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Adding LOV to OAF Page using Personalization

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If we want to add an LOV Item to existing page, we can do it using Personalization but to achieve this first we need to develop AM,VO and LOV Region using Jdeveloper and then we can attach this LOV region to item created using Personalization as External LOV. {StickyNote}{/StickyNote} We need to follow following steps: Step1: Create LOV region required VO and AM(If you want to add new LOV to item, if LOV already exists then no need to do this) and place your files in $JAVA_TOP and import your LOV region bounce the apache. Step2: Go to Personalize page/Region Step3: Create a new Item(In required Region), Set Item Style as messageLOVInput(select from poplist), ID and External LOV property as path of LOV Region, set other properties as required. Step4: Click on apply(It will take you back to Personalize Page). Step5: Here you can see link to create new LOV Map, create new LOV Map. Step6: Set ID,crieteri/result Item and LOV Region Item and click on apply. If you want to create more than one LOV Map(as per your requirement), you can create by repeating Step 5 and 6. Screenshots are attached..

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Try it once again.7 Comments 1. I have logged in but I am unable to download the document. contactriteshsharma 13 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hi Rao. Could you please grant the access? Regards Rao Reply Quote 2. Reetesh Sharma Reply Quote . chennuri 25 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hi. It would be better if you can contact Sudhakar for this issue. even if you are not able to download it let me know. Regards.

do i need to create a new LOV or I can use the same one in some way ? Please let me know Karuna Reply Quote 5.3. . What i mean is The lov is returning name. Karuna 29 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hello.but we will work on it and resolve it ASAP.This seems to resolve the problem. I just want to change the mapping of an LOV. I want it to retun number. Sudhakar Mani 51 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hi Rao. Can you please logout and login again. Regards Sudhakar Reply Quote 4.

ArBusPurAllVO what would be the path for it at unix directory? Your help will be highly appreciated. what you have to do is Hide your existing item(if u don't want to use it). Will it be possible for you to be contacted on phone? . I am in Reetesh Sharma Reply Quote 6. I used the path that was probably not correct and now I am geeting a java exception whenever I want to personalize that page.Reetesh Sharma 35 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hi Karuna.apps. Create required LOV Mappings.cusstd.busPurDetails. oracle. Here s the object name. Same LOV you can use.server. Hope it will help Regards. Karuna 1 Months Ago (0) vote Report Thanks Reetesh! Should the external LOV be a unix path or the object name. create a new item of type LOVInput then set the external LOV property to your required LOV(that is attached to your existing field).

altough it is on Unix available? placeoracle.OAException: Attachments: Attaching LOV using Personalization [ ] 563 Kb 108 Downloads .exception.mds. The Region is in following package xxmi/oracle/apps/pa/resource/lov/webui/PmLovRN and the region file PmLovRN is under $PA_TOP/mds.adf. Thanks in advance Reply Quote Display # þÿ Copyright Oraclearea51.apps.fnd.Thanks a lot Regards. XML Path = null I've also use jpximporter but no document was what can I do more. I've created in jedeveloper a new VO/AM and RN and additionally I want to bind my Region via Personalization.framework. Via Personalisation I put in external LOV field => /oracle/apps/pa/xxmi/oracle/apps/pa/resource/lov/webui/PmLovRN and get everytime the following error message which indicates that the file is not on its right. Everything is uploaded in $JAVA_TOP and module MDS subs. thanks for the example.MDSRuntimeException: Unable to find component with absolute reference = /oracle/apps/pa/xxmi/oracle/apps/pa/resource/lov/webui/PmLovRN. Steven 56 Months Ago (0) vote Report Hello. Karuna Reply Quote 7.