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Eseta A. Porotesano 1707 Kewalo St. Apt# 1. Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 503-984-5303 ep2aaed8@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE To contribute my skills as a coding and billing specialist to help the facility obtain maximum reimbursement for procedures and services rendered. PROFILE * Experienced with Medical Manager and Medisoft. Utilized CPT, HCPS, and ICD9, Vol. 103 to determine accurate codes. * Completed course work in HIPAA and reimbursement, medical law and ethics. * Applied fundamentals of accounting, records management methodical investigati ons, and clean claim submission. * Familiar with MS-DOS, Microsoft Office suit, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Wor d, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook. * Knowledge of PC setup and installation, as well as various peripherals, data entry, and board configurations, troubleshooting and advanced repair. * Experienced in system-operations training, collections, and customer service. * Bi-lingual (English/Samoan). * A vital part of team with versatility, determination and capabilities, all of which contribute greatly to maintain production and reach goals as a team. * Have experienced in leading members of staff, distributing and carrying out d aily plan and identified critical, constraint areas, coordinate work within team , made well informed rational decisions, forecast commit date completion with ex treme accuracy, assessed issues and suggest alternative solutions. Treat others with respect, using constructive confrontation, expressing appreciation for othe rs and providing recognition to coworkers. Prioritized daily schedule and custom er's commits. Have experience in social work and customer service, diesel engine s, as well as board and system manufacturing EDUCATION Pioneer Pacific College Medical Coding and Billing (Certification/Degree) Septem ber 2009 Faasao High School Diploma June 1987 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Merix Corporation. Forest Grove Oregon February 2004 - March 2008 Production Tech: Performed multiple processes. AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) for defect loc

ations. Drilled PCB with six spindles CNC drill machines. Program downloads pe r work order specific. Loading of drill bits and attachments. Inventory contro l, material procedures and entering data onto electronic tracking system. Download programs, prepping materials, loads deflash, setup CNC router/automated beveller-laser measuring machine. Oxide: Wet chemical processing /setup/ compu ter skill/preventative maintenance. Lay-up and kitting: setting up materials t o be ship to Press area. Intel Corporation. Hillsboro Oregon July 1994 - January 2003 Manufacturing Technician: Board Configuration to Order (BCTO) Cross trained to all processes. Responsible for motherboard assembly, inspectio n, testing and packaging for a production line. Certified to train and operate eight board configuration processes. Prepared documentation and contacted ME's and planners involved with scheduling and commit dates. Shared BKM and transfer ring processes with starting up groups. Oregon System manufacturing (OSM) Assembly systems and servers to order. Rotate and fill-in at different stations as required. Instrumental in several processes, improvements and in developing the operational guidelines. SQV operations resulted in zero quality escapes an d 100% PAC. SMTD Manufacturing Operations An active member of ERT team and often fill in as HF campus IC (Incident Command er), HRT certified and in training for MRT/1st responder with Red Cross certific ation. Responsible for PC motherboard assembly: THM (Through Hole Mount), SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and fine-pitch soldering, inspection, testing, packag ing and several materials processes. Tech Specialist in SMT, certified in all SM T FUJI* processes; Chip placement CP's, IC/BGA placement IP's, Fuji DEK screen p rint, Glue GLV, perform monthly PM. Coordinating daily tasks of SMT lines and b etween teams, contacting ME tech/ME, planner when issues arises and informing TL conditions and line progress. Have thorough knowledge in all board assembly ar eas, from SMT to packaging, certified in multiple processes in other modules. T rainer of multiple processes: Strained Gage process (routing, cable attach, deb ug and rework as require) to assist TD (Technology Development) in new technolog y, AGILENT* AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection), AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) , NICOLET* X-ray, all FUJI* surface mount processes, Shmoo process (Environmenta l/Shock test) and Strange Gage attachment process. Certified to Intel's Advanced solder and board repair processes, ICT (In Circuit Test) ATE, SUMMIT* BGA repai r, JAVELIN* Flying Probe testers.