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IRD Defintions -------------IRD Definitions indicate how jKeys should identify the device and various defaul t settings

. For each IRD there are a fixed set of parameters. If one is missing, then an er ror will occur. Each of the parameters are comma seperated and must be on a single line. The following is the definition for the 2700. IRD, 1, "2700", 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 0x7FFFFFC0, 0x7FFFFFC4, 0x7FFFFFA0, 0x7FFFFFA 8, 0x7FFEFFC4, 0x7FFEFFC7, "10G", 1, 1 Where: IRD 1 ts (Ie flash chips), "2700" 1 1 (Also used for generic). 2 - 3100/301 IRD (LSi microprocessor) 3 - 5100/501 IRD, has BS1 and IRD Reset 4 - 6000 IRD IRD manufacturer 1 - for E* mfg 2 - for Dir3ctTV JTAG device 1 - for JTAG and STiXX00 (STi based micro) 2 - for EJTAG and LSI SC2000 Data width in bytes (typically 2, being 16 bits) Data delta in bytes Absolute memory address of IRD number Absolute memory address of Box Keys Absolute memory address of Boot Strap (4 bytes) Absolute memory address of Build Config (4 Bytes) Absolute memory address of Model ID (3 Bytes) Absolute memory address of Software Version (4 Bytes) Model ID (assists in identifying IRD) EEPROM Type 0 - None 1 - 24LC16 2 - 24C32 3 - 24C64 4 - 24C65 5 - 24C128 EEPROM Interface to microprocessor 0 - None 1 - STI micros using Pio1:7,2,0 for Enable, SCL, 2 - STi micros using Pio2:6, Pio3:2,0 for Enable , SCL, SDA 3 - LSI based DP301 4 - STI micros using Pio1:2,0 for SCL, SDA - indicates the line is an IRD definition - is an index number used for referencing other componen must be unique, sequential numbering - name of IRD, used to represent in various fields - micro definition cross reference (see above) - JTAG IO connections 1 - x7/8/9xx series IRDs, has BS1 and IRD Reset

1 1 2 2 0x7FFFFFC0 0x7FFFFFC4 0x7FFFFFA0 0x7FFFFFA8 0x7FFEFFC4 0x7FFEFFC7 "10G" 1




0x7FF80000.FALS . 1.TRUE. 1 Where: Flash 1 ters of this flash e.32 bit data width possible.number of sectors 1 . 0 . 1.FALS .IRD Flash Defintions -------------------IRD Flash definitions provide jKeys with the default flash chip(s) for a previou sly defined IRD. The following is a flash definition for the above defined 2700: IRDFlash.those commonly used by 29x flash 2 . 0 Where: IRDFlash 1 e 2700 defined above "Flash 1(29F400)" 0x2223 0x7FF80000 0x80000 2 2 0 Flash Definitions ----------------Flash definitions identify the Flash ID and associated programming algorythms an d memory structure. sequential numbering "29F400BT" 0x2223 0x80000 1 1 E 0 E 1 . "Flash 1(29F400)".FALSE Flash Sector Definitions ------------------------ .Flash algorythms 1 . 1. 1 . 1 . 0 .Indicates the line is a Flash definition .References the IRD definition. 1 .TRUE. 1 . 0x2223.Whole flash erasable (as opposed to sector by sector only). The following is the definition used for a 29F400BT Flash. 1. 1. 2. There can be multiple flash chips per IRD definition.those commonly used by 28x flash 11 . 11. 2. must be uniqu Name used to represent the flash Flash ID Flash size in bytes 8 bit data width possible.TRUE. in this case th (must be previously defined) Name of the flash Flash ID Absolute memory starting address Size in bytes Data Width of flash in bytes Data Delta of flash in bytes Data Offset of flash in bytes . 0x80000.Index number used for referencing other parame (ie sector definitions). 0 .Indicates the line is an IRD definition .TRUE. 0x2223. "29F400BT". 0x80000.FALSE 16 bit data width possible. 0. 0 .

Sector. 1.References the Flash definition. Sector.Indicates the line is a Sector definition . in this case . 0x7C000.The number of sectors . Sector. 1. 1. 0x70000. 1. The following is the flash manufacturer code defintion for AMD.Flash sector definitions provide the sector organization of a previously defined flash. Flash Manufacturer Code Definitions ----------------------------------Flash manufacturer codes are defined to enable jKeys to identify then and then d isplay the name to the user. Sector. 1. 1. FlashMfg.Indicates the line is a Flash Manufacturer Cod .The offset of the sector or beginning offset f .Is the corresponding code read from the flash .sector definitions must be in order of increasing memory offset and the n umber of sectors and total size must match that of the referenced flash definition. The following sector definitions are for a 29F400BT. 0x78000. 0x10000 0x8000 0x2000 0x2000 0x4000 For the first definition. 1. Sector.Name of the manufacturer . 0x7A000. 1. 0x00000. 8. "AMD" Where: FlashMfg e definition 0x01 to identify this manufacturer "AMD" .Sector size (if multiple all will be the same NOTE . the following parameters are: Sector 1 the 29F400BT above 8 0x00000 or multiple sectors 0x10000 size) . 0x01. 1.