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Garry Rodriguez Telephone #:786-718-6332 Email:garryhoxon@hotmail.

com OBJECTIVE: A Civil Engineer position in an organization seeking an extraordinar y record of achieving planned goals, engineering principles, and someone with th e ability of taking challenging, creative and diversified projects. PROFILE Goal-oriented Engineer with strong Civil and Environmental educational backgrou nd complemented by team project experience involving federal regulations. -Effec tive at combining creative thinking with logical design ideas in order to develo p solutions to challenging environmental problems. -Proven success not only in self-managed projects, but also in team-based projects. Excellent verbal and wr itten skills (English/Spanish) gained throughout four years of university classe s with a detail-oriented approach for completing projects and assignments. WORK EXPERIENCE JES construction Systems- Miami,FL. July 2009-Present As a Civil engineer * Achieved effective inspections/supervisions at the field, highly improving th e quality of restoration procedures including spalls, drainage systems, paving, full or partial depth repairs in columns, beams, walls, and slabs. * Prepared accurate and efficient cost estimations awarding new projects to the company; involving concrete restorations, underground conduits, asphalt, Hi-ris e building restorations and new constructions. * High-quality management of restoration projects designing construction schedu les for time quality and desired budget using software programs such as Turbo pr oject and Primavera. * Implemented new ideas for the construction as-built of current projects as a result of exceptional engineering skills via AutoCAD. Arlington Risk- Miami,FL. June 2009-July 2009 As a Civil engineer * Completed structural inspections for residential houses using a combination of engineering skills and knowledge. EDUCATION -BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering -December 2008 Florida International University -AA, Civil and Environmental Engineering -December 2006 Miami Dade College Relevant Coursework: - Reinforcement Concrete Design - Project Planning - Environmental Engineering - Transportation Engineering - Structural Analysis - Water Resources

- Fundamental of Pavement Design - Heavy Construction - Geotechnical Engineering

- Open Channel Hydraulics

University Project Highlights:  “Design of a low level bridge replacement project “(Brickell Bridge, Miami, FL): as a project manager in a group of twelve students. Complete design of the bridg e replacement including construction schedule, quality Assurance/quality control plan, permit package, drainage system, maintenance of traffic, etc. Final desig n presented to the engineering dean and faculty, members of Florida Department o f Transportation, and fellow students.

 “Re-design of a traffic congested intersection at West Flagler St and 107th Ave. M ami, FL†: Worked in a group of three students and a faculty advisor to gather and a nalyze field samples. Determined that excessive traffic congestion was made by wrong time cycles of traffic lights at certain hours. Findings presented to the engineering faculty, and fellow students.

 “Re-design of a ten story building using precast/pre-stressed concrete. Team of ten people. Determined differences between a regular concrete building and a precast concrete building in terms of construction such as time, cost and quality. COMPUTER SKILLS Proficiency in AutoCAD for more than 3 years, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, MS Office f or more than 10 years. Basic knowledge on Turbo Project, P6 Primavera Project P lanner, TSIS, CORSIM and Microstation.