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Business Analyst/Information Technology Specialist

Customer-focused IT professional, expert in contributing to projects designed to
enhance system functionality and end-user productivity. Strategic planning, sy
stems analysis and troubleshooting, forecasting, scheduling and planning, and tr
acking of results. Acknowledged for capacity to tackle challenging issues, analy
ze viable alternatives, and provide innovative solutions that reside well within
clients' financial and time frameworks.
Consultant/Dialer Administrator - 2009 to 2010
Aspen Consulting Group, Silver Spring, MD
Lead dialer administrator for DRIS-U.S. Census Bureau. Reviewed technology infra
structure for management consultant group, proposing enhancements, managing and
assessing dialer results. Consulted and advised senior management of future risk
analysis.Coordinate with QA teams to design test plan and test cases for end us
er acceptance. Maintained and tracked open issues to ensure resolution. Technica
l writing, documented processes and procedures according to Census Bureau specif
ication. Coordinate staffing requirements, and maintain master schedule.
* Spearheaded and developed dialer reporting.
* Assisted in the development of proposal to U.S. Census Bureau, reduction of r
eserved idle dialer time.
* Absorbed large amounts of technical documentation in a short period of time in
order to be an effective contributor.
Workforce Analyst - 2005 to 2009
Toyota Financial Services, Owings Mills, MD
Report and review real-time and historical data to verify work performance.
Serve as subject matter expert for various technological issues impacting the bu
siness unit. Analyze call center statistics, reports, graphs and charts.
Develop and distribute quantitative reports to management.Compiled and prepared
daily work schedules for departments. Coordinated collection and preparation of
operating reports, time-and-attendance records, and statistical performance data
* Established central workforce mailbox, reducing redundancy and errors when pro
cessing manager requests.
* Developed statistical analysis of Hours of operation, which improved operation
al staffing levels.
* Led the implementation of the Adherence tracking database.
Dialer Administrator - 2005 to 2005
Toyota Financial Service, Owings Mills, MD
Performed daily inspection of systems to ensure optimal output. Reviewed curre
nt trends and pertinent data to ensure calling strategies are meeting the busine
ss objectives. Focused on ensuring optimal presentation of calls to support com
pany process goals. Researched multiple sources to ensure that dialer, telephon
y systems and circuits meet business capacity volumes
Mine data to derive specific and critical information for management.
Developed, debugged and test scripts in Call Management Systems .
Technical liaison between call center and IT when identifying and troubleshootin
g technical issues. Setup and maintain workstation PCs with associated software
packages and operating systems as required by the business unit. Installed nec
essary patches, virus updates and software upgrades on computers to ensure overa
ll system stability
* Reduced dialer idle time which dramatically improved operational efficency lev
* Created strategic calling plans to improve contact rates.
Operations Systems Analyst - 2003 to 2005
HSBC, Virginia Beach, VA
Analyzed business specifications and developed test plans and test scripts for b
ase line, system and end-to-end testing. Participated in the business specifica
tions walkthrough meetings with development team and testers to resolve defects
and discuss risk mitigation. Involved in system testing, integration testing, w
hite box testing, inter-system testing, back-end testing, and browser compatibil
ity testing on multi platforms. Compiled query statements to analyze data integr
* Participated in the migration of the Davox Predictive Dialer.
* Developed statistical analysis which supported the implementation of Austin Lo
gistics OnQ application
M.B.A., Management Information Technology - 2010
Kaplan University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
B.A., Psychology - 2001
Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA
* Microsoft Office Suite, Cisco WebEX, Lotus Notes
* Austin Logistics Optimization software, Concerto/Davox, Avaya, and Cisco Predi
ctive Dialer
* Blue Pumpkin, e-WFM, Witness systems, Citrix, and Center-Vue