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Candidate Resume VINCENT GREYY CUMMING Contact Number (518)683-5887 VINCENT GREYY CUMMING Contact Number

(518)683-5887 EXPERIENCE SNAPSHOT Industry: Residential Property Management. NCHM COS Trained Grace Hill Certification CGI CA Contract Specialist-HUD 4350.3 expertise Alarm and Suppression Training Contract Negotiations/Scope of Work preparation. Resident relations Technical Specialization: One-Site-Real Page software CAVS TRACS E-RIMS REMS Certifications CPMF CGI/ ISA Training NCHM COS Trained Client Partnership Framework Training CGI Information Security Awareness HUD Contract Specialist HUD Management Assessment Specialist BACKGROUND Greyy was the on-site property manager for a 105 unit Multi-Family Housing proje ct for more than two years. His professional knowledge encompasses virtually eve ry aspect of subsidized housing property management. Greyy is National Center fo r Housing Management COS trained. I conducted and managed the day to day busines s operations of four properties. That includes but is not limited to directing a nd supervising a staff of 8 employees, as well as independent contractors necess ary for the day -to-day operations on site. Greyy managed the budgets of the pro perties and staff payroll and worked closely with tenant issues and HUD or its C A. Experience includes preparing WAF for contract bids' and the SOW they will be bidding on. I work closely with city and state officials and possess a working knowledge of NYS housing code enforcement details. Greyy has also been involved in the HUD MOR process and his site's 2009 review score was SATISFACTORY. Also e xperienced in the real estate assessment process and his site's 2009 REAC score was 84. Greyy's computer skills encompass Microsoft office products, a strong ab ility with Excel, Word, Power Point, One Note and Microsoft Access. I am also fa miliar with the new Windows 7. Greyy is familiar and proficient using Real Page (one-site) software. Greyy began his career in sales as a Health and Life Insura nce salesman and held his New York State Insurance License until 2005. Before mo ving into the property management stage of his career he was a successful mortga ge broker for more than a decade. EXPERIENCE Residential Property Site Manager- (10/8-1/10) Conducted and managed the day to day business operations of 105 unit Multi-Family Housing properties. Including u

nderstanding of maintenance supervisor duties with knowledge of carpeting, baseb oards installation, electrical, landscaping, building repair and multi-family ho using plumbing. I supervised all unit turnovers and conducted all MI, MO, UT and Recertification unit inspections. Experienced in Annual, Interim, Gross Rent ce rtifications. I have a 100% success rate in submitted approved HUD Special Claim s. Experienced with the HUD voucher system and TRACS. My tenure with CGI and ful l understanding of HUD 4350.3 is an additional bonus for any employer. I am capa ble of invoicing, billing, past due account research and every aspect of propert y management office duties. I am experienced in working with a very diversified tenant base. Experience working with the legal team to effect 10 day notices, af fidavits of service and evictions. Understanding of the HUD applicants selection process and waiting list procedures, Student Rule, etc. Because of my NYS insur ance background I am also capable of assessing company liabilities in most situa tions. CGI, INC. Contract Specialist (10/07 to 10/08) The function of a Contract Specialist is to process the completion of all core t asks accurately and efficiently. As part of a contract administration team, Grey y works directly with the Finance and Reporting personnel, Customer Contact pers onnel, and Quality Assurance personnel, and collaborates with the appropriate Ma nagement Assessment personnel assigned to his caseload. Greyy is also required t o maintain accurate and complete files, logs and schedules. Team Manager Sunset Mortgage Co. (7/05 to 10/07) Greyy managed fifteen loan officers in a team setting. His responsibilities were extensive. His duties included recording all credit inquiries, lenders contacte d and loans pre-qualified and "set" for appraisals by each member. Greyy also in terviewed and hired team members and kept and recorded pay roll sheets and commission logs. Guardian Loan Company (1/00 to 7/05) Greyy pitched, sold and closed loans meeting a required number of loans per mont h and Commission amounts set by contract. Greyy also mentored and assisted less experienced loan officers. Greyy matriculated from a member of "C" group upon hi s arrival at Guardian Loan to Team Leader of "A" group before leaving. ADDITIONAL SKILLS Windows 7, NT, MS Office, , & 3.11, Windows XP, Novell, MS Excel, MS Access, One -Site Real Page, TRACS, CAVS. EDUCATION Communications Degree - Shaw University Health & Life New York State Insurance License Community Relations Management-CGI Certificate of Para-Legal Studies-Brooklyn Community College VINCENT GREYY CUMMING Contact Number (518)683-5887