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COMSATS Model United Nations Society

Over the course of the six years from 2004 to 2010. with the inception of the Lahore University of Management Sciences Model United Nations. and governmental bodies such as the Security Council. Froebel s International School Islamabad. Institute of Business Administration Karachi. generally choosing to adopt a single document that addresses the problem being discussed. Over a series of committee sessions. and ShaheedZulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology have launched Model United Nations programs at COMSATS Model United Nations Society . organizations. The sessions are moderated by a Chair along with Assistant Chairs. GhulamIshaq Khan Institute of Technology & Sciences. Rotary Club Karachi. the number of institutions hosting Model United Nations conferences will has increased to . Karachi Grammar School. popularly referred to as MUN. as Aitchison College which participants are assigned to represent countries. or leaders in order to debate pressing international issues.Model United Nations conferences simulate United Nations. Roots School Rawalpindi. World Health Organization. delegates or attendees to the conference. the African Union. aimed at educating its participants with key tools of the modern-world. and government cabinets . Social Cultural Humanitarian Committee. Saint Mary s Academy Rawalpindi. International Organizations.What is model united nations? The Model United Nations. Beaconhouse School Margalla Islamabad. is an academic simulation of the United Nations. have to work together constructively in order to introduce working papers and eventually draft resolutions. and are (with the exception of some Specialized Agency committees) run under rules of parliamentary procedure. Concept of model united nations in Pakistan The concept of Model United Nations was brought to Pakistan in 2004. The sessions end when the committee votes on all the introduced draft resolutions.

multilateral diplomacy and current affairs. representatives of non-governmental organizations and journalists. Students participate as secretariat staff and officials. Educates students to play an active role as community members in finding solutions to the challenges our world faces. and have contributed towards the promotion of this form of public-speaking in the country. delegates. Exposes students to global viewpoints that would otherwise remain foreign to them. By learning through the COMSATS Model United Nations Society .their respective institutions. COMSATS Model United Nations Society Mission Statement The COMSATS Model United Nations Society seeks to bring the students of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology closer to the United Nations Organization by providing an increased understanding of international organization s. chairpersons. Concept Model United Nations conferences simulate the workings of different committees of the United Nations. and policy writing. negotiation. Highlights the benefits of international cooperation and concern for the welfare of humanity regardless of national borders. Model United Nations benefits to students Allows students to practice diplomacy. Encourages students to become global citizens with a strong commitment to peace.

inter alia.discussions and negotiations that take place at these conferences students gain considerable exposure to global issues of vital importance. in order to study. The purpose of the Model United Nations Society is to offer students from the university a opportunity to participate in. advances educational insight and the development of character. workshops. Initiate and maintain new policies and agenda. We strongly believe that the Model United Nations experience cultivates a strong sense of awareness and perceptibility. simulations and interaction with members of the academia. It is our hope that through these learning process participants strives towards developing their skills in various areas such as reading and research. and character development. negotiation. Executive Team Founding President The executive team president would be responsible for sustainability of the entire society as a whole. COMSATS Model United Nations Society . formulation and presentation of ideas. develop and share their skills. This will enable students new to the concept of MUNs to have a stage to prepare and practice with peers. and at the same time will allow more experienced student to hone their skills. It is with this rationale and volition that we seek to establish the first ever Model United Nations Society in COMSATS Institute of information technology. and further their understanding of the workings of multilateral diplomacy. All decisions would be finalized by the president after voting. debate and oration.

for working of the society and teams participation in various Model UN conferences by finding appropriate sponsors. elections for the executive team.i. including travel plans.Develop friendly relationships with library and information technology personnel who may assist beginner delegates in their research or help experienced researchers take their Model UN preparation one step further. Director finance The Executive Team Member in charge of finance will ensure self sufficiency of the group and maintain an annual budget. determine which conferences the team will be attending and set deadlines for application or confirmation . Director logistics The Executive Team Member in charge of logistics will have to plan the year s agenda . team membership.while keeping everyone informed of all events and developments relevant to the year s conferences.e. The member will also be a resource person for COMSATS Model United Nations Society . registrations in Model UN conferences etc. Director legal affairs The Executive Team Member in charge of legal affairs willestablish and update policies about team meetings.Founding Vice president The executive vice president would help the president in maintaining the affairs of the society and will finalize decisions in the absence of the president. Director human resource management The Executive Team Member in charge ofhuman resource will find human resources available within the university that will support and assist delegates in their preparation and research. country assignments etc.

marketing and publications The Executive Team Member in charge would be responsible for publicizing the society for an MUN simulation or developing an overall image in the university to attract members. The members would be accepted through there debating skills and MUN participation if available Initial requirements for COMSATS Model United Nations Society y Flyers and banners representing the COMSATS Model UN Society. y y y y Forming a coaching schedule and conducting classes.procedural matters in the pre-conference training period. COMSATS Model United Nations Society . Preparing and conducting INTRA Departmental MUN in February 2011. such as assistance in position paper drafting and oratory skill reinforcement. Participating in Model United Nations conferences through an official CMUNS team. A minimum finance of Eight Thousand would be required. and the MUNs circuit. Having executive council meetings whenever necessary. membership requirements and interview date. Members The members would be the delegates of CMUNS who will be representing the team in MUN simulations. providing information regarding the orientation date. Director media.


SUPPORTING MEMBERS ZainGhauri HalaMubeen FaizanShoaib AmmarLiaqat SaadAbid Harris Maqssod Mohsinsaeed Shuja Ansari Osama Baig Sofia Shoaib Hassan Shaukat COMSATS Model United Nations Society .