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Effects of Stress on Performance

employees are at risk of "numbing out" to protect themselves. To survive in these competitive times. One of the most significant factors is stress. These demands create stress which automatically decreases one¶s level of decision making. We see it in the blank faces of clerks. emotional. The organizational conflict and customer service consequences of this are obviously very costly.Introduction Background Creating a high performance organization is a popular theme in the training and development field. the one¶s survival is based on high demands of tough life. Creating a high performance organization requires understanding what factors influence performance. Pines and Aronson (1988) gave the concept of stress. companies can't afford anything less. and in the remarkably insensitive ways managers and employees treat each other. and safety. it is µµA state of physical and emotional exhaustion caused by longterm involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding¶¶. In fact. According to them. They are also obviously less . and interpersonal functioning. Collaborative Team Work. Many theories show that the numbing process is a symptom of high level of stress. Stress can be viewed as a form of emotional exhaustion. In today¶s world. and interpersonal consequences of stress. nearly every popular training and organizational development initiative is directly compromised by the intellectual. job and many others. In workplaces where people are constantly afraid and insecure. Initiatives like The Learning Organization. emotional. This numbing process affects far more than the interpersonal realm of organizational performance. innovation. The very mechanism which allows a person to survive an emotionally painful environment also makes it difficult for them to respond sensitively and empathetically to others. innovation. It can lead a person to either a productive outcome or a destructive outcome but destructive outcome leads a person to complete depletion of one¶s energy to perform productively. It affects all aspects of decision-making. These demands can be related to one¶s home. productive thinking styles and performance. With their thinking impaired. the lack of enthusiasm by front line workers. and The High Performance Organization are all impacted by the way people are affected by stress. Research shows that stress interferes with human intellectual. people are at greater risk of causing serious mistakes and accidents.

his performance . Objectives of the study o What are the factors which lead to high level of stress? o Does the high level stress always decrease the level of performance? o Do insecurity and fear lead to high level of stress? o Long term objective of the study will be to give new direction for managing stress and increasing optimal performance in organizations. prevents divergent thinking. This narrowing of attention. This study will identify the factors of stress and target efficiently highly stressed employees for preventive measures. and interpersonal functioning resulting in the decrease of performance.likely to make wise decisions and create process improvements. which is the foundation of creativity. perform at optimal levels. Research Hypothesis Higher the level of stress. an organization which brings out the best in its people. their thought processes narrow. lower will be the performance. lower will b their ability to perform at optimal levels. their performance level decreases. Higher the people will be stressed. it can be said that stress decreases the persons¶ ability to perform at optimal levels. but instead. Most of the studies showed that whenever a person feels high level of stress. Our research will increase the probability that people will not be compromised by stress. This research will be an understanding that how stress affects people's intellectual. In other words. It will also be helpful to create a high performance organization. by definition. And at the end. Studies show that when people are under stress. Significance The basic purpose of the present study is to investigate the factors which affect the level of performance as a result of stress. emotional. Divergent thinking is the ability to see connections between very distantly related ideas and context.

our country is suffering from organizational. creativity and high control over one¶s job. employee¶s performance. lower would be their efficiency and performance to do the work. Because stress regulates a sense of fatigue and tiredness which acts as a hurdle in the level of performance. from the organizational point of view. They used case-control research design and studied 292 men aged 30 -65 years working at private organizations and 292 healthy men matched on age and who were not working at organizations. efficiency and performance. stressors from work and family lead to depressive symptoms only. They used correlational research design and probability sampling technique was used in their study. social. They studied 308 hotel managers from five different cities. . Their results showed that there was no significant relationship between efficiency and performance but stress showed a strong negative relationship with performance and efficiency. stress is the burning issue which should be addressed according to our scenario. political and economic crisis. divergent thinking. In healthy matched controls. Literature Review Most of the researches conducted in the area of stress and its factors affecting organizational behavior cover the factors like work efficiency. During the past decade. They found that double exposure to stressors from work and family was highly associated with low performance in employees who also suffered from depression. However. our research focuses on the stress and its effects on performance. Gomer (2005) proposed that exposure to stressors from family and at work were associated with lower performance and depressive feelings. It were hypothesized that there were negative relationships between stress and efficiency and between stress and performance but there was a positive relationship between efficiency and performance. higher level of stress leads to higher performance. Wishner and Kaplan (1968) explored the relationship among stress. Every person is stressed due to these problems. A number of researches are showing that higher stress leads to low performance. Peastrel. The following literature was revealed to find out the results and evidences from previous work on stress and its effects on performance. it was concluded that higher the employees would be stressed.level decreases. Hence. But in rare cases.

efficiency. Over the years. Above mentioned researches provide an overview of the fact that stress affects performance. their performance level was much low as compared to the performance when they were not stressed. It was concluded that higher stress was responsible for low performance. As it is hypothesized that higher the stress. Firstly. When the teachers reported that they were stressed. creativity. emotional. Deese and Osler (1952) explained the effects of psychological stress upon performance.Lee (2001) studied the relationship of employee stress and performance in organizational and managerial practices. but instead. It was found that there was vast difference in the level of performance between first and second measurement. This research is a valuable contribution in creating a high performance organization. It will increase the probability that people will not be compromised by stress. They measured these variables two times. lower will be the performance. divergent thinking. productivity and innovation in organizational practices. He also explained many other factors that were affected by stress. psychological stress was the predictor of low performance. He also introduced many interventions for managing stress and to create a high performance organization. thinking style. thinking process and attention. when they reported that they r feeling relaxed to some extent. efficiency. He concluded from his study that one of the most significant factor which affects employees¶ performance was the stress. . According to him. According to them. perform at optimal levels. Correlational design is used as the objective of the research is to study the relationship between two variables (stress and performance). and interpersonal functioning which automatically lower the performance. Research Design Correlational research design is used in the study. when they reported that they were stressed and secondly. researchers conducted researches on the topic of stress and performance. They studied 68 teachers and measured their stress and performance by self-constructed questionnaires. His article was originally published in Training Scene. The present research is focusing on the effects of stress on performance. Lazarus. His research showed that stress interfered with human intellectual. stress had negative and worse effects on sense of creativity. Their performance was also observed by observation and by the reports of their colleagues and higher authorities.

Performance Performance is a process or manner of functioning or operating one¶s work with efficiency.According to this hypothesis. "stress is a non-specific response of the body to any demand for change". Simply we can say that stress is a force that produces strain on a physical body. . effectiveness. Stress will be measured operationally by the scores obtained on questionnaire based on conceptualization of stress. mental or emotional adjustment or response. According to Hans Selye (1936). Conceptualization and Operationalization of Variables Stress Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical. responsibility and compliance. there will exist a negative relationship between stress and performance. Performance will be measured operationally by the scores obtained on questionnaire based on conceptualization of performance. It is caused by an existing stress-causing factor or "stressor´.

Do you think you have strong nerves not to feel stressed at minute problems? 11. . Do you feel stressed by the current political situation of Pakistan? 6. Do you feel stressed daily? 8. Do you often feel stress due to lack of control over your job? 2. Do you feel stressed at your financial and social crises? 3. Do you think you feel tired and exhausted after being stressed? 7. Do you feel stress due to high demand and low control over your financial problems? 4.Questionnaire of stress 1. Do you feel stressed at the minor problems? 10. Do your family problems make you stressed? 5. Do you feel stresses at the law and order situation of your country? 9.