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Release Notes for Cisco UC Integration™ for Microsoft Office Communicator Beta Release – 7.1(1221.5892)

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......2 .............. 4 2...................4 File Posted for Download ................................... 4 2................ 4 2 Instructions on Installing and Upgrading Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator ....1 Software Requirements ........................... 8 4 Resolved Defects .. 6 2...........6 Supported Hardware ...... 5 2...3 Cisco Unified Communications Manager Support ..CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 3 Overview 3 Table of Contents 1 Overview ..................................................... 6 2............... 7 3 Caveats / Known Issues .................................. 5 2..Beta DRAFT .......7 Tested PC Audio Devices ..... 4 2............... 12 3 .......5 Desktop OS Requirements ............

Enterprise or Business 32bit & 64-bit))    .6362.111) Microsoft Windows Operating System (XP SP2/SP3 (32-bit) or Vista SP1 (Ultimate. We're pleased to announce that the Cisco UC Integration™ for Microsoft office Communicator will support both OCS 2007 R1 and R2 when it releases.0. (Recommended) o CUCM User-ID/Pwd should be same as AD User-Id/Pwd.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 1 Overview This is the Release Notes for use with the Beta version 7. The target release date is still July 15th. https://upload.5190) release of the Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator. All EFT Documentation and required software can be found at the below link.cgi?CONTYPES=IPCBU-forum Forum : CUCIMOC BETA 2 Instructions on Installing and Upgrading Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator It is very important that you read and follow below instructions in order to successfully install and configure your Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator. you need your CCO ID to download the documentation and The latest build posted here also supports both OCS 2007 R1 and R2.” posted in the Forum. 2.1 Software Requirements  Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).4 Beta DRAFT . For complete installation instructions please refer to the Admin guide and Training materials posted to the Forum. o CUCM LDAP Directory Sync and LDAP User authentication. These Release Notes should be used in conjunction with the “Integration Guide.1( (Required) Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R1 Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 (minimum build number 2.

COP file will be required for CUCM to register the client services framework as a device type.adm COP Files for CUCM ciscocm.1(3) and then moving to 6.alpha.1(4): . CUCM 6.3 DLU's are always required no matter whether CUCIMOC is used as a primary phone.msi Configuration Files Sample_CUCIMOC _CUCSF_AdminData.csf.1(3) . When using in 'adjunct mode'. then the DLU's will be freed up on upgrading. or in 'adjunct mode' (adjunct mode means used in addition to an existing IP phone connected to CUCM).5 SP1 to be pre-installed silently installs via push mechanisms Description CUCIMOC_CUCSF_AdminData. . The DLU requirement is less likely to be an issue for customers that are using our Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing as plenty of DLU's are available. as the device type is included already. 3 DLU's will be required. .BAT file that creates the necessary registry settings on user desktop.3 Cisco Unified Communications Manager Support     Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6. 2.1(2) later Please note the following requirements / caveats for using CUCM 6.1(4) Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7. If starting with 6.NET 3. .5 SP1 installer stub .bat A sample .exe Cisco_UC_ IntegrationTM_for_Microsoft_Office_Communicator. only 1 DLU will be required.4 File Posted for Download File Name Client Installers Cisco_UC_ IntegrationTM_for_Microsoft_Office_Communicator.bat) The COP file used to create the new CSF Device Type in CUCM.0(2a)SU1 or later Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7. File needs to be customized for customer environment with correct IP addresses.NET 3.No COP file will be required. (Automated way to deploy registry settings part of SampleCSFClientDeviceSettings. CUCM 6. COP file needs to be installed on servers and server needs to be rebooted after 5 Includes . Expects . .sgn .5 Beta DRAFT .CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 5 2.can be run by user on desktop for standalone install.When using CUCIMOC as a primary phone. Need to be run on each user machine.1(4) at a later date.cop.1(3) Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1(3): . An ADM File used to edit and deploy registry settings for end user desktops.galway.

pdf User_Guide_for_Cisco_Unified_Communications_Integration_for_Mi crosoft_Office_Communicator_Release_7_1.sgn This COP file needs to be installed on the TFTP Server and TFTP Service needs to be restarted after the COP file install.5 Desktop OS Requirements 2.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL COP file install. Reasons: o o o o EXE installs pre-requisites EXE overcomes UAC on Vista EXE internationalizes the installation and displays the installer dialogs in the systems culture EXE creates the installer logs  MSI is for mass deployment with centralized tools. cmterm-cupc-dialrule-wizard-0. the EXE installer must be used. Documentation Integration_Guide_for_Configuring_Cisco_UC_Integration_for_Micros Integration Guide oft_Office_Communicator_Release_7_1. The Dial Rules is used to create and deploy Application & Directory Lookup Rules.6 Beta DRAFT .cop. 2.pdf User Guide and Quick Start Guide Client Installation Recommendations  For desktop installation. This process needs to be repeated anytime a change is made to Application or Directory lookup rules.1.6 Supported Hardware Desktop .

7 Tested PC Audio Devices Polycom Speaker phone USB ClearoneChat 50 USB Platronics 510 Blue Tooth Jabra 8110 USB Jabra 8120 USB Jabra 9120 Jabra 405 flex (planned. so no testing got done) Jabra AdvantagePlus Plantronics CS50 Plantronics CS60 Plantronics DA60 Plantronics DSP400 Plantronics DA 55 Clarysis i750 Futiro USB 7 . but out of stock.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 7 Laptop 2.7 Beta DRAFT .

Users receive “No Phone number is associated with this contact” error when they try to place a call by drag/drop for certain users. o Workaround: Upgrade NVIDIA drivers to version 6.           . This can lead to white space around the tab/conversation pane.X cluster in softphone mode and MP6. o Workaround: Either set the SIP URI and email address to be the same or use right-click on contact use “Place a call” option. Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator DTMF doesn’t function properly in Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator Softphone mode and MP6. Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator user-id login is case sensitive. Conference etc) Related Caveats  In some scenarios security suites using “Host-Based Intrusion detection Pervention (HIPS)” can kill the Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator process. For certain users the Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator options in pop-up don’t show a clear checkbox.8 Beta DRAFT . o Workaround: Disabling HIPS will prevent this from occuring and customer can add Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator to exception process list if HIPS is confirmed to be blocking.1(3) Conferencing.0 is on CUCM6. ICT between MP7. Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator cannot dynamically grow and shrink the size of the tab as users drag the MOC tab.0 o Condition: Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator registered to CUCM7. believing it to be a threat. Location of the CTLFile. o XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Cisco\Unified Communications\Client Services Framework\Security\sec\CTLFile. o Softphone Conferencing – User will only see ‘Conference’ as a participant in the roster. CUCM 6.tlv below. o Condition: High CPU caused due to old drivers for NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M video card. showing no obvious reason for the crash in Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator logs.tlv Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator causes high CPU with old video drivers.0 cluster. o Workaround: Hoover over the mouse you can see that there is option to check call forward or save to communications history etc. Accessibility – Full Support for accessibility will be in the FCS Drop.11. o Condition: Users SIP URI and email address are different. o Workaround: None Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator registration fails when moving from one CUCM cluster to another cluster. o Workaround: Access the options under Tool -> Select Device for Conversation Pane when not on a call. When on a active call using Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator and if a user tries to bring-up the list of devices from “Tools -> Select Device for Conversation Pane” user receives error as “There was an error performing the operation.X cluster.0 and MP6. Please try again later”.14. there are already pending changes being made. If Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator was part of Secure or Mixed mode cluster and you need to register to another cluster then the CTL file needs to be deleted. Transfer.7715 or above to fix this issue. This is fixed in FCS build. Place call.tlv o Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unified Communications\Client Services Framework\Security\sec\CTLFile. o Workaround: Use Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator is deskphone mode.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 3 Caveats / Known Issues User Facing Features (Login.

Run updated batch file on users’ desktop.xml for server location. o Solution: Match the user-id case with the case in CUCM. The contents of the bat file can be added to your existing bat file used to update other registry entires. Updating xml file server location using group policy . This file contains the custom presence status “On the Phone” defined. along with other Registry entries that are required for CUCIMOC to be operational.bat file and update the https:// server location to match your configuration.aspx?familyid=5D6F4B90-6980-430B-9F97FFADBC07B7A9&displaylang=en Updating xml file server location using BAT file – Please download the following BAT file o o o o 9 . please use FQDN for the server name. please update the URL to match your configuration. o Fix: This defect has been fixed in later releases of CUCM. o Host/Post Cisco-presence-states-config.For more information on configuring Microsoft Office Communicator Policies please refer to the “Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Client Group Policy Documentation” which can be found at: o OCS R2 and “On the Phone” Custom presence status Below steps are required to enable “On the Phone” custom presence status for OCS R2 clients.9 o Beta DRAFT .  NOTE: To change the controlled line in non-partitioned scenarios (ie line that have different DNs) see workaround in Addendum II  NOTE: For partitioned scenarios (ie the DN is the same on both lines) no workaround is available. o The cisco-presence-states-config.xml file to put on the server can be found.xml file on an https location.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 9  The CUCM User Page login is not case sensitive but Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator login uses CCMCIP service to get the list devices and this process is case sensitive. in the “Cisco Systems\CUCIMOC\config\presence” subdirectory of the “All Users” profile which is typically located: o On Windows Vista at “C:\ProgramData\Cisco Systems\CUCIMOC\config\presence” o On Windows XP at “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Cisco Systems\CUCIMOC\config\presence” The user desktops needs to be updated with the server location of the o In our sample bat file we are using https://OCS. Partial support for Multi-line configurations o If a phone is configured for multiple lines only a single line can be controlled by Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator o The controlled line is the first line in the list of line returned by the CTI service of CUCM. Support for this will be added in future releases of Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator. this file can be posted on OCS Server itself or at any https server location.xml file either via Group Policy or can be updated locally by running the batch file to update the on a PC with CUCIMOC installed.

In rare circumstances Click to Call menus dont appear in Word and Excel 2003 o Solution: In both Word and Excel remove mscoree.aspx?FamilyID=adb47247-4e27-4490-a15339d8334172d9&displaylang=en         Installation Related Caveats  Presentation Host crash after installation of Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator as result Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator doesn’t load within MOC.windowsecurity. o Solution: Ensure the following registry entry exists & the file it refers to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator] “EnableSIPHighSecurityMode”=dword:00000001 o If it is set .change the value to 2. In addition to the below links please refer to the information in the training material on OCS Address book synchronization.xml” o Check the value (if it is set) for EnableSIPHighSecurityMode in the registry. this does not have any adverse effects and will be cleared after the next PC restart. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator] “CustomStateURL”=“file:/C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Cisco Systems/CUCIMOC /config/presence/ o http://support. . Please take a look at the below links for additional information. o Solution: Please install the following patch for MOC from MS Website.dll from the disable list in Help menu->About window->disable items In rare circumstances the CUCIMOC Tab appears blank o Solution: Download and run the following Microsoft Hotfix: o http://www. o http://support. Restart o Beta DRAFT . o Workaround: Users need to manually re-size instead of using the up-arrow to restore the original settings.exe running after hibernate/ o http://support.html Custom state “On the Phone” does not show as a presence option. 2008 MOC allows minimize of Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator tab using the drop-down arrow on the separation bar between MOC and Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator tab but can’t maximize. Users will see multiple instances of presentationhost. o This should no longer be MOC CPU spikes to 50% and becomes unresponsive when resumed from sleep on Vista if it happens please report via Forum. o Communicator 2007 hotfix rollup package: December 19. o This is a known issue with o Workaround: Exit out of MOC and re-login to MOC AD user phone numbers are not displayed to MOC end users. MOC allows resizing of Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator tab below MOC and Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator tab completely disappears and no option to restore/bring-up Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator CONFIDENTIAL Microsoft Office Communicator Related Caveats  Not able to exit MOC from system tray – “Communicator cannot exit now because it is currently being used by another process”.

5 Service Pack 1 using the Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator installer with the .11 o Beta DRAFT .xml) containing the “localized “On the Phone” string. Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator depends on MOC reading a file (cisco-presence-states-config.  11 . o For localized presence.5 Service Pack 1 is not installed or is incorrectly installed. Multi-line is not supported. o Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator can monitor/control only 1 line on an IP Phone.Exe extension (not .aspx?FamilyID=adb47247-4e27-4490-a15339d8334172d9&displaylang=en “Platform Requirements Not Met” Message in the Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator Tab area. o Spanish – 3082 o Chinese – 2052 o In addition to the above file we will be supplying.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 11   Solution: Please run the tool posted on MS Website to fix any permission related problems and relaunch MOC.5 Service Pack 1 using the following http://download. o Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator can’t be configured to control/monitor a specific Directory Number if a user has same Directory Numbers on more than 1 line on a IP Phone. o Steps to Resolve: Reinstall/repair .com/download/2/0/e/20e90413-712f-438c-988efdaa79a8ac3d/dotnetfx35. o Solution: Upgrade to Windows Installer 4. This can slow the scroll down through the License Agreement.5 patch 5 are the minimum supported sue to a memory issue with Presentationhost.Net 3. o Issue: The required Microsoft . in the install folder. o If this file contains certain Locale ID’s MOC will not read the file and custom “On the Phone” presence will not be available to Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator users o Currently we are aware of issues with the following Locale variants.xml If using McAfee anti-virus software McAfee 8.exe Localization Support.xml o cisco-presence-states-config-2052.5 o   Features / Deployments Not Supported    Running Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator on a Virtual Machine within MAC (Apple Notebook) C2Call for MS PPT 2007 is not supported.msi) or re-install/repair .exe In rare circumstances during installation the installer can show high CPU usage while the License Dialog is displayed.Net Same Directory Numbers in different Partitions on a IP Phone. two additional files called: o cisco-presence-states-config-3082. Cisco UC Integration ™ For Microsoft Office Communicator can’t control/monitor more than 1 line on a IP Phone.Net 3.0 Patch 16 or McAfee 8.

DTMF does not function properly with MeetingPlace 6. "Error occurred in application you were using" after upgrade Conversation window doesn't show 1-1 call when two particpants remain Right click menu "add to conference" does not work Multiple clicks on call button opens "instruction" window multiple times Right-click on a recent comm. User Cannot Signout immeaditely after login. sometimes takes two clicks.0 .CISCO CONFIDENTIAL 4 Resolved Defects Defect CSCsx07451 CSCsx12983 CSCsx14667 CSCsx28738 CSCsx33200 CSCsx51425 CSCsx56128 CSCsy08826 CSCsy10856 CSCsy17354 CSCsy31722 CSCsy78065 CSCsy94633 CSCsz03224 CSCsz03261 CSCsz04620 CSCsz18203 CSCsz22541 CSCsz22693 CSCsz22763 CSCsz23881 CSCsz24023 CSCsz25386 CSCsz31763 CSCsz36297 CSCsz40724 CSCsz48824 CSCsz49046 CSCsz51888 CSCsz53167 CSCsz53660 Description Some call states are not shown in conference window Usability: Stronger visual indication of the active call in the Stack Contacts Search should search for user login name & alternative number Call Fwd to alternative device in conference call not updating MOC tab gets wiped when contact is dragged over Hover symbol for contact not consistent on session window Installer should place Call with Edit shortcut in 2 addl locations DTMF does not work to MP in deskphone CUCIMOC:CUCIMOC User Authentication is Case sensitive CUCIMOC process will not start after silent install using Altiris Deploy Mute & Volume control not available for the conference initiator. CUCIMOC process causes high CPU when answering inbound call Communication History Timestamp does not show AM or PM Unable to tab from MOC into CUCIMOC Tab CUCIMOC shows participant that has already left conference in DP mode Drop Target Waves do not disappear CUCIMOC dialing different number than specified on conference with CUCIMOC Crash on Resume from Standby CSF does not notify clients when call preservation is active in SP mode Loging into CUCIMOC password field should have focus. entry shows name instead of "Place a call" Only monitor non-selected devices when selecting a device Call option in outlook persona menu needs to be disabled Installing CUCIMOC does not give you the choice of where to install. UI buttons sluggish to open.12 Beta DRAFT .

but does not collect digits Can't hear incoming audio after USB headset is unplugged Status bar doesn't show CF turned on when restart MOC "Application Deployment Canceled" in tab Cannot drag and drop certain users into drop target.13 CSCsz55062 CSCsz55070 CSCsz55090 CSCsz55095 CSCsz55623 CSCsz56539 CSCsz56769 CSCsz58387 CSCsz58475 CSCsz59018 CSCsz62473 CSCsz62791 CSCsz63554 CSCsz63796 CSCsz65223 CSCsz66656 CSCsz67291 CSCsz67651 CSCsz70099 CSCsz72601 CSCsz76558 CSCsz82942 CSCsz94802 CSCsz95227 CSCsz95277 CSCta04377 CSCta04386 CSCta05974 CSCta05981 CSCsz07590 CSCta15444 CSCta14742 CSCta13211 CSCta11255 Beta DRAFT .PRTs pop up and CUCIMOC tab never finishes loading In DP mode. results in no login DND not set in MOC after shared line device enters DND DND not cleared in MOC after shared line device exits DND Improve query to better match display names and first/last name combos Intermittent search failure for users on 2nd and subsequent search DNs Caller Name incorrect when number not in LDAP Dispatcher thread suspended in CUCIMOC caused by options window loading in parallel to call history window L10N: On the Phone Presence for Spanish & Chinese CUCIMOC exits as a result of no registry key Internet Explorer Localisation . No numbers in CSF Right-Click.similar to enabled Conversation History window remains in top corner before maximising Audio interface not updated if disconnected during a call CUCIMOC not passing audio to the USB headset CUCIMOC and CSF Logs at different location and no csf logs in PRT Can't remove failed-joined participant from Conference roaster Increase performance of LDAP Phone Number searches MOC not updated from "Idle" to "On the Phone" when handset of DP lifted Click on dtmf pad gives cursor.CISCO CONFIDENTIAL CUCIMOC Crash on Startup Incorrect tab display on "Stop Communications Pane" Unable to switch controlled deskphone device CUCIMOC tab does not expand to MOC horizontal width 13 Comm History Conference records right click menus not working correct.Place A Call for an Outlook contact doesn't close MOC window Remove "Do not prompt again" when deleting Comms History Event Call Park in conference not working properly Conversation window not opening after answering toast Signed certificates not known by the java keystore.Call with Edit doesn't work 13 . CUCIMOC doesn't work in deskphone mode if speakerphone is disabled With no audio devices.disabled volume/mute buttons look v.