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This Little book is the “MASTER KEY” to changing the WORLD!

“Big things come in small packages.”
Inspired by: The Forces of Nature (NUN) Inscribed by: NEB HERU A KHEPER KA RE (KHAF-RE)

“For the Masters of Destiny”

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Question: What is Nunology? Answer: Nunology is our Ancient Mental & Spiritual Science that teaches you how to tap into, work with and “Apply” the “Positive” Unseen Forces in Nature known to our Ancient African Egyptian Ancestors as “Nupu”. Nupu is the “Hidden Dark Energy” in Nature that represents the Original “Creative Forces”. Nunology which is known as “NUN” Pronouced “Noon” is the Science of Sciences and is the Way we Children of the SUN (PAA RE) and Nature as Ancient Africans also known today as “Melaninites” learn to tap into, bring forth and work with the Positive Life Forces in Nature. In Ancient Africa (Egypt) and Ancient (NAPATA/NUPU-TA) Nubia or Cush we called this Science of Black Mental Magic (Al-Khemy) “NUN”. To the onlookers who did not know or was uninitiated our Science appeared to be “MAGIC” and spookism, but to the Initiated and students of the High Mysteries at the time we always knew about the Laws of Nature (Nazduru) and the Science in working with the Laws of Nature to bring about a Positive result to raise the Vibrations of not only ourselves but all others around us and who come in contact with us.

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? The People who practice and “apply” this way of Life in this day and time as in Ancient times are known as “NUNOLOGIST”. Nupu-Nun = Electromagnetic Energy known today by the Scientific World. As African People Worldwide “YOU” are an incarnated Whole Light Being (SOUL),that has risen from the Dark Waters of ANUN-RE. ANUN-RE is the Unseen Darkness or Ether of Original Creation still and always will be “CREATING” which is Growth for creation truly means “GROWTH”. Realize now that your Melanin or what the Science World is calling “MELANIN” is a condensed form of Light, and responds to and interacts to Light Waves, Vibrations, Tones and Frequencies in its immediate environment. We as Nunologist always knew that we could have an effect on distant places, persons, and things on this side of h1 (Hydrogen) via “MIND POWER”. Nunology is Pure “Mental Energy” that is in contact with the Pure Mental Creative thought of the infinite and boundless Universes (Multiverse) and Beyond the Beyond. Your Mind Power has been a symbol of your “GOD POWER” and “Birth Right” which is “Greatly Lacking” in this day and time as African People World Wide.


Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? We are now living in the Day and Time where “MIND POWER” must overcome Physical Matter and gain back control which is Order over the Chaos! As a Nunologist you are the MIND of GOD, learn to utilize it! And when we say GOD, we mean “any Person, Place or Thing in control at any given Moment!” Your Mind Power as Nunologist is the Governor over Space, Matter and Time thus making you a “Quantum Being”, and in time all this will become clear to you, as your Awareness grows in remembrance of all these Ancient Facts! Always remember “Oh Children of ALL” that MIND POWER is GOD POWER and you always receive this confirmation through facts, “Which is SOUND RIGHT REASONING!” You now have the Master Keys (Ankh) to your ultimate freedom as a Nunologist to “shape”, “mold” , “control” and “MASTER” your Destiny! Question: How will Nunology Benefit Me? Answer: Nunology teaches you step by step how to work with and apply the laws of Nature in your everyday life. There are unseen laws and Forces within Nature that benefit all Human Beings, if only we would give the time to learn how access them. We Nunologist know that everything is a growth from Eternal Almighty Nature, and in knowing this fact we Reason out that we have a direct connection

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? and link with Nature. We never lost this connection, just lost the know how in strengthening this connection. Question: Is Nunology for any group of People or Gender? Answer: No, it is for all for we are all Children of Nature and we all Grew from Nature thus we all have a link to Nature. Question: Will the study Nunology make me Rich? Answer: Well you are born Rich, according to a Natural Living Law in Nature called the Law of Infinite Supply, there is never a time that Nature is Not Providing, so realize now that one first becomes rich in the Mind, before the Pocket. So yes, once you learn the Study of Nature’s Laws also known as the Laws of Nature, and learn to apply them in your everyday life, then there is no limit to what you are able to do. What you desire it will manifest, this is a Living Law with in Nature, ASK and yea shall receive.


Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Question: Will Nunology bring me a Soul Mate, Love, and a Better Relationship with My Wife or Husband? Answer: Of Course! It is a great idea to include the ones you love into the Study of NUNOLOGY, it does not matter how old a person is. We as Nunologist, know of what is termed Divine Love, coming from Nature, which is a Love that is not based on “Conditions.” So yes, once you learn how to bring back harmony into your life by learning how to realign with Nature, all areas of your life begin to rise into order, and the chaos stops. Nunology brings back balancement into your life, peace and harmony. Question: Can I teach Nunology to my Children? Answer: Sure, you have to remember, our children are more intune with Nature then we give them credit. They are the ones who are the closest to Nature, because they are still growing so all the fresh elements of Life are within them. The Question should be can I learn NUNOLOGY from my Children. Question: Why is Nature such an important Study within Nunology? Answer: Because being you are a Child of Nature you where created with what we call a “Natural Nature”,

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? once you are back intune with your Natural Nature according to what Nature intend for you then are living by what Nature naturally intends you to live by. The Pain and Suffering, that you see many are going through will end, because they now realize that they are the Masters of their Destiny and have the Power within them to change all things! Question: You are right there is so much Human Suffering, what has gone wrong if Nature is Such a Provider? Answer: Great Question! You have to remember People have lost their Connection with Nature by forgetting there Natural Nature and desiring to live outside who and what they are by Nature or what Nature intended them to be. For the Last 10,500 years Human Beings have experienced what we Nunologist call a Mental Decline, or regression. Now we are living in an Golden Era known as the Solar Cycle of RE (The SUN CYCLE) where Human Beings are starting to want to realign themselves with their Natural Nature and the Divine Forces of Life, within side of each of them. Question: What do you call a Person who studies Nunology? Answer: We are known as Nunologist.

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Question: What is a Nunologist? Answer: A Person who Studies Self and the hidden mysteries of Life. There are unseen forces within Nature to us Nunologist call the forces of NUN. These unseen forces influence our everyday life and our Conscious Awareness. Question: What do you means Conscious Awareness, are you saying we have the ability affect our lives by our Thoughts? Answer: Yes this is exactly what we are saying! We Nunologist know that ultimately we are the Masters of our own Destiny, and in knowing this Desire to take back control of our life and our Inner Power, known as will Power (Nun) or NUN POWER, our inner hidden power that is responsible for the manifestation of all. We NUNOLOGIST know that our Mental Powers and what we Think and Envision Activates this NUN POWER, that is linked to Eternal Almighty Nature. Question: What is the Most Important Study in Nunology? Answer: The Cultivation of the MIND, We know a Person acts the way they think, which is a Natural

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Living Law within Nature known as “The Law of Causes and Effects.” Question: Are there any other Studies in Nunology? Answer: Sure not only do we study the Mind, the other aspects and compartments of your being, which are the Body, Sprit (Life Forces) and Soul (Emotions). This is what makes you a Quantum Being. In Nunology you also learn about Life Sciences, the Anatomy of the Body, proper Care for the Body, Plants and Herbology, and so much more. Question: How do you Nunologist view The MIND? Answer: We Nunologist view the Mind as ALL for as our Ancient African ancestors in Cush (Nubia) and Egypt displayed that Mind Power is GOD POWER by the many great structures they built and Cultures they influenced. Nunology teaches that Nature always Speaks to the Mind first either Unconsciously (Sub-Consciously) or Consciously.



The Power of Intention

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Question: You mentioned the Subconscious Mind, why is this an important study of Nunology? Answer: Because your Subconscious Mind is the doorway too all the Forces within Nature. So to learn the Higher Aspects of this Department of your Mind, is to be back intune with Nature, thus ALL and will guide you to unleashing your Infinite Potential that will assist you in your everyday life. There is a whole “New Life” waiting for each Human Being who are ready to Study, Work With and Apply the inner workings of their Minds! Question: You make Mention of the MIND quiet often, is Nunology just another MIND THING, like some New age Teaching? Answer: Well yes because, when people say New Age, they are correct in so far as We are moving into a New Era of Time known as the Aquarian Age, which is the Era of Mind, Ether, Technology etc… So yes now in this day and time, it is truly time to learn the Cultivation of the Mind, and learn how to use the other 95% that goes unused untouched but controls every involuntary function of your whole being.


Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Question: Is Nunology a Fraternal Order, Secret Society, or mystery System? Answer: No not at all, Nunology in all essence is just the Study of Self and how “YOU” The Child of Nature relate with ALL! Question: Can Nunology assist me in strengthening my Connection with my Ancestors? Answer: Of course, because our ancestors are also spirit forces within Nature, once we learn through Nunology how to re-attune ourselves with Nature Forces or the Laws of Nature, then communication with loved ones is not hard at all. Question: You asked is Nunology for YOU, Why? Answer: According to Universal Law, you always have to ask a person if they would be interested in learning a particular thing in order not to enforce your will upon another Human Being, this is Universal Law. To in force you Will upon another Human being is going against Natural Law, because then that person would not be moving by their own will but by the will of another, and if that person is moving by the will of another, they are not living what Nature truly intended them to do, thus we Nunologist call this “Losing your Divine Rights or

Is NUNOLOGY for YOU? Divinity”. So we allow you to make a decision for yourself, then you are moving according to Natural Law from within your own being. We Nunologist know our Emotions or Feelings are signals from Nature to know if a Person, Place or Thing is for or against us, which we call the Higher Aspects of Emotional Intunement known as Intuition. Question: Once a Person Loose there Divinity will they Get is back? Answer: Sure you can get your Divinity Back, by simply making up your Mind, which beings with a thought, then a decision, which then activates ALL into Sound Right Action. We as Nunologist know that the worst thing one can do is not make up their own Mind, or Make an Effective Decision. For Thought is Creative Energy and like Water (h2O) is in Constant motion, and needs to flow. To stay stagnated is to stop the flow, which hinders growth, and ultimately leads to Mental Death, so we Nunologist in courage any Human Being to learn to make a decision even it is the wrong decision. Remember, we learn as we do. Nothing in the Universe (Multiverse) is still or stagnated, everything vibrates, everything is in constant motion, in knowing this why go against the Flow of Nature, that’s not being Natural!


Ancient (TaMa-Rean) Egyptian Word and Principle for 1st, Prime, Hidden Potential and Infinite Possibilities. The Original Creative Forces of the Universe (Nature), the Black Light of Intellect (Mental Energy), the Black Waters or Celestial Waters known as the Etheric Realm, formless Ethers, Un-manifested energies, Nameless. The Eternal Now! “As African People our Minds are linked to ALL Eternal and Almighty Nature, what we can conceive in our Minds will be, see it and so shall it be seen”. – Neb Heru




Inscribed by: Neb Heru: A Kheper Ka Re (Khaf-Re)

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