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DEBORAH A. LOGAN C 412.874.4242 | H 412.761.

9924 215 Allegheny Avenue * Pittsburgh, PA 15202 VICE PRESIDENT OF HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS AND SALES PROFILE Healthcare Operations Executive with 20+ years experience in analyzing existing operations and implementing the necessary strategies and formal business practic es to steer growth and ensure quality service. Deep background in the strategic planning, development, and leadership of innovative multi-disciplinary programs. Strategic and action-oriented leader who thrives on steep challenges and incit es team performance. Expert in all areas of operational leadership with the abil ity to drive critical initiatives, garner support for new programs, and deliver projects / programs within defined specifications. Keen ability to identify and capture new business and market opportunities to drive revenue and growth. Regis tered Respiratory Therapist. Achievement Highlights: * Drove $2M in new revenue for Vantage Healthcare Network by initiating the deve lopment and implementation of a bleeding disorders program. * Increased revenues by $1M year over year by launching a billing service for Ad vanced Integrated Medical, LLC. * Realized a profit of $40K in the first year for Advanced Integrated Medical, L LC by building a new venture, "Nighttime Studies," that tested patients for low oxygen levels. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Operational Leadership P&L Management Multimillion Dollar Revenue Growth Budget Administration Turnaround Management Program Development Business Process Improvement Strategic Planning Contract Negotiation Consultative Sales Solution Based Selling Territory Management CAREER PROGRESSION VANTAGE HEALTHCARE NETWORK, Meadville, PA Vantage is a partnership among non-profit l is partnering with non-competing health from services currently being outsourced. ull-time employees. * 2006 - February 2010 community hospitals. The business mode care organizations to capture profits Annual revenues exceed $27M with 210 f

Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales Promoted into this role to transform a divisional sales structure into a cross-s elling platform to leverage all of the services among Vantage's 15 divisions. Cr eated the roadmap and led rapid-fire execution of strategies and programs to gro w revenue, increase sales-force effectiveness, and instill a customer-focus cult ure. Full P&L management for $55M in annual revenue. Formulated, justified, and managed a $500K annual budget. Leadership accountability for two direct reports and 18 indirect reports. Scope of territory included Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wes tern Virginia. Reported to the CEO. ADVANCED INTEGRATED MEDICAL, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA * 2004 - 2006 A private company categorized under Wholesale Physicians and Surgeons equipment and supplies. Current estimates from Dun & Bradstreet show that the annual estim ated sales for the company are $1.3M and Advanced Integrated Medical, LLC employ s 10 - 19 personnel.

Chief Operations Officer Recruited into the position to lead the turnaround of an underperforming company to position it for a profitable sale. With the Owner, created and drove a turna round strategy by spearheading people, process, operational, and financial initi atives that transformed the company and allowed the execution of a profitable sa le of the company. Charged with P&L management for $2M in annual revenue. Direct ed allocations for a yearly budget. Supervised eight employees. Covered Pennsylv ania as part of territory accountability. Reported to the Company Owner. * Slashed Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) from 247 days to 52 days by accelerating go-to-market efforts. * Reduced bad debt by 40% by leading sensitive renegotiations for vendor contrac ts and decreasing attrition among staff. UPMC HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT / APRIA HEALTHCARE {NYSE: AHG}, Pittsburgh, PA * 2 001 - 2004 Apria Healthcare took over operations of UPMC Home Medical in 2002. The company provides a wide range of home medical equipment to help improve the quality of l ives of patients with special needs. Director / General Manager Recruited into the position due to deep industry experience and retained after A pria Healthcare took over operations in 2002. Appointed by Apria to lead the tur naround of the underperforming branches to return to profitability. Integrated d isparate personnel, systems, and technologies to create a cohesive business stru cture and leadership team. P&L management for $20M in annual revenue. Controlled a $20M yearly budget. Leadership accountability for four direct reports and 90 indirect reports. Scope of territory included Pennsylvania. Reported to the Vice President. * Honored with the Quality Award in conjunction with UPMC Health Plan. Award was given for significantly improving the wheelchair program for patients with dege nerative diseases. * Added $100K to net profits by streamlining operations by strategically reducin g the number of positions that did not produce profits. * Devised an asthma education program in conjunction with UPMC Health Plan. * Ignited cash collections by 20%. * Awarded second place for Best Branch Operations Nationally from Apria. * Recognized with the First Place Revenue Management Award for the Northeast Div ision from Apria. HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS, Pittsburgh, PA * 1997 - 2001 District Operations Manager Challenged to drive and sustain profitable growth through strong and decisive le adership of sales and marketing, daily business operations, finance, strategic p lanning, and customer service. Full P&L management for $10M in annual revenue. D irected allocations and reporting functions for a $10M budget. Supervised four d irect reports and 48 indirect reports. Scope of territory included Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Reported to the Vice President. THE WASHINGTON HOSPITAL, Washington, PA * 1988 - 1997 A voluntary, not-for-profit community hospital serving Washington and its surrou nding communities since 1897. The hospital has 265 beds in addition to a 16-bass inet nursery and an eight-bed residential hospice. Director of Respiratory Services Recruited due to the combination of skills in clinical respiratory therapy, mana gement, and business. Directed and maintained departmental activity. Forged key collaborations and relationships to incorporate innovation in the department. Ut ilized diagnostic tools to analyze data, trends, and make recommendations to imp

lement strategic, operational, and departmental plans. Wrote protocols to enhanc e patient respiratory care. Led four direct reports and 38 indirect reports. Rep orted to the Vice President. * Spearheaded the development of a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Published o utcomes that demonstrated cost savings and an enhancement of lifestyle for the p articipants. * Pioneered the first Sleep Disorders Breathing Laboratory and established a sat ellite lab in a rural county (Greene County). * Accelerated productivity by 60% by implementing workflow optimization processe s. * Increased revenues by $12K per month by vetting facilities and securing contra cts with five, long-term facilities. * Surpassed budget goals in 2009 during a tough economic climate by restructurin g the sales force and developing a sales program that focused on results and acc ountability. EDUCATION MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.) DEGREE IN PUBLIC HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT | Point Park Co llege, Pittsburgh, PA BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.S.) DEGREE IN HEALTH SERVICES | Point Park College, Pitts burgh, PA ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE (A.S.) DEGREE IN RESPIRATORY THERAPY | Community College, P ittsburgh, PA CERTIFICATION Registered Respiratory Therapist