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AMANDA RUTLEDGE 455 Royal Navigator Rd., Montgomery, TX 77316 Phone: 936-647-3778 E-mail: ar5fe0f8@westpost.

net CAREER OBJECTIVE Accomplished, versatile, and perceptive Logistics and Operations Management Prof essional seeking an opportunity to leverage strong leadership abilities and vast experience in large-scale, highly regulated companies and austere, high threat environments in supporting an organization to achieve its objectives. VALUE OFFERED * Relationship Building and Teamwork- merges solid interpersonal and communicati on skills to forge, nurture and maintain strong relationships. Enthusiastically communicates with and motivates staff members and colleagues, fostering a team-b ased, collaborative work environment. * Knowledge and Expertise - demonstrates expertise in logistics management, oper ations management, inventory control, supply chain management, procurement, work flow scheduling, resource planning, quality control, compliance, reporting, reco rd keeping, and budget administration * Customer Service - blends integrity, innovative thinking, and leadership attri butes to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction. Optimizes service d elivery using strong decision-making talents, critical thinking skills, and an u nwavering drive to excel. * Time Management and Organization - displays proven time management and multita sking abilities; skillfully balances competing priorities. Self-directed and de pendable; works autonomously without supervision. Known a collaborative work et hic and a superior level of adaptability and initiative. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Triple Canopy, WPPS, Baghdad, Iraq, 06/09 to Present Business & Logistics Manager - ALSSM * Strategically direct the logistics function for a 600+ Expat Task Order with r esponsibility for managing and maintaining optimum levels of camp inventory incl uding GFE and CFE property. * Provide leadership and direction to 12 American Expats in the execution of dai ly roles within the vehicle maintenance, personal storage, mail, warehouse, and armory functions. * Maintain accurate, up-to-date, and confidential personnel, property, and logis tics records in accordance with DOS and FAR requirements, procedures, and polici es. * Skillfully coordinate the issuance and return of company equipment and manage the procurement function, requisitioning the required levels of supplies and equ ipment to support camp needs. * Prepare and present daily briefings to the Program Manager and the Deputy Proj ect Manager of Support on daily performance, supporting short and long-term plan ning and decision-making. * Serve as an information resource to colleagues and peers relating to all aspec ts of the logistics function, and FAR and DOS Contract Management and Requiremen ts. * Function as the Business Manager with responsibility for Command Staff functio ns including payroll, time sheet management, resource planning, personnel manage ment, and workflow scheduling. * Demonstrate solid financial acumen in the management and maintenance of the Op

s Fund and the administration of a monthly budget valued at $300,000, minimizing costs and expenditure. * Supervise a team of four employees within the business function, developing a high performance, goal-focused team that work cooperatively to achieve common go als and objectives. * Lead the MWR Committee with responsibility for event planning, and organizing activities that support and improve the morale, welfare, and recreational experi ences of 600 Expats. Blackwater, USA, Baghdad, Iraq, 03/09 to 05/09 Administrative and Logistics Security Specialist (ALSS) * Managed a complex workload, providing administrative and logistics support to a camp of 600+ security specialists, static security guards, and team interprete rs for the Department of State (DOS). * Utilized proven organizational skills to coordinate the allocation of CAC card s, Visas, and RSO badges in accordance with company policies and maintained an u p-to-date personnel database. * Managed all helicopter manifesting for personnel and cargo flying to and from BIAP and outlying sites and monitored personnel arrivals, accurately documenting logistical changes. * Employed superior time management and multitasking skills to respond swiftly a nd decisively to changing situations in a fast-paced, time sensitive environment , earning management recognition. Edinburgh Risk, Lebanon, NH, 10/08 to 12/08 Logistics Specialist * Managed a broad range of daily duties including weapons accountability and tra cking, equipment allocation and tracking, records maintenance, and the in/out pr ocessing of 350+ personnel. * Monitored and reported on daily resource availability and scheduling to senior management and successfully rescheduled assignments in accordance with critical and priority requirements. * Served as a member of the Mobile Guard with responsibility for conducting site inspections, logging site incident, providing static site security, and maintai ning solid working relationships with staff., Houston, TX, 09/03 to 03/06 Owner / Branch Manager * Owned and operated a net branch with responsibility for loan application asses sment and processing, pre-qualification, clearing, compliance, closing, and the timely disbursement of funds. * Prepared individual client files for overall QC review and ensured compliance with State and Federal Licensing and Operations Laws, branch policies, and quali ty standards. * Displayed a proven ability to prospect for new business, generate leads, netwo rk, acquire and retain clients, and create referrals for new business based on s trong relationship management skills. * Seamlessly managed day-to-day operations within a high volume branch, providin g direction and supervision to staff members and fostering a customer-focused br anch environment. * Handled additional management functions including marketing, advertising, fina ncial management, budget planning and administration, business development, clie nt relations, and customer service. Jungle Beach Club Resort, Puerta Aventuras, Mexico, 06/99 to 06/01 Director of Operations

* Managed the successful acquisition of a $12 million boutique resort in Quinta Roo, Mexico and subsequently directed daily operations within the resort and the supporting stateside sales centers. * Planned and administered marketing budgets, implementing a verification and ma nifest system that accurately tracked sales and ensured adherence with FTC regul ations. * Handled the procurement and purchasing function, sourcing supplies and equipme nt at cost-effective prices from company-approved vendors, 80% of whom originate d within the United States. * Managed a team of 22 resort personnel and 6 stateside administrative staff wit h responsibility for staff scheduling, workflow planning, staff training and dev elopment, and performance evaluations. * Established local and stateside supply chains to support daily resort function s, maintained optimum inventory levels, and prepared operational reports that su pported forecasting and planning needs. * Developed and maintained strategic business alliances with local transportatio n companies, negotiating cost-effective contracts for the transportation of gues ts to and from the resort. VMC Protection, Inc., Orlando, FL, 02/98 to 09/03 Director of Operations * Managed the day-to-day operation of a high volume, fast-paced tele-sales firm with supervisory responsibility for a team of 45 staff members that provided wor ld-class customer service to clients. * Responsible for business development, sales processing and monitoring, complia nce reporting, record keeping, data management, compliant resolution, customer s ervice, and client relations. * Merged in-depth product knowledge and superior communication skills to provide information to staff members on company policies and procedures, product inform ation, and complaints handling. EDUCATION / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Worldwide Personal Protective Services, Blackwater USA, Moyock, NC, 10/08 English Major; Minor: Performing Arts, Valencia College Kissimmee, FL, 03/97 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Computer Skills: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint; Byte, Calyx, and Internet App lications Language Skills: French, Spanish Clearance: DoS Secret - EXP 02/2019