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Paul M Phillips 27 Overlook Road Home (978)874-2702 Westminster, MA Cell (978)602-6652 pp4b58e0@westpost.

net SUMMARY Highly motivated, results oriented Test Engineer with extensive experience in th e test environment, which include In circuit test, QA system level testing, Func tional level testing, Board level test and Signal Integrity testing. Strengths include strong technical expertise in comput ers and hardware testing using scopes and logic analyzers, demonstrated expertis e in working on complex projects, working with other team members, the ability t o adapt to changing priorities, multi-tasking and problem solving. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EMC Corp, Hopkinton, MA 1995- Nov_2009 Senior Microcode QA Engineer 2007 - Nov_2009 * Perform regression testing on full Symmetrix system for Microcode revision cha nges through a Sun host system * Set up and configure Symmetrix systems for specific testing environments and n ew features Using EMC system configuration tools. * Design detailed test cases for new features and future regressions. * Use QA tools to run automated tests and work with development engineers to hav e manual Tests become automated tests for future regressions. * Determine severity of errors on the Symmetrix and forward error information to the correct Development team for root cause or recreation. * Use the Error tracking system to track all Software, Hardware and Automation t ool issues. * Member of the drive qualification team, that qualifies new drives for customer purchasing New or upgrading existing Symmetrix systems. Senior Hardware Quality Engineer 2000 - 2007 * Test Software and Hardware Signal Integrity applications, using Robotic equipm ent and TDS694C and TDS6804B Tektronics scopes and analyzers. * Set up test cases on the Robotic equipment and Symmetrix system to verify Sign al Integrity Tools. * Verify that the Signal Integrity tools that are written in LABVIEW and C++ are capturing the correct waveform and anomalies using waveform viewing tools. * Set up test cases to test the Signal Integrity application tools, using a wave form generator To verify boundary level waveforms. * Write application document manuals and procedures for Signal Integrity applica tions * Attended LABVIEW programming classes. Lead In Circuit Test Engineer 1995 - 2000 * Program In Circuit equipment using Genrad/Teradyne 2286 and 2287 testers with boundary scan

Components. * Design complex and large nail count fixtures with support electronics for test ing Clocks, switches and Led's **********Support In Circuit test programs and fixtures at the subcontractors. * Interface with Hardware engineering and write testability DFT specs to follow during The Hardware design phase. * Train new In Circuit test engineers when hired.

Paul M Phillips page 2 of 2 Stratus Computer, Marlboro, MA 1984 - 1995 Associate In Circuit Test Engineer 1984 - 1995 * Program and design large pin counts test fixtures for Genrad 2272 and HP 3070 In Circuit test systems with boundary scan features. * Support In Circuit test programs and fixtures at the subcontractors. * Interface with Hardware engineering and write testability DFT specs to follow during The Hardware design phase. Prime Computer, Framingham, MA 1978 - 1984 Board Test Technician 1978 - 1984 * Debug and repair complex circuit boards to the chip level. In Circuit Test Engineer * Program and design large pin count test fixtures for 323 Fairchild In Circuit testers. * Develop and write documentation for new fixture builds. EDUCATION Certificate in Computer Technology, Control Data Institute, Burlington, MA