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BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
IT organizations that are achieving process efficiency, effectively managing costs, achieving compliance, and delivering superior service quality understand the value of integrated IT service management. Replacing disjointed activities for incident, problem, change, configuration, and asset management with a unified service support strategy — including self-service functionality — is the key to providing business-aligned services.

Key Benefits
» Get the most out of every person, asset, project and activity » Improve service performance and meet the expectations of your organization » Demonstrate transparency by providing visibility into the “cost of IT” » Ensure that IT activities, decisions, and services support business priorities » Enable compliance controls

Business Challenge
Over the years, support activities have grown in volume and complexity; service level expectations have peaked at an “always available” level; and supported services have morphed into a mixture of onsite and offsite components, externally hosted and internally maintained applications, and global configurations. At the same time, IT budgets have decreased, placing added strain on already taxed systems and personnel. As a result, many organizations are still in “fire-fighting” mode, performing front-line triage for most of their support activities.

The BMC Solution
The BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite removes complexity and costs, while also providing visibility into the resources, activities, and priorities required to deliver and support business services. This unified, ITIL -certified suite includes industry-leading applications for service desk, asset and configuration management, change and release management, and service level management. It also offers fully integrated service request, identity, and knowledge management applications to provide self-service capabilities that enable increased operational efficiency and improved customer service quality. BMC Remedy IT Service Management applications share the included BMC Atrium CMDB to coordinate processes around a single view of how technology components support critical business services. All are powered by the BMC Remedy Action Request System (AR System), the industry’s leading service process management platform.

Service Desk
BMC Remedy Service Desk is the industry’s leading incident and problem management solution. This robust, ITIL-based solution cost-effectively reduces the number of incidents handled, improves resolution times, and prevents future incidents from occurring — all while improving IT staff efficiency. BMC Remedy Service Desk is helping thousands of customers respond quickly and efficiently to conditions that disrupt critical services. Regardless of whether a request is initiated through the web, e-mail, telephone, or desktop client — or by an event from a network or system management application — BMC Remedy Service Desk acts as a single point of contact that consolidates and handles requests from submission to resolution.

BMC Remedy Service Desk

Service Request Management As part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite. Moreover. increase user satisfaction. web services. and automate the request and fulfillment of those services for the end-user community. Change and Release Management BMC Remedy Change and Release Management delivers comprehensive policy.Global Validation Enterprises worldwide have made BMC Remedy IT Service Management the number one choice for enabling ITIL-aligned service management processes for the IT department. Asset Configuration Management BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management helps you drive down IT costs. while also minimizing business risk and disruption. and access rules into automated processes. It allows you to define and enforce standardized processes — from submission through planning . Solutions include: » BMC Service Request Management — Easily define available services. BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management A Common. IT administrators can quickly extend out-of-the-box application functionality without programming. COM. all of which results in an increase in productivity and a decrease in risk and change-related outages. roles. » BMC Remedy Identity Management — Automate the provisioning of user passwords and simplify user account management by integrating information about relationships. publish those services in a service catalog. and fail-safe procedures are put in place. and adaptability to meet your unique and evolving business requirements. BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management helps you reduce software license and compliance costs by incorporating software license management into both your asset and operational processes. it provides a single point of integration to third-party applications and tools through a fully open API. OLE. Its native integration with ITIL workflows empowers you with more proactive control and greater visibility into your IT assets — from requisition to retirement. and finally. extension. with a comprehensive approach to IT asset lifecycle management. while also improving service quality and compliance. the right business owners are consulted for approvals. the event-driven Enterprise Integration Engine. . It also ensures that the appropriate steps are taken. verification. you can reduce call volumes. an enterprise-proven service process management platform that enables fast deployment. BMC’s self-service solutions provide a single “face of IT”. while also connecting asset costs to business services. process management. deployment . In addition. Shared Platform All BMC Remedy IT Service Management applications are built on BMC Remedy AR System. » BMC Remedy Knowledge Management — Reduce support desk costs by allowing support analysts to easily find solutions to incidents and by providing end users with access to self-search resources to resolve issues on their own. Through the BMC Remedy AR System graphical user interface. a portal where customers and end users can request all available IT services. and lower support costs. and direct SQL access. and planning capabilities that help you increase the speed and consistency with which you implement changes. reduce staffing requirements. By encouraging self-sufficiency on the part of the user. it features extensive contract and financial management that helps drive down costs by eliminating late penalties and unnecessary maintenance.

It will save approx 300K in Crystal licenses. it provides a complete. Service Level Management BMC Service Level Management establishes.” » “The ITSM Suite has dramatic improvements which will help us move from our custom solution to the out of box ITSM applications and solution. advanced reporting. and measures SLA performance and compliance in real-time. and minimize disruptions for key business services. and mainframe operations. and a dashboard view of critical IT processes.” Configuration Management Database As the industry’s leading ITIL-based configuration management database. The result is a unified management of service support and delivery performance against business targets. In addition to monitoring service support metrics. but also the relationships of the components to business services. spot problem areas. and technologies that make up your business and IT environment.Customer Views » “This is the first time I see a true ITSM suite. Using these powerful tools. including BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. BMC Dashboards for BSM . not a set of products. the BMC Atrium CMDB provides a “single source of truth” for your IT infrastructure — including IT operations. and up-to-date view of the people. As such. thus enabling you to view trends. BMC Service Level Management Reporting BMC Dashboards and Analytics give you visibility into key IT performance indicators through point-and-click analysis. such as incident resolution times. processes.” » “I like the new web-based reporting capability. you will understand at-aglance how effectively IT is supporting critical business applications and services. accurate. BMC Service Level Management collects data from infrastructure management data sources. The BMC Atrium CMDB consolidates silos of data (often through federation) into an enterprise-wide view of IT that shows not only infrastructure components and their physical and logical relationships. tracks. service support.

while also providing visibility into the resources. please visit process or architectural design. Through innovative technologies. BMC also has a wealth of experience and resources to make your IT service management projects a success.T. enriched customer / user experiences. and logos may be registered or pending registration in the U.S. All rights reserved. BMC has developed a proven and prescriptive approach for helping you increase your success rate and speed time-to-value for your IT service management initiatives. Origin date: 09/10 * 174013* . In addition to providing out-of-the-box automation of best practice processes.S. For More Information To learn more on BMC Remedy IT Service Management. or complementary technologies.. service marks. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management.T. BUSINESS RUNS ON I. All other BMC trademarks. 2010. BMC can help. a unified platform. and priorities required to deliver and support business services. Inc. That’s why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across both distributed and mainframe environments. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. BMC revenue was approximately $1. activities. BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost. and the BMC Software logo are the exclusive properties of BMC Software. are registered with the U.92 billion. faster. BMC. Whether you need ITIL training and certification. reduce risk and drive business profit. Through our large ecosystem of BMC-ready systems integration and technology partners. For the four fiscal quarters ended June 30. Business thrives when IT runs smarter. © 2010 BMC Software. BMC Software. implementation services. or in other countries. and best practices. and stronger.A Comprehensive Solution The BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite removes complexity and costs. as well as our own professional services and education programs. As the market leader in IT service management. Patent and Trademark Office. the suite unites fragmented IT service management disciplines to guide you toward greater functional maturity. Inc. and more efficient management of IT costs. I.bmc. RUNS ON BMC SOFTWARE. and may be registered or pending registration in other countries. BMC can provide you with complete solutions.