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PROFILE Motivated individual with more than several years of automotive experience that provided continuous optimum levels

of service within purchasing, engineering, fi nance, sales, and program management. Excellent organizational, planning, and communication skills. Interfaces well with all levels of an organization. Excel lent computer skills working with Windows, Microsoft Office, Visio, Minitab, SAP , QFD, Primavera. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. EXPERIENCE Confidential 2009 - Present Supplier Quality Manager Managing supplier quality to ensure successful launches for North America Divisi on (11 plants and 14 employees). Reporting on APQP, supplier performance, suppl ier escalation improvements, and Global target goals. Working with the supply c hain departments to ensure proactive strategies are implemented for quality impr ovement. Supporting global goals to standardize supplier quality function acros s all regions. Ensuring suppliers meet the requirements of Logistics, Purchasing , and Quality globally. Accomplishments: * Lead Black Belt conducting all Green Belt training within the NAO region. Ens uring all projects are completed within 6-8 months annually. * 2009 8 projects implemented and completed within 6 months with significant sav ings. * 2010 15 projects have been implemented with expected implementation and saving s by mid year. Commodity Buyer 2008-2009 Manage the module and fastener commodities for all OEM's including cost drivers and implementing annual savings to achieve corporate goals. Work directly with Quality and Logistics to ensure supply chain management is running efficiently. Accomplishments: * Commodities consist of directed and free spend suppliers worth $60M annually * Initiated a corporate process for quoting, sourcing and approving suppliers * Trained and certified buyers in the Six Sigma Green Belt Lean initiative * Promoted to management within 10 months (August thru May) Automotive Six Sigma Black Belt 2007-2008 Utilize six sigma tools and methodology to lead high impact project teams and wo rk with these teams as an expert, coach, and mentor. Teach green belt classes; spread six sigma awareness, and support lean and process improvements within a c ustomer, prototype, and production community. Continuously supporting and drivi ng Business Excellence throughout the organization. Accomplishments: * Implemented a global prototype system with quality inspections and traceabilit y visible on the intranet with over $1M in savings * Implemented a global prototype system to link to a global test request system, which allows the organization to easily view all data and release to production with e-BOM's and traceability with over $250K in savings. * Working to decrease the DPMO "defects per million opportunities" within the pr oduction plants * Conduct Green Belt and Black Belt Training * Train organization on how to utilize Kepnor-Tregoe methodology of root cause a nalysis. * Work on a global team to implement processes worldwide. Savings over $3M Commodity Buyer 2001-2007 Manage the steering and braking commodity; including annual production volumes a nd all associated tooling. Understanding cost drivers and support suppliers wit h any deliverable issues. Support all new program introductions within restrain ts, braking and steering. Work cost reduction initiatives to achieve corporate financial goals. Visit production plants and suppliers annually. Ensure capaci

ty planning issues are monitored/addressed and work all tooling details related to each component. Accomplishments: * Managed account worth $44M annually * Negotiated yearly cost reductions with suppliers (minimum of 6% total over 3 y ears) * Worked with raw steel suppliers to ensure supply and demand is met with compon ent suppliers * Re-organized the part ordering process to ensure lowest prices and highest qua lity parts are being ordered and received with over $800K in savings * Worked for 3 years managing capital equipment funds and distribution Program Management 1991-2000 Business Leader for programs from the award of the business through a successful launch. Responsible for ensuring program timing is met with the customer and g uiding program team with problem resolution. Implement new process within the o rganization to ensure future success of new business. Work with program team to resolve issues that may affect achieving customer dates. Accomplishments: * Implemented global program timing within North America and Europe divisions. This project gave the organization the ability to view all projects from one dat abase. * Implemented a program that gave the corporation the ability to run reports sho wing program status, program issues, programs falling behind, and top issues wit hin the organization. * Tracking matrix to show the improvements within the organization to enable cus tomer dates to be met within a smaller time frame. * Managing up to 75 programs with program teams reporting indirectly. Additional Experience 1984-1991 * Quality PPAP Warranty Submissions: Approving PPAP's for Ford, VW and Mercedes Seat Belts * Human Resources: Training, New Hires * Prototype/Testing: Quality inspection, build management, inventory management (6 employees) * Facilities Management: Internal layout, utilities, cafeteria management

EDUCATION Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Northwood University 2003

References Available Upon Request