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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * In over 3 years of experience with the United States Army Career reflecting co nsistent progression to higher

positions of responsibility. * Excellent organization and communication skills with ability to assess needs, analyze and solve problems, and perform multiple tasks simultaneously while sett ing priorities and meeting goals. * I am an experienced computer user, including over 5 years experience using: Mi crosoft Windows Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office Suite. * I am self-motivated, reliable, professional, and competent. * I am interested in starting in the Criminal Justice field. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ONLINE BUDDIES INC., 215 1st St, Suite 500 Cambridge, MA [08/05- 9/07] Salary $3 3,000 Customer Service Rep./Acting Overnight Supervisor * Provided prompt customer service support to domestic, international, and inter nal customers. * I responded to customer service issues ensuring excellent customer relations w ith an energetic and positive attitude. * Screened, edited, and approved hundreds of customer's accounts prior to submis sion on internet. * Proactive self-starter with track record of initiative and reputation for remo ving obstacles and making things happen ELLIOT COMMUNITY HUMAN SERVICES, 186 Bedford Street Lexington, MA 02420- [01/05 - 03/05] Salary 23,650 Counselor * I provided individual and group counseling services to meet the developmental, preventive and remedial needs of neglected children ranging from birth to twelv e years of age. * Supervised, and lead the coordination and implementation of recreational and e nrichment activities. * Ensured required programming conducted, maintained safety and security of prog rams, and proper documentation and communication with administration deemed nece ssary by the child's treatment team. Facilitated parent visits and taught parent ing skills to any parents open to the class. JUDGE ROTENBERG EDUCATIONAL CENTER, 186 Bedford Street Lexington, MA 02420-4436 [09/03-10/04] Salary $24,400 Behavioral Therapist/Acting Supervisor * Demonstrated a proficiency in all the necessary skills required to maintain th e students' safety. Including physical and mechanical restraint, first aid, CPR, and implemented a 2 4-hour intensive behavioral treatment program. * Participated in yearly, mandatory in-service training at a minimum of thirty h ours, which required self to maintain proficiency and keep up with advances in t he field. * Recorded and charted the daily frequencies of the student's targeted behavior categories 24 hours each day, seven days a week. * This was a residential facility for the extreme autistic to moderate behavior and mild social interaction problems. Each resident is evaluated upon admission

and then placed with similar functioning students. My job after working many mon ths in the program I filled in for supervisors that called in sick or reassigned . My duties included coordinating staff to assist residents with homework, bathi ng and free time. Not to mention the paperwork that needed to done by the person in charge. I was lucky enough to ask questions and work with some great mentors that prepared me for the job. * Other parts of the duties were preparing meals, assisting with homework and pe rsonal hygiene habits, including bathing among other things of that nature. Also , communication with administration of concerns I may have with a student's or staff's safety and or a particular residence that could use better use of its time to benefit the student's UNITED STATES ARMY, Corps of Army Engineers, U.S. Army, Ft Knox, KY, Ft Lee, VA [9/96-4/98] Salary $34,000 * Maintained unit supplies and performed quarterly inventories. * I approved requests for vehicles leaving the motor pool. * When the unit deployed, my job entailed getting the unit up and running for co mmand. * I served under Honorable conditions. SPECIALIZED MILITARY TRAINING * Leadership skills * I worked with a sense of urgency without compromising the integrity of the mat erial. * I balanced the needs of the unit as well as being able to watch the bottom lin e. * I learned the importance of a chain of command. EDUCATION . * Cut Bank High School; Cut Bank, MT - Classes Studied: Core Classes/Psychiatry and Sociology

COLLEGE EDUCATION University of Great Falls; Great Falls, MT - Classes Studied: Core Classes Trade Certificate - Retail Sales and Business Management (Jobs Corps) Kaplan University; Current Student Major: Criminal Justice

REFERENCES PROFESSIONAL & CHARACTER Hurist Morgan Financial Assistant U.S. Department of State 202-663-1022 Keith Genest Senior Special Security Officer Lockheed Martin 703-359-6471

Tyrone Field Hotel Manager America's Best 603-431-4400 Darrell Roberson Office Manager 703-428-7413 Department of Defense