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Joseph A.

Kaplan 357 Magnolia Place Debary, FL 32713 Day/Evening Phone: 805-588-8984 Email:

Country of citizenship: United States of America Veterans Preference: Retired Air Force Military (23yrs 5 months) Registered for Selective Service Contact Current Employer: Yes AVAILABILITY Job Type: Permanent Work Schedule: Full Time Part Time Shift Work

WORK EXPERIENCE United States Air Force Nellis AFB, NV 9/2008 - Present Salary: 51600 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 NCOIC , Water and Fuels Systems Maintenance Supervised 38 military and civilian personnel engaged in all facets of water and wastewater collection, operation, distribution, inspection, testing and mainten ance of components throughout Nellis AFB. Oversaw inspection, maintenance and r epair of integrated water system consisting of 300K linear feet (LF) of distribu tion lines, 1.5K valves, 8 deep wells, 9 Above ground storage tanks, 4 elevated storage tanks and 5 booster plants. Directed maintenance and repair of 180K LF o f sanitary sewer, 1.5K manholes and 12 lift stations. Led inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of 400 fire hydrants, 200 fire suppression systems and 42 0 backflow prevention devices. Maintained specialized equipment including two sw imming pools and pumps/filters associated with decorative ponds. Created and man aged $750K annual budget. Advised and counseled workers on how to improve perfor mance and explained new work techniques. Monitored/recorded employee work perfor mance and took appropriate actions to maximize performance. Experienced in lead ing a diverse work center comprised of multiple ethnicities and backgrounds. Sup ervised maintenance of 2 bulk fuel storage tanks, 3 fuel systems and 61K linear feet for piping. Establishes deadlines, priorities, and work sequences, coordina tes and redirects individuals and resources to accomplish unanticipated work and projects. Plans current and future work schedules, budget requests, staffing ne eds, estimates, and recommendations to assign all projected work. Ensures code c ompliance and adherence to mandated standards. Read blueprints, engineering/arch itectural plans and specifications and can identify and translate project requir ements into plans. Validates work requests and assigns methods of accomplishment between, contract, and in-house labor utilizing proper procedures, instructions , functions, operations, program requirements, service contracts and contracting procedures. Performs work equivalent to the following skill codes: Infrastructu re Manager WS-4749-13, Water Distribution Operations Supervisor and WS-4206-12. United States Air Force Vandenberg AFB, CA 9/2005 - 9/2006 Salary: 50000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40

Squadron Safety NCO Managed all aspects of safety operations for the 30th Civil Engineer Group. Acte d on behalf of the Commander on all issues relating to safety and as primary lia ison between 30 CES and the 30th Space Wing Safety Office. Monitored unit mishap reporting procedures and provided documentation to wing safety staff. Maintaine d the Wing Safety Hazard Abatement database; provided updates and data on projec ts/work orders tracked within the group work order system. Instrumental in estab lishing Squadron Confined Space Master Entry Plans for 5 different Air Force Spe cialty Codes and ensuring all Air Force Instructions and Standards were met. Se rved Commander as primary safety investigator and assisted the group fleet manag er with vehicle accident investigations. Conducted safety inspections to insure compliance with Air Force Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Tracked all 30 CES safety incidents and provided squadron/group commanders with data analys is to assess unit safety standards. Conceptualized and produced group motorcycle safety and 101 Critical Days of Summer literature; safety awareness attributed to 65% accident reduction for FY 1996. United States Air Force Suwon AB, ROK 9/2003 9/2004 Daegu AB, ROK/Gimhae AB, ROK 9/2007 9/2008 Salary: 50000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Utilities Systems Quality Assurance Personnel NCOIC Evaluated operations, maintenance, repair and accountability of $800M in War Res erve Material account assets. Performed Quality Assurance for largest Base Main tenance contract in US Forces Korea. Supervised and evaluated performance of 11 0 Base Maintenance contract personnel on all base facilities in accordance with the contract Statement of Work (SOW) at Suwon AB, Chong Ju AB and Wong Ju Air St ation. Coordinate and monitored all BMC improvement and construction projects f or the US Army 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery (Patriot Battery). Mon itored storage, removal and disposal of all base hazardous material to ensure co mpliance with US Environmental Protection Agency and Korean Environmental Compli ance Assessment and Management programs. United States Air Force Vandenberg AFB, CA 9/2002 - 9/2003 Salary: 48000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 NCOIC, Training and Prime BEEF/Unit Deployment Manager Managed the Prime BEEF program and Wing Full Spectrum Threat Response (FSTR) tra ining program. Compiled all personnel training and equipment inputs for the mon thly Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) report. Tracked training, equipment and personnel for 30 Unit Type Codes (UTC) for the monthly AEF Reporti ng tool (ART) report. Scheduled and tracked 300+ Civil Engineers for annual tra ining in Nuclear. Biological contamination (NBC) defense, weapons training and S elf-Aid-Buddy Care (SABC). Scheduled annual field training (Silver Flag) and Mi ssion Essential Equipment Training (MEET). Established/monitored plans, procedu res and regulations for Squadron Resource Augmentation Duty (READY) team members . 30 CES Primary unit Public Affairs representative and Data handler for squadr on and personnel training. United States Air Force Vandenberg AFB 11/1992 - 10/2007 Salary: 45000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40

Utility Systems Craftsman Served in a variety of locations and duty positions as an enlisted member in Air Force Civil Engineering. Received initial training as an Environmental Support Specialist. Installed, modified, repaired and tested water, wastewater and Indu strial waste supply and disposal systems. Merged with Plumbing career field and then was trained in installation, repair and maintenance of utility fixtures, f ittings, and water and sewer mains. Replaced garbage disposals, sinks, water clo sets, urinals, water heaters and similar plumbing fixtures. Maintained and repai red specialized systems including fire suppression systems, backflow prevention devices, lawn sprinkler systems, and natural gas supply and service systems. Rec eived additional training during transition to Utility Systems Specialist. Maint ained water treatment/distribution and sewage collection/treatment equipment suc h as elevated storage tanks, ground storage tanks, booster pump stations, lift s tations, sewage treatment plants, industrial waste treatment facilities, sludge dryers, oil/water separators, potable and non-potable wells, demineralization pl ants, spa and pool filtration systems, water softeners. Received extensive exper ience operating Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units (ROWPU). Performed carp entry and masonry work in support of home station projects and contingency opera tions to include minor wood frame and metal frame facility construction, setting concrete block (CMU) and pouring concrete for floors, sidewalks and walls. Exte nsive training and experience utilizing sonic leak detection equipment and magne tic underground utility location equipment. Managed safety and Operational Risk Management (ORM) programs. Experienced leading teams to accomplish tasks. United States Air Force Tinker AFB, OK 04/1989 10/1992 Salary: 45000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Environmental Support Specialist Key swing shift operator in 2M a day Industrial Waste Treatment plant. Responsi ble for daily and hourly laboratory testing of influent and effluent water suppl y. Laboratory testing included pH, temperature, solids, chlorine residual, diss olved oxygen, total cyanide and phenol. Maintained and operated 6 water distrib ution booster pump houses and 4 deep potable water wells. Maintained 5 above gro und industrial waste storage tanks; storing 4.5 million gallon-per-day. Maintai ned and operated 250,000 gallon sewage package plant. Responsible for the daily maintenance of 6 sewage lift stations, 2 primary settling tanks, 2 trickling fi ltration beds, 2 secondary settling tanks, 1 chlorination tank and 6 sand filtra tion units. Maintained records and ensured all Environmental Protection Agency standards and procedures were met. United States Air Force Clark AB, RP US 04/1987 - 04/1989 Salary: 38000 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Environmental Support Apprentice Key operator of 6 water distribution booster pump houses and 24 deep potable wat er wells. Maintained 8 ground water storage tanks; storing 4.5 million gallon-pe r-day. Maintained and operated Demineralized water treatment plant and storage t anks. Used specialized spectral photometer testing equipment to assure water qua lity before filling tanker trucks. Maintained 6 swimming pools and all specializ ed filtration and treatment equipment. Maintained 22 sewage lift stations and 45 oil/water separators. Maintained and operated 2 million gallon Imhoff sewage tr eatment plant, 16 drying beds and 24 sewage lagoons. Maintained and operated la b testing equipment to perform fluoride, chlorine, fecal, Biological Oxygen Dema

nd and Chemical Oxygen Demand tests. Utilized and trained all personnel on use o f specialized equipment; Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), spectrophoto meter, chlorine analyzer, pH meters, and refuse collection truck. EDUCATION Community College of the Air Force 100 South Turner Blvd, Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3011 US Associate Degree - 5/2003 Minor: Environmental Systems Technology JOB RELATED TRAINING Backflow Prevention Device Jun 2009 California Water Distribution Grade 2 Certification July 2007 USAF NCO Academy Jun 2006 Hazardous Waste Management course Oct 2006 Fire Suppression Maintenance May 2000, Jan 2005 SORTS Data Handler course Feb 2005 Pollution Prevention Program Course Jun 2004 USAF Training Course Sep 2004 USAF NCO Academy Oct 2002 Task Certifier Course Jun 1996 Professional Military Education Course Nov Jun 1990 Apprentice Environmental Support Specialist Nov 1986