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Personal Resume of J. Thorne CONTACT: (901) 409-7661 jthorne_crmpro1@yahoo.

com 20+ years combined experience: business-to-business outside sales, B2C retail sa les, eCommerce operations, specializing in Customer Relationship Management appl ications

• Attains a proven track record of high-level B2B selling and management of B2C ac counts incl. manufacturers, distributors and retailers. • Demonstrates exceptional communication skills with the ability to comfortably sp eak to audiences of various business levels. • Collaborates with both customer and employer product development teams to build solution-based sales. • Adapts influential leadership skills in team environments to develop relationshi ps with key decision makers and opinion leaders. • Prospects for new business opportunities with a hunter mindset through cold call ing, networking, and ROI analysis. • Utilizes Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, CRM sales and serv ice applications, web site back end tools. CRM Key Competencies Data Mining • Scanning internal Relationship Management business records and third-party data with customized searches to identify “ready-to-buy†customers within the company databas e. • Creating monthly marketing campaigns utilizing the most effective combination of live calls, direct mail, email broadcasts, and automated reminder messages.

Inventory Internet Distribution • Importing inventory availability daily into the internet vendor’s management system which interprets, then distributes it to all company internet marketing sites. • Maintaining company web site marketing effectiveness through inventory photos, d escriptions, and pricing updates, monitoring eBay auction status, and customer c hat. Web Site SEO and SEM • Creating with internet marketing vendors the necessary web site elements for sea rch engines to properly find and rank company web site at the top of customers’ sear ch results lists. • Contracting with vendors to build, manage, and monitor integration of company ca mpaigns on major landing pages including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Analytics • Utilizing CRM and internet sources’ live market data to both minimize company purch sing costs and track competitors’ marketing of similar products and services. • Setting custom data buckets to monitor company inventory in multiple views inclu ding in-market pricing, and aging reports, for most productive online ordering.

Professional Accomplishments Sales Manager Nationally Branded Big Ticket Retail Franchise 2001-2004 2008-2010 Created an E-Commerce sales department now adding over $90,000 per month to empl oyer’s gross earnings. Created a Business Development Call Center now adding over $70,000 per month to employer’s gross earnings. CRM applications include: company-wide initial installation and implementation; continued technical problem solving; setup of reporting and corresponding data b uckets; training of all employees including sales force and management; monthly marketing program development; integration of 3rd party vendors’ performance trackin g Business Manager Privately Held Consumer Services Provider 2006-2008 Directed startup of a consumer product service center which doubled Company’s overal l sales by creating a new revenue stream from customer base previously establish ed through Company’s other operations. CRM applications include: shop management software initial installation, impleme ntation, and employee training; continued technical problem solving; integration of multiple parts suppliers’ commercial electronic order CRM applications enabling just in time deliveries. Area Sales Rep. Nationally Branded Distributor, Small Business Market 2004-2006 Generated a 30% increase in sales from both established customer base and custom ers won over from competitors through emphasis on Company’s real time order processi ng systems and national Internet marketing. CRM applications include: web-based customer service/shop management system init ial installation, training, and implementation; continued fine tuning to meet cu stomer’s specific needs and elevate Company’s standing in the supplier hierarchy.

Continuing Education Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Huma n Resource Situational Training, more Degree BS, Industrial Engineering

Preferred location: Memphis TN, but will relocate for the right opportunity. Resume effective date: June 2010