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SUPPORTED BY TAKING IT GLOBAL 1. Project Name: ICT As Tool To Eradicate Poverty in Africa 2. Name of applying Youth Project Management Committee: Taking IT Global, Youths Healing Hands Foundation Nigeria. 3. PROJECT AREA: (Village, community, LGA) 4. Contact person(s): Amalaha Patrick Emeka

5. Beneficiary communities: Ovungwu in Isi-ala Ngwa south LGA

Brief project description This project is designed to address the causes of unemployment with applicable solutions using the potentials of young people as development actors through information and communications technologies and entrepreneurship skills development. The project seeks to provide participants with the requisite entrepreneurial and leadership skills they need to become innovative tools and possibly evolve as possible employers in their local communities; as well as linking them to available jobs other youth related opportunities national and internationally Target Groups
Young Women and Men (Youth) Age of target group: 17 – 36 Project Duration Start date: Sep 10, 2011 - End date: Nov 20, 2011


mostly. At least 50% of employees today in this country did not acquire requisite computer skills require. as a result of this many of our youths are often used in caring out unlawful activities by some selfish highly placed individuals in our society. the aftermath of a long civil unrest are still felt once in a while. considering the growing technological age. Basic Computer User skills. They also lack valued social innovative characters and leadership skills which are essential elements in human resource development of Nigeria and job creation as well. Many Nigerian youth are marginalized and face the digital divide due to many years of hostilities and poverty. The country’s youth faces poverty and inequality levels that are among the highest in the world. constitutes the larger percent of the nation. Therefore. our rural communities lack the resources and infrastructure to provide computers and internet access. The youth of Nigeria seen as one important resource that can contribute to the nation’s re-building and re-branding by their idealism and insight to community’s stability. idea of latest office technologies prior to their instatement. especially the use of ICT in all aspects of human life today. Lack of Social Innovation mobilization among young people. Nigeria and its citizens still stands the furthest removed of all the major regions of the continent from the Information Age. . outside facilities and training centers are needed to help rural youth develop IT and internet skills. which would stimulate them towards employment and effectively implement their God-given talents. While the rest of the world is traveling the global information superhighway of interconnected computer networks. There is a great lack of access to modern communication techniques among young people. 60% of job seekers in Nigeria lack requisite technical requirements for the new job market.Nigeria recent history has been one of poorest counties of the world due to uneven distribution of the nations resources and long rule of military dictatorship and chain of bad leadership. and its lack of technology and infrastructure continues to hinder the country from participating in the global economy or accessing international resources. There is also lack of social innovative motivations among young people to explore their potentials in designing programs that would tend to create job for them and others. While peace has finally returned to our communities. Our assessment shows that: There a great proportion of employee then available employers. the majority of whom are from the rural communities. which has hampered both their educational and psychosocial development. Currently. deserves considerable attention and a holistic approach that addresses the cost of mass unemployment and lack of employer’s interest in young people. or to train students in Information and Communications Technology. which put a tremendous range of information facilities and services within reach of the general user. Lack of previous leadership abilities and adaptability to modern managerial competencies.

continue to face a widening digital divide. Employ alumni of these ICT centers and programs as youth coordinators or trainers. Given the limited resources available through schools and counseling centers. but also to transform the world into a global village. The project will have four key objectives: 1. given that most people’s services today. The country’s youth. 3. holds back young people from gaining formal employment. which are critical in many professions.No ideas to new electronic communication techniques. Through the project. This project is of essence to the our youth. thus increasing their opportunities for employment and empowerment. 6. Youths Healing Hands Foundation has found that providing computers and other telecommunications technologies is instrumental in providing youth with ICT knowledge. transfer files and access data efficiently. and also as most employers require trained and capable employee. improved working procedures and services. in order to attain quality productivity. Increase the opportunities for youth to attain employment by providing IT and multi-media training. allowing them to pass on their skills and act as positive role models for new participants. . Lack of access to local and international opportunities. to exchange information. This lack of IT and internet capabilities. as well as programs to develop their entrepreneurship and other business skills. Create entrepreneurial opportunities for youth to generate income by utilizing the computer. 2. Project Objective Computer skills and the vast resources available on the internet have tremendously helped not only to reform humanity and societies. both government and private organizations require the use of computer systems to withstand the many challenges posed by today’s information management systems. insufficient access to resources and information. 4. multi-media or business skills that they have acquired through YHHF programs. we anticipate addressing these problems by building the computer and multi-media skills of youth in the state. Justification: i) What are the problems which the project will address? Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and computer skills in Nigeria are limited. Develop youth empowerment and leadership potential by providing physical centers and youth programs to facilitate interaction and communication. greater efficiency. whose formal education was disrupted by poverty and other social factors. leadership development and entrepreneurial skills.

The organization has three (3) departments. Many graduates of this project have utilized their computer skills to start their own centers. or gain formal employment.Youths Healing Hands Foundation has already played a large role in reaching out to disadvantaged youth through technological means and the support of virtual communities. The Youth Center will help to address related community and national youth issues in communities through holistic. This project was founded to provide employable skills and internet access and education as a means for youth to share their stories with youth in other countries. become trainers themselves. in addition to ongoing leadership and life-skills training. where the entire nation is totally dependent on private generators. fast and secure internet facility is another major one that will help connect participant locally and internationally around common challenges. access to some target beneficiaries becomes difficult due to bad roads conditions and cost of vehicle rental may not be constant as well. COMPONENTS: The ICT as a Tool to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria project will have these components: 1. (1) Information and Communication department. Risks Possible risks to smooth implementation are: 1 Electrical Power Supply – power problem is a national condition. and Access) Internet skills including research. PowerPoint. community-based approaches. Over the years. It’s sometimes difficult to make budget appropriation for cost of fuel due to prize. Also. (2) Peace building departments (3) Community development dept. do research and share experience with others. go on to university. Excel. blogging and web design . power generating machines may damage during the course of Program implementation. our educational programs have expanded to include additional computer classes and multi-media training. start Peace and HIV/Aids Clubs in schools.000 young people. Our trained and up to the task committed members will also be a great asset. Training of youth in computer software applications and other IT based application • • Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word. 1 Mobility is another issue. Relevant Experiences The coalition of Youth NGO’s such as Youths Healing Hands Foundation has in their existence made meaningful impacts on its target communities especially between 2010. Youths Healing Hands Foundation has been able to reach over 10. 1 Lack of sufficient connectivity – connection to permanent.

3 Offering workshops and practical experience in multi-media technology and video production • • • Small group workshops and one-on-one training in the use of digital photographic media and production software Opportunities for youth to practice video production and share their work through international competitions and internet exchanges Helping students to generate income by marketing their videos online . 2.e. This program will involve over 600 youth. YHHF also has the option to double capacity by placing two students per computer although its not the best but can be adopted in a worst case scenario. YHHF offers a range of youth programs.• • Desktop publishing programs such as Publisher and Paintbrush Multimedia applications i. 25 students in a morning session and 25 students in the afternoon. with the majority led by part-time Youth Coordinators. communication and other business skills • • • • Weekly debates and roundtables on a variety of subjects to develop public speaking and communication skills Web-based discussion forum through the YHHF facebook page/website and partners at to promote written communication and an international exchange of perspectives Empowerment of young women through the Girls’ Club initiatives Discussion groups on topics that is critical to youth. These programs will help youth gain self-confidence and acquire skills to help them attain formal employment. or start their own businesses. Through its youth centers YHHF will offer youth development programs in addition to computer and internet training. Through the (ICT As A Tool To Eradicate Poverty project). the project has the capacity to train 50 students per center at a given time. equipped with technology infrastructural. and its partners organizations will extend the full range of programs to its centers in the state and employ a full time coordinators at the centre to facilitate additional programs. With 20 computers at each center. Currently. This training will take place at community access centers in rural locations of the state. pursue higher education. such as entrepreneurship and HIV/AIDS. digital productions etc. Providing youth centers and programs to support the development of leadership.

Through the project. there will be the encouragement for the formation of additional youth enterprises and teach youth the skills required to produce and market their products. TABLE. and involves them in the production and promotion of a new album Encourage the entrepreneurial ventures of youth by helping them to market their products. as well as contracting out their services to film events such as weddings or concerts.There will also be a video production trainer at the ICT center. YHHF plans to obtain additional multi-media equipment and offer multi-media technology and video production workshops at all of its centers. 4 Facilitating opportunities for self-employment through entrepreneurship training and business development support • • • The project will offer entrepreneurship training to teach youth and students about planning and operating their own small businesses Coordinate the digital Music Project. which allows youth to write and record their own music. The project will help students to generate income by producing their own videos / films to be marketed online. 1 OUTPUT/IMPACT # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a) What will be produced when this project is implemented as planned Indicators Unit Baseline Target Youth trained in computer applications annually Youth completing leadership and communication training Total number of youth participating in programs at centers Number of youth completing video and multi-media training Number of different courses offered Number of youth given entrepreneurship training Number of youth entrepreneurs # # # # # # # 225 275 275 15 7 50 5 445 500 550 150 10 200 30 # 1 2 3 4 5 6 b) What will be the effect of these outputs on the lives of the communities (impact) Indicators Unit Baseline Target graduates going on to formal employment graduates engaged in self-employment graduates pursuing higher education graduates creating new Youth Activism and Training Centers graduates becoming Trainers at their communities/schools # # # # # 300 400 250 450 50 600 500 450 550 400 . Through the project.

Project work on ICT connectivity will increase awareness among young people of ICT connectivity. creating consequential and a proportionate reduction in youth unemployment. projects and business plan writing skills development. Major activities to include: Practical. The project seeks to provide young people with the technical skills they need to become more involved. through a supported local innovative mechanism. leadership and decision making capacities. discussion boards and database searches). job search techniques and relevant applications to development. . Great increase in youth entrepreneurship and leadership. skill-building workshops. Participants will be supported and inspired by a national network of youth oriented experts through a holistic process to develop necessary skills needed for youth to get and maintain a job. Participants will develop confidence in their own abilities and will also be supported to obtain financial backing for their proposed enterprise. be innovative and become possible employers as well in their local communities. ICT trained youth will venture to replicate the technology training for their peers. 4 Addition of strong youth voices to debates around the need for ICT integration into national developmental agenda.TABLE 2 The project will have the capacity and outreach potential to involve the following number of students in its programs annually: XYZ MALE 260 FEMALE 335 DISABLED 42 TOTAL The Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership project will identify and curb the cause of unemployment with applicable solutions using the potential of young people as development actors through information and communications technologies. project will seek to achieve the following quantitative targets: Participants will develop necessary skills which will both market them to employers for available jobs. while also building their capacity to become social and business entrepreneurs that has the potential of developing their ideas into meaningful projects and create jobs for themselves and their peers. entrepreneurship and leadership. ICT and Entrepreneurship among workshop potentials. Implementation By the end of the program. in ICT. thus increasing the level of possible employers. blogs. peer-led. 100% of participants will receive training on the application of general online community tools (e. 75% of participants will report a noted increase in their respective confidence. link them with opportunities and motivating them to become social and business entrepreneurs with. education and governance to create increase access to public information and stamp up employment for young people.g.

Lunched of an ongoing Youth Innovative Business Plan Writing Competition Transformation of each project participant into a sustainable. Ongoing activities will also be monitored through progress reporting and evaluations. using resources such as. communications tools. newsletters. and expertise of project proceedings. To contribute to the overall goals and objectives of project initiative by sharing relevant information and resources aimed at realizing the project’s goal for youth capacity building and linkage to the job opportunities. And ongoing online and printed resources on local and international youth activities and job opportunities. through its program member staffs will keep track of every process through out the project. consequentially. reports. Evaluation The project will seek to achieve the following targets: 1 1. Innovation The project is innovative and unique because it doest not only advocate for youth employment. Entrepreneurship and leadership capacity building mechanisms to motivate young people and transform their ideas into opportunities for job creation while still linking them to available local and international opportunities. to also highlight possible employment and youth related opportunities. Youths Healing Hands Foundation. and supported by an Advisory team which will comprise of staffs from selected partner organizations or ministries. The Project Advisory Team will provide overall support for the project in the following ways: 1 a. To provide voluntary monitoring and support to the project coordinating team according to their knowledge. mastering the tools associated with the workshop he or she participated in. while mainstreaming possible resources to counter act and link participants with available opportunities. 2 2. Monitoring Youths Healing Hands Foundation Recognizes Monitoring and Evaluation as Key among Major Tool for Programmatic Successes. through written feedback forms. This would create. The Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership project will be coordinated by Youths Healing Hands Foundation’s project staffs. experience. This project uses social innovative methods. but also seeks to identify the cause of unemployment. and online activities such as blogs and discussion boards of project participants. 2 b. 80% of youth participants will report. 20% increase in youth entrepreneurship and leadership among ICT and Entrepreneurship workshop participants. independent person. . ICT. a monthly youth online and printed newsletter and Capacity building and support for youth led organizations. a proportionate reduction in youth unemployment.Regular issue-based “Open Forums” to discuss possible challenges of including unemployment and recommendations. recruitment logs.

Youths Healing Hands Foundation is already setting up local mechanisms that would support the project after the grant funding. youth business plan writing competition will be an ongoing phenomenon aim at promoting young people’s ideas and helping to source funding for the initiatives. Repplicability and Scaling-up The project help to replicate components applicable to each participant’s work of life. matching our ongoing programs. through the support of local telecentres and organizations. 3 During our open forum. some degree of increase in their technological and job search skill level. The project idea has been simplified so as to reduce complexity of replicablity in all forms applicable. even without huge funds. 75% of participants will report feeling confident to teach another person at least some of the skills gained. recruited and mentored for next training faces and replication when required. Sustainability To sustain continuity of this program. young experts and participants will offer to volunteer for the project. willing to work closely with our project team as advisors. blogs. Roles of partners Our partner organizations. 7 7. leadership and decision making capacities and usage of acquire knowledge to do research. 75% of participants will report a noted increase in their respective confidence. 100% of participants will receive training on the application of general online community tools (e.3 3. via the aforementioned written feedback forms. 50% of ICT trained youth will venture to replicate the technology training for their peers. 100% of participants will report. those participants who will come from other local grass roots organizations will be supported to replicate workshop series within their organizations. who will express interest in volunteering their commitment in helping our project team. members of other local organizations or international agencies. discussion boards and database searches). Among them. 2 The social innovative. During the final days of the workshop series. For example. are experience in working with young people and are also verse with the conditions facing young people locally. . 1 An effort to create partnership with local government and private sector entities on youth specific programs. to. 5 5.g. Such partners will also be required to assuring ramification of outstanding results through colliding feedbacks and monitoring mechanism. We have already identified major resources that would be needed to continual the project. in some ways identify and recruit project beneficiaries according to criteria to be set by Youths Healing Hands Foundation. 4 4. participants will be given technical ideas on how to replicate such training in their respective localities. 6 6.

some degree of increase in their technological skill level. via the aforementioned written feedback forms. Connectivity.LOG FRAME Intervention logic Project Objective: The Objectively Verifiable Indicators of achievement Expected Outcomes: Means of verification Sources of information Assumptions/Risks Risk Major Local Connections Sierra Leone project will seeks to curb identified causes of unemployment with applicable solutions using the potentials of young people as development actors through information and communications technologies. The project will provide participants with the technical entrepreneurial and leadership skills they need to become more involved be innovative and possible employers in their local communities. 100% of participants will report. 3 3. 2 2. 1 1. Recruitment. application forms and Online activities. internet services . Electrical Power Supply 2 2. 2 2. Evaluation and feedback forms. while linking them to available opportunities as well.. through written feedback forms. Online and offline Monthly news letters challenges includes: 1 1. haven developed and mastering the tools associated with the workshop he or she participated in acquiring the technical skills they need to become more involved in their local and global communities. Mobility and accessibility to target groups 3 3. 80% of youth training participants will report. Sources of information includes: 1 1. No of participants who report increase access to opportunities 4 4.

2 2. 50% will have access to job information both locally and internationally. 300 young beneficiaries listed through local organizations. Project results: Expected Outputs: 1 1. Sources of information 1 Online discussing forums 2 Reports and evaluations 3 Online and offline newsletters External conditions to needed for expected results on schedule? 1 Lack of commitment of partners 2 Timely delivery of grant funds 3 Linkage with possible employment opportunities . 1 1. 20 % to will venture their own initiatives and also apply knowledge by helping others. 4 4. 75% participated in all online activities 3 3. Training delivered to participant within the set time frame effectively 3 3. Evaluation and feedback collected through both offline follow up and online assessments showing increase awareness among young people of ICT connectivity and its relevant applications to development and employment.3 3. 75% of participants will report feeling confident to teach another person at least some of the skills gained and capable of using knowledge to expand their innovations. 300 youth trained and evaluated 2 2.

1 Recruitment and Training of Trainers/ Facilitators 0 Capacity Building -Preparations 0 Three Series Capacity Building Workshops First. interim and final reporting/evaluations What are sources of information on action progress? BUDGET PROPOSAL (IN US$) . 2011 .2 Mapping of Partner organizations Completed 0 1.Youths Healing Hands Foundation November 10. Second and Third 4.3 Project Orientation and Publicity 2.1 Social Innovative Competitions 4.2 Networking 5.Key Activities: 0 1.1 Reporting and Evaluations Time Frame and Responsibility September 5 – 20.1 Conceptualization criteria setting 0 1. 2012 Throughout project – starting Ongoing Evaluation at beginning and end of every training series with monthly.

400.00 Materials and certification $ 100.00 opportunity Personnel.000.1 Training of trainers (TOT) $ 200. 00 $ 3.500.00 Print Media Publications 0 1.500.00 $ 200. Out Reach to organizations $ 300.00 $ 100.3 Project Orientation and Publicity Project Lunch.00 0 Social Innovative Competitions.00 $ 700.200.00 $ 2.700.00 .Key Activities 0 1.000. First Public Open Forum to highlight project objectives Radio Announcements of $ 200.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 Subtotal Direct Cost Unexpected Cost (10% of subtotal direct cost) Total Direct Cost Project Advisory Meetings $16.00 $ 200. recruitment of Award Sponsors $ 3.500.00 Application & Selection of participants Lunch Business Plan Competition Transportation. 1st 2nd and 3rd series $ 1.00 Facilitators & Trainers Transportation for participants Food & Light refreshments 2 Open Forums To Highlight Issues $ 300.00 $ 18.00 2.00 $ 300.1 Conceptualization criteria setting Total $ 1.00 0 1.00 Radio Announcements and Talk Show Application and Invitation $ 3000.00 Printed Project Newsletters 4. 500.00 $ 500.00 Curriculums and program Resources Trans.00 $ 300.00 Applications and Invitations $ 400.00 Sub-total $ 1.00 Description of cost Category Connectivity (Internet ) $ 300.040.00 $ 1.2 Networking $ 500. Expert Trainers Materials Transportation Feeding for Participants $ 300.00 $$17.00 $ 500.00 $ 100.600.00 0 Capacity Building Workshops.00 $ 500.000.640.00 0 Capacity Building -Preparations $ 7. business plan writing $ 300.2 Mapping of Partner organizations $ 500.

804. etc. SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Responsible COMPONENT ACTIVITY Person(s) #1 – Computer and Internet Training Ongoing software application training Implement software training Implement at Makeni Provide computers for self-study (CBT) Provide computers for self-study Weekly debates and roundtables on a variety of subjects to develop public speaking and communication skills Web-based discussion forum through YHHF.00 Project Coordinator(s) Salary $160.00 Project Infrastructure and the erection of Building $ 140. Multi-media training IT Trainers IT Trainers ICT Facilitators Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 12 #2 – Provision of Other Youth Programs at Centers (will be at all centers) YHHF facilitators.0% of Total Direct Cost) $2.152.652.000 Total Project Expenditures $ 20.000.00 Key Objectives Covered Grant request Other funding sources TABLE 1.00 $ 3500. such as HIV/AIDS.General Administration/ Overhead (max. outside consultants Video trainer #3 – Workshops and practical experience training in multimedia technologies and video production Formal Multi-media Video trainer . written communication and international exchange of perspectives Girls Club weekly meetings and periodic workshops Workshops on critical issues pertaining to youth.00 contribution (min 25% of Total Project Expenditures) $ 1. External consultants ICT Facilitators Girls’ Club Chair ICT Facilitator.00 YOUTHS HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION Venue $ 5. 10.060.

Accounting system NA NA How will data be collected Attendance rosters Attendance rosters How Often By Whom BENEFICIARIES: Daily Daily . current spending. female) FUNDING: -Total budget -Disbursement .training Formal Multi-media training Formal Multi-media training Ongoing practical experience in Multimedia and entrepreneurship advisory Entrepreneurship training Video trainer Video trainer Video trainer #4 – Training and advisory on entrepreneurship and youth employment Entrepreneurship trainer Entrepreneurship training Positive Music Project – practical entrepreneurship training Entrepreneurship resource advisory and seed-funding (pilot) Entrepreneurship trainer Music Director.Total by location 2.Output Indicators . ICT Facilitator Entrepreneurship Coordinator. Accounting system Surveys conducted after workshops Project Plan Monthly Reconciled monthly Monthly Bi-weekly Iliya Michael Faith 3.A Accounting system Daily Project Plan. Accounting system Receipts.Type (Youth-male. ICT facilitator TABLE 2.Project Expenditure Tallied by Youth Coordinators Tallied by Youth Coordinators Yowuna B. MONITORING & EVALUATION (M&E) PLAN # 1 Aspect to be monitored Base Line data collection Attendance rosters Attendance rosters Budget. .Duration of Activities and Baseline Survey NA Tallied by Youth Coordinators Youth Coordinators . SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES: .

Budget Monthly Quarterly Youth Coordinators Girls’ Club officers from each center Youth Coordinators YHHF Director YHHF State Secretary -Effect on women Baseline Survey 5 6. -Effect on the community SUSTAINABILITY PLAN AMD MANAGEMENT -RECORD KEEPING BY YPMC Every 6 months Monthly Monthly Project Plan.4 Project IMPACT Baseline Survey -Employment generation Baseline Survey Entrepreneurship reports by students Questionnaire to obtain feedback on programs and Girls’ Club Questionnaire to Center Youth NA Minutes of YHHF meetings. Budget NA .