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OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Platform Trainer or Instructional Designer for Leadershi p Training, Sales or Customer Care . Experiences: ??

Road Warrior traveled to various AT&T Vendor Sites to Train and Coach Call Ce nter Managers and Sales Managers in various Sales and Management training progra ms. ?? Participated on Management Team for 8 Call Centers, 4 start up operations. ?? 1. Develops material for training programs for Leadership workshops such as E ffective Business letters, Public Speaking and Interview techniques; reviews, ev aluates, and modifies existing and proposed programs and makes appropriate chang es. Maintains an up-to-date index and electronic library of all approved trainin g aids, job aids and workflows. Also designs web base, computer base, and Platfo rm training classes as well as technical training classes such as Microsoft Word , Excel, PowerPoint and Assess. 2. Plans, organizes, and conducts ongoing training programs for all new hirers a s well as Supervisors and Managers including technical training on the use of sy stems (phone/Total Enterprise Solutions like Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP) utilizi ng Client approved job aids and workflows. 3. Provides support to trainers by coordinating and maintaining training calenda rs, arranging training spaces, setting up audiovisual equipment, arranging for w eb-based training and submitting applications for contact hours. 4. Provides individualized and small group ad hoc trainings based on identified needs and at request of Managers/Supervisors from various departments with in ou r organization. 5. Assists HR in new employee orientation trainings by creating training manuals , maintaining training calendars, arranging training spaces, setting up audiovis ual equipment, arranging for web-based training. 6. Prepares and distributes training aids such as instructional material, handou ts, evaluation forms and visual aids for levels of trainings. Assists trainers, when requested, with these functions. Sets up and tests audiovisual equipment an d reports problems with equipment necessary for staff training. 7. Participates in system testing and development/enhancement. 8. Maintains records of all staff training activities, prepares summaries, analy zes staff development evaluations, and assists presenters in evaluating particip ant feedback to improve presentation content and presentation skills. Expertise in Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), XP, Vista and other Tota l Enterprise Solutions such as PeopleSoft, SAP and Dun & Bradstreet for HR, Fina nce and Inventory departments. ?? Extensive travel experience: Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Carib bean.

EDUCATION: Master of Arts Degree ?V Instructional Design - New York University New York Cit y, NY (Class of 1983) Bachelor of Arts Degree ?V English/Drama Education ?V Pace University, New York City, NY (Class of 1978) Microsoft Certification ?V DeKalb Technical College ?V June 2010 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: ?aBM/CGS-Coach/Trainer for AT&T Vendor Sites responsible for implementing Sales Training at sites throughout the Mid-West, Southwest and East coast. (March 2010 ?V Current)

?arofessional Business Services, Forest Park, Georgia Trainer & Marketing Manager (April ?V June 2010) ?aero Chaos/AT&T Atlanta, Georgia Senior Customer Service /Learning Support Help Desk Representative (January ?V A pril 2009) ?a"pherion, Inc Atlanta, Georgia TSYS - Norcross, Georgia Call Center Manager (Collections Dept) (Sept 2008 ?V January 2009) ?aATIONAL ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES (NARS) Montego Bay, Jamaica Collections, Customer Service and Systems Trainer (2 years) ?a"pherion, Inc. , Atlanta, Georgia (10 years) o On site BellSouth Corporation, Bellsouth International & Telecommunication div isions - Executive Administrative Assistant, Help Desk Coordinator. Inside Sales Rep. Career History Prior to 2000 ?aBM, Atlanta, Georgia ?V eCommerce Trainer & Help Desk Representative (1 year) ?aMI: GE Exchange Telecommunications- Quality Assurance Manager (1 year) ?a*S TELEMARKETING, Norcross, Georgia ?VTraining Manager & Center Manager, Telem arketing Representative (5 years) ?aUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING (ADP) ?V Training Specialist, Atlanta, Georgia (2 yea rs) ?aHEMICAL BANK, New York City, New York ?V Management Training & Development Dep t. Consultant (4 years) ?aEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. ?V Supervisory Development & Training Dept., New Yo rk, New York Training Specialist (2 years) ?a...J KORVETTES DEPARTMENT STORE, New York, New York ?V Central Hiring & Traini ng Office Training Specialist (1 year)