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LAWRENCE BERFOND 48 Amber Dr. Oldbridge N.J.

08857 570-906-4674 Operations Manager FOOD SERVICE ~BUILDING INDUSTRY- CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ SUPERVISION & OVERSIGHT Dynamic leader with over 20 years of demonstrated success in multiple service in dustries. An effective leader, a fiscally responsible operator, and most of all, a customer driven professional, capable of managing large teams and performing above company standards. Especially astute at teaching others how to develop a " customer-centric" attitude as well as designing and implementing loyalty and ret ention programs to increase bottom line revenues. * * * * * * * * Operations Expertise Quality Assurance Retention Strategies Cost Control

Financial Analysis Data Analysis Inventory Analysis Payroll Analysis * Cross-Functional Leadership * Customer Loyalty Expert * Training & Development * Health and Safety Compliance QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE * Strong analytical background with the ability to work independently on multip le projects with specialized experience in information management, financial ana lysis and budgetary planning, tactical product branding and exposure initiatives , sales and marketing methodologies, operational efficiency practices, conflict management and effective communication techniques, research and data analysis, s trategic planning, organization development and change management. * Comprehensive understanding of the sales, marketing, and advertising arena du e to advanced practical and academic training. * Knowledgeable in all facets of brand building to include policy development a nd implementation, merchandising, advertising and training. * Excel in defining and implementing policies, procedures and operational syste ms that boost productivity, efficiency and quality of the organization. * Competent leader and mentor who is able to create a team environment, includi ng building collaborative relationships, training peers to perform at maximum ef ficiency, and the capacity to form cross-functional coalitions in order to ensur e knowledge is shared across departmental lines. * Proven ability to adapt strong process knowledge and technical skills to dive rse organization needs. FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCIES * Demonstrate dynamic leadership qualities and strong communication skills in s uccessfully steering planning meetings and delivering comprehensive strategies. * Embrace organization initiatives and mission statement. * Develop and implement numerous protocols and policies with the purpose of ide ntifying and resolving relevant client issues in a proactive manner. * Work to standardize cross-departmental protocols between various departments in order to break down "silo" mentality and increase knowledge sharing. * Skilled at managing multiple projects and leading teams in cross-functional, concerted efforts. * Provide staff support and mentoring whenever necessary.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER TRACK MANAGER, K & W Management 2007-2009 * Primary responsibilities included management and maintenance of 80 residentia l rental units; * Leadership and management of multiple repair personnel; * Recruitment of subcontractors; * Development and implementation of efficiency best practices in order to handl e all customer requests in a proactive manner. GENERAL MANGER, Palms Plaza Caterers 2004-2006 * Primary responsibilities include comprehensive management and oversight of al l aspects of operations; * Conducted all operational and administrative duties including payroll, budget and financial analyses, staff training, and departmental cost control; * Responsible for staff development, hiring, recruitment, retention strategies, and corrective actions plans; * Designed and implemented numerous programs that significantly increased Net O perating Income; * Maintained and exceeded state health and safety regulations; * Effectively managed employees in all areas of site operations; * Developed and implemented various customer service and loyalty training progr ams for staff. OWNER / OPERATOR, Construction Company 2000-2003 * Primary responsibilities included strategic and daily operations of a constru ction operation with several employees; * Conducted recruitment, training, supervision and motivation of high performan ce teams; * Created and implemented numerous training programs and coaching tools to furt her educate employees as well as establish accountability for performance; * Skilled in budgeting and sales forecasting with P&L responsibility, contract negotiation and cost reduction. Earlier Experience OPERATOR, Palms Shore Club * Primary responsibilities included effective management of daily operations an d support of staff. Specific functions and achievements included; * Development of relevant activities and events within thecatering and nightclu b environment to increase client base; * Managing operations in a fiscally responsible manner in order to maintain sol vency and viability of business; * Recruitment and training of service staff, operations personnel, and security ; * Food, beverage, and hospitality supervision and oversight; * Managed, at one point or another, all areas of comprehensive catering, on and off-premise and the nightclub environment.