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Mikhail Fedorov 17118 Indigo Hills Dr.

phone 218-259-9267 (home), 832-859-4988 (cell) Magnolia, TX 77355 E-mail: Experience: July 2007 - April 2010 Weatherford Russia, Financial Controller, Russia, Ukr aine Weatherford is the number 4 oil and gas services company worldwide (WFT NYSE) wi th over 55,000 employees and around $10 billion revenue per year. * Controller for the Russia Weatherford operations with over 5,000 employees per forming oil and gas services through out Russia and the Ukraine. * During tenure as Country Controller, facilitated revenue growth from $80 milli on in 2007 to well over $300 million in Revenue for 2008, and $500 million in 20 09. * Successfully managed integration of 18 Russian companies into Weatherford worl dwide corporate structure during 2007-2010. May 2006 - July 2007 Weatherford Russia Financial Systems Manager * Responsible for management and implementation of 1C system for Weatherford Mos cow to cover the CIS region including finance and material management * Responsible for developing interfaces between the new system and Weatherford's consolidation package October 2004 - April 2006 Accenture LLP, Moscow Russia Sr. Manager Material Management Lead for the Supply Performance Reengineering Project with T NK-BP * Responsible for supply chain new process design and systemization, including a ctivity flows, procedures and instructions for: inventory management, replenish stock, excess stock management, receive, store, and issue materials for four reg ional procurement centers of company. * Developed a new corporate standard for material management. * Developed a plan of the new process implementation and systemization. * Integrated the new processes with demand planning and procurement processes. * Developed SAP system functional requirements for the new processes. * Successfully managed the Material Management process design Accenture team. Deployment Lead for the Accounting Transformation Project (ATP) with TNK-BP. * Responsible for instituting methodology and practices achieving a fast close ( 6 day) of the accounting books, and submission of consolidated Russian and GAAP standard accounts. * Implemented all processes and systems (GLXI, Parus, 1C, Hyperion, SAP) for the 21 TNK-BP entities in the cities of Buzuluk and Orenburg in conjunction with th e ATP project. * Conducted an evaluation of the new HR system implementation for 17 oil service companies on fast close processes. As a result, implemented the new HR system i n the companies. * Successfully managed the deployment team consisting of experts from Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG and Tritec. * Result: The ATP project was a success. TNK-BP is the first company in Russia t o submit consolidated GAAP accounts in a 6 day time period. March 2003 - October 2004 Damen Shipyards Okean ERP Consultant * Management of the project of modernization ERP system for a large shipbuilding company in the Ukraine (Okean) according to the requirements of the Dutch paren t company; Damen. * Selected, developed and installed all modules of a new developmental ERP syste m called IT Enterprise (Ukraine-IAS consolidation, logistic, purchasing, warehou se, sales, technical preparation, HR, and payroll).

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Developed and implemented the system to tie-in technical and production proces to the overall ERP system. Selected, hired and managed the programmer teams. Organized and conducted personnel training.

September 2002 - March 2003 PetroAlliance Services (Schlumberger) ERP Project Manager * Developed and implemented the ERP system iScala for financial, sales, purchasi ng, HR, and logistic departments of company. * Determined requirements for the ERP system (financial, accounting, logistic, p urchase, sales, and HR). * Created the plan and budget of the project, managed its implementation. * Selected equipment, vendors and services providers for implementation of the E RP system. * Hiring and trained personnel needed for implementation and day by day mange of the ERP system. * Launched the ERP system in subsidiaries of company located in Russia (Moscow, Kogalym, Astrakhan), and in Houston, USA. January 2002 - August 2002 Indusmin Energy Corp. Director of Operations for a p ublicly listed (TSX-IDM) gas producer headquartered in Canada. * Developed financial models of the project (JV with VostokGazprom, Russia, Kerc h project, Ukraine) to estimate an investment appeal. * Managed the representative offices in Ukraine (Kiev, and Simferopol). Created and controlled plans and programs, to include the operational budget. * Set up IAS and Ukrainian accounting, financial and tax reporting system. * Negotiated and signed up purchase/sales contracts with vendors, services provi ders, and future gas production buyers. October 2000 - January 2002 InfoTeCS Internet Trust General Director * Created a new company - "InfoTeCS Internet Trust" - first Russian secure VPN s ervice provider. * Developed the strategy, business plan, and financial model for a new company. * Developed the structure of the company; hired and trained key personnel. * Set up the financial department of the company, including accounting, billing, and customers care groups. * Prepared for, and conducted many presentations to potential investors and stra tegic partners. * Obtained Licenses of Russian State Technology Committee and Federal Agency of Government Communication for service providing. * Created a customer base, negotiated with major potential clients, and signed u p the first client agreement - landing Compaq, Reuters Eastern Europe, and the U K project as the first clients of the n ew company. October 1999 - October 2000 Ocean Energy, Inc. (NYSE OEI, now Devon) ERP Consul tant * Developed and implemented secure corporate networks for ERP and data transfer system. Also created voice, fax, and video capability between American and Russ ian oil companies. * Created and implemented the system matrix for transference of Russian Accounti ng Standards (RAS) to GAAP. * Modernized the LAN and phone network of the Russian oil company. * Selected equipment, vendors and services companies for implementation of the p roject. Further negotiated the terms and conditions of the purchase agreements. * Planned stages and time line of the project. * Accomplished the project in time, and in budget. Ocean used my model to imple ment like systems world-wide. March - September 1999 Vostok Mobile (Golden Telecom, NASDAQ GLDN) Regional Dire

ctor * Developed financial plans of regional mobile communication companies through m any subsidiaries in Russia. * Set up computer system for gathering billing and financial information from th e regional companies for consolidation. * Implemented various mobile telephony strategies for market growth and entry in to numerous cities. * Selected and implemented a new HR system for subsidiaries nation-wide. January 1998 - March 1999 AO Rustel, Moscow General Director * Chief Executive for a US Telecommunications Company with operations throughout Russia. Developed and successfully implemented the company's business plan. Re sponsible for "profit and loss" (P&L) to the company's Board of Directors and st ockholders. * Restructured the company and successfully negotiated its debt, allowing the co mpany to reach positive cash flow. * Responsible for ensuring company's income (reached more than US$ 27 MM per yea r 1998). Created a new customer payment system which decreased bed debt less th an 2% of revenue. * Maintained relation with tax authorities of Russia. The results are: (i) the reimbursement of VAT to the company for telecom equipment (more than US$ 1.5 MM) ; (ii) proved that payment to foreign companies for leasing of a space satellite capacity is not subject to VAT (saved more than US$ 1 MM yearly). * Restructured financial department of the company including accounting, billing , and financial project management. Hired and trained new key personnel of the financial department. * Maintained business relation with the largest company's customers and strategi c partners. * Determined and developed main strategic direction of the company growth under stringent investments requirements, including successful sale of non profitable projects required high capital investments. * Managed the company's staff consisting of more than 450 employees. 1993 - 1997 AO Rustel, Moscow Commercial Director * Strategic planning of pan-Russian satellite network providing digital transpor t for Rostelecom, Regional PSTN Companies (Electrosvyazes), routing traffic from subsidiary Joint ventures and branch offices. * Developed business and financial models of the company's regional telecommunic ation center. The model was positively evaluated by the Ernst & Yang consultant s. * Organized and managed department of financial project evaluation and analyzed the financial results during the project cycle. * Project managed restructuring of fixed wire and wireless Joint Ventures with l ocal Electrosvyazes in cities of Tyumen and Barnaul with five year project valua tion greater then US$ 50 MM. * Organized and supervised the commercial operations of 7 regional telecommunica tion centers (TCs), direct reporting to EVP and President with P&L responsibilit y of 7 TCs consisting of 40-100 employees each. Developed marketing and busines s plans with five years project valuations. * Introduced new services: Internet, national dedicated circuits, Moscow telepho ne numbers, switch leasing, phone cards. * Conducted due diligence on acquisition of existing Pan SIC satellite communica tion provider, zonal satellite communication transport provider, overlay network and equipment distributor. * Developed and supervised the operation of the company's video conference cente r in Moscow. * Hired, trained and supervised the key regional staff. * Responsible for conducting negotiation with prospective clients, and concludin g partnership deals other long distance carriers.

1982 - 1993 Polus Scientific Research Institute Senior Engineer * Developed gas lasers, laser navigation systems, stabilization systems, and las er measurement system for the aerospace and aviation industries. * Organized and monitored the production of laser systems. * Further development scientific and technical documentation required for develo pment and production of laser systems. 1980 - 1982 Moscow University of Electronic Equipment Construction mber * Developed electronic-vacuum technology and computer modeling. Faculty Me

Education 2002 Scala Academy, Moscow Completed Courses of iScala ERP accounting and financial system, including: Gene ral Ledger; ERP System Administrative (System Utilities), Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, AR/AP, Sales Cycle, Purchase Cycle, Report Generator. 1995 IBCS Corporate training, Boston, MA, USA Course of financial management, including financial analysis of projects, accoun t receivable account payable, consolidation, rudiments of GAAP. 1994 - 1996 IBCS/Rustel corporate training, Moscow, Boston, MA, USA English Language 1993 Financial Academy, Moscow Computer course of Financial Modeling in OS Macintosh and Win 3.11, Word, Excel. 1973 - 1982 BS, MS, Moscow University of Electronic Equipment Construction, Mosc ow Graduated from Department of Electronic Technology, with specialization in compu ter modeling of constructing complex electronic equipment production systems. C ourse work included mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics and radio techn ology, economics, and business development. Other Information Proficient in both IBM and Apple systems, Microsoft Office, and many others - in cluding SAP, Hyperion, PARUS, 1C, SCALA, Ideas (Cogent), and IT Enterprise accou nting systems. US Green Card