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What Every SAP Customer Needs to Know About SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Prakash Darji Business Objects, an SAP company

In This Session …

Understand how Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) fits into the big picture of Performance Management and what benefits it brings Understand the dual-product strategy SAP has for BPC BPC, version for the Microsoft Platform BPC, version for SAP NetWeaver® Understand the new architecture of BPC, version for SAP NetWeaver Understand the terminology differences between BPC and SAP NetWeaver BI Understand how the administration of BPC is performed See the different options for building reports and input schedules See some of the Data Manager capabilities and how it leverages the underlying platform technology

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This presentation outlines our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchase decision. This presentation is not subject to your license agreement or any other agreement with SAP. SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined in this presentation or to develop or release any functionality mentioned in this presentation. This presentation and SAP’s strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document, except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent.

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1. What is … 1.1. What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)? 1.2. What is Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)? 2. BPC Overview 2.1. Release Strategy 2.2. Architecture 2.3. Future BPC Releases 2.4. BPC and BI-IP 3. Product Details 3.1. Terminology 3.2. BPC Admin 3.3. BPC Excel 3.4. Data Manager 4. Wrap-up
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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in Perspective Manage Your Business BI Collect and Analyze Compliance & Risk Management Run Your Business © SAP 2008 / 5 .

Enterprise Performance Management: An Iterative Process for Performance Control FOCUS FOR TODAY’S PRESENTATION Strategy Management Profitability & Cost Mgmt Business Planning Consolidations © SAP 2008 / 6 .

What Is the Situation Today? Business Deadlocks Businesses continuously change IT doesn’t understand the nuances of the change Finance can’t implement the changes Therefore. systems are months behind the business requirements Requirements Prototyping Implementation Testing Deployment Acquisition © SAP 2008 / 7 Product Issues Missed Qtr Rate of System Change Rate of Business Change .

such as no security. they aren’t audited.” etc. there is no “single version of the truth. © SAP 2008 / 8 . without any more reliance on IT But they are fraught with all the well known issues.What Is the Result? Spreadsheets! They allow the business to model the scenarios themselves.

Maintained. reporting.SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: Introduction Created. and consolidation Agile planning process driven by end users Microsoft Office provides a familiar user interface Fast end-user acceptance means immediate time-tovalue © SAP 2008 / 9 . and Run by the Business User Unified planning.

1.3.1. Architecture 2. BPC Admin 3. Release Strategy 2. BPC and BI-IP 3.2. Data Manager 4.4.2. Wrap-up © SAP 2008 / 10 .1. BPC Excel 3.3.Agenda 1.2. What is Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)? 2.4. Terminology 3. BPC Overview 2. What is … 1. What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)? 1. Future BPC Releases 2. Product Details 3.

Understanding the Different Releases BPC NW BPC MS BPC 5.1 MS 1.5 MS © SAP 2008 / 11 Migration Tools .0 NW BPC 7. BPC. BPC.5 NW BPC 7.1 MS (formerly OutlookSoft 5) runs entirely on a Microsoft platform SAP is now pursuing a dual release product strategy for BPC: BPC 7. version for SAP NetWeaver (BPC NW) SAP is continuing to invest in both products.0 MS Planned Dates 2007 BPC 5. version for the Microsoft platform (BPC MS) 2. with new versions planned for 2009 2009 BPC 7.

0 NW: Migration Tools Since BPC on Microsoft and BPC on SAP NetWeaver are different product releases from SAP. there is no direct upgrade path However. including most of: AppSets Applications Dimensions Security Web Admin parameters Audit Comments Reports and Input Schedules (some manual work may be required) And more … © SAP 2008 / 12 . nor officially supported by SAP development (the same principle as a “How To” guide) The Migration Tools do automate a large number of the BPC objects.1 MS to 7.BPC 5. SAP has developed Migration Tools that will be available to assist any customers electing to use BPC on SAP NetWeaver These Migration Tools are not part of the BPC product.

) Migration Tool is delivered as a standalone .0 NW: Migration Tools (cont.NET application It provides step-by-step detailed process flow and configuration Includes an embedded BPC 7.BPC 5.1 MS to 7.0 Web Dynpro ABAP application for configuration in the target ABAP system Extensive logging capabilities are provided © SAP 2008 / 13 .

1 Application Server Web Server (IIS) Data OLAP (MSAS) Relational Database (MS SQL Server) File Share File Share © SAP 2008 / 14 . Version for the Microsoft Platform Client Admin MS Office Clients Web HTTP / SOAP Other Server-Side Requirements MS SQL Server MS Analysis Services MS Reporting Services MS SSIS (DTS) Web Server (IIS) & .NET 1.NET Application Server Web Services Application Services Platform Services MDX SQL UNC .BPC.

NET Application Server Web Services Conversion & Application Services RFC Calls SAP NetWeaver BI (ABAP Application Server) Application Logic SQL MDX File Share Stored Procedures Most application logic moved from . Version for SAP NetWeaver Client Admin MS Office Clients Web HTTP / SOAP Other What was removed? MS SQL Server MS Analysis Services MS Reporting Services MS DTS/SSIS Web Server (IIS) & .NET A/S to ABAP A/S (64-bit support) SAP NetWeaver BI OLAP Engine Database Relational Database (Any that SAP NetWeaver Supports) In-Memory (optional) File Storage BI Accelerator © SAP 2008 / 15 .BPC.

All dates. and the diagram below is intended to outline the future product direction but is not a commitment by SAP to deliver any code or functionality. Statistics •SAP BPC 7.Roadmap: Potential Areas of Investment SAP is planning to invest in both products going forward. version for SAP NetWeaver NetWeaver BI integration •Validation Engine •Transports •Perf. and planned functionality are subject to change.5 MS Objects BI integration •Updated Microsoft platform support •Business BPC 8. version for the Microsoft Platform •Management BPC 7. releases.0 NW •Functional and BI integration product enhancements •EPM suite-wide integration 2010 © SAP 2008 / 16 2008 .0 MS •Functional Console •Performance •Multiple time hierarchies product enhancements •EPM suite-wide integration BPC 7.5 NW •Dashboarding •Script Logic •Further SAP ERP BPC 8.0 MS SAP BPC.0 NW SAP BPC. BPC 7.

Roadmap: Overall Direction Over time. version for the Microsoft Platform © SAP 2008 / 17 Time . version for the Microsoft Platform. it is planned that the two products will overlap less and less BPC. will continue to be invested in as a best-of-breed unified planning and consolidation system Today Future SAP BPC. version for the Microsoft Platform SAP BPC. version for SAP NetWeaver SAP BPC. will be optimized for SAP customers through integration to other SAP customers and the EPM solutions BPC. version for SAP NetWeaver. version for SAP NetWeaver SAP BPC.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Is SAP’s Direction © SAP 2008 / 18 .

BPC and BI Integrated Planning (BI-IP) SAP BPC SAP NetWeaver BI-IP Application-based approach Unified planning and consolidation capabilities Agile planning processes driven by end users Self-service reporting with complete Microsoft Office Integration Owned and managed by the Business © SAP 2008 / 19 Engine-based approach Data Warehouse centric Standardized planning process governed by IT Centralized Excel and Web-based reporting Owned and managed by IT .

Version for SAP NetWeaver: Use of Namespaces SAP NetWeaver BI-IP was designed to sit “on top of” the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and requires SAP NetWeaver BI objects to already be created before it can be implemented BPC was designed to work on SAP NetWeaver BI.0. as you are designing the system. otherwise the solution would never be able to be maintained by business users! BI-IP Approach SAP NetWeaver BI-IP EDW © SAP 2008 / 20 BPC Approach SAP NetWeaver EDW BPC .BPC 7. but not sit on top of the EDW. This also means that BPC will not be able to create or use objects in the EDW Namespace (such as an existing cube or InfoObject in your system) This was an intentional design decision for BPC. It will create all of the required objects for you.

What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)? 1. BPC Excel BPC and BI-IP 3. What is … 1.3. BPC Overview 2.1.2. Release Strategy 2.3. Product Details 3. Data Manager 4. Wrap-up © SAP 2008 / 21 . Architecture 2. Terminology 3. Future BPC Releases 2.2.1.Agenda 1. What is Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)? 2.4. BPC Admin 3.

Terminology: Platform Components BPC Terms MS SQL Server MS Analysis Services MS SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) MS Reporting Services Internet Information Services (IIS) © SAP 2008 / 22 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SAP NetWeaver BI Terms SAP NetWeaver Database SAP NetWeaver BI OLAP Engine ABAP Dictionary/BI Admin Workbench Process Chains BEx Report Designer/ Crystal Reports SAP NetWeaver Web Application Server .

Terminology: Application Components BPC Terms Application SAP NetWeaver BI Terms ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ InfoProvider Dimension Member Property Hierarchy EvDescription SignedData InfoObject Characteristic Value Attribute Hierarchy Texts Key Figure Measures © SAP 2008 / 23 Calculated Key Figures .

BPC Administration With the BPC Administration client. and Business Rules Users and Security BPC Administration Easy to use Explorer-like view of environment Context-sensitive Action Pane Familiar concepts like “Save As” Embedded Excel Wizard-driven interfaces Common metaphors for all administration activities © SAP 2008 / 24 . Script Logic. you are maintaining/creating: Application sets Applications Dimensions Formulas.

BPC Administration: Dimension Management Select the Dimension Library to see the list of dimensions Easily maintain your properties for the selected dimension The Action Pane will walk you through all the necessary steps © SAP 2008 / 25 .

BPC Administration: Dimension Management (cont.) Even maintain your dimension members using embedded Excel! © SAP 2008 / 26 .

it is generating the required InfoObjects in the back end for you You don’t need to go into RSA1. so application administration can really be performed by business experts! © SAP 2008 / 27 .BPC Administration: Behind the Scenes BPC is creating all of the required objects behind the scenes In the case of Dimension Management in BPC 7.0 NW.

Demo: Dimension Management © SAP 2008 / 28 .

You never go into the back end (RSA1) for these operations! © SAP 2008 / 29 . changed. and deleted using the BPC Admin client.BPC Administration: Application Management (Version for SAP NetWeaver) A BPC Application is approximately equal to an SAP NetWeaver BI InfoCube behind the scenes They are also created.

when you create a BPC Application.BPC Applications: Behind the Scenes (Version for SAP NetWeaver) A BPC Application contains more than just a cube. including Reports and Input Schedules Journals Tables Work Status Tables Technical parameters and settings for the application Comments Tables Data Manager Packages Measure Formulas This is why an Application is more than just a cube … Technically. which contains only the 1 underlying InfoCube A generated query of the MultiProvider for data access © SAP 2008 / 30 . the following SAP NetWeaver BI objects are actually created: A real-time (transactional) SAP NetWeaver BI InfoCube to store the data A MultiProvider. It can also contain: Business Rules Script Logic files Files (stored in the file service).

SAP NetWeaver BI Objects for a BPC Application (Version for SAP NetWeaver) .NET Server ABAP Server BPC Shared Query Engine Web Services BPC Write Back Generated BI Query MultiProvider Base InfoCube © SAP 2008 / 31 .

etc. and you are not limited to the same operations as in changing a BI cube You can also control which dimensions are “secured.) will be included in your Application Assignments can be changed over time (even if the cube has data in it).Assigning Dimensions to Applications (Version for SAP NetWeaver) Assignment of Characteristics to “BI Dimensions” is performed automatically The application type specified will ensure that the “required” dimension types (such as Account.” and therefore access needs to be granted through Member Access Profiles © SAP 2008 / 32 . Time.

Demo: Application Management © SAP 2008 / 33 .

BPC Clients BPC has multiple reporting and planning clients available for end users: © SAP 2008 / 34 .

and consolidations Build and run reports and input schedules Post Journals Run Data Manager packages © SAP 2008 / 35 . planning.BPC Excel The context-sensitive Action Pane guides you through your options and keeps the usability consistent across all BPC clients The “Current View” enables you to easily control your selections (or filters) at all times BPC Excel Easy-to-use and familiar interface Single interface for reporting.

with the use of an Excel-based “control panel” to still allow grids to be highly formatted Many other BPC functions to build sophisticated reports and input templates No other tools to learn – reports are built entirely from formulas Collapsible control panel for report options and formatting Example report built with EVDRE formula © SAP 2008 / 36 .Use Excel-Based Formulas to Build Reports Send and retrieve individual cell values (EVGET and EVSND) Send and retrieve for an entire grid (EVDRE).

Demo: EVDRE Report © SAP 2008 / 37 .

Select a template 2. A report is built for you! © SAP 2008 / 38 . but you can always create more 1.Dynamic Templates Dynamic Templates will build reports and input schedules automatically for you No need to learn any Excel formulas – just select a template and click OK A number of templates are delivered in the system.

Demo: Dynamic Templates © SAP 2008 / 39 .

). etc.. clear data. version for SAP NetWeaver.g.” Data Manager runs on top of Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) In the product “BPC.BPC: Data Manager BPC’s Data Manager helps you load. and manipulate data In the product “BPC.” Data Manager runs on top of SAP NetWeaver BI Process Chains Many new process types (or tasks) and process chains (or packages) are delivered with BPC (e. transform. copy data. version for the Microsoft platform. and you are also able to create custom ones Data Manager is also run and managed by the business from Excel (select “Manage Data” in the Action Pane) © SAP 2008 / 40 . import data.

Data Manager: BPC 7. Version for SAP NetWeaver There is never a need to go into the back end.0. but an individual Data Manager Package behind the scenes maps to … An SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package in BPC MS An SAP NetWeaver BI Process Chain in BPC NW © SAP 2008 / 41 .

” and the dynamic UI will prompt the user for the required information (e..g.Uploading a File Using Data Manager 1. Select “Run. like “Load Flat File” 2. the file to be uploaded) © SAP 2008 / 42 . Select a package to run.

or schedule it as recurring .Preview Source Data You can also preview the first 200 lines of data before uploading © SAP 2008 / 43 You can execute the package immediately.

View Status and Logs You can then see the status of the packages that have run (or are running) You can then pull up the corresponding detailed logs for this package © SAP 2008 / 44 .

formulas and/or VB (BPC MS) or JavaScript (BPC NW) © SAP 2008 / 45 .Even Maintain Configuration in Excel It isn’t just the execution of packages that happens inside Excel – it is also the configuration! Business users can maintain items such as: The mapping of columns in the source file to dimensions in their application Converting incoming values to new values (using simple mappings as shown. wildcards.

Demo: BPC Data Manager © SAP 2008 / 46 .

Future BPC Releases 2.3.Agenda 1. BPC Admin 3. Architecture 2. Release Strategy 2.1. What is … 1. BPC and BI-IP 3.2.2. Terminology 3. Data Manager 4. Product Details 3.1. What is Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)? 2. What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)? 1.2. BPC Overview 2. BPC Excel Wrap-up © SAP 2008 / 47 .1.

sap.sdn.sdn.” for BPC 5. version for SAP NetWeaver Search for “CPM.Resources EPM homepage on SDN/BPX* EPM Ramp Up Knowledge Transfer (RKT) material for BPC.1 MS training http://service. version for the Microsoft Platform and “Enterprise Performance Management for Finance – Statement of Direction” * Requires log-in credentials to the SAP Service Marketplace © SAP 2008 / 48 .

and consolidations No new “tools” to learn for building reports and input schedules – just BPC-based Excel formulas BPC is created. and run by the business. version for SAP NetWeaver (7. version for SAP NetWeaver has completely eliminated the Microsoft BI platform requirements by running on SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 NW) SAP is continuing to treat the two different products separately – there is no intention for these releases to “come together” or “be identical” SAP BPC 7. version for the Microsoft Platform (4.0.7 Key Points to Take Home BPC offers unified planning.0 SAP BPC 7. version for the Microsoft platform is the only successor release to BPC 5. 5. maintained.1 MS and is an evolutionary release with a standard upgrade path © SAP 2008 / 49 .1 MS. reporting.0 MS) BPC. without being dependent upon IT There are 2 different products: BPC. and 7.2 MS.0.

Thank you! How to contact me: Prakash Darji © SAP 2008 / 50 © SAP 2008 / 50 .

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