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‡Increase your sales by doing an

advertising ‡Advertising is the king, for the business


Ancient ad
Edo period advertising flyer from 1806 for a traditional medicine called Kinseitan

How many ads do we see each day? .

goods or services by an identified sponsor. yEx: mountain dew. hp laptops .What is advertising? yAdvertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas.

.What is the main purpose of advertising? yTo see products or ideas by presenting its message as well that the customer will buy the product or accept the idea presented.

PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING y Promotional advertising is advertising that is designed to increase the sales byy Creating an interest in products y Introducing new products and business y Explaining a product y Creating new markets .

INSTITUTIONAL ADVERTISING y Institutional advertising attempts to create a favourable impression(image) and goodwill for a business or an organisation. . important public issues and topics of general interest. y Purpose is to develop a positive image by presenting information about a company s role in the community.

y Three categories of advertising media are: y Print media y Broadcast media y Speciality media . means or anstruments used to convey messages.MEDIA y Media are the agencies.

PRINT MEDIA y Newspaper y Direct mail y Magazine y Outdoor advertising y Direct advertising y Transit advertising .

y Do you read the newspaper daily? y Do your parents read the newspaper dialy? NATIONAL. STATE AND LOCAL a) USA TODAY b) THE WALL STREET JOURNAL c) THE NEW YORK TIMES d) THE ATLANTA JOURNAL .Why news advertising importatnt? y Approximately 55% of adults read the newspaper everyday.

Advantages and disadvantages of newspaper ADVANTAGES y Large leadership y Low costs y Timely and flexible y Understandable to DISADVANTAGES y Disposable y Short life span y Poor quality of paper every one y With clear color haedings .

Magazine classifications y Local y Regional y National weeklines y Monthlies y Quarterlies Consumer magazines are read for personal pleasure or interest .

Advantages and disadvantages of magazine classifications ADVANTAGES y Easy to target your market y Read slowly and throughly y Good print quality y Longer life span DISADVANTAGES y Less mass appeal y More expensive than newspapers y Not timely or flexible .

DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING y Advertising that is sent directly to prospective customers through the mail y More than $80billion in goods and services sold annually through direct mail y Have you ever bought anything through direct mail advertising? y What do you do with it when you get it? .

Advantatges and disadvantages of direct mail advertising ADVANTAGES y Advertiser can be highly selective y Flexible and wide choice of formats can use coupons or other incentives y Can directly make the sale y y y y DISADVANTAGES Low level of response High costs Poor image Junk mail often not read .

AD slogan Just do it .

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING y Non-standardized outdoor signs are used by local firms @ their place of business or in other locations throughout the community. y Standardized outdoor signs are available to local. regional or national advertisers .

outdoor signs using lights. moving parts and situated in high traffic areas or cities .Three types of standardized outdoor signs y Posters.pre-printed sheets put up like wall paper on outdoor billboards(mc donalds) y Painted bulletins.painted bulletins that are changed every 6 months to a year y Spectaculars.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising ADVANTAGES y Highly visible y Relatively inexpensive y Permits easy repetition of message can be geographically tailored for target market DISADVANTAGES y Short message due to limited viewing time y Unknown audience y Government regulations .

DIRECT ADVERTISING Alphabetical listing of business y Relatively inexpensive y Found in 98% of households y Kept for @least a year-not thrown away y Very inflexible due to being printed yearly y Wasted advertising(to non-target market) .

TRANSIT ADVERTISING y Using public facilities to advertise such as subways.on buses and trains in stations y Reaches a wide and captive audience y Economial y Defined market y Unavailable in smaller town .

6+years listening to the radio y Telivision-10+years watching television in 70 years .BROADCAST MEDIA y Radio.

RADIO ADVERTISING y 96% of people over 12 are reached by radio y Prime time is moving and afternoon y Ads are available in 15.30 or 60 sec time slots .

jogging.Advantages and disadvantages of radio advertising ADVANTAGES y Select and audience target their market y Flexible and can change quickly and easily y Mobile can be taken anywhere( visual involvement . hiking or driving) DISADVANTAGES y Short life span y Sometime many stations have decided which to use y Distraction.

Different radio advertising options y Networks radio advertising.Local businesses advertise for its target market y Run of schedule.A broadcast from a studio to all affiliated radio stations throughout the country y National spot radio advertising.Lets the radio station determine when to run the advertisement .National firms advertise on a local station-by-station basis-target markets y Local rate advertising.

TELEVISION ADVERTISING y The ultimate advertising medium because it can communicate with sound.sction and colour y Prime time is 7pm-11pm y Infomercials-3o minute commericals .

the highest production y Audience size is not assured y Nuisance channel surfing-leave during commercials .Advantages and disadvantages of television advertising ADVANTAGES y All elements for creative message y More personal and effective y Adaptable to special needs DISADVANTAGES y Expensive.

TELEVISION RATES y Advertising rates vary with the time of day y Prime time is the most expensive from 7pm-11pm y Class AA time is prime time-other times are class A.B and C y Advertisers need to choose the time slot that receives the most views in their target market .