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The efficient supply chain for Agro products in Srilanka.

The farmers of rural area are badly suffering from the dominant buyers of the agro products from those areas. And by consequences of these issues may impact on end customer of these products. If the farmers could approach the customers without having intermediaries that will be win - win situation for both farmers and the customers. If the farmers could know the actual demand in the market where he is supplying to, they could work on those products to be harvested and earn profits. They are not communicated about the customer demand properly. And also if an on line farmers community could be created they could determine how the prices should be set and demand for it without any third party intervention. The they could make discussion and gain help from each other to over come issues in this area as a team. Eg new seeds, fertilizer etc.

IS could make them more strengthen them in many ways. The use of telecommunication with IS let them to work more effectively and productively. Eg such as SMS The most of the issues to be researched and an effective IS solution to be presented for the agricultural industry. The water mangement, use of new ways of harvesting and also sharing knowledge among them would be proposed under the IS solution given. Risky topic as there are on going efforts for this aspect Cargills and all that Also if I am not mistaken there is a full time project on this aspect on the current batch

The Is solution in a nutshell will be the separation of recyclable and no recyclable garbage and . I will evaluate and analyse those case studies as well to give a proper IS based solution for this burning issue. The data and information to be collected from relevant institutions and the attached stakeholders by interviewing and other various techniques. Due to ineffective garbage management it has resulted a very huge garbage collection with in the city area called 'bluemandol'.  Who are the major stake holders involved of this and how this has been made an impact on them?  By being located in the city area. This problem was growing for decades without addressing it properly or giving realistic solutions to the problem.  What has made it not to have a proper solution and how IT could play a major role in this case? I will be researching on this issues as a holistic manner where it has a solid business case to be analysed. how it had been impacted the development of the city?  How this has been handled by the government and the institutions for the last few years the actions taken to solve this problem by them. Some of the points to be addressed are as below.Research and evaluation on collection and disposal of garbage with in Colombo City and proposing IS solution for an effective garbage management to maintain a healthy environment for all. Srilanka as one of the fastest developing countries in the south asian region is badly suffering by the consequences of ineffective garbage management. There are so many key issues attached to the existing problems of garbage in this area. And also there are some other cases taken in place and solved in the world. The weightage of the garbage is increasing by tons daily and the height is climbing to the sky rapidly. This can be called as the one of the most burning issues faced by the capital and its suburbs in Srilanka.

 Whether the machines are under utilized or over utilized in the production process.  If one machine is stopped other machines dependent on this will be waiting for the inputs. The final solution will be given evaluating and analysing whole problem comparing with similar cases in the world. The greater velocity of change of business and technological areas make really challenging the businesses to be consistent and solid. Main concerns organization should focus are.  What is the best environmental conditions to be given for machines to be performed . process. The problem exits and can be solved Strong on the research aspect but you will need to rethink on the IS aspect Effective control of machines in production layouts with in a automated system The business environment is so dynamic and the competitiveness among rivals are increasing rapidly. The businesses are really need to focus on cost reduction without effecting the products that are produced. The waste power and time would be high. and cellular are playing a major role in the mass production.  What will be the consequences if one machine breaks down in the production line? The input for that particular machine from the out put from another would not be stopped.effective collection of garbage from city and so on. Since most of the time there is no communication among the machines there will be lot of negative impacts for the production process. This would make unnecessary WIP of inventory. The machines in the production layout such as product. The production oraganization's should focus on more on inventory management and eliminate waste. If the machines are utilized at its best under minimum cost that would enable the organization to gain competitive advantage.

However. Shonali as they have been teaching this module earlier Please note that I have added the comments for your ideas so that you will be able to think about it. Sanjeev Jayarathnam or Ms. Please note that I have already taken the number of students allocated to me Therefore. With Regards.effectively. The IS solution will be proposed in related to these key areas. with regret I inform you that I will not be able to take you for supervision. Through a proper machine communication system these issues can be mitigated in order to perform well in the business and enjoy super profits in the long run of the business. due to the fact that you topics are related to operations management I suggest that you either take Mr. Gayathri . This will be the best topic which will have strong research aspect on to the operations management Is solution is also strong Dear Rikaz.