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Olga R. Mosher 1517 Sheridan Place, Escondido, CA 92027 C (760) 520-5187, H (760) 294-3121, om604ade@westpost.

net PROFILE Office / Operations / Administrative Manager Excels at developing highly efficient and streamlined operational systems Results-oriented operations professional outstanding at organizing the administr ative functions of the company including all policies and procedures. An organiz ed manager and strong communicator skilled at developing very strong rapport wit h colleagues, customers, and clients. Able to supervise the HR function, budget, streamline procedures, policies and operational functions. Bi-lingual English/ Spanish x Skilled in operations management; able to coach employees to meet high perform ance standards x Experienced in planning / organizing / implementing projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe x Highly knowledgeable about people and building rapport x Expert in multicultural sensitivity / awareness / cultural differences x Able to establish and maintain the annual budget x Strong at planning and conducting special events x Capable of monitoring to see if the job is done; follow-through in a step-by-s tep way x Proficient with time management; compiling and furnishing reports to senior ma nagement EXPERIENCE Cuidando Las Familias, Inc., Albuquerque, NM 1998-2010 2nd largest privately-owned agency in the healthcare industry in Albuquerque tha t assisted families with developmentally disabled through a government-funded pr ogram that provided support for families responsible for disabled adults. Office / Administrative Manager Reported to the Board of Directors, CEO, and State of New Mexico. Responsible f or all operational functions of the company including administrative, federal re gulatory compliance, state / federal licenses, marketing, business development a nd event planning. Developed and monitored the company budget. Designed and dir ected all financial records including expenses and revenues, P&L responsibilitie s. x Developed, promoted and maintained a positive reputation in the service area t hrough strong PR, marketing and advocacy; Result: Gained a reputation as a quali ty-oriented organization. x Liaison between State of New Mexico, clients and CLF; Result: Stayed current o n program changes, performed on all contracts, licensing and regulations to main tain regulatory compliance. x Consulted with staff and clients to ensure comprehension; Result: Coordinated and conducted seminars on new health code changes to maintain complete complianc e for all parties. x Directed and provided support to the operations team; Result: Ensured efficien t and cost effective operations. x Developed benefit-related informational booklets; Result; Created company-wide quarterly review process to ensure compliance and understanding of job expectat ions and duties. x Created employee handbook and job descriptions; Result: Enhanced employee effe ctiveness and focus. x Presented company credentials as required by law; Result: Maintained accredit ation. x Formulated, evaluated and oversaw implementation of programs and services; Res

ult: Managed compliance for all contracts; maintained accreditation standards an d regulations. x Provided leadership to staff and contractors; Result: Developed such a reputat ion for quality and integrity that several newspaper articles were written extol ling the company; copies available. x Developed benefit-related informational booklet; Result: Booklet provided comm unity references on services that were available. x Organized the company procedures and policies; Result: Ensured a fully systema tized user-friendly operation with all policies and procedures firmly in place. Mosher, Olga R. (760) 294-3121 Page 2

University of New Mexico Hospital, Albuquerque, NM 1994-1998 A teaching hospital attached to the University of New Mexico, has the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the State, a Childrens Hospital, Burn Unit, and houses the U NM School of Medicine. Case Manager Reported to the Program Manager. Responsible for working as case manager for pe ople with disabilities. Assisted individuals in gaining access to appropriate se rvices. Advocated for individuals with developmental disabilities. x Aided in eligibility determination for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver a nd other services. x Organized and facilitated the service planning process; Result: Enhanced accor dance with the individuals service plans. x Promoted and monitored services pledged; Result: Assured services were rendere d as described in the individuals plan. x Informed individuals of their rights and responsibilities; Result: Promoted in dependence decision-making capabilities. x Managed the case of an elderly caregiver and her abusive 30-year-old mentally disabled son; Result: Placed son with an older brother, and successfully moved t he elderly lady into a better living situation. x Removed a young blind man Donald from a mental institution; Result: Substantia lly improved the quality of his life. Goodwill Industries, Albuquerque, NM (job during college studies) 19871993 Leading non-profit specializing in finding jobs for clients with disabilities. Vocational Coordinator Reported to the Senior Vocational Coordinator. Responsible for assisting indivi duals with disabilities regarding job searching methods in the community. x Contacted companies in the metro area; Results: Through networking, developed an extensive list of companies willing to consider hiring the disabled. x Trained individuals in filling out job applications; wrote resumes. x Appointed Safety Officer; learned all of the OSHA regulations through speciali zed training and personal study; Result: Successfully installed an Environmental Health & Safety program. City of Grants, New Mexico 1980-1984 County seat of Cibola County, New Mexico. City population approximately 10K. Program Manager Created, wrote programs, and managed the Senior Citizens Program. x Wrote Grants, made annual presentation to the City Council, County Supervisors , and New Mexico Agency on Aging; Result: Generated sufficient funds each and ev ery year to support the program. EDUCATION College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico x Bachelor of Arts degree, Public Administration major, Psychology minor


x Associate of Arts degree, Public Administration