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ANDERSON 1947 N 85th St Wauwatosa, WI 53226 (since 2008) Buffalo Grove 2000- 2008 414 801 3097 Seeking return to Illinois MORTGAGE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEADER Highly experienced Senior Financial Services Executive with a record of achievem ent in lending for more than 2 decades. A proven leader of both Business Development and Operations organizations recogn ized and promoted for improving sales productivity as well as operational effici ency while consistently reducing costs and risk. Well versed in all areas of con forming and nonconforming mortgage lending including registration, processing, u nderwriting, closing, construction, training and support as well as quality con trol (post fund) quality review (pre fund) and post closing. Practiced in guiding direct retail mortgage lending as well as high-wealth sales , QC/QR, due diligence and compliance. An effective and respected Team Leader, M anager, Mentor, and Motivator to teams and organizations with as many as 140 pro fessionals with demonstrated leadership in staffing, contractor management and compensation planning as well as performance management and reward. Experienced in Business Process Offshore development. An exceptional Individual Sales Producer and Top Notch Sales Manager consistentl y selected by management to develop long term relationships with today's high-ne t-worth client. A leader characterized by subordinates, peers, and superiors as charismatic, yet firm, principled and fair. Noted for encouraging innovation an d groupthink form the base of the organization up. CORE COMPETENCIES Strategic Planning * Business Planning * Change Management * Operations Streamli ning * Policy Development Process Reengineering * Team Leadership * Account Management * Client Relations * Needs Assessments Presentations PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank, FSB, Milwaukee, WI 2008 - 2010 A community and commercial bank with deposits of more than $64B. Managing VP, Mortgage Operations Guided the efforts of 8 department heads and VP's with down-line authority for a s many as 140 professionals while driving continuous improvement in the performa nce of operations center enabling annual mortgage production of $3B. Closely ma naged an annual budget of $15M while holding ultimate control over critical func tions including registration, processing, underwriting, closing, construction, t raining and support, Quality Control (post fund) quality review (pre fund) and P ost closing. Orchestrated all budgeting and planning while closely liaising with senior manag ement of Risk, Compliance, Audit, and Sales and serving as the final escalation point for the resolution of the most pressing customer service issues. Kept the organization calm yet highly motivated while operating in a dynamic and high-str ess environment. * Revitalized the quality and performance of an organization challenged by poor audit findings. Created and managed a Quality Review Department that dramaticall y increased the focus on quality while remediating all 2008 audit deficiencies a

nd enabling a 2009 audit with no findings. * Won Wells Fargo's 2009 Quality Lender Award in recognition of the center's "on going commitment to producing and selling high quality loans". * Cut funding time 50%. Created a suite of reports for both the ops center and s ales that allowed real-time management of loan workflow, quality issues, funding times, and pipeline management. * Delivered and managed multiple Vendor service providers to M&I. This included appraisal management companies and document management and imaging providers. * Well connected in Real Estate Services Industry.

MICHAEL J. ANDERSON PAGE TWO Morgan Stanley Home Loans, Vernon Hills, IL 1998 - 2008 A mortgage operation with a lending volume of $5B. The firm originated and sold loans directly to Fannie Mae, or into Morgan Stanley Fixed Income for larger CDO 's. VP, Mortgage Operations (2005 - 2008) Head of Underwriting (2004 - 2005) Underwriting Manager, High Wealth Channel (2000 - 2003) Quality Assurance Manager (1998 - 2000) Rapidly promoted through a series of increasingly responsible management roles. Guided the efforts of 10 underwriters, processors, and closers as well as 5 sale s professionals that dealt only with high-wealth clients and loans over $1M. Se rved as the final authority for the underwriting of loans as large as $4M. Drove continuous improvement in the performance of all related operations enabli ng annual mortgage production of $5B. Held ultimate control over critical funct ions including registration, processing, underwriting, closing, construction, tr aining and support, Quality Control (post fund) quality review (pre fund) and Po st closing. Created and owned the reporting for the mortgage division. Orchestrated all budg eting and planning while closely liaising with senior management of Risk, Compli ance, Audit, and Sales and serving as the final escalation point for the resolut ion of the most pressing customer service issues. Kept the organization calm yet highly motivated while operating in a dynamic and high-stress environment. * Dramatically reduced mortgage processing time by closely managing compliance w ith underwriting and processing policies and procedures for Underwriting and p rocessing. o Reported marked improvement in key KPI's including Time in Process, Time to Fu nd, Error Rates, and Quality Control/Audit Errors. o Took loan closing time down to only 10 days. Created workflows and efficiencie s that enabled this achievement. * Drove improvement in processes, policies, reporting, downtime and labor cost r eduction. Led and participated in key projects s including the creation of a doc ument imaging system, automated credit guidelines, automated reports, disaster r ecovery plans, and off-shore processing and underwriting. * Earned the 2001 Discover Plate Award in recognition of exemplary teamwork util ized to balance quality and quantity, and protect the shareholders while making as many home loans as possible. Early career success in a variety of lending management positions with firms inc luding the Sears Financial Group and Morgan Stanley Home Loans. Drove the sale o f loan products including auto/boat loans, mortgages, and home equity loans.

EDUCATION & TRAINING University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - BBA, Finance, 1984 Attended multiple in-house and outside training, and leadership building seminar s (Senn-Delaney) as well as industry-sponsored conferences with FNMA, Stratmor, MBA.