in acute myocardial infarction DANIELE SANVITTO .JET EP.Corticosteroids in hippocampal neurogenesis: cellular targets and mechanisms of action DANIEL MESSROGHLI .New product Design and Engineering Technologies based on next generation Computed Tomography DETOX-FUNGI . Diagnostic Enhancement . Project Management and Implementation DIAGNOSTICS ENHANCEM .Coupling vegetation dynamics and deer performances in Norway and France DEGAP . GR and UK CRISTIAN ECHEVERRIA . IN ENT. GAP BETW.JET EP.Modelling the molecular regulatory bases of circadian clocks DIAFOOT .The European Contribution CRTS .Design study of next generation pulsed magnet user facilities Design of integrated re-configurable assembly cells DESIRE .REMOTE MONITORING OF DIABETIC FEET DIAGNOSTICS ENHANCEM . neuronal.Critical Heat Flux and Thermal Fatigue Testing of CFC Monoblocks CRONUS-EU . IN PROD.Data Acquisition System for Renewable Energy Supply Network in Isolated Areas DAVID .Ultrafast-fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy on nucleosome of eukariotic cells. DANUBS . TEAM COMM.Computer science and information technology C-TRAVEL .Conferences. DEBUT . THROUGH AN INNOV.Regulation of cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity at the lytic synapse DANCE .CLOS.CRIME AND CULTURE .Mw Access.Design and Demonstration of Highly Reliable Low Nox Combustion Systems for Gas Turbines DESOL . DEV.Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides using Efficient Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions CYSTATIN B IN EPILEP . molecular biological. Seminars and Tutorials to Support e-Inclusion CYBERVOTE .Low cost low energy technology to desalinate water into potable water DETECT .Development of Tools for the Analysis of AC Current Distribution in Joints for Superconductor Magnets Development. Development of an innovative methodology for lactic whey treatment Development of bio-impregnated lime for agriculture practice. CYTOLYTIC SYNAPSE .DAta and Voice Integration over DWDM DE CASTRO SOUBRIET. AND CREAT. validation and application of hybrid atomistic modelling schemes DG-MC-MCC .Progressive myoclonic epilepsy and neuronal apotosis. nitrogen-fixing bacteria Development of high-speed steel advanced tools for dry mechanization Development of high-strength calcium phosphate bone cements for orthopaedic applications DEVELOPMENT OF TOOLS . germany. spain. DESIGN.Characterization of transcription termination factors in mammalian mitochondria CWST . Workshops.Wide Angle IR Ednoscope . .

PROCESSING AND CONTROL ECON2 . and design of new knowledge-based technologies EAMNET .Extrovert Gadgets EGSO .SARNET: A Proposal of Network of Excellence for a Sustainable Integration of European Research on Severe Accident Phenomenology and Management E-C ISLAND COOP . long term samples AT 8/11 DNA REPAIR ARCHAEA .Tools for Sustainabiltity Impact Assessment of the Forestry-Wood Chain E-FRUITRACE .Biomass gasification for chp with dry gas cleaning and regenerative heat recovery (DRY GAS CLEANING) DUSAN KORYTAR .Dynamics and statics of glasses and spin glasses: from aging to memory and equilibrium structures.Easy Composition in Future Generation Component Systems EC . and socio-economic development in north china ECOTRAIN .AGENT-BASED ENGINEERING IN COMPOSITES DESIGN.Economic valuation of the environment : the influence of social processes on judgement and decision-making DRY GAS CLEANING .SARNET .European Grid of Solar Observations EIHP2 . and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services DIPLOMAT ."eard-infosys+": web-based management and transfer of european knowledge on agricultural research for development EASE .Development of optical remote sensing instruments for volcanological applications DOWNVIND .Support Measures for Enabling the Access to and RTD co-operation with Slovakian IST Base EASYCOMP .universiYOU.Grassrefining an innovative approach for sustainable agricultural and economic regional development ECTINS .himalayan streams as model ecosystems for investigations of natural and anthropogenic change.European Children's Future University Network .EC . Information. Dynamics at metal surfaces E2C2 .Development of an interactive process technology database and design guidelines for friction stir welding of lightweight materials DISPOWER . pollution control.European cell therapy in the nervous system EDITH POMAROL-CLOTET .e-Forum for European Government EFORWOOD .Technical Conferences for Information Society Technologies E-COMPOSITES . storage.Electrical Energy Conversion and Condition ECONAG .net ECHALLENGES E2003-E2 . identification.distributed generation with high penetration of renewable energy sources.Data. distribution and use E-FORUM . schizophrenia and simple schizophrenia: a neuropsychological and fmri investigation EERWEM .Efficient electrical energy decentralised generation.Spatially resolved subsurface characterization of semiconductor wafers by high resolution x-ray diffraction DYGLAGEMEM .DIAMOND .Enhanced Coach and Bus Occupant Safety ECFUN .Earthquake Monitoring and Earthquake Risk in WEstern Mediterranean Effect of plant residue quality on gross N mineralisation.Dissemination of InFormal and Formal Useful Specifications and Experiences to research.immobilisation turnover in soils EFFICIENT ELECTRICAL .Development of lightweight stiff static sheet structures in gamma titanium aluminide (DOLSIG) DORSIVA .Demonstration of ITS Applications through Multimedia Over Networks using DAB DIATEL . technology development & demonstration communities DIGICULT FORUM .Euro-caribbean Island Cooperation in Sustainable Energies ECBOS .DISTANT OFFSHORE WINDFARMS WITH NO VISUAL IMPACT IN DEEPWATER DR .Electrochemical control of biofilm-forming micro-organisms : screening.He Beam Quartz microbalance.NET .European Conference on Aging Ecosystem service and sustainable watershed management towards flood prevention.Extreme Events: Causes and Consequences EA-BIOFILMS .The Digital Culture Forum DIP .Autism. DIVERTOR DIAGNOSTICS .Training in antitumoral diagnostic: developing of a new antitumoral diagnostic kit to detect the human telomerase enzyme Diatoms as indicators of environmental change . their host plants and antagonists in european coastal sand dunes: training opportunity for ecologists and agricultural biocontrol researchers ECSIRT.INTERNET TRACEABILITY IN THE FRUIT SECTOR E-GADGETS .European integrated hydrogen project .Dispower .European advanced light microscopy network (EAMNET) EARD-INFOSYS+ .Analysis of the Initiation of DNA Recombination/Repair in thermophilic Archaea Doctoral training on "semantic web technologies" DOLSIG .European Advice System Evaluation EASIST . DIFFUSE .HENRIK SVEDSATER .www.phase ii (EIHP2) .Ecology of plant parasitic nematodes.

Enrichment of oxygen in air for the application of lean gases in block type thermal power units ENTANGLED QUBITS . AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH ON ORTHOPAEDIC IMPLANTS DESIGN ENIGMATIC .Coordination and Implementation of Road Reseach in Europe E-REMEDY .Positional cloning of the non-nodulating locus (sym 1) of lotus japonicus ELEUTHESYNTHESIS .Euroscience Open Forum 2004 Highlighting Science.Thematic network : energy in the built environment (ENERBUILD RTD) ENGINE .Elucidation and characterisation of epithelial cell phenotypes EPOBIO .ERGONOMIC INSTRUMENTS DEVELOPMENT FOR HIP SURGERY. presentation and delivery of epitopes for development of novel vaccine for cytomegalovirus infections (EPI-PEP-VAC) EPIPLASTCARCINOMA .Tele-Medicine Platform to support Home Rehabilitation based on Internet Technologies ERGOSHOE .EVIDENCE-BASED POLICY FOR INTEGRATED CONTROL OF FORESTED RIVER CATCHMENTS IN EXTREME RAINFALL AND SNOWMELT EPI-PEP-VAC .Europe-Latin America Network for boosting international cooperation in the field of Life Sciences ELCAI .Efficient Industrial Waste-To-Energy Utilisation through Fuel Preparation and Advanced Bfb Combustion ELAN2LIFE .Enhanced ocean data assimilation and climate prediction ENBI .Support participation of scientists from eastern countries in the eu funded "plasma processes in the near-earth space: interball and beyond" (interball'2002) conference ESNI COURSE .The Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) dimension of the European Research Area (ERA) ERA-GENDER .Identification. and Innovation in Europe .Emerging Users Demands for Sustainable Solutions ENACT .Regeneration of semiarid plant communities: the role of el nino southern oscillation and herbivory control Elucidating the mechanism of action of glutamate synthase EMBRYO .EIWU .European landscape character assessment initiative Electricity Storage and Demonstration of Renewable Energy Systems ELECTROETCH .Organisation of a workshop on persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus to evaluate the risk of carrier animals in the europe of the new millenium (ESNI COURSE) ESOF 2004 . the key to safe enhanced aluminium surface finishing ELECTROTHERM .Exploiting mechanical motion of molecular architectures EMRS .European network for biodiversity information ENERBUILD RTD .Enhancement project .Realising the economic potential of renewable resources .E-PLATFORM TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE EUROPEAN AGRO-FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN EMMMA . Technology.INNOVATIVE METHODS AND CRITERIA FOR PRODUCTION OF CUSTOMISED SHOES ERICA .Environmental Risk from Ionising Contaminants: Assessment and Management (ERICA) ERITASK .Virtual Enterprise Builder Environmentally friendly and economical gelcasting using natural gelformers ENVITRACER .Pulse electrochemical etching.European Virtual Institute for Functional Genomics of Bacterial Pathogens E-PHARM UP .quartz microbalance project leader work laboratory testing and calibration of prototypes ENHIP .Women in Science: Mainstreaming gender equality in the European Research Area ERA-NET ROAD .Synthesis of Eleutheside Analogues : Potential Microtubule-Stabilizing Anticancer Drugs ELNINO . ELENA SIMONA RADUTOI .Development of environmentally friendly tracer technology for improved reservoir description (ENVITRACER) Enzyme-based detection bio-sensor EPG .Development of EMBRIO firms for the transfer of technology from the Universities E-MENSA .European Network on Integration of New Generation Mobility And Transport Innovative Concepts ENORASI .Environmental Research Institute Transfer of Atmospheric Science Knowledge ERYTHROPOIESIS .ENhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe ENHANCEMENT PROJECT .Best Practice e-Marketplace in Romanian Pharmaceutical Sector EPIC FORCE .Virtual Environments for the Training of Visually Impaired ENOX .A european network of excellence : molecular control of erythropoiesis ESCI-INTERBALL'2002 .Concept and Methodology for SmartHigh Effective Thermoelectric Peltier-Coolers for Telecommunication Laser Sources Electroweak baryogenesis and the sphaleron rate.Molecular mechanisms of epithelial plasticity and its involvement in carcinoma progression EPITHELIAL CELL PHEN .Quantum Entanglement in a Multiple Quantum Bit Solid State Circuit ENTER .bioproducts from non-food crops ERA-ARD .ERA-NET ROAD .A European Multimedia Repository of Science EMUDE .

European collaborative study on pregnant hiv-infected women and their children European development of orphan drugs European differential geometry endeavour EUROPEAN ITER SITE S . and Multilingual Web Content ESTABLISH .European unified approach for accessible lifelong learning EUAIN .External manifolds ITER task agreement: not yet assigned FACIT .Euroconference On Photovoltaic Devices . performance and processing prediction for enhanced design with non-crimp fabric composites (FALCOM) FASOLLASI .Rational Treatment Strategies Combating Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation (OXPHOS) Disorders EUPASS .Common European Tool for Credit Management EURODETECTOR .Workprogramme related to the missions required for preparing and debriefing the experimental campaign in 2001 at JET Experimental simulation and geochemical characterization of interactions between evolved liquids and gabbroic mineral assemblages at moderate pressures (< 10 kbar) EXPRESS-IMMUNOTECH .I European Telecommunication Summer School EUROCLIM .Fiber variability of european spruce and wood assortments for improved tmp production EUROGLYCAN . clinical. Indexing and Routing of Textual.Eukaryotic polyketides in surrogate hosts EUMITOCOMBAT .Development of new express enzyme irnmunotechniques for pesticides and surfactants monitoring in water EXTERNAL MANIFOLDS . allergy and the lung (preferred name .Design of a new forged banknote detector for testing the new european currency: the euro .European vaccine effort against hiv/aids .european community respiratory health survey ii) EUREX .Extension of capabilities for mad experiments at synchrotron infrastructures EXPAH .European prospective study of environment.Integrated water resource management for important deep european lakes and their catchment areas Euro-mediterranean workshop on research priorities on biological.Foster the Access to CRAFT measures for Information Technology FALCOM . in particular antioxidants Establishment of multicellular organisation in the early vertebrate embryo EU4ALL .A systematic approach towards the understanding.Fast solver for linear acoustic simulations . 1945-2000 Evolution of the stellar populations and active galactic nuclei in radio galaxies out to z>5 EXCITATORY SYNAPSES .ii (EUROVAC-II) EUTP II .European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EUR²EX) EURO TELECO SCHOOL .Excitatory synapses in the neocortex: a calcium study imagining of pre and post synaptic elements with a molecular characterization by single cell rt-multiplexpcr EXMAD .Thematic Network on Freight Transfer Points and Terminals EU-US WORKSHOP .ESPERONTO SERVICES .Failure.Evolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly Systems EU-PEAL . Aggregation.the european maritime virtual institue EVOCATAL .eurodetector EUROFIBER .European cancer immunome database EUKETIDES . diagnosis and treatment of cdgs. market size and market structure.Effects of pahs in environmental pollution on exogenous and endogenous dna damage EXPERIMENTAL CAMPAIN . Multimedia.Improved understanding of stratospheric ozone loss by collaboration with the sage iii ozone loss and validation experiment EUROVAC-II . socio-economic and preventive aspects of genetic disorders in the context of epidemiological transition in the mediterranean.Workshop on "Systems biology of DNA-damage-induced stress responses" EVIMAR .European Climate Change Monitoring and Prediction System EUROCREDTOOL .Target Action L EUROSOLVE .Molecular ecophysiology as tool for the selection of highly stress resistant poplar species for multipurpose forests Establishment and operation of a pilot cell factory for the production of secondary metabolites from medicinal plants.EUROPEAN ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION NETWORK EUCIP .European ITER Site Study -2 Cadarache 2002 EISS-2 European research training centre in sign language and deaf studies European Seminar "OWEMES 2000" April 2000 European-korean seminar: perspectives and challenges for s&t-co-operation in the area of environmental catalysis EUROPV .Evimar .Directed evolution of enantioselective biocatalysts Evolution of regulatory elements in the achaete-scute complex of diptera Evolution of the european film industry : sunk costs. a novel group of inborn metabolic disorders caused by defects of glycosylation EUROLAKES .Application Service Provision of Semantic Annotation.

Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRacts FRIEDREICH'S ATAXIA .The development of a high output processing method for the extrusion of solid thermoplastic sheet and profile.SCHLICHTENBRE . modular Rapid Prototyping system for rigid and flexible models ( FLEXRAP) FLIPPASES .Observations.Improvement of transport safety by control of fog production in a chamber (FOG) FOODBORNE VIRUSES IN . textile wing structure for aircraft emergency recovery and heavy load delivery FATEALLCHEM .Developing a partial fishmeal replacer from EU plant raw materials for use in aquaculture FLASH .Facilitating and Enhancing Access to Life-long Learning SOlutions for a Wide variety of Social categories FEMAG .Modelling migration from plastics into foodstuffs as a novel and cost efficient tool for estimation of consumer exposure from food contact materials.Framework architecture to semantically integrate advanced threat detection and security protection at ultra-high speeds FASTWING . FRESCOR . Analysis and Modeling of Lightning Activity in Thunderstorms.Development of Natural Altematives to Anti-microbials for The Control of Pig Health and Promotion of Performance FELLOWS .Flexible Ecological Multipurpose Advanced Generator (FEMAG) FENCO-ERA .Diagnosis of infection and morbidity in lymphatic filariasis: development of field applicable tools FISHCAM .Protein-mediated lipid translocation Regulation and physiological significance of transbilayer lipid distribution FLUORODESILYATIONVG .Development of an innovative.Flexible And Intelligent (S)MATV Systems FLEXPAINT .Flexibility and competitiveness: labour market flexibility. innovation and organisational performance FLEXIFORM .Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the eXpected 'energy evolution' FENS FORUM 2002 .FASTMATCH .Foldable.A novel system for prressure casting of ceramic products with maximum flexibility of manufacture FLEXIMATV . Safety.Role and regulation of FOXO transcription factors in development of breast cancer and drug resistance.A novel approach towards the preparation of enantioenriched allylic fluorides FMDV VACCINE .Supporting Dynamic Federated Organisations Management FOXO BREAST CANCER .Fisheries Computer Aided Management FISHMEAL REPLACEMENT .Gene therapy for retinal degeneration FREDERIC SIDOUX-WALT . steerable.Biosage coronavirus vector-based vaccine for prevention of foot-and-mouth disease (FMDV VACCINE) FOG .Engineering a Co-operative Inter-Enterprise Management Framework .COM .Feasibility Study and Fabrication of Studs with Copper Core for Separable PFW Panels .Basque Country Research Fair 2005 FIBRESCOPE .3rd forum of european neuroscience (FENS FORUM 2002) FIAH 2005 .Developing methods and models for assessing the impacts of trees on farm productivity and regional biodiversity in fragmented landscapes FRANKC.Novel mechanisms of cell communication in the nervous system : physiology and .Freezing milt as tool for genetic improvement of farmed seabream FREEFLOW .Forest fire risk and hazard assessment: a holistic approach FORM .FerroeLectric for EURope FLEX.Fuel Cell Testing.D Initiative for Fossil Energy Technologies towards Zero Emission Power Plant FENIX .Stage 1 ITER Task Agreement: G16TT94 ITER Task: EU-T420 FECG . adaptive.Efficient low volume high variant robotized painting FLEXRAP . Foreign investment as an entry mode and post-entry behaviour in eastern europe FORFAIT-B .Dissemination of a knowledge based system for determining appropriate intervention during labour based on a qualified analyses of the foetal electrocardiogram FEED FOR PIG HEALTH .Fate and toxicity of allelochemicals (natural plant toxins) in relation to environment and consumer FCTESQA . FUNCTION OF P75NTR .Analysis of the transport function of mammalian aquaporins FREE GENES . for use in Short Term Forecasting of Flash Floods FLEUR .Molecular and biochemical pathogenesis of friedreich's ataxia: search for treatments.Flexible inspection of bores with a robotic endoscope (FIBRESCOPE) Fibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering FILINMOR .Lipid flippases .Rapid detection of transnational foodborne vital infection and elucidation of transmission routes through molecular tracing and development of a common database FOODMIGROSURE . Quality Assurance FEASIBILITY STUDY AN . FRAGMENT .

Global systems and policy design for the european research area GLOW-FISH .Genre et gestion locale du changement dans sept pays de l'union européenne Geochemical and geophysical studies of mantle plumes and rifted margins GEOCOOL . Standards.function of the p75 neurotrophin receptor Functional imaging of the human body Functional validation and identification of parkinson's disease gene targets FUNGAL CAROTENOIDS . Roadmap And Training Groebner bases and rewriting in low-dimensional homotopical algebra Growth and optics of nitride-based heterostructures: study of interfaces GUARD .Innovations and Impact of Gut Health Foods: A Virtual Technology Platform .study GIULIO BONELLI .Fuel For Transmutation Of Transuranium Elements FW-SCIENCE2004 .Differential expression of progesterone 5beta-reductase gene and cardenolide biosynthesis in digitalis purpurea GB8-V61 TITANIUM ALL .GRid search and Categorisation Engine GRAZEMORE .The geometry of m-theory and discrete symmetries GLASSGAS .long term technology.Geoid and ocean circulation in the north atlantic GOODFOOD .Potential adverse effects of gsm cellular phones on hearing GUTIMPACT .Silicon/Glass Microstructures for innovative Gas Sensing Systems GLOSPERA .Food safety screening: synthetic glucocorticoids Glutamatergic synaptic transmission and intracellular ca2+ release in cerebellar purkinje neurons GLYCOPEPSCG . palm oil and coconut milk GASCHECK FOR VRS .Production of fungal carotenoids for healthy nutrition FUSION TECHNOLOGY 1.Geothermal Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Along European Coastal Areas Geometric methods in algebraic theory implementation to multivariable control systems GEORGIOS PETEKIDIS .A complete collection of x chromosome genes: an important tool for systematic expression studies and disease gene identification Genome mining for enzymes acting on starch GENOMYCA .Identification and analysis of endothelium-specific fgf2-regulated genes involved in angiogenesis and vascular tumors GERVOISPHILIPPE .Development of dairy and dual-purpose grazing systems in Latin-America through safer and higher quality food chains GRIDSTART .Gene radiation interaction: their influence on pre-menopausal breast cancer risk after chernobyl Generation of new carrier systems for specific cell targeting GENE-X CONSORTIUM .GIS technology and market in south East Europe . GRAZSAFE .4 Cracking of irradiated RAFM GBMAF .Improving sustainability of milk production systems in the european union through increasing reliance on grazed pasture.Structural and dynamic behavior of suspensions of soft colloids under shear flow GERMÁN ANDRÉS HERNÁN .Gascheck a reliable control and check of vapours at petrol stations for improved environment GAVIDIA SANCHEZ ISAB .Geographic Information Network in Europe GISEE .Glycopeptide Synthesis and Chemical Glycobiology GMO-COMPASS ..Genomics and the Analysis of Complex Traits GENE-RAD-INTERACT .GMO Communication and safety evaluation platform GOAHEAD . European blanket project (EBP) FUTURE . Applications.Generic Formatting for Storage GINIE .Galilee Economic Diversification and Growth Enterprises RIS Programme GARISECURE .blanket technology 3.Combining geostatistical and bayesian methods to improve the scientific basis for the management of atlantic mackerel fisheries GENACT .Improving the quality and nutritional status of "gari" through the use of starter cultures and fortification with soybean.* Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2.GB8-V61 Titanium alloys irradiation testing. GB8-V63 Detailed investigations of CuA 125 its joints with 316LN SS and joint testing procedure GB8-T 329-5 Development of water hydraEBP/SM 3.The Fascinating World of Science GAL-EDGE . G-FORS .and endocytosis events at neuronal synapses of the zebrafish GLUCOCORTICOIDS ANAL .Grid Dissemination.Role of the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (ppar alpha) in regulating plasma levels of cardiovascular risk factors.FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY MONITORING WITH MICROSYSTEMS GRACE .Genes and genetic engineering for arbuscular mycorrhiza technology and applications in sustainable agriculture GENRE ET LOCAL .Generation of Advanced Helicopter Experimental Aerodynamic Database for CFD code validation GOCINA .Visualisation and analysis of exo.

Inflammatory bowel disease: analysis of environmental.Home Access System for Video based IP Tele-services HCLMP .Hydrogen-bond geared Mechanically interlocked Molecular Motors HYBRILA .Human model for safety two (HUMOS 2) HUPA .HAPtic sensing of virtual TEXtiles Hard metal machining in a jobbing shop type environment HAS VIDEO .Determination of liquid water transfer properties of porous building materials and development of numerical assessment methods (HAMSTAD) HAPTEX .Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Supplying of Services in Rural Settlements of Mediterranean Partner Countries HYRESSA .Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas HIGH-DENSITY-QCD@LHC .safe and effective storage solution (HYMOSSES) HYPERSOLUTES .Heritage Illustrated Thesaurus HOLOAUTHENTIC .Hydrogen in mobile and stationary devices .High shear mixing to recycle vulcanised rubber by devulcanisation HTR-N .roadmaps IGNACIO V.Joining of beo centre of exellence to european network of high mountain observatories.Conservation of diversity in an exploited species: spatio-temporal variation in the genetics of herring (Clupea harengus) in the North Sea and adjacent areas HERMES . HIPRO .HUMAN centred design for Information Society Technologies HUMOS 2 . Holography and Quantum Gravity HOLOTC. immunological and genetic influences using model systems IBIS .Hydrogen Storage Research Training Network IALSI .HAMSTAD .Hot Core around Low Mass Protostars HCV INHIBITORS .and Communication based Design of Embedded Systems IDA .E-commerce logistics for homes HSM .improvements and access to a large simulation chamber IBDMODELS . EARLY B12 MA .Health sector policies in latin america: success.Health Interactive Satellite Channel HEALTHY POULTRY .Hard probes of high-density Quantum Chromo Dynamics in high-energy hadronic collisions at CERN-LHC.High-temperature reactor physics and fuel cycle studies HUMANIST .Interface.Development of new integrated strategies for prevention.Demonstration of the clinical utility of holotc as an early marker of vitamin b12 deficiency HOMEDOOR .HYperspectral REmote Sensing in Europe .Hogsara island demonstration project HITITE .N2o activation : new catalysts for abatement and utilization .Individually configurable automatic cost calculation system for 3-d laser cutting (ICACOST) ICEAGE .Humic substances in performance assessment of nuclear waste disposal: actinide and iodine migration in the far-field HY3M .Holographic authenticity sensors (HOLOAUTHENTIC) HOLOGRAPHY . MELIAN CA .Hybrid Renewable Energy Project Supplying Electricity to an Irish Local Authority HYDROPHOB .potential antivirals for treatment and protection against hepatitis c virus-induced diseases (HCV INHIBITORS) HEALTH POLICY CHALLE .Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle System Component Development HYTRAIN .Investigation on damage tolerance behaviour of aluminium allays (IDA) IDEAS .Processes relevant to global change. Engaging & Active Media ICODES .The inflammatory modulation of vanilloid receptor 1 (vr1) in synovitis HERGEN .ASSESSMENT OF HUMAN HEALTH IMPACTS FROM EMERGING MICROBIAL PATHOGENS IN DRINKING WATER BY MOLECULAR AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES HELEN PICKERSGILL .specific Support Actions HYSYS .Extremophiles as cell factories for the production of hyperthermosolutes HYRESS .International collaboration to extend and advance grid education ICE-CREAM . HIMONTONET .Gravitation.Engineering enzyme activation by mimicking an autoregulation process. HELENE SEEGERS .Design of novel inhibitors of hcv rna helicase . control and monitoring of epzootic poultry diseases HEALTHY-WATER .Hygrothermal properties of carbon fibre reinforced composites (HYGROTHERM) HYMOSSES .Interactive Consumption of Entertainment in Consumer Responsive.Improvement of wood product properties by increased hydrophobicity obtained by the use of silicon compounds HYGROTHERM .High performance digital processing and electronics for audio and home-theatre applications HISP .Agent-based distributed decision support system for brain tumour diagnosis and prognosis HEALTHSAT .Advanced multi-functional machinery for outdoor applications ICACOST . failure and the challenges ahead HEALTHAGENTS .Interoperability Developments for Enterprise Application and Software .Investigating the role of proteins associated with the nuclear pore complex in regulating gene expression and dna double stranded break repair HELENE DEBAT .

A study of magnetic correlation lengths and magnetic anisotropy in triangular antiferromagnets (INMN03.Development of advanced tools for the production of artworks using marble powder (INDUSTRIAL WASTES) INEQ .IMplementing Pricing Reforms IN Transport .Innovative assembly techniques to reduce costs for european shoemakers (INASTEC) INCOMED . weed control.Innovative membrane process for reduced energy ammonia recovery (IMPRESS) IMPRINT-NET .Integrated system to manage the enormous complexity of the genome and proteome of the specific immune response: imgt.NETworking Improving the quality and economic performance of cattle and the european leather sector through improved husbandry practice IMS-EUROBUST .INcreaSIng prosthesis DEsign Insights from mr-monitoring of animal brain function and dysfunction Insights into island evolution and the biogeography of the mediterranean region as exemplified by the spider family dysderidae IN-SITU HYBRIDISATIO . Flight Plan and Digital Video Data Fusion for SMGCS INTRA MAINTENANCE AN .Metapopulation models of the intra-host dynamics of persistent infectious pathogens and the immune response.Intent "the transition towards global air and ground collaboration in traffic separation assurance" INTERCROP .Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for WebService Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies. the international immunogenetics database.Invention and implementation of a novel robust design methodology INASTEC . comfort and handling by intelligent vibration reduction.Innovative coating of temperature sensitive medical implants with biofunctional materials using electron beam ablation Increasing the productivity of bambara groundnut INDIGO .Inequality: Mechanisms. Aquaculture and Seafood Processing Research Area and the Fishery Industry Impact of atmospheric imputs of nutrients on the n_2 fixation by cyanobacteria IMPETUS .Innovation management using appropriate tools and measurements for smes (IMPETUS) Implementation of a study aimed at assessing the gender impact in the specific programme"confirming the international role of community research(code wosci-geimas" IMPRESS .Stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper INMN03. LUMN03 AND SCMN03) INMOVE . INTENT .Improved non sticking coating for mould used in injection moulding for plastic material IMPACT FISH . .Injector flows .Injection lasing in organic thin films IMGT .Intelligent Image Displays I-LEVELS . Distributed Decision Support Units and Multi-Agent# INHOMNET .Impact Assessment of the FP4 and FP5 Research Programmes on Fisheries.Integrated Radar. LUMN03 AND S .INtelligent MObile Video Environment INNOFLEX . improved product quality and prevention of n-losses in european organic farming systems International conference on advanced optical materials and devices International symposium on high mountain lakes and streams. indicators of a changing world INTERVUSE .In-situ hybridisation in combination with flow-cytometry as a new tool in water quality control INSPECTION AND WELDI .Intercroping of cereals and grain legumes for increased production.Stepping up Economical and Technology Intelligence in Sport In-service non destructive monitoring of industrial structures by new acoustic emission technology INSIDE .Optimising vehicle safety.Inspection and welding qalification for jacketing of nbti and dummy cables for the poloidal field conductor insert coil INSTIT .Innovative firm's performances and internal/external workforce flexibility and personnal/social consequences INNOSPORT .IID .Integrated highly sensitive fluorescence-based biosensor for diagnosis applications INDUSTRIAL WASTES .Development and Implementation of Regional Innovation Strategy in Trencin Region INTECS .Information Services and Technology Access for Biomedical Microdevices Integer programming and local search-hybrid methods Integrated geophysical techniques for surveying and quantifying potentially polluted sediments in european waterways INTELLIGENT VIBRATIO .low emission levels by engine modeling (I-LEVELS) ILO . Effects and Policies Influence of behavioural games on the evolution of life-history characters Information. IMOSTICO .In Home High Speed Multimedia Network based on IEEE 1394 INKCOR .Intra maintenance and validation INTRAHOSTDYN . consulting and facilitation infrastructure development for the moldavian participation in the european rtd program INFRAWEBS .

Integrated communicating Solid-State Light Engine (ISLE) for use in Automotive Forward Lighting and information exchange between vehicles and infrastructure ISSRNS'2002 .New and emerging technologies: improved laboratory and on-site detection of OIE List A viruses in animals and animal products LABROUSSE LOÏC .Exhumation processes in orogenic belts : high resolution thermobarometry and in-situ dating in the adula nappe LAB-VR .Experimental investigations of the flow interactions between the first guide vanes and the impeller of the radial compressor JAROSLAV HANUS .Integrated mesoscale-hydrometeorological modelling for rainfall and flood forecasting.Muon identification and reconstruction in a new generation p-p collision experiment LAMELOW .Learning and Teaching Operations Research and Management Science (OR/MS) with a Web based Hypermedia Learning Environment IPB .technology in service to the environment" KOTLOWSKI ROMAN .Integrated system for intelligent regional environmental monitoring & management ISLANDS .Integrative plant biology : from genomes to development and plant physiology IPROSEC .Jet ep.Innovative remote dismantling techniques IRIST . nmr and molecular modelling JET EP.INUENDO .European Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence Keep animals healthy KIST .Integrated system for long distance psychiatric assistance and non-conventional distributed health services (ISLANDS) ISLE . icrh.Joint technical approach for decontamination of soil and groundwater Joint sand with weed control. epidemiologic studies of time to pregnancy and semen quality in inuit and european populations.Multi-scale methods for two-phase and complex flows LASERACT .Aegean Innovation Relay Centre IRCYL .Integrated European Laser Laboratories .Improved roughing with integrated sensor technology IRMA .KNOWLEDGE APPLICATIONS FOR COLLABORATIVE ORGANISATIONAL NETWORKS KOMEKO 2003 . INVETE .Innovation Relay Centre to Promote the Transnational Technology Transfer in Hungary IRC STEZ . project management and co-ordination of ICRH sub-system design and integration JODIE .Eddy current and em load analysis for iter-feat blanket design options during plasma disruptions IVO KRAB .IRC Stuttgart-Erfurt-Zurich IRC-EGE .Journey Online Discoverer Environment JOINT . ICRH.Adding intelligence into clothing JACEK KITZINGER .Waste fibre recycling in concrete.Labelling agricultural plastic waste for reuse or disposal LAB-ON-SITE .Investigation of the risk of cyanide in gold leaching on health and environment in central asia and central europe IRDIT . the cellulose-xyloglucan interactions inferred by raman.New approaches to folding simulation and ab initio protein structure prediction I-WEAR .Development and clinical evaluation of bioreplaceable small joint prosthesis for the correction of destructed small joints in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (JOINT SCAFFOLD) KDNET . policy and practice IQML .Partial root drying : a sustainable irrigation system for efficient water use without reducing fruit yield ISIREMM .Vi international school and symposium on synchrotron radiation in natural science ITER-FEAT BLANKET .Intelligent in-vehicle terminal for multimodal flexible collective transport services Involvement Of Hoxa2 In Hindbrain Serotonergic Neuron Development IO .Neural knowledge management solutions for the coating market value chain KNOWLABORATION .Improving policy responses and outcomes to socio-economic challenges: changing family structures.International conference "komeko 2003 . PROJEC .Integrated decontamination and rehabilitation of buildings.Structure and dynamics of the plant cell wall.Genetical characterization of the putative hemolysins/cytolysins of mycobacterium avium KOZYNIAK KATHLEEN 10 .Biopersistent organochlorines in diet and human fertility.Knowledge and Information Stimulating Technology KNOWCOAT . KYRIACOS NEOCLEOUS . concrete block pavement. development of design guidelines LABELAGRIWASTE .Laser multitask non-destructive technology in conservation diagnostic procedures LASERLAB-EUROPE .A Software Suite and Extended Mark-up Language (XML) Standard for Intelligent Questionnaires IRC HUNGARY . structures and materials in urban renewal IRRISPLIT .LAST MILE FOR ELECTROCHROMIC WINDOWS LANGE .Virtual Access to Research Labs LAGOURI THEODOTA . JOINT SCAFFOLD .

Mapping underground aquifers using direct-current resistivity and induced polarization.Transmission line design power supplies design control system design project management LAURENT COPPOLA .workshop MASTER .Long-term behaviour of metal-contaminated wastes: the role of metal speciation in groundwater protection and the sustainable management of brown field sites (LONGMET) LOPEZ RODOLPHE .Design methodology and implementation of a 3rd generation W-CDMA transceiver using deep submicron CMOS technologies LEROUX VIRGINIE .LAUNCHER ENGINEERING .Molecular characterization and identification of biological risk factors in mantle cell lymphoma MARC RIBO . Logistics for technical intallations integrated with construction project management LONGMET .Development of light water reactor (LWR) reference electrodes LIRIC .Living conditions.Machining numerical simulation MAGWAT .The role of c/ebp transcription factors in vertebrate development: a genetic approach Low cost in mould monitoring for high speed rtm LOWVOLTECHEXPORT . Enhancement and Refinement MAX-INF .Scanning probe research on nanoscale magnetism of advanced materials for high resolution recording MAGNUS .Lngs: a low background facility for particle physics.Model-driven Architecture inSTrumentation.Synchrotron cosy LIGHT ON CLOCK GENES .Microquasars in the xmm and integral era MARIA CARMEN SANCHEZ . geophysics and biology.LEARNING IN PROCESS LIPOPEPTIDE . lifestyles and health LNGSBEYOND2000 .Identification of novel irp target genes by microarray technology MARIA MANUELA DOS AN .New tools and processes for improving machining of heat resistant alloys used in aerospace applications (MACHERENA) MACROTEC .integration of macroeconomic and s&t policies for growth.Interactions of thorium with marine organic matter in the shelf region LAVA .Small Off-Grid Pv/Diesel Hybrid Systems on the Island of Lesvos LET US IN EU .Use and application of the master curve method for determining fracture toughness .THE ROLE OF CIRCADIAN CLOCK GENES IN THE EYE: A SHIFT IN SCIENTIFIC FOCUS Lightning and overvoltage protection for typical mediterranean house containing electronic equipment Limit cycles for planar polynomial vector fields LIP .Life Science Competence in Europe LIFE-COSY . insights into the antitumor mechanism of cisplatin MARTIN SPITALER .Access to lund university combustion centre LCCN .Multi-channel cooperativity in visual processing MEAD .Long Range Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring MACHERENA .and sequence-specific recognition of platinated dna by lef-1.Management of health and environmental hazards MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA .Expression of malaria parasite invasion-associated proteins in the sporozoite: Novel vaccination strategy MANHAZ .Magnetic resonance imaging system for ground water investigations MALINV . astrophysics.Leveraging Intra and inter countries territorial marketing in Eastern European manufacturing sector LLH .Laser vibrometry network : systems and applications (LAVINYA) LCC .Risk Mitigation for Earthquakes and Landslides LESVOS II .INnovation in Less favoUrite regions and pre accession countries: promotion of SME participation in the RTD programmeS of the European Union LIFECOMPETENCE .European macromolecular crystallography infrastructure network MBI . LESSLOSS .Linkage disequilibrium in european populations (LD-EUROPE) LEB .B cells linking innate and acquired immunity in mouse and in human MARKUS DRUMM .Structure.Defined lipopeptide vaccines LIRES . nuclear physics.Learning for Adaptable Visual Assistants LAVINYA . enployment and technology MAGNETUDE .Assistance to European Industry to Penetrate Emerging Markets in Low Volatile Coal Combustion Technologies LRUCM .The function and regulation of protein kinase d in lymphocytes MASC .Learning Citizen Cluster Node LCOS4LCOS .European Low Energy Conference LEMON .Liquid Crystal On Silicon For Low Cost Optical Systems LD-EUROPE .Mechanisms of brain inflammation (MBI) MCCOOP .Marine effects of atmospheric deposition .

To continue to host an Innovation Relay Centre covering the Midlands region of the UK MOBILEARN .A MET-TARGETED TYROSINE KINASE INHIBITORAS A NEW ANTICANCER DRUG METMICOATED .Mediterranean and trans-european networks for transport MEDIS .Tools for evaluating investment in the mediterranean mountain areas .Forecasting the dynamic response of timber quality to management and environmental change: an integrated approach MEGA .Next-generation paradigms and interfaces for technology supported learning in a mobile environment exploring the potential of ambient intelligence MOBILIFE . copi-independent golgi to er retrograde transport pathway Molecular Dissection of Cross-Tolerance in Plants .Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems and increasing drought: vulnerability assessment MINIGCSENS . D-Film and E-Cinema Applications METALLOPHYTES .Methodological and experimental research centre and infrastructure for studies of global climate change impacts on forests MERIT .Micro Electronic Transactions for Edition Over inteRnEt Meteoritics and cosmochemistry training site METHODEX .Miniaturised gas chromatographic analysis system based on micromachined silicon and metal oxide semiconductor sensors (MINIGCSENS) Minimal and safe processing of foods by continuous ultra high pressure homogenisation MIRACLE .Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications Melt fracture and flow instabilities in complex fluids MENMED .Mechanical design criteria for composite materials and database MECHANISMS OF MG .Implementation of the measuring instruments directives (mid) with regards to software of measuring instruments (mid-software) MIM .From the adoption of agriculture to the current landscape: long-term interaction between men and environment in the east mediterranean basin MERCI .An integrated approach towards removal by plants of toxic metals from polluted soils METEORE 2000 .Measurement of the (232)Th(n.THE MHP KNOWLEDGE PROJECT Microchannel approaches to the combinatorial synthesis of small organic molecules.2n)(231)Th reaction cross section in the Th-U cycle MECHANICAL DESIGN CR .Mobile Life MOCHO .Developing Molecular Medicines for Cancer in the Post-Genome Era Molecular and electrophysiological study of the haemolysin abc transporter: a molecular model for chemotherapy improvement and protein mass production in biotechnology Molecular characterisation of a novel rab6-dependent. based on pm of ceramic coated metal powders MHP-KDB .Metadata Enhanced Digital Camera with Universal Format for Multiple Broadcast.Coordinating and promoting malaria research and control activities in africa through the multilateral initiative on malaria (MIM) MINATROC .The rationale of motherhood choices: influence of employment conditions and of public policies Modeling and testing of vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays Modeling questions of solidarity and cooperation: theory and data-analysis Modelling foam drainage : from local hydrodynamics towards global stability Modelling of heterobasidion infection in european forests : a decision-support tool for the forest manager MOL CANCER MED .Mechanical stress model for packaged ICs Metabolic studies using stable isotopes in humans and animals METACAMERA . low cost metal-ceramic composites massive and coating materials.Media Collaboration for Interactive TV MEDA TEN-T .Influence of microflora on heavy metal cycles and water quality MIRC . Microelectronic opto mechanical systems in campania felix Microscopic studies of exotic nuclear states Microstructurally engineered foods MID-SOFTWARE .Understanding the mechanism of autoimmunity through myasthenia gravis (MECHANISMS OF MG) Mechatronic upgrade & wheelchair integration of the service manipulator the arm MECITV .Methods and data on environmental and health externalities: harmonising and sharing of operational estimates METINHIB .MEDIterranean food and agro industry applications of Solar COling technologies MEDMONT .MODELS FOR EUROPEAN DIGITAL ISLANDS MEDISCO .an integrated framework for sustainable development Meeting on mangrove macrobenthos MEFYQUE .Mineral dust and tropospheric chemistry MIND .Management of the environment and resources using integrated techniques (MERIT) MESMERIC .Development of new.

The development of a food quality and management system for the control of mycotoxins in cereal production and processing chains in latin america south cone countries MYRRH .New and Innovative Concepts for Helping European transport Sustainability .A Multi-language distributed Web platform for B2B and B2C E. based on calibrated production and web-technology Neural prostheses NEUROEMPATHY . New genetics / new society? integrating science.INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES FOR IN-VIVO MOLECULAR IMAGING Molecular mechanisms controlling chemokine receptor mRNA stability MOLFUN .Use of mycorrhizal fungi for the phytostabilisation of radio-contaminated environments MYTHS . New constraints on the origin of continents: a hf-nd isotopic study of continental mantle lithosphere through time New functional block copolymers with photosensitive properties.Multi-sensor precipitation measurements integration.Technology transfer system for the innovative curved glass industry MOSAICA .Next Generation Active Integrated Optic Subsystems NAMAM .Managing with uncertainty in science policy MUSIC .New European Wish: Operating Project for European Rail Network New perspectives in allogeneic transplantation of hematopoietic cells NEW SUBSTRATE .NEw partnerships for Sustainable development in the Knowledge EconomY NET-PRINT EUROPE . MOLECULAR IMAGING . environmentally friendly substrate from compost and agricultural waste.Marine Overlays on Topography for Annex II Valuation and Exploitation MOWGLY .NANODEPOSITION OF ACTIVE ORDERED STRUCTURES BY COLD ATOMS TECHNOLOGIES NANODIAMOND .Molecular Function in Post-Genome Biology (MolFun) MOLMED .New Methods for Superior Integrated Hydrogen Generation System NEPSA . society and policy NEW OPERA .Centre of excellence in nano.Advanced technological applications of nanocrystalline diamond/amorphous carbon composite films NANOMED .COM .Micromachined Ultrasound transducers for wide range application in Medical imaging and Non Destructive Testing MVAC . calibration and flood forecasting (MUSIC) MUSTWIN .Nanobiotechnology and medicine NANO-PATHOLOGY .New products from starch-derived 1.Commerce MUSCIPOLI .Towards a neuroscience of empathy: shared circuits for actions.Network for a european forest information service NEMESIS . for glasshouse horticulture and reforestation NEWCOM .MObile Wideband Global Link sYstem Multipartite quantum entanglement: theoretical aspects and new applications MULTIWEB.Molecular genetic dissection of a disease resistance pathway in arabidopsis.Evaluation of lentivirus dna vaccination strategies in sheep (MVAC) MYCOTOX .Tunneling spectroscopy on single molecular and semiconducting nanostructures Ndt crack analysis for concrete (advanced concrete crack monitoring-device) NEFIS .Measurement of Naturalness MONOPLA .New media consumption in Extended interactive TeleVision environment NFL .Review of molten salt reactor technology MOTIIVE .Nanostructured semiconducting metal oxide gas sensors for flexible automotive and domestic applications NANOSPECTRA . emotions and sensations NEUROWEB .Models and Types for Security in Mobile Distributed Systems NAIS .Centre of excellence in molecular medicine . Photonic Band Gap Devices and Photonic Crystals NEXTV .Enabling Technologies for 3D Nano Photonics: New Materials and Process Technology for Real 3D Integrated Optical Circuits. collaborative access to cultural heritage MOST .co-operation and integration of research and postgraduate training MONAT .Monodispersed inorganic nanoclusters as building blocks for functional materials NANOCOLD .The development of a European SME "Virtual Corporation" in the printing industry.and microscale characterization and development of advanced materials Nanocapsules with functionalized surfaces and walls NANOCLUSTER .Studsvik neutron research laboratory NICHES .NEUROWEB: Integration and sharing of information and knowledge in neurology and neurosciences New approaches to multi-jet calculations in hadron collisions.A new.Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications NEWTON .Semantically enhanced.5-anhydro-d-fructose NESKEY . multifaceted.The role of nano-particles in material-induced pathologies NANOSENSOFLEX .

Innovation in small capacity ammonia refrigeration plants (OSCAR) OUTBOARD MANIFOLD DE .Natural oxylipins and defence in ornamentals non-linear and adaptive control: tools and algorithms for the user NORFACE . complying with new grid requirement OSCAR .Ways of organisational learning in the chemical industry and their impact on vocational education and training OROMA .Object-oriented co-design and functional test techniques OMEGA .Proposal for Opet activities to be carried out in the Years 2000/2001 Optical potentials for inelastic scattering from many-body systems Optimisation methods for computing economic equilibria in functional spaces.nmr structural studies of chemically modified c-cytochromes as a probe of protein folding pathways NOBEL PHASE 2 .Development of the tools and interpretation techniques for ultrasonic surveys to monitor the rock barrier around radioactive waste packages OMRISK .Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies in Austria OPET CR .Performance Assessment and benchMarking of Controls PANDORA .One Non-National European Sky ONRADIO .Protecting Accumulated Intellectual Data for Accounting in Real-time PALIO .Automated Content Packaging.Estonian Organisation for the Promotion of Energy Technologies OPET-CIS .Next generation optical network for broadband European leadership phase 2 NOCES .Optical characterisation methods for mems manufacturing (OCMMM) ODETTE .Optimisation of industrial multiphase mixing (OPTIMUM) Optoelectronic system to detect geometric and dimensional parameters of air wire for railway and tram feeding Organisational change in subsididiaries of multinationals in transition economies ORGLEARN . morphodynamic and environmental parameter for coastal management ORRIS . CARBON DYNAMICS AND VEGETATION IN PODZOLIC ECOSYSTEMS One relator free products and equations in groups ONELAB . Re Projects Monitoring and Information Dissemination OPETNED . Off Shore Wind Turbine.Personalised Access to Local Information and services for tOurists PAM . Personalised Delivery and Access to Large Distributed Archive OPECO .Original synthons for life sciences OS2500 .Notification of preferential support for technology TCP 344-35 Novel molecular materials from dicyanooxiranes.Organisation for the Promotion of Energy Technologies in the Czech Republic OPET ESTONIA .Operational radar and optical mapping in monitoring hydrodynamic. NOVTECH .Organising Caucasus and Central Asian services for Internet offerings to NRENs OCMMM .Developing Interactive Radios .synthesis of earth observation data of the present.Supporting Of Re Development in Russia and Cis Countries Based on Opportunities in Technologies Transfer.Notification of basic support for technology work amendment n° 4 13th meeting of the EFDA steering committee on 11/10/2001 (ref.An Integrate Approach to Designing High Intensity Discharge Lighting Systems OCCASION ."New Opportunities for Research Funding Co-operation in Europe A strategy for Social Sciences" NOTIFICATION OF BASI .Pilot Actions on Digital Economy Opportunities for Rural Areas PANEL . Second Generation.Analysis of the revised outboard manifold design PAIDFAIR .Novel technology for controlling wine production and quality NUCAN .0S2500/78-Demonstration of a large scale.IMPACTS AND RISKS FROM ANTHROPOGENIC DISTURBANCES ON SOILS.OneLab: An open networking laboratory supporting communication network research Across heterogeneous environments ONESKY . Ta-tw2-g01) and 16th meeting of the EFDA steering committee on 11-12/4/2002 NOTIFICATION OF PREF . with application to deregulated energy market and growth models OPTIMUM .Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB) NOTIFICATION OF BASI .Development of operational monitoring system for european glacial areas .Northern ocean-atmosphere carbon exchange study NODO .Optical polymeric encapsulants for communications optoelectronics OPET AUSTRIA .Nucleic Acid Based Nanostructures NUMELITE .The PANEL Network Parasite assemblages as indicators of the harvest location of fish .Fusion technology 1-technology for net 2-blanket technology 3-long-term technology European blanket project (EPB) NOTIFICATION OF BASI .Open middleware infrastructure initiative for Europe OMNIBUS . past and future (OMEGA) OMII-EUROPE .

Placental uptake and transfer of environmental chemicals relating to allergy in childhood years POLYBRANCHES .Pan-european soil erosion risk assessment PHENIX-SSA .The prevention of osteoporosis by nutritional phytoestrogens PIAM .The influence of individual particle interactions on bulk powder flow PREDFIRE-NANO . PRIME . low-level mixed element exposure in susceptible population strata PHOLOGIC .Promotion Of Results in Transport research And Learning Potentials and applications of microreaction technology in europe POWFLOW . March 1999 PREVENTION BIOMARKER .Presence Research Working Group Present-day and mid-holocene biome reconstruction from pollen data for the indian subcontinent.Nanophotonic Logic Gates PHOREMOST . Portable measurement systems for atmospheric peroxy radicals PORTAL .SETTING UP A EURO CHINA CO-OPERATION FOR THE DELIVERY OF INNOVATIVE MULTIMEDIA.Paraendoscopic Intuitive Computer assisted Operating system PIEZOTAG . S2. field study to be carried out in cadarache PRESENCE .Platform on auto-ignition numerical engine simulation tools PLANTAPC . M and D PASARELAS .Peer-To-Peer-Implementation-and-TheOry PEPSAC-MIMIC .Discovery Modelling Mediation Deliberation: Interface Tools for Multi-stakeholder Knowledge Partnerships for the Sustainable Management of Marine Resources and Coastal Zones Pathogenesis and prevention of communicable and inflammatory diseases Pco2 reconstruction by chemical and isotope characterisation of fossil leaves PEACE .Public health impact of long-term.PARTICIPATION EXPERI .Probabilistic entanglement creation in distant atoms PEPITO .Polymer Injection Advanced Moulding PICE .Promotion of European ITS Applications in China through dEdicated conferences PEARL .The Protocol Processor Project .Portable energy with advanced rechargeable lithium (PEARL) PECADO .High pressure methods in optoelectronics.Publication of the proceedings from the ICES/SCOR Symposium on Ecosystem Effects of Fishing. piezoelectric powered pressure measurement technology to help sme-suppliers differentiate themselves by adding value to eco-efficient products (PIEZOTAG) PIKON . O .Pln-based improved combustion for low emission PICNIC .Preparation and execution of focus group work related to the public acceptance of the sitting of iter at cadarache and of energy scenarios including fusion.Network of Excellence in AI Planning PLANET .a spectroscopic study focusing on hydrogen peroxide chemistry Physics and applications of intersub-level transitions in semiconductor quantum dots Physiological stress indicators in marine macrophytes PHYTOS .New bio-markers of oxidative stress to humans : a role in developing new strategies for human protection agains environmental (uva) damage to skin.Design and properties of branched polymers through living polymerization Polymer dynamics and its influence on processing and properties PORCINE CD200 .ProfessIonals and Citizens Network for Integrated Care PICO .Plant Anaphase Promoting Complexes: unrevealing APC functions by APC substrates and activators Plasma technologies in finishing of textile fabrics PLUTOCRACY .Printing concepts for innovative patterning of low-cost electronics with (sub)micron resolution PRISM .A low cost.Privacy and Identity Management for Europe PRINCIPLE .Prediction of Irradiation Damage Effects on Reactor Components (PERFECT) PESERA . nanotechnology and biotechnology PREPARAT AND EXEC.Recombinant polypeptides for antigenic mimicry of bacterial surface polysaccharides PERFECT . PRESS .NANOPHOTONICS TO REALIZE MOLECULAR-SCALE TECHNOLOGIES Photocatalytic generation of hydrogen from water Photosystem ii and water oxidation .Predicting Fire Behaviour of Nanocomposites from Intrinsic Properties PRENABIO .New environmentally-sound methods for pitch control in different paper pulp manufacturing processes PLANET .Personal Information and Knowledge Organiser Network PITCH .Towards Knowledge-Based Processing Systems PRO3 .Participation in the experimental campaigns task force S1. AUDIOVISUAL INTERACTIVE SERVICES TOWARDS MOBILE DEVICES BASED ON DVB AND MPEG INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS PHIME .Study of the CD200/CD200R pathway in the pig-to-human setting to elucidate the molecular bases of xenograft rejection and develop approaches that promote xenograft survival.

Roadmap for Advanced Research in Privacy and Identity Management Rapid global change during the cenomanian/turonian oceanic anoxic event: examination of a natural climatic experiment in earth history RDDPT .Public understanding of genetics: a cross-cultural and ethnographic study of the 'new genetics' and social identity.Proofs of Functionality for Mobile Distributed Systems PROGID . processing and analysis of multimodal medical images: applications to pet/spect.Can QM/MM calculations reproduce experimental kinetic isotope effects QUAKER .Fault-rupture and strong-shaking effects on the safety of composite foundations and pipeline systems: quantification and reduction of seismic risk through the application of advanced geotechnical engineering techniques.controlled trials of european union patients. ct.Quality of Service and Legitimacy in eGovernment Quantum chemical investigations of actinide complexes relevant to environmental chemistry Quantum chemical methods and quantum molecular dynamics: development and applications Quantum geometry in quantum gravity and quantum field theory QUEXER .Support for the integration of the polish geological institute's centre of excellence: research on abiotic environment in the european research area Reading difficulties and second language learning: the investigation of phonological and literacy skills in dutch poor readers who learn english as a 2nd language REAL .PROmoting Awareness and Communicating Technologies in Education Probes for environmental research on the sediments of european seas Probing the molecular transport mechanism of mitochondrial carriers.Probiotics and gastrointestinal disorders .Promoting infant health and nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Safety and efficacy of exclusive breastfeeding promotion in the era of HIV PROTEASES .Refsum's disease: diagnosis.Cost-efficient internet-tool: QUick & flEXible updatER RADIO ASTRONOMY .Photovoltaic module with integrated power conversion and interconnection system Q-ACTA .Quantum computation: novel algorithms and their many-body implementations QMMMKIES . ultrasound .Peri-urban mangroves forests as filters and potential phytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa PURILEACH .Networking and Integration of National and Regional Programmesin the Field of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar EnergyResearch and Technological Development (RTD)in the European Research Area (ERA) PV-MIPS .Process management and design system for microsystem technologies PROMINENCE .Creating a European platform for SMEs and other stakeholders to develop a research programme for pro-biodiversity business Processing units in the production and perception of spoken french and english: cross-linguistic and stylistic variability PROCIS .Prediction of the erosion of cliffed terrains (PROTECT) Proteins which modulate neuronal cell death PROVENANCE .Vaccination and the control of abomasal nematodoses in ruminants PROTECT .Enabling and Supporting Provenance in Grids for Complex Problems PSDWSEP .Modular purification system for heavily polluted leachate PV-ERA-NET . pathology and treatment (RDDPT) REA . QUALEG .Promoting inter-european networks of collaborating extended enterprises PROMISE COMPONENT 2 .Pulses & health-state of the art and communication PUMPSEA . mri. PULSES & HEALTH .Pre-treatment and safe disposal of municipal solid waste (msw) and waste water sludge (wws) for environmental protection Public information and participation in the context of directive 90/220/ec Publication of proceedings on international workshop "hormones and endocrine disrupters in food and water : possible effects on human health".Trials Realisation on an Experimental 3G UMTS Platform Real-space methods in combined qm/mm calculations for large molecular systems REAL-TIME THROMBOSIS .PROEHTEL PROFUNDIS .NETWORK OF RESEARCH CENTRES IN HUMAN SCIENCES ON THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA RAPID .Production of large area cis modules (PROCIS) PROEHTEL .Infrastructure cooperation network in radio astronomy Radiocarbon dating of past glacier recessions in sweden and norway RAMSES II .PROACTE . PROBIOPRISE .Molecular mechanisms of platelet-vessel wall interactions: an assessment of experimental thrombosis based on real time technologies Rebuilding the living city: urban planning and public art Recombinant vaccines for fish disease Reconstructing 3-d models of real urban environments from uncalibrated close-range photographs Reconstruction. PUG . PROMENADE .

establishing an international research knowledge network on cross-border food supply chains and networks SAFEAIR II .Promoting Food Safety through a New Integrated Risk Analysis Approach for Foods SAFEACC .Autonomous energy supply system with reversible fuel cell as long-term storage for pv standalone systems and uninterruptible power supplies (REVCELL) RHEO-LIGHT . SEACORN .Novel regeneration methods for strongly acidic metal treatment bath Regional economics issuess : a dynamics games approach.Supply Chain in Aeronautics.Sensors and system Architecture for VulnerablE road Users protection Sawing optimisation in concrete.RECORDIT .A perspective on computerized severe accident management operator support SARDYN .Effective and Acceptable Strategies for the Control of SARS in China and Europe SAUVEUR .Interactions between cannabinoids and interleukin-1 in cerebral ischaemia ROBOT@CWE . Relaxation to equilibrium of conservative markovian dynamics and generalized bounds RELIEF .DNA damage responses.Secure and Safe Systems based on Static Analysis SECURE .Safeguarded Cultural Heritage-Understanding and Viability for the Enlarged Europe SAVE-U .demonstration in the sleipner field ('sacs2') SAFE FOODS .REal COst Reduction of Door-to-door Intermodal Transport Reduction of negative impact of environmental factors on human health REGENABATH .Spatial Conflicts: Urban. The ethics of men making men Research and development of a personal flying system "the fanman" RESTORPEAT .Reprogenetics.Long-term coastal changes modelling for a sustainable development of the rhône delta SACS2 .Economic and Technological Intelligence Project to Facilitate SMEs in Rural Areas to Participate in the Sixth Framework Programme (RURAL-ETINET) SABATIER FRANÇOIS .Safe Driver Machine Interface (DMI) for ERTMS automatic train control SAFIBRE . Needs for Research and Technological Development Scattering of electromagnetic waves from the melting layer of precipitation SCRAPTREAT .The challenges of modernity for reindeer management : integration and sustainable development in europe' s subarctic and boreal regions (RENMAN) REPROGENETICS .Large earthquake faulting and implications for the seismic hazard assessment in europe: the izmitduzce earthquake sequence of august-november 1999(turkey. SALIMPACT .Road Safety and Environmental Benefit-Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Use in Decision-Making RP/PPR MARKVAC . asphalt and alike materials SCALE .Advanced robotic systems in future collaborative working environments ROCEM .Static and quasi-static errors measurement and compensation in milling machines (SEC & TEC) SECSAFE .Impact of aquaculture on the immune response genes of natural salmonid populations: Spatial and temporal genetic signatures and potential fitness consequences SAMOS .Roman cement to restore built heritage effectively ROSAS .Advanced Design Tools for Safety Critical Systems SAFEDMI .Rheocasting: an innovative and ecological process for light and cost-effective applications in different industrial sectors Rich-02 modified atmospheres to guarantee safety of chilled fish Rigorous diffraction theory for modeling of future lithography RISC-RAD .Realistic evaluation of temporal interactions of natural hazards REVCELL .Safe and high quality food supply chains and networks . Genomic instability and Radiation-Induced Cancer: The problem of risk at low and protracted doses (RISC-RAD) ROBERT GRUNDY .Saline aquifer co2 storage (2) . companion diagnostic tests and improvement of epidemiological knowledge to facilitate control of rinderpest and peste des petits ruminants viruses RURAL ETINET .Simulation of EnhAnced UMTS access and CORe Networks Search for experimental signals of super symmetry in proton anti-proton collisions at centre of mass energy of 2 tev using the d0 detector.1) RENMAN .Research on silent aircraft concepts (ROSAS) ROSEBUD .Sardine dynamics and stock structure in the North-East Atlantic SARSCONTROL .Development of a Soft-Copy Reading Environment for Digital Mammography in Breast Cancer Screening SC-UPCV . 7. mw 7.Advanced high temperature insulating fibres with safe physiological properties.Restoration of tropical peatland to promote sustainable use of renewable natural resources RETINA .SECURE: Secure Environments for Collaboration among Ubiquitous Roaming Entities . political and Cultural Implications of Violent Events.Thermal treatment of scrap tyres to produce re-usable carbon black (SCRAPTREAT) SCREEN .Internet-based intelligent tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-based LEarning in secondary schools SCAN RTD .4.Development of marker vaccines. Seasonal variability of foraminiferal shell chemistry: paleotemperature and paleonutrient proxies SEC & TEC .

Support programme for assembly of database for spasticity measurement (SPASM) SPICE . SEP-ARRAY-TOR .Widening The Use Of European Solar Thermal Technol In Mediterranean Countries Following The Successful Model Of Greece.Neuromodulation of vagal activity for the treatment of obesity.Development of a new cvd technology to protect and colouring aluminium metallized plastics SIGMAL . policy and appraisal SLIPCAST .& healthy energy alternatives for low-income rural households SPASM .Hollow ceramic cores by slip casting SLUDGESUPPORT .Service Oriented Development In a Unified fraMework (SODIUM) SOFIA BARLUENGA BADI . Bg. Interaction and Reconfiguration in Dialogue Understanding Systems Site for training in transport economics.Specification.Supporting Independently Living Citizens Simulation tools for pollutants prediction Single ion bombardment of living cells SIR .Fractures and self-healing within the excavation disturbed zone in clays SEMEY NUCLEAR TESTS . ecologically sound.Signal. and libraries thereof. Ro. transduction in inner ear. an hsp 90 inhibitor.Development of Innovative Quality Assurance Measures to Improve the Efficiency of Solar Panel Production SOL-MED II . Part B: I.The development of novel spider protein derived implants and devices for orthopedic surgery SPNEW .Knowledge information network dynamic related event decision systems processes in realtime information technology SMSITES .Solid phase photometry for water analysis SOLVSAFE .Development of a low-cost permanently installed microelectronic wireless monitoring system for process plant (SENS-IT) Sensorimotor processes underlying gaze control.Sixth european symposium on stratospheric ozone Sexual conflicts in stalk-eyed flies SGM&N .Medical and social consequences of the nuclear weapon tests on the population of semipalatinsk region Seminar : "urban and peri-urban agriculture in economies in transition" Seminar on health research ethics in africa SENS-IT .Linking molecular genetics and bio-mimetic chemistry .Statistical multilingual analysis for retrieval and translation Smart lightweight structures in aerospace and transportation applications SMARTDOC .Center of excellence "sol-gel materials and nanotechnology" SHARE . Tr SOLPHOT . SOCCARE .Bridging Electron MIcroscopy and Photonics SPARK-NET . ageing and retirement in europe (SHARE) SHE . Soft clay modelling for engineering practice SOLAR LOUVRE .Ages of Galaxies and Constraints on Galaxy Formation SPONGE .Survey on health.Solid phase synthesis of radicicol.The sustainable-energy policy & research 'knowledge-network' on cost effective.Feasibility study for certified reference materials for organic components in sewage sludge (SLUDGESUPPORT) SMART .SECURE .Solar louvre building integrated collector (SOLAR LOUVRE) SOLAR-H . Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Automation CEnter SPIDERMAN .International KARSTological school "Sustainable MAnagement of natural Resources on karsT" SME AWARD .Single Particle Nanophotonic Switching .Targeting malaria transmission through interference with signalling in Plasmodium falciparum gametocytogenesis SILC .New and Environmentally Friendly Methods for Making Compounds with Medicinal Importance: Novel Singlet Oxygen Chemistry Combined with Cascade Reactions for the Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Product SPANS .Visual Data Navigation in Web Documents SMART-KARST .Developing stress-monitoring sites and infrastructure for forecasting earthquakes SOBOCKI JACEK .New kinds of families.New environmentally friendly technology for cellulose three dimensional objects (SPONGE) .Sustainable housing in europe SIDUR .ADVANCED SAFER SOLVENTS FOR INNOVATIVE INDUSTRIAL ECO-PROCESSING SOXCITS .Stem canker of oilseed rape : molecular tools and mathematical modelling to deploy durable resistance SELFRAC .Development of a micro-array based diagnostic tool for discrimination between sepsis and uncomplicated infections SESSO .a multidisciplinary approach to achieve renewable hydrogen production SOLARPOWER . new kinds of social care: shaping multi-dimensional european policies for informal and formal care SODIUM .Scientists in Residence SIRIDUS . F.

High frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus: a therapeutic approach to parkinson' s disease STREP-EURO . STAMINA . creation and maintenance of a thesaurus of the european neuroscience research" to be prepared in the brussels/belgium from september 2000 to september 2001 in the frame of cost b10 Support for a workshop entitled "wood adhesion and glued products" in the frame of cost action e13 held from 4 to 5 may 2000 in espoo/finland Support for a workshop in the frame of cost action g3 entitled "ventilation for contaminant control" to be held from 4 to 7 june 2000 in helsinki/finland Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "applications of non-linear optical phenomena" in the frame of cost action p2-exercice 2000 Support for short term scientific missions (stsm) on "glass and interactive building envelopes" in the frame of cost action c13-exercise 2001 Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "36th symposium for theoretical chemistry.Standardization of Ice Forces on Offshore Structures Design STAR . Structural and optical properties of nanostructured optical waveguides elaborated by pulsed laser deposition Structural characterisation of porous.Sustainable Social Housing Refurbishment Technologies STABILIGHT .Demonstration of the performance of a new analytical software package developed for detection of progress of emphysema by computer tomography SPREAD .SPOTS .Intelligent Shipping Towards e-work Environment for Re-engineering Waterborne Transport Stereoselective electron transfer Stereoselective reactions : synthesis of biologically active substances using aminosugars.Support to Associated Countries and New Member States Statistical physics study of non-coding dna regions of complete genomes STEER .A/D converter in superconductor-semiconductor hybrid technology SUPERCONDUCTOR CURRE .stid STN AND PARKINSONISM . STID . food and environment microbiological laboratories.Steam injected diesel engine .Forest fire spread prevention and mitigation SRESAT .Novel Inorganic Nanostructured Materials and Devices with Enhanced Photoemission Activity and Thermal Stability STABSIL . development and construction of high temperature superconductor current leads for 70 ka Support for a European Workshop on Individual Monitoring of External Radiation Support for a study on "design.Effects on Transport of Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management SUPASALVAC .Stability and mitigation of arable systems in hilly landscapes STANDICE .Salmonella-free broilers by live vaccine-induced innate resistance to colonisation and invasion and novel methods to eliminate vaccine and field strains SUPER-ADC . stc 2000" held in litschau/lower austria from 10 to 14 september 2000 in the frame of cost action d9 Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "policy planning-the theoretical dimension of national forest programmes" held from 19 to 21 october 2000 in madrid/spain in the frame of cost action e19 Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "the 2nd cost uce conference: the future of the city. interfacial and layered materials Structure analysis based identification of novel anti-hiv drugs Studies of higgs production and gauge self couplings in linear colliders Study on the photofabrication SUB CLEAN PROBIOMAT .Standardisation project for optical techniques of strain measurement SPREAD .Increase of the thermal stability of silicone elastomers by introduction of statistical sequences of polyorganosiloxanometaloxanes.Support to the EFDA participation to the eps-12 exhibition Support to the dissemination in major european languages of reference guidelines for quality assurance in water.Severe streptococcus pyogenes disease in europe (STREP-EURO) Stress and cocaine dependence : role of type 1 receptor for corticotropin-releasing factor.Green/clean processing of bioactive materials Sugar sensing & carbon partitioning .Seismological research emphazising seismic array technologies Sr-isotope microsampling of feldspar phenocrysts: application to magma system analysis SSHORT .Services and Training through Augmented Reality STAR-NET .analysis of snf4/ampky-related gene families Suicide vaccines against animal herpesviruses: Bovine herpesvirus type 1 as a model SULOGTRA . .Design. new quality of life" to be held from 14 to 15 september 2001 in bled/slovenia in the frame of cost uce Support of short term scientific missions (stsm) on "brain damage repair" in the frame of cost action b10exercice 2000 Support of short term scientific missions (stsm) on "characterisation method for wood and wood fibres" in the frame of cost action e11-exercice 2000 SUPPORT TO EFDA PART .

Advanced Teaching and Research in Environmental Microbiology / Biotechnology The changing public-private mix in the finance and delivery of health care in europe : from competition to partnership The development of arabidopsis The effect of the environment on the evolution of galaxies in clusters THE EPIGENOME . health and environmental quality in animal farming.Turbine Aero-Thermal External Flows 2 (TATEF2) TB PREVENTION CLUSTE .3.Development of molecular vaccines and diagnostics for the control of tropical theileriosis Targeted gene delivery in the prevention of restenosis after balloon angioplasty TATEF2 .Operational research in sti and related services for women in high-risk situations in cambodia and thailand The role of diet on the longevity of elderly europeans .Thermo-mechanical fatigue .THE NEANDERTHALERS transforming representational cultural heritage into digital media popular scientific content and developing a visual simulation engine for collaborative real-time exploration TOGETHER .Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer SWIFT . their manipulation and flavour interactions in the mouth Teaching and training . more efficient hand tools for painters . chemical bond and catalysis.the route to standardisation (TMF-STANDARD) TNT .DEVELOPMENT OF A COMBINED HARD TURNING AND SUPERFINISHING TECHNOLOGY TAKOFF .Nuclear structure investigation of mirror nuclei via lifetime measurements TOPCARE .Development of an innovative two-axle goods wagon dedicated to combined transport (SUSPENSION 2000) SUSPORKQUAL .Molecular and cellular mechanisms of tip growth in plant cells TMF-STANDARD .a study in the context of the european prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition The social problem and societal problematisation of men and masculinities The technology and applications of satellite navigation Thematic network computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics Theoretical studies on chemical reactivity.ORGANISATIONAL PRACTICES FOR INCREASING SME INNOVATION TEDDY .To host an Innovation Relay Centre covering the South West region of England SWTQM .Synthesis of Aeronautical Compliant Mechanical Systems SYNERGY+ .* T308/1 divertor remote handling development t308/5 divertor refurbishment platform EBP b3.An Analysis of Synthetic Biology Research in Europe and North America SYNCOMECS .brain related animation information network TEAM . SWAP .Expanding the Competitive Intelligence in the European Distributed Energy Resources Sector Synthesis of nanostructured materials under extreme conditions System of skin characteristic analysis by infrared system Systematic study of the x-ray emission of protostars T308/1 DIVERTOR REMO . Time critical data processing in astronomy TIPNET .Implementation of a telematic homecare platform in cooperative health care provider networks Total concept for antenna towers including an integrated it system Towards ergonomical.TASK-FORCE IN EUROPE FOR DRUG DEVELOPMENT FOR THE YOUNG TELASTAR .Sustainable water management in mediterranean coastal aquifers: recharge assessment and modeling issues SWIRC .Switchable facade technology ('swift') SWIMED .1 pre-tests and fabrication of the 1st test module for he-fus3 TAF .Supramolecular and macromolecular marie curie training site Surface functionalisation by uv treatment SUSPENSION 2000 .a project to develop ergonomically designed .Epigenetic plasticity of the Genome The formation and evolution of young stellar clusters The genetic architecture of colour pattern evolution in heliconius butterflies The geometry of symplectic connections and marsden-weinstein reduction The Hardware Looking For Software: Exploiting Indirect Network Effects In The Product Life Cycle THE ORISS PROJECT CA .Technologies and Advanced materials for Kick-OFF in FED manufacturing TAN-VAC .New strategies for treatment and prevention of mycobacterial diseases Tea flavonoids.Interactions between nutrition.Application Of component based enGinEERing TecHniques for embedded systems TONEV DIMITAR VASILE .Towards the maintenance of tissue elasticity for healthy ageing (TELASTAR) TERESEN .TURN AND FINISH .SOFTWARE TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYNBIOLOGY .Sustainability in the production of pork with improved nutritional and eating quality using strategic feeding in out-door production SUSTAINABLE ANIMAL P .

function and vaccine potential of the vir multigene family in malaria (VIRIMAL) .Pre-clinical improvement of combined immunotherapy and chemotherapy for a new variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease (TSE-IMMUNOTHERAPY) TSEP .hand tools to increase productivity and to reduce injuriesTowards structural characterisation of atp/adp carrier TOWL . A.Transport and dynamics of novel materials and nanostructures TRANSNANOPOWDER .Urban development programme.Novel antigen-adjuvant vehicle as an effective influenza vaccine UNI-VERSE .Patterning of transparent organic conducting materials for electronics TSE-IMMUNOTHERAPY .The third sector and the development of european public policy. high precision plating for electronic components and microsystems UNIVERSAL VACCINE . clean."VHTP in Support of the Design of the Power Supply".A video gateway between the next generation broadband Internet and the current narrowband Internet for live and on-demand access VIM . Implementation and Support Network for SMEs TQPRO .Urban river basin enhancement methods URSULA EBERHARDT .Reagentless dissolved oxygen-sensor for microfluidic applications (water/blood analysis) VACCINIA VECTORS . Analysis of the mechanisms for activation of alpha-beta and gamma-delta T cells in LAT mutant mice.Therapeutic utilization of a novel enzyme with unique adhesion properties TUNING T CELLS .Uav safety issues for civil operations (USICO) UTAS OXYGEN-SENSOR .Tropical convection.Ultrasonic plating technique for low cost. This activity is undertaken by Mr.A Distributed Interactive Audio-Visual Virtual Reality System U-RAIL .Structure.Translation Quality for Professionals TRACE . and nitrogen oxides experiment TROCOMET . Maschio under the Visiting home team personnel scheme VICODI .Identification of novel receptors that may substitute the TCR signal in health and disease.Technology for treatment and recycling of the water used to wash olives U-FACE .Time-determined ontology based information system for real time stock TOZELIWA .Integrated water management of transboundary catchments TRANSDYN .From hermeneutic approach to sociological / spatial analysis URBEM . high-speed. Tunnelbased washing machine for large printing mashine TVASWAT . urban governance.Non-contact Ultrasonic System for Rail Track Inspection (U-RAIL) Urban poverty traps: some redistributive policies for european cities URBANSCAPE SYNTAX .Ceramic and carbon fibres: validation of testing methods (VAFTEM) Variation in immune defence: genetic and phenotypic costs and benefits VARNAMO-WASTE .Demonstration Of The Värnamo Plant For Rdf And Used Tyres Gasification VERITAS .Vacuum infusion of composites with thermoplastic skins (TP-SKIN) TQM-NET .Virtual Injection Moulding for improving production efficiency.Virtual Enterprises for Integrated Industrial Solutions VHTP IN SUPPORT OF T .Functional diversity of fungi within the ectomycorrhizal genus lactarius Use of SAGE to Investigate Cytotrophoblast Gene Expression in Pre-Eclampsia USICO .Types for Proofs and Programs UDOR .AGRICULTURAL TRADE AGREEMENTS TRADEOFF .New approaches to treatment and control of lassa fever and yellow fever in west africa TREATPLAN-TRT . TUNEUP .TQM Training. TRANSPLANT .A treatment planning model for targeted radionuclide therapy TROCCINOX .HERSTELLUNG HOCHDISPERSIVER NANOPULVER IN TECHNISCHEN MENGEN UND IHR EINSATZ IN NEUEN MATERIALIEN UND AUSGEWAHLTEN ANWENDUNGEN.Visual Contextualisation of Digital Content VIDEOGATEWAY . cirrus. quality and time-to-market speed VIPBOB .Time Variable Astronomy and Spectroscopy with Automated Telescope TYPES .Extinction risks and the re-introduction of plant species in a fragmented europe TREATCONTROL-VHF .User friendly face access control system for physical access and healthcare applications UGIS ."Measuring" Urban Landscape .Aircraft emissions: contribution of different climate components to changes in radiative forcingtradeoff to reduce atmospheric impact Training site in combustion sciences at lth TRANSCAT .VIrtual Pin Based On Biometrics VIRIMAL . social inclusion and urban sustainability ULTRAPLATE .Tracing Food Commodities in Europe TRADEAG .Increasing the potency of vaccinia mva vaccines (VACCINIA VECTORS) VAFTEM .Towards zero liquid waste in plating industry by development and validation of closed-loop ecoefficient processes TP-SKIN .

Water management system based on innovative monitoring equipment and dss WATER SAVING PUMP .West africa's savannah under change.New type of water and energy saving cleaning technique to improve the hygienic result WATER-FREE DYEING .Intuitive Physical Interfaces to the WWW WEFC .WATERMARK MONITORING SYSTEM FOR IPR PROTECTION WARM .Two-phase flow water hammer transients and induced loads on materials and structures of nuclear power plants WAMOS .Zero-hazard gas storage by multisensing optical monitoring system ZEN . sensitivity of the savannah in west africa to population change.New eco-efficient process to remove the tar pitch from wool Wt and mutants forms of vwf in secretory granule biogenesis WWAAC .Research Infrastructure Wageningen NMR Centre: NMR in Agriculture.World Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication XAVIER SALVATELLA .Center of excellence in wetland hydrology WGC200 INDUS EXHIB .Determination of protein non-native structures leading to misfolding XPERTS .Virtual ISP VIVACE .Developing biological control of greenhouse pests with simulation models ZA .Wind energy producing hydrogen for fuel cells Welfare analysis of optimal policies in general equilibrium economies with incomplete markets WETHYDRO . Food and Biology WOOLTAR .Wireless supporting agricultural and forestry information systems WISDOM .The World In Your Hands On The Move WHITE BIOTECH TP .Zero-emission Neighbourhoods ZEOMAPS .VISP .Wind power integration in a liberalised electricity market (WILMAR) WIRELESSINFO .Experts Enablers in the Machinery Engineering Domain YANN TRICAULT .Water-free retanning.Exhibition of European Geothermal Industry and Technologies at the World Geothermal Congress 2000 WHAM .Wireless Information Services for Deaf People on the Move WNMRC . cultivation change and climate change WATER MONITOR .Value Improvement through a Virtual Aeronautical Collaborative Enterprise (VIVACE) VRSHIPS-ROPAX 2000 .Central archive for empirical social reaerch (ZA) ZEM .Zeolite modification and application study for nuclear waste water treatment .A European Technology Platform on Industrial Biotechnology for Sustainable Development WILMAR . dyeing and fatliquoring of leather: an innovative eco-friendly automated process to increase european tanneries competitiveness (WATER-FREE DYEING) WAVETRAIN .Life-cycle virtual reality ship system (s) WAHALOADS .Research Training Network Towards Competitive Ocean Wave Energy WEALTHY .Wearable Health Care System WEBKIT .Wildland-urban area fire risk management WASAC .