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James C.

Adkins 6217 Indian Meadow Home: (407) 876-3320 Orlando, FL 32819 Cell: 407-832-0068 Hospitality operations, development and administration executive with diversifie d experience in creating and supporting an environment that perpetuates the high est of standards/expectations regarding leadership, customer service, strategic planning, innovation and profitability. Equally skilled in opening new markets, as well as designing, developing and implementing "key expansion strategies". Professional Experience Sunshine Roofing and Consulting, LLC; Orlando, Fl resent President/Owner Adkins & Associates; Orlando, Florida - 2001 President/Owner Orange Lake Country Club; Orlando, FL 1992 - 1994 Senior Vice-President of Resort Operations Vistana Resort; Orlando, Fl 1983 - 1991 Senior Vice President of Resort Operations Core Competencies * regional, facility and administrative management * customer relations & custo mer loyalty development * team building and staff retention * multimillion - dollar P & L management * develop & monitor ethics & integrity * leadership, motivation & skills coach ing * consistent quest for excellence * favorably impact sales & marketing progra ms Summary of Accomplishments Sunshine Roofing and Consulting, LLC - Business Management - owned operations * Responsible for acquisition of commercial roofing contracting company. Committ ed to increased revenue stream and market share growth {400+ %} ... predicated o n developing an environment built on integrity, highest standards of workmanship and customer service. * Responsible for hospitality/design component side of project development {vaca tion resort ownership} {stand-alone projects}. Consultative work with several d evelopers [Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, California and Jamaica] ... wherein assiste d in coordination of design elements and specifications for villa construction. Developed operational standards. Orange Lake Country Club - A deluxe full-service interval ownership destination resort * Directed all operating guest service/line support departments ... with extensi ve recreational facilities and corporate administration ... located on 800+ acre s, along with 1000+ villa accommodations with emphasis on golf, tennis and aquat 2001 - P


ics * Coordinated an internal reorganization, allowing for redefinition of business/ corporate culture. Initiated and launched self-directed work teams to accept in creased size, scope, and accountability in connection with demands for significa nt growth. * Directed phased development; established integral design specifications for vi lla construction; established criteria for added growth spurts for succeeding ph ases ... redefined Master Association "reserve replacement" proforma. * Direct liaison between management entity/developer and POA * Organized internal marketing effort targeted toward "relationship building" wi th interval owners. * Coordinated/implemented redesign of resort's food & beverage facilities. James C. Adkins 6217 Indian Meadow Home: (407) 876-3320 Orlando, FL 32819 Cell: (407) 832-0068 Vistana Resort - A deluxe full-service family oriented, interval ownership resor t company * Orchestrated the coordination of all line support departments, contributing to the total operation of multiple resort properties. * Integral member of acquisition team ... allowing for foundational growth of ad ditional properties and sister subsidiary. Created and directed food & beverage facilities. * Assisted in redefining and developing "corporate culture" and charter for new direction. Redirected the marketing and advertising elements to support new mar ket niche. * Piloted labor relations programs, wherein merging employee and corporate objec tives into focused commitment. Introduced company-wide "skills training" progra ms aimed at partnering ... and relationship building. * Regional responsibility for multiple properties. Marriott - Boykin Management - Marriott franchisee - operated full service corpo rate hotels * Served as Vice President - General Manager for fourteen years in a variety of locations. Had oversight responsibility for multiple properties ... as well as opening a number of locations. Marriott Corporation * Started career as Management trainee ... and ultimately assigned permanent man agement roles in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Chicago. EDUCATION B.S., Ohio University; Athens, OH University of Chicago - Advanced Marketing Studies Yale School of Organization and Management: Advanced Management Studies Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce Community Awareness and Leadership Developme nt Program AWARDS/AFFILIATIONS * Lodging Hospitality Magazine's Hall of Fame recipient o Selection based in part of being a forerunner principal in redefining and refo rmatting signature food & beverage outlets

* Resort Manager of the Year; National Time Sharing Council's National Award * Certified Community Association Manager, Division of Florida Land Sales, Condo miniums and Mobile Homes; Bureau of Condominiums o CAM license has been inactive for the last several years [would need to apply for reinstatement, along with becoming current with required continuing educatio n]. * Certified Hotel Administrator [affiliation/certification held while actively i nvolved in hotel and resort management].