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The Opportunity
Amani Public Charter School, a public charter school that will serve students in grades 5-8 in Mount Vernon,
NY, seeks to hire outstanding educational leaders to join its Founding Administrative Team in the positions of:
Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher, English Language Learners Teacher, Dean of
Scholars and Families and Bookkeeper.

This opportunity is unique because of:

 Location: Amani Public Charter School is the first public charter in Mount Vernon, NY.
 Entrepreneurship: As a first-year, community-based independent school, the leaders of Amani Public Charter
School will have significant influence over the implementation of the school’s vision.
 Growth: The school will begin with a small community, allowing for all of the requisite systems and
routines to be established and refined before expansion.

The School
The mission of the Amani Public Charter School (APCS) is to provide Mount Vernon students from the 5th
through 8th grade with the academic and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in competitive high school
programs, college and the career of their choice. APCS graduates are academically accomplished, intellectually
curious, and civically engaged young people who tackle challenges diligently and creatively.

The Amani Public Charter School will offer:

• A rich curriculum that includes strong literacy development, with an emphasis on foundational skills for
college level work;
• More time on task: a longer school day and a longer school year;
• A range of support services to address students' academic and social development needs;
• A carefully selected faculty invested in academic achievement and the intellectual growth of children;
• A safe and nurturing school culture with a uniform dress code, structured routines and rituals and an
emphasis on academic and behavioral accountability.


• Utilize a wide range of assessment tools and strategies to regularly measure student progress against identified
goals, e.g. quizzes, rubrics, written work and performance
• Collaborate with peers on curriculum development and lesson planning to maximize opportunities for
connecting curricula and concepts
• Share student work, and troubleshoot difficult issues relating to student success, difficulties and progress
• Have a complete understanding of curricular goals and objectives
• Understand the foundations and methodologies of curricular design
• Observe, assess, record and research instructional strategies that foster mastery of learning for students at all
levels of academic achievement, including students with disabilities.
• Submit lesson plans to Principal for review
• Utilize a wide range of instructional strategies to meet students’ different learning styles and needs.
• Adapt lessons and differentiate instructional strategies to optimize student mastery of the standards and
learning objectives.
• Develop student individual and group learning goals based on data analysis, and other performance

To educate and inspire; to uplift and transform. Every scholar. Every year.
P.O. Box 3022 • Mount Vernon, NY 10553 • ph: (914) 610-4900 •
assessment indicators.
• Plan lessons to achieve student-learning objectives that are based on long and short-term achievement goals.
• Create and maintain conditions within the classroom that lead to accomplishment of the school mission.
• Maintain an atmosphere of high expectations for students, in order to promote effective learning by explicitly
identifying mastery goals.
• Respond to inappropriate behavior in a non-coercive, professional manner, using consistent, positive teacher
to student interactions.
• Maintain all required student records, including but not limited to health records, anecdotals, classroom
observations, checklists, student portfolios, report cards and other curriculum related assessment tools.
• Keep accurate records of student attendance and progress, account for books and supplies.
• Communicate frequently with parents to share information, insights and student successes
• Under exceptional circumstances, confer with parents frequently, at mutually agreeable times. Meet with
each child’s parent (guardian) at least three times per school year.
• Participate in professional development sessions and coordinate lesson topics with other teachers in order to
create a coherent curricular design to maximize student understanding and enrich the learning experience
• Engage in self-reflection and reflection on academic practices in order to succeed in achieving academic goals
• Participate with Principal in developing and meeting the goals of an individualized professional development

• BA or BS degree
• New York State Teaching Certification
• Demonstrated successful experience working with a diverse group of middle school children
• Demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively with staff and parents
• Demonstrated competence in oral and written to communication
• Flexibility and sense of humor
• Prior teaching experience in a public or private school, preferably in an urban setting
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member
• Willingness to be held accountable for student outcomes

• Has the ability to apply multiple strategies of differentiated instruction in a team teaching context.

• Has the ability to facilitate character education development and advisory modules. 


• Effectively communicate with teachers, parents, and co-directors to facilitate the IEP process
• Effective consultation with parents, students, teachers, and co-directors
• Effective professional liaison between school and home when necessary
• Remain current on rules set forth in special education law and regulations
• Maintain privacy of student records and information
• Serve as a liaison with the CSE of the students’ district of residence
• Provide instructional support to the teachers
• Ensure that all teachers have access to technical support regarding special education and strategies to modify
instruction to meet individual student needs
• Oversee the progress on a timely basis of students with IEP’s and students who are at-risk
• Coordinate the development and maintenance of IEP’s
• Ensure the school’s compliance with Special Education regulations and the maintenance of accurate special
education records in accordance with state and federal law

To educate and inspire; to uplift and transform. Every scholar. Every year.

P.O. Box 3022 • Mount Vernon, NY 10553 • ph: (914) 610-4900 •

• Ensure that students with IEPs receive the instruction and services required by law from qualified staff
• Work in collaboration with Principal to facilitate Student Support Team meetings
• Oversee Special Needs staff in collaboration with Principal

Skills and Qualifications

• Appropriate state certification as a special education teacher and any other credentialing required and
• Working knowledge of Mount Vernon School District Special Education Protocols and Procedures and New
York State Education Department Policies and Mandates
• Demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively with parents
• Demonstrated ability to adapt to individuals specific needs
• Demonstrated ability to adapt to differences and changes in characteristics of students, programs, leadership,
staff, and community
• Demonstrated ability to utilize varied teaching methodologies to accommodate students’ learning styles
• Demonstrated ability to evaluate tests and measures of achievement
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member
• Demonstrated administrative or organizational ability
• Must have a B.A. and be certified as a Special Education teacher or administrator. Ideally has at least three
years of prior experience in special education, preferably in an urban setting


• Responsible for ensuring that all students are achieving at high levels
• Use student data on an on-going basis to assess, to plan/ modify instruction, and to monitor student
• Utilize, develop, and infuse developmentally appropriate ESL techniques, engaging curricula and instructional
materials in order to ensure access for ELL students
• Assist colleagues in understanding the culture of ELL students
• Act as grade level coordinator of ELL services- administering NYSESLAT
• Understanding of and commitment to the mission and activities of the Amani Public Charter School
• Understanding of differentiated instruction and its integration with ESL teaching strategies
• Understanding and knowledge of ESL techniques and strategies for different levels of language acquisition
for English language learners and experience with oral language assessments, LAB-R, NYSESLAT
• Understanding of current issues impacting urban education
*The ELL Teacher position is a P/T position with afternoon hours during year one, with the potential for promotion to F/T in
year two.

Skills and Qualifications

• Talent to create a thinking, meticulous, yet intimate learning environment for the accommodation and
inclusion of ELLs
• Superior organizational, data management, and record-keeping skills
• Pedagogical knowledge of Paulo Freire, his educational philosophy, and its application to schooling practices
• Masters Degree, or higher degree, in Elementary or Secondary Education or Specifically ESL-related Degree
• Fulfillment of all NCLB “highly qualified” requirements.
• Minimum of two-years as a teacher in middle school setting
• Appropriate New York State certifications.

To educate and inspire; to uplift and transform. Every scholar. Every year.

P.O. Box 3022 • Mount Vernon, NY 10553 • ph: (914) 610-4900 •

• Bilingual (English/Spanish or Portuguese) helpful.
• Experience working with students at-risk of educational failure.


• Promote, reinforce and embody the school’s core values
• Develop framework for school culture and reinforce school-wide behavioral expectations
• Coordinate behavioral accountability systems including merits, demerits, in-school suspensions, and
• Evaluate behavior through detailed data analysis of student and teacher performance on a wide variety of
metrics and present the data to school constituencies in an easily accessible format
• Individual student issue management, crisis management and family affairs
• Maintain positive relationships with students and their families, as well as proactive and regular interaction
with wide sample of parents to gather feedback and discuss issues
• Coordinate parent workshops and events
• Organize Student and Family Orientation
• Work with individual students, small groups, and whole class (with teacher support), when appropriate to
meet students’ needs
• Work collaboratively with staff to develop and implement behavior accountability system, conflict resolution
and character development efforts
• Communicate with Principal and appropriate staff to help school best meet the needs of all students
• Helps to identify intervention services for at-risk students
• Investigates ongoing student attendance concerns
• Oversee Homework Institute, Saturday Opportunity Days, and detentions
• Complete Other tasks as assigned by Principal

Skills and Qualifications

• Degree in Social Work, Child Psychology or School Psychology from an accredited university strongly
preferred OR demonstrated experience in relationship-building and classroom management
• Willingness to work collaboratively with all instructional staff
• Demonstrated experience working with students individually and in small groups
• Willingness to push in classrooms as well as work with students outside the classroom
• Supportive of continuing conflict resolution and community building
• Willingness to lead staff development on identifying and meeting student’s social and emotional needs and
effective classroom management


• Manages the financial records of the school including payroll and procurement.
• Manages all Payroll responsibilities including relationship with payroll service, electronic payroll processing,
W-2 and 1099 distribution, time sheet management, posting payroll expenses in accounting system, filing of
related documents
• Manage deposits, transfers, financial reimbursement procedures and bill paying
• Manage semi-monthly payroll and all relevant fringe benefits
• Manage tax reporting to IRS and individuals

To educate and inspire; to uplift and transform. Every scholar. Every year.

P.O. Box 3022 • Mount Vernon, NY 10553 • ph: (914) 610-4900 •

• Posts revenues, bank deposits, expenses, check disbursements in accounting system and files all related
accounting documents
• Completes Bank Reconciliations, handles Treasury Management to maximize interest income and manages
petty cash (if applicable Purchases and tracks all supplies, materials, and assets using cash funds and non-cash
• Reports directly to Director of Operations

Skills and Qualifications

• Previous experience in fiscal management strongly-preferred
• Detail-oriented with ability to self-correct errors and identify errors made by others
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to work well with others
*The Bookkeeper position is a P/T position with flexible hours during year one, with the potential for promotion to F/T Business
Manager in year two.


Compensation: Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.
Start Date: July 2011 (for administrative positions), August 2011 (for teaching positions)

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

Please include the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Briefly respond to the following questions in your cover letter:

1. What specifically makes the Amani Public Charter School’s mission and community it will serve a good fit for you?
2. What is the greatest asset you would bring to the position to help Amani achieve its mission?

Cover letters and resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Friday, June 10, 2011.

Amani Public Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual
orientation, marital or familial status, national origin, citizenship or disability.

To educate and inspire; to uplift and transform. Every scholar. Every year.

P.O. Box 3022 • Mount Vernon, NY 10553 • ph: (914) 610-4900 •