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Understanding Web Services, SOA, BPEL & AIA

Basheer Khan

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Web Services

What Is A Web Service?
• C2C – Consumer to Consumer
– Person (consumer) to person – Email (SMTP, RFC-822)

• B2C – Business to Consumer
– Person to Application – Web (HTTP, HTML)

• A2A – Application to Application
– Application to Application – Web services (XML, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL)



What Is A Web Service? • A Web service … – Exposes and describes itself – Allows other services to locate it on the Web – Can be invoked – Must return a response 4/1/2009 5 .

How Does A Web Service Work? Service Broker Find Register Service Consumer Client 4/1/2009 Service Contract Service Provider 6 Service .

How Does A Web Service Work? Courtesy: IBM 4/1/2009 7 .

Service-Oriented Architecture .

Understanding SOA When we move to a new home … Service Service Gas Phone Service Power Home Sweet Home Service Service Cable TV … we establish and use (everyday) a Service-Oriented Architecture! 4/1/2009 Water 9 .

why is it that most organizations today … Banks Warehouses XYZ. Inc Customers Vendors … build their own bridges to interact between applications or with partners? 4/1/2009 10 .Understanding SOA Yet.

secure. and manage services and business processes 4/1/2009 11 .SOA – Characteristics • Reusability – leverages existing business processes across the enterprise and external trading partners • Agility – provides true business agility for rapid technology deployment • Interoperability – provides framework that is platform or language agnostic • Visibility – provides insight into available services and business processes • Manageability – increases ability to monitor.

SOA – Benefits • Lower cost. incremental projects 4/1/2009 12 . flexible architecture • Complies with industry standards and long term future direction • Loosely coupled solution that is vendor and platform agnostic • Enables rapid business application development by reusing existing functionality • Enables the process-oriented or services-oriented organization that is extremely agile and adaptable to change • Leverage existing IT legacy investments with lower risk.

SOA – Key Considerations • • • • Services must be provisioned and accessed in a secure manner Services must comply with corporate and regulatory policies Services must be highly available and reliable Service consumers must be isolated from the changes to: – Service implementation and network topology – Security and management policy • • • Services and policies must be discoverable via a registry to promote reuse Services must meet SLA. and scalability goals Services must be monitored and managed to ensure quality of service 13 4/1/2009 . performance.

SAML WSDL WSDL WSDL WSDL WSDL BUSINESS SERVICES SOAP JDBC JMS JCA RMI XML. JCA.NET/Axis Database Mainframe Packaged Apps EJBs 4/1/2009 14 . JMS . XML Schema WSDL/WSIF SOAP.Understanding SOA APPLICATION .NET Client (Support) Web Client (Self Service) Portal (Self Service) Portals J2EE Applications Servlets PROCESS FLOWS Orchestration BPEL XSLT XQuery Management and Security WS-Security WS-Policy.

Why is SOA important? • Organizations have realized the immense benefit SOA brings by enabling reuse of existing services. Major software vendors. now embed native web services in their applications • Applications Unlimited are now certified with Fusion Middleware for SOA-enablement 4/1/2009 15 . including Oracle. introducing agility and reducing cost • There is a paradigm shift in the industry in terms of SOA adoption.

BPEL Process Manager .

JCA • Rich Flow Semantics • Optimized Bindings • XPATH+XSLT+XQuery • WS-Security SalesDB start Duplicate Number! Billing Router • A Process is a Service end 4/1/2009 17 .What Is BPEL? Business Process Execution Language: Markup language for composing a set of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow • 10+ years of R&D from MSFT and IBM • SOAP but also Java.

BPEL orchestrates both data and processes • It combines web services from different applications to build end-to-end processes • It enables standards-based communication between: – One application to another – User interfaces to back-end applications – One organization to another (B2B) 4/1/2009 18 .How Does BPEL Work? • Unlike Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools that just orchestrated data.

How Does BPEL Work? PORTAL Web Service Java Service ? J2EE Database Stored Procedures ERP Oracle. etc. SAP. BPEL The Orchestrator IU User Tasks 19 TOMCAT 4/1/2009 .

How Does BPEL Work? • BPEL guarantees delivery correctly. once – ensuring no data loss and avoiding data duplication (when an interface batch gets executed more than once) • If any application is not available. BPEL stores the state and ensures that the data delivered or process is executed on the target application once it is available again (similar to print spooling) 4/1/2009 20 .

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Process Manager BAM Oracle BPEL Process Manager BPEL Designer XSLT Mapper Transformation Adapter Factory WSIF Binding Correlation Queuing Dehydration Store (Oracle Database) • Comprehensive and native BPEL implementation • Easy-to-use modeling tool Workflow BPEL Engine Rule BPEL Console • Scalable and reliable engine • Flexible binding framework • Rich management and monitoring • Support for Oracle AS. WebLogic and WebSphere • Get up and running in less than 15 minutes! 21 SAP EBS DB File … Application Server ( Oracle. BEA. IBM) 4/1/2009 . JBoss.

Oracle’s SOA Approach (using BPEL) • Since organizations have heterogeneous environments. you can now configure Database (in less than 5 mins) to make a database table. core web services for every application. view or procedure to behave as a web service! 4/1/2009 22 . Oracle introduced adapters to jumpstart SOA enablement • Instead of developing native.

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Adapters KEY FEATURES • WSIF + JCA + XML • Rich Metadata • Requests and Events • Optimized Bindings • 200+ Systems • Fail Over Management 4/1/2009 23 .

Increased Visibility • Developing interfaces (processes) using BPEL provide greater end-to-end visibility and are very easy to debug/maintain. • The Designer uses an easy. click-drag-and-drop approach to building processes • The Console displays the process exactly as it was design (What You See Is What You Get) 4/1/2009 24 .

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Designer KEY FEATURES • Native BPEL Support • Drag-and-drop process modeler • UDDI and WSIL service browser • Visual XPATH editor • Visual Assign editor • One-click build and deploy 4/1/2009 25 .

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Console KEY FEATURES • Visual Monitoring • Auditing • BPEL Debugging • In-flight Instance Administration • Performance Tuning • Partitioning/Domains 4/1/2009 26 .

transformation and translation of data elements is no longer embedded (tightly-coupled) in the source or target applications. click-and-drag user interface • Abstracting the data mapping promotes reuse as well as saves effort during upgrades 4/1/2009 27 . XSL mapping which is designed using a simple. • Transformation of data elements is abstracted to a standards-based.How Does BPEL Work? • Mapping.

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Transformations KEY FEATURES • Drag-and-drop Interface • Built-in Library of Functions • Support for Lists and Iterations • Auto-mapping • Version Resiliency 4/1/2009 28 .

How Does BPEL Work? • BPEL provides a very robust. scalable architecture that provides high-availability by introducing multiple nodes • Performance is typically not an issue when using BPEL. • BPEL has been demonstrated to process around 80.000 transactions per hour using a single server! 4/1/2009 29 . The processes are usually waiting on the source or target applications.

How Does BPEL Work? BPEL Architecture KEY FEATURES • Plug and Play • Cross Platform • Massively Scalable 4/1/2009 30 .

000+ activities) 31 . Server BPEL-Optimized SOAP Stack 4/1/2009 Stateless Architecture • Clustering • Fail Over Dehydration Store (Oracle Database) BPEL Server App. Server Support for large BPEL Processes (20.How Does BPEL Work? BPEL High Availability BPEL Server LOAD BALANCER App.

BPEL Demo .

Application Integration Architecture (AIA) .

BPEL and AIA • BPEL is the core product used to develop Process Integration Packs in Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture • Oracle Fusion Applications leverage BPEL for internal workflow and AIA for integration to other applications 4/1/2009 34 .

Application Integration Architecture (AIA) 4/1/2009 35 .

4/1/2009 36 .Understanding AIA • AIA uses an intermediate Enterprise Business Object (EBO) to map between several applications • The EBO contains a superset of all possible attributes for a given entity so that any application can map to it.

Understanding AIA 4/1/2009 37 .

• Only the portion of the mapping between the EBO and the upgraded application needs to be remapped. 4/1/2009 38 .Why AIA? • By using the EBO. the mappings between multiple applications do not have to be rewritten if one of the application’s schema changes during an upgrade.

Address .Integration Without AIA Application A Customer .Name .Office Fax 4/1/2009 39 .Office Phone .Zip .Phone .Fax Application B Customer .Street .Company Name .City .State .

Industry .Office Fax 4/1/2009 40 .Phone .Phone .Fax .Integration With AIA Application A Customer .Street .Zip .State .Fax EBO Customer .City .Name .Zip .Website .Name .State .Address .Company Name .City .etc.Street .Office Phone . Application B Customer .

com/technology/bpel • Download & try Oracle BPEL – it is FREE! 4/1/2009 41 .oracle.Next Steps • Visit Oracle BPEL Home Page http://www.

JD Edwards. WebLogic Suite. Business Rules. BPM. and Siebel Applications • Extensive experience and expertise managing global and local implementations across various industry verticals 4/1/2009 42 . BAM. Identity Management • Implement. OER. Web Center Suite. CA. USA • Provide unique. SOA Governance. WSM. upgrade. HQ in Irvine. BPEL.About Innowave • Technology Consulting firm founded in 2005. BPA. OBIEE. SOA Suite. OSB. innovative solutions using Oracle Applications and Technology • Expertise includes: Fusion Middleware. and enhance Oracle E-Business Suite. PeopleSoft.

Thank You! QUESTIONS ANSWERS 4/1/2009 43 .